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Narrative technique The narrative technique is indispensable to novel writing.

The narrator is a narrative construct ,a fictional voice transmitting the story.Point of view is the position from which the story is told.The first person narrative is the narrative mode in which the narrator appears as the I who recollects his/her part in the events related either as a witness of or as a participant in it.The point of view is very limited ,is highly subjective,it creates the illusion if a natural decision of the events related.1st person are generally ouvert narrators.They have personalities but they are in most cases unreliable because their knowledge is underpartical.the 1st person were too subjective to rise to standards of objectivity.

The 3rd person narrative is the most used by modernists.The 3 rd narrators are usually omniscient ,they stand outside the events of the story and they appear under the form of the narrative voice.They have an extensive,unlimited knowledge,which makes them reliable.He is the only one that knows everything from beginning to the end.In modernism the presence of the omniscient narrator was felt as too authoritative and

what they aimed at doing was silence down ,the voice of the omniscient to allow voices to became audible.If they privileged subjectivity ,they had multiple point of view.Modernism discovered that if the novels is to exist ,it cant exist without the presence of a narrator.They decided that the omniscient is the best solution.