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STEP ONE Using PARIS, Read The Brothers Grimms fairy tale The Fisherman and His Wife.

STEP TWO Turn to the next blank page in your STEM notebook Title the page The Fisherman and His Wife

STEP THREE Create a table with two columns. Title Column I Cause and Column II Effect List as many cause/effect sentences from this story as you can. (you need to have at LEAST three causes and effectsfor a four, you need at least FIVE) CAUSE EFFECT

STEP FOUR Use complete sentences to answer the following questions in your STEM notebook: 1. What character trait would you use to describe the fishermans wife? 2. What character trait would you use to describe the fisherman? 3. What lesson do you think the fisherman and his wife can learn from this experience? 4. Do you think the ending of this story was fair?

STEP FIVE Write the following vocabulary words in your STEM notebook, and create a definition IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Perimeter Area

STEP SIX Pretend the fishermans wife stopped being greedy and decided to work hard with her husband and build a better house. IN YOUR STEM NOTEBOOK, make a list of all the rooms they will need in their new home (example: bedroom, kitchen, etc.)

STEP SEVEN Get a piece of grid paper and draw your design for a new home for the fisherman and his wife. Make sure you include all of the rooms they will need. **Label the rooms

STEP EIGHT 1. Find the perimeter of their new home, and record the perimeter on your grid paper. 2. Find the area of their new home, and record the area on your grid paper.

STEP NINE Let me check your work so far. If everything is correct, I will give you materials to change your 2-D drawing into a 3-D model of the new home.

STEP TEN Use aluminum foil, glue sticks, and tape to create walls on your grid paper. When you are done, you will have a mini replica of the fisherman and his wifes new home