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Published by Scott Turner
Sound Scape
Sound Scape

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Published by: Scott Turner on Jan 29, 2014
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SLoryLelllng & Commlsslon
Scou 1urner
Pleronymus 8osch - Llmbo
My Sonlc ConcepL
• My ldea for Lhe sounds l am golng Lo use was LhaL l wanLed Lo
generaLe naLural yeL bold nolses.
• My lnlual ldea behlnd dolng Lhls was Lo [usL use Lhe elemenLs, wlnd,
ñre, earLh and waLer, whlch proved very eñecuve Lo sLarL wlLh as l
creaLed many eñecuve nolses LhaL reßecLed my anlmauc ldea.
• Aûer a shorL ume l became llmlLed wlLh whaL sounds l could make
wlLh Lhe elemenLs LhaL sull relaLed Lo my anlmauc. So l sLarLed Lo
use dlñerenL ob[ecLs Lo creaLe my sounds - keeplng ln mlnd LhaL l
wanLed Lhe nolses Lo remaln naLural.
• l used lmages (nexL sllde) Lo ald my Lhlnklng behlnd my nolses and
Lo rooL my ldeas back Lo my anlmauc and Lhe key frame LhaL l was
glven. 8y dolng Lhls lL allowed me Lo make more dramauc nolses
LhaL could be used for my anlmauc.
• Aûer creaung several sounds l sLarLed Lo Lhlnk abouL how
Lhey would relaLe Lo my anlmauc - Lhey dldn'L.
• So l creaLed 3 really slmple sLoryboards Lo glve myself an ldea
of whaL l needed Lo record ln order Lo have an anlmauc LhaL
made sense.
• 8y creaung Lhese sLoryboards lL allowed me Lo galn a beuer
knowledge of whaL l needed Lo ñnd, when lL came Lo Lhe
sounds ln my anlmauon.
• 1hese gave me a rough ldea of how my anlmauc would play
ouL and allowed me Lo ñnd more sounds LhaL were more
relevanL Lo my ldea.
• ln Lurn my sounds gave back Lo my sLoryboards Loo generaung
more ldeas LhaL l could apply.
Crlglnal Sound LñecLs
• hup://scoudLurner.blogspoL.co.uk/2014/01/
• 1hey also follow Lhls presenLauon on Lhe blog
posL ln Lhe form of a youLube vldeo.

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