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Internship Experience @ Prayas JAC

The Social Awareness Programme with Prayas JAC for 3 weeks was quite a learning experience. It started off with a good introduction about Prayas which was given to us and following that we were assigned tasks depending upon our interests. Having worked previously with an NGO in Education sector, I opted to work in the ERTC department under Ms. Jyoti at Prayas too. Right from the day 1 expectations were clearly set and our whole internship was divided into 3 modules CSR (to find out sources of funds for ERTC@Prayas), International Conference and Field Visit. The positives of working with Jyoti Mam is that she tells you what exactly she needs specifically and it makes our output all the very more valuable. Other than the work done in the office to help prayas with its activities, we went on to a field visit to Jahangirpuri to observe the ground level working of the organisation. Till now we had only studied about the microfinance and initiatives like childline, at jahangirpuri we got to interact with actual people working on it. With Prayas being present at Jahangirpuri for 25 years, the trust that people around had in it for availing multiple services being offered was heartening. Overall, the experience was great in the sense that not only the knowledge of working of NGO was gained but also I felt satisfied on contributing to effectively to the tasks assigned to me.