Liam Boulton Media Studies Magazine Analysis

• A large picture of cars is used on the front cover of to identify the type of interest magazine. • A large title is used to show the buyer which magazine it is. • A sub title indicates this edition’s main story. • There is a small quote from Jeremy Clarkson's column at the top of the page to amuse the reader. • The BBC logo at the top shows that it is a BBC production. • The bar code is on the magazine is a regular feature for items that can be bought from shops etc.


Use of Images

• The front cover image shows the buyer that the magazine is about cars. • The image is of supercars on ice and it shows excitement and danger to the reader. • The Stig is on the cover because he is an iconic figure and this could entice the buyer.

Sell lines

Use of Text
• The title TopGear is a sell line because people recognise it from the TV programme. • If people are interested in cars then “supercars on ice!!” could tempt them to but it. • The quote from Jeremy Clarkson could make people want to buy the magazine because he is a recognised celebrity.

Colour and Font Choice
• The title TopGear is in a bold grey font on the magazine each month because it is the trademark of TopGear • “supercars on ice!!” is in blue and white to go with the cold, snow theme in the picture. • The cars in the picture are a contrast to the snow so that they stand out.

Target audience
• If the buyers watch the TV programme it might tempt them to buy the magazine. • The cover has extremely expensive, fast cars on ice so people might want to read it because of the danger involved.

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