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Role-play, my favorite thing to do.

Out of tons...many things that I’m passionate about, there is one thing I am most passionate about, roleplaying. Roleplaying comes in many forms, like live-action roleplaying and roleplaying in games. I role-play tons of stuff from Harry Potter roles to roleplaying characters from Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, or sometimes, I make my own characters. I like to role-play since; it’s an exercise of imagination, to imagine the stories that I partake in, to enjoy with friends as a form of entertainment, to actually spend some time with friends in such a way that you don’t need to go outside and physically meet them. One of the reasons that. Role-play in general is to portray a character from any kind of literature or film. This can also be done with friends, which I tend to do with some of my best friends. I am quite passionate at it since, it helps me improve my imagination and it’s something good to do to pass the time. Role-playing can also be done physically along with a large group of people often called LARPers or “Live Action Role-Players”. These kinds of people usually role-play in the mediaeval or as characters in their favorite TV Show like Star Trek or some shows as such. I rather do internet-based role-play in the form of text, text meaning messages in a chat. I prefer this over ‘LARPing’ since it has to be done with the use of a lot more energy than text -based role-playing. I’ve been roleplaying for about 8 months now and my story regarding roleplaying pertains to a story that I partook with my friends, mainly my best friends and my friends from other countries. The reason I’m going to tell this story is because I want people to give a shot at role-playing since it’s a very entertaining pastime which is kind o f fun for me to do. This story involves my friends, me and a website called Chatzy, where I role-play with my friends in a server I made around 7-8 months ago. This story may be boring to some people, but for me, it’s quite memorable, and well, I’m not writing about my unforgettable life event since, well it’s kind of a passion since I really…really enjoy roleplaying and I think I’ve stressed that enough.