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Baker is a renowned pastry chef. Caf, a sole proprietorship, is a well-known restaurant in need of hiring a pastry chef. Bake and Cafs Owner had extensive conversations regarding Baker coming to work at Caf. On ay !, a week after those conversations occurred, Baker sent Caf a signed letter dated ay ! stating" #$ will work for Caf as a head pastry chef for two years for an annual salary of %!&&,&&&.' On the morning of ay (, Cafs Owner telephoned Baker and said" #)he %!&&,&&& is pretty stiff. Could you possi*le consider working for less+' Baker replied" #$ am a renowned pastry chef. $ will not work for any less,' -ater that morning, Cafs Owner sent Baker a signed letter *y regular mail stating" #.ou o*viously think you are too good for my restaurant. $ am no longer interested in hiring you to work at Caf.' -ater that afternoon, Cafs Owner had a change of heart and sent Baker a registered, express-mailed signed letter stating" #Okay, if you really wont work for less, $ agree to pay you the %!&&,&&& a year you demand to work as head pastry chef at Caf for two years.' On ay !&, the registered, express-mail letter was delivered to Bakers office. )he regular-mail letter containing the re/ection was still on its way. Baker accepted delivery of the registered, express-mail letter from the postal carrier and placed it on his desk without opening it. On ay !!, *efore Baker read the registered, express-mail letter on his desk, he accepted an offer to work for 0estaurant. 1s a courtesy, Baker called Cafs Owner and said, #2orry, $ /ust took a /o* at 0estaurant. )oo *ad you couldnt afford me.' Cafs Owner responded, #.ou cant work for 0estaurant, $ already accepted your offer to work for Caf for %!&&,&&& a year.' 3oes Caf have an enforcea*le contract with Baker+ 4xplain.