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Captain Gordus Maximus, Sons of Gord Chapter..

180 Pts
WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 A 3 I 5 LD 10 SAVE 2+/4+

Capt Gordus Maximus

Unit Composition 1 (Unique) Unit Type Infantry Wargear Terminator Armour Iron Halo Master-crafter Storm Bolter Angelus Falx Blade of Gord Frag and Krak grenades Special Rules And They Shall Know No Fear Combat Tactics Independent Character Without Relent, Without Mercy Captain Gordus has the Eternal Warrior special rule Terminator Armour Gordus armour has a built in Iron Halo, increasing his invulnerable save to 4+ Master-crafted Storm Bolter Angelus Falx Gifted to him during the Berephous Prime Campaign, this masterpiece of ranged weaponry allows Gordus to re-roll one failed to hit roll per turn. It also may fire Special Ammunition as per the Sternguard Veteran rules. Blade of Gord Presented to Gordus at the successful completion of the Berephous Prime campaign and to mark his ascension to captain of the First Company, the Blade of Gord is a Relic Blade attacking as a power weapon with strength 6