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Programing - Learn Visual C++ 6

Programing - Learn Visual C++ 6

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Published by sonu_basu
useful for the B.Tech and intermediate student of cbse and icse

from sonu enjoy
useful for the B.Tech and intermediate student of cbse and icse

from sonu enjoy

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Published by: sonu_basu on Sep 28, 2009
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First, use AppWizard to create the starter application. (Chapter 1, "Building Your First
Windows Application," covers AppWizard and creating starter applications.) Choose File,
New and the Project tab. Select an MFC AppWizard (exe) application, name the project
ShowString so that your classnames will match those shown throughout this chapter,
and click OK.

In Step 1 of AppWizard, it does not matter much whether you choose SDI or MDI, but
MDI will enable you to see for yourself how little effort is required to have multiple
documents open at once. So, choose MDI. Choose U.S. English, and then click Next.

The ShowString application needs no database support and no compound document
support, so click Next on Step 2 and Step 3 without changing anything. In AppWizard's
Step 4 dialog box, select a docking toolbar, initial status bar, printing and print
preview, context-sensitive help, and 3D controls, and then click Next. Choose source
file comments and shared DLL, and then click Next. The classnames and filenames are
all fine, so click Finish. Figure 8.1 shows the final confirmation dialog box. Click OK.

FIG. 8.1 AppWizard summarizes the design choices for ShowString.

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