Bradford Academy (BA Auditorium)
Practical Approaches To Improving The R-Value & Air Tightness Of Your Home Jon Haehnel

BA Conference Room

BA Room 10A

Methodist Room A

Methodist Parlor

Methodist Big Room

Other Locations
Bradford Public Library Sewing Basics Conni Bryan Methodist Church Cooking With Local PlantBased Protein Sources Rowan Sherwood


The Story Of Stuff 20-Minute Film & Discussion Nancy Jones

Solar Heat & Hot Water Brad Vietje

Composting & The Carbon Cycle Josh Nelson

Common Household Toxins & Simple Steps To Minimize Exposure Jessica Barber Goldblatt

Vermont’s Energy Future Discussion With Representative Tony Klein

Super Insulation For Zero Energy Building John Unger Murphy Local PublicTransportation & Ridesharing Stagecoach

Break Period Bradford Public Library Quilted Window Coverings Conni Bryan Depot Street At ARC What About Heat Pumps? ARC Mechanical


Solar Power Made Simple Danielle Hudson-Durgan

Greensboro’s Hydro Project Peter Roudebush

Hearty Oatmeal: Easy To Prepare, Easy To Cook Maggie Krol

The Politics Of Energy Discussion With Representative Tony Klein

11:30-12:15 12:15-12:45

Break Period/Lunch Fashion On A Shoestring Oxbow High School teens model fashions from local thrift stores to demonstrate how to look great while spending less. Bradford Academy Auditorium Keynote Panel Discussion


Panelists: Barry Bernstein (President, Washington Electric Co-op), Dave Bonta (Founder, USA Solar Store), John Unger Murphy (Founder, Murphy’s CELL-TECH) Bradford Academy Auditorium Break Period

Solutions To A Future Without Cheap Oil - A Panel Discussion



Biomass In Vermont: Past, Present & Future Barry Bernstein

The Story Of Stuff 20-Minute Film & Discussion Nancy Jones

Alternative To Conventional Lawns Erika Krauss

All About Energy Audits Gil Richardson

Cold Climate Natural Building Methods Ace McArieton & Jacob Deva Racusin

Masonry Heaters Royce Thompson & Woody Price

Transition Towns: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Achieve Resilience Carl Etnier

Break Period


The Story Of Stuff 20-Minute Film & Discussion Nancy Jones

Solar Electric Systems 101 Howie Michaelson

Wind Power John Blittersdorf

Preparing & Fermenting Sauerkraut Maggie Krol

Wood As A Renewable Energy & Wood Heating Safety Dylan Kidder

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