DIESEL ENGINE Type No: of Cylinders Cooling Capacity : : : : 4 strokes, 6 cylinders water cooled and turbo charged, Diesel Engine Minimum 600 BHP @ 1500 RPM under NTP conditions

Engine designed to run continuously, confirming to BS: 5514/ DIN-6271/IS 10002/ ISO – 3046. With an overload capacity of 10% for one hour in any 12 hours continuous operation. 2. The engine shall be complete with the following accessories: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) Heat Exchanger Corrosion inhibitor coolant Paper element filters for fuel, lube oil and by-pass Flywheel to single bearing alternator with housing. Dry type air cleaners and vacuum indicators PT Self Adjusting direct fuel injection system Silencer Stainless steel exhaust flexible bellows Electronic Control panel with digital governor suitable for synchronization. Electric Starter Battery charging alternator Electronic Instrument panel (Displaying the following): a. Battery Voltage b. Coolant Water Temperature c. Lubricating Oil Pressure d. Engine Speed e. Engine Hours m) Safety Control : High water temperature(HWT) (Trip & Indication for) : Low lube oil pressure (LLOP) : Over speed stop n) Air inlet system, Charging system, Control system, Exhaust system. 3. Fuel consumption: At 75% of rated load the Bench Mark - Fuel Consumption is 78.0 litres /hr. The fuel consumption indicated by the supplier shall be guaranteed for first 600 hours of operation / first one year whichever is earlier. Suppliers offering equipment with higher fuel consumption shall be loaded for extra cost of fuel. For increase or decrease of every litre per hour of specified fuel consumption, cost of the additional fuel would be loaded (added/ reduced) from quoted DG Set price as per loading factor given later in this document to arrive at final tender value. 4. Efficiency: 90% or higher. Performance Guarantee Certificate (Specifically indicated from Authorized agency for Certification) to be provided by the supplier for Type approval and conformity of production testing of DG set. 5. ALTERNATOR : Alternator confirming to BS:5000/ IS:4722 with standard design with IP 23 Protection, suitably rated at 400 KW / 500 KVA at 0.8pf, 415 Volts, 3 phase, 4 Wires, 50 Hz., 1500 RPM, self excited (brushless excitation)and self regulated, Band of Voltage Regulation +/-1.5% of rated voltage (from no load to full load) and Class “H” Insulation. Alternator should be mounted on a common single base frame and coupled directly to the engine.. 6. BASE FRAME: Sturdy, fabricated / welded construction, made out of high quality Steel section suitable for mounting the engine and alternator. The base frame shall be suitably designed to simplify transportation, handling, slinging, E&C. Shall have provision for levelling adjustments, as required during installation. Contd., 2

Contd. The pack shall be suitably positioned and modular withdraw able to ease of servicing. Ammeter with Selector switch b) Voltmeter with Selector Switch. single compliance statement is not acceptable. Proof of service centre in twin cities to be provided. 15. 500 Volts c) Frequency Meter d) KWH Meter e) KW Meter f) Current Transformers g) Indicating Lamps for Supply “ON” & Load “ON” h) Instrument fuses 8. Lower capacity battery pack will be loaded to equipment cost. 12. considering peak summer temperature. Desirable maximum ambient temperature without derating: Base level 480C but not less than 450C. Fuel system with primary and secondary fuel filter. In the absence of point wise compliance statement. 9. Provision to log essential parameters at 1minutes interval shall be provided along with Optional Data logger. state. The Battery pack shall be minimum 180 AH. 10. 11. defence and public sector since 1st. 3 . AMF CONTROL PANEL: Cubicle type. level indicator and fume disposal system to be provided. *(For every degree increase advantage point to be given as per derating specified by supplier)* 13: Lube oil System: Complete with cooling system. NOISE LEVEL OUTSIDE the enclosure: 75 dbA at a distance of 1metre under free field condition and adhere to the guide lines of MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest) and CPCB (Central Pollution and Control Board) norms. Overall. Minimum Qualification Criteria: Vendor shall have supplied at least 10 such sets to central. filtration system up to 20 microns. 14. The supplier should submit compliance statement against each point of Technical Specification along with this offer. with dust and vermin proof for accommodating the following: a) Suitable Moulded Case Circuit Breaker.. fuel pump to be provided. oil temperature monitor. floor mounting Control Panel.April’08 and document to that extent to be submitted without which the offer is liable to be rejected.::2:: 7. the offer is liable for rejection. BATTERY: Suitable Dry type Batteries of Standard Make with leads and Terminals shall be part of the equipment. to be quoted separately. Training to the Staff of BHEL (R&D) involved in Operation & Maintenance of DG set to be imparted at site. The supplier should provide the auto-recording Telephone number and any other contact number available for reporting the breakdown. The Supplier should attend to the Breakdowns within 24 hours of reporting the fault and put the DG set back in Operation. FUEL TANK: Fuel Tank should be located nearest to the DG set enclosure to ensure free flow of Diesel.

8 LPH) shall be rejected technically.35 Lakhs Example-2 Guaranteed fuel consumption: 75 litres /hour Equipment cost: 27. 1.0 litres / hour (LPH).0 to 85. For qualifying equipment (fuel consumption less than 78.0 Lakhs HSD cost: Rs. Example-1 Guaranteed fuel consumption: 80litres /hour Equipment cost: 27. Sr Manager (Elec) email id : acharyas@bhelrnd.0 LPH and between 78.8 LPH) the differential fuel cost for intended service during first year (500 hours) at prevailing fuel cost (HSD) would be added to offered price of the basic equipment.0 LPH shall be considered at par and nil fuel consumption loading shall be applied.00 per Litre Fuel Loading: NIL CST Price of the equipment: 27.00 = 27.0 + 0.00 Lakhs For any technical clarification please contact : Shri Sajeevacharya.0 + 0. 35. . Fuel consumption (Clause-3 of specs): BHEL’s reference for fuel consumption is 78. Equipment consuming below 78. Equipment consuming more than 110% of this value (above 85.::3:: LOADING CRITERIA The quoted price shall be modified by the technical loading factors (in addition to commercial loading factors) as given below to arrive at cost to BHEL.00 per Litre Fuel Loading: (80-78) x 500 x 35 = 35000 CST Price of the equipment: 27.0 Lakhs HSD cost: Rs.35 = 27.

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