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Construction Work Flow

Construction Work Flow

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Published by: skyratt on Sep 28, 2009
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Since the developed process model is a proposal, the model must be evaluated
in several case studies. It is important to perform the evaluation step-by-step,
i.e. evaluate the different techniques and methods of the proposed process
model in several case studies before the entire process model is evaluated.
Following case studies are suggested:

-The first case study should consist of the evaluation of working with
LBP in combination with 4D modelling and the use of actual data for
follow-up of the schedule. The LBP schedule can be based on
model-based quantity take-offs. The report of actual data can be
performed by reporting actual start and finish of the scheduled activities
via a web-based application in the site booth.

-The second case study should consist of the evaluation of working with
the synchronisation tool for look-a-head and commitment planning.
Useful information, such as the activities in the look-a-head schedule
and planned time for deliveries, should be extracted into the tool which
twins all information together and in that way helps the site manager to
track all information during the look-a-head window of the planned

-In case study three the use of PDAs on-site should be evaluated.
Activities should be wireless allocated by the site manager to the PDAs
of the crews on-site. In addition, the activities should also be reported
started and finished by the crews back to the site manager. The state
machine in the synchronisation tool should coordinate the work on-site.

-All these techniques and methods should be combined and evaluated in
a fourth case study.

-When the proposed process model is evaluated and adjusted further
developments should be performed. The process should be connected to
the order and delivery system and the enterprise system of the

The process must also be further developed consisting of the process of the
design phase. The information established in the original BIM should serve the
downstream process, i.e. quantity take-off, cost estimation, purchase planning


Discussion and conclusion

etc., with all information required. A database, which can support this, is
required. This process should also be evaluated in several case studies.



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