Below is a general outline of the process we will engage together.

Genesis - Idea about how to improve the existing situation and assignment of authority to act. Where are we at now Where do we want to be/go What Primary, Secondary, and Discovered Objectives must be addressed Design & Execution Plan - Describes the final work product(s) in enough detail so that it can be produced and delivered. Organization of Objectives into Tasks (assignment scopes) Contains information about each phase/task set: What it is How will performance (successful delivery) be identified How long it takes Constraints Who or what is needed to do it (Project Team), and How it relates to the other tasks/phases (dependencies) Establish budgets Sign off by project sponsor The above all works to ensure any resulting assignment is executed as smoothly as possible, on budget, and delivers on business goals, dreams, and objectives. Many of ansleyRDgroup’s clients choose to retain us after a Project Evaluation has been conducted in order to have ansleyRDgroup project manage, execute, and deliver resulting assignments. This affords business owners and leaders the opportunity to continue running their business (what they are best at) and it brings a level of expertise and competence to the business that can manage and lead that which you cannot do, do not want to do, or should not be doing. If you elect to retain ansleyRDgroup after we deliver the Project Evaluation, we will function as a part of your team, a concierge, so to speak; ensuring your objectives are met. We would engage in the following additional phases: Execution - commence the plan/tasks/assignments (the document that results from the Project Evaluation). Review Design Execution Plan and Execution Genesis In our experience the extra time and energy that the context of a Project Evaluation provides for a project has consistently multiplied added value and contributed to the success of the Project and our client’s businesses. To this end, in all of our areas of expertise, ansleyRDgroup prepares Project Evaluations to assess the viability of any Project and to ensure that you as the Project Sponsor has accurate and thorough information in order to decide whether to proceed with a given Project or not.

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