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Problem Set for ENSC 21 2nd Exam

Part I: Solve the General Solution/Particular Solution of the following. 1. y' y xy 3 dy 2. x 5 y 2 x 2 y 4 dx dy 1 3. y ex y4 dx 3 4. y' ' y' x 5. 5 y' '2 yy' 0

y(1) 3

Part II: Solve the following application of First Order ODE problems. 1.) A bacteria colony is allowed to reproduce in a petri dish. After 5 minutes, the number of bacteria is estimated to be 1,008. After ten minutes, the number increased to 10, 160. If the specimen follows an exponential growth, (a) find the growth constant and (b) the initial population (t=0 min).

2.) Given:

Hanging cable Distances in centimeters

(22,32) (-20,24)


Required: a. Catenary equation; y(12) b. Length of cable c. Horizontal tension at the vertex if 72 cm of the cable weighs 1.1 g

3.) A thermometer is taken from a room that is 20C to the outdoors where the temperature is 5C. After one minute, the thermometer reads 12C. a.) What will the reading on the thermometer be after one more? b.) When will the thermometer read 6C?

4.) A tank initially holds of salt solution containing . A pipe fills the tank with of salt per cubic meter at a rate of . The mixture is stirred uniformly and of brine runs out of the tank. Determine a) m(t); b)concentration of salt in the tank at the end of 30 minutes; and c) mass of salt at the end of 1 hour.

5.) A tank is initially filled with salt solution containing 5 kg of salt. The tank is filled using 2 pipes. Pipe 1 has a flowrate of containing of salt solution while pipe 2, which delivers pure water has a flowrate of . A third pipe sucks out of brine from the tank. Over time, the volume of solution inside the tank gradually increases, and just before it overflows, the flow rate from pipe 2 is halted. Determine a) the mass of salt in the tank just before it overflows; b) the time it takes to empty the tank after pipe 2 was shut down. What is the concentration in the output pipe 3 hrs after the operation first started (Hint: make a new diagram for the new conditions)

6.) You can find the temperature inside your refrigerator without putting a thermometer inside. Take a can of soda from the refrigerator, let it warm for half an hour, then record its temperature. Let it warm for another half an hour and record its temperature again. Suppose that the readings are T (0.5) = 45F and T (1) = 55F. Assuming that the room temperature is 70F, what is the temperature inside the refrigerator?