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About .


Serving Waynesville Since
Friend, and relatives here have fe-
cei ved news ot' the death of Mra. Ila
Robinson CooPIn', on Sunday at ber
home in Columbul. with burial from
the Southwick. Funeral Home on Wed-
. ,
nesd.y .afternoon.
Miss Noml. Gruber and Mi ..
Political Pot)Starts To Brew
. ' .
Shirley Lawaoh have retllm8d after
lpending a pleaasnt vacation at Port
Arthur, TeIlBl.
Mr. and ,Mrs. E. F. Earnhart hili
as a week-end guest the latter'. m0-
ther, Mrs. Gray, of Dayton,
and on Sunday aJI were dinner gueatl
in Hillsboro and visited Serpent
Bernard Baughn To Head P.T.A. Interest 'Highest In Years'
. . . . ' . . As Voting Draws Near
Mr. and Mra. RUliel Carr and
children, 'and Mn. Maude Orane of 75 A' tt d M .
Lebanon. Mrs. Grace Vice and Mra. en , eetlDg . Bas' k etbaU.,,: .' Prepalre' s With election day lesl thon two
Irene Henderaon were Stipday dinner I ] away. the political pot halt be-
iUe.ta of Mr. and Mr . Loren jami- .
son and children in Waverly, Ohio. . . To Elect Ot.I.cers gun to brew in this communitY in
MilS joaane O'Banion bas returned II T D'" de ' e h what appears to of the m;'st
after Ipending the past we\lk with 0 tl en ounty . amplons IP active local electiona in many yean.
relative. In HIllsboro. Benmrd Baugbn was eleeled The most oonte, ted positions 'thul
Mr. and Mr . J. B. Crabbe Will be , far <have been seats on the Board of
hOlt and hostelS to the South Wayne president of the newly organized
AdviSory 'Council on Thursday eve- WaynesvIlle Parent Teachers' Asso- By Jll'tl JONES Trustees. R. B. Peten. Will st. john
ning CIatlon at th . 'ti I ti Frid ? , , and Prend, eraast are
. . . e Inl a mee ng ay Bas ketball Pnlctioo has started
Mr and Mrl John J Burake had i " OIFPICUL TIES c'ampa,'gnJ'ng to -ecurh the, two open.
. ' . even ng. agnJn at High. and .,
al. their week-end auest, their dauah. S "' , . . t b B rd
ter, Mill Marilyn Bunke of Bowlini eventy-five parents a.nd interested for the second year It Is under Meebn.nlclLl dlrtf oul tlofl D!'lUI" 1QgII on e .oa .
Green Univenity. ).'hey 11110 had ... personl attended the meeting at the the guidance ' of Coach Ed Porter pres.stlme nect!8sltated t.h e om Of great concern t y Mayor H. M,
Sunday lIl1estl Mr. R. B. Smith' of hillh IIChOoJ. Besides the election of who will be g\JnDlng for his sec mi ssion of some copy for lbls Sherwoo:J i. the factf that no candi-
Mr. and Mn. Adrian Cox officers, the group ' passed .by-Iaws opd s traight leaguo cbamploDsblp of lh Gaz tle. Slllch 'OilY dates will appear on the baUot Lor
of Covington, Ky., and MT. and Mrs. and made for a mem- many year s. wlU next the Board of Public Mairs (water
WillialD Strouse. 1
benhip drive and regular meeting Tbe varsity will be a m- board) . "Forget obout who i. elected
Mu. R. E. Albury wjIJ be holtea date.. . Ing 1ts fourth etralgbt' chamnlou bo h th
Among thOJ& c;andidatet who have
Tesponded to our .. t for informa-
tion are: f
t. Brown is a candidate for the
vlllulle CCluncil. He i member of
the alaff of ,Waynesville Locker
Plant and has been reaident 9' thil .
for three yean.
Amoni organizations of whk'I .
Brown is a member are the Civic
Club, MalOnl, and Ea.tern Stitr. Mr.
Brown was instrumental in o .... ninnC
the P,T.A. in Waynesville and .,ryed
a. temporary president of the arpn-
ization until permanent officers were
ejected )"at week.
to the new Century Clu.b. on FridllY .. L... JANE mayor, .orget a ut w 0 18 on e
afternoon at the Golden Lamb Hotel, It was announced that parents wIII ship. Q. feut Ivhlub lias nevllr .,.,. Mia HARTSOCK .:oundl ,i he laye, "but be aure to get Mr. Brown states thllt he hal am-
wlthMN. R. H. Hartsock and Mrs. be ' invited to bring their children at for been acompllshed J.n the War:- WEbs NlR. MeCOLLOCK: some good'1IlOn on the Board of Pub- pIe (ree time to devote to the dutiel
E. F. Earnhart in charle q.f the pro- future Facilities wilt be ren County League. . \ l ie Affeins." of the council and, lince he La em-
gram. . Tbe vllrsJty and I' serve squads The Friends' Church; beliutffl)l in
available for. the care AI children at , "It ' ita! th t e "''' thele po " ployed . in the community, I. well
Mr. and Mn. Jobo Fromm, with ... h'G ve beell holding dally practices itl .. pHcity and with bouquets ()f 11 V a w UI.J -
M d M CJ F these meeting.. . d t ' II M Sh rwood added ' awa- of .Le problem. the counell
r . n n. yde romm and .on for tl1e last two weeks and ahoul wwa. mums. was SCOOle of lbe lonl, ayor e . .w'"
f Sprin .... 'ld M d M ' Mel ' The P.T.A. will meet t.he fourth T'L M" I I d th t th mult face.
o ... e, r. lin n. vln be ready for thei r InIUai games on Saturday eft.!.rnoon at e axor exp a ne a e wa-
Banta of New Carli.le and Mn. May Monday of each month at. 8 P.M. against B1ancbester. Nov. 10. 3:-aD o'clock, of MisS' Jape HartllOck, ter board mult handie a budivt of FRANCIS GENE BROWN
Banta of' Lytle, wenl Sunday cuelta Duel Cor the oraanization have .:i bo $80 "00 d It d 1 th A 'd 'th Co ciJ .....
of Mr. ami Mn. Merlin Ban'-In Day-: .. WAYNESVILLE BASKI"TBALL d ..... ter of Mr. and Mn. 1<!01l Hart- a ut ,van mu ea WI cand, .te .or e un , ...
been let at 50 centl per perilon and .J. L 11 Ita ..... I werage and water . ' '''-.., B ' . ha _ ....i_ .. a I __
ton. , SCHEDULE, 104050 tIOCk. and Mr. Chel'ies McCullock. UJe e -,mPO u, e CiS -.-08 rown I .... ...,........ ... ...
M M 75 cents per couple. problems. It is for the record of community IBmea. He' bn
r: / and ra. Gilbert Frye and In addition 10 Mr. Baugbn, the Nov. , lO (Home) Blanchester _ ,f Mr, and Ml'lI. Archie McCul- .
SOOi nad Saturday eveninl .dinaer N 18 (8 ) H "b .....L f Li to Ind good of the community, that much ,reaid.ed in.the community for twenty
M nd M L
"'L Ha followin .. officer. were elected.. ov. omc arveYD urg __ 0 n n, . . .
cue.ta, r.. rs. wl.Uarrt-.. Nov. 22 (Hom) ' Centelville Milton Hartsock and Mr. Owen interellt' be aroused in the lituatlon yea,. lind it a of tile Civic
tocJt IInel lOllS. First vice prelident, Mrs. Mary -, M Sh od La' W '" __ _
Mr. and Mn. W. K. Stroud bad a. ' Dec. 2 (Home) CarUale JbrtIoc:k, brothen of the' and according to ayor efWO. Club, Alneric:an lion. .n.a ...........
Tullil; PlC<jnd vice presideat, K. 'M. De 6 (H) KI Mill Th 'II unci b I tY Young Democ:natic Club, and War-
Saturday evealDi lupper guest's their RetaUic; ,' th.ird vJ .... president, Mn. c. ome is II M8 'James McCullock, brot:her of tlte ere WI ou . yep enty
IOn and dau&hter-In-I.w, Mr_ and .,... Dec. 9 (Away) Morrow , as ushers. of action ia tim race for pOIitioal on ren Society.
Mn, Harold Stroud of Labanon. Dur- Florence Moran; correspondiag 10 (Rome) Franltlln Ii half-hour roulical progmm was the Board of Educat.lon. Seven men Brown i. the dllt:rict manapr for
lDli tl)e evening they were joinad by retary, Betty Cook; recordinll Dec. 13 Springbor9 prt,aentcd by MilS Martha Ann Bryan. are 'Qn ballots for ' three 1'011- an in.urance firm with offic .. in Wi!-
Mrs. Irene Hendenon, Mn. Grace Bec:retaay, Mill Dorothy Day; trea.. Dec. 16 ' Harveysburg a . classmate. as pianiu 1lnd
Vice, Mrs. J. H. Sackl'tl .nd Mr. uter, Charles Mehaffie. J 3 (D') T'-b ' u.. Jean HartlOck, the brlde's twin tiona. John GoDS, the preeent prell- mington. .He .. ys ttwt he. will
Claude Stroud and enjoyed an. ...., anon ISng "I Love Tbee"; Nl'U Wa,lk dent of ,the Board wlll attempt ,to it a point to devote aU u.. :tI1IUI _
the movi taken while the holt end .--0---- Jan. 6 (Away) Carlisle 'BaJjtdc You" e nd "The Lo'rd's Prll)'. cure "Te-eleetion against luch, stron" elaery to the proper pursuance of
,,"re oa vacation, ia the Weat- . A aew, IIBt will be dedicated Jan. 10 (Home) The bride. who OPROnenta as Luther H' J{artIock, the office be ..... 1 "
am tates. at the close of the Sunday Ichool .t Jan. 13 (Bome) Mason ad with and was presented the
Mn. fWillIam StrouH, Un. Jo/Itl J. the Methodist church Jao.. 20 (Away') W. CarroltQn by hllT father-; oPJ>C,ared in a Vern Simpson, Harold Earnhart, Don . tuDona the oI'Iicea held by Brown in
Burste, Mrs. .8t!InIey K BaIlq, Ian. .... ....... _ Jan, 27 ('Home) Sp' 1'Ingboro ';Ik bengaline frock, styled on Ray C. Smith, and Joe county organisationa hay. been
D. C ..... - J:' .. - D..-_ --' -y marDin-. .. Nt il gift I' with ..... _ ...1 Jam' ea'.
..... ...... &' ......... --- Jan. 31 (,",way) MaaOn . ,n.. a om", ""'" ceo retary, prelidtat and director of til.
M"" Berti. ;a,ulelt ........ K1Qp ai''' . '.... from the bill! . tclr-Iille to F' H; f . CS.... _.. ......_"""- ........
1 .... :: of' '''' th . ... .... '""" _ mea . VB . ...... .. 0lIl or Olvl.. .... ' ..... C8r ...._...._,' ....
momID, .ell' '-'01. . . ... e eyn811Vt Ie .=" .....::. . I ' , ,,---,_
'will attwnd the &fUI.d chapter of Ohlo, Methodilt church wjll oblBf'W their Fell. 4 (Home) Spring Valley buttons, long .Ieevas alJ'CI II the IX ppmmDII"OD:"tIlIlf"rm ...... -_-.... IJa......... _
Oraer of Eastern Star, on Tuesday, .. F eb. 1 (Home) Kingman .lull floor-length .kirt worn oveT crin. cil, and indications are that there pre8ident of the W.mIID eou.;,.
Wedneaday ,and Thuraclay. annual "Thllnk Offermll" .. rvlce Sun- , 0 oline. She completed heir costumo will bo a heavy write-iii vote. Uoyd Yowig Democratic Club. He .le"
Mr. and Mn. Fred Hook : day 10:30 Mrs. L. j. Long tFUTUfUil' Witil white latin halo hat: trimmed Davia, Howard Brown, Max Hart- Democratic c8Dttal
tained to dinner on Sunday and lIad of MltI<Jletown Will make the addreas. ORGAN IZATION IS FORM EO . wlth white ostricb tips and 0 white I
u their lUBata Mn. H. E. H901r of 0 tul\e shoulder length veil. alnd carried sock. F. G, Brown, and HomeT Carey Reprding the ofIic:e he wi.u. to
Detroit, Mrs. Waiter Bailey The following people AT WA YN ESVI L LE HIGH a ,white Bible topped with a scarlet ere to appear on the ballot for the aarve, Brpwn -Y', "Aa chairmen of
oC Dayton, Mrs. Loll Coy and Mr. Waynesville and vicinitY are in at. By Annlitte 'rlnney thro9ted w.hite orc'hid, !ltephallOtis council positionl. the Public Allain Cominittee of ihe
and M..... Walter Ree.. of Knoll- tendllnee lit Miami -]acoh9 Collece. The Future Homemakers of llOa satin atreamen. It il the nope of tho M'l8mi WayunviD. Civic Club tor the pelt
.wGod. Dayton, this faU: AmerIca an orgiln,lzatlon for all Tho verY impressive FrUends' cere-
Mn. Perry Dllv;, of CarrolltoJ), Ky., Betty Campbell, 01 Ri. 2, Waynes- gIrls wbO ite taking bome eeon. mony was repeated by the bride And to' be I\ble' to bnnc you. brief bioara- three years, I "'V1Ii __ tiD
wal Saturday JWllt of Mr. and Mn. ville. who is for the steno- bas JUBt been started In groom. with Sara and Raymond Brad phles of the ca\ldidatel that vote... with the coUDcil on MlY. of Improv-
Ron HartlOCk for the weddnill of her -"i Ch I Gith aJ dock as a committee of oVlersigbt. "' In not be in the dark wben they';'o ,'n- "'e' From tidl work
era .... c course; ar el ans, 10 ' l!.(> . WayneSVille High Scbool, 'MIss ., .. UI
neiee, Mi,s Jane and ra- of Rt. 2, WaYJlelvijle, anroDed for Smith, home t!collomlcs' Instructor Tile' bride' s, mother "holse a to the poll a NovembeT 8. . I have g.ined a wortin .. Imowteclp
mained for leveral <IIIY'.a .elr houle the hicJier aCC!Ountancy course; .and ... d I ' o( winter ' blue wool and the groom's of tho probiem . of the council and
guest . Anne Elzey., ol Oregonia, who i. en- is ... e club a v sO.r. mother 1"'0re a 'navy print, each with
Mr .and Mrs. J , I. 8om- rolled for the. Junior Secretarial I At ' a reeen!) m.eeting. the foUow black accessories, ' nnd OVER 200 ATTEfI!D the community."
enet, ' Penn.I arrived .on coune. .' . ing oftlcers elected: . bY' 1I large purple orchid cclnagel HOMECOMIN(l AT RAY C. SUITS
even in" to spend leVerel. days with ,Mill Campbell i. a 1949 graduate : PresIdent, Dorothy Cbenoweth; A large group of guests (!reeted the . . RBl)' C. Smith is a capdidate for the
their son lind dauahter-irt-Iaw, Mr. f W.yne.11 high school wh' l Mr d btlde and grooftl, ond inr-mediately METHODIST CHURCH
and Mno, Paul Plddng. On FridAy 0 VI e , . 1 e. . Vice president. Vera Sberwoo ; , following the gTeeting MT.. and School Boai'd. He hal _Ided in
evenin'" they also had ' "uem Mr. was IIflIduated from Spnng- Secret.ary, Mary Wardi Tre' ua---clc. allisted bu Mrs.' Wilton HomaCOtnini day at the Waynel- Wa"" .... ville for two . ...... .... and is eo-
'boro hIgh .chool. Mias Elzey com- ' Re '-" 1__ I--
and Mrs. Earl Conner and IOn, honor- pleted her high .chool WOfk in 1948, asurer. Stella Oreech ; News Mrs. Gene Ellington, M.n. ville church W81 a success caied in the steel bUllnea. in D.:Ytoa.
ing the birthday of Mr. CoDr\U an'(l and attended Cedarville College last lJOrter. Annet te , Tinney; 'P1lrlia 01!l'ea Hartsock and Mrs. Charles in the fullest aenae of the word. More Smith atatel .that he ....

-:""'Hre IjoinedandbYMMr. Ro
year. rlan. Mary Carolyn Bradli9Y. Mlistenl) hethld a reM
. ption a! than 200 attanded the morning len- .... . .re ""__ .... de.v. to ' the office be
n. 0 om DI n. Y 0 Last Thursday evening. the home for e J'I! ao.ves "nu ....ose _y ... _ ....
Stump and children of Dayton, loin. fEiends. ' The beauti fUl. decorated lee and more than 150 were present _b and further natel that he "be-
Homln" .n\l Mrs. StumP beina the WILSON senior .&IfIs 3!ltlng IlB hostesses wedding cake and fruit p.unch pollalble for tha CCJIIloo
oC the.boat.. Enos Jr.\VIlson. 88, died at (ogetber wJth l\f1ss Smith, enter servild from an teo table, The morning service was enhanced
Mr. and Mn. Jeaae Prendergast nukes 'Rellt ' R'ome. BowersvUle, t9lneIJ the mothers of t he girls. with bridal 'appointments. muaity to have better ,fadlities for
S ' ' . . d by the eJJective work of .the choir the education of ita children with the
and daullhter. Mllryalice, were unday 6:25 A.M" Wectnesda.y. The Informal program C9D8lste Mr. and Mrs. McCul loch left for '
st- f elatj i C . ti d '. d L_ b ' d ch and soloists, PhlJ Workman and Don f d . ail 1.1 .... the ._-_.
gul!. 0 r ve. n IDClnna,.a He Is " 8uI'vlvl!d by one brot/ler, of explanations ot , a bomemaker. 8 honeymoon, an til., on e ose .un. now .av a,.. e .... ,_ ........
'accompanied home by Mill' Jobn, aull one [oster 8ister, ,Mrs. projects and wbat the clIlS8 was fOf traveling .11 green wqoll s,uit, .wilh Gahri s. ' The sermon wal. delivered board. Also, p,reseat buildinP could
Klltherine Prenif,r'llllt, who had spent Jennie<1k. of Waynes. colng to Uihi year. black' accessories and white orcl)id by Dr. Robert Kenno\iY. Dr. ,Kennedy .be improved upon to' further .. ilt
the past week hi the citY. .. " I corsage. chose as his te ...... "For the Lord'. '.
MT: ond Mn. vllle. Tb\lre, was also vocal and ns LrU' Mrs. McCullock, a .g;redl)ate of -., both popU andt teac:b1lr!
entertained on SAturd.y evenia", with FUneral service" will 1;10 beld at ruenj:aJ inuslc by the girl!!. A.ffAir Miami Ualversity, is artist -ilJI)Strl\tor. Portion Is His People" (Deut. 32:9), HAROLD B.
the cheedW circle lIB their CUesta. A the Caesars CI'eek Church ' Saiiu a period. dainty reo and !,IT. McCuilock, a grodug.te from A dinner 'Was served at the noon Harold B. EamhB.rt is a eandLdate
deticiou. dinner _I e*yed .nd five day. Friends may call at. the fresbmhnts' o, r bo' punch and Jndiana University, is a drafts man. hour to approximately' 160 gUests. th
Q for one of the three vacancie, on e
hundred' wa,. the dlvenion of .the ev. tltubbs .Funcral Rom!" unUI t .lme .' pi'epar.ed by the 6enlor Qnd both are connected . \I,ith Patter. . The afternoon meetina was in-
nine TbolJe pteI8Qt were Mr. anel of serv'ce. girls weTe' serv' ed. All In aU It son Field, and upon theiT return will . b R School BOard and has been a Iqcal
Mrs. Glean 'Borden, Mr. and 'Mrs. ' . reside in their newly cOnlpl et e4, I=ot- lonnal. Talks were given y ev. resident Cor many yean. Ha is a job
M. A. Cornell, Mr . nd Mn. ,So S. was a enjoyablo evening. tage near the Jlartsook home. J . V. Lacey. a fOl1Der mini,ter, and evaluator (of' the Divi.ion
ElliS; Mr .. Harry SmIth, Mr. Glean MRS. MY-RTA BIGGS O . The, bride haa been h. on(lred by sev oU,er vi. itors. Tnere were vilito'n ' D
Smith ... nd L V B l ' 5 ' d r T d h of Oenetal Moton in aytOn.
.... r. a n. . raaatrator, Mrs. Myrta B gp, 7 WI ow 0 The ' W.S.C.S. held their regular era) lovely IOclal affairs, laD a!t 1a- present hom five churches where Rev.
Mr. and Mn. J. B. Rich: the hOlt and .\f Walter Biggs, wbo dlfld meetinll lit : the llome of MI'S. Ray c:eived many lpvely gifts Ilor' her naw and Mrs. Coleman Cormerl), Ilel\Ved. A fj)rmer mayor of Corwin, Ea.rn-
\....: about (lve . years ago, dJedl at ber Conner on Thursday afternoon, With a home. h.rt hal been active in the M.tbodist
Dr. and Mrs. H. F. uye were hOlt borne Oregonia TUesday al. iarc- .ttendance, Mn. Elmer Shee- -0---- ' ." vl.it4?r frotn Bowel'Sville, the Church, Waynesville ,Lodle 163, F.
and boat .. , to the Weat WQJIe Ad- , ban _ in ch.T.... of the Cfovotiona The Ladies of Farmers' Orange L3' lirst chllrge of the Coleman' brouaht and.,.. M " aad MIam,' ,.." ........ , 0 DO. ,
. vi Co '1 "'-'d . ter an Plness 01 about four oo:ears. ... I d ......... -. ....
lOry unCi on &'n ay _Ina , , . ' and Mn. Don Worman reviewed will nold thei.,. regular a 1- ay meet a fine Cake in observence oC the wad- S. .
th ... - d MEal H bbel "ul'lvors Incilud&: t,wo BOns, Wa t 0 H 11 T d
WI nu..n n. r II at ... the book on Methodist Coll egel and ing at t Ie range o. oln I)es ..y. 'ding of tJ'te Colemana.
guests, for the regular October meet Iter and ,Wlllle, . both ot Oregon;Jk: Ualve'nitiea, their work .end loc , a1jtY. November .1, with a COVe1'ti!d di. h din- . N He is P .. t Patron of tile 0.&.8. ,
inc Mr. Gilbert Frye cOndueted the Mrs. Louelfa . RJatt, .Llttle Sandra Sc:hePCk favored the ner at' the, noon hour. Mm. J. B. Other churche? represented were ew and Past ' Ma.ter of the Masoaa and
diKuuion on "Wheat Loan. to Other Mrs. GeneVieve Zimmerma.n. eh grOup lrlth a 8010: ' 'Mn. Don Work- will be.the hosten' oC the da y and Fa- Jasper. Upper is a trultee of the latter orpnization.
Mvera! other tervUlB; ,Mrs. Enima aenll :Hlya.r. man hal been elected to serve al vice tricia Hom<\l p ky. and New Carlisle. He is aUto. memb of the official
.... o-,IfIIII a .... oumm ... t to WI". Lebanon; ' MrB, Elda Hackney. prealdent for 1'8IIIBindeT of tile year. sellor of the Dayton ower 3 1... 1.... Induded in the special music: for
Mr. and ROIl HarUoclr la TII.e lOCi- .... &..umed to meel on will give a cooking demo!flltretion on I b u . board of the Met.bodilt Church.
vember. D pleaunt .octal hOlF -. Waynesville ' Route 3, nine gTftnd aherndOn. an elecuic mnre during ale afternoon ' the were so 01 'y .... ,.. Earnhart.tales that be will, if
enjoyed with de1fcioul" children and four great grand. when the Iad1eI wiD , hOld bu.iness end 'anyone ;nterested m,1Y attend. Tobe Ball and 'Mrs. Don Qabril. elected, heve .ufficient free time to
of llillJerbnad with whipped cream children. . _ion 'at 'the cburch; then pl'BP"re a 0 0 devote to the dutiel of hil 'ofIIbe.
and coif_ were 1ftiI. tlhe' was a. lIJombe.r of the D of turlrey to be. IBrved to tho The Rainbow' Adv1!1OQt Council Mr. nnd MB. Henry Saylor and
MR. May Bante is IpeDdiIll thla A at }'rankUn. public durin& the evea1l11. Refresh. held their adobel' meeting on 'Jluea famjly, and Mr . and rMe. Han,. '''I -bave intareet iJi the
week with b!.' f - ...... Meryn Baata S..... I b b"" m8Irta of donuta lind mffee -were day eveninl. of the palt week, at the G-"am. attended a birthdau dinner local wcbool," Earnhart wtatea, ..
.. 1 __ " f n.._ .... V1CflS wll ' e e .. a _Co . f M d M R b rt M .... , ,,'" .... _
ana IIUDUY 0 -- aerved by the boat_ .Uld her allist- home 0 r. an ra. . 0 e r; SUJlday at the home of Mr. end Mn. __ -.... dren .ttendi.... _ in _
M and .. B- --rl" -_ ..... - Clore Funeral Home FrJd.,. after- -_.... ........ 18 I d f ' ..... lUlU --
r. _n. .......... T ..... ...... anti. ... ....... a rge a en on<;e? Riley SaylOr of Center:ville, honotlll& .. a1or cl .... and' a d.\l&hter in tbt!
and Un, atteaded lIoon at two. B\lrlal will be made 0 iuesb and member". Mr, R. G. Mil- their mother's Mn. Susan Saylor, I
the t1IIIUUp lIIIe, linD by F..-'. In Miami cemetery. TURKEY tUPPER lar .waa dlscussioa leadet' on IBvert 'eighty-third birthday. freshman cl.n 10 hleb adIooL -
Oraap .t LebalMm Saturcfq 0 The ladle. ' of Way:neavlJle Me- difJ' topics , all really' on die IU 0 deeply latereltecl in ' kMptDl the
aln. Ola PunIey . thodlst .... urcb will -erve a turk iect, ''What Malres a SUCCl!IBful M d M Nolen .McCaa- lteJldaro. elf die ac:booill' hi.,. .. pw-
SUIICIq 8daoo1 a..t. uad CbUdND'l Mn.. J. B. J- wa "'&l g Farmer." r. an n , . -." __ .. ,_
Choir lit w'aiIIIIr __ aDd 1IaJricIe I1ieet of and ...... Alfred J-. ey supper to the public on Thurs The coun.ciJ adjoume I until No- and MI'. and Mn. Robert Wil_ of lible, from every anpe, ..... lD Iup-
T)aur'ICIQ ........ AD time of OMwaod. cia, evenbl" Nov .1,7. vember when they will ,enjoy e tur- were Sunday aftemooD. plylnc the belt l.cWti. that the
... bad bF.u. ' . 0 ----iOI)---- key dinon .t the home of Mr. and calle ... 'at the home of Mr. and Mn. CODUII1IJIity caD aft'1II'd. If eIecDd, I
...... a)'de WIImtcro .dftd ...... CARD OF THANK. Chari.. La May: 'Dai nty ra- Wilbur F.uIb. wUl endMvor to llive aiIch aa4
sua67 ........ .,.... .. cIQI qca. I wish to thank tile baslnea_ freslunllltl _e aernd the 110- 0 probl..n boDaat IXIIIIld .... tIGa and will
tloa. tSt. .......... l1Ia. _ IDeo for nOW\l1"8 and, e.q)retIII ..,. del boar. lONSA,NTO married, do .aIl penni' to--pr_
THKLMA'8' LUNCH appreelAUcm to aU for tJaelr k;lJHI. no chI
l't!nb' de.lrel ... t,UDi the belt inDr'eIIa of .WeI"" CIOQo
C L O 0
. d--'- .... ' t --. tum... OUM or a __ n
DeIfJ IInR' 'm, . geeD ..... a..... r __ .a- --' wit hoDDr uad JQItim will
I _ )8 -t.. room. or more. I'or ' rn .... .-., -
J'or VaGadDIi .... W"..,. phoDe W&JlUlllYill. aUI, L at-.rrut,"
Bird Turns Stooi Pigeon
DETROlT.-A kidnaped canary
turned stool pll1eon lind landed
hls somewhat dubious owner In
poUce. court.
When . a woman store detec-
Uve noticed Mrs, Iren/! Zaja
punching 110le8 In the shopping
bag she was carrying, de-
tecUve confronted her,
Mrs. ZaJa was deny1ag bavlng
taken anythIng frorn the store:,
pet department ",Ithout . paYing
COr It. . when rtom the bag came
a plaintive "cheep, cheep."
I Harvest This Year Second Largest
1 In &I.S. History, Government Says;
, .
Reds Purge Czech Property-Owners
IEDITGa'S 'NO:fE: Wben opinion re '''Dr ... ed In ' .... e ool"", . 4ti07 booe 01
w ,. N ,.pII' Ualon' . aew al, aD. noL . a,lb If tbill D paper

Second lqrgest
Amerlc.'s hom of plen ' con-
tlnued to go aU out in Its produc-
t Uon ot food tor the world.
u. S. likes Quotas
The ' government took first steps
toward continuing exlstlng rigId
inarketl,ng . controls on burley to-
boo co amid calls by , griculture I'
secretary Charles 'Brannan tor
another threeyear control pro,
gram and lor views by Interested
persons on the Question. '. Farm. Sho'w Schedules
BR.(\.NNAN'S REQUEST tor the
threeyear extension of control on New MachlOnery.
the burl,ey crops stemmed from tk\e .
tact that this year'a prospective t
production of abollt 590 mUJjon Modem Devices.Slated
pounds 18 well above the To Indi' c'ate Progress
annual rate of disappearance.
Thursday, Od0l'er 27, tNt
Economical to Build '
Mr,', Zaja pleaded to a
charge ot simple larceny and
received a sUlpended sentence
(or taldDg one of the atore's prize
..IOnpters. .
I Latest crop summary of the U.S.
department or agrlcuiture showed
that 1004 bar)lest we\lther would
"lIII'e the' nation pt Its .econd larg-
t volume of crops in hlstory,
topped only by the recordbrel\klng
The lettover of burley on October New devices and
1. the beglnnlrig of the 1949-crop whlch are nttrl;lctlng the interest of
marketing year, was estimated at farmers generally will be .on view
970 million pounds-about 7.5 per at the national form show nt Chi- Make !our KitClbeD Cabinets
cent above that of a year ago, It cago November 26. The WHETHER y'ou make thls cab-
walll the highest on record. .how WUl be held In tbe ' Chleaeo inet or hand the workln.g
"My , bllSband II awa,.. from '
bome a lot," Ihe ' .ald, " and I'm
ioDesome. I thought. a c:anal'T
woald be a good cOmpanion."
Brannnn, In asking for. exprel coliseum. . . plan to your cQl'pente'r, pattern .
slon8 of views by Interested per- ' {lromlnent new seientlf!c 323 saves hours. Even an amatellr
sons, was acting under require. farming aids to be sliown wiU can follow It from the first step
menta ot the law, The quelltlbn I.' the radlcallydlUerent tractormove right through the chrome finiBh
haul of 1048.' j
L. ___ ====::::::=::-:-__ EQUALLY Important was the tact '
' .1,000 W;OJDftft C!I_':"-
th.t record .upply of com was on
aleIV tap for proc1ucin, meat, dairy and
expected to .be, aubmltted to a ref Irrleat,ion systems. ot lU:ound the Unolel1m top. ,
erendum, in December. Appt:oval long Unea of pipe whlch can be ' _ _
.... est S-_..:.u.a.. . . poult:r7 products.
II The month ot September brought
by at leaat two thIrda of thoae, vol- hooked onto a tractor and moved to Delalls rna,. be adaptecS to neede. Price
In" waul" be required. .ny aection ot a field. these IY" 2Sc. Send 10- '
1!' Cosm Sh eonditioOl IUfftclently favorable
Xor etic Op to boost total production prospect.
QUOTAS for the ' IMT, 1848 and"C:.

. NEW YORlt.-More than a thou. 1 per cent. despite a ' aUght deellne
lind women-from teenagera to In the com estimate . . Total . crop Admiral Arthur W. Raelforel
septuapnarJan.. are ' voluntal'T volum.e '111'81 indicated at 131 per &ook the atanel before the hoase
.lUfnea' pig. a coameUc telltlng cent of the base level. armed .ervlce. committee lo
l.bor.tor ... here. . onl,y to last year'. 137 per
, &edify thai ourreDt defense
The live .- tran"e halt. cent.. " .
....... III .. H t ' lndi ation. are plan. aDd letup .. Ie-
, -nd "-If bea,t ... world of own. owever, preaen c -r
-, .... .. " th ..... b th last year for calo the .... vy to a role "DR-
:--. ... _- permanent ' is beln" at ....... may e e .
1949 crop. wer. voted tn
Brannan la .dso requlred by law
to proclalm quotas by, December 1
if he f1nda there 11 a Burplus within
terms of the law, and there would
be lew who would 110& concede
that a surplUl exist
'.&.l........."" .. tim that p leu aai1 lnadeq .... te.. 111 tile
.. on.- balf head '''ets the .ome e era V\& T T A .
..,.- UIoJ " ' .1. tro mle I hel"h& event 01 an atomlo war. ry, ry gatn
permanent. The other half may get reacbe. IIU.... as no a ...
riyal permanent; or .. left un- .urpw.el were mountln, almost CZECH PURGE.. . The government waf pledged to
tolicbed a. a way of makin, com- .larmingly, the government was its best to brln, pe.ace Into the
The .. me is . true of preparing to take acUon to reduce Slow Terror steet' Industry.
8bampooa. output next year. MORE AND ' MORE meetip
A belDg lDvestlated la Ther. was evCl'T Ukellhood "that 'Slow terror. tb,e kind tltat even had been arraD,ed In an eUort to
.ppUed &0 one Ie,. 'Ttie other 're market quotas would be slapped on tually i. born In persons Uvine end the deadlock between workerl
maIns untouched as a . In .ome of the baJjc crop. which bave' under any totalitarIan government, and operators. Cyrus CbiJig,
a like manner, cream., makeup, been overflowing Into .torage in was .eeplng through Comm.t concUiator director. made Pie first
deodorants sldD preparllUon. sl\j! recent yeara. j Czechoslovakia. . rqqve' tn the extended-'strIke
oU!_r are compared. All THIS YEAR'S huee' output I. 'the CaUle of It wa. a Red pur,e, when he man,ed meet-
JlCNJer.larm machinery, lIooh
.. tbla "damper-downel''' In ale ,
111 a North OarollDa lobacco
Itelel, wID leatnrp exhibits at
tbtl National Farm Show to be
belcl in CbloaCO.
teml are said 10 able Co triple
acrea,e yield; Wllter. nltroien, tel'-
Famed Bodleian BOoks
From Its original 2.000 volumes
lQ -1611. the famed Bodleian tl .
brary of Oxford has grown to
m,ore than. 1,250,000 volumes.
are distributed proc1ucts, reault of fairly larle production ot aimed primarily at sUPpoled' bour- Ines with .teel companies and tlie
whose names youd recolbiZe tn-, malt ind.lvidual cropa, rather than leols elements, but leavine no man atrlJdng CIO , UnitfCl Steelworken.
mmUy. reeordbreaking yields of just a -be he a Communist party mem- Both sldn had been holdin.
DDT or 2."D 'can put ---- ----..:...-----
Noae of the women mind' belnlf few. her or n.ot.-&ee from the fear that doeeedJy to their pre-strike posl.
guinea pigs, .a71 S. F. Coneybear, 128 million tons of Uve- he ma,. become a victim ll00ner or tiona-the union for company.palcl
ol1lelal of the Evans reaearch lCOck-feed crainl are bein, pro- I.ter. . lnIurance and recom-
and devetopment corp. After aU. duced thf. year, a corn UNCONFIRMED reports of the mended b, a board,
be polDb out, you can't teU b,. erop of about 3.47 bIllion buShell. total leized or marlted for aneat and the Industry for welfare bene-
Jocik:IJiI at them. And they ,et Latt year'a com crop ot 3.115 bUUon tn the Communist ponce roundups fill with worken belplD. to toot
valuable beauty shop' treatments at bUlhell set an 'all-time record. ,rm,ed between 80,000 and 60,000. the bIlL
the hand. 9f sIdlled operators. In. The 38.5, toni of food IraJna No intortnation was being liven. SOME COMPANll!lS bad _areed'
a liven period Ii woman gets SCL DOW eatlmat9, though exceeded in either 81 to causes, results or 8IQ" to .ccept the union but this
to eight Ihampou, permanent each of the paat three Ia other detaUs of the wideapread aI'! d.ld not mean _trike', elld.
'wive aDd the f1neit materiall ad- creater than tn atl7 earner year. reats. The atakes 'were bl, In the con-
mJDIttered by Ildlled' operators. Included lD thls filW'e I. a bUDlPer The pattern of the pur,e was test. Where b.1,\ ateel went there
!J.'tie'. purpote of tile laboratol'T. crop of 1.12 bWJon clear. Landlordl. arch1t1!cts, con- would CO malt of U. /3" Industry,
eone,.bear 117', .. to, evaluate a au or which bas been bar- fectionera and other sman ahop- .' as atee! usually sets the
cOllnetlc long before It Is placed on y ted. keepers were being cked' up an.d in wa,e and labor nego-
s.le. Anlwera to U4ele question. their business confiscated. In lOme t1atlon
are 10ught: ]a It Is It eW- CONGRES$: casea, their apartments were aelzecI
dent? Haa it e.t1letic appeal? Half a Loaf and families d1Ipollelsed.
'l'o obtain thls InfDrmaUon hun. ' J .-t .
drea. 01 WOmeD bave offerlna The tint ... 11on of th, 81st con ID , the main. It was ..... ve BI'" Fading
, be ded to ard Oetober .galnlt CzecJloalavakla'a P1"C!Per-
the of their aealPSI face" anna cre.. a '. 'III' an tied theoreticaU,Y the '1'ha with the,
and t,.;_ .lnee 1121. neD the ,lIerv , '4Joumment with li.a._o..
haH Of ......... ....
""'- , . r.-- --t., .... eDeiDI , e. of' Mandat eomm , IinIDn. tmUe, the Iron wuo aDa a we....,-
tee wu .... ""n. ..... bem PreIldent Truman. program' w.... .... I
I!\O..,.. I Ia H'O....."... . ......R. the pro'-'Uoo or iles. for .alt water and blUe un
\PO prOblem at ,U.IIU'UI,e aalt mB)" ten tnto ' '111': " .... th White
iAemu Wont" \Sf mdath ata ba. THE PRESIDENT could count 15 the propert'1 owners waa accom- fol'ml W" no lonler In e ,
ipl'OYicled volUDteen In tuUident major aecompU.bmenta, ' by his panted throughout Bohemia and HOUle. Top man In U, S.
numbers. , nckODlna, at lout, on the part of Moravia by purge. of lovernmeDt ment, tilStea!1. wa. a bard:bltteD
... - h hel ed ride Into emplo'lee., the em'"', a1'lD7 and of anmery in 'World 'War
t . '/ ..... coocre.a e p -. th Ie- lth I '
be even the CommUDltt r a D It L .. an army en UI w u ..,
'DtJ IlatH' EII"',I 11 bUllDe.. for Cbar'4!!s, where there were any. common With s.uorl.
through the sprlnklers.
Vacuum ' unloaders. rotary hoes
heated tractor aeats and grain test-
.rs are inlfluded among the hun-
dreda of items for ,the moc1ern tarm
and farm home which wID be di.-
IIlayed, and vIsitors will aee a wIder
J'ange ot Implements and equipmen,
then. has ever before been a.-
.embled under one root
The special events are Ilkewile
Ihaping up Into a program at un-
usual Interest. The seclImd annual
1Ilvltatlonal Interatate foH poultry
judgln, contest on November
... m draw entries from at least 20 ____
.tates, according to H. G. Ware,
director of ..
Wltoh Footln"
.................. .... " the 1" congresalonal campaian. raDied from high treason and THUS THE NAVY. ' embaWed
LONDON'.--A tBrltllb eolonlal of- however. were a DUmber of hiJhly Iympathy willi Titolam or "weatern agalDat a horde of crItics, dlf"
flce ID lfiprla .... ' reporW NCelV- controversial proPOla'la among the Imperlallam" to .lmple denuncla- tr.ctors, and .Ir-Jll.\nded big brlllll'
inc the Wistful west 22 requesta that. Mr . . 'lIrUman hsd tionl by .nooper. who had Wli literally t1Chtin. for lts' 1lfe
African native fouqd ,laid before the pre.ent sellion. heard suspicious bits or cOllver ... 11 before conlP'elll. ne baW\!
bilQie" out of a lob .wlth. the ,colo.n-I without getung final action. Uon.' 00' and on, .,..,bDe .tthe hIJ" 'Bt.S8, .
1aJ a.enq: , . ChIe.f among theae' I. the . POlsible blnt .. to the r .... world'a lar,e.t bo be : ahook and I
"Dear Sir: On oPeDiDi W. eplaUe Hartle1 act repeal. which' '111'_' behind the pur,e waa the _pee! ' about in &be verbal hUrrl:'
70U ... m /iMlbi;ki the wOrk' (Iff a de- lturned down 10' 1:ioth hbuae. durin. that the government Ia . raalD.-.1Ji Wasb1htton.
jobbed peraorl' and a " very bewll- 'this The Prellclent tm trouble not only Jll Its The U. S. alr force, ' for the mOo
dered land mueb gen- cloubtedl1 will revive the Issue ' lD control the Roman CathoUc ment, at lea.t, beld &tie clinter of
.tleman who "as violen\l7t deJo))bed Juuary, and the o\ltcome this Urne but also Its 'efforts to prod the ' .ta,e, .eemed a'lJIfed ot most
ill a by :rour &06d self. . ma,. !hpeJld upon how .ome spacial production out of the workers. IIUPport. The navy. according to
.. t,? beaven. cooalder ;.eteotlona' this 'lear to fU1 .enate and ODe wItne .. , would be rele,ated to
thla a. fallin, on '1'our tiGUle vacanclel turn out. CHINESE REDS: statu. of convoy .force if
'own ad remtDd 70urialf on SOME OF TIp: , other requettl uDWc.tlon plal1l the
,home at .. moon'. end whleb Mr. ,"l'Nni.n II aImo.t sure, Win Diplomats atmed, lervice. were canled out.
-to fir.e ....... e .... II 18 'lor- to r..mtroc1uee' oext' year will Wal It a ease of rat. deserting a tUttlftg out vlcloual7, at the air
a'ciloua chlldren fOUl' pocket befo" a ' IJItem ,of compl.illory I1nk1n hi? fofee" th. n"vy declared ' bui1ld:ln . 1.
filled . , . bealth maurancti. 'dvil rights legla- ' g. s p . , the B-3e wa. an
ahIlJ1!lI ... fIId , peD!;e' and 'a . 0Utary lation, atandb7 price-wage . might bave .. PlalllO, of ' taxpayer zl!,oney, ::cl:aiDlecl
,pity m'l bonlblt! 1 atate.' and the. pa.18,e of ... ible construction of the big ship could Ilever do tile
feaion Il.e!l by yOur- latlon u.s. IUpporllD Chlne.e dlplomatic-.taft . Upected of It. argued and
' Ielt elQuIre for '1n7;. dejobplent developing aresa of the In Pari. deserted ,to the for a ch8llce at ' a duei be-
incrimination wu .la&1nes No .lr. wor1cl. . regime at and on the' D'", and the bomber.
l' WH' impoaalble ' that ID1l1elf whe, OIIne.e diplomats throu.hout th.
pitched 18 children Into thia vaIe at PAY BOOST: world to follow ' their
teara have a .. tom lD bin For Cabinet' GEORGE MONG, caunlelor of
)DOrtal frame, and .. suddeD de- the Paril emball" made the all-
parture of 11 poUllds .haa left me on news for. cabinet noUJic,ment. He reported that U
the verge ,or deatJtulloD meMbers, who hava been .plu.1iDI diplomats, from,the _mbailly
"I hoP. thIa vWOIl of. horrOr w11l aloDI at the 'saz;ne old '.ala,.,.. ever and . three from the
. enrlch )'our dreams DJght and line. J925. . walked 9ut on ltai-lIJiell:
th. JOOd. pul A JolDt conference the
verlze your, heart of mile- manaied w arrive lit an Canton. ....
,atOne .0 that 'IOU wID .waken With to boo.t cablriet membera' .al ' The development posed a prob-
'lUeb alacrity to JOur arle. from t15,OOO to $22,1500 a year. lam for the ' French foreign miDII-
lervant, $0 mote It be, Amen, ,. . . TIlE CONGRESSIONAL group tq'. Asiatic . affatra -BeeUOD. They
Officlata bere did not DOW alIo approved p.,. ralsel for .ome' were particulilrl'1 concemed by the
whetbel' ,the clejotibed west AfricaD '200 other top.drllwer federal otfl threat of a rebel Ilt.1n at the em-
wei tfIIiuectatecl with. ba.. job.!: claJa-...t a colt of tl,08'l,OOO . an- lIa.ay: However, the Illue wa.
. '.' aualJ7. ' '. ' . solved when the French m1)ved,
till. 1II'lt, " .. 8M' In add.lUOD to railing. cabinet aaJ-\ fInnlt to back up .the . NatioDallltl
o. 8'al .. fir ..... n arles, the pa,. bID villl. aiul aF,uck the dI.sldeDt Chinele'
II . VP4er,eeretal'1 or De- . U its dI 1 tI lilt.
NEW!' V:O Bit. -The feDIe $2O,OOQ _ Je.r IDvQ7a 0 p c
.a.nevol_ ,UPutt doem't lnlte.d and the armed-. THE: . FRENCH
do thJIi&p forcy HCfretariU $18,000 a Jear clear. WbDe Paris ' 1t1l1 recoJD1zed
when twO of 'Its 'membenl were ac. lDatead of tl"GOO. . the Natlooatlilt government; It . '111'.11
CUIed of robberi; the 1Ociet, Went lIad aI" tbe au4enecntad.. of becomJn, lncreuingl,. r
rlPt to Work to prove theJr ,1nDOO .... Vulou .partments wDl 10 that the weltem powers eventua)b
, eence ID the cOmplete '111'&7 Up from ltD,laO to t17.IIOO. J. Eqar ma, recocn1ze the' CommUDltt No'
the, am- bow-the,. nabbed u.. IIocmIr who. u head of the" FBI. lime of Mao Tze.tun,. AUeaclJt
real cuJ&ldta. . DOW rece1Ye. .. .. 000 wUl .. ' a there baM cODver .. Uap 4l1li
Two aUB memb .. III pod atand- . raise ., tle,ooo. that subject.
InI were united after wue
Story of r rips Up.; Gambler
So aodet7. " It was not the f1nt cue from bID. be ud
WhID that , dlIiD't, lID aIQ" aood. .,.mm .... i;r with btl IDOIIQ had nood belpl... to do amjlbllD&
Indena oUbe left the I!.OUce II'Ipped up aD bldlvtdual wIlD was '1'IIe ro6ber7. ItnUiaa told
- station to ..... ....t .. CUI do." aleliiiiptlq to IlDagle w1Ib It. tn4 occumd _ Orand Ce:D1rIal
Two Iaoun latH . daaD II\aIb .. ., petf;J 0lil0. 1-.. G. Itra.. wq platfDrm. Ih enD
............ atrode ..... lIdO ... ala- _ ... 'I'odr, mItId baM awt. &en . ..... the boIdup
.u. wltIa two .... III tow. .. ..... 1Iad ....... DUn b1JI a.d out ilia IbIrt ad
PoUce ...... . two JdIoDera aIIaat ....." ....... to ftID R III am.
wen JI'OIDpUr IdeDtIIIed b:r tile "'4 ..... rob1IeiL Be .. ",1._
lab .............. ................. ....
......... . .......
Nmen 'aboaJl 'alwa11l .....
the ..ert to tIle 'claQer.,. nID-
'OIl water wallalD. fOCi&-'
IDp all4er
alarl,. 0 . oatbUUcllllp wllete
alUlh oandoD., -m .....
.... "'i
:.,watet lootblp
' r 10adaUen.. tile b1ll14lM
'", .
-.ecI\iC84 Grain
BriIlis Seed Weed
Prospeetl of reduced craln.grow-
Includln, com and wheat lD
and foUowin, )'.art 1h01llcl -,..-------------
ClUle farmerl to con,lder savUll
more Itall and elover seed,
a atatemet1t tram 'the
.cticulture; ,Unlvefllw of KentulC'I'
k1.The Hed. It 11'81 .polDtecl,
wUl bit needed. fOI1 lbe . sod crape
that are to take the' plaee of Jraln.
The bureau of })lant lDduat17 at
WaabJDgtoa laT' that II'8iIl red&aa-
doD meaD at leut 15 per eat
man pan aud ba7. , '
Bmea LadReclaimable
As Italian officials seek to cap-
ture Italy's nearest approximation
of "Robin Hood"-Sal\latore Giu'-
iano-a speeial task force, using
dogs as aides, has been set on '
Giuliano's heels. Above, one of
these' dogs is being taken over
hurdles in a training routine.
Shown here (above) topping a
huge barrier as he is trai'ned for
the hunt is on, of the dogs which
it is hoped Will help do the job of
captui;nll the Sicl,ian ' Robin
Hood" who, witli his men, strikes
-in the night, burn., kidna.,. and
murders, and then disappears.
In photo obclve, one of the dogs of the wall on the
Sicilian bandit is getting ' hard training for the difficult
task ahead. For two years, some 2,000 policemen, armed
with everything but the atomic bomb, have failed to
bring Giuliano in. The government hopes the ccinine
. hunters will do the trick, Below, o"e of the dogs
is running an obstacle course as a part of his condition-
ing. . I
The dogs being trained
_ in Giuliano's terti..,ry all
, ,
'. have one thing in common
-they are ' fearless a 'n d
savage. At the, dog "
'I'emporuy Adhesive
For II temporary adhesive-or
,. to mend something that wiD just
be kept around and never used or
put in hot water-try transparent
nail polish. It works on dishes as
We I din 9
rr_ , ...... paid ......... ,... .....
_ i. """'''1 0. ood
,.., w.lcIfIo School '" u.s. em ....... .
By RIchard Bill WillldDs08
ANDY SUMNER told thEI girl be
' 1oved her. She wal beautiful
and he was human and he couldn't
.help himself. He felt chagrined
when he thought of It later because
that night he had forgotten th8t be '
was a police' deteCtive and she the
girl friend and accompllco of the
notorious Tony Quarles.
He had to get away from ber for
a few days. It was the only way he
could think clear
..-----, -'"'II)'. So he' ran up
, Mlnute to Chicago and
Fiction there he dropped
in on the chief.
L-__ , ___ ..J The cbJef got sore
when he' saw, him.
''Wllat the hell I The dElme wID
take a powder on you. It sllle blows
it's curtalns as far 8S chance
01 bringing in Tony Iii
, Randy felt like telling the chief
to Jump in the lake. But , h.e didn't.
JIe knew the chief was right. Pamela
was Tony'/! girl. A new one. They'd
been seen together 'at The Lobster
Club ' and the story was that Tony
was nuts, oyer her. .
Rllht afler that ahe B:yegale
Job was paUed; , a nIght wateh
man and a cop shci' . Of
course Tony 'riley
coaIdn't hope to find him. The
prJ vanished too. A week
ODe of tbe bOYB lIaw ber diOWD at
OceaD Blnnll, She was all IItber
III a movie theater.
They didn't pick her up. The
chief was too mnart for that. He
lent Randy down. "You're a good
jooklng kid, Randy, with a nice,
friendly smile. Go down and
pls)' the sucker game. S,ooner or
later she and Tony will join up.
It' a our only chance."
Randy's port was easy. He played
the port of a lumber Idng's son
c;1own from Michigan on vacation.
The friendly smile worked. Pamela
trusted him. She seemed lonesome
and ilIad to have him arj)und.
Then came that night when im-
pulsiveness gave way to 'logic. He
ldaled her and told bel' he loved
Randy made plan.. 'nle payoff
was due to come ioon now. He had
orders to take beCh the girl and
TOJl7, )Vell. he'd do just that.
Days passed. They IBW eacn
other once at' least every U hOuri ,
They danced and wellt Bailin, /lnd
swam and played tennis, Randy
suffered. He was haunted by 'the
acene that w .. ,inevitable.
There waB a hauntin, licht iD the
qc;l alia. He wondered if abe
too. were luffering beeause the
aame thin, had happened .to her.
HEN ONE DAY he called for
her and found wild fright in her
"Randy! I'm afraidl He', berel"
''WhO'1 here?"
"That man. The man I tried to
tcll you about-why I left Chica,o.
Jle.l-he', horrible I At fIr"t he was
utce to me, then-I had'to run away
to keep him from-uom-"
"Wbat's bJ. name'" said Rancly
"Lancey. Tom Lancey., He'l at
the Seaside. He caned and 'said-"
"We'U ,0 down and . have a taik
with htm," Randy
"Randy! l can't!
"YOu're coming ,too'"
she didn't underltand Randy', at-
, but she tnuted him . .
'l'IleJ weD' .. tile Iileaalde.
lUtde &be door Pamela 1.&uPped.
."'RIIe", .he tIl" she wbl8perecl.
'00 Ute diva. readlJlC Ibe
_ ...... per ... ,
well as glassware. "
SeparatiD, Stuck Glassel
To separate two glasses whlch
are stuck together, dip the outslde
glass in warm:"'not hot-water,
and at the same time put cold-
hot iced-water into .the inside
Finer' QuIcker' B.tte,l04 end 2M
_h,",- r ..... "CI , .. 0 roold .... "oudy
_ ood goOd pow. G.L __ d.
I .. I ... cotoloo- WN-.t
ItOIAIlT Trotle Sd' .... ftOf. -
A leo hoi i cs
aN l1ellt PBOPLE Ia ar,.I' FS
" pre"",r treaCmcllt. S Co 5
reqalrtl, followed
01 v.rloGa ... ee... .., 1oIIJ
prescribed lIy OII.f Ueuled .., ...
cialu, No corr. for ""'ldel ... PrI-
vale _aIlaUoa.
101. MOIltl:omery IW., C:lnciftnaU U.
ClIII_TelepboDe REdwOOd UI7.
Head', COld
For almost iDst;ant, relief,
tew Vicks Va-tro-Dol NOlIe
in each nostril
Vatro-nol works
6ttit111 trouble III
n opens up cold-
cloj:ged nose .
relieves stuffi-
ness . and lela
you breathe
iIga1n. Try It.
As Near As Your Own Maiibox
A quIck. " .. , wu to buy muLle 10 meet eyery requlrtmcD\'
1'11110. Vocil. IIl. Lrumenlal, Blna Ind Orch"trl. Ohorll.
Operettl.. CalltlLa., etc.
Wriia lor our complete' cI.tllocue colftJ)Ued " .. ,elilly for ,the
NUllo Teacher. MUlle 8tudellt, llUllclaD. BIDd Ind Orchestra
DlrcctOr or mlOlr DtrcccOr.
Wrl\e Dcll ' JI
.'$enling the MUliG .Wcwld lor File1 Years"
"'IIIS ,m Ma"
It wal' Ton), . Quarles. Itandy felt
slet. ' Be 'put hie, hand. lunder
Da,.' ...... TIle, .. w eMb
.... ..,. ...... ...., It
...... .
. I
UJOlI buy 3 pacbges
at a time-keeps OD the
panfiJ'y shelf. No
'. '
3 time. as manY. '
woinen "prefer
, .
The Miami Gazette
Eatabllahed 1Il10
PubJlllbed every Thuraday morn
Ing at Waynellvllle, Warren Co-
uuty, Ohio. ,
Edna H. Conover , .". PubUsber
Ted Cononr ." . .... , . ... Editor
- ----
Who howe'
I bave beard talaa about foxes
Dry Ridge
' did you know a fox
. rllmb a tree! Last nlgbt the
A Farm DIary
By D. J. Frazier
boys were out running their dogs
and they treed something
tumed out to hI' a fox, a tox that
was high up a tree and went METHODIST CHURCH
----- -,-"- ---06 blgber when they tum6d the R. B, Coleman. MJnister
October 23. 1949. The 8un _ seta on it. Of course the" t Ohurch School, 9:30 A.M" J. J.
liJntered 80 second 018.118 matter I gubRcrlption Rate: U.50 per "eal' ' take a ploture ot It but the1 did Bunke, Supt. ,
at the pQsto(fice at Waynel"iUe. In Ohio ,Kentucky. and Indiana. noticeably earli"r days but brIng home the fox. One of the Worahlp Senlee. 10 :80 A.M.
Oblo. ' S2,OO elsewhere. wben ,It sb1ncs It stili has BOllie' boys ollmbed the tree and sh'ook Youth FelowllhL1p, .sunday, 6:80
thi ng of summer's warmtl;! lelt hJm down and the dogs got bim. P.M.
, Mr, and Mr,. C. D. Osborne of \ were visitors at the home or III It spite of a chill In the air. I hope Jt was the one that got
our ,brown duck the other day. 'ST. MARY'S EPISCOPAL
Springfield and' Mr. and Mrs Her Grace lJncoln on Sunday. ' Perhaps that cold weather the Jinx found her remalns toda7 It Samuel N. Keys, Rector
bert Gra.y anel tamllJ of Columbull , weatherman said was on, the way WPS a gray tox, the boys Morning Worshfp, 10:30 A.M.
may get bere but ,wouldn't It be t'BY wbat kind tho tree was e:xcept WAYNESVILLE FRIENDS'
nlee If. ' the raln and enow, that that It was about a toot In dla First Day School, 9:30 A.M .
T, M. Scatr. Minister ,
Sunday School, 9:80 A.M.. E,
A, Earnbart, Supt.
WorsbJp Senlce, 10:30 A.M.
Evening Service, 7: ao P.M.
'fllllam Shannon, Mln:lster
Sunday School, 9:30 A.M., Mrs.
James Garrison, Supt.
Preaching, 1st. and 3rd. SUD"
dllYs of eact.. month, 10: SO A.M.
Evening Services, '7: '30 P.M.
Bissell's Reliance Brand
.have been reported (Iutber West meter and not. bent or eloping, Meeting tor Worship. 10:30 A.M.
would wst skIp southern Ohio Pete, the pig, is called "hogie" CAESAWS CREEK FRIEND8
enlirely. We bad a bIt of raln by the two-yeat:,-<lld , !Who clalms FERRY CHURCH Of' CHRIST Partington, Minister
that left the ground a little muddy blm as hers. He Is, 'thriving and Byron Caner. MlnJster ' Wors hip Service, 10 A.M.
for the corn picker bUt today was has ,had to bave a larger bottle Bible School, 9:30 A.M. Sunday SchoOl, 11 A.M.
cloudlells and by nOOn was even aud bll s worn out bill third nip- Morning Worship, 10:30 A.M.
" h d 1m Prayer Meeting, P.M. LYTLE METHODIST .
warm. T.lie leaves have been com pie, We a h out tor a little fa People's Meeting, 7:00
I d f t I I j tr d al t ' h th d and b B, E. Baughn. ,Pastor . ng own as eav ng ust a ee s un an reo er a, e en ng Servlcell. 7:30
bere and ,tbere to give color to met Mrs, Kitty Puss' three kit -::==========::. Church School, 9:30 A.M., Mrs.
, - " Heury SBlYlor, Supt.
ille landscape. ' telll!. Xhey could not quJte make - WorshJp. Sen-ice, 10: SO A.M.
C. E. BUlBS - NU
WaynesVille Furaiture & Appliance Co.
They have been picking corn to- out what be was. Here 'Was aome.
day. I do not like Sunday work thing JUSt theh' sJze and color.
bllt In thelie days or depending on but different ' Tb'ey wa.lluld around
custom picken!, we can't let a h im and smelled of hJm but when
day lJIte this go by. This field was ,be tried to gat acquainted there
rather dlaa.ppoLnUng, la8t SqJD' 'was a terrible Rplttlng and .
mer's dry spell bit It Just at tbll ling up or baok8. Mrs. ,Calico's
wrong time and there were a Iklttena are stili hidden away In
good many stalks wltbout any the hay. I hay I\'t seen them yet
ears at all but It Is a oomtort to but Mrs, KJtty Puss' brought bers
baVE: It ploked 'and in the crib. down to the. bouse ' quJte a
do not reinemhAr the date we ago, The UtUe , blaok one aUt ..... ,II"
planted that corn 110 I can't look III eve.ry time It can and even
it up and see If It was planted in :now It Is In here ohewlng the
the wrong time of the moon or broom and looking around 'With
under a bad sIgn, one really surprised eyes.
should keep complete r800rda. No, the kltcben linoleum Isn't
'9-12 Each Morning
1-5 Afternoons Except Wed.
Evenings by AppOintment
Dr. C. E. Wilkin
M. H. COrrey, Mlnlater
Bible Sebool, 9: 80 A.M.
Morning Worlthlp, 10:80 A.M.
Young Peoples' Meeting. 6:46
Evening Servloe. 7 :30' P.M.
Prayer MeeUng- and Bible Study
Wednesday, 8 P.M.
. '
Fatlter R. H.' Krumboltl, Pastor
Massos, 8 sod ]0 A.M,
0--0--- _u_u __
Perbaps com borers got It though (Sown yet but tbe noor blls been 0'Ptometrle Eye SpeelallR!
,sanded and most tbings are ready.
If' South Detroit Str.-fIt
tltNlA. omo
. . -, ....
Rfdge 1 sUPPo'le we shoUld con' Farm Loans
' ' , , ISIder. something of welgb'tler 1m.
es POrt. SJnce the Lebanon jail Is
The Harvest-HardIer is a different type of farming aid; I' featured In the Suilda" paper Time On Your Side
itls unlike the usual heavy, costly farm mach, I ,,.:: with a Jail break. wh" not talk (U 3
e= = bout th ? P to 3 years to re-pay)
l Four of the year thh; lightweight elevator etim. s=; 11 at It is ' quJte a band
IBome jail on the outside but, IBn't
==, trlates chores you formerly hours performing. It about timet1!at Warren count"
= - found lomethlnr: better to do
Low' - 4 per cent
The Land Bank Way
As mJgllty (Jake lrom tiny ac-
orns groW', iIO It Is with your
lavlnp IF you "PUl uldef' PAYS FOR ITSELF IN A SHORT TIME! 'with ottenders th'an to Pllt them
== = in to sit around for tbJrty Your family deserves the best
' ;; Model "C' has been carefully deSigned and improved -- sixty or ninety da"s? WJo- bav';'
regularly. '
i! for 'handling jobs in field and hmyard , n'1 We lome way of puttlne these Contact
Eli Tested WIder actual tonditions it is re:tdy to do a job , == mPD to work. It 'We can't afford Leban . NFL A THE
= a work house why couldn't 8Ome- on. . . .
for you, thing be worked out with , the
= HANDUNG CAPACITIES - state farm? Perhaps keep the ELLIS H. 8TURN, lecly.T" ...
= M d 1 "e" H t H dl II 35 d ... Dlt'n In Jail ,to sleep but put LebaaoQ, Ohio
= , 0 e. arves - an er e grees == theom to work out there They Phooe 448
= rubber Belt ; cliUm It wotfld cost too much In
Chain' Modol CC MOdel' CR '" 1i1 guards. etc. to '"ork them the I,:',
' Chain Belt Speed . ; County Farm and that moat of II
290 ft p. m. 450 ft p.m. 5Ei tJoem wouldn' t do, or COUldn't do
== Ear Com ., ... " . ... . ... , .. _ ... - 380 340 1\ go()d day's work anYway, but
Shelled Com "" " , .. " . . " .. ,., 275 476 1t III certain that a man can't do'
Oats ...... .. ' .... , - .. , .. .. .. . ... 370 640 good day's work after spending
S07beans aDd Wheat ", . .',' . .. . ,. 250 460 - Isty days In tbe couuty Jail. Per.
"H'P what Is needed Is a state .
Ground feed and other materials at comparable ra.tes. '.enal tarm for all the counties
Handling capacities depend on angle of operation and li", do 1l(It ,,('cd a Whole work.
power unit. I 'ouse of their own, A penal farm
r lth a ,ood Plfvclatrlat and treat
cosr ONLY - $140, motor. tor aichoUc8 and, work of
- 'vnl1ous kinds might belp , the ' reo
problem. One thfng sure
tillie apent in , our jal!. ThIn ..
; ,ban be done if enough people
HARVEYSBURG, 'OHIO . " PHONE WAYNES; 2834 pbsb them.
e ' , ' How unple&Rant to men thlnlr

= :1" 1"" bread. "'enty or com,
!lOt llumpklne, 'tb"'y get In
1i1 , 52 ,I:he way of tbe picker. ,
= = Estate of Flora Berryhill Deceased
5;;;;; ;s:: NoUce Is h'ereby given ,tbat
,;.==" Gharles 1, Wll/tll;onllr whoae , Poat

O(ffee Address II! Leban'on, Oblo,

l;aa been dul" appointed Ill! , 'Ad-
lDlDlstrator of tbe Estate o'f Flora
BerrybDl late or Wa"neRVlIle, War-
:-- iren County, ' Ohio,
: .
- - f\tanley A/ld Stanley. Attorneys
, ; Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10, 194'
= 'Oetobem' 28, 1,949
z:.= , Notlee Is bereby glv.en that
l'earl E.. DakIn 'WhoBe POllt
==- ddrelS ' Is WayneSVille. _ Oblo hili!
'== I == lill!eft dul" s.'ppolnted as Adnilnlst-
Lunch !'" Masked Parade Concessions 01 the ,Estate qf Ernest
5E ,I)akln late ot Warne TOWDeblJ),
::: Bingo, - Dancing
= ss RALPH R. CAllEY
. ,_ Judge of the Probate Court.
= Warren County. OMo
rt(aple and MAple, Attol'Jleya '
Sponsored By == F'Ubllslred Oct. 1'1, Nov. I, 10, 1949
The Wayne :lwp. Mothers , Club
Your Support Appreciated
Will C. St. John
Waynesville, Ohio
Election, N.ovember 8 1949
" ,
I X I Jesse Prendergast L
, . ' Your Support Appreciated
Jesse Prendergast '
, Election, November 8 1949
, '

It's, Time To Order
Be sure to 'bave a full bin this winter ..
Order DOW for prompt delivery of:

I_Adm.: & 2Sc W. Need Your Support =
L.llllmamllD1ll1lll11M1lrllUlilllWlJII___ ______ .... - __ ...
. ,
School News
Fourth Grade: Patty FiBber. cst Davis. The boyll I'n
Vivian Volers and Lester Fair- Grade 12: Kenneth WilBon, proving womselwes
child. Gladys Kearns (who received all compeUtlon In
Fltth Grade: Floyd Ellis. Hen. A's). Scotl Hawthorne, Mary gIrl classmates year. At pre-
ry Henderson. lrugh MJUard. Geo. Belle Boran. Dorothy AdcoJ: and sent, It's a. tie as 12 boys and 12
Sandes Jr., Wm. BettJemeyer, Jane Fite. girls score l00's' In a
The follow bIg students ha'Ve Wm. Eckles, Barbara. Doster 'Su- Cheer leaders to represent our rFc.'ent spelling test.
been InclUded on tho HOllor RoU .slln Eakllis, Wlet MirIam TletmBY- SenIor High' basketball teRm were While the fifth grade boys are
for lhe t1rst Six weoks ot seh'ool: . er. , elected Tuesday afternoon. Of the having two physlcal education
Second. Grade: Donald Cox, Sixth Grde: Harry BOBlor Jr,. seven candldatos runnIng, Myrna olasses a week, their girl clus-
Donald Beckett and Anna Marie MJracle, Wylona Dabe. Gladys mates J1ro reoelv,lng . Instruotions
Jimmy Fillher. Lany Pollitt, 'J'om- SevE!ntb Gr.ado names wUl a1)- Kearns and Donna. Jacobs were ,In sewing from Mrs. Ruby Webb,
my Thornbury, Bobby Volers, Fairchild. - victorious. A' voting booth wa.s home room tea()her. The project
Plitey Becraft. Barbllra. Bogan. peat next week. BPt up in Supt. Fresh com's office al present Is embroIdery work.
Mnrgaret BOllinger, Camp- . Eighth Grade: Dernadlne Hack- and each student voted In secrecy Next Friday the big day :for
bell. Mary lDllls, Jalle {Wobb, Mlr- ney, ' Mary Jean Leyers, Betty using a mlmeogrnphell baUot. Re- the winners in ' the fifth grade
ttlm McKnight and Linda Tlel- McKnigh't and 'Sh.lrley Plymlre. turns were cout\led hi the presen- spelllng contest. The losing team
meyer. ' Grade 9: Betty Bogan, Janet 'ce or the candidates and OlasB Is arranging a. party In their
'l'hlrd Grade : Robert M, Rich, Doster, Holen Hartsock, ShlIley preSidents. or whlclr will be held that after-
I::Ill.trley Ann Pholps, ElIlhcr Mae Shoemaker. Hay.rldes al1 d weiner roBBts nonn.
Benderson, Avis Hagemeyer, Bill ' Grade 10: WUIllJI. Elnm, <lhas. are heading the list for 1I00ial act- Prof. H\\h I-IeUand or WIll-
Ohenoweth, Ollr olyn E:1II a, Jimmy I F:l1laon, Mary ' Hopklna, Louise Jvltles am,ong stUdents. Last Frl- m.IngtOll Colleg attended the re-
JM'obs, Betty Mae , Day, Joyce MarUn, Ru th Talbert, Fred Wall ' day evelling the rreshman class hea.rsel for. "Lltlle Black Sambo"
Ann . Ri ch, Ann Jonos, ' and Robert Shafer. . be,d theirs at the home of the at our aUdHor!um Monday after-
B8J'bara :Lou Kingsley, Ruth Allee ' Grade ll: RHa Ci'ark. ' Howard ('la88 . sponsor, Mrs. ' Wlnnlfred noon. Tbe play whlcb was pre
!lader and , Juanita. Cllmpbell. I Doster, Marleln, a.nd Ern- Starr neaf SHgo. .sented a yeAr ugo by Mrs. Tllel:
1- -- - .
I Prepare Your .Car For
PERMANENT - Prestone & Zerone
ALCOHOL - Zerone
. .
R. B. Peters
ma GeorBe starring leveD membo lage for nearly two yeara. moved
crt! of ber primary olus will be to Jamestown SaturdlltY. '
dramatized with the origlna.1 cBBt Mr.. Ma.ble Terry bns sold her
at th'e Southwestern Ohio' Teach-' ta.rm near town a.nd purchased
ere meeting in Cincinnati Friday. the home ot Mr. Ij.Ild Mra, Will
Howard Doster. Barbara. 'Bogan Hoover on Main st.
and Margie BOllinger were Includ- Fred Wall. son of Mr. and Mrs.
ed on the program at the Warren George Wall. received a fractured
County Teachel'S Meeting at Mor- leg W,:ldncsday evening during
row Tuesday evening. Howard basketball practice at the gym-
played a baritone horn solo and naslwu hero.
the girls aplleared together at- Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wilson ,of
tired In Dutoh regalia and wood, Charleston. W. Va. were 'Weekenl!
en shoes. and sang and danced to guests of Mrs. Louise Flte and
the tune of "In An Old Dutch Gar- daughter. Miss Jane Fite.
den." .
The members of th'e Friends'
dburcb gave a formal welcome to
their new mJnfster, Rev. and Mrs.
Eleazer .,parklngton, by assembl
Ing at the pan on age for a house-
warmlDg Frida, evening.
Tl\e Gleamers' Clan of tho
Friends' Church held a party for
its members at tb'e Grange ' Hall
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Tucker havo
returned home after a 'Weeks' va.' ,
cation trip through the Southern
states. .
Mrs. Lucy Price, who was
jured recently In an automobile
ncc;1dent. Is steadily improving.
} '
lnformation of l
a confidential na- .
ture is never di-
vulged to anoth- l-


Mr. and Mrs, Todd Bunce and ." .. --._-__ . __ .- Mrs, Bunce's brother, Mr. Reuben
Moore: h'ad &8 their peets Sun-
day. Mrs. Millie Moore. of Snow
Hill and Miss Mary Jane )(oore.
Naomi Thomas and Neal stratton
Funeralj Home
Gustin Radio Service
Your Electric Needs
Full Line of Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes'
south Main tr eet
Waynesville, Ohio
of' COJuinbUB. .
Mrs. Carolyn WUHams and, 'her
lions, wijo have resided lin the vtl
Estate ot Lyda Kibler decea.sed. nereb,. gl19n that
Fred E. Sherwood whose Post Of
aa ____
flee Addres9 1.11 Harveysburg
Ohio has been duly appointed u
of the Estate of
---. Lyda Kibler .ate at W&yDesrllle.
Warren County . OhiO, deceued.

Dated tbla 3rd day of October,
Judge :If the Probate Court
. Warren County, Ohio
Maple & Mapl!!. Attorneys
Published OcL 13. 20, 27, 1949
Estate of Ch'arle8 Kibler, deceued
Notice Is toereby given that
Fred E. Sherwood whose Post
Office Addrellil, is \ Harveysburg,
Ohio . bas been duly appointed. ..
Admln1stra.tor of the Estate ot
Cha.rles Klbler late of Wayne.
v\1Ie, Warren County, Ohio, d.e-
Dated th1s 3rd day of October.
Judge of the Probate Court
Warren County, Ohio
Maple & Maple, AttorneYII
PubJJslled Oct. 111. 20, 27. 1949
The ' faU social seuon Is her_
dinner parties. football game.,
Hallowe'en and Thankaglving ev-
ents. :
When you. dine out, or appear
at any function. create the beat
possible Impression by saving Jl)1Il'
clothes carefully and u;pertlJI
by a: R Cleaners.
serves his, c,ommunlty by IIvlll&
pratlcal cooperation to the ramu- ..
res he serves. This meJUl8. we
think. a klndlv consideration for
perBonal, reUsloUlJ, and financial
requlremente, and a policy fiu-
. 'be enough to meet the prefer-
ences 01 'those who call him.
.A ..... "."' ... "'0
. ,
Boot t I
Ask abeut our price. on
, I
installation arid gas.
Spring Valley Hardware Co .
Spring Valley, -() - Phone 37371
' .
WOMA CorncQ.b Potholder
Imagination and Little Cost
Change Space into Play Room
By Ertta Haley
0 5 T FAMILIES they
should hove game, hobby or
work rooms. but little Is done ab.out
it for the simple reasnn that most
people are afraid of 'the cost. As
long as you have the space. and
most people do. It seems a ,shame
not to have such a room. either for
youngsters. adults or both.
'!be cost of these rooms runs'
much less than any other room In
the hon1'e. and the hours 01 pleas-
ure they can provide can usually
be reconciled with the budget since
little outsld'e. or more cXpCmslve
entertainment need be provided.
Much ot the work on these rooms
can be done by members of the
family. and the ' materials required
are not usually expensive. or, at
least. they need not be. Most of us
bave enough odd fumitu,re or out-
door furniture that can be used in
the room. 1i0 this need be no prob-
Actually your imagination ' Is the
only limit as to what can be done
with the room. With a few Pl'inters
to apply to your particular prob-
lem. and some guides to point the'
way\ make It a project to convert
attic' or ln\o a recreation
r oom for the family; You'll love
doing it. .
Decide first on the nature of the
room. Some people like it, for
games which cannot be played in
the other rooms. hlee ping pong;
others like It for music or snack
bar; some like to hllve the room
for their bobby. woodwork, photog.
raphy, etc. Families with drat1)atic
Interest may want to construct D
stage on whi'ch they can p.erform.
BOw To Overoome Some
Architectural rrobltms
If your recreatlon ' room Is, going
to be ' In the basement, you will
probably run Into 'the problem of
hldIn, the furnace unless thla has
Black Velvet Decor
SCRIPTUllI!: : '.alah 3: 5: 22; :Il l 118:
i.e; J emjah ;s.,.
.-_--_________ .... . DEVOTIONAL READING: Romeo.
The treJl toward USIDK vel-
vet as a trlmmlot Is musCrated
10 this New '!'ork suU of rer-
color e cI herrJ.nKbopii
for laq , qd
WInter" the of
yelveC Oil Ibe )aJN;la of &lie aalt
.. weO .. Oil the f'a.,. of the
pockeb. A faU - leDIih fold
'OWD tile CleD\er of the Ildri ...
ri"es walIdItc eue.' I
.3: 8-14.
The Best!
Lesson lor October 30. 1949
T Isaiah', patriotism, and
his religion too, to see how fast
nls country was going 'down hill.
Most of the troubles Isaiah saw
are witIJ us today. Wealthy women
spending morAl a/ld
mar e on them-
selves; leaders who
are irresponsible.
selfseeking and 'In-
competent; pove.rty
unprevented and
uncaredfor; drunk-
enD.ess high and
low. Isaiah. and
other prophets as
well, saw in the sin
and drunkenness of Dr_ ForemaD
the times the sign
il u'sIDf. Practical
. and symbol of national decay. AN AMUSING yet very prac-
the careless. the selllsh and the tical potholder knitted in the
wlld, to those who were "leaders" shape of an ear 01 corn of heavy
but t were leading In the wrong dl- yellow and orange wool. So
l'eetion. Isaiah kept saying, in' simple and easy to do ' you can
different ways, Choose the make more than orie in an ' eve-
rlingl Trim with green leaves aod
a hanging loop.

TJle Prophets' Successors .
HERE WAS A TIME when the
church put most of her. preach.
Ing emphaSis on individual religion:'
Get right with Godl wal the cry,
The churcb of today bas nQt by 81)7'

'1'0 obtain earn ph!!.. knltlln, tnlltl'u".
ttono. slltcb IIlI.stmiJon.. mat lnl reo
Qulrementa and (Inl.blnA dlreeUon. ' rQr
Com C:ob Potllolder t'oUern No. 60071
' Send 20 centa In coin. YOUr , aame.
addre ... and patter!, number.
mellns given up her emphasis on Iif:WIII/O <lnt<lu!) NEEDLEWORK
perional 'but we are le-arn- 610 EI tb Well. 81. <lbl r." 11],
fCnc:J""e 20 lor pottern.
Ing from the prophets what loclal
rI,hteousnesl meaDS. The church
in oW' time Is the logical and actual No . ----
successor to the prophet'a work. Name -----------
'rhe church b dolor more
<daaD ever to .wakeD the COli-
acleace of looleC,.. In fact the
cIIuroh IIaeU hai a dolT to be
the coDlldeDce of aoclet,., ODe
'01 the problema aboa' which
oar naUoo Deeda to ' be ..... ed
1QI Is one that' laalala a1l4 Jer ...
wau.. you can ,,"ork some at- mlah faced, ani,. we have .t ....
tractive" color scbemes with white- .. more. desperate fonu. ' "
waBb or cold-wak!r. paints: If you We call It alcoboli,m; they caUeel
have the ' blt of dampness. it by an'uglier, mor_' suitable word: QUESTION: OUr. drains .are
wat.erproof the walls with cement drunkenness. Even in those stopped up very often In spite of
palIit and line them with inexpena- drinking was problem. it cut the fact Wat' we bave bad t ti e
ive waUboard. . down the national health, ' wealth pipes cleared by a tree-rooter ma-
To dlslUise pipes. it'a u8uaUy and wisdom. , Nowadays It Is wor .. ohine. I a.m of the. opinion that It
.best to build' a false 01 pine becauae of two factors. One is the ts a clogged vent and not tre,
p"","" ._ Itlfddlng and a droPped celling nail- hiper perce tage of alcohol In bev- rootjl . in tbe pipes. CaD you give
been bUIlt ill the this qpe of atuddlng. Thlll ;::;v.;: ad"lcrr
BepPated .". , walla or < wr help keep the clean, since l'adverlJsln,. ,ANSWER: ' It is possil;lle that the
when the UDlt waa conltructed, DO} d!U
CIU' In. '. ;. pitch of the horizontal soil pipe Is
Draw a Plan of the baHmeot. 801". Where D1'1lDkards Start insufficient. so that gr.ease lind
then block ' off the fUrnace. Ioclude I'1Oor Problema ' GAINST ALL TlDS th ch bother ' sediment matter' congeals
bloetln, off ibe coal bin, too, or L
""" l_.... '" tI . .... ha A . e urc . and up the line and retards
your on taokI. whichever mat be F 4'f ecrea on roo... ve must keep saying and perauad- the now of waste matter' to the
th to lerve a practical purp'ose. and. ing people Choose the BeaU But it R I i f th . Is
e cue. . the floor coverin, may be one of' sewer. e-- ay ng 0 e Pipe
mq be partitiooed otI " does comapartlvely good to one solution if that Is the case J
with wan board, but you'll Datura!- three: or 'eement. wood say this. to the confirmed alcobollc. d1lUbt if a' clogged vent wotiJd
17 baYe to Iea"e a door to ,et Into :crete and Jlnoleum or as- It makes more HIlle to aa,. It to the condition. The other
the UDit. ph - . YOUDg people. For the sad feature to such a problem is to in-
Wan. are in need "of If the is poor, but dry. ,and of alcoholism 1& that II bello' Iri staD grease trap In the line from
oome kUld of if the if do not want to brln, up the the high schools. the sfuk and clean It out
ls to be m the basement. Hete colt of doing room, the cemenl The Yale School of AlcQbol Stud- perio, caU-y.
. . .",, ' or' cDlicrete be painted , with has col1ected ,. eVld.ence ______
il!! . paints, designed for ,UBt such Il tin, thai two-lhirds' of all alcoholics . ..
I purpose. Paint the ' Ooor in ,.a color begin drinking habits in the Honlle' Accideril ,."
1I1i1b' tn"", ID ,.trUlY' ;",w.m.
U81!' wallboard. or If to
eat tile cost, panellng which simu'
lates wood. A ,till less expensive
.treatment uses wallpaper tbat
Blmulates aome of the natural
WOodI like knolte.d pine.
.If the cellar is dry and bas ma-
that wW harmonize with the 'furn, iup school yeari: NUll" , be, 'r 35,' 000 iri 1948
Ishlnll' 01 the room. A receDl GaDop pon , boWl
For the room dellgned all an the Creates' perceDla,e of CHICAGO:-Home Is where the
extra lIvm, room, or one that wiU 4riJiker. to INi In Ole are ,roup heart 18-,..and where the hean of
be used tor dancmg, the best choice 21 lo 39. To&l&,., It II etlUmatecJ, " ,ccident problem Is, too.
ls wood over cement or concrete, there are f.. mlUlem alcohol Thl,re were 35.000 home acef,.
Stained Bnd waxed f100ri are best or ' drlDkel'll dent deaths in 1948-Whlch, 'rpakes
for dancing; other colors may be wtio 'are lo more or less the home America's No. 1 acci-
used for a , more general purpose .tant trooble "Ub tI)!!Ir faml- I dentsll JdUer. <,'
room. t ' Hea and employers, ' the greatest call e of
ASflhalt tile and linoleum are DrUnkenness ' costs hlciustry in hOlP,1!1 last y.f;!ar, r esulting
considered flooring rather than America 'rio'.) ell than one billion tn: IS' 2pO. fatalities. Burns,
floor coverings, and hoth offer good dollars a year. and has a lCl t to: do .xplol>ions came
possibilities for 'the type of' room with the break-up of homes total of 6.000 deaths. MechanIcal
under ' consIderation with crime generally. suffoFation caused 1,80.0 deaths, to
. ' ' . rank third in 1948. ..
When using linoleum over a wood S ,-,' eli h h
covering. U should be cemented youth ' pEIC}.OU stu es s ow t at
over a telt llnlng: BecDuse ot Its. than ',> per., cent of fataJ, homeac-
" SOMETHING Is being done to cidents ocCUr bedroom: The
reslUenc.y, asphalt We is reeo-' atop ibis, which you should yard and kitchen are' the next
mended. for concrete floors in dl- bow .about. There is a movement most hazardous locatloRS at home,
Thursday, October 21, lMt
u.s. Motorists learn to Drive More Slowly
CHICAGO,-Amerlcan motorists learning to drive more safely.
according to the 1949 edition of the
N.UonoJ Safety Council's. statisti-
ca) yearbook ... Accident Facts."
The 1948 traffic volume was the
greatest in the nation's hlstory"-S
per cent than 1947. Yet the
mileage death rate-deaths per
100.000.000 vehicle miles-was the
lowest in the nlition's history, The
8,0 rate was 30 per cent lower than
the average rate of 11.5 throl1lb
World War 11. If the higher rate
had prevailed last year, 14,000
more would have been lost.
CooII: butter or IJ]8rgarilie and mlU'8lJma1-
lows over 'water untllsyruPJ. Beat In vanilla.
Put Rlee Krlsplea In greased bowl and pour
mixture on.' top. Mix well
greaaed sbBUOW tin. Cut into j%,. BqUW'-
When cooL Yield: 24 dcUolous Rice KI:1sPles
MarshmaUDw Squaroa. Everyone loves 'eml
,StafuI Battety Saves Time and Money
rita -.let _ AtitHh' ....... .... ............. . _ ....
........., ... "...... .... watw ...., j "- ywr. I ........... , ..........
................. 101. _II ,., ...... "ftery life. ......, ..... .., .
...... ......,. lee ............. AIIfMIIa Iattuy .. ....
....... ' AUIO-LIII """It COI'OI.flON ..
. brick, plaster or cement
rect contact with tile Jl'ound. known as AiUed, Youth, a national , about per
10 choosing the flooring or cov- educational orlannatlon workin',
ering. bear In mind what time ts ill high schools all over the country., .."
available for keepillg the, floor In work' is positive, not '
good condltlon.. \,\'ood' floon . will It is not to 'pasa lawa or to
It Smartl
have to be stailled, then shellaCked bring 'back prohibition. What It does
.. and waxed. if not painted. Depend- try to do-and it I. aucceedin, re-
Sel'leJ 1110-., .. Imporiult
.. tile 'earraA era .,
.lalle OD Rlllq aD IIIeIr
.... For uample, tile 1Ileae
&be left em...,.
cIeaa eat oeD""'" .,... 111
..... of .. _ell.. .anpe.
__ tii'cqroaI fer .....
III1IIIJ .eaerathe cbIrer .. lie
.............. .... 4'
.. 111M ................. ...
II ' ....... ...., ....
4 ........ ..-- .... --
. mg upon ,the Ole, wOod Ooors will markably well1n many places-ia
have' to be refinished ' wIth the to ,Ive young people a way of llte
stain ot paint oCcallionally. that will them to meet ,oclal.
Linoleum win have to be wasbed. prellure, tor without 10111
and perhap. a finish applied every of "tace. OJ Every AWed YOIIth POlt
once in a while. It does, however, in chool three aim., ,,1. To
give a lanltal'T flnIsh and will pre- o1e4;t IPld recreational
vent dra1ts, If these are the prob, needs Of people. I
lem.Ever)' E.e, for
Sturdy, Comfortable .... laDce, .1
Furniture bMIII' .. t$lDr olckly
" . dnmk" more . D 8;011 ,aur'
Lot. of leeway III posal))le In the people rather ' fer, 'the
choice 01 turn1lure for the room. blnes. 4r,ljiirt, 10 America.
If there is enough odd furniture' in IltODIOred bJ AllIed y.,.ua,
\he home. or porch furniture Which' -t. .."\ ,. ,t. '
,ets UttJe use during the wlnWr. 2. To estabum within the
the recreation room' wlli take it a fellowahip of .youn, peo,ple
Dlcely ' .' do not think It. b neceaaary to
. . , . cIrlnk w be"lImart. Built', . -poup
A coat or two of pllint, lturdy can cbaDlle the an entire
aUP covers and other Imall Inno- school.
wID convert many pieces 8, To bullcl aol1.d tollDda.tiOD of
into ideal Ule for a ,play room. It educatiim tor total abltlheoee, E ..
be aturd)' and comfortable. ientiall7. AllIed Youth II la,.in, to
You U want a Chest or two 10 the 70IIII, people everywhere, ''01008
room to hold aJl7 pia,. tb. BeaU"
10 aeaflle .. aDd order. U &be room AUlecl Yout:b
IIu a table tum.Ia table, or if the can be hi , AUle4 YoutII, .
floor II marlred tor ...... ID08t 1'108 II. - '. ., WaabiDataD.
oC III tanlture Wlll neceaarll7 be D. C.) I
1be waD, 1O:rou .... 1_::
IftUe tundturt wID be lHIecled ... if , c: 'JI.iii:MI .. _iliiaii
thII... .. 1 ..... _
. ,
'lItundaYt October 27, 1949
lIulle. Yetlr clrnur'l d nlHI Grhzh'l
for P oultry , HOI , c: .' tllr \Yr J1t<l
for D e t Ails. 1\01.' , Uc n I)' Co. , tlt-Butar&
.. ", .. C.. rollna. '
Grandma's Sayings
bow profltable th.e 8eed8 0' tlappl-
De. a!!!, strikes me 1I'o'd all tl'y
seattertn' 'em more often.
*' paid 1IIt. Kalil. w ...... OIWlCllIUI... Ga.
..-r ,
did tblnk "Table-Gracle"
Nu-:&Iatd WWI jest about periect-
DOW they've gone and made It eveo
better. Yellllir-th.e new Nu-M.ald.
tastier and smoother IIPreacllo. And
It'. got a flne new package tbat
.... la that ilaVOI'
AIN'T rr FUNNY how them pbl-
10000pher teUere allue seem to know
1I'bat to do" 'U1 It tlapPeJl8 to 'em?
16 peld "101m LIrbtt, _14.
lifO TWO WAY8 about it, bakln'
IIoocI pl." and cakes calls fer &
ahortmln' thats taaty by italt. And
that calla till' '"Table-Gra4e" Nu
Matd bettel' tastln' than ever
DOW, 'cause Nu-M.alcS's improved I
will be paid upon pubUca-
tlon to the 1Irst contrlbutol' of ea.cb
accepted saying 01'. Idea. Ac!dre ..
"G,.ndma,." 109 Eaal had Street,
2. Ohio.
1Icot&'. ElnIlIlI01l
TONIO for all _I
Bel.,. ..... Ill' edoilt
Ionr In AAD
Vltamla .. Belp.
eII""- lluu,lllOud
, .
'" 'iES, BUT IF


NOTICE s ciii5'OLnOAlt()S - - '
. ' FOn. 8Al.E
New 10411 Reo 90hool bus,
2 1'.ton ChOS8Is . Onei d a b ud y , . nev ..
lltled ; mfr . genulne
seats Life gua rd tubes. Wi ll t ll k e ca r,
truc k' or. bus m tra de. WI11 Se ll a l dis-
count. Write or phone Palne!lvll1e 6871.
tIL"k" County Reo n.
And Tra.ok' Deale ..
B. R , I\J o'or 8'OI1e.
,. H. lit. Clair st. Palu
AUTOMATIC Ce me nt Block Mnc.hlne .
will make " s ize block.; can be
run by elec lrlc or ansoll ne engine. Pmc-
Ue. lIy new. O. E. liE OAX. New 1101
laD4. Ohio. '
Jo& ROOM MOTt:L. Compl ete ly furnis hed
U rental., 6 Bath . with s howers. Lot
171x343; ,JUnction o( Rou tes 91 . 82U . , Mllst
a all BeCt. of Hea lth. Bes t orte r. $1.200
gives pos. eB"lon. Ba lonce !lnun ced. Plen:
\.v of room to ex pand. Contu ct Ih
once. C. E. PEUUlE, BOll : ... , Twla.- .
borl'. Oblo.
BE a Dent.1 Technlolnn. Sta rt .your 0"t1n
laboratory. B. e In bus lnes8 ror yours'L '
individual jns ttuc ll on. Write today
complete lalormaUon. Ohl. S.beol .r
K haaloal, 811 Proepe.1 AViDDe. Depl .
0, Clenlaael 15. Ohio.
YOU eaD eara looel .... Der .ellln dell-
cioUI Mlamlmade tropical "nndle. \0
neichbora, {rlends. Suc ..... rul bere :zo
years ' 'now oflered natlonaUy. Ye.r-
round' work' big holiday ' market .head.
Ie: post "arit brlnl. rREE .nle. plan! or
....nd .1.00 {or III oz ample "ra'e luse oua
chocolnte eoconut pattie', we pay poIIt-
age. TJ'eat. Ce., Dept. D. BeE
?!B. S. MIamI. Fla.
POPCORN P.pp.... .a1!.. box.. eoeonut
.nd peanut oUll iI ... Iltl PI .. CI.
0 .. 1
BaONZING Baby ...... ' Start on 00.
spareUm. or hobby. CampI ... course;
Instructions. formula.. ""ure.', '1.00 Pl'
Guaranteed. D .. 'N eo., IIG S
a .. ker A R.yen, e __
.... NVFACTVRE at ...... : 'be your !:'!!!
bo .. no machinerY n!!ee .. ary; .......
proven formula.. .lmple dlrecUoiUl. mer-
ch.ndl.lnc tn.trucUoa.; mall 11.00 tDdaL
we p.y _tace, L PIIIIIs ..... , -
p h.rto. Sq r., Bealea. ... .
D"VID "I ........ ,. .... .. ......... .
La .. e. N." .,., IIl ..... n. D.C d.alre.
buylnC orllinal Comic
Comic Boou pubUllhed to uuvwl' ....
W"!fTEJ)' 01. e.I".: . W'! pay a:t,' 10 13Il00.
each for hUnelreds old cqln . Send 500 IDr
boOlcJet. You may have them. Be ....
(l." E " , .1 1800 It.. ....... ..E.',
Vo.. r .....
WHITE , r . Nam. In GOld, SUver. \ (lop.
pe . r r, ' on StBUonUY, Chrlatm.. c .......
Uk" exptlnslve Enllrllvlnl. 11.00
pp. w , c 00., D'e,C:: I, a BUr .
s Fr"a ... ..'
FREIR ""e:o: B."" .. Gft .... : ".110 IrD .. ;
II Iron S20.00 caali. lITo Buy ilIrect
.nll .lIve or more. aOwEllL. lu..&
MarUa A..... " ........ I.C. ' . .
Uty. t,Eltlclent a.rvlce aftJl rlORaonable
rates. Write us your neecllO aDd for prie
FRANK JUNO, =111 ... IIAN Fa&N.
W"NTED-Monufac:tured ,linea 10 11
jobbera, larle uaen. We hove ae .. ed the
Southwesl for yeur . Good lalell or.anlza.
tlon. Bonded. Write FaIth Brok a
8111eo C.mlla"" 11011 E t Till scr ....
T.a.. I, Oldahoma.
Ilip POlt.d on ValulS
I, ".adlnl the ads
== .



2 - GOOD SHOWS - 2
JZane Grey's "Witdiire" } (From H. G.Wens' Pen)
3 DAYS - SUN., MON., TUES., OCTOBER 30, 31, NOV. 1 - 3 DAYS
The "EGG .& \" Sequel - "MA & PA KETfLE" News & Cartoon
, 1-
Z fi at Furnas Pit. 60 cents - order on-lyon Tues
. ' aI d 11 ARM days and Fridays. . Mrs. Herbe rt
t.e cubic yare!. We 80 ever. . McM:IlHw, Phone aynesvtlle
ITAGE & SON, Phone 2091. H 2644,
One cent per word,
mInimum charge, 25 oen'"
Three InaeMlona for the price
of two. Forma cloae Wedner
day noon.
FOR SALE- 6 rooms, furnace,
modern, 6t.h /ltreet, Waynesville.
$8,000. In.qulre Joe Pennew1tt to
8ee house. Fre1 Sherwood. admin,
Ha.Tveysburg, O. 10-IS3t
- - - ----. ----.--.---
APR YOU- Througb with your
corn [ have 50 acres to
pick amI w 11\ [lay $6 a day for Its
use. Call New Burlington .189.
us ' for insurance. All types
Insurance at a savings. Catt
FOR RENT- 2 bed rooms anl1
bath Ml's, W. H. Madden', High
st. off Main in Waynesville. Oall
2601. 10'lS-3t
FOn StiLE- Favorite liard coal
Mrs. Rice Sn8.[lp, 3rd st .
Waynesville. iO-203t
FOR SALE- Coal HeatrOln In
good cond!tI()l:, Cheap. 216 miles
east of Centerville on' Station rd.
Ml'fI. Sinclair. 'Phone M.O 7910. 3t
Francis Gene Brown, phone
- A - UND --E-R-LN - o- --W- a-n-te-d- l-O- dO In
Waynesville 2472 or call col- my home. Quick "ervlce. Pnone
leet, Wilmington 211 1. 2_98_6.__
------,...--- . ---...,..- ,_.
WANTED TO RENT-" 100 to 200
farmland on. 5050 b8'Ells.
Haye all equipment Includi ng com.
bln'8 and corn pickar. ' Doan Wal
ton. 21/ 9. 11)208
,- Carman Crane
. , Your Support AppreCiated
.... 1,.;,. _ ___ _ _
FOlt SALE- Domestic bt>wlng
macblne. $20. Phone Waynesvllle
21)36. '
To,P Soli, Haullng, Sa'ld, Grave}
Excavating With Back HOD,
. Dragllne and Bulldozer
WaynesvUle, Ohio
15 cOMlNG - ' LET us
.. -..
Phone: WayneL 2191 or 2248
I ACC:l>lld Il l!' I " . , \ Itt .. \
A" .'., .,.. 01 " j II I I .
Horses, $2.61) Cows . $2.50
Hogs . - , :toc per cwl.
I' h1',ne C lI!!c \
. O. 1412 or
Wilmington, O. 2362
BUTl'ERis nature's As'. spread, cook
iDg aid or ftavoting ingredient, BU'ITI!Jl. bas DO
counterpart. Rich'in natural food value.
"':' Vitamin A in its natural source, plus Vitamin D.
Vitamin B and other natural food elemeQts.
. ,
BtrITER's Datural goldenglow _ .. b'lIDwui IJy
ftnw ,itrh oj CtYIItII itt ..,.,., JIoIl1Ul. , . is your way
to idNib BUTTI!R yout par."", thar you get
wbat':you pay for-gold"" BUTTER.
110 huIh 'Court 1trHt, Marysville, Ohio
"V .... .J 0IIIe'. .--.-
White Rock rryer\!.
2'Ji ml. east ot
on Rt. 78, Phone
2801. 1083t
colors. Barguln prlc&B. Fr c plant
with orders. Also painted dnlsJes
Rnll carnations. Edna. St. John.
LOST-':' Palr of Glasse!!, dark
brown. horn rIDlm d, Finder 1)l ealle
C:IIJ Wayncsvllle 2749. '
FOR ' IUlNT- 3-room apal'tment
with IIa.rge clos 41 t. upstairs. In
l\1t. Holly. $16. per monlh. Phone
Xenla. Spring Vall&), 37204, St
LOST-- Ring with 5 keys In va-
'In Ily of pos l o['flc In WlLyno8
vlli . 'Please I nve a'L Miami Ga-
z He oWee.
'1'0 Rent,
11.'0 Dl()ntb. ReferencC8.
Coilrtncy, ' W/lynesvll.le,
FD'll. .lALE- 1936 11f.1 ton dump
tl'u ck (Fonll , '260. 1948 Oro81ey
Sl ation Wagon. ()uly 111,000 miles,
mcl lo, heMel', te., $400. Both in
good s hape. B lr h r ' Suno 0 Ser
vl re, WllYll csvllle.
1' .... ..... l1li..
. 0'.... ..,.,... 1ryI.. Ie
... -.... " .......... ,
... f" , ...... _ Iry
la, ..... .,.,.......1_ Ph
'"-".,.... _ ...
Olllrlckl .... It ........ for 0
,RII _lyal ... . '"" ........ .
.' d,ilY 1111- ......
D. Dakin
jnsurance Ag Dey
Ilt'lllA' COMFO.'
Ilt'lllA CO.NVlEteIIENCE .
If there's someonc you"ve .
put off visitinS--lIOlv'S Ihe tif/'ll!
1(1 go! isit the folks back
h<>mc or the children at scll'boL
"bi city' : sigh ts . .00 /1"
IrJrJilJl--yc,u'lI ,have the Trike.
9f your nrc gvi Ji g
ound, cnj oyil1g,
p-,Paifl.tC!tI scenery, '
cnsp weather. SUpe[-
comfort ll nd dollac.
William Elliott Vera Ral ton in
& MONDA OCT. 30-31
Robert Mit hum - Myrna L')y in
FOR ' SALE- Allis Chalmers 1945
W.C. Trnotor with CUltivators-
ov rhILuled ttnd $lQ95.
lohn D ere ]949 Model B Tractor
with CIIlldvatbr8, guaranteed,
$1196. Dan"Ui. Imp! ment Co., Leb-
anon, Ohio .. Phono 566.
FOR SALE- Cnse 6 ft. Combine
wltll 1\10tQr, used. two year8, $995.
John Deer 'I-B 14" Plow over-
Live Wire and Progresalve. An'
organIzation secon'd to none
StrloUy sellers on the all-
around market In the cQuntry.
. ,
haulad, $125, Bantn lmplement Co.
Lebar:ion, OhIo. Phone 665. . . SERVICE THAT SATISFIES
FO'r Da'Iy Market Reporu:
FOR SALE- Us d coal cooking
range. ' wJth water .tank attaebed.
WayneSVille Mel.hodlst Churoh.
See' Mrs. Waller Whitaker, or
\vEIO DlWlon, 12:60 E.S.T, DIal.
1300; ,WLW Clnclnnatl, 1240, Dial.
700 .
Rev. Jl. D,
Of All Types
Dead Stock
Bones. 11.60 - Cow .. ,2.60
-Hop. - fic cwt.
lnllulated Bricks and 8abea
to!;) SidinG. Sheet metal work
of nil Local Rereren-
ces. All work guaranteed.
According to Size
and Condition.
Xenia 454,
Route 3 Wayneavllle, O.
Phone Wayneavllle 2898
'Reverse Charges
Xenia Fertilizer
E. G. DUcblleb, Co.

.OUOW It .. - . '
UIiIIUO,,' 'om. GIlt
SAND and GRAVEL Kt!!15. ....
.t,.A WN. and FILL DIRT
How often we say: "I canJt see where ' to turn."
Whetl1:! r the need is for', health, or money, . or
home, for opportunities for progress and freedom
we heaT the same plaintive baffled ' cry, "I can't
Church of Christ Scientist, Dayton
invites you to attend a .
by Archibald Carey, C.S.B <?f Detroit, Michigan
Member of the Board or Lectureship oC the Molner Obureb:,
'l'ltl' First. Church of Christ, Scientist, in DostoQ, flIu.achusetts
. ,
. MONDAl EVElING, tOi.'!R 31
- , .
.About Town
e 3zette

Sei-ving Waynesville Since 1850
he Wa:rneB-vUle P.rt.A. wlll
m t Monday at the
I chool.
Mr. and Mre. Mu D. Hal'1llocli
with Mr. Mra. W. P. Strader
and Mr. and Mra Ro.. Bode of
Dayton, Mr. and Mra. Roger Wal
ton and Mr: MrS. T. A. Hou-
eton ot Sprlnc Valley. enjoyed a '
di nner partJ' at the Manche.ter
Hotel, Mlddtet'own. On Saturday
Phone Company.Applies
For Rate "Increase Here
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert McMillan (1 - t' S I
v!l!lted t heir lit tle daughter, ].1n uriS mas ea
da. &t the Chlldren'lI HOllpltal In
Cincinnati on Saturday and were Dr' .-ve Must Net
very happy to find her able to reo
"Some of the Belt" & ,11m reo
vlewhig the top Plcturell of the
lut 25 yean Uld previews of
lome futnre productions wlll be
Ihowu at the Twin theatre Snn:
turn witl( them. .
Mr8. Elol8e Long of Cincinnati $5,5'00 In Connty
III the houllegUe8t of Mr. and Mr8. ,
Lester Gordon.
Mr. and Mrs. WIIllam Stroulle
were weekend guests of erlendl
In Edle,
Mr. and Mrs, A. J, Wilde and
80n Rnd Mr. and Mrs. RUllry Sat
tertbw&1te were SUnady ovenlilg
gUestll ' of Mr. , and Mn. Luther
Hartsock and BonB. A dellolons
pheasant dinner 'Wall aerved.
MrB. Homer Ramby of Lant&.tta.
Florida Is tbe gue8t 0' hl8 lIOn.
Mr. Ed Ramb,. and famn,..
Mra. Lyman Day enlered Mllunl
ValJey hospital on Monllay for ob
1\01 va'lon and treatment.
\ Mrl. Leo ,ConDer waa a guest
or friends and rellltlves In Dayton
0 "1 Wednesday and saw
th'e loe Sbow In Irlldlanapolls.
Mrs. J . B. Orabbe will 1!e hOlt
e' s to the New Century Olub on
Friday. November 25, at her
ho'f'o. with the In charge
of MIU Minnie I>o4aon alld lin.
" ,. , 1 Gl':J1ImlD.
Mr. and Mra. Kennetb Else, IDd
or DaJtoD
Valley Da1f,On,
she III .reeo,varlnl form an operation
on wednlJlday.
To p.t into effect plans for. an
improved program to fight tuber-
culosis in WalTen County during
day. .
The 40 minute min Is produced
gy M4M In commermeratlon'
It II twentyflfth anniversary.
1950, .the Warren County Tuber- 'Ell- Back H
culosis Association must realize IS ODors
$5500 in the C-qunty Wide 1949 . .
Christmas Seal Sale which opens He V t St d
.on November 21 and eontinue.t IS e u ents
until December 25, according to
Mrs. H. C. MiUiganj Treuurer of
the AssoCiation.
Memberll of tile Waynesville
HICh School vetor8.ns agricultur
al olaelies were honored by their
tnlltrUctor EIlJs ' Back when he
The quota. for the County, rMs;
Ptfilllgan pointed out, waa set by
the Association's budget and
program committees after a study
of the 1949 expenditures and of preeented a turkey dinner at
proects planned for 1950. ,ecliool Thurtllla,. evening. .
Proceeds from the Seal Sate . Approxlmatel,. flft,. IltulleD'.
conatihltes the .ole support of the and guellts conllumed 32 pouude of
Tuberculosis Association's year dreBsed ,Jurkey wIltl! all the trim
round pI:opam of tuberculosis mlnge. The .dlnnllr was by
pl'eventioll an dcontrol. mltmber:e ot tile home eeGllomlc
Mrs. Milligan emphasized that cl&llS811 ot the .hlp lIohooL
the Association , works closely An jlfpoe'll3 . alT&Y of . cOllnty
with the arren County Health. notable. !\ddre.ed th'e gro,p
pepartnlent and other contunity OD eduj:atlonal and agrlcUltural
organizations in carying. out it's lubJectll, Counot,. Suyerlntenc!ent
tuberculoSis case find1n8 and of Raymon Hatfielet told
health ed",cation projects. "In ot I1'Owtb of, the, co.unb'
Mareh .. all.", said, "the As- qd eo,... , In
sociation to jointly
the ... of.fif-
and forty-five or over. All
wllo n8ed large X-Ray. Will be
referred to 'l'B .apeclalW at the
expense of the Wapen Oounty
Tubereu101ia Association. Tbe
the Or tbe e.eDsl9ft
office ; And the ot tire War-
county A. A. A., WDJard
LoulII explained tile prea ell t
price IlUppore prosram and trendll
In the market.
T. B..-Orabbe. an agrfcultural In.
Itructor at Wa}'D.8l1Vme Higll
School, told of farming in the old
The customers &J'8
son, ceoter. and Norma Gruber.
rIght. l\Ln, O'Repn cap be seen
In the bolt01flce.
Produce Night , a fall feature ot
the Twin theatre, attracted mn ....
Intereat and brought. coulderable
publicity to Wayneavllle In Cin,
olnnatl J)apers and theatre trade
Jour.nala. preaented
...' ......U"'8."1a equal ,
Will Have, To Pay
About 25 CeDts More
The Ohio Centtal TelephQll9
Corp. h'a& Aled a. petl.U,*, \Irlth
the Pnbllc UttUtlell Commliiton of
Ohio to Incretae the ratea and
chargee for te1ephone lIemce. tn
The proposed revisione of the
rate. .M.rncl!Jre wl,l ' etfe,. In
crel1lle8 tn rates ' IUId
th'l'onghont the. territory tn which
till! Company operate8. ' .
According to L,ebanon manqer
of the eompllny, the for
telepb'ono service have not been
Increalled to keep pace 1II1th the
rlslng cost of malnten ' ell and
eqUipment. Mr. Angeburger lltatea
, that It Is Impollllible for the
pan,. to continUe op,ratlon on a
ound bael,B the present rate
Eltlmatell are that the lIew
rates, If approved by 'the Publlo '
Utllltiea Commtalon- wiD lncrele
the monthb- charge party bu.
phon811 approl1matel1 25 oem..
wWe aad
phone lIemce wiD <JDCJ'8aM _lit;.
17 hI8ber.
theatre. . . I at Uf
Tbe O'&SIUUI IIlan to dutrlbute of tile CoIll(l&DJ' or at the ofttcie
. of the CollUllJallon, oitto De ... ... .
the goods. colleoted d\U'bla' the ' .... .
Call to needy famlUea In time to ' menta Columbus, Olilo.
BUIIPllment their TblUlkldvlnr '
dinners. M th di 1'1.-_ h
,The photo taken hy WlIllll eo' st "oure
Mn. Lutber Hartaoek enter-
on Sund&)- aftemoon. a
rronp of 'l'Ie.nal anet Ultle pIa,
mllltcaot ber little IOn, 1loller, who
, 81 ' e-etebrattnc btll sinh
, day. .
"'he afternoon was very ple&!l'
IInll, flnal'lt In pillytnt Rnd
elloh little ,meat ,.\:el ... d eolortnlr
1I0'1,,1I alia orayOn';. Alao the IltU",
It''e81 of honor
nocplved mpn"
lovely .!tta. "na ever,.one enJov-
"rl the d,,,lIcloulI bl1'tht'lay 011' .p
wt.tb tce and fr'l1lt (lrln'lc: ,
Chrlalmaa Seal. Sale is
of the annual nation
wide appeal for funda to fight
tuberculbsis In this country.
:t"iinetY'-five percent of seal funds
collected remains in the state,
Mrs. Miligan .ddedj with five per:"
il8nt forwarded to the Nationllt
da,1 alld oompared prelent da, MVF PI I' t'
methodll wttll those of the pait. T . aces
Two members of Back'lI clueaa . .
.poke ' brWl7 . Alfled Augaburc In Booth Fest'ival
er, ,a lfaduate 'of the ctua 110W ' . . '
. No 4t1i Celebration
Here Next Summer
Members, T q Meet
There ' w:IIl "be a churoh confer-
' ence at the Waynelv1U"
tst . NoV'. IT. at
10:80 A.M. The qUeltion of whe-
Post Office S .. eks
takinl' advlDced com.. In Leb-
anon, pald trtbute to the fine job
or teachl", II dollig.&bert
Thomae, 'tt'Ilo II now takln" the
coune at the local IIchool, men.
'tloMd the beneflta of the eourae
to farmera.
The Booth' Festival of the 80 The local Amerloan Legion ther tire church will mue bulld.
uthwest Dayton Dletrlct of the Post Will not present a Fourth of Ing ImprovemeDte In the Church
Methodl" church was held Sun July oelebra.tion in Wayue8Vllle School department will be cllacue-
day afternoon and enning the next summer as it hae the paet .sed and a deCillion 'reached at

Waynelvllle Meth'Odllllt church. A -two yean, t1!t8 meeUnc.
total ,' ot 147 :reglstered' Instead, the POl,lt wlll work In Facta concernlDg the probabl,. " ," ...
;'bOlle 'flrPlent were: JAa'" . a ....
,'!\.Clefa Lsllue: .Nn: t.,....nce
Jl'tirn!U4 Rllet Rlebat'itl MI'R.
ll, A. Mrs. OrvAl
Rn"e mit chncJren. ?llll","""tit "n"
An" trOY, Mrs . . 1I'rej! 'anlf
ohtldren. Mrs. Bentoll A.nd
Waneta anll UIIIIIl. MI'R
J(111n R"ente,. and Ion. Ohal"lell.
Mra. GDbeit PlTe alld IOn, Don,
olle Hartsook, Rorer R8rteock
Tlte W.yneevllle POIIt Office
mat hAYe different quartel'l
. SUperintendent K. M. &talllck
addr.see! tb'8 11'0up brienT. Ire'
ilia boyhood tarmday
and group to ap.
pit the bo"ledrell . obtained
throUh the coura.. to .
tarm Practlcell.
troJD IIIDe cburchelt. conjunetJOD. with the Wal'ren Co." COIIt, general plane, and memortal
'Tbe !>eWt Offlee Department .fa
nc>w ree-IYlDC biela, from auyone
IUltable for the ' local poatofnce:
who wiahea . to rent a bulldln
The IIld. eIlclqtd ccmlr the relit
for a. bin nar. perlod . from Au.
, .The 1013al MYF present a countJ"wlde at gl.ftB will be brought to the 'atten,
place on Its booths 8.nd thlrd In 0':' the 4th. .Th'8 event tlon of tire membera In order
valuaflOn, having $148 for will reawre motor cycle races that deolllions JJl&J" be made with
the ChUdr,n's. Home Ilnd .hllspltal. and' other attractlons. . ,the knowledge of what II lnvoly.
First, Church of Mtdllletowl1 The Wa)'De Legton ad.
took tlrst place 01) valuation 'tt'Ith contingent to the county group "It II the 4uty of evel'J' memo
'190 . and CaI'Vary of- Mtdilletown Includelt BW Sawyer. Bob Osborn ber' of the chUrch to be pr,sent,
lIecond with USI. 'and Oarl Cook.. unless uua-n.clab17
_ . '. eels Thel total amount of money 0 statea Rev. R. B. Col .. '
Bldll .
-111 b. recelvAd uutll Dec. ''--1 0". te . 107 0.... . bralaedh Hiome The Ralntiow AdvlBory Councll ' 0
2', 19&0. .
. and tile hOllte ...
" 0 JD._ _p r . .".... met y t e nine c urc '81 reprellellt CO'MMUNI:rv RE'8'IDENT
b. conSidered. a bulldlq in regular SeSlllOn on eVe- ed. at featlnl ,aoo. beld theIr reg'ulal' meeting at the SYODENl:.V
. must have 800ut 1400 IIquare ' reet I . A ' fine dinner w : lIerved to bomo ol Mr. and Mrs. Cbarles
TWIN ANNOUNCES 'n ng, of the put week. with a ..., :L eMay on Tuesday A won.
CONTEST WINNE!'I of noor spaco. Complete data 'n- covered dI8h'. dInner. lIerved hi the those In. the featlval dertul covered dinner, Includ.
Wlnnera of free tlClretl In tbe lIardlng bid. may. ,be lecured from dining room. TIle tegular bualDetls by the Youth FeUOwabip Cotm-' I
Jessie VJrglnla died Ind.
denly at her home, WayneaVme
Route 2, Sunday afternoon at 1:15. Postmaster Leiter Gordon. selon or the local cJltll'Ch'. ' ng tlVO lurge turkeys, was enjoy
recent "Letter '1'0 Tbree Wive!' WIIIII bel.d during wblcll ed by the members and their
. SUrvivors incltide: her huaband,
Harohl; three . Kathleen,
7; Jerald, 6; Rita JIDe, I;two
brothers, 'l!lverett , of Orlarido, lI'IL,
and Robert Lackey of AUstin, ,-.,;,
conteSt ' at the Wan..Y1l1e TwIn . a Jane Hartsook Mceulloch. recent The d.,.otlonal meetll.lllll were families.
WElT WAVNE COUNCIL d ._.. - t.h ... dell '
thellt,e were: Barbara Stanle,. bride, :.rae' honored and preHnted oon uo..... UI .. _I etown
, MEETS AT . HARTSOCK HOME , group md the Lebllnon "-up
JI'Ioyd Ollbert, Bnlte .Bowle11, AI- Th W t Wi Ad,.. C . wltb .. a lovely giBt from 'tho ohap. _v
berta Bowlu, lUlle and Mary 41 $I a)'lle . 1I0J'1' 0- conducted the pro-
. WlCU , met on lI'rJd.,. evelling at ter. gram;
Ward, aIId Be .. le IAmb. . Election of offtce- .or t'he com.
f..allt SUlldq tin! foDowlnll t.H the home Of Mr. a .. d MI'8. 'Roell '0 -,-0---;-'
. , Hartsock', With Mn. Blancne Bak Ing year wae held and the officers MRI JQlIEPH .ILK
members , "The O""!D , .
at the ,TwIn at a epecllal er; Mr. aDd Mra. :I. X. Preeton, were: GUESTS AT BRIDGI.
price: Pem Brown. Lee Krs. D: C. llldge, Mra. Left .. W!rtll'Y. Matron. Barbara Sawyer; l'II. JDHlIll SUk 811ltertalned at
Bob O'Baftf01l. Don Hartsock', 1IIr. and' lin. Owen Patro1l, RlJImAn Stroost): her 1I'0me' OIl Tllunda:, afternoon,
Workmu, Paul, alH! Bartaock. 1Ir. and 1Ire. Oharles .\asoclate. M8ItrQn. 1!Ictna Bmltb; with bridge al the cU,'eNlon. Mra:
Mlellener. and WInDle Btout. McCuDocIl' and 1111'. Charles Btan' Robert smith .. .. . Pret,ldecJ at tbe
&J. Becrary, Mary L. !lamhart: -
MRS. DON HAWIKE DtJrIDs tIIr1lutn"1 the Treasurer, Lucile Arm,tap: ThOR who "ere pellta 'Cor tbla
F.NTERTAINI BRIDGE CLUB follcnrlDl' aftIoera were eJectecl: J.e H. )ft)Cu11oeb lovely sftlnlOO1l Mra. Bob-
111'1. DoD Hawke IIIlt ... lned PreIl,.t. Dhrv4 WlIIlIDd, Coanl!tn!lla. Grace ert Da'tt'101l and l1l'i.
"er t-"ctp club on Mo .... ,. eY8II' 1Ira. IRaDI81 ndlll'lUt, 'l'rMtee for tbree JeaH. o lAbanoD, lira. ' I tlclb[ard
InK, Wltll two tabl81 In "la", attar U.1l.,.: 1)1..... leader, Harold .AIIl1 BIIb". of Xen ... lin.
wIl'ell a de1\oloul lIahd Whitaker: ad J.-.llIaU,.. arent, __ and M .... lam.
waa ..n.cL II. A. Nbnoa. ) Mn, Carl "'11 or Deerfield Oaborn., lflii. I'r&IIk
.,..... who enjoJejl the eftlDln.. Mr. a.rr lei.. tIae m ".. a ......... _ elf and "1'lI0II ".... 11ft. mlia .....
to" ..... were lin. L. .. ftGap. OD . topIea 84 IIGIIert L .,.... emr last. Of l1li.
A brief. bUsslness sessIon wae
.hold and the remainder ot the
t1venlng WIUI spent In a 800lal
matlUler and ' iJ1 watching tele-
. The Council adjorned to meet
In Decem"r at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Howar!l Werts with a
Ohrlstmas party IDd 8][clilUlCe of
gUts. , ,
o .
ae . .
. . Funeral semcel were held at the
StUbbs l!'untlral Houie Wednesdl.1
at 2 P.M, with Rev. Bryon ' Carnr
officiating. Burta) 'Was made In
Bellbrook cemetery .
' SEE "GREEN PROMI8E" (lnCormaOon euppUed b,. the
The Wayne G. C, p, C-H .ne8V1lle Farmen Exob e.)
WI(b tbelr leader, Mr. utaarles IUI8'
Mlohener. aiid pre1l14_ ,Lee 0'- There baa be8n nry little
Banlon, flaw "Gr .. n ProllWle" 00 chance in 107 beanlI or wheat
tJunda7 &ttOl'llOOJl at tile Twin dul'lac the PUt".u: The COy,
theatN. erument II now admlttlllc that tile
o oorn crop tau dried up aa4 tile
Mr. and 1IIra. PoUu117 and marllet Is mortq ........ .
IIOIl, JIri. A. '1'. NlH_, II .... A. to ......... a ........ ' .... n... die I lira ... N. Kep. lin.
.. "'''' I. !I. ...... ...... ...".. "... _ .... mr a .. 1It lin. A. II. Stoat,
Sa"... 1Iara,. .... 1'lIIIUdI 111'8. PollItt CURRINT .. ..
JIoIIert lltJ'e broUter. Bobert aad motller, Beat ........ : .. .. ... tl.n ....
-...,.. ......
.. __ III lin. .,.... III IlL tIdw Ooril .... ... .......... ..
- , - -.'" -.,.,
, .... ...... .
, .
, ,
Thursday, November 24, IMt
France, Canada Urge .Pact;
British Lab!)r Oets ' Speedup Rule;
G.M. Dividend Sets Industry Mark
Direct Warning
I Youthful Line
Look-Alike Fashions for Tot$
Sov! t Russia WDS dOing a bit ' of
boasling nnd chest,thumplng about
the atomfc bomb for her arma
stockpile .
CICDlTOll" NOTE. "' ..... '1.1 ..... r ... 'r .... ' I .. "' I.lIIn lb.,. .r. Ibo r
I"HIe N......... U OD' aul, ... aD" DO' D.e rlb .f tbl. n.w.p ..
. IN A SPEECH brondeost from
Moscow, Ceol'gl N. Malenkov. a
member of the Soviet Inner ,circle,
warned thnt with the atomic bomb
IT: Russian hands a third World
'War .would' " wipe
His WIlS the main speech In celebra-
tion ot the 32nd anniversary of the
Bolshevist revolution.
:Milk Output Seen .
.As Forecastable
'Factor' Method Used
In 50-70 Day Tests
"If the Imperialists unleash a
third world war." he laid. "thle
will not be the grave of individual
capilltlist countries, buL of world
capitalism as a whole."
He said that atomic energy In the
hands 01 capitalism Is the "means
ot bringing death."
Turning to a new noto tor the
moment, he declared, ,that "we
do not want wor and are ' doing
everything to prevent It." Then,
di scussing ato11'ic energy again,
Malenkov osserted that atomic en
ergy "in the bands of the Soviet
people must and will serve aa a
mighty wenpon of unprecedented,
technical progress a.,d flirthe.r
IIpeedy growth of the pl:'oductlve
forces of our country.
Breeders of .Ayrshire dairy cat-
'tie can now determine the annual
:nuik production of their cows, with
.a maximum margin of error of
only eighttenths of one percent, on
the basiS of fifty to sevent:r day, records. ,
It; Is expected that tarmers
will save untold thQusllDds of dol
lars every year by the scientific
selection of bulls. at an early date.
The breeding value or buDs, whbse
blood strains affect milk produc-
tion as well as the butterfat can
tent In milk, can now be determln
ed more quickly than ever before
'by the application of this accurate
advance data.
This revolutionary ' develop'ment
in dairy farming 'was anl)ounced by
Henry MosIe, eha.lrman of re-
search committee of the Ayrshire
17.&, NaV)' Seeret1r7 FraDcls Matthea (lef&) coner.tutlies Adm,
Forr. ' '', Shermau after tile lItter _.named b,. Pre"ldent
'l'nunaD u cblef of unl operatlona Co succeed Adm, Lollis E.
Dellletd. Deafelt! ",as lei oat lIeca,se or erttlolsm of 1Ul1fiCltIClD
SlId deleDlle lIO,",oy la tile armed servle ... ehlp.
rlgh't doWn to the flnal sy.lJable, he
charged that the United States haa '
a plan to "enslave the entire world"
and that this plan was "borrowed
from the mad plans or Hitler and
(prewnr mllltar
1st) but different In that It exceedl
both plans together."
Despite all the boasting and the
.bombast. there existed tn many
mlnds a doubt that Russia bas the
atomic bomb al we know ' It-a
weapon. to be dropped at wlll.
Asked by Two
France and Oanada joIned at
Lake Succe's. in asking that aU
do everYthing In their pow-
er. to ban use of bombs and
control atom1c energy.
THE APPEAL was directed to'
all-and especially the SovieJ 'union
-to ferget traditional ideas of the,
loverelgnq of nationl and join an
pact that
aecurfb' and peace. ' .
It -was a sincere gesture. but
about all' that could be .. ld of. any
ze.ultl Utat miaht ensue waa that
It wal L trY."
The did ltave the sup-
port of the other. In the
croUP of" the l59-rlatlon
comJDtttee of ilIe U.N. general al'
lemhq. but Soviet RUllla Wa .wl
to from CD IUClestion.
'lbe n-encbCanAdian reloluUoD
.tbi, maJo.rttr pow-
\ \ 1
en wut tile leneral auemb17 ODC.
more to endone their propoaal for
atomic control and to order secret
taJlu to continue betweeD the BI,
:r1,. ;aDd C.nad.. ' .' /_
Commercial plallel were , dartlnl
about the world faster and 'taster.
.Latest speed 'record for commercial
planes was claimed by Pail Amert-
can lines whlcb reported Its strato-
cruiser Westward Ho landed at
London in 9 bours and 12 mlnutea
afte, leaVing New York.:
Cap. Robert D, t Fordrce, Jackson
Heights, 'N. ,If .. commander of the
Westward Ho, did, it with aid Ci'f
a tail Wind wblch at times reacherl
a speed of "15 miles an hour.
The plane traveled the Great
Circle route and Its average apeed
waa about 385 mllea an hour. !J'hs
,plane carried 21 palleneel'l 'and a
crew of to.
Only a day ",afore, a Pan Amer-
Ican plane flew from New York to
LandOll In hOuri, 21 minutes,
wblcb bad betUred the exl.stinl
mark b,. 20 minutel,
'More far More
Sound & Fury
TIle sound and fury of the 19SO
eongressional cam p a i g n was
touched off rather prematurely by
Minnesota's Harold E, Sta'ssen in
MlnneapoUs where he accused
lIatty Truman of making
untrue:' statements in ,
his attaeks on 'political enemies:
A famed' Aynldre co." If.
qaola Sally Wln&era, with owner
Robert L, KaJ,bt, of LlpplH
Farme" R;. L, ODe of tile Da.-
lion's 'top dairy ' arms.
KnJ,b& c.n now foreeali SaJly'1
lUlllaaI milk. yield OD .eDlt,..11
01 150-'70 dll' laclattop fllOres
bt 1IIln, the Ayrsblre "faetora"
Al:lJ> STASSEN Is one of ,those
enem!es; for the former Minnesota
governor and now of the
University of PennsylvanIa. Is a
certain candidate tor the GOP
fdentlal nomination In 1952. 'b d' I tI "osle" own-
. ree era assoc a on. ...
Stassen chareed that Truman ,er 01 Fair Meadows farm, Litch-
used hlstortcfl references in hlI re- field. Connecticut, made the an.
cent 81. Paw speech to "wrap the ,noun cement after the 1949 annual
cloak of .r9Ul1d blm.elf," meetlne of the research comml
that actuau,. the Preat,dent . at the headqu.rterl 01 the _
'lon, ago J1t7rlonaU,. OIl shin breeders' allOdatlon in
. the cloak of .. B don Vermont. .
. WITHOUT mentionlnl . Truman raD " , I
by name. Sta en .nsWered direct. Ttle of tii. .taUal::
ly the President'. addle'" at SL "1actoP" whlch the
It baa been a fairlf well eltab- a aDed ''reactlonaifea'' wbo, I WI. eltabU8hecl after .. m,.
Paul In which the chief executive ' nual mlDt yield of
llIbe4 philosOSlb7 of trade 'UJ:lJ.0ftI Aid. ba4 ImpiKted propeu of by Da:Ialjl............
10 frown on the '''ea'ilf who welfa,re program m congrtll. bead U. diVisIon of '6:-...,.. - ,
like. 19 hOw 'f.1I be S alsen praised reo tb. mlhUe ' aA\lclaUon.
een work,or bow c.n "ro- fullnIf t9 '0 alona with Truman Approxlm.,tecli,
cluce a liven time. In fact, aome on the "dangerous" ,Branni!l f!lnD In 40 .tate. participated in the IUr-
unlopa prohibit membera from en-I plan. OIl the Pre.tdent'J requell lD 'or4!er to a ,enuine
Plin, in type of producUon for . poltwar retention and C!l"ou.ecUon in te.tIn, the "fae-
lpeed contest. on hlI demands '011 - p)'rllmlded tora." Each lIerd ,numbered trom
, Ttle phllosophy.ll understandable, "Power over a wide flve to 125 COWl. It utab-
If not popular. It I. one which takel renee of JlIhed that the .&0-70 da, '1actora"
care or the union member wbo , " ". can a berdll annual milk
bam't the abillt:r, the at1l11 or the BLARNEY: jleld With ' . 25 J)er cent ateurac",
phyllcal ltamlna .to keep up with A Rod? Molle' stated that iii order to
t,h!t ' wouldbe ipB$d demon. Ttle -''Ie IAJral!1re breed .... the whole
phUOIoJ)hy ha. beel). otten , MOll' folks know to a"old
enou,h for critics to charge 1hat It ,et lrito an argument with an Ir\sb- 01 any n,tur4t, data wal
hal amounted, in . many' tnstimcel, about !I.-rythlnJ used In ch!ekUle . of
to an actual work "slow down." that Is peculiarly Irisb, such a. the 111. ''faC:ton}' In other wordi, the
For :rear 'Rounel Wear
HERE'S A clever two-piece frock
. with a decidedly youthful air.
SUitable for year 'round wear
with s h 0 r t or three ' quar,ter
sleeve. Note ' the pretty shaped

Pattern JoIo. 1823 cornu in Ilzes 1.2. 14.
16. 111- lind 20. 14 .hatt slee,/
blouse. 21\0 yards 01 3&-inch; .ktrt , 1%
Add a different" flavor to potato
salad by marinating the chopped
onions in lemon juice fOr an hour
belore mixing WIth the other in
gredhi'nts, .
. . . .'
Before adding the batter. drop
a teaspoon of peanut butter in .
each muflin paD to live muUina r'
delicious. nutty flavor.
" . .'
PraeClcaJ and Cute
,DRESS. your little cherubs aUke
In these cute play clothes-
practical as can be . i.-r sturdy
corduroy or soft woolen. O),eralls
are suitabJe for a boy or girl, .s
Is. the . neat jacket. Sister has
suspender skirt. .
. . ..
Pattern No. 8238 I. ror aires 2. 3. 4. a
one! 8 )tOfl. 3. jocket; YD.ds of
3lI or 3D-.lneh; overaU., 10/. yards; altlrt.
1 yard.
&SCI '.alb w.lI. a.. Obl."C'" IlL
Enolo... 2$ <ents In . ror .. eb
pn \Iern de.-Ired. .
P.llem No, _ .........__ -8s.lze----o- ,
Name ' I J
' S flaat\makes folks
Ileep an nilldl
Tbo..... DOW .... ' Wlcliltlltbed bOca_ 'II
Lb. n th.t theiz ... I"' ...... k ... ed aft.
Dlabt .,,41 be bllId4. irrilA/jM-II" 1M
toa._ bop .. ol :rbal' iIaodIUOD Fol.,
pllJo \lltuallY ,11aY wlLbI. 2. bOIl.... 8h .......
dar IrritstiOn 110 10 I"Ya1an1 ",d fol.,. Pille_
ptpt .. t fatOf Pille '1Illili ....... ftt rOIl ,.
Mak. tt-boUr t.t. 0.1 li"oIeYPUll1rom .u.
mit. t'IIU OItWlC\IOD DOUBLa yova
MONEY Il-(O&' '.
sm II':EN!:GAL ,N. Indla'a
oble1. . delelate: oftered another
ld.a in <the debate ouWnID, official-
b " h\a ,for .the, ..mtematlonal
.... ,. commfl.IOD to draw up a
world deClaration for Prohibition 01
ill. bomb and lor control ' of, atomic
, ALL THIS belnl a matter of blarney, stone. " . at ain; .eJect
record. England's Jabor ' govern BUT' IN CALIFORNIA. II In cow. lind bun. wal aVOIded. , , .
ment'. move to allocate higher reI. Brooklyn, can happen. , 10 . 'l'lbe . turner can now! decide
warda for greater labor producUv- it wam't ' too lurprI8\n' ' to (lnd a ., whether or u.1D8 ,
' ltY' came a surprise to niany row' over Ireland's famed blarney buD' for b,re,edin, ,pQl'PQ',ell,
lJ. IS. 'supporter. of the AUee, re- stone breaking out there. ' montha ' earl1er thap h retofore
glme. The,. 'I:!egan to . peculate It happened when a IIIpbund poI.ible: UntOld thOll8andl of dol
whether th.e prime minister . was ltone, believed by Sari FranclBcana lata' will be saved b, ' thla practice.
laying up trouble for blmaelf among to' be a chunk or the real blamey ' the u.e of the "(ae-
hla J8bqr .adherenl . " .', atone, 'was atolen a church enable the ,to
enero. .
But, It wal Bald in oftI.clal circle.,
that the Prencb-Caoadlan proposal
wa., a. far a'i the majorit:r powera
, wented to 10 at tiIile,
New High
'1lhe British eovemment's tumtng bazaar.. Jim Cummins. custodian improve the . genetic, ot the
away from this tr,adltlonal pbJl- 'of the San Francisco .tone chunk, . bullJ .In herd. r.plcUy
olophy' of labor wei explained on declared he 'had "documentary; lIIan ever before. , Ttllil early 'buDd-
the basis that ' It mull be done to my stone il authentic." tn, IIp of wlU telUlt in
Wu. It a limbol, ' a partent of
the future? Did it P1dlcate , the
au:enith of the, ,hatlon'. ,.economIc
Itltuatlon., or W,III ', it !II. temporary
Ilcnboard at the merey of any real
wind 01 ' economic recession?
meet demands for .l1ig}ler I . milk production fWStb hl8b-.
wages to offset higher living 'costa, On Trial Again er buttertat ,content, I
Therefore, the ministry ,'i. .,. I , I
tlng e system of tYIng wages to
the of production, rather thaJo.
the . Index. "
WBA TEVER Its slgnltlcance,
Jndustrlallsts and economists took GOLD HOAR.D:
Cheer for It. It WaS '1 vote by Gen .
era) Motors of
largest cash-dlvldend total in the
hlllt.Qry of Americ:an industry. The
eOll)pany, .. Which recently, reported
a record net profit of more than
IiOZ million dollars from I the first
nine month", of, this year, would
aend.-checks (otallng $190.436,055' to
438,.005 'holders of lb common and
preferred stock. The distribution
. would J;epresent a year-end pay
ment of $4:25 'e IIbare on ilIe out
, atandlng 1,lIue. rillslng to $8 a share
the amount declared on the com
mon stock thIs
. GENERAL MOTORS w'as allO ex
pected to establlsb' . record ' wben
it retired out of It I own corporate
fundll Its entire ,' long-term debt ot'
II!! mUnon dollarll-17 to 7:1 year.
before the notee are
T b 0 e skeptical, apprehenslv\.
citizens whose dreams had, begun
to be haunted by the awful sp.ectre
of 'doubt that Uncle Sam's purported
gold: store at Fort Knox wasn't there
all could all r'llax. The gold wn
there, 01 it_,
. ASSURANCE c a.m e from a
source certainly qualified to know,
for that source was Leland Howard,
assistant director of the U.S. bureau
of the mint. It is btl duty to ex-
amine persOna)))' the gold board
at least once a year.
"There'l more than 12,000 tons of
It ' (gold) at the Ft . Knox deposl.
tor:r," he reports. That's more than'
haH of the 24 billion dollars worth
of the .tutr which the govel'lJleat
teepa under lock and key.
Crankiness in Old' Age Linked to , Health
to an 0h1o at,ate unl and ;oun, profel!l1Q11al people CD
\'81'11\3'. protellor, crankln... or a the tlertonal traltl of older persona
cantankeroUJI mae in olcl .,e II they knew wen. 'lb ubjecta of Ole
dJnetJ, proportionate to poor study, the phDOIophy teaeber .aid.
bealtb. III alber wordl. tile pnfe. raDfed In al. from 110 to 0." .. ,
101'". lituatloa bolda ' buls for the Ruulta .ere preaeated at til. Me-
ada .. lblt a .... II It ... old and annual meetlnl of tile pron-
.. be '"11." tolollcal lOCI...,. ..... Chandler
'I'IIe pror.uor, Albert R. DuuIdler...ld ... I ....... 110 ClaM rot 'HI
IIId 1111 conelulloa .......... t ... ren to be or IrrIIabie.
!II ftPOI:ta .., ooIlep IIUIIIIna ......... ........

AI,er Bin ,.. aIIpwD
with bI. atlorney U _t ti JeH
federal cGurt In New Tqrk afler
iii .. bad"beeD refilled '. tbree-
week deJa, in bIa tiecobtl trial
011 cba,..,. 01 PerJllr)', The
flm tdaI ended baq .
- I
Farm., -Bumld
Near Allelu. JIIch.. Dearly
11.000 ,eese were maklnl
at bclme Iii graiD
..a..... of rum.. Andrew Delld.
'J:ba loud ,.ack..,-,aIt 01 Ibe blrdli
I. Ibe7 .. YOIIftd abe train
treNd _bau& I,CICIO"'Hera.
IIbo1nI :l1ere 11 ' .1", of the
reciently-cep'pleted ' truok lID-
Joa4in, dock 'for, cattle at lbe '
Chlca,o .tooll ,ard. a. leen Ia
run operaUoD Oil oPenblr !Ia,.:
ne 1I0Clk ..... tile .... rest ....
mo.. In &be eean&a7.
1* bal a 01 1rJI;C'" ..
Irrigation Given as Way
To Prevent Frolt Damage .
', 11 betn. etted II a
. pr.ctlcal and economical matlled '
of pnvenling troll cIama .. to cropt
addlUcm to .. mIlS .1 pzpteo-
.,Iinll 417 wealber,
JII'O'" lit 1IlctII ...
tllet aeu!rl. per teII\ .....
aplnd' fIoa& ... n ......
. tIm.. uarlJ . vi _ ....
waU2d rIM bl_ Ibe * Ia bla .
cloUd. IpeeD*' tbdQbt II ... n_Nl'IId
peat IUD to .. tell tile Idrda .......
wile . I!ItP&
...u- .... ,....
LOOKIT -buy 3
at Positively refrigera-
tion needed t AlwCI)'s ready to
use at .0 mom,nt'. . ,
'. \ ' -
. t, 1
. ; j
A.,. Near A. Your O"'ft
It ClIIICIL. .. ., .., .. atalle .. "'"' .-u, ftelUlftlllt.l
I'\&aa. Voe.l. . .... saa Orell.. lr. Chora.
Openn": Qahit .. , .. J
'\ Wrlle ...... _PIlle ,_PlIed ftlIICIlU, for tII8
...... 'bMIIer. Mull It,.... MtlllllJI!II. "1\11 allll Orellal,.
DlneCOJ or _ .
- ,""" .....
881 IlltiS IUIIC eli.-:;::
"See,.. ......... ..- .,.,., v ....
. ..
I Good-Looking Desk
f Matc,hes Shelf
IS easy to make t/1ls doak, also
unit Ji: in the upper sketch with
Pattern 212. UnltsA and E\ , ar,e
'made with Pattern 2JO, C wltli 271.

Pattern. Include actun]s!te ('Uttln,
IrUtdes the curved .belvea. Potieml
.r. ellcb.
Dr r 10.
lI,dford Hm Nt ..... r ...

Naturally your gifts com-
pete with lots ot otliers unde,r the
Christmas ' tree. , So 'here's III tip,
The smokers on YOUl' list will
make a beeline for your gift ftrst
-the minute th,ey it's a gay
Christmas csrton of 'camel ciga. 1
rettes or a pound ot Pl'in.ce Albert I
Sruoking Tobacco. ,These two pop;
ular pr,oducts get , a rousing wei.
COme' every time. 1'.1Ud, fUll.Hav-
ored Camels are SUl'e, to please
cigar:ette smokers, and pipe lovers
have made Prince Albert Ameri.
ca's largest selling smoking tobac-
co. And you'll like those smart,
colorful Christmas ' wrappings.
Particularly when you , that
handy "buillin" card for your
personal greetings. Camels and .
Prince Albert are so, olrder. \
:Your local dealer is well supplied
right now. -Adv.
Some men owe everyt.l)ipg to
their mothers, Others owe quite a
bit to the uncle.
,Beware. (.",hs
, FrOm Com .....
that 1iA1I' oi ,

it 80ea right to che tat of the trOIlbl.
co help Joosea .nd expel' germ
PhIeam aad aid aa.ture to B!ld
faeal raw. teGeler. lD8amed b(ODdJiid
... TeO y,l)ur clrugisC
to IiII poll ' .. ' botd.' of CreomI)Jllop
with the uaclerslalldiag yOll must like '
the _y' it quiCkly alIIY. che cotIgb
or you lie to hive your money back.,

, ,P. , . , .
Pandit Nehru examines pn eai' of corn 'on the ,210-
acre Kendall county (III.) farm of William Smith (below).
The Indian prime minister examined , three Fox River
Valley farms in to learn s,omething of Amerjcan
forming methods.
Continuing his form tour, Nehru party greet memo
bers of the Willio," Smith family (below). Pictured with
Nehru are William' Smith. in striped shirt, . and
Nehru's sister, Mme. Pandit, Indion' ambassador to the
United States, and his daughter, Mrs. Ghandi.
" .
, Her'l, , at !'ight, IS G,
.. up of . d it
party a,s they
watc,h arid discuss .
icon farming m e flh 0 ds,
'lcnowledge" of which! was
the goal in 4he', prime '
minister's visit toF ox
River Valley farms. Below,
: alld his party:greet
at, a'n .. Interna-
tiona1 Hal'YClster com.,any
plant ., where the y j,,-
speeled form m"chlnery;
inspects operat
corn picker on
Albert Mitchell"
R i v e r Valley" Illinois,
during a good will tour
of {the U(lited St,otes
(left). Nehru was said to
be here in on effort to
interest the U n i It e d
States in helping to
build up India's nloval
and ."iiitary strength.
In photo below, NI!hrll
enjoys ringing the din-
ner bell fora fried chick-
en dinne'r ,on Mitchell's

? ASI( ME 1 ?
A General Quiz ' .
C'Ioo "'" C'Ioo,.... C'Io- C': (\.. (\-C' o,.,... (\- f'- ,,""('I- ('too ""'",....
The Questions
1. What event do Chnslia"s cel ,
ebrate on Eastel' Sunday? ,
2, Name Crusoe's s'ervant in De
Foe's "Robinson Crusoe."
3. 'What ' is the meaning of coer
cion? ' ' .
4. What two things did Allaa!n
possess that were wonderful?
5. Wb'at is a centaur?
The Answers
1. Christ's resurrection !:rom the
2. Friday.
3. The act of restraining a per
son by force, especially legally or,
4. A ring' and a lamp.
S. A mythicaJ crellture, balf
man, halt hqr;se.
Just Walt
The widow prObably would have
been better oft it had stood
over the stone cutter as he
chiseled th,e , on her., late
husband'$ tombstone:. But she was
terribly griefstricken , jind liave
him a slip of .paper with tbe word.
ing she wanted on the stone.
Instead of milklng two-separate
lines he ran two sentences to..
gether with not even a comma
the thoughts sQ. that the
epi taph ' ,
"Thou art at rest 'til we meet
.. '
, '
Chest Colds I
to reUewe caupa-achy muscle.
The Dionne Quints have a1wllyll h11d
the beat care. Ever since they were
bllbies, tlley.'w used Musterole 1;0
promptly relieve coughs and local
congestion of colds, Be sure l/Our kid-
dies enjoy Mwiterole'8 great benefits I
, -St.Joseph
Try This Delicious
Chewing-Gum 'Laxative
, ,
WIle. yo ... II t.... .11 ., ... _ 'IMII
bea4acihr gd WIt .wfUi becawe rou IIeIIC
.1 .... 'r' da tbla '
Ohe .. nDf .. .. llft-delICloua chewme-
IfUlD luatlwe, The acUOIl Of f'IItH .....
epeclal mec1JC1no "DlI"I'OtntII" Ul. atomaoa",
That Ia, I' doean't lOOt "hUe III Ule atom.'
ach. but onlr wben r&n.ber &I"". III ,
lo"er dlgeatl,e ,U'aCt ... wb ..hi you want it
to .c," YOII reel llDe acaln qutOklr I
And acleZltts, 1., obewlns mloll:u
.. lin. mec1Jclne man elr_
\lve - ... " It 10 I' .... ' genUr ,lInO
drug Sa- or only, . . ,
If Yoil ' Are 85, 45 ,or' 3,
Hada,colHelps All Ages,
.HADACOL is good for aU ages, Alter the third bottle of HADA-
brin,ging five ot 'nature's B :vita- CO'L 1 felt Ii real im'provement and
Inins and Important minerals to 'after the twelfth bottle of KADA ...
the young tu:ld old alike. Recently COL. l f elt like I wa$ 18 instesd of
the HADACOL folks received the 46. I, am feeling PQrfectly wei!."
good news that, among th\l ,count. "My th,ee year old doughter.
les8 thousands who had been ,bene. Joan, had lost her , appetite," laid
, fited by HADACOL was a lad)! of ! Mr. Dugas. ','Her cheeks were pale
' 85, a man of 45 who felt like he Illnd she cried often. L started.
was 18, and a beautiful little girl givil:lg J Il an '
only three years 014. HAD A <1 0 It
Mrs. Edmond .ooucet, of Chur()h and a t t e :r
Point, La., is 86 years old, hav. t h r e e of the
, lng thousands of friends in, the ll!'rge econolDY
Jlicturesque Evangeline section of SIze bot tie,
L o,u is jan a a h e ,is , D 0 VI 1
where a h' e
wall bom 'ana an e;x c III ten,t
b'as spent' all appetite and
of 1 i f e.
These frien.ds II per,fect.
: are .happy W three of
k now t bat the a e people
f M r II Doucet suffering trom' a lack of 8
1 e e i' a better ritatttina' ariel the min'erala wbieA
; !low: than Irt BADACOL T BADA,::or.
any time In In 101111 .-aDj.
two ',. e a TIl MRS. DOUCET asslmilated .. ID the blood 'Stream' 10
and' gives tn'e ' that it cal) ,'2 to right awa,.
credit. to HADACOL. It ia easy to understand,. therefo ....
"1 h d b' k" almo" why countleslI thoulI8nda have llem
a een SIC ... . ,. benefi\e(l b this Smuin toni
years and wall suffermg With lIADACOL.
g . e,
tric dist\U'bancea , and I lack o( only a .mall amoUllt
""all run down, had lost weight and of B t ' d rta'
bad to stay in bed most of the 'V!' amID. an _ m-;-
time. I, lost courage and felt that e7:Bls Wlll cause
there was no bo e for me." ances Your food WIll not agree'
p with you, You. will have all
r" Doucet bad, trie.d, many upset stomach . You will
wit h 0 u t apparent from heartburn, gas pains and your
results when IIhe heard food will lour QB your andl
the glonous news about HADA- you will , flot-be able to eat the
"COL. .. yOIl like for feat being
.: "After taking lIeveral.1>9ttleli of ml.8ery 'aftettwardll, 'people,
" lIADACOL I felt "like a new per- also sUffer from constipa:tion. And
son." said Mrs. ,Doucet. "I eat any. while thesel may be the
thing 1 without ill effects 'and results of other causcs, tlley are
sleep well. I feel mucb stronger." surely and the symptoma
Neville DUgas" ot RC!ute I, Box and signa of lack o,f :n vitamins and
1'01 B, Carencro, JA.., is a success miI)erals HADACOL" con-
ful farmer who from such
a deficIency, . ill no
and It wasn't cute, except the "
, J o,n g ,ago tion of ,vitl\mina and mineraI.
that ne' which your system lllcks. , . .
,d e r , I f b e It Js easy to I,1nderatand,
w 0 U 1 d ever fore, )Vhy cOlllltlesB lis".
b e a b let 0 been beJlofited': by this amazinc;
w'o r k t hat tonic, lIADACOL. , '
way again. He it mutters how old f'oU are,
had: t r i e d or , who YOIl are It mattera !WIt:;
man y medl. y()U live or Ii you have trie"
cines, but felt aU the 'rnedicinE111 ,undell the lIun,
no better. give this wonderful 'pI:t!paration
4'1 liad: all HADACO!;', Don't on'
. sUffelllng' j Don't to lead
dlsturoonees," ,aId Mr. Dugall. a miserable li!e. Many persona who
My was 80 bloated it and waited for 10 to
,feJt like it .. swell up and 20 years or even .. re .. ble
burst. 1 aUfered gastric dill 1I0W to' live bappy, comfortable
t)lrbances,' heaR bum and was .run Uvell becllUlle HADACOL lIupplieci
and nervous. I bad no nppe- the l:itamlns 'and minerals which
tlte and with their lIyst1!ma needed. Be fair to
I couldn't 1I1eep at night. I wall yourllclf. Temporary' relief la 'not
80 and,Pllle my friends for you. Give HADACOL
bad di1fll:,1ilty in recognizing ' me. a trlall-Adv. .
Write lor this, Illustrated
AND Y G I, F T .L I S Til
Jusf off the Preu
, '
-118E THIS . OOt1PON-
p!eaa' me JOur ''Uancb' Gift Lilt"
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Addrell, _____ '-____ ..... ______ _
____________________ ______ __
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Published every Tbul'Bda), .mom
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u nt)'. Ohio.
Edna H. OonoTer :".. Publlllher
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'Dry Ridge
A Farm Djary
By D. J. Frazier
' November 18, 19.9, Snow, aot-
ually e.nougli' to whiten. the ground
tor a minute camB down yesterday
morning nnd made us t bb:tk
We were really In for, 80me oold
weat her but It cleared later tben
clouded R.galn but no mQre snpw.
Just enougb to make us hurr1
with our wlnler preparations.
The hunting season started ott
all UlllIal with bllnterll
almClst B8 many bunters a8 J;'ab
blt.1I ,and I hear Il?ere were plenty
of them. 1 p:ot my phcasant this
ycar. Yea. John abot one and aent
It tn me nnd as soon as t can
catch one, t will send h1m bls
ch'loken In excbange. It was a
, blla'UtJ(lll tb'lng with fea'theT& like
j.wels. I dry ploked most of It and
tl8ved the most beautiful of the
featberl!. Some' day perbap8 I can
trim R hat with them. Th'en last
night for supper 1 rOBsted the
bird, It was a young one, tcnder
and plump. The breast Is about
twice the Illze of tbat of a chlok
en 01 abqut the some wei ght. It
11'1108 deltclons, the meat 18 dark-
er than cb1cken bre.nst and ball
a sllgbtly wild. gamey flavor but
not too Itrong. It remlndll me a
little of Quail -of course
th6l'e 111 110 mucb more, of It, It
lIeeml a little absurd to propagite
pbeuant for peoOle to h.unt and
then' to put Qnall on song bird
list. I aeen very few quatl
thlll I am Inclined to be-
ll eve that there would be more of
them It tbey, too. were propagat-
ed and a. sbort hunttng leason
allowed. I understand that tbere
has been ala,.. puaed to prop It
gate quail but 110 tar none to al-
low I Uke our cherry
Bob Wbtte8 but, I 60 not feel any
more lIentlmentaI' them
t han t he chlokens In my chloken
yard. Atter all a brOWn Legbom
,rooster lit ' a bird and
no doubt be sufferll when h'e III
e:augbt tor EJther we
should all become vegetarian8 Uke
Gandhi or . nile common lIenSe
8.OO\1t Iluob things, The other ex.'
III th'e mtblellB kJlllng of
all !lOng birds aa It la practiced
In lome European count ries wher4l
bl rds 8.11 small all IIparrow," are
served In hotels, or ,In daYIl past
they were, I do not know about
now. One course of a typical Ital
j an dinner Walt a tiny bird
roallted and lIellVed with a green
snlad. QUIll are small but they
tMted veTJ' good b'aok In the daYI
when YOU could buy the.m In the
markets- during the .eallon, 1
mUllt lay J wllb our bunters wore
better shoUt so that there would
not be 80 much crippled game, '
. '
A Washington C.H. lI'eath'ol'
lIrophet Is quoted In the paper as
r01'Qcasting a rugged winter ba-
ginning early In Decomber and
}astlng until Marcb. and a man
like John Lewl8 III allowed to ' put
people In danger Just to show his
Tbanksgivlng wID be here by
time thlll paper 1& out. We
s tili have many things to' be
thankful tor even though there IU'e
men like that Iltlll abroad In the
.land. Thanbgivlng 18 one of our
great American b'olldayll but It fa
crowded Into a minor pl.-ce by the
,'t 1

From hrimmibg hearts our voices raIIe
In songs of gratitude and '
For health and, stre'ngfh' amI ",:,ork to do,
. }<or nil the foys ,of friendships true.
For shelter, clothlng, daily food.'
We thank Souree of aU good;
And of all our thanks we give
That ' neath the Stars and Stripes we live!
is ours to dw:ell in
Using our votes , to bid wrongs ceue.
Freedom 'we have to teach and' leam,
Freedom t.o till and work and earn,
Freedom to B,ave and plan and dreamt
Freedom to dO\1bt each sohemer's scheme.
Freedom to think and speak and
Freedom to worship we have light.
God give us light to see the Way,
Courage to, walk in it day by' day;
Stamina strong' against freedom's foes,
Love to soften a sadworl,d'; woes.
Mayall our 'ways acknowledge Th_
OUr. deeds help keep our country free. j
In home or school or business matts '
,Mayall WEI do prove thanlcful heartsl
- ,\tURIn lorCRon
64 __
Uncle Sam Says
, ,
SlUl1Jg on top oi the world I. tbe
spot where most or us would like
to be-tree from ftDBncl.l wGrrJ'-
lure' tbat our future and , tbe
of tbose we love Is lecure. Tour
,overnment III provldln, the oppor
tunlty to start dlm blh, to that ellvl.
able spot-buy U. S. SaviDr. 'BOD'"
the automatic way-the P.yroll
Savings Plan ' wbere you work', Clr,
If lIolt-e.mployed, the Bond-a-Month
Pilm wbere )'ou bank. The future
will lake care of Itselt wbeD yea
II&ve the .. fe. sure way, YOllr _tl
way up there III resorved tbe mD-
ment you en.roU 011 one of &boM
Savin,. Bonds Planl, This 18 TOtJK
u.s: T' ..... t7 0 ,'1."""
oommerclalllilD that starts the
Christmas hullabUloo 110 early. It
would be difficult to go baok to
elmple ,home Chrletmallel!\ and
Thankllglvlng da.ys; WIIthout toot
ball ' and no doubt . th'e YQung4!r
would think tbeN! ' 111
nothing to do. Bo man), p8()ple
have lost the abtUty ' to amUS6
tbemllelvell a,nd enfoy a ,quiet hOql&
Visit. Radio bad enough bllt
televlllion Is that muoh' woree lUI
a. de'llI'OYCfl' ot ' peace anel
'hom,e amU8ement. IdeaUy Thanks
gf'vrng Is a country home tetltlvat.
It goe8 with thanktnlnell8 for It
weI) filled barn aJld
,and 18 beat. celebrated 'tfltb 1\ reut
of b'ome rued food eaten with joy
and tbankful heartll. Nen flest or
course Ie any home there
III Joy and tbanktulnellll tor. the
good tblngs of llte. for friend for
family. for .belter. for rood. anll
a.bove all for freedom to eqjoy
th;eD1 without the fear of tyrants
and their pollee. Bo let us all eat
belU't)' and IIlng-
Now thank we all our God. With
beart anll hand" and ,yoiees! '
Who wonllrous things batb' clone.
In whom Hie world rej/)Icell
Who from our mothera arma
_ Hat.ILbl9lllled.,ulI on, our Wily'
With coUntle811 g1ftll of love;
stili is ours toda)'.
Try A Classified Ad.
to your
Door ... or
at your
' . ':St"e!
'I'Rt71LIDAY, NOV. 1(. 114.
B, E. Bau,hD. Putor
4-H IClubber Takes
Fox-Trapping CrowD
New York State Ratel
', Ray'mond Premm Best
R. B. OoleDWI. KWster
Cburch Scbool, '-:10 .A.II
m.rold J!larah'art, Sapt.
111'. traIned S."lce, .:10 Lm.
The ti't1e of New Vork.
ping ehnmpion for 1948 II beld by
Raymond Premru. of Gorham lD
Ontario ,county.
The youthful 4-H clUb member
led the list or 800 trappen from
' counties with a total eatch of 50
aurlng Second bonor.went
to GenE! Goge. of RFD 1. Can.
andaigua. who trapped'l2, TIed for
thil1d , wl:tp 34 foxel .plece were
Russell Kili an. 01 Cowlesvlu.e, . and
WHil om Smith. Jr,. of &!cramdale,
With tbe ' .Ide 01 hII ... rare
plied Ihlgb with pelta. bere ..
Gene Oare, of RFD I, Cu .......
rua, New York .ta.." who an ......
u "roxes durlq 11148 .... ....
bonors. In the .tatewlde -aeat.
The 800 trapf.ers lD the .cateat
for 1,691 foxe., with
PEllted specimens outnumberln. Ibe
gray animals six to one, aecordlq
to Prof: D. B. Falel: "llftaJlt t-B
club lelBder, After four 7......
total 01 8.168 foxel "ave baeD 10.-
ped QY rural boYI of tbe ltate.
WOl'lhlp SerTIee. 10:10 A.M.
J'eIOWlhLtp, Sun!!a,. 1:10
P.M. ,
N. Ke,s, .RlICtor
Morn In, Worship, 10:10 .A.M.
II'Il'tIt DILJ Bebool. 8: 10 A.M.
, lrfeeUnIJ tor WOl'lhtp, 21:10 A.II.
Byron CaM'er, Mlnllter
Bible School, .:10 A.II.
Mornln, Worablp, ' 10:80 A.II.
Prafer Me.tiDS, 1: 00 P.M.
Youn, People'l Meetlnc, '7:00
Se"lcel. 1:10 P.M.
wmlam Sbannon. Klmeter
Sunday Scbool, 9:10 A.M .. lin.
Jame& Oarrl.on. 8upt.
PreachlnlJ. 1st. and Ird. Sur
da)'s or each' montb, 10: 10 A.M.
" ETenlng Semcel" 1:10 P.M.
i'ather R. H. Krumholtl, Paator
Mallei. 8 10 A.M.
. H. Corte)', Mlnllter
Bible Scbool, 9: ao A.II.
Morolnl' WonhlD, 10:10 A.M.
Young Peoples' MeetiD& 8:t5
Evening Service. 1:80 P ..
Prayer Meatln. and Bible Stud)'
Wedneedq, 8 P.M.
T. M, Scaff. IIlnllter
Sunda)' 'Sc1)ool, 8:10 A.M.,
A. Earnhart, Supt.
WOl'lhlp 8e"lce, 10: 80 A.M.
Evening Semee, 1:11) P.M.
"'" Partl..... IIIa1Iter ,
, Worahlp Bam.., 10 .A.II.
lata), .001, 11 .A.M.
POIll&r)' H ......
Ulhtlnl condition. ' ,,,,Ids the
poultry laylni houle can be ' 1m.
proved b, whltewuhln' the ... all .
Cleanlnl the wW .lelp.
Some 60 count)' trappln, ...
pions were" honored at baJM(aIII
which, brought the 1MB ........
close. Agricultural aJUl CIOUII'no
tron officlab 'aI\Ilt profl 1 11' ,
treppers attended the Far'm Loans
watched the preaentatioD ai ........ .
Premru, the Ita .. ::::
Hived . ' repeatID. II
'Pltze. other awarill totIllb .. ,.' iIN.
tu) l,n value were JHlIIlW ' .....
trapperl and pelt p,eparatlla wID-
'l'bt Hew York Ita .. poulll7 ...
en. the .tate Puaa Bunau w.ra.
Upn, the stete C!CIDIerntioa CIG\IDCIIl
and the American Aldeulturiat c ..
QSlented In IJIC)Il8OrIq ale' PfOIfIUD
at awaw. entertalnmllllt end baD
'l'be IlnDU" fa trapplD. conteat
II conducted b)' til. Ne. York stete
nt_fcln,' servia., III cooperatioD
with tbOie 'a'eDdel aM tile state
Time PIt Your Sille
(Up Ito 33 years to
Interest LoW' .:.... .... 4 per cent
The Land Bank Way
Your family deserve. the best
Lebanon N.F.LA.
. .
... ITURN, leO'yTre ..
Grallna tor Bop . .
Green feed for plil to ellt In the
fteld makes grain feed' iO further,
pi,. fatten faster. 811d make, pi,.
healthier ar:td Iteer from para lites,
Seed 8wee& .'otatoel
After IHd Iweet potatoea have
bHn selected, .tore them where
uie temperature will not faU below
tS delreel. They will keep beat if
tn cratel,
HOI MaDge aDd Lice
Ute onl)' (lne treatme.nt for con
troll1na both ' monge and lIee on
Pilll and hogs. It's benzine hexa
'chloride: commonly called BHC,

MClre Lball 7U million Jcrea of
bay cropi .are annually
In the United .- til
9-1 2 Each' M orn.lng
1-5 Afternoons Except WM.
Evening :)y Appoin1ment '
Dr. C. E. Wilkin
(!).,tornetric Eyt: Special utt
':' SOHH, f\,' ''''n:t
rF..sIA. 0 F-IlO
__ __
MIIII.,s .f hU,agry
p.opl road are
.. hind this Get th'em
.In the cleor-help make them
happv with food or clothing
paclcotel. Delivery guaranteed.
Send $10 today to-

,IIIIOAD 11m '011 s. It Y.
'l'Ida A4Y.t. 8poD101'eC1 81'-

In the !DI4.t Of our ,
A ne'w iarm machine that .. v ..
the tarjmer Urne and labor b, auto-
'blowln, fora,e wherever
!Ie It#hal, been on, tIi.
market by the New HoDand Ma
elilne ' eompany.
'nl1i :new erop 'can IwanO ...
lip to :10 ton. of hsy per hour and
blow It anywhere the farmer wanu
to .store ' It. Or, It the farmer II
fiWn, hli .ilo, U)e blower handle.
Up to z5 tons of chopped corn an
, Weighing .,3110 poun .... the blower
hal a '12'oot hopper fo .... rece1vlnll
crop. from the fiell!., A patented
leveDnll device 'keeps Ole fora Ie
f1owSn.: ' evenly mto a large throat
wblcb 'Ireeds a t2:lm:h lIy,wheel. '
' Whlrling .t speedl up to I,,,, r.
p.m.. fbi. huge "fan" "loW9 oro.,.
tbroulh an eiahllnch pipe ... berever
the farmer to "aim" it.
Formula, Found
. liter T8.11
Mal'lrland Com proclucera Iook
a "IUN DO'I' have tlwlr Five yean' teItI Ibow that
at 1-1a!18 fer1Wler ....
f.rtllIMr' .uaablDeBt
com II In"
".... bet... a. .. ueIa
woirlt81lfa at Ibe Ita .. atrIcaltaraI
amllrlli'DaiDt ItaUaa ... port ""l tbII

, ml7 tbe paeloUJ Lord
keep .. bambl
, .
Electric ' HotlPlates
I I. ' .
2.28 Each
Double Burner' $11.95
-w.,1iIftDe FIrIibn I AppliUce Co.
...........,. ...
bl8har rttunu tit
tI laYtltad Ibaa.., 1'-__
Harveysburg. Junior dass . 'Play
Is Presented- At Auditorium
The Junior Clalll pll\Y, "The
Perfect Idiot," wall prelentad at
the. audItorium Wednelday even
. Ing. The play Ie tha tint. to be
directed . by Mrs: Gladys Hook,
hlgb acbool English teacber. Be-
tween acte, musIcal ])reaentatlona
Included a trumpet trio by Bar-
bara Doller, Suzanne Eaklnll tnd
Ollly Settletneyer, and a trombone
Quartet wl,llcb featured Henry
MUiard. John Downey, VIrgil Cox
and Bernadine Haclm.ey. Mra.
Edna C. 'Bogan pr ellded at ' the'
plano tor tb'e accompaniments.
.' I
Tbe Adult Blbl6 CI.... of Jon
ab'l RUQ Church held a bake 8ale
at the Gran,,, Hall Saturda" mor.
Mn_ Ray Coon, wbo hal baen
III II ililprovlng.
Mr. and ' IIrl. Graham
were weekend guelt. of Mr. and
Mrl. Homer Kirby of Indlanap.
oJls. lDd:
MI". and MlI.' Wllilam GnUam
entertained tbe Adult Class
at th" oounlrT Jl'ome
afternoon. liI'8. Mary Denny wall'
In charge of devotlonll, Mra.
Howard Graham led prorram
and Graham conducted
tbe ' 'lOclala'.
The Joo"l chapter of -the OEB
met at the Masonic Temple Wed-
nesday eveDln'g to elect It I ofnc-
era tor the coming year. .
Mr, and Will,lam GIUlam
IIntertained th'e Soc
lety of 3'on&h's ' RUn Cburcb Wed
nelda.y aflternoon.' !In. 'Fl8ther
Dosler prelfded .. prorram lead-
er and Mra. LUra Hough waS In
oharge of de\'otlons.
Mr; and Mrs. Charles LIndley
bave reJ)urohased the HarveYI-
burg IGarage. OYer a year ago
tb:ey 801d their Intereet in the
firm and moved to 'At
present they are commuUng dally
here fro.m their home.
A tire whloh II 1elleved to
.have Itarted from ali electriC
bght bulb near the hay mow,
caulled extenall'8 damage ThUrs
day mOrning at the W. P. McCar-
ren farm near the Village. The
Waynesville Fire Department eent
theIr ellwpment to tight the blaze
as the 11'''
not In workJDg order.
Tbe barn and malt ot Ita con-
tente, which Included bay, a new
tractor and pIgs were destroyed.
The farm II man&led 'by Fred
' NorwelL ,
Mr. H. O. Milligan wu In the
\'III&1e Wednesday evening to at-
tend the junior clua play .. e the
blgh Ichool aUditorium.
Mr. and lin. W. Carl Brown
were peste Batun!ay of Mrs.
Maggte Ritter an\1 family of near
Waahlqtcm 0.8.
----jO .
"Ant Cow."
Several species of plant aphids
are known as "ant cows." The
ants Cl1rry them about Ind protect
them, consuming lecretion 01
.. ___________ -.: fluid which they yield
.. ... -
Andrea and Trave1er
, .
$249. up
. Plus lustallatiin l'
The Quality .
At the: lost Economical Prices '
. ,
Take Advantale Qf ' These
Cube Steak. 59c .Ih.
Hamhurger' 45c Ih.
Variety of iunch Meats
, . .
. Locker PlaI1t
School New.s
One of the h,lghUghte of the as-
I18mbly progJlam which memberll
of the thIrd grade will 'present at
tbe AuditorIUm Wednesday atter
noon 11'111 be "Slsters the
let," an all girl orchestra, led by
Pairlela Jonel . . The claaaroom of
the third graders bas been' decor
ated wHit Pilgrim acenes and tur
eye to hearld the appr:oaching
ThankagtV'1!lg eeuon, The pupil"
are maklll,k bookletll, apprgprfat
.ely lIlulltrated, In which they are
listing the DI.8DY things f.Qr whlcb'
they baYe to be thankful.
. W. are V.fJ glad to have
Waymond Miracle back 'In IIchool.
Waymond hall been .abllent tor
several weeks, oWInS to a 'beart
Mrs. Webb, fUth Leach'er.
was absent laat w"" oWing to
tbe illness of her daugbter.
The Juniors and senIors are
linKer were dinner
of Mr. and Mrs.
gar of DaJLOJ1. .
Mr. and Mrl. DIU were
lupper &Uesta Baturd8J" ot Mr.
and Mri. Ralph DIU . &r)d lion,
Tommy, of SprIng Val.ley. .
Mrs. Robert Greene ot
Mrl. Roy Shaw ot Klenla, and Mrs.
HeDJ')' Berges and clblldren of
Beo.vertowp called on Mr. and
Mrs. Lue MorglUl Sundl!-Y alter
Mra. Emerson .Dlll Elpent SUII-
day wIth Mrs. Mattie Zimmer of
Mra. Allton" Mr. Jobn
Day of Dayton called on Mr. 'and
Mrs. HUey Gibson Sat\lrday, also
Mr. and Mrll. Bill DarIng called
Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mn. Olare,nce Craw-
ford were dinner gueslta Saturday
of Mr. and Mrs. Lewlls Cra.wford
Mls8 Edna BUlUlell of Lebanon
llpent Sunday with Iier grandpar
ents, Mr_ and Mrs. Hl ly
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Tompson
of near Willington 1.P!lllt Sunday
WIth Itbelr mother, Mrs. . Anlla.
Thill column is IJponsond, In
tbe interest of health, by
Mr. al\d Mrs. James WUdman.. tb'e Warren CountJ T. B. and
Mrs. Nora Kesinger or Jackson, Health AIIBOClatin.
Oh.lo, spent. SUnda,y night with Like many otber ' bab-
Mr. and )lrs. Ernest Earnbart and lte, gettinC enough IIle.ep and rlllt
son, Davld_ ', II one'. important to our
Mrs RI chard Hanes and good looks. models anel
'ters. DOnna. nnd l'amela. Jean, re-I ' mOVIe actTeeses, ..
turned bome Bunday atter spend. I boods depend on lookiJl.g and feel-
Ing II. few weeks with' Mr.. a nd I 111g weD, are vefJ IIlUcb aware
Mu. BUy Gibson ot the Importance relt and
Mr. and Mrs. CharlBil H'oullo- I lleep and make tba.t they
holder and 80n, JUDlor, of Sprlng- get tbelr tull QUota.
field caDed on Mr. and Mrs. AI- I Yet too many of Uel tfJ to ",et
fred MOTSell S'aturday. " aWa7 with" as Uttl sleep and
Mr. and Mrl. Lewis Crawford reat al poaslble. It's true that
and ,daughler, Donna, at XeDia lOme people ueecl le'll r8et an4
Ipent Sunday 'It'Ith Mr. and Mrs. aleep t1rs,n othen. But thOlle who
Clarence Crawford. . defy natON bJ the
., r r -
IaauIfl_t rut ad .leg take
tha1r Smme4late. toU by cuWDc
dOWD a "rlon'. llpeed, acour&oJ
and alertllel. at work or l'tUdy.
la general it IDterfeHi 1t' tuU
Injoyment of the dq'a .mvitlea
because the .utterer ill
out" &Del
From a lonsrange POIDt of
view, Insufficient sleep and rest
can have 1njurtous effects of a
"rmaneD. tnature on the healtb.
While adults need elDough rest
sleep to repalr' parts .of tbe body
by work and play, children
need extra
their bodIes must build aa weD aa
Hpalr by way ot plenty of aleep
and reat. .
For people of aU ages, suffic-
Ient sleep and reet are neceela['y
to maintain the body's reSistance
to molJl: Illnesses and disease
Wb'en energy' Is drained bY! fatigue
and I10t replaced /!os SOon as. PoliS.
Ible by adequate reet, the body
b6comes .vuInerable to Ifctness
that ' It would ordinarily reallt.
TlIooBe wJ1O! autter trom sle8l)-
le88ne8s for unexplained reuons
should see tbelr dootoJ'8. ProlO1lg-
ed Inability tp sleep can be the
sign of a serious U1ne88 and the
doctor might dttt.ect unlluspected
dlleue or infection.
Many eaaes of Insomnia, how-
ever, are due to easily corrected
things , like worry. overworJ(, lack
,of pbyslcal eXeretse and fresh air,
ad eating to heavily immediately
before bedtime.
Doctors beUeveth'at good sleep-
Ing bablte, It establIshed early
In We , have a tendency to per-
party a_t the CoUeeum in Darton
Saturday e\'enfna'.
Mr. and Mn. Vemon Pursel,.
-md sons were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert
Fi sher and fnmtly of Hili.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hicks and
son IIJtended a Tbanksgtvlng ban-
quet Monday evening at tbe mil
orest ' Christian d burch of Dayton.
Miss Margaret Harlan, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Harlan,
PI Itbe George 'Walblngton Un!
of WashlJigton D. 0.. h'as
been elected to theHonoTllry' Na-
tional J;Iome Economics Society
an" lB' acting as part time In
structor In ltihat departmenlt..
Mr. and Mrs_ Therle Jonet! and
son, Mrs. Nettie Emrick and Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Jones were Sun-
day dinner guests ot Mr. IUld Mrs.
Charles Anderson of Waynesville.
Robert Oorwin, in compay'
WIW Mrs. Dumrord and Mrs. Cou-
chot , ot Dayton were Clncinna.tI
vistors on Wednesday.
Members ot the "-R Club and
their parents attended AcbleTe-
ment Day at Lebanon
Mn.rta Rush ,;ecleved a prize for
desert and Carolyn Burnhart for
Mr. and Mrl. Harry' Burnet
were present at the turkey dJnner
given by th'e ladles of We M. E.
Church at WaynesvlIle TbUl'Bday
Mrs. Harold Beckett a.nd daugb
ter Janet, SUzann) Harilln and Mrs.
Elizabeth Jones ' attended the In-
S)) ctlon of the RaInbow girls at
Lebanon Monday eVening.
list adulthood. favorable
to restful Include ,regularity
of burs, proper ventIlatlnn in the
sleeping room and the a!Oldance
of heavy eating and undue excite-
ment In the hours immediately
Valley Methodlat Church
.SAT . DEC. 3, 19.9
Serving at 5; ' 6; 6:S0 P.M.
Call Spring Valley 8-7216, 3-7611
or 37216 for reservation II.
Mr. a.n,d Mrs. Vernon Puraely
enterta.tned 'the "Friends Clus"
Satun!ay eWlniDg at a. "Sadie
Ha.wkln,,\,' day party. TwUDlty
membere were with Mr.
---1 and Mrs. Baughfan an4 famlly ..
gue'ta. A mOlt enjoyable Um. wae
Mr. and Ernest Earnhart ,body'. demana.
&n'd son, David, Miss Clara Da,, when It becomea &relook
gbler, Mr. Mrs. Robert Earn Ing for trouble.
,-----_ .....
Mr. and Mra. Harvey Burnet
Ed Burton
. -.- _. --4
f, -- -- .. - _ .._-_...... - --..... ,.
; Prepare Y Car Winter
II .. PERMANENT AN1:1FREEZE Prestone ' & ' Zerone
.. . ALCOHOL - Zerone . . '

-- --- -===r
. "",--, _ _ J
Genuine W.Uter MUfflers
. . .
And For All
01 Gus.
w,ere Friday ' gueets of th'e latter-I
brother, Dr. Ernest Rosn&lle and
faml1y of LoildoJ1.
Major J. M. Stocktop of' '9tian
In$.on D. 0: haa been the hpule
guest of Mr. apd Mrs . . Ernest H ...... .
Ian tb'e lut
Sunday .atternoon caners of Mr.
and MI'II. H&lTT Graham and
mother nre Mrs. Harry Holmes,
MJ'8. Ella Loy. Mrs. Neille Mont
Mrs\1 Anna IbwIIer and .
daughter aD of Dayton.
Mrs. Forest Oonrtn of Dayton
' has been vleltlng the put week
with , uncle and , aunt. Mr, and
Mrs. Robert . Col'WiJ1. .
,'Mr. and Mrs. WUllam Ross and
daug'b.ter atit.ended an N. Cj R.
PubUo notice II hereby gtven
that Oblo central Telephone Cor-
poration hu ftled with The Pab-
-lIC'UtJUtter'COmmfaslon of OhIo
an ApplloatloD, the IUbltaDoe and
'prayer of whlob 'are to Increue
,Ita ratea and aharIJ- tor tele-
,phone aemOll od to me Ita Tar
iff. No. 11 to etfect
Il'Uch Increases I n rates and
to be effeetlTe OlD the
date' or dat. to be ordered bJ
the CommlB8lon and In th-e 1IIll.
lalblta . thereto attached and made
a part thereof. The pro'poled re-
vllikm4 'Will effect Increuea In
fates and clluiea throUghout tile ,
temtofJ In 'frIdch the' Company
A CO" of the AppUcatton, in.
a copy of the pretlent and
the proposed .che6n1-. may be
lnspect;e4 by &lIT IDt.rute4 party
at the otnoe of ' the COmmllBton,
Ohio Departmata Balldtng, 801.
umbu, Obto, or ' &D7 of-
nce of the Com,...,.:
By, Gear.. B. QlJ&tman. Prealdnt
Noy. II, Dec. I, a, . I ...
' t l ___ _
Funeral Home
T!1at'll how evefJ dre .. In your
wardrobe IIhould bel
Let us clean. your trookl to give
them freshnes8. IUld longer lire!
w. In Town
MR. AND MRS. awu.ES -
Solution to Many Yule Presents
To Be Found in Sewing
Sofit, Cuddly Toy Easy Sewing
By Ertta Haley
Santa Cia us Ust. In spite, or
most energetic_ pl,annl ng? lias
the budget turned out to be slimmer
than your gUt n ed ?
a' wonderful solution to many gi.!t
problems in your sewing machine
nnd the scrap baC_
U you're looking for an attrnctlve
beh for a teennger, an extra spe
cial needle case or pin cushion for
Aunt Martha or perhaps an unusual
looking 8acliet tor fashionable
frlenii Mary, chance. are that you
enn find some decorative
trom the Labric 8crap bag,
Or, perhaps ybu're like a lot of
other who, 'conslstenUi go
through , remnant .ales and find
there . are. maDY lllece. -of , material
which look. "Interesting" enough to
pIck up, and these arE; stored in a
drawer. .All these may be' of value
to create an array of dollarwlse
So many people' value 'the dis:
t1nctiveness , of a homemade glft
that pnl thought cate sewed
Into It, that you need not , be the
least ap.prehensive about givln,g It.
Study , those to whom you're giving
gifts, and see i1 you can't come up
with some clever and attractive
Idea that' wiU lJIean so mucb more to
them than a more expensive gUt
to be bought in haste and regretted
the next year_
Homemake Appreciate
Boaleb'old QUIs
Friends of yours, 'married
single, who keep house even on II
small 6cl\Ie, are easUy pleased with
any number of Items tllnt can be
whipped together in a jiUy. Their
bobbies nnd homes give you the
key to their
Enchanting- _ tlla , (and coffee>
cozies are a speedy job on. the sew-
Ing macbiqe and make . a suitable
gift for any woman who gather. a
friends togetheF after
noon for chat an,d
'Make the COQ In the ,hape of a
ClUIU1!ng little cottage, using white
Clotton fabric for the frame of the
houle. gree!l cotton for the r,oot.
Doors and sbutters can be appllqued
machine's zigzag-
ger attachment. A scrap of cot-
, I
Youngsters' Delight
SCRIPTURE: J .. remlnb 1: 14:7-22: 20;
2:2: '..2.1; 32: 11- 10 ; 37-39.
pl "no I : 12-20. '
Spokesman of God
LessoD for November 199
I GOD USE of , strange
c;haracters. What Bhari we
think of a preacher who trred t()
beg oU trom being a preacher?
I What can we mll,ke of a man who
actually reproacl'led
.. ere are two endearlne tois
which ,ou caD turn 00' with tbe
belp of
your sewlorr maobtbe
delli'ht {a child'. heart OD
Chrl.Unaa mormn... :l'ou'll find
your looal sewing cenler 'uU of
suggestions on 'hlngs to sew for
tbls busy seasoD and tbe IIcrap
ball' will offer limitless possibil-
ities for dresslor stuifed dolls.
God for
: him Into the minis-
try? How shall we
rate a mall .who in
time of war urged
his own lIatioD to
surrender, who was
bellel(ed by almost
nobody, who was
repudiated by his
own class and, even
his own family?
What can we say of a man who
was often in hot water with the city
authorities, who spent months of his
time in )all, wbo was called aubver
would appreciate a clothes "In sive. and who ne-ver got along witlJ A
apron. This can be mnde from a the established religio!l of hli
small scrap of sturdy cotton' in a time?
Looks Real
DARLING little creeping doll
thsit looks almost reaL She's
solid color, with the . aist band The propbet Jeremiah ' was tllat
and the pockets trhnmed; in a con- man-; ,yet p06terlty honored him,
trasting floral print. His owh" generaUon , thought him a
. No one Who keeps house l!an ever liar. But some then knew, us \ve
have enough pot holders. A set of know today, that he' was a teller
two or 'three of these is eas ily of God's truth. II spokesman of Goli.
from gay materi als. Or. if
you prefer, put , together some '
quUted mittens that can be !.!lied Was he a pessiinist?
for ha,ndllpg hot things about the WE KNOW (Jer. 1) that Jeremiah
kitchen. Floral sprigged prints arc did not wish to be a prophet "Vheck\ld" Enamel
popular for the mitts, and the cuffs In the place. t\wl,lgh
can be ' piped with a solid-colored Isaiah he back- not lrqm, a QUESTION: Is th!1re any way to
matching maleri al. -sense of sin but .because he thought smooth the enamel on our wootl-
Make Prac'lcal Gifts of hImself as a mere chilC\- work without completely removing
For 'he New Brides We know (chap. 20) that at times It? It has sever&! coats of vuious
New homemakers are rendlly he was thoroughly dJscouraged colors of enamel and varnisn en it.
pleased when they' think ot thJngs , about himself, and even, cursed There ,are tine cracks or checks
for their new bomes. Since they're day .he was born.' It is also true that in somlc of the enamel. Could we
bound to be enterlaininlt a lot, in the 'last war ' wagcd by hll little rub it with turpentine Cf some.
frilly hostess aprons are certain to cou!ltry of Judah : belore It was thing, then sand it before repaint- '
give thelJl a glow ' of p]ensure. 11 smashe'd, his advioe firOm begin ing? If we h,ave to remove all the
you want to make the gift more ning to' end WBI ".surrender," , ' old how shOUld we do that?
elaborate, make the half aprons No wonder, people thought him a Use a paint and varnish remfilver?
match with a ' brmge and napkin pessimist, . a calamity-howler. We walilt to repaint our woodwork,
set. before we caU him luch namel we' but tholse checks ' dhoW through so
Place mats and breakfaot cloths Plust ,remember two thingl. First that it doesn't look nice.
are another of the great needs ' Is, that his unwillingness to be a I
which uluai1y bBve unless prophet. ' and the fact that 80 to ANSWER: You have the right
thc)1 were heavJly "showered" pre. speak he l1ated' the Job, marks a Jdea, but In reve.rse-that is, you
nuptually, These may be Ilmple, vital fact: he, perhaps .. v en more should ,use the san.dpaper first,
plain coltons with contrasting tape than other prophets, sensed the dif- and then oU turpentine
to bind the edges ,or flor.} plastic ference between his own ' Ideas and If you were
cloths are
tG wipe what God wu /laying through him, 10i ,to you w01;lld have to
clean. . -' . EveD wben "bat the Lord tak(' 0_'1: all the finish; but
of the clotfet aid waa Dot what they t1aem- as you are go 109 to use paLM
accessories are another ' of the ' RIves would bave wlsbed tG agalll, I[ do not believe it . will be
lt6ms 'that might be appro. ay. they .poke for .be .Lord necesllary to take off aU the paint,
prlate , ,a .et '01 The otb,er &biD, wblch would be a jqb.
thre.e .,-pr more of the 1 10 remember Is tbat ' wben the lind checks should be
material lor lingerie ft. aim. " eve,rybody wanta to bellege a I out smoothly so that they
pIe ,gift would be a quilled'P!astlc " pleaaDt lie. aDd a maD come. , WI I.) nl!l show tbfOUih the Dew
handkerchfef or h'ose' conialOer into!, alons leUins the unpleasanl fimsh.
wlilch you've tucked a \ sachet JUllt &ruth. be t. not a pelllmls', he
to make them mor:e interesling. I Sa IIlmply' fae'l. From Burbot
lor the Jeremiah IItood by ' the facts as Liver ods fro", the snakylook-
take flO to sew and Goli' gave, hi", Insight to lee them . . ing, fish the.
mak!! a charming glft_ Choose the If they Jailed' him tor it, he coutd burbot. :Vleld to elght hmes ,
fiprals, ,- or use plain mater-Ials not help 'that; but they could not Il?ore Ul, vitarnuuo than codliver
pIped wll;h contrasting shut his mouth nor close biB eyell, ,oil.
With a little time to spend, " . ---:--__ --''--_-'-____ ..:..
you Wiln,t to up , " F. Y
these 10weIs witW apjHiques. Was ,be a " .or opr
Scrap Yields .' I JEREMIAZi \jIas constantlY
Olns for YOUDg ' lllry ' cused ot acts and attitudes whl$ U. S .
. Don't think for' a minute' that you today " might-be "subver-
have to buy expensIve and fancy 'sivll,'l though he dearly loved his
toys for the the country; This was bqcause he dared
nicest , gifts 'ever lIeen was to rebuke the ambltIons at bis
made, a PIece of COl,lIltry'S leader.s.
old .t 'had a, Tbey said: Our counJI'Y shall be
dO\l(1l th!l back so free I But ,knew It wouJd
be easa, aU tor II not be free. They ,said: Our king
tubbing. Overalls the buir- will conquerl Jeremiali knew I)e
DY and werl! made , from a small woulB end his days a prlsOIIer.
scrap . of checked unp'opular, to put It
. with , the bib outlined in mildly. because he advised his
blue bias tape. , . country to take the only place
01 tea cozy Is the quilted 't'ersion
of the flower-sprigged cotton that
has lining and lIn!ng and cov
er stLtch\!d together 10 one opera.
tion with the qullter attacbment.
' Homemakers wl10 are used to a
Weekly. and wasbipg
a, 10 fabric, easier al
. to .i\bouette and-geDerally Dew-
er aDd more feminine look Ins
Is the bloDSed lult fublon. This
Is Ute fasbioD which I. rapidly
becomloa not oul, the esteb-
litIbed Ityle lor the seaSOD bat
for SpriD, well. BoU.woven
Dovelt, tweedl, .heer woolens
llid otller fine fabrics wltb their
drape and color. have added
impel.. for ibis Dew mood In
nits. BlDce the laterm ts ID
tile .0ft17 belted couto. of u.e
blo.... ekI.... . r e IImple,
-ate... ... lheatIHlke. TIle
II&1Ie .. aeeIIbt .or tile tlellder
....... .. .".,.,. .. &bon-
Soft thy!! 'such as these are esrie- among the nations 1\ could take-
cially gooir"for young babl,,! since an humble one. . '
th"ey won't hurt aqd df . 'as DOW, Persona
course, there', no breakage for thlb" thai pa'rlotism meaDO be-
to clean. When madl! care- Hevlng )lours 'I Ute perfect
the , clothes should come off conDtT)' f aDl'ODe potoSa to In-
easily for laundering instead of be- justice ID oar land, sbme one
lng, sewei:l ,to' the doll or anima'1 ' may ,ell, "Deporl,. blml" But
, All. sorts a! dolls and' animals Jeremlah- IhG'I'ed wbal II
be made frozp scraps of mate- ' &rue patriot, Be 'I, no' Dece .. r-
rulls such as are found In' fob Uy ..he man who approves an
r1c -bag. Make your own patterns, Ute forelp policies Gf btl Da.
or buy thl)m U you feel you lack tiOD (Jeremlab' approved not
insp1ration. ' , ,
one), Dor ,&be man .pelks
UtUeo J irls from six, to eight and only eood of his oount!')' aDel bls
older will ,be partlcularly fnnd of I '
, '"I peop e, " ".,
you if you do somethlnjt about reo
plenishing their doll's wardrobe. The best patriot II the person
Its easy enough to get the doll from who, ieein" his country al God
the mother for measurements iuid lees it, . wij1 dare ' to speak out
then to make an,. number or ', against evil be finds It,
dresses, bonnets, underwear. ,coats, ' ." '"'
blankets, etc. depending upon , the A ' Way to Know God ,
extent of your ,gift. JEREMIAH' knew ,God well. and '
Bibs for Wlll - nev_ the trouble with his contemporar-
mothers, whether." the cbii'ct [E tes was that 'iqey did not know God. .
teething or in the stage of learnlnr But Jeremiab did not 8IIy:. "Know
bow to eat, Terry cloth from -a-n ole G6d by becoming a prophet like
towel might be I!sed. and trimmec me," for he' knew that only' a few ,
with tloral material. Plastic Is gool are called to be prophets. Neither
for such purposes too, and ' thi: did he lay, "Go to church oftener,"
is usually finished with bia. tape, tor lOU, can see In chap_ '1 what he
Teeli-A,ers WIU Cherllh, though, of the Temple of his Ul1'le.
These Xladll of GUlli He pointed to the "ODd king
Belts are the big rage amonr Josiah (chap. 13), That kinK had
teell-ager, right now. ' The gUt thaI found God, not In a mystic vision
can be made l ia a twinkling is L Uke Jeremlah'lt not in burnt of
bution-tJ1mmed belt thaI rerInls and .acrincn, but In the
can be worD with any party dress dolog 0; justice, looklni out for the
or as a llamo!' accello17 for blouse exploited, carini the belpleu.
and skirt combination.. Plain .eeinl that justice WU dOh
striped or polka-dotted tCo:s,rt,b\ ,Il.1' tho Inw ..... Uon couIIeU
ribbon, ranlln. In width. from t.wo of R t,loIIII I!;dua.UoD on lIeJIalf of -
to tolU' Inches caa be u.aed. ReI__ iii
14 Inches, the body Is made of
soft- coUon, hair of yellow yarn,
features embroidered. Her ward
robe consists of a diaper and com-
[ortable one piece romper.
Pattern ' 1'Io. 15323 conslo,s of pnt-
terqt ll1r.terl DJ reqlltremenl muklng ' a nd
Unlsnlng ftlrecllDl18. cblot "tlar. ror em
broldor y And lIIus tra Uon".
( u '; ,
0110 s ,'; Weill ' 6', <l.I ..... 1, m.'
Enclose :w conll, fot pattern,
, Aclclr.,.
,People Can Be

In,lyouY way to be kiDd to th - 'Iv... '
'l'bey dou't whip their .y.teml witb
barab, paihful ca lhartlci. lnatead, thel
tum to Nature', RelD!ldy_ For Nalure.
Remedy, Nt tablet&, ia romp,*", e!!t.U,tly
Oflllltuial, vegetablelaxai:!vee-eo
mbolL people tab them at nigbt beca)lM
, ill Dot 6turbed, yet regularity
ill acooJ;!lpliabiid the lIHt momln ...
Try lR.t our 811118_. 26 tablets 26c,
Buy Ii bolt at IWY drull .tore and try It.
. If you ari! nof completely _tisfled/.r,eturn
the bo:o:.and Itnwoe!l tablets to ua. we will
refund your money plu. \>oetage.

, . '
What '
can YtU do
with Plastic Wood?
,........,.., W.L .:. '"
Wo;" I, ,..t.d f. I ....
1111 ....... .,... ... cracIta I ..
hll "' ........ 1 ... I,"e ... Id.
; .......... _ .. , ........ _ .. ..,. .. '
: .
! 1::. __ OOtJAW O(JtIG ' .
-, "LivinqlOy"O:nq .=
. .,.,. M " Funl Make Donald act. sUve on your Bilger,
.,.. You lot rin; GIld III'cret mnllDot!o control_ No
tf!!.!J. ,trings! No IIprinl!lll No ' WII'OS or bJattOrloe!

..... : NoUlin, to lOP out oC order-DO ,ldll noodod..
c> w. ,.... E!'8y IDcluded .
wrth each rml_
Whole-wheat nourishment richer , ma\tfe,
tate iD .V8l' apooli!u1! o,t hap-get P6)PI
fir' .. _MltS1I ClilIIII,. IELl.OCl'S. ,
..... .. _II ..... ::: .. y, '
.. --.. -.--- ..
Thunday,Novemher 24, lM9
1l0N'T .... n oil' .1.'" lit. for
be " tl"... rllnll,
Beboo eqUOC,. al Cbl.opr,,,I.
1111 N, Mo,ldlha sl.. Inoll/.Dopalb. Ind.
B Dent TeohlDlelQu. Sturt your own
,lab(>r .. lorr ,Be In busllleaa for yauraell.
lndlvldu" ' J""trucllon. Write toduy for
complete Jnformnllon. Ohio Sobool 01 lit
.lIaalo.1 DOb""Ir,. 1111 Pr pul .
D.,I .0, Vln.laod 111. Ohio.
SIxroom tlou , IDrile barn, weU equipped
d.lry; lool1t.'<I five mUe. enS! 01 Peklli.
Ind., all the Blu.e RI"er Rd.: electricity
_d wllter IYlltem. S .,
Lilli. Terroll ,
ltara. 'RO II :, I'e"la. JD4'ana.
tl l\1t.rtll\In, 4< prolllllblO HOllie WO'k.
lie your own bou. Details free. Wrlle
JilEN, WOMEN,. Club..
Ko,ke 301) " pront ho)p. kill the don-
lerous ,nls. DI.trJbute 25 ! I pock"I
1n03eY.bDc:k 1114:lIIIle.,d Kils",,,n B'olll to
Have apc.nlnts for na.rcaslve Ilouscwlvl!l
io d<;mo.... \r .. t 'lperlar .Quallty soCt <pi.,."
lie on pl nn: monu(aetur.d In
ott. , wrile
le8Z1 lI.rkl.,. lid., Dayton, 01>10'
tJA V. '100.00 on .upm-, Fr ... e r.. BrUDd
NeW-Ali lead ng l.fllkes.
Bearlr. F .. r It. ra, Ohio.
C1erldnll ond 'Au.cllon Sal ,
at the WI onola Seb.ol ., Ad
... deed Aletlo"eerlnr-, Malll,oD. WlleGD"
.10. P. O. II, .. , 268. 8C1hool term al arlln"
on. " ..U.' f.r .r .. ClAtalo,.
PECANS .... PEANUTS, Shellecl PecalUl
JloUon poll. 14,00 pp. Shelled Pea nuts, :I
lb., SI ,OO: 5 for 12.00 pp. SAM Wi ....
JeAMMOTII IU!lLIillIl Peoon Halve.: 14;
(lollon tin pall. 1'1.60 pp. Sollafd.UoD
'Jlu Qrontoed. SOUTHERN COM.
PANY, I Me IItb Ave., 1;; (, Dee"tu., AI
WHY UAVE- nOAoflEsi'R"D klLlll
llooch , W. ("rbUIIS, elc. Not pallon 10
!luman. or poll . tll.00, Roslp. ld. , . H.
ClOWl."'G, _ Ohene .. e .I, 1I0alt.a 1 Tex.
)00 Clr .. l.. ...Itoro 11.00 Postj>[Jd.
MimeographIng Ink 11.20 Ib .. Stenclll
.1.20 \lor dozen. ALBEE. =86' Wei'
ARTlIRI'I;IS, NEURITIS;' nm::l,c 1':M""" A'= T=" J8"' M"',
E.lmtnAte PBln. NO DRUGS.
A"o .. HUN71NO!ON, W. VA.
Ie,.p POlted on V.I ....
., Re.dlnl the I ' "
"A ,.
a.lpi bllIJd at.mlna - heIP.I built!
_tltIIJI .. to corda, II ..,Ilnptors oIDa't
--' trDourb' polUral ...AD
Scott'l II bIJh ... elVJ'
. . .1 .... oC .,.'}..r4l "aD
Vlta",lal, .ft. '." .... ,.
lluildllUf aatllrol 011. , ElO.j
t4 take, Many d.etoro
Ncomlllund it I Bu, todaJ
at 70\11' dMIII lioN.
, J
MOlE than lUSt a tonlc-
it'. po-'vl
'a I,.,I,I WO S,
1.1.51 LICII
raJlC,a, .,,--.n

F.or Your Future Buy
U. S. Savings Bonds
A leo h' 0 I 'i c s
ar. 18 EGPLE In or,ODI Deed
of proper 'realment. 3 to 5 dOYI
1I0lPllauzaUOD .equJred, followed II,
weeki 0' ".arJou. neeeisary tonle.
prourlbed II, our ' LIcenleO Pbfll
CIaDI . No cllar,e for booklet or pri-
"ale call1UlLaUon.
tGJ4 MonCromery Rd .. ClIlelllDaU II.
;lillo-Telephone RBdwood
t: ,
coniaina magical lO",NOl '
Finer' Quicker ; Belfer IOe and 2()1'
Mother, ,au know What won-
derful relief 'OU get when ),011
rub on VlcllB VapoRubl
Now ... wbenyour chUdwatea
up In the night. tormented with
croup, cough ot a cold, bere'a
a .peciol to use Vicks
VapoRub, It's VopoRub Steam
-and it brinis olmwt
Put a !food spoonful of Viets
. :VapoRub In a. bowl ot bollIng
waUlz: or va.porlzer, Then , let
, your ch1ld breathe In the
.oothJn8VopoBub Steam, Med-
vapors penetrate deep
intO cold-congeated UJlW broil.
ch1al tubes and Y KS
br1Dg reUefamth Ie
l1re4lh/ V oRu.
I ALLU8 BAY iller. ain't no barm In
beln' he!ldetrang, ' 10 101llr a:a ,.0'1'.
headed In' tile rlgbt dIrection.
...... d Jt(n"JUJi .. W""-,, IIprIDaIloI4. Er,-
. ,
J4ND SAKESI J jait can't keep up
with "Table-Grade" Nu-Maldl NoW'
It's b.,tter '0 ever. Yep. They've 1m.
pro.ed my favorlte' lIPread made
It even belter taatlu' more smooth
IIPreadln', ADd new Nu.Ma.ld's got &
brand , ne-,v package to k"ep that
sweet, churned-fresh aavor lIeIIIetl
In! ' .
TBl!;BE'S LOTS 0' folka jes' like
penni ell-You ean't change 'em 1\0
matter bow hard you trY.
IS paid Chrloilt 1'"",", HI..."" N. (1.
. , .
IT'S PLAIN to see tho dlfferenoe In
cakes "n plea when you bake wIth a
top qua.l.Ity shortnin'. And that
means new, Improved NuMald-the
beUer-lhan-eV4ir mlU'gll1'ine that.'.
gobd tuUn' illiteel,.

will be paid upon publication
to the first oontrlbutor of each' &C-
, eepted ' .aYlng or Idea. Addr
"Grandma" 109 East Pearl Street,
CinclnnaU 2, OhIo,

_. - -
Ath FAllU.Y HARDW,:m ... f:. =:
I Twin Theatre, Waynesville = RATEI: On.o.nt per word, O. Role .. . .. . .. ,ro- <nr Cf:r' -r:r tSl = .,
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ATTEND 11IE CHURCH OF YOUR FAI'nI ENJOY A GOOD II! Thrt. In.trtlon. for .h. prlo. V. HID ........... 11& 115. IH. 485 115 1771 1
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= 'BIRD' DINNER FOR FA.UILY DESSERT SEE: .,'" l 0 WG'. orma 0 oat ._n...
I"'u 1"

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! t W'! . t HUNTa AND ltaCK, NOM THa TypaWRITIlR OF JIM JON ..
.. Teama With No Man' In A Sequel To "Belle Starr", Remember? . ec. J mmg on 211 t.
. Belle Starr's Daughter
E Spartans Win Two More Games '
::: AL:. CHAPT. 12, DICK TRACY AND: FOX CARTOON .;; cubIc ,.srct. We alllo dellYer. AltK- g
ITAOE.t: SON, Phone JOin. tr The W.1DOIvllle ItPart&1ll kept
____ tbelr lUI Ilue clean by wlnDlnr
The reeen. was a gam. filled
wltb action aDd .xclteain't dOWn to
til. hnd horn with lh'e loc.l. ntt
tlng tbelr eecond 'Win. 11 to 25.
The little Spartan. led 10 to 2 at
the balr and It looked a. If th.,.
coaat to a "Icto..,. but tbe
picture ehonrecl aa tba cond ball

WANTE[)- To Rent. rarm b,. tint loqu. pme rrom H.r
Knock On Any Door
tlie month. n.feren08l. Leoma ,..e,.burr '14., and Imearftllr Cen

.. . W'7uelTlll.. Phone 'ernUl. II' 16 (0.
Sunday Shows Continuow From 2:30 P.M.
I 2821.
'rho'rica1ar .tartlq Uno-ap of 53 _ . -
Timmy BlmplOn, Earnhart. 8heean
= E D ONLY A' I & N 8 t1 NOV 29 roR SAI.E- 18118 tt,6 tOn damp and Btanl, took the Door laat 1'l1.
TU S AY nlma. ature at es -. = truclt (tr'o,rd), .82/i0. In lhape_ 53==
Sahu and Gail Russell In SONG OF INDIA
1== lin' Bun.oco Service. Wayuee. da,. nlPt agalnlt the Hane,..burlJ
'1''''1'11 and rot offlo a raet Itart Ceoterrllle came baclt bllM willi
leadl ... 11 to & at tbe end of the

t== roR 8ALPJ- Hog built to . flrllt quarter. The con-
H -pofntl to the looala 3 In tbe
3rd perfod and took tb. lead at
1613. Wayneevtlle I.V .. tur'"
ed right around n.ttlng It In lb.
::u: and le4 28 to
Plymouth, Brockton, Lowell and villo 2001. nUt
Texas Eastern Continues Expansion' I /iroo. bunplow. .
, Concord Nashua N R' d 00 Cl>n l on. Phon. Wa1ftN.
Rllr'fe,.!!burr I'll a gllmp,e or lut , period to Centerv1ll"1 9 to
Joy in the thlnt .. lAd .by eelt out a tbrl11 packed 27-26 viet-
Wllecm they 8 Quiet "mel. ory. HUitiocU. Robblnll and Jor
to come wlthln t points of t,.lng dan led the way for W&1neavllle
the lcore When Wa""eevll1e got acorlng 10, 9 and 7 point. leepect.
Texas Eastel'n Trans mission year fron: its compressor st ation
Corporation today asked th.e . n ear Ohio, as far as
Federal Power Commission f oi' Concora, Hampshire, thru
authority to COl1stru t additional a new pipe line.
pipe lIn.e faCilities t o sel'Vc utili - The new line would !' loop," or
ties In the .New England area parall el. wi th aOinch pipe, the
with as much as 200.000,000 existing incH lines from Lebanon
feet of natural gas per' day by to ' Connellsville, Pennsylvania.
. From Ulat the eXisting
owner- of the Big anll Lit-
tle 'Big Inch pll e Una system
which virtually u I' I' O.lI n d
Wjlynesville fil ed its request by
amendment to a previous appli-
cation of March 10, 1918, in
which it origLnally made known
Its desh'e to serve New England.
Texas ' Eastern prOI osed in to
day's amendment to the
. New England area by transport
ing up to 45. billion cubic feet per
e '
inch lines would be used for the
'.ranspbrtatian of addll:ional gas
to Lambertvllle, New Jersey. An
additional 49,200 compressor
t{orsepower woult! be in talled
on the system. From Lambert-
ville, a new 26ln h HIli! "(ould be
built to ut ility systems in Green
wich, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Der-
by, New Haven, Hartford, Wa-
terbury and Naugatuck, Coli.ncc-
ticut; Springfield, Holyoke, Wol;'-
cester, Bc;>stonj New Bedford.
. ' . ' IS COMING -. LET US
Hastings' , Garage

television ,
.... just
carried .. 00'1"
29 lb . ! Compact io .ize
.. - 16
1'2'" UI.n/16"
dup. No special lIand' 011
lable requiftd.
Plu, il in
Ihere is AC curran. in uy
leJecastinl area. 'Sh back
and ic!
complete with antenna
scrUR ,iyet larret piClure
. . . dearer, bripcer
Iml,e. on 28.1 square
lacha of Kreen. .
New TuniD."
. simplilied concroh for
quick lUIIiDI. J2'jIO.icioD
cuner f.or .11 leleYi.ioD
Rich.looIeiD, cabiDet in
Imulaced leacber. Self-coo.
'Iined lu .... .et,
tompl!" -h.h Goldeo
BtUiUtIIJaL ..
_oo ..
possibly pther 2184. U.slt
the' area.
FOR SAL1!l- Coal. blaolt. aile 18:
"Texas Eastern is ' eager t o 44. long. ,120: Black an4 red. wool
serve the New England arca." and rayon drell!!, 'II; Blaok and
R. R. president of 'I'I' X- 1Vhlte 2p:le\=9 dreill. '8; Oold
aR Enstern. said. "We feel t hat drellll. ,,: Blaok. blue trim dreltl,
the character of our service and t6 ; Blact linen dre U; Black
our rateR will be attractive to ,aklrt nouMe front drea. tz- All
utUitie!' a nd customers In the drel!lIee .Ize 18. Mrs. Olenn Holt
New England states.'! Mr. Rar- Ingllworth, MaIn It.. Harve,,"'url',
grove added that further details Ohio. 11-1O-8t
of this nro.iectwould also be an W:rUC ARB. J'O:R CmLD1t1!ll!f-
nounce<f at the hearings. By the da,. or durtnlr eft1ltnp.
mo'fSQ and led at th.. end IvaI,.,
of the tblrd period.
.1 2 II ... T
1tarY.,.bul'f .,&111 lDoved fut Centerville 2 0 14 I 26
at .th. o!)tftlbg of tbe lut WaJileevllte 7 3 S U 27
perfod q'aJn .movel1 Into BOX SCORES OF VARSITY
.trlltlng dlltance but Woyneevll1e Waynesville ro tr T
oame dl'fin!t back to leore 15 polntB Tlnney .. 5 11
and 10 on to win "'34, Stmp_ol1 6 G 11
Dan BlmOlol1. 1aek TIru1ey. tt.r- Earnhart ,4 4 12
Ian. I!lI.ntl\art ted tbe wilY with 16. I stante,. '1 1 ' . I
11. rua4 12 1IGlntB reepeettvety. 1ftl I!lbHlln I 4
Te?'as Eastern's dally sales ca- C.lest& lI'I'tle19, !!loath it.,'
oacity wlll from Ita Ville, PhOlJ,f 1m. .
'IOJl ".. blp Icorer for .Hlln.,... I TawIOIl 0 (J (I
bare wltb 1l pOltlt., O"Bantoa. 0 0 0
prp!:entJy authorized
cubic feet per .da'y to 940,000,000 FOR SAL'Bl - ft.rooWl boulie,
1 I I ''I' Harve,..bur.r FG I!' T
Rar.e,..1Iurg " 10 10 9 34 DII'ft. . f 0 a,
If the application Is lights and Water. storm doors
and Wlndo'\Ys. Enclosed porch. 1
WaynellVill. 11 10 9 16 47 DO.ter 0 I I
Tb .. Wal11enttle rtllenee Bell 1. 4
o I:ar garage, sfde drive. Lot 50x
their nnt wta 01 tlltt illirI.oi! WIiOIt 1 1 I .
tmuB4llnt IhrYeriborc SO to 18: AI- Hawthora. 1 j Ii
Huntei'll Abulle
St,,\-() LaWB Here
Local /lamll wardens have
1formed the GlIZette that tbl. nar
tbeNl ba8 been conlllderable abulle
or the atate huntlnc laws In tbe
Waynesville area.
The '!DOtlt .trequnet
recel'l9d haa been that of hUllteri
being active on . SUnday.- Others
'have tresp&S8ect on POIitect iaM
lea.vlng gatea open and cutti ng
One lucb penon. JUldll Crlfer
of wal alll)rehend"<1 )'"
Game Wardenll Brant and WRit,,"
of Wa7ttellvllle for
hefol'e the leg., bour. The
r bad IIhota at about 7 A.M
wl,len the da,'i hUnting legally' be-
glnl at 9.
Crltell ftl U5 and .. C08te
b,. Squirt Ranker, of Lebano'n.
, --0---:-._
A Oasslfjed Ad.
Dead Stock
to Size
and Condition.
, ' ,Call
Xenia 454
Xenia Fertilizer
E. G. Bucbtlleb. Co . .
LIve WIre a.nd Progresllive. An
organization aecond to ' nODe
StrIctly 8el1er8 on tbe beat aU-
. around market In, the country.
For 'Dally Market R.porte:
WHI0 Dayton. 12:60 E.S.T. Dial
1300; WLW CinCinnati, 1340
Accorliing to size anil l'ondit ion.
All Stock I'emoved promptly.
Horeeal 12.110 Cow.. ,1.60
HolS - 26c per cwt. '
Phrme Collect
Xenrl'l, O. 1712 0/1 .
WDmiqtoa,. O. ua
150. Price $5,000. Em. P. Cook,
3rd St . 11.17-3t
u. ... leading Bcorer tor WillOD 6 1 U
the locall wbll. Hopkin. netted 8 ro I' T FOR SALt!: .- Oenerat Eleotrlc for the 101II'II. TiDe,. 6 :& 11
18 In !tood cantltlon. Ph_ \ ., t 4. 'I' StaIIle, Ii 11
32,55 - Ina , Ba"er. ,Ii I., $ ' 8 18 J!!artahart I 1 ,
'. _ . Wa"..ml1. '10 5 8 10 1I'OR 1!!i&otrotUl[, all
.. -- ' . 0 1 It ' ToIll4..,. ,nllllt th' AlIUtlnll "'at .-'"'-Mo" I.
,a,./t",. m. under facto..,. KUar- . . .. .. _
.. ImIt ta UtIIllitYtUe aid allttt 11m"""'" f It
ell. Phone iila4e ' tile KtJIit tit quite .uncom- Bar::;
v,t,Ue 3211. iortahl. dru'* ... t...... IT to 40. 'rc: J' :
lIAtlB Aide Arm Hot Wayn .. 'ftlle acata .tartect rut G
1 I
W,UU' Heater ad A Sehwtn but thle tim. they laia It ' on t.J ;:: 0 11
H .. ...,. Dut,. MotOr Bite. the f1Da1 h'ora. MO"f'Iq .,..,. to I!JIltq 1 5
{rs. 0ejI1 Enu. Pb' J32f , It. lut 1t to lead at till tallartlr jtild&t , 1
ilbll a " to 11 leac1' at the balf. YCMltMy ' 0 1 1 T tnt I( i V -A-- Btaaley. TIlIne, and amPlOa lIept Benp t 0 4
't'OR !'I A U!l . banatnlr .... ,. at the d4m.7- buk.
C. E. MICHENER et In til ftnt IIaIr _.. b rtl
WtltIt of WaYhenJlle . e .... 0 ,.
on atlllr tbe lIOOOIlel IIaIr opened th
i; t ftte . Route 73 Iulla eame 01'1 to keep up
Of All Types
Phone W&Tn .. VlUe 2tllJ . the lIuUt leael 01 10
lostllated.' Brlci. and .. .,..
toe Bid In,. Bheet IDlital work
. of .U Idnde, Lo.eAI :Referllll-
C8!1_ AU work 8Ilarantee4.
. WARREN. BRADDOCK to '15 at the atOM.or th" third J)et'-
Tnll 8011. HaUlln.. 8&l1d. Ora ...
Excantln Wltb Blclt kee.
. Drq.llile Dulld.,lIe ..
WI."".nle. Ohio
Itholle: Wa". ... 21., or 21ft
loci.' fte _ad ft"t fin.hed out
IIlOet If til, .... the $.,.r-
tatll WIlt Yleto ... cma. alON, st
.0' BlmfllOJl ltit th. local. 1rlth
II . marken.
1 1 I 4 T
Mr. anel Mn. l. l. Bunke alten Centerrllle 8 8. 14 15 lie
ded theIr 'carel club In Clnclnn.tI tw........ . u u U ,'11 I"
3 Wayne.yllle. O.
Phone W.ynHylil. 2ItI
On e"enln..
, ......... , .........
...... tI __ .,... iii
........ ..., ...... '" '
......... 01 .at.,'.
1_ IS .......... ...
........ fill,.., ...... '-

larl. D. OalRn

.. Il _
. !,-: 1; ... -1 : .
':.,.. of
' . .. II! .!
, . .,. .. :( .
-.. --- --r - - --_ .. ---- -- 4 .
on H. C. Monson Farm
One mile Northeast of lebanon 'on' State Route 42,
. Bring a neighbor' anu see this compiete feed maker
in operation.
CO. '
.. Your John Deere Dealer
Waynesville High -School,

About Town
Wednesday, Dec. 21, 8 P.M. High, School Auditorium
Mra , Ella Stnnsberry feU nt
ber bome on Main at. 1lU'd hus
been taken ,to Mlddletown hos
pltal where ,sbe Is suffering with
a fractured blp.
e azette'
Mr . and Mrs. Davis Furnas
bad 8S evening
gueats', Mr. and Mrs . Alva Hart.
Mr. and Mrs, DOn Hawke
bave as tbell' guests t he Inttel"3
motber. Mrs , Nell Anderson Dr
Mr , IIIld Mrs, Dert Gall or Cin'
clJ:'llati. Mr. ood Mrs . J. J . Bur
ske and Mrs . Leah Mills were
Sunday dinner guests' ot Mr. and
Mrs . WillIam Strouse ,
'Methodist' Church. Choir Presents ..
Christmas Cantata Sunday
ynesviUe Legion Secures Home
Mr , snd l\1rs. Douald Br\lwlI ot
Dn:yton were Sunday 01
lbelr parentlf. Mr . and Mrs . J ,
C. Hisey.
... School Choir Plans
Event Dec. 21
'I'he Wayne Towneblp Post 616,
of the American Legion se Mr. Stanley H, Bailey anti
Mrs , D , C. Ridge were In LIma
on ' Sunday, on (account ot tbe
death ot the ' latter's' cousin, Mrs.
Netta M. Sullivan. Mrs. Sullivan,
Pasl Orand MatrolL of the Grand
Chapter of Ohio. O.E.S., baBi been
. a freQuent guest 111 Waynesville,
The Wayti'eBvnle Metbodist oh
urch wUl pl'esent a full schedule
of Ohrlstmas events startlI!g this
Ing a Ohrlstmas (Jontata Sunday
Dec. 18, at 7:30 P. M. , .
The Community Chrlatm.1
program aponlorc:d by the
Wayra.vlllo Clvlo Club will
be held on Friday evening
Deo. 23, at 7:30, at
play both
cured a home. ,
plano and harp eccom I ,
for several of the 'rhe Post has leased the forJD-
Mr. and M'rB. Lewis RiBh of,
west of WayneBv1l1e, ' arrIved ' In
'Yhere tbey wlll the "!'inter
Eau Gallle, Florida, December I ,
with tbelr daughter Bnd son-tn'
law, Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Sum
mers, who are operating the Lou
and Marlln's Trailer Court,
The Contata, , "'rhe Prillce 01
Peace," by J, Truman Walcott.
wlU be presented by the cburch
choir and' will Include many spec
Tthere will be community
Ilnglng and a Chrlltmaa treat'
for the children. ,
Tickets ore now on sale for
.the event for those who do not
300 Atton,d MUIIllh
Approximately ,300 atteuded tha
pl'eaeDtatrOn of the Messiah ,at
er Miami Gazette Quarters OIl'
the alley east or Main Slreet,
near the Locker PJ'lult.' This met
ai structure now being furu
isbed (01' a meetlug unci reereat
The St. Mary's Club enjoyed e
co dlsb dinner at the home
of Mrs. Joseph M. SUk on Sunday
evening. ' ,
. loll' , and Mrs. Ronald Hawke
.entertained to. a turkey dlnne.r on
Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J . Wilson
Edwards, Mr I\.nd loin'. Oeorge
Edwards and children, 1'111, and
Mrs. Floyd Smith and chtldrell'
and Mr , and loin. Oene Rhein
and family. all of Springfield and
Mrs. Emma' McClure at Franklin.
F ARMRS clUB MEETS the Hlgh School auditorium Sun
lal n\lmbers. , FOR TURKEY DINNER ' ciay evanIng. The splendid por.
who wlll be heard In gram au ...... ted man'" out of town
,,1 . btl d Phi II AT STANFORnt HOME .- 7 " , -
sl,ee ..,.. llum ers . nc u a : I) visitors. Doli: OobrIS, director of
'DOD Galu"ls/ Mrs. Ho- . Mr. and Mrs. C. E. the . ' event wlshe. to extend
ward Brown, Mrs . . Kenneth Brad, opened their home on thanks to the Helwlflijn Music
ley. EmDlerson Earnhart. Mrs. H, flll' the December meellng of Co., ot Dayton, for ProViding an
(J, Hodson, Harlell' Ealhalt, MIss Club, with Rev. organ. and to John tso
Jean Hartsock, Don Workman, MIH. R. B. Coleman, Mr. of Dayton; for pla,ylng the organ.
Miaa, Ha'rrlet Workman. ,Miss Tobe :t.1lS. A. H , Earnhart. 'Mrs, C' l ....
'J1he wOJ'shlp ' serviCe E , Eilglngton. Ms. J. E. McCllile.
Ball. and Miss Ruth Mrs Carl Wolt Illld ' Mr . ChllTIOb
monti 10:30 will' West as guests
Clhrlst nnd a ChrIst deconitlol1s
mas' sormon. ' . ulled throuyhout the hom lind 011
Thursday evening, Dec. 22. at 1 the dllllllg robles wbCTe a delle-
7.30 the children of the' turkey dlnl,18r was servell, lar aeBll lop on Mlonllar ev-
will pr'lsent a candle light serv 1 Folwwing the business' 'sesslol with tbe regulall' business
Jce entitled, "The Light Is Come." Mrs. C. E. EdglngtOll ga,ve a tI,'I ' .... lion beld at' eight. ' 'by
. Star Installs
Chapterj 107, OES. met
--0---- This, will be a beautiful and 1m review of the book, "How to
MRS KELLER HOAK HOSTESS llresslve senJce nterspersed wltb WOl'rying If,lId Start, Livill/r, "
of off,iOers for 1950.
The tnstalllDC officers were
Mrs, JUl1uit.. Dewey of Blancbe-
stur. M1's R. H. Hartsock . Mrs.
J , J . BDnke. Mrl. Stanley H ,
Uai :ey , Mra . .H. B,
1\1 rll. Emelt 1 Harlan, Mrs. D. O.
TO EXCHANGE BOARD WIVES ChTlatmalC carols bY the children, ; Mr Oblll' les Wes-t.. guest SPjlnll'!lJjir..J,I'll,v
. Mrs , Keller Hou enterrtalned Theb beginners ,alid " HrSe and' er. choije f.or his topic:
on Monday evening with tbe allcond gTade!l will give a hrelr Policy." and he stated, nmong
and" \JlmiaIn "u,:ou ..... ", Rldge and Mr . J. J. Burske.
Lovely Wide,. the
direction ot Mrs. AT, PoUnBky
Mrs , D R: Smith, werll ser
ved' to tbe many cuests and mem.- '
-..rives ,of the Exchange progrsm. After this mallY Jnt resUng' 1.t:I .. _
:Board < as her guests. As . the lIenice there wru' be, a meeting tthat we are nearer war tban
]loaM were .. ..... chureh -buament ,for:' a ........
their 'biiiiiiWa m - ,iiie Chrt.atmas treat and a. vIsIt froDl Cluh adjourned to meet
!lera. III the dlntDS roam.

ies enjoyed an evening of . cards that good ,Old guy. Santa Claus. wi tb Mr, and MI'8, Roscoe Furnas of the . following , of
and . pleasant convei'aatlon'. in Janun". '.' WIN AWARDS
--'--I)- -- -I
Mrs. Carl PltsUck, Mra . H. VETS AO; - CI:.ASSE8 ---'0--- Worthy Ma.tron', Dnrbara Saw' Tbe foUowlng Typlllg II students
L. Rye, Mn. , Rhodes ' TO HEAR TALK REV. SAMUEL K.EYS yer; Worthy Patron, WiIliaDl have recently l'ecelved Senior
lira, PaW Tomllnlon, Mrs. Ron- The veterans' ogrlcultural cal. TO ASSIST ORDINATION Sawyer; ASSOCiate Order of AI:dstl'c Typillts cel't1fi
ald Hawke, Mrs. Oll):lert Frye BSeS of Waynesvlllo High School Rev. Samuel Keys, rector of SmIth; ASSociate Patwn. Robert cales from tbe Gregg W"lter ' Ex
all,.d Mrs. H : R. Moas were those will attend a lecture at the Leb. St. Mary's cburch, Secretury. Mary Earn- amlnlng Board: '
, prelent. anOD: Hlgb ISch'ool, Dec. ,20. by ynesviUe, ",Ill participate In' the hart; Treasurer, Lucile ArmItage: Mary Ann Burton. Dorothy Oh
o E. R. Kock , l,{ock Will 8,peak on first m:dlilatlon sefYlces eve" to Jane M.cCulloch; As eL'OW'Orth. JoAnn Dickensheets,
Boll conservation nnd monago be h'el4 In the St. Mark's Epls. soclate (Jonduclreas, Grace Pre Wilma Uray. Mp.rUyn Hammond.
)Irs. Olive Curl. Mias Ml1}pte
Dodaon, Dr. Emma' Holloway, and,
, Miss Mary BOBton uHended the
WCTU Cbrlatm,a meetlng at the
bome of Mra , A II. Stubbs ,
Mr . and Mrs , Steward Lower
of DaytC!n. 0., Mr. and Mrs. Trax
1er and son ;JlmiDy of Troy, O.
qalled on' Dr. Emma Holloway and
I day afternoon.
- - - Mis/l Olive WllIiams hus return
ed from a visit " wllh her ' IIlece.
Mra. Della HOBS In' Jndlapapolls.
and Mrs. 'Cbarles
Sr . were Sunday dinner guests ot
Miss Ruth Chandler. !
ment , copal church, Dayton, ndergast. Martha Jean Luken'S Reta Belle
Kock Is a member pf the staff The will be held Dec, 'Also, Chllplalfi', MlnnllB Fromm; Perdue, .'rune Ward, Bsther Lou
Dt DrookBllde' laboratories 18. when Rev. Elred Johnston M.arBbIlJL, Bertie Mills; Organlat. Ise Walkins. Joanne Watkin" and
at New Knoxvl11e. He hns dis. ' wlll be ordained. The church 1s 10' Allab. Francea Doris Woollard,
covered varIous disorders ' 11l' live oated on tbe Springfield pike at Whitaker; Ruth. Mary Lou PBllJ)' Mary Ann Burton ' a::lfb ncelofed
stock due to a liulTitlonal deplet; Harries Station. ' er; EHther. I Anthony; a Sentor O. A. T. Pill' for haVing
ion of the soil, and has also de. 0 Marth., Cecil ,ShIpley; Electa., Bubmitted the prize winnIng pap-
LADIES OF FARMER'8 ORANGE Bonita Strouse' W"rden Ruth
Dleans to r"place the los8 ' er
"HAV'E ALL DAV MEE'TIN' G, Rpwland S tl I n R
and t bus 'eliminate the dlsordllrs. ; en na. OS8 ow, ,Competent Typists Speed Cer-
---0-'--- Mrs. L. D. Wooley, assIsted by land. ' Uflcates were adwarded to these
NEW ASSI8TANT EDITOR Mrs. C, Frazier, were hastes. three ctrls: Barbara Hartsock,
Mr, and Mrs. Ted Conover, ses at the ,home of the former; on ST. MARV'S AUXILIAIiIV Martha .Jean Lukens and June
Tuesday of the past week Cor uEETS AT SILK "'OME W Ii
publ1Ahats of tbe Gazette, " , ... ar ---,.-...
are 1fu'MUlIclng the blrth ' of II. the all-day meethlg , of the .flidles he Woman's AUxiliary of St. All members of tbe ,Bookkeep,
of Farmer's Grange No. 13. Twen """ .... ' Ch b t ' Frld ' f 't CI
dll.ughter, Nancy' Ann. W[edn'88' <U.WoI S urc me , on ay a - ng I ass received Junlot Cert-
day., Dec.. 14. at Miami ty members enjoyed a ' deliciouS temoon at the home of Mrs. Jo- Ifleates ' Achievement tor hav
covored dIsh dl.nner: end durlng-. IIhph Silk with Mrs C D Fr" ' In tl f to II I
Hospital, Dayton. The Child , wei -- g sa a ac r y so ved the Oct.,
gbted ItBven pounds, lout qpnces. elrernoon reclpes for Ohrlst 'Ser presiding . , . ober IJookkeeplng contest problem
mes coqkies were also dlr' 'The\ study period on "Modern' anll thei are as follow.: , .
M d M
0 GIl ectlons for makJng Ohrlstmas was conducted by Mrs BillIe Bowles, looan Catn, Doris
Mr. and Mrs. Ea.rl C, lark of r , an ra Bert 11 I , of C r:- tab" deco tI
clnnatl. Mr, and Mrs . J. J . ,e I'a ons. Frazier. and pIaD'S for tllle. coming Charlton, Patnqla Perry, Betty
Dayton called on their aun , t, Mrs. k . d' M L ab "'111 ' 0 , year .,wer , e discussed. Sattertbwalt"'e' , Jack Tinney.. Ru
a e , an ' rs. 'e ...< 8 were O,RDER OF EASTERN 'STAR ..,
Alice Cllairk on ,Sunday afternoon. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and PLANS CHRISTtt'lAS PARTV The group adjourned to meet ,th Wardlow. Betty Wlcal, Genelce
.Dr. Emma Hollawoy and Mrs. ,Mrs , William Strouse. Mlaml Chapter 107. O.E,S., wIJI In Jan!1
W,lth Mrli
Ronald WUkerson, Bnd Dorothy Wilson.
uill t d d th n-.... _ Hawke land during tbe social .
Lelill _ B a ten e e ___ .... n 1J hold their Christmas. narty ---
.. ... hO)lr dal.nty refr,esbmelats were '
served by the hOl!tess L OUTS MEET
, Club Cbristmas party at t e .. ome' !7J Dn Mond, a'y eV,enl,ng, Dec. 19, at GI R 8C
of Kra. Jennie Conner on T urs '. . the MasonIc Temple. ' By Zana MILl! Fulkerson'
day. evenIng. " na A ' All memhers of Miami Cha.ptet --0---,-,--- Tbe ' WaynesvlUe Girl "cout'"
110" 01 d f W II Lo JACK MEMBER ., ..
MISIi Glenna MarBhof Dayton an a lI.ynesv Ie dge 163. F. OF OHIO STATE BAND h,eld tlJelr regUlar meeting on Dec.
guest 01- ber HOWARD and ,A. M., with their famlllel! 8 from 3:8!)' tQ 6 ,P.M. in the Meth.
couain. Mr.a. Lucile Armitage. How!1rd Jobp Coon, 82. died ate Invited to attend. Each person " Jack Mulford, son ,of Mr. and odlat churclJ basement,
Mr. IUld Mra. Gale Russum or Saturday In' GrandvIew hosplt&l. Is to bring a for M'rs. IrvIn Mulford of Route 2, They practiced on their Cbrlst
DaytOn _ vJ8lted their aunt, Mrs. Dayton. after a long illness. He exchange , ' Wayn-esvllle. Is a member of the mae Carols for the cal'oUng.
was a Harveysbllrg -reSident. .. Claus wlU ,make hili ap' .Regimental band at Ohio State troop 'worked 011 their In'-
MargaTea Edwards Oil Sunday S I ' Id t 2 P. pearance and an en, tertalnlng Unlverslt .. , this faU. d
altemoon: erv celli were he Jl m. Ivldua'l projects.
TU8J!1day In Pleasant Or,ove program ,III being arranged. Tbe Regimental band Is one of
Kia!! Anne Elder at South Char Clark county, wltb burlll , 0 four similar orgalilzatioDB at ' Ohio
leBtozi, O. called on ' MIBS , Rutb ,in the cburrh cemetery. Rev: C. MrE!. Catherln'8 'Snook of Oli1. state WIth more tban 35iO, etudent
c,bandlAlr , Thul,"Iiday attemOOD 'A , Arthur oftlcla.ted. and burial , cinl!81tl a weekend guest 01 partlclvatlng. 'There are
MIBS Chandler, who recently was mad" ,!nder the dlrect.on. of Mr, ' and Mrs , Davia 90 members in the lIieglmental
\lated at Dberlln' College II now a tbe Stubbs funeral home, W8"'8S- 0 band; It4 hi the Marcb.lng band;
case , at SblUQen Acrel, vlUe. !In m 80 In thf.' band and 80 In'
MIontcomery Co. ChQ,drena home. S,urvlvlng are the ",Ite, Mlnnte; , the ActivIties band.
, Miss BlIth Ch8llldl.r attend a dllllghtelj. MrsJ Olive Jacoba; a. ' , emoria,In The ' famous Marchlnlr ban4 ,II
Dr. ...d ,Mrs. H. E,
. had as FrIday cuestS, Dr. and
Mrs. F , E . Roan_lIe of Londan,
ohio, Dr. Hathaway III DOW can'
fined .t Orandvlew hOlpllal - for
observatiOn and treatment.
lou rOODl.
'l'he memberS ot the Post lIave
dtlclded to caU the new qome
"Club 615" and wUl
opeO;1 Its recreaUonal facilities
Dec. 1'1 at 1 P.M, The club WlU
be for the e:l(cluslve use of POlit
members and others will UOL be
In cJiarce or furnishing or
glUlllEtn:c the new Q.uarters Ia the
toUow.. wmmlttee. W. A. Lu
ken., Cheater L. Carey, Lewis
E, Tllompson, W. H.
Erwin Ellis, and Ray Morgan.
AuxilIary To OrtanllEl
A Legion Auxlliary for wivea,
motherl, and BIIters of Lellon.
will be 'organized In Way
ne9vllle under the direction ot
lI"s. WUJIam Smith of CUlcln
natl Tile group will be
ell at'. a meeting th1a
<Thursday) at the new
home, '
John Oons was ' Installed 'wor-
Shipful Master. or Waynesville
Lodge, No. 163, F. &: A. M. Tues:
day evening , The instaUatioll' cer-
emony was In cbarle of O. F.
Brown. assIsted by ,George Krag
er and Carl Abaecberl, all of Le-
Other offlcera installed for the
coming year were:
Senior Warden, Donald HaWke; '
Junior ' Warden, John Sheehan;
Charles James;, Treas-
Urer, 'Lowell Thomas; Senior
&Coni CeCil Davis; Dea.coD,
.James , Hopkins; . ChaplaIn, . loe
James; Senior Stewart, Wm. Pen'
ewlt; JUnior Stewart, Max Hart
lock; Trustee tor 3 years, Roger
!lnd Tyler, Carl Smltb.
On Friday evening, Dec. 9, Mrs. ,
A. H. Stubbs was hostess to , the
WCTV at hODle In Waynes-
\'lile. '
, The meeting wall opened by' the
leader, Mrs, OliVe Wardlow wIth a
Bible and Lucy ' Einhey
!eliding In the prayer. , .
After the regular busIness ses-
alon. following' program "All
presented: '
Solo, The Holy City, Phillip
:Workman;. Song. Come AU Ye
World Peace of the Ohr
iat Child. M. H. Cofrey; Bolo.
Away in the Mllnager, Tobe Ball;
The ChrIstian's ResponsiblJity to
FOreign' Born, Rllger Brown; DUet,
It came lIpon tbe Mldnlgbt Clear,
,DaVid and, Doris Brown; Wby I
PracUce Temperance. Raymond
Braddock; Solo" a Holy,
DavJd )Jrown; Song. Silent ,Nlte.
The meeting was closed with'
the UnIon' benedIction .
, '
Mr. L. W. Chandler has been.
quite III and confined to hIs bed
for the past few dap, at hlB
.home on Tblrd It.
A_ RaJmond .11 of ' Harve-"ur'''' I the only "-up ,that will ,make the
luncheon and Obrlatmoa na- of ..,n, , . #WI) .... ...-
" ' ."1 and' nln1l grandchildren. In lovIng memory of Oeorla and tnp to lila Rose Bowl game,Jan.
Alplla PM Cliapter, Delta KapPA 0 ' Boy Petel'8On, who were lrllJed Z III California.
Gamma .at the Van .. Hotel In HANNAH MYRA ROBERTS Dec. 17, 1948. ' . 0
Grocery Stores
Dayton on Saturday. The peat ot Hannu ' Myra Roberta died a.t They say Ume heals all BOrrow NOTICE OF THE ANN'UAL
lIonor .u MIDI WOllI, a Cblnae lIer lome til CbJcqo Saturday And lIelps ua to forpt. STOCKHOLDER8 MEETtI,.G
.tuamt at WdmillltOD CoDele. e.enlDg. The body was llIlpped to BUt time 10 far haa only prO.ed Tb. annual meetlnlr of the
' II .. -- ...... _- ... _ ' XenJ. and arrl\'8d at the How mUch we mila them yet. Stoclrhola.ra of the w;a,n ... m.
r. UIOII .. of WIlmIq --I)' era.! -oma .......... -... mo-..... God N I " 'U A' ..... _.. ... _ ,... WI Itrenatll to flaht It Jtdlllal BUlk for the Ilarpo.. of
fOIl, K1'. :Albert Lee Talm8dp Bhe .... . .. fon$r AIul CCRlI'IIP to 11_1 the blo... to IIIHUon of Board Dlnct-
... 4 11ft aut...-,.. lmIW'OJ9J[ID ,1'HIeDt. t .... t It meet to'ION them ori .'WIII 1Ia lIeld at baUIQ
of ScmtJI lA1IuloIl, ... Mr. CI&r- BarJar.... made In the IIIUDI . No ODe wID ... r kilo.. __ 011 'l'ueI4aJ. 10,
ea. 81Iaffer ot n.;t:a aa1JeI ... ceiIleterr. IDIlIH4 by ;wtr .. motller, 1110, at 1:00 o'cIok P.
.... "81118 ....... on ftllNl1a.JiJ BIIrmIDI fa bar broth.r. Dr. and, tu.aII7. Alma ...... 0.0- " ... m.
after ..... Rqlltrta of CIa1caao. .. .. PttIrIOD Ir., -' ..u,; Drqo.
wili be. open reguiar hours this week and' next.
But on Fnda,Y, De<;. 'l3. will be open unti19 P.M. and
Dec' , 24, open until 7 P.M. (so our employees
may be with their .families Christmas eve).
THE MIAMI GAZETTE W Thursday, December 15,1949
CLASS I FI ED PJan Old-Fashioned Christmas
I Needleworfc Variety
By Making Decoratio,ns at Home
A 11\ .Ill ".. r.hld on rull
col ur lell YU\I ... II au s,1lC1uld k il O",' IdX)ut
old rec .,c. rcC!ipl' 8.
how tv enn, hQw ttl ({(, to /C. t Or Cree
cOPY. ""rite (-l OBI Ofth:c 8mt 11183. New
Yor-lc: R 'York Adv , 8VSINI:l!SS & INVES'I . O .. POR. By Ertta Haley
B DeD'ai Teobl1'cluD. Start )"OUf own
laborn lor),. Be tn bUlines s tor yourself.
In41vlclunl In.tructiOR. Write ' Ioday (0' ONE OF THE BIGGEST and
complete InCo,mnlJon. Oblo Sobool of njAftst pro'ects during tha
Clhnolcal Benll. try. 811 Pro. peel .tVlB-. J III;;
=D:.::e! . .. . holidays Is the decoration that goes
TWO.W"y {,low. "obn D ,. ' No. 202. on
Two IO.lnch Currow.. rlghl or
leU. for n.ny tractor. Nenrly
new. ' ,
Ollu. Cl'ellnr. Mt. PI ....... t . Obi.
SEVERAL .hok ...... ,rala fa' ..... $:).000
up. 'Wrlte L. Appo.... It ....
Vlr,I"'.. .
Farma-,Ia Ualon ZqO A.. Z ,cis
bldRS . lellel, 180 .. A crop. 60 A. timber:
II ,,clls. open walerway, fenced. tll"d.
Pdc. SllS. A. Call or write F. R. lIoly
e.o... ApI.. Pit. IlU. 8M W. lIr4 8t"
Ma .yulll., 0111.. OIlier &00<1 farms 10

DIESEL Enllne Cummins M'odcl RBIS
fan to t1ywllcel, 200 R. P. Like new. S1200.
Don..14 Spealler. Mlne,al Oily, Obi.
TRAXCAVATOR, Ca\erpltlar D2. IlllhtS.
a ... rte. 275 hours lolnl time; oimosl
neW; i!I.711O; all types maeblnery for sllle
or rent.
800 W. M.a,ln. Loal'nlll. Z. Ky.
Into the borne. It's 08 much fun as
anticipating Santa's visit, as warm
and gratity10g as an unexpected
compliment and as satisfying a.
living I .
ChrJatm81 house decorations need
not be either fancy or IIxpenalve.
With Imaglnation, every member
of the family can join In the project
and have a wonderful time. Don't
miss tpls opportunity for getting
the family together. Interested in
making the home retlect the hoU
day splrlL .
It you make a ceremony of decor
ating, you will create a lovely tradl
tlon that linger. In the. youngsters'
as well as oldsters' memories 8
long time. It encourages working
together , and this good spreads to
other tbIpga done throughout many
Don't eonfine the decoration to
tree alone. Spread It to making
F." ... -NJne i n one day. Tr0r. al)'e81 ts f th ti d

H ... Crop Georlla 1' ... n. El'tra Largo on an unlovely pUe' clutterIng the
Pope' ShtU-Grac1.d and PolI.hed. !5 Ibs. desk, Do .omethln'" with those odd
{or 112.711 Prepaid. Send Cnsll or Money ..
B. DAVII, 111 t.', Oil. branches aut ott the tree by uBing
. them al a basis for the table cep
ing Opportunltl es. Men women: high terplece.
pay. Overseas traval. ibKper. unneces Add an imaginative touch to the
ary. Writ. today. SE
MEN'S GUIDE. 114" Uh .. Ne,. ,!{o.k. wreath you hang on the door like
FREEl Somple Copy of Ille flneat CIIII. one family whlcb puts a bit 01 dry
dren. on the markel. Ordor bread pnd luet lor the bird- on It.
AZJNE. Bos 7.8. K.lamauo. Mlohl,... Don't keep the goodies hidden until
COAL 8IGh. ADob.r, hyclJ'aullc tranl' lomeone comes to call. Cookies,
miSSion. .elo<trlo control; realonoble. candles, apples and nu can be
P.o. II.. ITt:, Cleveland 5. Obi.. ....
MONEY FROM WATER, SALT in colorful paper '
AND AlB ' or red Itocldngs and hung o.n
Se.nd 25c In cojn for copvrlchtod Infor ......-'stmas tree or fireplace, .
mollon. P. O. Dos liT!. Del MoIDe., II. ...
J..... Though 70U purchase luch things
PERSONAL al lollipop., candy canes and orna
".,....--:"..-....,-,..-::...:;.=:::;..:.:=:;:----:-- menta, YOIl can frequently 1m.
..... CaD Pia, (be PI.DO by ellr In one
", .. " by the quickest. easlesl .hort-c:ut
.,,_m In tile world: .Ives nll trlclu lJ
and pointers (or playlnl correot Bi\SS
with hand. the main ... cret In play.
in8 by EAR. Write OLENN B. HOOVF.JI
a .... I .. n' Co .. n.D. :. C"a ... " ... .. P ...
Brlok TII.. t", 20D New Uphoiller,,".
Sleel ebalr .- Aulomatic heat. no"
SlmplelL Equlpmenl. SIGr M.
chine. Larlle Neon SI8n
Ideail Family FuU
No E"pe,lenee, to el'lal'
:yearly. :I .oom Apnrtment, Do,
DO c:ampetJUon. 110,000 c..." or
term.. Do" 7, Wa,.a ."III., Oblo.
For Your Future Buy
U. S. Savings Bonds
prove them with a ,little gUtter, a
green or crimson bow and an imago
inatlve arrangement of your own.
everyone wlll want to know
where in the world YOU were able
'EWS that' lIUIkel folks '
sleep ."btl
'J:b_do ._.u- uaditlurbid. bec:a_ of
Ut. hi" IhaUlIeI, bitlJII .... k ...... IIIP' af&or
lIi.hl .. iDAI .. fo_ blOdd. irriIoIi. - ...c 1M
ftlnowo, Lo"1 bope 101 TIIa, _clJtiOll Pole)'
PUll aually orlthln It boun. 81n.. bIad-
... lrrilaliOD 10-10 prewJ ... i 1lIId ,...., Pil .. ""
po&onl Yo/_Ill. PUll 811111 ' benelit f!)U orltbio It
M .... u._ I.t. Get 1'1111 fJ'Olll dnaa-
FDII _tlafactiao .. DOUBIjB YOUlt
T-:y Thi, Delicious
Chewin,-Gum (axative
tq get it. . Can you' ltnagine }four
pride When you ten lhem flaw' you
made It? .. '. '.
, i.
Make your Christmas Tree
Beneet your PersouU'y
Do you remember the time when
. were aVllilable for dec.'
orations? That was when all sorts of
,oodles went on the tree. and best
of Ill. they. could be eaten I
WIle. , "!" .,:.... teu .... . 1.111 -r .. :
beadach,. and Juat .. wlUl necaUM fOil. lIMO
al8l!8the -do t.bJa
Cbew' I'DI'IA IU," - deUcloua OllllWlnl
pm luaU,.. . The actloo-or PUNAMINT.
apeelal medICine .. a"""uu .. tile .touulc:h
"Ib,,' IS. tt doean'\ .cl while la the .1.010'
acb. but ani; when farther .tons til. I
lower trllCt.,,, . WIlBJ'8 WIOIl' \t
to &Ct. You I ..... ,nne apia qulcltlr \ L.__ ..,.. ___ ___ ...,.--.....,
You can keep smaU try out of
trouble it you Bet them work
Itrlnging decorative cllal.n. or
eranberries and pO'pcorn f6r the
tree. Older children can be 'put to
work makin, popcom baDs. To the
popped cO.m is added a syrup made
of simmering 'I.. cup molasses. 'ria
cup eorn syrup and .a tablespoon
Be SmartS
And .r.t'lntlaU cbewlo" I
lfUNA .. fHTa l1tle medlctne more ell8O"
tin - .. r elldl .... It ao It nnw. lIentl,. lato
Qe' ncll.,A .. INT at ow, 10"
41Ng cnun ......- 25. 50., or onl,. . . : 'I
WNU, E ' 50-49
PoullTy: raiten. "rotect ,our flock 111.rut
Its two' worst eftrmltl-wornu Inu lice r
U .. &01 ... wtJRMITB Ind LOUSClD8.
... inlt iftlernlUII"lIitH (lKa!
lib. ....1 WlIR M 1Tl! Ie fOUr Bod ...
wain. COsts Ins tl!an I, ' IIIOfttlJ poi
!liro!. LOUSCIDB fOUl llyen!
IPinlt II.. 'or .... 1, bini pt.
1iOoth. Taite 1d.IDI",
b PrPt. lie .. tile lide.
fOUl _Illy P"!flts t!-
a-.,'J'ITUlm ....
........ .. 51 ...
III IeUOD Dotable for dec-
oration at the Deckllue, wateb
!leW _rtl. vel7 look
.... lrom those of &be put, ODe
01 the iIeW ,.".rI_ Is JmlHed
She"'''' weal, 110ft .... frothy
_ H81 ... Ia tuhare, pr",1Ia
u to eelor. 'bo&her Ia era ....
tne _1& '" nat far, Ieopa1'd
IIeIq ravert.. fer ,.iiaIaI
.............. ...,.. ..... far
..... at ...... allll. V., DeW
............... ..., .. ...
........... 0-. .... .."
CIIIIan, ...... '- .... ..
...................... ,.
,......., ............
Gilt idea
I5CRIP'l'URlii: !lalah ?rI4: J"remlah
29 : 3t : ,1.
, ' DEVOTI01llAL READ(NO: P,alm 1:l9:
Is God Available?
Lesson for December 18, 1949
I Is ever:y good reason to believe
I thait- he does. But when we 'have an
swere.d that questlon In the aUirm
t ative, we ha,ve not settled the most
Important q1uestlons
of religion. There
are the oilier ,two
questions 'o:f equal
importance: What
kind of God Is he?
a.nd. Is hel avail.
able? Let us give
spme thought ' to
this last Question.
One of our' Christ.
mas carols begins, Dr. Foreman
"Draw nlghi 'draw
nigh. Immtiiluel 'I" Immanuel is one
at the names by which Jesus Is
caned, . for ilie Christian church haa
aly..ays reai'! Isaiah 7: 14 as a proph. SMILING faces In
ecy of Jes,u8 Christ. The name crochet and embroidery-such
means "Goel with us" and Is tile an. lovely guest linens I Have a set of
swer to the deepest cry of the towels, pillowcases, 31\1 .r.caJn
heart. _ _ _
God in heaven far away, God the Doubly eM,,,,I", Pottern hos
Irnnsfer of 6 Inotlla 7 x D to o'!o x 1:1
rea tor who set In motion \hIs crochet direction . '
mighty universe. God the A11power.
fuJ ruling beyond the starD, God , Send 20 .. onts In coin. your name . d.
.the Eterna!1 who knows neitliet" dre,. and I)a""rn Dumberl
Detdped a. aD
IOnsleal IDstrum.ent for teach-
inl' basic Ilbrerinl' leelmlques
IUId coordination, UUa Dew bJ.
Btrument caUed a keymonloa
II ' a oross between clarlDet,
"II&rmonica aDd button .ccord.
Ion. Made 01 styrene plaatfo,
the new IIIstrament II&s 10 ba ..
ton keys' reJ1l\aUuI' the tene '"
ZO notel and CAn cover wide
raDl'e of maslcal lelectlonl.
Streamlined plutlc processes
bave IntrC)daced It In a "rle"
of brlgbt eitlortll aod' alDce the
reeds are ot plastic (10DstruD-
Hoo, ,It caD be washed ID warlO
. youth nor a,ge.
01 vlnegar cooked until It forma a
har.d ball m .cold water. Have
them Ihape a small boll at first to
which Ja attached a small loop of
,ribbon from wblch, to hang the
baD. Additional p'opped c,?m lI,nd
IYl'UP mixture Is molded around
the baD. These hang gaily from the
tree. '
Candy canllS can be tied with gay
bowi to hang from the tree. Il the
branches are fragile, use the 'small
cane. so they'll stay on readily.
, Comucoplas filled with nuts rmd
candles are another delight to
make. Use 9 inch squares of bright
colored or meiullic papet and Un
Ish' With cellophane tape. They may
also be Oli ban table
, to be tucked Into smaD hands which
dellver presents I
Fancy shaped cookies in the form'
at stars. Santa Claus or ' a snow
'man Inlo which a loop "b!ls been
pressed' lieCore they are baked will
decorate a good part of the Christ
mas tree: You won't have much In
the ,way of decol' to remove trqm
the tree when the time comes tor
t.aking it down!
Such a Gi)d has sometime. been
believed In by men who neverthe.
less walked. lJ) a dark cloud of
loneliness, doubting that so great
a God could possibly have any in.
terest In their own aUairs.
II God WITH us? Is God
with US? :Is GOD with us, That
&he question that tormeDt.
&he troubned mind. Wltb one
voice, tbe whole chIII' 01 God
an_ers lres; tbe liame of the
ODe Ia wllose 'ace we see the
ilory of l[iod Ia Damed "God-
wlthus ..
In the fir,st chapter of the Bible
we hear of a God who walked with
his chlldren. In a garden. In the
first of ' the Gospels we
heal' songs to the God who has "vis
itep his people;" and in almost the
last chapter 01 the Bible we hear
the pr:omise, " God himself shall be
V(ith them and their God.
, When ye shall search for him
all your hearts
S."lnr Clrel. Nedlnra" Depl.
I'. O. n (lhl .. ,. SO. III. e.,
P. O. B." till!. 014 Chi ... BhUn,
Ne,, \'o II . N. Y.
Eneloae ZO c<enlS for pattern.
No, ----
In Reverse '
A hunter clai med that his 'dog
pad the most sensitive nose 01 any
animal in the world. He liked to
teU of the time that be flushed. a
pheasant. The bird dashed for
some underbrush and the dog was
ordered to go ' in and f]usfi again.
The ani maL, unfortunately.
pic.ked up the blrd's back scent
and followed it swiftly for miles
an,d mil es. Finll.lly he reached a
tree. He looked up into the branch
'es and barked loudly When' the
hunter ,up with the dog. be
the dog's gaze find SaW
the llest whioh t he pheasant
had been hatched two years ' be:
fore. 'I .' , "
He never did how the
pheaaant's egg got into lhat nesl.
OST TRUTHS are twoslded.
You have to keep both si des In
mind or you WIll not- fully under
stand. God is with us yes; God Is
with all men, yes-that Is, there are
no with liim, he refuses
his presence 'to one. God I's al.
Let Evel70De '\ ways available, available to ' all. "One, two, three, five , sbc,
Your Ohrlstmas Car.d. That Is one side of the truth. seven, eight, nine," counted the
For those who are fOl'tunate to The other side Is 'thIs: God Is not visitor in an English
have a mantel, there's no ,better equaUy wJ . all men. Some men home, "my goodness I What a big
place lor Christmas card.. Here are aUenated from God. Some family."
tbey can be displayed to adYan. ,are gC?cUes.lI:' Even among thpse wlth' "Yes'm." agreed the
tage, decorative as well as interest whom' Golt Illves. we may fairly lay proudly, as she .held the family
Ing. . ,. tlfllt God is with some In a higher gr.oup up for 'c1oser inspee.
U you' like the ' cards on a board degTee, . in IruUer , measure, than he tion, "a fine lot of children, HI
to make a of. large pIcture, 18 with othl!rs. Jeremlab givel the . 'ave, thank ' 'eaven. An' we've
use an artist s board covered with clue to truth: , "Ye sban seek managed to nyme 'theni .80 that
dark blue,gre,en; red, .,old or , silo me and f1pd me, when ye shall hach child 'aa a nyme beiinnln'
ver paper. The C!ards are tacked search for rne with aU your beart." with a haiteh."
Moist "" lind" ",,,d, willi
1 cup AIl.1BraD % cup !lUgu
% cup mtllt . 1 egg
1 cup prepared 1 cup sifted
. mlnceme ...t 110111
tablespoons 3 tcB$90M
shorten1og -bak1og powder .
teaapoon salt
L Oomblne AUBran, milk t.n4
mlncemeat; &OOIt about 5 mtnul.e.l.
2. Blend .hor\&l1og ancS sugar; add
egg anet beat well Stk 10 All-Bran
3. Add aitt.ed dry Ingred1ent1s; mIZ
only until comb1oed. ,
4. l"tll areased mu1lln P!Ul8' fulL
Bake 10 mod. hot oven (400 P)
about 35 uUn. Ylel<l: 12 medium
a--t ..... -'
,-_ ... ..
....IM .,...
....... ,111-
...tfleIftt IItoIlt
-try. IIIIwIfIII
on this bpard when they arrIve. (J!!r. 29:13. ) ThOBe who 'do not' .. "Reany?" s a I d the visitor.
You might also like to cut out .eareb 101' God will not find hlm . What are their names?" &re JC!II "'lila ClUftUCIl &be rUDe> '
llrge stars and pin these on U1e " . "Well. this un's Enry, that's \lopal 011d41 ..... perlOCl tpeCultat
waD. Two stars on either side of , DOle learob Is half the one on the left his Ugh, to WODteD .31 '" 52,.. I' 0.- thill
the mirror on the lDBntel Bre eUec. I lIeart;ed ;001, him, -the one next to 'im his .Erbert; "::'!c. ...
tlve. Pin or tack th.e c8;rdl !lIl the God doel pO,t enter Golnviled. then Ubert, the Ilttll'! chap 'his 'l'ben dn try L,dla ' & Plnktlam.
stars. ,. lie Is a"allablel but " he will Ollrls, and the two girls are Arriet . V"".\JaDI" nnmlM)tiDClIn rell ..... lucb
A glass topped coffee table will . not biswa,. 1&4 We and EUy. The ,tall b.oy in f.ront was I
, be interestihg If you lay a sheet ot ,oan see . how this Is When always picking things !iup ' so we' Ol.cDte el1",;
plastic. for tabie protection. 'against we tblnk abeut ChrhtUaal we nymed 'im Holiver." LYDIA . PINKHAM'S ==
the wood. Arrange the cards on the kDOW. It does not make senae
pla$tle. then cover with the glass. to say. th"t thes: arc all r.quan,.
Floor screens are another good l'oeD,. p
place for the greeting cards as they We hav,l! known soml! great' IF eTeR. P""" O' '!IBS ' UJpIPH
are easy to tack ' 01' paste on It; 'rhe of Whom . we might al. . a-v ""J.' I
screen, may, of course, be eovered mqst dare to say that Paul's ' prayer
with paper that protects had been a,nsw'ered, they have
it as well as 'adds color to the room: been' "filled With , the fulness of
, Clird displays on the W,lIl1s of the God." (ie:pli. 3: 19.) But other
front hall offer a gay greeting as Chrlstialls, who' certainly have
yoU c\')ter the Place them some smalll seed of 'faUh In them;
on covered . board or cardboard and It may be . hard even tor a kindly
hang as pictures. observer to see many signs of God' a
If space is limited the .cards may
be pinned to greenerY which you

in the form of wreaths or swags '
on windows. ' Add some bright col. "Thou' ean'st, a little
ored bows to the greenery to attach baby 1hing, -"
it to the cornice of the window. GOD IS I,n an thingS, "he
, You m'ight also set' the youngsters Ia aU tI1at's fair." .ns ' we sing
to pasting the carib in large but the famUiar hymn. But \he ' center
inexpen.sive albums as they arrive. of Chrl-stla'n. faith Is . 'that . God
Mako Tables DistInctive : comes to n!lan especl'ally and
closelY ffi if esus Christ;', I.
With Centerpieces
Holiday, centerpieces offer a chill. No manter bow .troogly
lenge to the woman who likes to beUevtid lin ID olden. timeD.
lee how original and artistic she always tJley looked lorward. a.
can be. They aI:e among the easiest tile prophets sbow, ( to time
to make, and ' you'd be . slB'prlsed . wheD' Gcid would come Dearer
how little the'y cost. ' . thau he' bail been before. '1'iae,
One of the nicest I've seen used It .... . a surprise wbeD finalJy
cored red apples over "wblch had b, came to 8ethleJ.em, ".IUtle
been driRped white candle ,. bah)' lbbl, tha,t made a womaa,
Wllx. Candles were Iaserted Into . .
the apples and thele were placed 'on ! 11M world aCc\lst9med 'to kinll. in
a bed at branchel trimllled from purple in weI I.,uarded
the tree. A few whole nuta and ca.ltlu , ,urprlsed that the
lI'ape' banked the .,plel, I KlDI .". Universe wClUld ,br
Another Idea whleb utllJaeI . the fOund II amOD, tile poor
lI'eeneJ7 trimmed fmm u.r tree: But after batter . re_
place the branchel Iil nil God- a Idn
eover.s flower pot-amiD Dma. .au.. or a Cbil'
menta were hun . from the br..... tbat Joy .. Jdm'
anti a few ItrIap of ,.per
made tb1a 1_ lOre adaIatun
CbrIatma. tree.
Thursday, Deeember 15t 1M9
MY .... 610: ._,
Ycah. Which Bne'!
An WII!' nn firsl
big. game hunt i ng pxnec1j,l ion II
was upnn him thaI hI"
must neVI"1 t a kp, a (' h ,m('p wilh a
l enparri , ,he mll st shorll i n1" t!'lntlv
Came the l ime when he did ml'el
with II Hi f I!;lJl de <; houterl
the remi ntier :
"Shoot him on the spnt ..
The Englis hma n. a little rattled
said : .
.. Be more 'spec:'ilJ..c , my man
whiCh spot '/" -
For Yqur Future Buy
U. S. Savings Bonds
Beware Coughs
, From (ammon (aids
Theil HANG ON .
CreomuJsion relieves prompdy beau ..
it goes right (0 Ihe snl 01 the troublo
10 hel p and expel germ ladca
pqlcgm and aid na'ture to soothe and
heal raw, tender, inllamed broochial
mucous membranes. Tell ynur druggin
10 sell you a bOllle of Creqm'ubioo
with the underslanding you must like
the way It quickly allays the .rough
or you are 10 have )'our nloney back.
for Cou2hs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis
'ov11 be when' you dlscowr Iud
how much fast.r Red Star Dry YRat ... It'.
",.c/o' adiv_foster dlllOlvlng and qulclcar
riling. Get .o month'. supply taday.
1 "We'd tied up at the yacht club fOf tbe night aDd 'h1fned iii early-deacl
tired. I .woke-listenedl Ouuide 1 a str.ngled BroaO!
I got up , . ahpped out. The .dark deck was empt): but .t the rail. J
laW f.iDc. green glow. I looked over the lide and... .
"l'be shaw, ,low fJl ' the
. "I'Bter Iiabled a lIoat/oJ ..
b.od! ,. mab-cau,bt berweeo
our craft;aod the plliog - bl,
f1ashllgbt under water I 1
roped hi. wrist' ... maoaged to
hold bit bead ahove waler
crumed I Luckil,- belp
came ... 11
"We hauled up aocI
101 Iiim iato the cabin.
Lucky those batteries IUled I
He .. id Ihe,'d IJeeo uled
lot I Believe me - we know
wb,'Sveread1' 8uhIipc bae.
cedes ant called the NuerMI
with N .... U".'IN

Jut .. _ aali" 011
... tabe a.Get ,
baChrttJUI_ pep.:,.
''InrMclr' 0.''' 1
....... ..".. 1Nt_ ..
__ boIIa_ ...
P.A..MI 1'01JR
. The Miami Gazette
Eitabilihed 1850
PubUshed every Thursday morn
ing at WaynesyUle, Warren Co
unty, Oblo.
Edna H. Conover ... . . Publ1sber
Ted Cononr ., . . .. . ..... Edltor
nnd (l doJlllr culves. It I had boeD
s uro how wlich milk my cows
were goI ng to 1I11\'e ) would huve
beCll temlltcd t o buy lIuQ:le Will
gll' e them each anoth r ' caH, but
I Bill afraid that one cuI! each IS
nil t.hey etlll l nke CIl I'" of. 'rile
sul0 l1egall 81' ly ILUt! dH)l'o WOl'e
mOUUlllllI ' oC junk lI ad lur ulture
(or snl . 1 hought a HI'd and 1I0W
, 1\ IWll tl0 n ol [ hl'alt
I'el) 'nLal!'(!'e I'ur Nl ns'
klep n good Ad -
hrilllDlns J
[ "
Ohio. $2.00 eI8ewb.el'e. .
If thi s kealia 'up I way hnve lL
chunc t.o use Jt.
ely .,lANE FITE
Entered as ' second clasa matter I SubscrlptJon Rate: $1.60 per year
at the pOltotfle6 nt Wayn'8Bvllle, In OhIo Kentucky, and Indiana,
Dry Ridge,
new calvel\ born just this week.
FrJtzie has Q nice Guernsey helf
er and Dolly a very l arge Jersey
colored buU cal!. The ' bull w fS
bad was part Guernsey, a nd he
nrUCIclal Insemination [rom
ODe of their fine Guernsey bulls.
He was one of th f inest ca lves
I ever saw and we kept bJm and
so far bave hud rour fino calv es
frol'D him. TherQ Is Ira doubt that
nrU[lc1al Inaemlnallon Is a good
to upgrad'e your herds. We
haVe two Une J ersey heifel's from
two or our besl cows and we are
waltlng with Interest to IItle what
they do when tbey grow up.
r Fa I'IJO 1 to SII.Y thul 1 fiuu.lIy
fini shed puLLIng dow /1 the new 11 -
tlnd Il looks verY nice. I hud
talkeu ullout It so IUUCf 'that I
f It 1 s bould r ol j)OIt all it
les t ;; oweunlj woulll think t hat I
nevel' thlls ll :i nythlug. h. .. watt
funuy tbl s morning, lillY ' IJuss
I raining J..) lolI.lJ. She would
' Il.LL t o her anll Dlnllu would come
with 1\ rus h 'IUld be kil O ked ovel'
1I,lI d 1Illl uleti, l heu l hey would do
Mr, " lid Mrs. burl os Dus ter HIll!
tbelr Imlel'tllilloil \ llh u
dhuHlI' al their hOOl e ::3a!III'uay
e" ulng fur Mr, :\l1t1I\rr8. II C
Milligan of MUli on a ud 11' . ililtl
A . Farm Diary
MIS. Al btil't Rey nvilia or II a r
lIarv ysburg.
By D. J, Frazier
Dece)Dber 10, 1949
Our pleasant weather Is gone at
)ell.8t for the present. Lt 113 rain-'
In-g and there ls a uttle soggy
snow on the ground and a little
lee in places. I WIIS wakened In
the early hOUTS thIs morning, 1
thought It was middle of the
night, ' but perhaps it wasn't, by
Dolly. :and Fritzie standing out-
side the calf pen bawling to the
calves on Inside, two nice
It agllin. The linol UIIl
smooth IIlId U bi t slilll,cl'y llnd
WhOll ell t ' p lnuh would n'y t o
mult o Ii qul elt LOrn, all :> kldd \,.
'l' hul1 s be. would bave to tl'Y aguln.
Ml. Rnell IIs. Frank Shutts ac'
.COlilpa lll III by li s8 GI'IlCO mai,t
\\I III d pa,n [or , Florl!hi. \V cines
day. '1'11 Silults plan ttl l' main
th oro u nU,1 April IIntl M S lDllfL
Will J' etUl 'lf lmmeilllJ.lely.'
At the communlly sllle Thurs -
day calves went for tbe lowest
prices tbat I tor II. long
Ume, onco again, there were 6
pl ice:
Make Your Car Winter-safe Today At One
Convenient stop.
Get these changeover seryices at OUI'

Whirtfoam motor clean out.
Change to winter-grade oil.
to winter-type gear lubricants.
A to Z lubrication.
Clheck 3nd test battery.
Check 1 adiator and hose.
Check spark plugs, tires, etc,
, .
'l'b o wowen of t ile Grange beld
un all day meetJng whb 1\ cover ed
dlupel' at ' tbo Ilowo of Mrli.
Loren Wooll ey on Tuesday llnd
Lllo subject or the Ilrogram was
CUI'hmnas Cooltles allll Decol'll:-
tlons. hOI'e were a II umbel' ol In
t el'oSo tlllg ulhl pretty h\b1e decol'-
ali olls brought .In anll . we aU en,
joyed the smnpl ea or the lDany
kinds . or . cookJes . "The. Woman' s
Day" the magazine put out by the
A & P ComJjllny has aile of t he
lal'geat collections of cookie I'e f -
pes \.hat 1 have seen and they all
Il ound very geod. He re and n ow,
) wlsb to lIay tbnt cookies are
one or the things which lire pat-
tieulnrly good mode with l ard.
Most of the reel pies call for sub-
sUtutes but l YOIl .tll
bet!t cookies ( )<:110\>' of , are 'made
Wllh butter or l ard 01' Ii mh:.t ure
of the two but how are we butter
Ulld lard producors leach
our chllren to use Lllem wilen'
eve rywhere they hear ilie J)ralses
sung of IlhorteJllngs ?
December, tbe )Ilst monUl or tho
y.eal, Is a ' forward looldnli\' month
for with tile chlldre,l. everyones
thoughts yo lanyard to Cluls tmas.
It Is the t:Gt mouth of civil
c;ale ndar but It is intel'estlug to
note tha t II is the flrs.t season
of our hUI'cb calendar. A\lvent,
the great season of 100kJng tor-
ward to tbe coming of hrlst,
begins \Vtt b. the laSt Sunday' ot
Nov-ember 0 1' first SUllday of Dec-'
ember. ( wiSh . tb;cy would usG.
mote of the solemn' Adl'ent music
on the radio programs, it would be
a pleasllnt reUet.' from "Santa
Claus Is cOJDlng to l aWn," aiJd '!a
' :Wblte Christmas." We leave too
of the pre'pu.ratioDB for fam-
ily celebrations 0.0<1' less commer-
cial Let us trY' to
tor the coming of the Christ, for
giving, not getUn'g; . and for
will on :J!:!ar,t11.
. .
'Prices start at
Ilg 7.4 cu. ft., Model ... 74
Other mod.l. 8.4 to 9.S cu. ft.,
$239.9S 10 $299.95
. lEW e .. e Entirel', lew
.. 19,50

They're herel They're beautiful I sizes,
four . four great new re- ,
frigerators, that women dreamed and - borne
onomisu plaoned for JOul Come in today and
see thezq.Seuhe big freezer lockers,the spacious
shelves. ,tile extra-roomy meat trays
table aispers.
.See 'the new. excipng, "shadowlioe" ftYling
-no ledges; no crevices to catch dwt lind make
See the clever new egg-
dISpenser. See the new Diil'us.()Lite for sbai-
dowless interiors. Doo'c miss exclusive
bpilt,in bouIe.opener. And lee us
"E"ety Fe:sture Has II Function" in these great
. new .. ti"-9a1 Muvester refrigerators, Buy
.OD ClOIlVCDIE:nt term,.
Howard T. Cooke & Sons
LebIDOD, , Ohio
Fa 1m Loans
Time On Your Side
(Up to 3.3 years to re-pay)
Interest: l ow' - 4 per cent
The Land Bank Way
Your famil y deserves the best
Lebanon , N.F .L.A.
ELLIS iii. ST'URN, Sec'y.Treas,
J.ebnnpn, Ohill I'hone 4tt8
r- --

Our qisplays
plete - ranging from
. very moderate in price
to higher pr,iced ,mer-
chandise for those who '
wish to invest mor-e.
Funeral Home
. l'Et.El'lI()NE 2291

to your'
Ooor or
at your '
Store I
U. n. Col eman, Mini s ter
'burch School, 9:30 A.M., Mr.
Harold Earnbart, Supt.
Fllthe'r n. H. Krumbnl lz. Pllstor'
8 Rnd 10 A.M.
Worsblp ' Service, 10: 30 A.M. LVTLE METHODIST CHURCH
"iO\lW Coelowah!.lp, Sunday, 6: 3Q D. Ji;. Bnughn, Plls,or
P.M. Unified Service, 9 :30 a.m.
l3yron arvel', Minister
amllel N .. Keys, Rector
Mot'nlng Worshlf), 10; 30 A.!'.I.
FIl'st Day School, 9:30 A.M,
lJible Sohool, 9: 30 A.M.
Morulng WorshI p, 10: ao A.M.
Pl'Ilyer Meeting, 7: 00 P.M.
Young People's Meeting, 7:00
E,' ulng Services, 7:30 P.M. Me ling for Worsblp, ,llJ :30 A.M.
M, n. Coffey,' Minister
MI' . Hilbe rt CoUett , .. as bast to
I he OIewbers of the WOI C() 1D8 Bi'
ble ClllSti lit lil a howe !i' rhl llY eve.
'1'b" IHo{;'I'llln IOllder wus 1M I'S.
Mary l:l)' I' I'd, a giles!. lUll) lIoclulli
were COIlt)u'l d by Mrs. LIlI' I\
llible Scbnol, 9 : 30 A.M,
Morning WorshIp, ' 10:30 A.M.
Young Peoples' Meeting 6: 46
P.M. '
HOllgll . '
Mr. JOli n F'oaly or Allantn, On.,
Who has heen tlle bouse guest of
hls mother. M 1'8 , Belle Ii'en)y. 1'0-
tu rnod his borne. '
Evening ServIce, 7 :30 P.M.
Prayer Meeting and BlbJe Study
Wednesday, 8 P.M. .
T. M. Scaff, MInister
MI'. and Mrs. Howard GrahuID
h.nd us theil' dinner guesls Fri -
day . venlng, M,I. alld Msr. Hellry
llarl'l u ot LebMon.
Sunday School, 9:,30 A.M.. E,
A. Earn bart. Supt.
Mrs. ' W. E . Frost nnd MJh
Orace Smart spent FrldlLY witb
fri ends In Ci ncinnati .
Mr. ancJ Mrs. LIonel Lyckens
ulld fnmlly ot South Cbarletltoll
were Sunday dinner gueQl.s of Mr.
and Ml'S. Eug ne Snodgra!jS and
WOJ'sblp Service, 10 :30 . "-.M.
Evening Service, 7:30 P.M.
-ee PartlllBton; Minister
WorshIp service, ' 10 A.M .
Sunday Scbo'!), 11 A.M.
William ShaDnon. Minister
Sunllay Scb901, 9 : 30 ,\ .111., 'Mrs.
Jame9 Garrison, SUpt.
Preacblng. 1st. and 3rd. 811n-
dllYs of eact. montb, JO : 30 A.M.
Evening Services. 7: 30 P.M.
Try A CJall8tr1ed Advl ,
1>11'. aud Mrs: ClIllrles Doster and
d:lughtel's bnd liS their clluner
{luests bn ' S,unday Mr. and
Rhodes Bunnell nucl fAmily of
.' .

---..... -- 1
, ,
materials carry no appearance of
The most InexpensIve
In tact , may be selected wIthout
apology or regret. Economy. at
the McClure Funeral ' Home car
r les no elthel' at
tbe servIce or afterwardll.
WAYNISVlllE. .... 0
'Santa's Delivered The
, By 'way of the Savingi Club t
He cap do the same for you next year
JOiN tODAY r '

B ot tie Gas
Ask About our Prices on
and Gas
SpringVaDey Hardware 0. .
. Spring Valley, 0-
, .
THURSDAY, DEC. 15, 1949
The members of the local order
of the Grange met at the Hall
Monday evening' (or their annual
Ohrlstmall covered dish din nor and
gift exhange.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Collins of
Oentervllle were ,uest on Sun-day
of Mr. Colllhs mother. Mrs. Ida
Mr. aud Mrs. Delbert CODger
of W'JI,ynesvllLe were the guests
Sunday of Mr; and Mrs. Tocld
Bunce In' Harveysburg.
Mrs. MUdred Brown, Mra. Hel-
en mu, .Mrs. Mlnle Welch, Mra.
Eva. Mae Donald, Impgcne
Volere and MI'I!. Viola
attended the InstallaUon of ort!
cereat 'Verpon Ollapter, O. El. S,
ID ClarkevUle, Tuesday evening.
The lQcal order of tho
vleltet the' Springboro order Jas t
Monday evening and Presonted a
IIpeclal program which included tl
lecture by Mrs. Ernastine Moore,
s.veral 110108 blll bl1l music 'pre-
sented by MltcheU Lamb:, and Go
Mrs. H. S. Tucker 'was hostess
to the memlters . of the Civic
League SatUrday evll1llng !f'Or the
Bntl\UlI Cbrlsunas larty and gift
..Mrs . A. S, Collett attend d the
meeting of the Wayne Township
Formers; Club beld at tse bome
of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stanforth of
near Waynesvllle, Thursday,
, groUI) of !longs by ClIas. Swind-
ler. OUver .Jacobs, Jim Reynolds,
and La,hence Jacoba, appea ring
In II. mille quartet. "
The m,einb,ers 'Of tbe Harveys-
burg Fire Dept, and thel r families ollded the hoskey show at
Clncl',lnati . Sunday eV,anl ng ..
114 1'. and Mrs . Ben' Becl[ett en-
teltaJned Mr . and' MlS . Carl
JOne8 and Mr . "TId Mrs . John
Beckett Sr. ILnd "'ons of Frnnldln
AdviSOry Council No. 2 met on
Wednesday evening at .t.he borne
of Mr. and Cha.rles E lI1s in
Centerville with Mr. EI:nest But-
a8 discussion leader.
Following ' adjournment to meet
with Mr. and Mrs. S . S. EIUe In
In.nuary, 11 deIlghtful social hour
WR.S . spent, with Chrlst.mas reo
freshments served by the hostess.
Have your (rocke leaned anll
prelflled now for the lIollday se[\ -
Mn ahead.
You can be lIure YOU wlU lool{
your best when yop let B nnll R
Cleanere Cfire for your loth ell.
Cleaning an.d Painting
Original color duplicated -
Reasonable Rate,.
We Call For & Deliver
I '..ebanon, o .. 665
$2.00 cwr.
- I
I ,Prepare Your Car For Winter
ALCOHOL - Zerone .
Kler.s' Garage
.. a , a . . ., . -
.. ___ ... a._ ..
ORDEf!. .
-ronA Y c-=-""-'-:...:.:-
:Ed Burton
Guar.nteed . . . . .
. Price'd
" ... J ", ...
AUiA Cbalmera c. Tractor and cultivator
1936 JOHN DEERE "An Tractor with Plow 6\ Cultivator
1946 John uB" Tractor aDd Starter
1948 Cue a ' Foot Combine with Motor
Minneapolis MOline 8ft. Combine with Motor
CUe Side Rake ..
, .
'" *
John Deere 6 foot Combin. with Motor
John Deer. 2-row COm Pitker.- .
Model "An T ...... ;,r with Powr.trol
Model -'M" Tnctor wid! H7draa1ic Tool (ontrol
Jolt. Deere F .... Cbtopper
H ........ Mila Co,. Sllellen'
. Leta Feed "
Finance Terms Arranged
L ..... , ow; .....
Make This A Big Christmas
For AU 'The Family
) :t
, I

'" When you're loolUDr for v"uea in Hardware, House:
wares, Stoves, Rances, complete Modem Kitchem, Heat:
mg and Plumbil1ll Equi(\ment, Carpenter'. Toolt, BuiIcIine
Material, Fence and Farm Suppliea, you can hunt all over
,Southern Ohio without fiiulinc better buy .. That'. why
.mart buyer. head .traiaht for the FAiRLEY,HARDWARE
Sl'ORES for evel')'thiJq: they", They know that
ity for quality and dar after clay offe;.
best buy. and they alwa,. eet .more for their money
when they .bop here. ,
- -... -:;,.
Hililboro Wilmington Blanchelter Lynchburg - Sabina
, ,
Thl. ElltlU!. Bearer To 10% Calh Ollcount
on all pUlIChaael Fair Trade Regulated Itema) made
only thrpuahout' Decemller 1949 and ONl. WHEN YPU HAVE

Your I:;lgnature Your Address.
. '
DECEMBER 1949 Only
Never agaJn Will you
buy at th... price.'
,Enameled. Circulating Parlor . Furnaces', Cut To $69.50
'.' . . l' .' '
Black <O Warm-Aire, Warm' Morning Circulators
. .
Cut To
utlter Coal And Wood Heaters
, Cut To
Coat And Wood. Rangts $fii9.50 , $79.50 ", .. -- ,AND The
Moore:s' AIIWbite Porcelain Regular $155.00 Range
, . C\lt To $109.95
. ' ,
. If U Have CoaI 'or Wood to beat or cook with sale is your F'IRST and ONLY chance buy YOUR CHOICE
, of all the QUALITY OLD RELIABLE MAKES - Clad, Monarch, Ellate, Florence,
Moore'., W ...... Aire, and Warm Morning. ' WE DELIVER AND INSTALL AT NO EXTRA CHARGE
$50.00' 9ff on Any Coal and Gas. or 'Coal
. . .
STORES - Largest
, .
Sive tile Rest -
, .
, '
YNESVILLE. OHIO Thursday, December 15, 1949
Atomic Energy Commission Tells
10 'Breed' A-Bomb Material;
Building' Trades Ask T -H Wa,iver
Tell It All
Mr. and Mrs. America will lie
pra cllca Uy to "tell it aU"
when the lederal c\lnsus, takers
start by next April 1. About every
ule Product
Of All. Lands
Junior Frock Nic.ely Accented.
One-Yard Skilt Simple to Sew
tEDITOR'S NOTE: Wben .... nl r. ezpr.aaed tn tb t e'olumDII, lhe., e UIO. -tt or
w .. let. " .... paper O.loa. DO,11a a Dol a." ... arIlF .r Ibl. ".WIP ..
"Breed'" Planned
'!'bose dul1 impressed by the
wonders of selence through the
,ears more ' or less expected the
announcement-but, DO .doubt', it
came as I surprise to many thllt
the U.S. atomic energy commls
don was preparing to "breed" the
Icaree atomic materials that make
tile A-bomb explode.
HAILED as the biggest atep 1et
taten In the attempt to hameSi the
atom 'or use ' In industry. an en
gineerlng plant for "experimental
breeding" of atomlci, ' materials
actUally was on paper.
According to Dr. Lawrence Hat '
IUd, top AEC scientist, atomic mao
terials. no matter how produced,
can be used for either bombs or
,peacetime purpoee.. This would
Include the boped' for generation
of \ISetul Ii1dustrlal power. He de-
clared that the designers of the
''breeder'' device are confident it
woulil work. ,
Commisaloners and aids eIso told
Dewsmen that by 1952 the AEC
should be lluUdlng the first model
fII. an atomic engine designed to
propel shlpa.
It win also 8tart work next year
OIl a reactor-an atomic turance-
6pected to yjeld "slgnifIclnt
amounts" of power Ind
to .''breed'' or manufacture more
atomic materials as It goes along.
Ungulshed from the experimental
"breeder" whose primary purpos'i
would be to produce new , atomic
materials, with pow ' r production
only a sldellne. "
Dr. Hafatad saUl the "breeder"
reactor would be built at Arco.
Idaho. Be added that' if It works.
it will ease greatly the dlUlculty
of gettinl more fissionable mao
terial. In "breeding." the aclentlsta
put sorne ftulonahJe material"; in
the fuionace wltb a larger amount
of nonfisslonable. They bope, In
tile preee.a, to make ' lOme. of the
latter Into fissionable material and
thus have a Det ;.m.

'l'be muddled 0Iina picture was
&etun, DO clearer, 1104, the u.s.
"alii been put In , tile . middle. ,
INSULTED b7 Chin.. Commu-
IIAatI who had lmplol8oued (but
la&ermeaJed) the U.S.
attache. AnIwa Ward, Americans '
fumed anew a. Cliineae NaU'onal- '
1Its, auppoeed 1rIendJ of the U.S .
we're charged with ftrln, upon a
U.s. veael, the Sir .John FrBDldln.
'l'be occ:Urred oft Shln.-
The ship'. owners released a
racUo mea.a" kom ,the skipper of
the' ablp who ' chaUed that two
Nationalist ' warships bad Ignored
bis order to halt fOl- a boarding
party and bad, instead. raked 'the
vessel With a ' barrage"
of . sbells, almost at ' point blank
!fange, nie ahip'. owners demanded
that 'tt}a U.S. act to c;urb the ''trill-
The depatqnent said It
wOlJ/.d Jlrotest "energetlcal1T' Jo
the government. The
U.s. agency entered the , picture
after-t'eC81ing reports at the in-
cident from Walter P.
aughy, . U.S. consulgeneral at
Shanghai, who said' no ,one aboard
the vessel was injured. ,
THE INClDENT was the latest
In a 'serles of attacks or other mis-
adventures sut1ered b, tbe com-
pany's vessels at the bands of the
NationalistS. .
In Contempt
Attomey Vincent DaUinan,
defending labor leader Harry
Brldces In the ' latter's trial on
perjur1 - conspiracy cbarges,
wa. cited '.r. contem,' of court
durin. &be ' trlal whl",b was pre-
sl4ecJ over by Federal Judce
Georre B. Barrla, .. SaD Fran
T-H Woiyer Asked
psycbologlcal swipe at the
Taft-HarUey labor law was taken
by employ-er associations lind labor
unions 'in the vast U. S, 'construc-
tion Industry. Both joined, in ask-
ing the national labor relatione
board for exemptions from T-aft-
Hartley labor laVl( election . requi.I:e
might have on congressional action
on Taft-Hartl .)' when members
convene in January, there ' was no
denymg the action was well timed.
'With employer associations ' throw
ing in with labor in requesting the
blanket exemption, ' opponents of
TaftHartley' would lind. added
strength. .
'!be . construc:tion industry's J ma-
jor management and labor groups
contend that strict appUcation of
the T-R law to them Will wreck
lonlstandlD, collectivebargainlng
practicel and hamper ac
tivlUe.. .
Here, too" wal 'a 'lclnUllatln,
Itrategic maneuver, tor with houl'
ID. at1U abort and the, problem
stID , tar from ' solved, ' anythin,
which mi811t be considered as an
aid to increased buUdlrig could ex
pect to ,et .ome conslderaUon
from congress.
elecUons such as those mentioned,
a vote must be taken before a
,union can be certified aa the proper
bargalnin. agent, and before a
union can get a unlonshop agree
.ment-one, that requires wo'rketls
after they are hired to become
members of' \Ile .union.
It is a complelt! waiver' of both
these provisions that management
and tabordn the cOll$trucUon agen-
cy are asking.
Solon Accused
The longpostponed trial of Rep-
J. Parnell Thomas (R., N.J.;
opened with ' charges that he forced
a former secretary and codefend-
ant -to aid hun in a BlIlIIry "
back" scbeme. . . .
THE CHARGE against ' Thomas
was made by John R. Finpatrlck,
Ii ttorney for Misl Helel]. Campbell,
onetlme secretary to the former
chairman 6f the ' house unAmeri-
can activities committee.
' Both Thomas and Miss Camp!)eU
were charged with fraud and con-
splracy by which the congressman
allegedly padded his oUice payroll
ahd took salary "Kickbacks" from
two employees.
flfth' pcrson contacted by. the enum- My'rrad of Customs
era tors wi l be asked to' .ive even
a,ddltionol information to that Add to' Season's Joy
asked In the routine process. Ohristmas In the' United Statel
Flere's whut each person will be Is composed ot thl'eads1rom' man},
expected to tell the census ' toker: c:ountries and reflects their culi-
Age, relationship to the head of toms in church and home.'
the household; race. sex, mal'ita} tradltlonnl English Christ-
status, birthplace, citizenship atat. 'mas calls tor family reunions, gUt.,
us, employment status and occupa. c:aroIs. ,parties and 'a pantomime
tlon. " for the cbildren In a leason 01
EVERY FIFTH PERSON. lil ad- !leneral good wtll.
ditlon, wilJ be asked: Altbouch 'of the 014
Where he or she lived a year plcturesqae Ea,Usb castoms
ago. Country of birth ot parents, bave faded, tbey ItUl contrl1l-
length ot schooling and school at. ute &0 the ' model'D boll day
tendance. For 'adults in the one- ' Ibrou,b Obrlalmas
In.!.tve category. the enumerator tbe delll'lla OD Ohrlstmla (larda
will press ' tor data regardln& alll1 the narrative. In ballad.
come. cmploymerit, and status ai a and carols descrlblnc the .-
veteran. , Uvltles of the old days.
And, if you happen to be No. 30 In Scandinavian countries, prep-
or any' multiple ot that number on uatlons lind cooking are begun
the Ust, you will be asked to dl- weeks In advance In order to stock
vulge still additional information the home for the three weeks ot
rcgardlng unem,ployment, details hospitality and leisure during the
of your marital status and the holiday season. The ' celebration It-
number of ' ypur children. I!elf beglos on Christmas Eve with
When the census Is completed, Illn elaborate supper. foUowed by
the bureau expects to be able to It tree wltb family worship about It
give authoritative In'formatlon re- land singing before the gl1ts are
gardlng housing, mortgages, utili. l:iistributed.
ty bills, rentals and househoii:! con. Early church Is attended by
venlences. !Iveryone on Christmas morn In"
CONG;RESSMEN, as per tracU- . lbecause the Shepherds, first to wor
tlon, wtll have a big hand ,In Ilhip the baby Jesus, came early
ing district supervisors for the' cen- lind then returned to w.ork.
lus.taklnl/. In March. these dllrtrict Traditionally, Germany kept
supervisors will undcrtake the job Christmas with mucb heartiness,
of chooslng their crew leaders and lncludlng a borne festival and at
enumerators. Those chosen wUl tendance at Church. '
have' to go to training /lchools and ChUdreD In the Nctberlaads
be ready by Ap'rn 1 to start thelt leave their wooden shoes, fillell
search for personal facts. with bay, for Nlol)olas' white
horse. ID tile NctherlaDda aad
Belrlum Dee'lmber 6 III the
cblldren's holld.y, wltb Decem-
'Poorhouse' Stote? , ber 25 reserved for Ihe
The GOP .was kicking around a lous hoUday.
new. label for the type of govern- Religious features are prominent
ment it contends the Truman ad- -during .the .boliday in France, es
ministration Is gr,adually bringing' pecially midnight mass foll,)wed by
about in the U. S. This time it ,Christmas supper with family din,
was tho, "poorhouse" state, as ners and reunions on Christmal
compared wtb "welfare" state, a. pay. ,
had been charged previously. Christmas in Brazil, 60lltb of the
PRESIDENT T RUM AN haa equator, is a summer 'festival with
grabbed up the tag . ''Welfare'' state fireworks, picnics, fiestas and boat
and took tbe- line that lf that was " Jug excursions. 10 spite of the aum
proper tag for aU the progress ,mer weather, Papa , Noel comes
Improvements his aclminlstraUon \lressed aI ' Santa Claus with his
was bringing about, then the Arner- reindeer and alellh.
icatr peopte oUlht to 'A all out for
the "welfare" atate, In that h. S I (I I d
had the support of many of the na- an a aus, n '1
0 . Is Chr-Istmas H 0
Gabrielson.. 1n answering Mr, Tru- . ' -
man, accused the l'realdeDtla act. ' Santa Claua, IncUana. ia I bam
ministration leadin, ihe U. S. let of a score at frame buUdlnais
to "Jloorhoule
Itate lind to and not 10 IIIaD1 people, but it I.
gravatloD of .. ,.erioua Unemptoy- national headquarters for one type
ment probll!m ID this country. of hoUday observance.
charled that recent Each Cbrhtmas sealon brID.s to
tarW cuts ordered by the President it .... cks of mall. parcels, letter.
under the recipro'cal trade airee- IUd cardl of which 99 per Cellt II
ments act, renewed by the 81at rerpalled with the maelc
congress, have resulted In the "ex- pqltmark ''Santa Claus."
porling of jobs of 'AmericaD work., Beyond a doubt. the bl,gest man
era' in hope of provldlD, Jobs for ID the Hoosier bamlet i. Santa
workera al)roal'i." . C1au. hIm.elf. A 25-foot ltatue of
Asserting that Democrats not him, complete with whiskers and
o!lly are , money. that wiD bulging sack. .. dedicated to the
b, e to be ' .repaid in ' col- ,i!barltable old salot in recogmUon
lected a hundre" years trom t;lOW, that hIs Ohrlstmas gl1ts to the
qabrielson declared: have 'brought it fame
"IF WE CONTiNUE under the seasonllt prosperity, .
present administration we are Early settlers seven or elgbt dec-
headed 'for. a pOortibuse state, lind ades ago took a fancy to the name
wPl!e the Inmate!! ot a ,poorhouse Santa i,'e for ' the tpwn, but the.,
may ,. have a certain amount of couldn't use It becau,e ' another
security, thelt lot II not parUcular- ItI the state had it first. ' So
ly enViable." 'boldly christened their settle-
The GOP chairman adde4 ' that with Ciaul aB a last name,
the policies of the present adminis ir)stead of Fe, .
tration ' are di'i:ected toward Similar hoUday names dot the
stroying the. American I!ystem ,world map, ' with ChristmllB being
free I favorite iii the States.
That's a familiar cry from thll Florida, Maine, KentuckY-nnd Arl-
GOP, but on the basis of past ba).. zona, have towns named Chri.",
lot records, It hos little weight with DlIlB, '
the majority of U.S. voters.
New I
Fait, lind ' 'Feast
The 'day before Chriatnu\s' Is a
s,trict fast for the peopie.
Ali unexplained angle' of the Bit
uatlon was the qu.esUon of what a
merchant vessel was dolng-or its
rights-in ordering a man-ofwar
of the Chinese Nationalists ,to halt
for a boardlng party.
It ,convicted, the representative
would 'face up to 32 years in prison
and fines up to ' $40,000. ,The house
of representatives would have to
Accordwg to a U.S. department dcclde' whether he could remain in
U. S. Climbing
. of agriculture report. the popula. congress. Miss Campbell would
Uon, of the United' States w111 In face 'a somewhat lesser penalty.
crease by leaps and bounds in the MlSS CAMPBELL'S attorney con
next 26 years. . ce'ded that she aided lo the "kick-
, THE REPORT predicts that the back" scheme, but only under
purrent U.S. population of approxl Thomas' orders, and denied she
mately 1110 million will rise to a was guilty of conspiracy: Actually,
thumping 188.6 , million b1 1975- he said, she went to the justice
an lncrease of 26.4 per cent. ' department and voluntarily told
Tbe ''bJgb level" auumpuOIUI "everything the government knowa
which the report 'Is bale;d are I about the case." .
'combinatlon 01 ,'aeton includln, The gov:emment c1aiml the aI-
b1gh ferUllU. low morlaUty, an leged plan neUed Thomas a total
DUal net ImmfgraUoo to the U.S., o! $8i2. While he Is .accused of fil
aDd a blab degree of mi In, .alse payroll claims totaling
",aUoll-that .. , moving back and nearb ,1.100, it Is not alleged that
forth withlD the United Statea. b. lOt aU the money,
Reds Report Vegetation 9n Planet Mars
com. up wltI'I , the statement that
there was IctuaD;y VeptaUOIl lID
the planet Mara.
TIle Ras.laD., wbose cla1ma 10
. tD diacoverlea aDd
mventiona 01 Wnp the 'ireatem
world bad IIDown aDd mv_ted
;years befDn. '..,. .. out 01 tblI
world" .. tbe1r moat nceat ..
Ier1Ioa ", _.tltle dlAovery.
"1'bIa lim.. Inlet IOIeDtIata ...
fabII IIUN 01 br
........ ...,18'-,
.. ..
An astronomer at an ablervaeor,
III IOUth central BIDIIla, 10 the re-
port went. reported that: "Plant
DIe OD blp IIlOUDlaJDa and in, tile
arde . Cof tile euUa) nl8lD1tJaa
Ibttlu nptatlcla III
n ..... l1li
'.u EV8DS. ju"eDlJe SCreeD
...... bu Just .Ipet! a De:w COD-
tract wltb aD "GaD la
shOWli shortly alter Ibe bad
bel' .,,.In IeqQa Ire I Ie.
trlmme4 ,8bori.

Credit Endangered,
In IIlpU'; foul' United
.enators warned tha
that dllord.rl .suell the
eleetlOCl Batantal revolt-
burt the laianu'-eredlL
Senator EDeniar (D., Ja., -
claNd lie hall .'beaD IIopeful
aeeIq ow. more
Uttle more law ... order."
IMtIIatcrI attetaaee ,... made
'SANTA' , 8 CIa.
appears I"st .. abo ... 1I1 .,.
pODcIera .... vel;y ' the poa8lblr
IUftciUlt recaae. of lIIe Ud,le
,..... wllo locib .... &hoairb ....
.... u... lIIe bas .... &he bee ..
IaDt& aDd Ial" ,alte tare
......beDco .............
......, 'Ila.' 11.lIlr
T. a rlnl I.ntl 11 .. 1
III tbe ;yUle .. '"-
...... veralon of s.nta Clau.-Is
dNNed In Jl'81 hom!IIPUD witb red
rail mltteu -and
woodeD abot., lie bu 1oq.
btud aDd II" .. old, ua..
mub oJdar ilia
For BUllY Cooeclans
A WEARABLE frQck ror a busy
ca m pus program to delight the
youtbful sewer. No(e the interest
ing treatment on waist top and
J:1ipline - ShOlt or three Quarter
sleeves to suit the season.
a 0
Pattcrn No. 8200 18 In sl"e8 11 . 12: 13.
14, 16 ond 18. 12. thrce quarter
sleeve, 41<. yards of 35 or 3glnch.
. ... .,
The Foil o.qd Winter. FOlhlon , will
a B1!lde In ,I unnlnl
R amort! wenr,nblc Winter wurd t nb<! .
Fre" po lun "rlnted inside tne !>'10k.
25 .
Who Can't
The housewife was very critical
of the way a workman was
down lIholeum in her kitchen.
"Look, lady:" he said, "tWs Is
my business. What do you know
about laying linoleum?"
"Well," she confessed, "I never
laid linoleum and I never laid an
egg, but I can make a better ome-
let than a ben
Miracle Pattern
you CAN have a whole ward-
4-robe of new skirts with pattern
8527! Just one yard of 54-inch fab-
ric for this' miracle skirt in the
smaller sizes. Wear with blouse
or brilliant sweaters.

P uttern No. I. In waist 81.eo lU.
20 , 28. Dllci :12. Sue 1 ynrd 0/
54loch. ' ,
650 a.atb wen. ilL Cbl.a,. 1. UL
Enclose 2., cenlJl In coin. for each
pAtt ern desired.
Pollem No.
.... ______ ----_
Adrl.e ..
. Keep Posted on Values
By neadln, the Ads
---.. HANPY o'NTI;IE.
HOORAY - 3 packages
a time; Always adive, ,
c:ilways right
to use when you want ito'
3 'times ',as many
women pre.fer
Write fqr this ..Illustrated
"H,A N-" '), ,G 1FT LIS Til
Just 011 tit. PreSs
Pleale lind me JOur ''IIUd.t alit l.iat"
Hun ________
__ .. ..
CUr _' .-. _________ Bta,te ___ _
Thunday, December 15, 1949
Jolly Wooden Puppies
Make Excellent Gifts
W, GC,LE -OOG5 .
THESE puppies will be favorites
They are cut from two pieces
of wood and then hirlged
with canvas and glue. Tlie wrJP.I'ls
. are arranged to give them 8 nat."
ural life-like motion when pulled

Making and ... embllnR dlrecllon. on
... ttern :110. "rife 250. Order Irom WORK
Badlord Hili New V.r"_
What What to give? It
that question has you '
around In circles this Christmas.
here's a smart suggestion. Make
list of your friends who enjoy
Then take the list Into
your neIghborhood dealer .. He has
a wellstocked of gay I'!lft
cartons of Camel cigarettes-yes.
mild flavorful Camels that bring
pleasure with every puff AnJ for
the Dipe smoker or the man who
likes to roll his I)wn. your dealer
will show VOU DOllnd tins of Princ,"
Albert Smoking Tobacc()-the Na
tiona] Joy Smoke. Both these popu
lar gifts come all dressed up in
colorful Christmas wrap
pings. You don't eve.n have to
with a personal card-It'a;
l)uUt right into the package for
your easy-writing convenience.
You'll I;)e good to your friends an'd
kind to your bud,get if you send
them Camels and Prince Alberti
B]ue Cows, Blue Milk
One of the milkman's regular
customers complained to him one
day that the quality of the milk
lately didn't seem up to par.
"That's. because of the time of
the year," he explained, "we are
unable to send the cows out to
graze in this cold weather. and
since they 'can't eat green grass
they can' t produce milk as rich
8S they do in the summer. But.
believe me, madam, they are just
as sorry they can't give you riCh
milk as I am. Why, do you know.
I went out to milk them just this
morning and they all crying
because they realized their
was so thiD_"
"That's all very well," answered
the lady. "but I wish 'you would
see to it that the tears don't drop
into the milk can." ,
. .
S,rup, Home-Mixeel
for Extr.
Sa,," 81, boll&n.
Thll by mllllo,,"
,,"au .. II makellueh an medicine
for eouch. due 10 coldl. h'. 10 easy to ml.-
a child could do iI.
From any drunlst t ounce. 01
Plnell, compound 01 proven Incre-
dl.nta. In confPntral ..d lorm, .... IIknown lor
Ita soothlnl effect on throlt anc! bronchial
irritations. .
Thon mlke
11 .yrup with two cup. 01
aranulated .ular .nd I\n. cu p 01 walAlr.. No
-.klnl needed, Or you fan Ule corn lyrUp
or liquid honey, Inst d 01 syrllp.
PUI Ihe Pine . inlo 'pillt ' bollIe .nd 1111
ur with your 'r.rup. This ,mlk a tull pin 1
o cough medic ne. very .ffectlve and qulck-
acting. and you cet .boul !our timn as
much for you, monoy. h /lever lpolb nd
chlldr.,n 10'" Its pl.... nt tote .
This cough syrup takea hold .of touClla:
elvine quick ,eliei. It loosen. phlegm. oolher
Irrllated memb,anes. h.lplI tlnr air. pus.,n
Money reiunded II Pin.,. doesn't 'pIe.... .
When Your'
Back H"urts-
If thllre is one place th,
world where art can be billed in
big, bold capital letterS, it IS the
Louvre in Paris, for centuries the
cradle of the world's col-
lecti.on ot masterpieces. Tlhis is
the treasure house t hat ' is a
"must" in the grand tour of any .
art lover. The tour begins in the
lang corridor (left) which leads
10 the entrance of the art gal-
lery at the louvre. As it now
stands, the louvre is 750 yards
long, 182 w"ide about
85 feet high. Photo below shows
the "grand staitcase" "which
leads' up to the
"Winged Victory." ThiS scerie
illustrates the architedural
beauty 'of the palace' itself; aside
from its being a storehllu,se of
art pieces.
World erlldle Of Art
Here is the original body beautiful
(right), perhaps one of the most yisited
pieces of art in thi Louvre. Aside hom
the Mona Lisa and the Winge4 Victory,
the Venus de Milo is the pride of the
collectnJn. Tourists often pause for
to adm,re the ageless .statue,
The photO at left seem to border
.t 'on the Irre'erent to an art Iover. But, ttlis.,
toufist wanted a picture of the' Loune .
,building, and if he uses the, statue at Cae-
sar. Augustu,s, or anyone else, as a tripod,
' it's just a means to an enH-no disrespect.
intended. The photllgrapher is interes,.!d
in the ceiling which is in reality a paintng
The Questions
1. What is the meaning of ren-
2. By what name are the stu
dents at"the U. S. Naval Academy
at Annapolis known?
3_ Where Is-the I'Rose Bdwl" lo-
4. From did the United
States purchase the Louisiana
6. Which employe has
the same authority on a passenger
train that the captain has on a
The Answers
1. An appointed place of meet.
2. Midshipmen.
3, Pasadena, Calif.
4. From France, in 1803.
5. The Conductor.
Buy U.S. 'Savings
, .. u .. ,.ot
,oar .troD"
baa'" children
' wh"" 7IID .s
them Scott'.
EmubloD ... ..,
dar I Saott'. I.
"aotd mine"
of ""til,'" AaD
Vitamins and ent!1'C7balldlnl n.tural
oIL Heh,. cblldren crow ri.lIt. d ... elop
.0Dnd tee,b ,roDI bODe
Belp; w .... otfeolda wben til.,
lIck enoa,b AaO Vitamin
fooct lIan, doeton recommend
It. EeoDOmicaL B1Q todalr ..
to ....
MOlE ilion lust 0 tonfc-
if" powerful nOllritltmenfl
Re.lieve MIS::IEI
Chest Colds

Inlo upper bron. cho.t, lOll
eh 18I tu bas willi back SUrfIC" Ilk'
. apeclal sooth In& ' WI ,mlnc,.tOI1l
medlcln.1 vapors. forOoa POuluc:a.
At bedtime rub throat, cbeat
and wltb Vlcks 'VapoRub.
Rellef.bringlng o.ctlon starts
instantly . _ . 2 at on cal
And it keeps up this special
Penetratlng- Stimulating ac-
tlon for hours VICKS
In the night to
bring reller. VA'PoRu.
.. .. L ' DO' ....
1U. In fUll 7 d., . .... htoneehort week ' .
,roup I)f people wllo ellanged frorn Iliehr
old denlilrlcea 10Caloa Tootb Po"deraver-
.,ed JB1t lettfa by eclemtl6c teet.
WhY' DOt chinle to Calo:" ,oureU? Bur
CaIOIl lOde, , 10 rour e
reeth Wl atilt IookID, ..:ti ", I
6r(<<fIlt, lornonowl
.... cnHP .....
.. " Bobblae 1M., Brid.. ",eo-.
Mr, and W, p. patterllon,\ bread and milk, but now e.en eata
603 Dennis Street, Houston, Texas, and vienna Ausages. .
thank HADACOL every week when Mr. Patterson was aufferilllf from
Mr. 'Patterson brings home hil pay a laek of B Vitamins 'and the Miner-
check. . , \als whieh HADACOL eontalns.
Mr. Plltterson II a me\Dber of BADACOL comel to you in liquid
Houston Local 218, International fonni easily ualmllated In tb. "loocI
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Join- .tr,eam ,ao that It; can 10 to work
ers, but for more than a year wal rigbt away.
unable to work, despite frequent A laek of on!, a IImaD ,amount 01
wonderful offers from contractol'l, , Vltaminll. lind eertain Minerall
Then last September, Mr. Plltter- "Ill caUllO, digestive ..
lion heard "the blessed news" about "tour food' will not agree with you
HADACOL and the wonderful relief You will hllve an 'upset afumach.,.
It had brought to countless thou- '\"I)U w.i ll lIofier from heattbum, gaa
landa. Since then' he hill! taken more pains an . you.r food will 80ur on
than 20 bottles of HADACOI.< and your stomach and you will not
.has worked ateady, able to eat the things you like fOI!
__ . .... feat of being ill misery u.fterwarda.
Many people also suffer from con-
stip.tion. And while these symptOm.
may be the rcsults of other eauses.
they surely and certainly the
symptoms and signs 01 lack OJ II
Vitamin. and Minerals, which HAJ).
ACOr. CGntaiJlS. And if you suffer '
Bum a deficicncy disordor.
there II nl) known eure, except tpe
administration of the vitamins ,nd
minerals, which yoll1' system Inch.
It is easy to understand; therefore,
why countless thousands . have been
benefited by thl. amazing tonic,
So it matters not how old you are
or who you are . it matters not '
where you live or if vou have tried
all the medicines unde:- the lun, g.ive
this wonderful preparrtion HADA-
COL a firia). Don't go CI'I suffering.
Don't co-ntlnue to lead a miserable
Many pe'rsons who have lIuf
fered ,Ilnd waited for 10 to I!O years
or even longer, are able noV' to live
happy, comfortable lives bACaU&e
HADA:COL supplied the Vitamins
Bere is Mr. Pattersjln's atatement: alld Minerals which their
"I had beel! . unable to wor1t for needed. Be .fair to ,oorself. TemPI'.
moreihan a year When I heard about rary relief ill not enougb for you.
iIADAOOL last September. Since Give HADACOL mall
bhen I have taken about 20 bottles, I Sold at all leading drug. stores.
am doing carpenter work every day, Trial lize ' only $1.26, but aave
[ was troubled With digestive disturb- money; buy the .family eoon-
sncea, gaa on the It(\Dlaeb and bloat- om, lIize, only $3.50. If YOID' drue-
'ne. I hliU reoommended HADACOL gist does not handle HADACOL"
,CT about 60 people and most of those order dinet from Tbe LeBlanc Cor
Nho followed my advice are feeling poRtion, Lafayette, La., and when
lOtter. I am 8un that' lowe part of the poltman brillg8 ,our packqe
lVet'J pa, to BADACOL and Jut; PlY fli. amount plul the e.o.d.
.be blessed nile! that It miD,.." aud postage. If lOU remit tdth the
lin. Pattenen. who Ultenetl whUe order .. wiD PQ the poeta ...
Mr. Pattel'loD mad. bfa _tellltlllt Theil. If. Joa don't feel
and lilcldentaU, b .... him rail, lID- .. after OIine BADACOL ..
uaual tlPn of roan. &OJIIiDat.d tllat dINcted, lan ntam the .. .....
b_ be bu .... taIdq BADAl'OLltoD .. will be ..
tllat be .. iattq ... out or ..... fIIII7 N .... eoDld ..
.. IIDIII.... Be ... .. ., fIIINr--Ab. .
"AGE SiGHT ..... ,
:11 il., ..
i Twin Theatre =
to 200 aorell. All power equip-
mentment . Doan G, Wal ton. Call
Waynesville 25S9 , 12-t3t
nopks and ;r.;1ches. EDITORS Note
I WANTED - to do In my
:;;; WaynesVI-II'e Oh.o = bome nfOOr sChool, In tbe even- Santa Claus wlU play aD early
, " :: lugs. Bill Stansberry, Pbone Way' visit to tbe TWII1' Theatre empl
== ' EE nesvllie 12-15-3t oyees It tile plans of It. OW')ler,
= THURS.-FRI. BANK NiTE' $10.00 DEC. 15-16 ::;;;
Horses ancl Technicolor FOOD Bob O'Regan, orystnllze. Personnel
EE Mark St in SAND l3 an(l ot tbe Twl.D. Mr. Rnd Warr'
;; evenll BAKE 'SALE en LeMay, James Wardlow, and
;;;;;;; P ee. 23, 1949 12 to 4 P.M .
. = == G I Donald 13r()wn. pLus Mrs. Mlnnte
SAT. ONLY ' FIRST SHOW 6 P.M. DEC. 17 ' \vllyncvlllc range Ha I
= Sponsored by Miller wlU divide a.1 recelpt!B or ..
= . Roy Acuff in HOME IN SAN ANTONE . , Grange Youth Commitlee Tuesday 20. from RxO plct.
= ALSO:, st-ooge Comedy and Chap. '5, Dick Tracy ure, Bodyguard, starring La",.e
E;S FOR' SALE - Canurles, 1\1 rs. T . nCe TlernEI and Priscilla Lane.
;; . , DEC. 17 C. Runyon, Mt. BoUy, 'Phone A ,Leon Enol comedy and Chap.
Firsl Sunday - :30 P.M.. === SPring Valley 3-6342. 12-16-8t 3, The Oregon Trafl will also be
, B Grandeur of Rockies as Randolpb ScoH BUIlds .. ,;;; E'01l SALE _ Westinghouse E I- shown. Patrons ot the Twin IUId
CANADIAN PACIFIC Getrlc Range. Ph. Wnynesvllle, tb:elr frie lls are ordlaUy, invited
(Technicolor) ::3 27S1 1t to make tbas a r eal ChrlstJDas tor
, == AI SO News " nd pecial hort, ,"Chea tin G' in Gambling' !is those people have tTred to
= , : : " ,.." ;=: Sell that piece of farm machin- make their entertainment hours
;:;; ' DEC 20 :=' ery you D.O nted with a Ga- so llleasurable . during llie JlIIst
= TUES. ONLY , SFiOW. ? P.M. zette ' clallslfied ad. : .
= The Twin employees r eceive proceeds
= Give them a real Xmas by attendmg enmasse.! = O'REGAN ATrENDS --o----.!.-
Tierney. in BODYGUARD People of DlIll .tqe
THURSDAY, DEC. 16, 1949
Here's An Ideal, Gift
* Children Aaway at School or CoDe,e
*, Fotml"r Reddent.
>I: F .. iencii and Relative.
The Miami Gazette
$1.50 in Ohio; $2.;)0 ' Elsewhere
Include. An. A pprOpriale Gift Card,
- --' -
. . ALSO: Leon Errol Comedy & Chap. 3, Oregon frail BASEBAlL MUrlNC ' /lurroundlng communities bave an
Illlllllllllllllllmmlllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllrnllllllillllllffilllllliillllllllillmll lllillmimilllllllllillillllllillillillIIIl11illllllllllllllillllllllllllllllili;i 3
ChIckens on the
"'Clean i>IJlatoes"
1n a recent market 8urvey made
by th.e U. s. department of agri-
culture, homemakers emphasized
they want "clean potatoes" when
makin. food purchase"
THERS - I wlU assure you ex
oelle/lt care of your chUdren dur-
lonal Basebail meeting at Dahlm. tn a spoDsored contest by the Wa' farm after . the reat of the flock bal
ore. Md, . by Bob who be- ynesvllle Plant nnd the been marketed may Ipr:ead diJeale
fore World Was II was connect. Twln Free tlokets tor the to a lJew brood of
RATES: One cent per word.
minImum charge, 25 cent ..
Three In .. nlonl' for the price
of two. Forma .clol" Wedner
day noon.
ed with professlqnal umpiring and .contest can be obtained from elt-
Ing your working hours. Also will , sporta promotions. O'Regan re.portl her looale willi the lucky -drawing
keep children by ilie hour to make that our closest major league scheduled for 9, P. Ill. Tuesday.
your shopping more oonvenlent. town, Cincinnati.. drafted a num Dec. 27 at the Twin,
Phone Waynesville 2824. 12.8.3t ber of promISing ballplayers, prlo- --0---
clpaJJy one named "Muscles" Sh. Mr . and Mrs . Donald Brown of
ollis. Who wallopped 55 home runs Daytotl were Sunday dlone}
FOR SALE - 2 girls coats,1 light In '49 1n the Class B CaroUDIL ""\lests of their parents, Mr . and
DON'T FORGET TO CALL Weight and ' 1 heavy, size 10 -12 League -:- Luke' Sewell., new Red. Mrs . J , C. Hisey.
US for insurance. All types of yoore; Iron beds,tead - spring ; leg .manager, will probably hIve 0
insurance at ,a savings. Call Dining room 1 ext .. nslo table a spyglass OD' 'that chap next Miss Patricia KUppel of Dayton
,.. n I and Paul 1:>ummlll of near
FranCis .Gene Brown, phone ' .. , SPring, . .,.
Wa'ynesviII.e 24 72 or call c01'" BChO:: ,dS
; et
. mMalrl. bOnaUffreotld ; BEOnYrnhS:rr
! . ,JI'hes.e m.eetlngs. ex:plain'6d' O' Re-, Lytle, ' w41
e married by V?aUer
Kenrick, Justice 'Of Pellce, at his ,
lect, Wilmington, 2111. ' Phol\e 261,4 12 15 at ' gao, are 'Very qotorful, Inasmuch residence 'alt Lytle Saturday' noon.
. I as over 400 profeSSiona.l clubs
Tbey were accompanied by th
BANK RUN ' GRAVEL- Loade'l. FOR SALE _ General ElectrIC were . rellrescnted, besides league
id t ' d bride's
a.t Da.Vls Furnas Pit. 60 cents Range. Is gOOd condition. Ph pres en s, Beouts, umpires, an ____ ,
cubic yara. We also deliver. ARM 3265 _ Mrs. llll\. Baker.' at tbQse, with job!! but look-.
ITAGE &: SON, Photie 2091. tt ing for better oDes.
J Also for those looking for bertha
"'---Y-U-R-K-E-Y-S-F-O-'R- SALE-- FOR SALE - Side ,Arm. Hot in basebaU i n 80me conneotlon.
Wa. Ii) Heater and A , Schwin T4Js provides for Ii \lOll:
"roma, 'S6 .cen .. - I-Ienl, 45 c:enta
KELLER HOAK Built. Heavy Motor Bike.' flurry' of action and til&' lob '
Rt. 1 Waynelvllle Pi'hort! 2880 Mra. Ga;t.I' Eysna. Ph' 3324 ' 3t by of the Lord Baltimore Hotel 1'''

FOR SALE - New and used steel WARREN BRADDOCK
Top Soli. Hauling, Saqd. Gravel
Excavating With Back Hoe, '
. DraglIne and Bulldozer
trap,; 12 long spring No. O. new;
12 long apring 'No. I, used 10 days;
12 No. 1 1-2. new,; 2 coll,
No.2. used 10 days; 2 lump No.
f. new. Pilce. $15 ., will give 24 Waynesville, Ohio '
trail tags. $7 worth 01 0 : L, But. Phone: WaYnOiL 2191 IS,. 2248
obers acents, and other Items. ,
Jim PheanJlI, Waynesville . (Over ,F9
- 19 Tobacco raUs.
Smith's Reetaura.nt.) . U.S-3t >&50 tobacco .sUcka, 1 single dl8C.
Cleve Conner, Wayneltvllls
, 2408. ' 121St Try ' A Classified Ad.
, (Ey:tra Bulbs)
HEAT PADS pop CORN Popper.
Operi Eveniap 'Tm 9, 19-24 (Except. Wednesday) '
SOU1ll MAIN ' STREET 'I . PHONE 9231 ,
i .
, As your ' Mighborbood serviceman, you will find
us not only i iendly. ,but, genuinely interested in
jng U1at your car is given the best pOSSible service so ,
it'll . last 1
, A FrieDC1i, &;rvic.1 .. .'
Suggestion's '!
$1.00 to $3.50
EvelJina 1ft Paris Seta - Coty Seta, $1-.50 to '$17.50
a "battlegroun'd" for '4 days with
the tide or battle reaching to all
Of All.
losulated BrlckB and . asbes
tOIJ Siding. Sheet metal work
of aU kinds. Loca.l Refaren"
. .'
Route' S O.
Phone ,Wayneavillo 2898
' Dead Stock
Hones, " 2.50 - Cows," ,2.60
Hogs . -:- 25c cw.t.
According to Size
ahd Condition. - .
Xenia 454
. ,
Xenia Fei1i1izer
L,lve Wire and Progressive. An
organlzatlon secon'!l t'b none.
Strictly sellers on the best all'
around market In the country.
For O"lIy Market
,WH[O Dayton, 12:60 E.S.T, Dial
1300; WLW CinCinnati, 1240, DIal
700. . .
According to lize and
All StOCK rem9ved p'k'omptly . . .
. ,
Horses, ,2.60 - Cows. $2.60
Hogs '- per cwt. .
. Phone
Xenia, 0 . . 1712 or
WiIminltan, O. 2382
.&111 .
,Kahn,'. ,f\merican Bealay ..
J;G cents lb.
49 cents ,lb.
. '

Diabetilc CaanecI FoocJt.
', ...... ' ...... 1 ...... n
-...-........... .
h.- _ ...... lit .. ,
' net" .... ...., .... WI try
_ ........ , ......... .
I,........ .......... ..
..... ....... ..... fIr.
. lIB...,.., ... ""'",,
...." ....... ......
Investigate Our Theall e Ticket Book.
For Only $1,.001 Excellent Oifi. For
The Children. Also Your Pap.etboy,
. '.

FUea on Beef Callie
For controlling ' Illes on beef cat .
tie. use DDT at the rate of one-
qua rt!!!r of the waterwettable DDT
powder In tl)ree aallonl of water.
'Two quarts should be enouah to
.pray one matur.e animal.
Ore:roD' Fire Precaution <
In the Itate of all Inter,
nal ' combustlon' engines ' 1l1Jd trac-
tors used by lumbermen must be
equipped with an approved tire elt
Free aieket W.iIh Each $1.00 Spent at Wayn.-viIIe
, .
Locker Plant, Or' pc bAdult Admiuion .t Twin '
Drawq: 9 P.M., Tu ... , Dec. 27, Twin
, _ .- --4!
T:he following ston's Waynesville will be open
until 9 P.M. each evcning U?tiI' Ch:is1mll s-,
LUmber & Supply ,
"Will Be Closed.' FOri INVENTORY,' "
. . .
Week of Dec. 26-31, 1949
, J
&' S l ' .... i. ...... ..:. . ..
_ " rm).tage. ,.' on" ':'
, LU'"N"--' (It"".: .n.
F. AND 'GRAVEL '. , .. :" , &Ia.
, T ""d RQAO Oft.
LA W,.., riLl PW'T
F,'L"O 0 R t ,A M.P. ,S,
B.lbs '- - Reflector Shades '
, . .
\ .
W.JlIIViUeF 'Appliaace- Ca.
TalkiQlt OVer

.Y " ... _

Our commlntll ID llall
two )Veeka, ,,o ' ab9ut the trafllc
lwht Iltllati teM ... atn and 'North
IItreet. broulht' a.
liow\lver; la ODe point that
"e woUld lilte :to ' clear ' up ulil
that 111 JoVe have 'no idea. whOle
car wall parked BO 'a. to obatruct
the atop, Blp On Rllute, n.
WaYRe .Township" Legion Post
Membership' Passes 1130 , 'Ib' :'Driv.e
Run Fools Fire Truck Chasers ,
,pe!'lOnll have been
oUied ot owning the car and we
hllcf DO thougbt In mind of br'lng'
in ridicule on the person who
doell ' own It. , The car was parked
In a perfectly legal location. but
one, which 'doell obstruct the view
of ' :the atop IIIn for /Ulyonv ' ap-
In Waylle Town-
t'Olt 616, Americlln , Leglt)!l.
bas doullied during . the past year,
Qommander' Bill 'Lukens annoIlD',
ced thlll week. The Post now
boasts a membership of over 180
aB compal'etl with memo
bershlp tn tbe 60's a 'year ago.
que at the .
lSellool, 'l'uesdai' evening, -Januaat
17. All l:.eglon AuxUlaI'Y
mliers ure 1nvlted to attend: '
1t.. ot 'tbe even I .. , w11i
lie demongtratlons by a ' Daytoai
detective. 'l'lle . Investlcator wU.
Firemen Protest
LackOf Cooperation
..... .... -
Currently, l!- melllberBlp drive
IB being conducted to boost the
total to 160 veterllll! .In WaJue
and Mass1e ItownllhlpB.
Sllow those. attendln& ihe event __ iiiiiiiiii_iiiiiii_';' __ iiiiii
lhe 01 II. lie'
other crime deteaHnc .!Ia.'........ Ford Hook Ollened hel'
. proacbhlg from the. eut.
Cuunty Acrle,ultural on Thursday aCternoon lO
an Ro will ' a.lao Garden Club wltli
Mis!! MurllYn Burske 18 tbe
hOUtieguesl oC her ' parentll and 18
doing Lhree week" or student
teachtng In Lebanon SCbOllls,
after Which /lbe wlll return to
Bowllng Ut'een university to co m
plete her 8enlor year. Mis!! Bul"
like. with Mr. Dale Dutree oC
uwbua, attended a s rorlly dall ce
at Bowling ureen on Saturday.
If the attitude of tbe The MasBle Townsblp members
world at start of 1960 prevail. of the wlll present a
,be even1ng'l! procru(, 'Shephard as hastesI'.
Shoup preSided ovor
. tlte. year "I'e Ihould NOT MUCH COAL
LAST C"LL FOR MltPIeettng nnd ten members Iill-
Wlye., ' l\1\4 mother; of raU call. FolJowlJig tbe
Legion .elIen. ma,. become selll\on, Mrs-. JellDle Con
chartor memberJl o[ .tlii newlT .01'- anel tntel'oating arUcle,
deed be in for & plealant twelve LEFT IN 'AREA;
m_u... . NON E COM ING . .
nit . ' of the po .. lb1l1UH of A ,survey of tbe' local coal alt.
the atom '110mb and'1a thlr4' :yorld uaUon by tbe Miami Gazette. this
"I'ar baa ant.,lded ,and weelt reveals that tbere 1s pi-au-
our D1itlon .. neral ' leeml to cally n,o coal In Warren Count-y. ,
be oa ote eYell -1; . The Warnsavllle Farmerl Excba
almlzed 9JeetlDc . o.C Hazel.. .. Following adJourn-
tbo AUltlllan UDder the dll'1luUUD l'efreshmen18 wero MI'. andM J"!I, J. J . Ilursl(1l hud
ue Sunday dhl lllll" Mr. lIllie
})u(fee 01 eolumbu8 and their
daugbler, ' Mia!! MUl'llyn. Mr. and
Mrs. Dick Boerg of Cincinnati al -
so were evelling guests.
New' yeAr'. clai- laUnched a nle reporta ' ,tbat it baa a very
. . 11IDlted aupply, not enougb to .alt
,ear tor lb. IUam1 out the month, 'w1tb no prospects
Gaaet,.. Thla fear the of much 'comln, tn.
wW reacb . the 100 :rear mark md, Otber coaJ . dealers In thla area
Ita place with an uelua1ve repc!rt that they are TeCelV19g
Qf. In Ohio and very limited amountl of run of the
tbe Onsted States ' ,..blch bal" mine' coal from truckers.
lurvlved a century , of Moat dealen blame the, three-
da, work week 'for .the present
, Ae 10ur COlllDlllJlJty
, " ISlnOIn:Alle. They' lIay mine operat-
eDtera It. 10o.b -year . It doel .0 on claim they cannot operat-e the
wlth Ifeat cODfidence that It will -mine. at a profit on the .hol't '
continue to it of len1ce for k
wee .
1"" to eo The PUt fear hu As' long aB the , three-day ViC!rk
probabl, OQe or continuea suppllel VieU be
tprbUlellt tJae 'Vtry sbort. mlne operaton
tire blatcil71 ' .,0 at tb1a have stated that they ';wUl
time it .811184 vel'J doubtful 'tlat down tbelr mineS ratlier tban (1011-
the woOld COIltlm&. tiDue operaUns at a 1011. or Jiear
1\o"enr, DOW ,tile Q.... JI lou.
qldte rooted on IIaID
aua.;11ba taW 1b.en.a :.utDOrt .
1IIAI\f Joeal ....... lI ....... IIIMIIlJ
. au .

of President ' Mary LeMa, ' . a,to
h61(1 .veWu, ('Ilhu1'8da1)
Wayne Townabl", !.ellon Home.
---:.., ' --'- ..
,'l'lfe followliar "u
ijlsued Mar,or, It,arl'7.
this, w."It;. "
":rhe ',NO U -Tum' . slpa
Interll8ctlon of Ma.ln anti
.treetll were erected to I PtollY.IDtl
mcitorli ts trom
,at thla, InterlJect.on.
whitt they . al'.... .
ISo, far, there , haa beall
lItI Ie 'trom" i4e
,1sts of tlie yWare IU: reltaJ,5a
the newlt,' cecte4 .. n ....
"We ,are hop.r ror (!OCI.pelratlO1l;
the futuJ:e ..... . IlncerelY
1\0 ....... t,t . WUl have to
made,ltt .. I ".
t:a. steward, belne'
daue Ita dartua the't Steward, Ko.bert WU. strtke continues
comma :rear, y., ,0D, ' Chaplln, Robert Orew; Treaa III1\Y turn Into a. short BUllpl, tbls
rllLlDa lD bave Deen ural', BhodeB BunneU, 8ecretarj, Ipi'lng. I'e.w manutacturers have a
made dur1llC tJa. PUt aJx mGnUil, Iean Bunnell, Flora, Margaret great amount procelleci. 'l'be Far
, and pb,.leal tmprovem.enta of oui- Uland, Cerea, Janet P4lchhier, po- merl ExcbP,e urger area farm
.Plalit equipment bay. belped tn. mona, (i;arolYn RetaDlck, GBte Ke. era to. make arrangementa to
contlDlled eper, 'DWlg,bt Mlchner. Laity tace fertilizer their dealerlJ
Our hope for the Naw Year _ Steward, Fraucaa Gray, EltecuUve al eoon aa it "le convenlently poa-
Committee, Lo,wrenco Furnae, and sible.
that we ... COIltlJlue to Smpro". Juvenile Matron, Harriet McMII. Along tb. market and CODllDQd
II. 10111 aa WII have til. pl1v1lep Ian. Ity (ront, there 8IIemll to be
of publbblDc the OueU. &ad Tbe Juvenile otflcer. were a180 llttle IntereBt In' the market on thl'!
Ihat our wW be able at thll l.1mt. part of ,botb buyers and lellel'.,
to perpetuate the Guette lonl An aA.teDiiance of 82 waJl the' re.ultlng In a ratber dull tradlq
a8 there 1a . ' count of ' the e.venlng, IDcludlns' week 'and mild market decl1nes.
In tallWll to mADY low farm- \IIltOrB. . Wheat exporta ar& laggln con
eri we lie-ve been -rath,r . pleaMd Tile neit meeting "W'1lI be held slder.bly beblnd early ', especta
21. A' "Womanlesl Wed'd. tioDa. Tbe Department 'of Ap1cul-
lurn that. praU. e"el'1 one inc" will the er ture bad estimated el[pbrt of tOO,
of .tJaem does 1l0t approve of the evenlnr. Fun for everyone. 000,000 bul,bela for the crop year.
preeelit adm1n1ltrat1oD'a I/grlclut- How,ever. CCC purch'ueB of ex
ural policies, aJlboUlh the,. Dl87 Earnhllll't spent < Thurs' port wheat for the first sll[ mon-
mean more monef at the present daL and the vacation ths of tbe year amounted to only
time for lb. fannez:. '. -'Dick Smith ,In 49,000,000 '1\0 It. la ve17 doubtful
, Mo.' local tannera .belleve that Trotwpod, O'hlo. ' 'that the orlg1nal goal will be at-
" . ' prtce' aupport IboUld be lDItaU- 'talned. .
..a only, to m.ute ' agaIDlt .tOO . MI,B :Mary Jean BI.ckey . Ipent BID8 .
a drop in prlcel' aDd to ... Iat 1n .the weeltend wllb her parenti (Quoted by tm Wayne.vllle
In. W,.,ynelvjije. MiSS Kickey ' Is a F.mler. Exchange)
the polt-war 8COno1DJc aCUuatm8Jlt. rellident. of San Bernadino, Call' Wbeat ' . .' $1 87 bu
But mOlt or them belle,. th.t tomts. : ..... , .... .. .. ... . .
Corn ........ ' ,' . .. . ... '1.17
. 0vernineQt .upporte are too hlgb SOY DeaD. . . ... . . , ... .. , ,2.06 b'l.
and wW eventuaU,. backfire to 6. The of freedom . \
tbe deUrement of au. . and aecurity, which I. characitel'" FUneral lervieea were conduct
It II 'loo bad that .tIle remenantl latlc of rural We should be main- 'fuNda,. afternoon ,at Jonahs
of , the New Dad, do . not tallied 00. ' ' Run ChurCh for G80rp n8nny, 18
, , wbo died We4Deeday evening DC
that' ,ou cannot 'rIolate eclODOmIc 6. Production' be a beart ,aliment. at his wlnter
laws any more thaD ,00 can nat UBed only after aU marketl for home 1n Qrldo, Florida. The
ural iaw. without talnJ8tIDs with domestic, bave been- depleted. Rev; J. P. Tllombu1'7 oUlclated
dta .. ter. The law of npplT PreII,"e and ItreDCtbR . the and tntemmel11 was In Miami
demal\d.1I1 eT8Jltually Jll'tvaO fann produela, both forelh a.JId etery, Corwin. -.
regardleaa ot. how much 01 tile famib' owned and operated farm Mr. Denny' and his wife bad
tu pia,-ara' moDe, ' the UnIt. ' . , gOlls : to Orl&odo ' lut December.
AdUUn.lltraUon .pend. to lle ,was taken ill aftel' 'ar'
rlvln .. there:' ' . .,.
to proTe o\herwbe. -0
In- addition \0 h", wldo", Mary,
w. that th.e farm ra-
cram ac1opte4 by .the 01110
GraDle' at,. Ita recellt (OODyent!9a
b the tlD8It D4 most aeulble w.
heard 10 1&1'. JlBID PGiata of.
, I
'be procraaa .
I, 1'004 .hout4 .. lli'04u0e4 in
amount. aumCien't to IDInN an
AD dleto at
prlcel th., can 111914 to
2, !Doome 1ler1n4 from fumlq
.boul4 .. compara1U to tba&
talae4 from otUr IOGI'GU or ....

DeItrQotIoIl 01 foo4 1Iio'aI4
IlOt tJe teJerat.e4 .. ... .. tIiiie
.... III1qr7 people iD tJae war1I.
.. ftftDIq (IftGUeeI 1Iltoa14 lie
lit JI lunlved b,. 'one IOn, .Jobn.
of DILJwn, one daughter. Mn. Geo.
Pidgeon ot WUmlnrton and tour
Tb,e fIIm1l gathered at
the honie' of Mlal Mildred lUckey
in \flncbeater, Vlralnla. recently.
Pre.ent tor the reunion were:
Mr. and MI't: Ted lUckey aild
family; )lr. George ' Blckey of Cln-
c1nnaU; Mr. aud Mrs. 'Carl R!ck
ey of .... b Rldre, Ohio,; IIr. aDd
IIrs. BeD IUQ., aull IIr. and
Mn. Iil8rI Blcke, ao4 family of
ClnciDnaU. '
aboa14 lie muter.
St, John baa been
Beveral dl1),s in', Dl1Is"
Inlliaua, wl1ere he went ror
'l'llfIII&Inellt and rest. .
M:rs. Whitaker
"S\lDdlay guests of M1es Anna
In OlnclnD&tt..
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Eal'nbal'l
were Sunday artel"Doon guellts
oC AIr. MUton Sheehan In Center
:rs. W1U1am, StrOUle
SUDda,y dinner 'cuesta; Mr.
and Mr: Charles Strouse.
also , hnd a.e afterJloolI. and
gueata, Mr. and
MoYer of Geflllantowo.
and Mrs. Bav .. "
Come one, come aU, 'to the b1&
"Womanle.a Weddln,"" to be hol4
at the Grange Hall on Saturda1,
Jall.1ja.ry 21, A bk caet, . COlUl1lting
of: 'rberle Jonea, Ed omuaud,
'Herb, E4 Surlace
A. Stout. Rhode. Bwmell . Earl
Hubble, Dr. Harlan D),e, Haroill
Whitaker, Lowell Thomas. Rob
ert Wllaon, KeWleth Retalllck,
Donald Wllaon, Dav14 Brown, ErD
Robert I Furoa. made a . bappy'
famll, gatber1D8 at tbe home ot
Mr. and Mrs. Baymond Wlll10n
.Qn New Year's Do),.
Tu Inspector
To Be Here Jan. '26
Cook, Glenn Smith ano J!!Ml
promlle Gf a big Ume fQr
All !adlee are to wea Gingham
or CaUco dren and the men' In
eve1'7day clothIDC. Anyone
In drellB clotheB will be Penalized
Evenron.e jom in we tun ' on Jan.
8}00 P. )I. '
. - -'
residents were shoo
cked Saturday to . learn of the
deatb oC WllllllUl A. Reeves, . 69,
a spring Valley carpenter whl>
wIlD was well knOWn bere,
Reeve& was kllled at- 3;20 P.M.
'Saturday wben h1a auto was atr
uck by Ii. PenJia),lvanla palaengel'
tram at the Route 42 crosBlng In
Spring Valley oniy about 50 yardB
. . trom bla home. . "
During ,the month of January a Reevell drove onto tbe tracks
Sales Till! ElIaminer will be Biat d.rectly In front of tbe traln
loned In WalrneBvllle at the 101- .whlle wamlng lightS were bunk-
lowing location and 'date to as- tng. accardlng to the highway pa-
slat vendora ILn tbe preparatlon .
of tbelr 8ale8 Tax Returnl of In. trol.
forMation for the July I , A lICe-long resident , of Sprlnll
19t9 &0 December 31, 1949; Vaney, Reeves was al6ne In thll
'Bank, anto. The train hlt biB car .wlnC-
... Ing It around 'and toBslng It Into
January 26, a parkt!d car o.wned bf . Joan
hou.... -:::-=tswiii6iiii'ii:er, of SprlDg Valley .. No
Vebdon, ah.ould take with tbem 'one except: !leeves wal Injured.
tbe necelsary recordB ' Buch na 1\
Survlvlng' IB a W
copy of 'tbelr' last"" report. ..ates
records ' and vlen(lor purch\lse ord- ReeveB, of Spring Valley .
Funeral lervlces were 'held Tuo
erB (pink ,copy). ell day wltb burlnl at the Spring
Particular a.ttentLon Is directed
to tJle nevi schedUle "c" provided Valley
on the aide . of the origin- -------
al return . . 'The' vendor le reQulr. W8CS' WILL MEET JAN. 19
e . to lI"t a 0 e I' pur- The Women.s Soclety of Christ-
chUe. made during thel perl.od,
showtnc the ,late, tbe total am- tan Service will hold their reg
OUDt of purohases ' and the aerial ula.r meeting In tbe 'Methodillt
numb.8"r which t8 carried Gn each Church Tbursday, Jan. 19, at 2
pink .l1p jUlt tbe Ipace P.M.
showing the amount. The tota' Mrs. Gilbert Frye wlll conduct
amount df the' purchases so list- the .program.
ed' IIbould agree 'wIth tbe entry Mrs. Don Workman will review
on line 2 ot the return. tbe study course. "The Women
TheBe reports must be tiled of the Relreabment8
with or. maJIM to Don H. Ebright will be served, In th"e basemon
Treasurer of 8We, ' P.O. BOll rooms.
The Methodist church cbolr is
now reQuested to meet regularly
on TburBday evenings at 7: SO.
MU81c will be prepAred for each
Sunda.y m(nn.1ni Bervlce 'and pra-
ctice has begun on the Easter
1799, Co)umbul, Oh1o before Feb .
ruary I, 1960' In order not to be
dellnQ.uent. If a deflclenc7 ' IS' In
dlcated on the report, due to
faUure caElcel' Bufficlent ' pte-
paid tax receipts to offset tllX
due, a remL1tJmCe should accom
panf the report Ln 'amount of
the deficiency', made pay&ble to
Don H. Treasurer of

The Lytle Methodllt cburch bRB
It ma, be 1)O.slble to Ileep on Installed a new Hammond organ.
au empty IItomach, but not an
em'pt7 pocketbook.
BIb for tJl 1'8Jltal of &pproE .
Smatel, cd tile lymap.
OWIled fUm wSl1 be nodv-
ell by the Clerk UDtII 11
o'o1oOk IIOOIIt 111'1.11&17 1&. 1HQ
SPODIOred Bf Tbe
WayuesvlDe W. S. C, S.
StarUnl at 10 A. M.
lIethod1lt Church- BaI."Dt
WarD.. J'uJ'Illture aud App. store
I' j I' e cllgine followers were (0'
ole<1 '!'ucsday evening wben they
followell. tbe WayncBI' ll1e tire en
glne tt) l.ytle 011' a lll'ilctico run.
Tile l'lIn to Lytle waa IIllule and
tbe tl'uck WIlS Iii nCllun. 11 II1ln-
utes aCter the ' si r n' tlouuded.
IIJcrubOI"l; ur Lbe llrv depart-
1ll"ll. nl'" Wil li Lhe Hlij1-
1I11H ' Ill ."HUIYI,,!; Ult; llUClI. lu
II l'tl>! 'and II"" LIlU Urull1eu
III l llu. r \VUI',I :
'l'UtiSlI IlY yuull lg a li ll'J1\ j; or cars
thl\l l' eatlJiod l1'u UI ... Yl IU LO Jobu' tI
CUlIUH' II uliull LIJ LI u.:K. MILU'y 1)[
LUe (;:lJ'lJ W,vUlll JlOt )'Ield thtl
rlglll ot' \V'u)'" \iuHJ,Ji te u..e
Iud JlghL OU Lbe truck.
wish tu. 1l111llhlsi:te thut
tbe colllmunity' ruL Investment
DC ,!I,OOO In tire eqlL1pment and
wreckless driVing by cal'S to
frow lIres may result In
da!llage to 'the 1ruck.
More IIl'acUce rUUl! are IIllluu"d
lor the luluJ'e to emuble all weUl -
bel'S or tAe .lIre ' llelillrl.Julult .tu
operll.le. the true,,".
.Funeral servlcel for Mrs. Net-
tie 'l'lnney, 78
,Who . dled at the
bome ot her 80n, Sherman,
day, afternoon, w:QI be hljld I\t
tJie Stubbs tuneral home at 2;,30
P.M. to!1ay.ReV'. Jt. 11. Coleman
wm and burial wlll be
made- In M1am1 cemetel'f' , ..
8urvlio1'8 Incl ltde: one daU,C.b.;'
tel', lAura Wet'ntz of
vUIe; 8f:x"' IIOjls, .:F..eonard,
.It . a ca.av!Jlt;
PreD ce G ' a' g ,
Webster of 1dlddloto;wn; '''WUllur
ot 'Mlam1 Fla,; 22 grandchildren;
rour brothers, . Lawrence ' and
Tbbmas Hardin of Waynelvllle;
Elzi' of Covington, Ky.; Edward
of Monroe, La.
The Rainbow AdVisory Club
held its, Dec'ember' meetmg at tile
home of ,Mr. lind Mrs. Hllward
Wertz. The rooma were beauti-
fully . de'corated -lor Yule ,sea
lion and everything WILlI In keep-
'lng wltb the 'Christmas plan.
Tbe usuaL buslnolls se9sl011
wal beld and an Interesting dll
cusllion waa held on "Sllc1sl.zed
adjournment, a plea-
sant Boclal hour was enjoyed.
with many varietieB 01 cakes,
candles and served' aa ra-
Tbe many friends Gf Earl Hub
bell of Waynes'lllle Route 2 are
congra.tulatlng him on being one
of winners In the 1919 Balu-
Qlore ' lind Ohio rlLllroad annual
BoH conservation ,contest.
Hubbell placed flrst in the cla-
ssification for formers making
the greatest progress 1n consor
vll.tlon prl10tlces Cor October
to Octoller 1949 In ,II 24 county
area. . .
Hubbell will be awarded a US bond, He also waB among
the whine,rs In '8
Ion sponsored ' by ,the
Guodyel\r 'rLre and Rubber Co.
Mr. (Illd Mrs. J. Jones
will celebrate their Golden Wed-
dltlg .next Sunday,
Jan. 151 at the1r borne In Lytie.
An open house 'will be oDserv-
ed from two to five P.M. aurt
seven to nine P.M.
Mr. MrB. Jones bave' one
BOO. Tb,erle, aud a grandlloll,
both 'oC Lytle.
The JoneB' are li felong ' resl-
. den!s of Warren onnty nnd
Wayne township.
UlOII ......... sn ..
III their ..... or _'If the rea-
loa wb.J. ataCae .. writer. At
..... IDOIt ot bOW tile ...
' .... 0-
Plaue pia", order, DOW, If po8fto
A epeclal meeting ot t he Youth
FeUdWablp of the Wayneevllle
ll.a!tbod1lt church wlU be ' lIelel
Bundai, Jan. 18, at 6:80 P.II .&11
our ..,oUtb' are Nqu.ted to ...
_ wltr. -.
.......... ....... I!I
.... .
I I .. .' II _ _ A .......
PAGE TWO THE MIAMI GAZETTE W Thursday, January 12,1950
Change Seen Heallh Measure;
Frenzied Reds Acclaim Sialin all0;
Hungary Off-Limils for Americans
A VOCAL MUfOBITY (IilDuoa'l NOTS. WIot .,1,,1..... r " I. , ....... 1 ..... , ".Y , ...... f
w ....... N ,a"1' VaJ ' aaa"a" aa' bel D.e rU,. e, , ... D

Jet-Geor,e-do-It atUtude.
'lbose will cost UI, the
AmerIcan people, the berlta,e left
UJ b1 Pnlt generationa datlns back
to the days when that vaUant little
army fought and the bire
l.Inp of a IPP, who would rule
without the cOJlIIent of or Interelt In
the subjects.
We; the vat maJorlt)" of the
Amerloa people, are N much
I!II&T08HII Ia euJoylnr aUf af-
caue-, oar ataJidU'd of UvlDr
produoed b1 the herJtace be-
eaeathed to lUI by oar aBCe ..
ten, .... t we rive DO time or
..... rIIt 10 the preservation of
IIaal berta.,e. Ua &be GUler
band, a amaH mlnorlt)" loaMy
demallds a ehaDp in &be Amer-
IDaa .... ,. that .. belleves wW
&in IIOme&blnr 'or aotblDr.
That smaD minority would tum
UI to lutlsm, 10cJalllm, and event-
uall,y to communism. Bite by hlte,
,tlley are away our American
WII, at ute, our private enterprlle
.,.tem that baa produced , the con-
cUtions-the high standard of Uvln,
, ....:that' are causln, us, the vast
majority. to lit Idly b1 whUe a
'9OCal mlnorlty 11 destroyln, our
national weU belne.
We. rep ........... nr &be .. It
majorl..,. are loann. It to
Qeorp te ten aar represeata-
awe. iii &be CIOJII'ft!M what we
WIIIIt, ad Georp .. , falUar
..... aa tile '!'be mlnarlt)"
IIaa& .. clemaa4la&' lllat 1OIIIe-
tIaIDr lor DOtblaa'. .. IJIIHvtcJ.
...., aacl Ulna,h arpaiu.
....... espreuIq Ita wIaIIe8 ..
1IeIa11elJ'. UMI. tboqh _pu.
atlYel, UDall Ia alUllberll. It
. ___ peal DOllie .... ca ..
__ u-e .. Wulalqtaa. reo
iiriJeaa of ,pan., aIlUatloa
IIaa& II rep_ta &be .... that
.... eM nPrtRataU.,ea te
.............. UMI ... Ucu
eltber tlefeat them ar be,
...... the job. '
On eleeUon ,,-, thon of the
nolse-maIdDi mtbortl1 -aU vote for
thOle who 1m... IlItaned to' de-
'DWI4I tor that _metblDa foao
nOIbIDJ for whieb the notae maJterr.
U, ekmorlD,. Of that, .. 1t maJor-
"" who want our Amerlean wa,
of llfe" !MJr printe eDtetprIM eeo-
i1oDJ1c IJItem. our
"of. lor and bJ the peopJe" eon-
. 1iDued, 80me take time out to vote,.
1M aiaD)o d' rrot. ' .
, ... 01 :fa: evV devote um.
or , fmeru .ufflCleat to upre.a
'tbeIr ' Who. to their,
tlVel In _ WuhlnJton. 'lbe, IaU to
fact' thaf thOle
reaeatativel ue' lar,el1 iDfluenced
,bJ what the, hear from the people
back IIome. When the, onl7
from the .omethill,-for-nothlnf ele-
ment the, wW aupport the le,i ..
laUon demanded bJ that miDorltJ.
ibat mlnorltJ ha. Impressed tIIos.
at Wuhington a. representlna: a
majorltJ of the votes. Those hold
tn, pUblic office are courtm, thola
votes. ..,'.
Tbe apath,. the la4IIIereace.
'the a&U&III1e .,
, life IiuJorl.., .. the 'Amerlcu
ell .... , Is aacl com-
Changes Plallned
There was little likelihood ' that It
would amount to anythln, In the
lon, run-Ilnee the bill seem. fore
doomed to failure-but Olcar
Ewin" federal securlt7 admlnis
trator, let It be known he will rec
ommend lome changes In the 84
mi.nlstration's medical - Insurance
bill now before congress. .
, EWING'S' convlctlon that the
meallure as drawn could stand
.ome -:.evlslon came after he ob
tained a personal insight 10,0 We
10clal1zed health program as prac
Uced in England and other Euro-
pean countries.
Ewing laid his recommenda
tlons were n.ot completely formu
lated, but indicated there would
be a ' provlsloI! 1n the bill to reo
duce the opportunity for collusion
between patients and doctorl to
aU(IDent medical fee .
The approach 'Under considera-
tion by the U,S. lurvey (roup II to
require the patient to , pay a part
01 the cost of medical service
-Dot to a doctor, but to art Insur
.nce fund.
AS THE U.S. BILL 1s now
drafted. doctors would be eompen
.ated In any or all of three WIYS
_ per I:aplta payment Irrespec
tlve of service, a Itrailht lalary,
or a tee basil_
However, It might very well be
much ado lfbout nothln,. all ' It
apparent neither the . peo-
'pIe of the U.S . the medical protes-
Ion, or a suttrelent number of eon-
Ift.amen are In tile mood for In
atallaUon of loclallzed medicine
ID the United State
The unIted state.. Irked and
With worntlUn, placed
Communlat-controUed Hunga,., oft
Umlts tor travellnl
The aetten 'WI' taken bee.use
the . Hun,arian government hll'
no attentlon to U.S_ demands
that Robert A. Vogeler, an oMelal
of the IntemaUonll Telephone It
Te1erraph eGJ;'pOratlon had not
been releued after hla ureat on
November 18. At that Hme, several
other Americana were lakeD' Into
euatodJ> . b)' Run,lrf*ns.
The American note placln. the'
on to Hun-
,DU' a,.m ; Vogeler's
relea.. and relerved the right to
claim damages ' tor anJ InjUrle.
he ma3r have autfered. , '
Although the. U.S. protest 'WI' di-
rected only to the Vo,e1er ' cale,
a ltate deparbnem 'J?Okelman
lald that It applled allO to the ar-
re.t 01 Israel "acoblen, bead 01
the Amerlca.. joint
It wa. atron, note 1n41-
cated' the temper ' of 'the 11.S. aUte
but ' 1ft effect coUld
be de&etmlned' onlJin the releaae
or further deteptlon of Vo,eJel' and
hili ImprlsOned
mentaQ> .. the meudDr of CUPID
Ul'Gvemment, of. for aad .". , :
the people." It cu IIleaa 0Dl, Susi fflllow
that &b_. IIt4IvI4a.aia or as Cupid a ' bUIY feDow
sealOn came
I;;' our, _y . "." ...... of hllI8l!'Uvity
left to IledtaP. are WI. centered In the Upper bracketll
UwllUDc' to clo' .a1PalD&' ... ... of U.S. eetebtltle8. ." "
lense .f tIia& Ileritap. Hanlly' bad be' IISt- down to rest
B" doln" thew wW let . after brinling Vice-President \ Al-
J ben W. Barkl.., and ,Mrs. Hadley
tUt, . ba. , provided oppor- together at the altar, when he was
. - tunity and general prosperlty go b, anel oft a,ain, this time to br.lng
default to the nol.-, clamor of that about the union cif New York Mayor
somethinJfor.nothln, mittorlb'. It C)'DwYer and fashion st';'llst EUza-
Will mean. 'tllat America will reap
beth Sloan Simpson. ThIs romance
a harvest the dre,. of ltatfsm, culminated with wedding in
80clllllJm and , eventust commu- Florida.
Dlam for aU, IDcludhig tIIole de BUT the llttle fellow with the
mandin, that lome thing for noth win,s and the bow aod arrows
,inI. All wW pay' the price wasn't having any relit, With the
'01 our 'apathy. ' Ink ,barely dry on tlie press' an-
What ean arOUIe the great major. nouncementl of Mayor O'DwYer's
itJ of to ,tile fact that
our blrthrllht S. aurely vau- , weddln" headlines carryin, a real-
'."'ft" clown tile ravenOUI crop or ly' romantlc wanop were scream
-.. lng alain.
.tatlsm. socla1WD , and commu- And thlll ' Ume. Cupid had hit
DIam. and aD' because those COI1IItl. .
tutln, that great maJorlt7 lit: au- wbere It burt. Thousands 01 movie;
.truek femste. across the nation,
plDe17 b)' with no eftort prevent with a ,oodly number 01 them be-
.uch a catastrophe? in, HollYwood's own, fall' and
LeUerl, lara:e number. 'ot them. tamou.. were abo c ked. then
from individuals; relo1utlona from
or-UIlzaUOIII, from , chamberil of rrieVed iii they learned that lang-
time movie Idol Clark Gable bad
from. lervloe clUbi. wed. . .
from Lellao fOlts, from cIuba, HANDsoME. Gable bad
cilutcbea other or,anlzatlona taken to wife the ,widow ot the late
wwld help materiall7 10 "vine our Doutla. Falrbankl, ' Sr. $be was
peatIJ threatened W8J of Ute. our the former Lad, Alhle),. Gable
bed..... '1'broI&Ih ' IUch thInIB, .... hi rfd
....... at WubInJton would be hear. ,a". ' .... a,e a. 48; b e .aid
.... 'from the pea' majorltJ. abe WI. D. The maJT!a,e WI. the
' lk tOU1'tb for .ach.
Before the deJa of America'.
Labor Honored
ThIs I. .. phOIo ..... pb al the
DeW U.S. poltqe
.tamp wblcb will be ...... ' Ie
. commemorate ' the latth 1UIDl-
of 'he birth of
Gomper., cre.t AmericaD Ja-
bar I.eader. It wUI be priatecJ in
purple .nd wilJ ,0 OD ule
Washlnrtoa OD Janur, n.
Big Birtbday
The ;:lovlet-domlnated world went
into a trenzy as each nation and
satellite, strove to ,outdo the others
In payln, tribute to RUllla's
Jo.eph' Stalin on bls 'lOth; birth
THE RUSSIANS were In their
usually . rare form, uslnl the oc-
calion to hurl a thunderoua d.e-
mand for . peace at the. world. In
order to achieVe It, ..the, would aet
up, the:r s,ald, annual for
those '90lnl the 'moat to pre.erve
peace and to confound the "war
mcm'enrll." , that cate,ol')' In
cIiided. of course. all ' natIOns and
governments out' df s1tnPltbJ with
,the SOvIet aim ot expansion. ,
Alrriolt tanta.tle, was the ment
to wl\lch " the Stalln-worablppera
went in, adulatlon 01 Stalin. 'Xbou-
laada p1 'parcel . and crate.. araln-
loads of merchandise, whole ex
pO.ltfon baUi of trinkets 'and pie-
factorle. aDd .ockl, boob.
and hOnes. ' wille and to,l. 4eUea.
ele. and can were funneled
Mpaeow tro,m Ela,e to
frOm .the Arctic to the Blaek
NO ONE MAN . couht ever
aU the 1Ift,a, or read an the, hon-
Ol's . No one could d1i-
trlbpte them. ' What It 'IV" aD
worth was aUyone's' llUe. but cer-
tainly fnlWons 01 . donan.
. Eastern .. German3r alone col
70 trellht cari of
one for 'each year-a. a lort of
Tbe western world paid Uttle
heed to the Soviet chestbeatlng
oVer a desire for peace a.nd, so far
as the prelll reoorded. England was
the only nation aroonl the. North
pact ' lifDatoriel to
I congr.atulatlons to ' Stalin on his
birthday. ,
But . for tile Russians, them
lelvell. to most of whom Stalin II
more legendary than real, the
thrWlnl, dramatlo high spot of the
annlvel'lsry celel)ratlon came In
Moscow' w hen Stalin. Iillnself.
wa\lJ:ecl out on a stale to let the
pe:ople see
.I '. j
Uneqsy 'Freedo", ,
The United Statea of Indonesia
. wai an fact. It had
come formally tree after 300
of Dutch rule.
But the birth Of freedom was no'
routine. Cl\80al affair. Just like the..
case with most republics. the
,birthday was Irlm and
Even 811 freedom was declared.
the new nation deployt:d troops ,
and maintained a IItate of liege In
wide areas to prevent anticipated
iT WAS that
moniSts and lome dlebards would
attempt to make trouble for the
new republic and to embarrasl it
by creating disorders;
Hundreds ,of troops patrolled .the
.treeta of Batavia and machine.
(Un posts were let up at intersec-
tions. Dutch troops throu,hout the
country were ooiltined to barraclu
for two day. to prevent clashes,
lion aet a truce in the Islandl
which ended, the bloody tiahtln,
between the Indoneslal1ll a n' d
Dutch. and also supported a Dutch-
Indoneaian, roundtable conference
at the Hape laat fal] which led to
the rrantln, of Indonellan inde-
CCIIltributlODI in bOllona to Ena-
...... "1IOII18tI1IDa: for notbiDl"
Labor IO"mmeot welfare. the
Dl,uab people found j'Bechaa.
pIDa" a .-eral au'8 lor DIGIt 01
tbeIr 1111: Now that American as-
aIItaDce bu dropped from blWOIIII
to buIInda 01 mllllOlll the Labor
lDftIIUDeat aIIdI It can DO Joqer
....... free PftICriptlalll. IDd the
I*Ple muat ataID lie utllfled
.... ........... Or P87 for the
Instrument Plots Airplane Performance
I& ..... d blow to
lad .......... tIIeoI7.
A llaut computer, which eqI- the na"", research Rc:UDD tor Ule
neer. believe ean do juIt about at the Voulht alrCll'dt comP8l11
aQthln, aeept .at and Ileep" plant in Dallu. '
perfonnln. amalinl f.ats ID con- ,f.ecordlq to enaineen d crIb-
'neetlon with anl17_ 01 aIrplan. 10. the device'. flmoll-. ' Itt.
performance even before tile air- alJDple. admlt. bow.. that
plane a. built. It tat.' , for au operator to
'111. device lml'-tH 8Jl learo IIow to Interpret the ea-
In fIIrbt u It develOJll IatormJUaa I... wbIeb tile lDaehibe II ....
rital to ........ n pi......... air- 1Ionver. tIlosa tile dn!ae
craft for tbe future. It".. 1IDt.. ..,. lr. tIlDe well IP8DL
Mlost schoolboYI would reaot
with surprise It told that gravity
Is still one 01 the most puzzling of
natural forces. They would de
ciarl! that Sir ISIIBC Newton had
settled all that when, after watch-
Ing the faUlng apple. he stated a
tbeo:ry that may be
fled by explain In, It ,. s fact that
"evE!rythlng that. (lioes up
comle down,"
Albert Elnlteln.
zleb.alred, unpretentioul IclenUst.
ranked all among the' ,reatelt In
the 'World. and a key fillure In the
deveIopment 01 atomic power.
wasrl' t content to leave It at that.
EINSTEIN. after a IlfeUme of
work:, had 'made a great discovery
-;a discovery he believes will ex
plair. the mystery of' gravItation.
One of the (reatest of the IIclen-
tlfic gravitation 'keeps
from flootlnl off the
earUl. keeps the earth and .other
spinning always In the
path around the sun.
According to the new Einstein
theory, which was announced by
the Princeton university press, aU
the basic p)lysicallawl would.bJl ez-
plalned In terms of gravitation. It
II 8lIl attemPt to describe In one
law ,everythlnl that goell on every-
wher'.8-trom . the Inside of one
atolh to the Umitl of the unIverse.
Elns'teln haa lleen trylng to do that
tor llO years.
U. Elnsteln I. r1gbt, he may bold
the key that will, unlock aU the
'ecrl!ts of the universe.
theol., I. expreBBed In mathemat-
lei" The heart 01 the e:q>laniitlon of
(ravity is four equ,tion.. (Iven
In letters or symbols, not numeralS.
Th,ere was no explanation of
what: the Iymbol. mean, but no
phys;lcJsts were ready yet to try
tq talk publlcl1 about the new
th!!Ol'Y, It atill had to be tested to
whe1her It covers aU tbe known
IaWI Oil' about the way
mattler and enerlY and gravltaUon
, beba've
Eighteen Yeors
DETROIT, MICH, - Sewey ,
Wilson, 51, recenUy was found
Innocent of a charge of armed
robbery after he 'hod served 18
years of a 1I1e sentence after
conviction on that charge, He
was convicted In November,
The ,trial at which he was ac-
quilted was won on grounds
tha t his convl.ction had come be
cause Qf perjured testlmoi1y.
His accuser, Wolter Norwood,
58, charged that ' W.ilson robbed
him ot t500 In a holdup 00 Belle
I!land l ln May. 1931.
At the re-trlal, Wilson testi
fied that he later met Norwood
In 1945 In southern Michigan
prison Where ' the latter was
serving a term on a charge ot
violating gambling
Wilson testified that Norwood
told him 1hat police had In-
structed N erwood to testify as
he . did at the original trial.
Washington Plannmg'
To Greet 15 Million
People During 1950
WASmNGTON, \- This crowded
c,apftal , city. norma11y ' attractin,'
four .mllllon,. vISitors a year. Is ex '
pectin, thllt numbel' to jump to 15
nilllion durin, lOSO.
The reason I. that 1950 I. the
lSOth bll'thday of the nation's cap
Ital city and the lesqul-centennlal
commission. preparlnll for the
event. reported that all the .tates
and territories and 40 nation'. are
ezpectud to participate willi ex
hlblts and pal-eants.
America's progress under the
"free ente1Prise system" will be
emphasized in the celebration.
Preildent Truman said It win be
a "syrobP} to freedomlovlng peo-
ple everywhere,"
The "sesqul" commission, aet up
TAXA T IO_N: b, ' eongresi. was to work out a
program 01 'pageantry and drama
A Waming aimed at portraying America's
It would be cbar,ed to politfc. progrell 'In freedom. The C/ubtand,
and an effort to .mear the in, feature was to be the freedorr.
Deal" prorram. but house GOP fair in Anacolltla park.
leade!r Josepb W. Martin .truck a Plan. called for reopeJ)In, thtl
logiCist note when he warned ,that fair. In April. 1951. tor 'a .even ..
a tall: Increase In 1950 tbrO,w months run ,to 22. Con-
into an eoonomlc ''taU.. tlnuaUon of the fair as 'a 'perma-
and cost milUons ot. workers nent internatiOnal trade expOSition
their i?bl. ) , also was . dlseulle4.
MARTIN took a jiba at Amon, ' the projected buildings
Truman's indication that some ex- at the lair are Freedom bouse,
else taxea mllbt lie lowered b, wbere the .naUon'. hlstorle docu.
dec1arlnl: mentl will on dbplay, and the
..It appear. Mr. Truman la about tedel'al bulldln, and . the han of
to eQO.mlQlon-cloUar kite with Itate." bousln, exhibIt. of eori-
Two Gay Play Pieces
Are Easy to Construct
To), Cbest And Play Table
HESE two gay pieces of play
equipment are easy to make.
Hand saw, coping saw to cut out
wheels and screw driver. are ' .U
the tools needed.

Pattern 2M live. directions fol' both
plrcu. lind nctunl-slze slenell lIeslp
for decorntlll, . Price of ')ultern u Ue.

0 ,.., 10.
a ,... au .. , NOlr :I
liw I all,""""'IIU.I
!fa cteamlnal No en-beaUBII .1uat
one euy when you make theee
delIoSoua mlllrlJul
1 cup % teupoon AU
Kellon'a , cup 1IupJ'
All-Bran 1 en
" cup mlIk 2
1 cup IIRed 10ft
1I0ur . lhortenJar
2% tellllPOOna % cup
b&IdnII poWder raIdna
1. All-Bran 8I)d milt 111
m.1XliIc bowL '
J. 81ft floUl'. b&IdnII powder. salt Into
lICIme bowl. Add lUPl'.en. ahorten-
lna,l'I1IInI.8t1r dIal.... "tU aomWMd.
I. PIll Ileue4 mll1ln pans % full
, Bake in 1Inhea*' mocleriatel:r bot
oven (.oo"P.) aboUt 25 mlIlutea.
Yield: , . mecl1um mu1flna, :awa
blcbeI acrcaa. '
'. muBl-miWoD-dollar taU lID it... Ire... feeleral department. and the
'l1at referred to pr.vloua .tate- state, 'iUao a pan-American 'center,
ments by admJiljstratlim leaders. In .whloh we.tem bemlsphere na-
tIlee the:, knew of no way tv
a deficit without hl,her taxel, htJtott and culture. :'
wal' to ai' J "'pack'a,e
d.eal" which Mar:tln . aId eongreu,
would reJeCt. The ' plan would au.-
geat lopplnl mUllon dollar. ' off
the exclle levies. but would caD tor
a multlbUllon dollar increa.e In
Income taxes_
Martin made It clear th.t he
wolllci 10 along on the exclae 'taX
alalb, but that he alld fellow Re-
publicans woUld Jlo everytbing po ..
ill1ble 10 prevent any increas.' in
Incon!le taxel.
was on 1l00d tacUcal (round for
the IIlmple feason that 1950 II a '
conClressloanal elecUon year and
many Democrata wolild teel com-
pebe'd to '0 a1on, With the GOp, In
,an 'uU-tall bike fl,bt.

'I'1lIs ..............
-b-atJ'. bralu IIIId .,a,
... 1I1Ia. BIle .. Seaorita &aaa
' lhiria Alvares 'Valcleraa. II.
......... &1'1UIeUe .... _ H_
r"'k .... bala. tile Uu. ., "
...... - til ilia AmerJ.
...... BIle .. IIeInD Ie d-
.au ........... lorhtDe, '
'I ,
Or. Spldlr Hid Tiliphoni
Lin. t.on, Itfor. Humlns
phone and the rapld:translt sy
tem about which one thlnkl a.
.trleUy modem conceptlonl. mono ,
oPQlIzed by manklndj are not. that
lit all, few , 8,es 'ago orb ' IPli1er
combined both Qnd tfle combination
,stID WOrkl perfeotly, At an7' Irate,
ltich 18 'the atatement of the science
editor ,of the Clinadlan Presa,
, The orb Iplder has a telephone
line which at the same time serves
It as a rapldtranslt track. It Is a
silken thread puUed to the right
tension and leadln, from the cen
ter of the wep to some" hIding
place, where the spider walts or
even slumbers.
When an Insect strikes the .well,
the line Vibrates enough to brln,
the spider to the alert, Sh_the
temale ot the species , II more
brainy all well as deadly than
th'e male-then uses. bl!r. telephone,
line for a rapid ' run to the web's
The dlriner. :which Its
own gong, " found quickly,
Alr.condltlonlng I. another ' up
tothemlnute notion of man, Or I
It? Honey bees knew all about It
whet. the world was young, They
maintain a constant temperature
an!! regulate air now In ' order that
th'elr larvae may develop unham-
pered by aeverfi fluctuatlo,nit ana
that hon!!y In storage may be
properly curea and In
, p,erfed .hape, Certain bees are 81' ,
,Igrfed to 'the prodUction of body
heat by, muscular exertion; others,
tile tarmers. are stationed on the
hive floor and by steady win,
VlbraUon at the "lIht .peed
and maintain the e,xact dellree 0: .
all' circulation required.
I Yorkin MUI' SIVI '
On 'W .t.r for 3 'Y .....
. NEW' YORIt,-'lbe new.
tlna1l,y dawned oil ants of the
l1',at metrapoU. .01 New York-
0., would have to acrimp ad the!'r
111!.8 of wa.ter for rean .
n oall1' about u the toWns
JqJ.rcu water IUppU... Ita
llent be,." to \k1 lIP
..u. be,an ,to fan.
an annDIIDcement made n.. ICllllnln, &be tNman-
that no emerPDc:r wa . __ d problem Of' aupplybl, ade-
the UnltecJ al'lll7 Ol'" quat. : water tflW Yori . .. 11111-
ualalq far aU had little ot a brlaht aalure
1roOpI In to taooI out.. Water IUppUea c9Ukl
iIOD OVlmllid aIi4.DoI
troops til lIHUa pruum- aocm-but. with tile PIOPle
bI.. to fJ. If _- C\OOJIel'8t1Da b7 GIl
waaId .... lop," aid CoL water. tile lltuatlaa eouId be ....
E..u. .. tbJt ItOrad to 1lOrJDaI-e17. ID three
eome from ...... ,....
,<Pti'Jlliat piIke, Of ..".......
Apply Black Leaf 40 to
::'':JI'!IfI'''.1 roostl with llandl Cap
"rush. Fumes rilc, killing .

chicken; Perch. Ono ounc;e
troalS 60 fccl of roolll
-90, cliicltclIJ. Direcllona
011 l1ackage; Alk for Black
Leaf 40. 11)0
inlet;tlcidc of usc .
Tobacce ".fr.d .. l chailed
tll\ll!1IIH ,II"'''. VIlli ...
AI'e )'ou 11011211 P1nnlIb u. .tUnotlOIl&l '
perIod pec\lJlar Co
women (3&52 Jeara) ? Doa. thla make
''1\1 lUlrer from 00' flub .. , t .. l ' 10
II""""", hllll .. tnInII. tIred?Then do
try L),dla B, PInkham'I Vlllletable
Oompoun4 to reUove aUCh I
IIeIuIar \lie or PInkbaIn. CoInpounc!
b.11III bull4-up NllaI&Doe acatDft thla
uno,ma mldCU..... d&ltrMal "
' .' .
Watch You t'
' Help'I'h.D aea- 'M Blood
of llaraalul Bodyo .......
Quonset-Type 'Huts
Meet Storage Needs
'Little Business' Answers
Challenge iii Grain Belt
Called upon by the department of
agriculture to perform a modern
(Dlracle, "little busin1!ss" .In 10
midwestern states II tackling one
of the biggest jobs of Its kind ever I f
undertaken anywhere In peacetime.
Its Herculean assignment Is the
site prepaiatlon and er!lotlon of 2.-
S()() sleel buildings-each 32)(98 feet
or larger-at 670 widely separated
The task arose with the grain
belt's acut1! need for spa\le in whlell
to slore the record-breaking carry-
over of 1948' I com .crop. In llne willi
Grain belDe 'Ioaeled Into Quo ..
set hut. lor CCC .torare Dear'
Ohio: .
1l\e trend toward economical ''horI-
10ntal" grain storage, the depart-
ment ordere!l Quonset buUdlngs for
a large part ot the necessary new
facUlUes. These archroofed Iteel
units now are mushroomlng up be-
side highways and rallrpads near
farm centers through the eUorts ot
local businesses anel labor, rather
than the work ot transient erews
employed by a few big and distant
contr.ctlng firms,
Within two weeks time more than
concrete ,foundations had been
laid, and erection of steel was un-
der way on them in every Itate.
The concrete work alone was
roulbly equivalent to' laying 25
mUe. ot hlehway In time that an
.verage road-making crew ",oUld
require to' put
I . . SW'lt Down D"ts
Swe.t, down your production COlts
if you want , tel maintain profits in
thele.days 01 declln1n, Jlrlce
, ODe way ,to 'Wlat down thole'
co.ts I. to Jucre .. e ro,ur . crop
;yield. pe,r .cre. More bushels of
. eom aDd pain per .bI'e, more
pounda of .neat, milk. dalr7, prod-
ucit. and pllUltry mean, lower pro-
costS per ,urilt. On IUch
ba'sl . you cim maiCe profit eveD If
prices .lacken further. -
You can get those hlgher 'yleld.
-!?til lower costs with looci IOU man-
.gement. IOU mana,ement
means ,lvIng your .soll a'-deal.
'It mems .upplying' the IOU 'well-
balanced ration of plant ' foods, SO
crops will be wen nourished. . It
means buUding up ulltead of break-
Ine down .oU .trl!cture and
It meanl "rechar,In,'" ttle land
:with . oll.enriching crop. at regu-
lafo Intervals; InstHd of growln,
10U.dr.lnlDg row ClOp. ',ear .after
,ear on t1j1! lIallle IEWeL . !
At Home are OUtlined I
]lome' Is proU"bte on
the farm and man:r rural famlUeiI
are replerihhln, their locken, jar.
and p.ntrles.
But,' unless undue caution II used.
home buteherlng can be danler.oUt.
Equipment, too, should b'e used
care. All lmiveir lhOlIld lie
kepf,lftt ' I' .wtable plaoe' when: hqt
In 'ullit eciwpment slloWd
be I>checked;. , A i tllmper should , be
uljed to , force me.t Into the
(Irlnder. _.
AttiDUon to Details
PaYI OfUqr Hog 'Fa_ ,
Attention to detaDa I. the, bI;'e"
i .... on wb:r lome bo,' farms .arped
p,ooo more &bart 10\lle others ' aur-
Ink .the palt year. j
F. 3. ' Belli, . farm.
spoolaUIt Ju me 1J1jnola colle.. of
.glculture. said' that I. h'lb-Ju-
come 'hOI r.mia rI,ed ,10._
eamiDl. from .wlne , last ".r,
181 leH-efflc:IelJt

The second ploy of the trilogy-"Che-
ophorae"-opens with this meeting (below)
of Orestes and Electra, sop and daughter
of Agamemnon at. the foot of their mur-
dered father's tomb. looking on are Elec-
tra's slaves. Seldom have the Greek revivals
been presented on such a scale and with
such success as the 1949 revival_
i. . ery ob-
viously of the modem age
'-elps three "ancient
Greeks" with their lines
before d res s rehearsal
bearded char-
acter se'cond 'rpm left is
the ill-fated Agamemnon, '
king of Argos, a r 0 u n d
the play revolves .
Below, this scene m
"Orestia" shows the mes-
senger w h'o brought the
glad tidings of th, victory
of the Greeks over the
Trojans .as he .hugs . the
ground of his hOl11e town,
Argos. which he sees for
the first' time in 10 years.
In a rece,nt revival ot
the aneient Greek drama
at the once-great Athen-
ian theatre, Herod's Od-
eon, stage hands are shown
(above) looking down on
, the half-I interior as '
they engage in' erecting
the stage and settings. In
stoging the revival, mod-
ern were sub-
stituted for. (lneient meth-
ods, among the innovations
being skillful lighting ef-
fects. At leftr, these "war-
riors" are warming up for
their roles in the drama.
Stars of t .h e trilogy by
Aeschylus ably .suP-
ported by a brilliant cast
of players.
.King Agamemnon enters (above)
. and with him is hapless Cassandra, a
1irojal'! princess he has bl'lought
as a trQphy. Nimble hands of Greek
maidens' spent many busy. hours weav-
ing the heavy fabrics fir 0 m .which
dresses were designed for the main
characters in tile drama.
Of Forgery
B. I.:. S. and Aut;mnUOR aod
entire s hop: 0 oUier mnc hJnca; 011 ror
$2700. For InformolJon ' wrUe STANLt:\
l'UILl, lI>S., II Oa E lher ll ofl ""VfI ., C'.da-
l1a 1\ n. Ohio.
RIOh!U'd WII WllklnsOD ;..:::,::.:,----=--=-=--=-=-:-:---:::-..,.,...
to thJs ease"
George Jackson. ' president of the
Medville National Bank was saying.
"Anthony Page, who deposited
$25,000 with us on Monday. de
clded to use his right name at the
last moment."
"His right name? What do you
"Anthony Page is a fiction writer.
His real name Is Edward Thurston.
RecenUy a distant uncle died and
I ' left him a small
fortune - $25,O()()
to be exact. Page
con B u I ted me
about Investments.
'-------' I advised him not
to Invest In anything while the
market was In Its present unstable
condition. He agreed, and decided
to deposit ' the money In our bank
until thlngs looked better.
"He came In early Monday morn
ing and made the .deposlt, decided
to use his real name of Edward
Thurston at the last moment. On
Wednesday. a check for $5;000,
signed . by Edward Thurston, was
presented and cashed by ono of
our tellers.
... have questioned Thurston.
He SBY,_ be left ror ChlClLgo
direcUy . after deposltiDg tbe
money, and swears be told DO
one about hill decision to ' ase
hJs real name. Be bad signed
no checks acalnst bls accoUDH
Inspector Kent Cl1fford reflec-
tively Ughted a clga.r.
"You liay that Thurston made his
deposit early .on Monday morning?"
"As for as I can find out," the
president oUered, "there ' were
)Oly two men , in the bank whUe
Thurston was here." He handed
of1lcer a slip of paper. "Here
are their names and addresses.
Both are well known to all of us,
men of high repute." .
Inspector CliUord studied the
names. tell me what your
clerks were up to:"
"Nothing unusual. Getting things
ready to start the day. Making sure
deposit blanks, pens. blotters, Ink,
etc. were o.n the lobby counters.
Arranging their cash . . . ..
Inspector 'CliUord snapped bls
fingers. "That's it. Come on, we' re
going to call 0l! these two men."
HE FIRST CALL was on a man
named Simons In the suburban
town of Sharonfield. Mrs. Simons'
answered their knock.
';Harry Is away. Is there an1-
thing . I caD do? ..
FoU... .,revlonl IDlltrull-
tlODI ;rom Clifford, Jaollion
AId: "We made mlstake 'ln
hili moatb1y sta.temen' las&
week. Do-yOb happen to know
whether he b.s It bandy!"
"It may be on his desk. Will you
come inside?"
.They toUowed her into the 1i00se.
There was a smaU den 0f1 the Uv-
Simon'l eYetl rrtw wide _ _
lor a moment ' lie ltared
thoacb .truck. thea impul-
.I.ely turned and bolted. '
ing room containing a desk. Mrs.
Simons began drawers
and peering Into them. , For a mo-
ment Inspector Clilford stood Idly
by. Then sudc;ienly be s.tepped for-
ward and snatched something fr(lm
one of the drawers.
Before the startled eyes ut Mrs.
and the astoni shed gaze of
President Jackson . )le strode over
to a window, studied the thing.
"Simon's our man," he said.
''This proves It. Nbw-" He broke
oU as the front door opened and
closed. .
As CliUord speaklng,
Simons, a tall spare man, appeared
In the doorway, stopped and looked
about in bewilderment. .
"I'm Inspector ClUford 01 pollce
beadQuarters." the ' officer said,
.steppi!!g forward. "Simpns. t arrest
you for forging Edward T1iurston'.
name to a check tor $5.000. :'
Simons' eyes grew wldCl. The
color drained .from his cheeks. For
mo.ment he stared 81 though
.truck. then impulsively turned
and bolted.
AnticlpaUDr tbe move, ..
spector ClU'ord leapeel for-
w.rd. BIll flDger. eaDrh& bold
01 the &all m.o's collar, 8IId
yanked Idm
"Quite sImple when 1!XPlalned,"
Cllftord was Eayln, later. "Simoni
probably needed money. Be _. ill
the bank when Page 'wa. mlilW1ll
hi., and pieked up the
ter Page had used when IlanInI
Idl name. It was a new bloHa',
and the Imprint therefore wa. defi.
nitely eRIJ' to copy for torl!UJ
a ere

JAMUl Klnt,man Cle.dalld !to. 01110
CANAnIl!:S WANTE:D-BeBt Price. p a id.
Write for snippi n g dlrecUons.
f811 W. !Blh 1>1, Chlenro it. 01.
Boxer Poppies. 11 wee-Jus, second Breed-
Ing. Sired by Warlord Dum Ma nIa. ul"",
nrulllht 'Cha mplonshlp Unc:lRc. PrevlouB
Mollnlf lIroclucccl pets excep\:lona.lly line
In Dls polilUon and ConlormnUnn; 'l'hl s
litter looks bet"'. yet . G.. ,.lnwn Dour
Kennel Delroll sa W"U."e. o .
N.", 8"el \4" .. bl., Ideal for _
nnd barricades. Ie II It.. u1J.Y Qua nUb.
MORRI8 WRECKING. l303 ... 10 01 .. 8i ..
D.. ,.on. ObI
FLORIDA RANODE8. F a rmll, Country
E state a nd Tourist court . GENE LES-
LIE, ReaU ... , Madison, F lorldn.4
- - S""T""O::-;: K"' E=-'i8='nEOO'iiiiiiTIO;::"N""J;l :::C: O=--
'ItS Lorain Ave . OlovelulIl. O. NO 86M
8peela1l How to make Extra .Money' In
IS7 ways. Full p nrUculnr9 Free. Please
print name and address. ARTlIUR C.
WELCD . P.O. Do>< 202. 0.1 ........ Ohio.
AJ.Illa: Crossroa ds of the

Send ,1.00, Fer,le. BOll lIfoaDlaf ..
VI .... Al . . ....
K .. p Post,d . on Valull
By Headina the Ads .
MOlE fINn (ottetonlc';'
. .-.nvr notnWt",.,."
Oftlr Vlcts IIvea you th1s
special PeDetratlnl-Stimulatlng
ai:tlou wheli you it 011 throat ..
cheat and bacJt at bedtlme:- .
n PENnunS to uPPer broDchial
tubes with weclal meaic1na1'vapors.
It ITllillLAlII chtat and back l\Ulfaces
Uke a ,wamilng poultice; And 1t
teepsworldngfor C S
hours-even VI K
wbUe,au sleepl APOAU.
WNU-E 02-50
Order 800te's
Qua.ity Chick. Nowl
A\'Ohl _ ""III Toke .eI
ft,II'8P of BOOao. auc.",Ddioll chick
01' .... Choo ,out deU ., cI
SDedd No . - SOO health,. broil.,
dddu oal, 'U ... 5-_1t 11 biJi"
_. 5pcdaI No.
IUIIIiitcftcI all bn..,. ..... ..
"', U4.", 00 _dab
DOt aoeecI pallett-SPBCJAtS
No.1 .. eI NC!> 2 ,1.00 per 100 a_
la ... tbaa HO loa. Siamd DaIle"
..... dile", 2 10 J2 .... ala. AU
........ WmelOf_p",prin UtI.

The Miami 'Glizette
Eatabllahed 1850
Publlll hed every Thursday mOl'n
Ing' at Vi ayu sville, \Varren Co
Ullty, Ohio.

Edna H. Conover .. . ,' Publlsher f'
Ted COll()Ver ......... . . . Editor
Entered as second 0laS8 mll.tter I Subscription Rute : .,,1. 50 per year
at the pOlltofllce at Wayuesvl\le, In Ohio Kentucl(y. and Indiana.
Ohio. ' 12: 00
SUe Hars hburger of Leb
tIiIlon ail ed on 11 el' au nt, Mrs.
Allce Clark on 'Tuesdny 'lfLernoon.
BlIIlngs Cor Blue Cross quart
el'ly fees bea f,,"ued by the
Hospital' Cflre CorDo.rntion to all
members enrolled through the ()O.m.
munlty of Wa.Ynesvllle. Th1s quar
tedy pnymenl wil l cover member
ship fees for the Ileriod from .ra.n,
10, 1950, thl'ougb April 10, 1950,
Mrs. Leah' Mill s spent ThUI'R
day in Clnclnnali.
Mr. aud Mrs, Joseph Scblil; d
St, Thomas, Ky.. thell' nepll ew,
Mr. Do.vlfl Henllel of illcinnaU,
alHo MIss Dorothy Guldenberg' of
OJncfnnati, calJea On Mi sses 1\1 (1'
me lind Annie Drowu 011 Sunday
. MI', W'lIson Edw:tl'd8 at , prlng-
field visited hla aunt IIs8 1\\ 01'
I!Rrnt "'ll f' lI t d s . F"1'lrluy IIfl 1'1)0011.
r. AI t f'
.Alice CLark 0ll Thursdsy lute r
Mr. an'd 1'111'/1. L: E. Tbompson
and Mis. Bertie Mills were !;lun-
day' dinner guests of Mrs, lluth
Cutler In

terms assure ,repayment
4% will save va umoney,
Lebanon N.F.t.A.
Room 5, Old Bank Building
Phone 448 .
I'll alHJme record for ad
minlstrati ve costs ' was set by the
Blue Oross Plnns throughout the
country durIng the fir st six mono
ths of 19d9. The Blue Cross Com
mission In b1cago reports a nat!
ionnl average of only 9.11 percent
of n I WIIS used for op
I'l l' l !l expenses by the Plans ,
Hospital Care Corporation, how-
ever. only 7.2 percent of the
itotal income elurlng the sam e
period of time. ,Cor administration
of the local plan_
, Mrs. Delbert dODger entertalu
ed to dinner On MoodilY In honor
of 1'111', Conger's Blrtbday: ' Mr. and
1\IrB. Grover Wertz, Mr. and Mrs.
Oarl \Vallcer and sol:ls of Dayton,
Mr. and 1\lrs. Perry BentOn aud
chUdren of Fairborn, Mrs. Grnce
Scbuler and M.lss Virginia. The
day was completed when Mrs .
Barbllra Luebke of De Pere. Wis
consln called and wished Mr. Con.
ger a Happy Birthday.
Mrs. Grace Schuler and Virginia
spent several days in Madlon. Ind.
at tbe home of Mr. and' Mrs.
Frank Smith and family '.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray 1\IUler antl ,
qhlldrPD were Sunday evening
supper guests ot Mr, and ,.11'8.
Lester poce In Dayton.
l\fARINELAND. -A porpoise jUtnPI more than its full
length out of the water at Mmne Studios, Marineland, Florida, to
accept B fiJlh from the hand of the feeding attendant
Mitch Lightsey.
as the spectatoTS observe and photograph the feeaing which takes
place three times daily. Marineland ie one c)f the many exciting points
visited on a Greyhound ellpenae-.paid Florilda Cirele tour. '
Waynesville vlstors to sunny leI' to snatch mors Is of rooll rrom
Florida. may now 'witness thll
world's only porpolRo!l In r.apLll'1
ity as they leo.[1 high from the WI\.
Mr . . una Mrs. J, W. Hu'lI w!lre
pleasuntly surpri sed r ecently "Vhen
t1ley received a large' picture, In
colol'. or tllelr little S Oil. Darry.
His plloto was entered here duro
I,ng the photograpbers vIsit In UI ':l
autumn months.
l'I1 r. arrd Mrs. I"uther Hlll'tsoc.k
aud sons entertained to cn.rllll .,n
Suturday evening amJ ha'd 88
tIlelr guests: Mr. and Mrs. Gil-
ber t. Frye and sons, Mr. Mrs.
Kellar Hoalt and MI:. und Mrs.
John Gona and dllugbters.
Mr.' and Mrs, Lawrence Cook
and little son and Mr. and Mrll
FI'ed Braddock and dl\ughter ILre
spending several days in Flurlda
on 11 vacaUon tour.
Miss Ann Weltz . daughter of,
Mr. and Mrs, M. F. Weltz. under
went an appendectomy operation
at m'andvelw' Hospital 00 'Fl'lda1
. and is Jmproving
Mr. and Mrs, Ross 'R. Hartsock .
. 1\(1'. and Mrs,' Charles 1dsCullocb,
Miss Jean Hartsock and Mrs. Leui!
Hartsock wer.e Sllndny dinner
utte.ndanlS' hnnds, tlnd obll el' ve lhe.
colorful and fascinating pbenom
eUlle of undersea IHe .1 11 an aUlIlZ'
Ing prll!lEmtation of ma.rlue life
at Marino StudJos I " Marillelo.nll,
Florida according to Wymer A,
Drake, local agent for Great Lakea
Greybollnd Lines, .
Marine SLUdlos, tile world'!,! orll)
Is located 'on Flol'l .
da Stalte Rome No, 1, elghtAl'U
miles Elouth of St, Augustine lmd
thhyfll'e north of Daytona Beach.
More t ban n million Ilollnrs h:we
been expended bere prOVide va
. caUonlsts. camera fllns and PI1I' -
sons sdenUncaJly bent wIth tbe
opportunity to view. film and stllcly
subsea Ufe as It actually lLPilearll
" 20,00 leages undel' the sea:" .
guests ot Mr, and Mrs, Owen
Cold eather- ' Is . Oil The ,Way! , Evans bas left for
Dayton aud' will make ' her )loDle
""-.. :.:....,. Coal Supply Is with Mr. and 1\11'$, Coleman Mol'
VUI" gnn. A few .of her friends and ne '
. ' ighbol'lI gathered at her home for '
' 1-ted Care' a Ilttle !a.rewelt party anet snclill
,tlme before she ' left, Those who
'n Y' N d' T . enjoyed the were:, Mrs.
U . ' our ee s . 0'- Fl'a'ncell Drunnock, Mrs. Hlunelt
M'GlnnLs, Mrs, Jennie Bralldocl( .
. Mrs. Derth.a Shambaugh. Mrs. Ann
__ F_u_r_na_s_,______ __ , ________ ______
No. 2220
Waynesville Farmers THE BANK
or Waynesville. In the State of Ohio, at , the 'clQse of business on
1 ,0 c::I 0 OJ:::iO,
Attention Farmers I
Are '
ehe'ck Your Fence
Ne,eds Now .Before
Price Advances.
, We Have Supply
Of Fence On Hand, But Itls
, ,
Waynesville Ohio
December ),949 '
:PUblished in respool1'B, to elm made by CClmptrol1e, the Currency
under Section 5211, U. S. RevlsEld Statutes ..
balances with <>tber. bank3, rilserve
balance, and ltemlt III prooess oollecUon
U g, Government, obllgatlops. direct and .guaranteed , . , ',
ObilgatloDs ot States apd political INbdlvtllloDs . , ', ...
/)tiler b,?nds. Dotes. Ilnd debentures . . . , .... ,' . . "." .'
,:arL'. s lock8 (lnc1. $4500.00 stoclt ot Fed. 'bank) . . , . ,
,- il l> ,.ul U llncl. $li .S:.! oyerdrattli') ,
Bank premlll'es $19,500,00. furniture and
i?Ct uJ"es $4.500.00 .... . ' . . . . . ..... . .... . " . . , . ..
TOTAL Ai::lSETS '. " ' ." ... ," , . , ..... .
Demand o't Individuals, pnrtnersblp!s, -and corplI.
TI:ue deposit!: of Inlvlduals, partnt' rsblplI. and corp9. . .. .
.ueposltll of U S. Govt. (including postal saVings) . . , .. .
Dt1po""ts of States and pol. subthvlslOJl" .. ... '.,." . . .
,Otllel' depOSits (certifIed and cashier's checks, etc.) . . . .
TO.TAL DEPOSITS ' .... .. . . , . $:1;678,816,42)
Other llabl11t1es ., . . , . .. . , . .. : .. . . , . ... ... , ' . .. , , , ... .
TqT AL LIABILITIES . ... . , ... , .... , . ... . .
, {jfl pi tal Stock: ,
(c) Common. stock. total 'par $76,000 .. , .... " .. ,
Surplu8 " ... , _ .... ... , " . , ... ', .. , , .. ,. : " , ., .. " .... , ..
. Undivided proflt9 ".""""""""'" ' .. , ' .. , , .. : , ...
Ueserves (and reUrement account for preferred stock) "
TOTAL CAPITAL 'ACCOUNTS . . . , ... ", ..
Assets pledged or aSlllPed to secure lIablUtles and
for other. PUI1>OIleS , , , ' , , , , , , .
St!lte ot Oh10. County ot Warren, BS:
277 .167',10
240,125.,Ul .
r, Ja!" E, :Tones. cashier of the bank. do solemnly ewe,ar
that the above atatement is true to the ot my knowledge and
' 1 ellef ' .
Us. Cashier
Sworn to and subscribed berore me tbl" JanulJl'Y. 1960.
L. Notary 'Public
Early, HQward 'Sur-
R. B. Coloman, Minister ' B, II;, I1llllgbn, PUBlo]'
Ohurch School. 9: 30 A.M,. Mr. nll'It'1i Sel' Ice, 9:Hi 0. .
Earnhart, Supt.
Worship Sec-vice. 10 : 30 A,M.
Youtb Felowsh1lp, ' SUlitlay. 6:30
Dyron Carver, ',:
Bible School. 9: 30 A,M,
Morning' Worsblp,. ' 10 :30 A.M.
Prayer Meetlng. 7:00 P.M.
Young People's Meeting, 7 : 00
EVening Services, 7 :30 P,M.
l\L H, CoUey, Minister
, Bible School, 9: SO A.M.
Morning Worship, 10 130 A.M,
Young peoples' Mee'lIng, )): 45
Evening Service, 7: 30 P.M.
Prayer MeetJng and Bible Study
Wednesday. 8 P.M.
SlIl1Iuol N, leeys, Reclor
Momlng Worsblp. 10: au
WlIlllllU Shannon, M IlIlst er
UJliIIlY Sohool, 9 :30 ,\ .M., Mrs.
James GarrIson, Supt,
Prea ' hlng, 1st. lind :lrd. ' SUr.' ,
duys of eacl, monlh, 10 : 30 A.M.
ServIces, 7: 30 P,IIO{,
Patll er n. H. J{rumboJ{ Pastor
Mass s, 8 and 10 A,M.
"ee Partington. Minister
Worship ServIce. 10 A.M.
Sunday School. Ii A.M.
'r. 'TIl, Scalf, Minister
Fll'lll Day School. 9::lU A,M.
,Me tlng ror, WOl'sIJlp, 11):30 A.M.
S"" q,<} ti cbool, Y: 30 /\.M.. E.
.1..' bUl'lIhu.J't,
Sell that piece of farm machln.
Worship Service. 10:3.0 A.M.
illvenlllg Servlco, 7: SO P.M.
ery ,you no longer nted with a Ga
zette claaaified ad.
MJ;. and Mrs. Harry SntLel'lll Mr. Il nd Mrs. P . L, R tiS" " had
were culled t o FI'lInklin on 'I'hur as Sunllay .dlnnel' g'uests.. Mrol.
sday night 011 IICCOllllt of the
l":nl'l Hock tt nJld :\'11'11, Sucl le
death (If the laUer's mothet' , M ra.
Il, E. Halb(Lugh. ,Funeral service!! Itemlllll, MI'. Trl!. ' . 1), (101,
were held at the Unglcshy rUIl - al>lo w 1'1' aftornOli1l '
eral borne on 'rnesday,

, ,
HOMI;: m nns rellet from nu), :; r
of Impruper mortuary ' prepurrl
Knowing the Imllortance ot last
Iml) I' SSIOIlK, we to thl8
1"01' 1, Its' :atest l "chnlcal scionce
III1tI till! best tn slt ll1tul llerform-
IIIl e, .
.... 1 j " .. ....... 7'.. f:' ,.- ,.i
Better .Survival Records
. I Simple electric brooders-even home-made
-do a wonderful job of "hovering" baby chicks.
talk about wingspread. The 'best ,a hen cando
:is to. protect, tO to t5 chickS. An electric brooder
takes care of as manyas 300 c,hicks! survival
faster,growth, better .
wonder poultrymen are enthusiastic about
electric brooders.
In a brooder, or in making a home-made ,
electric , brooder, three points are import.ant: 1.
Allow least 7 square inches of hover space for
each chick. 2. Ventilation is important for control
of hover, and in
house. 3. For operation, make cemin
that the brooder you buy or make is well-insulated
to prevent wa.sted heat. . .
For funher suggestions on electric brooders and
their use, consult your County Agent, your Voca-
tional. AgriCiWture or the Farm Repre-
electriC service company. .
run. '_"IUC1I'C 7IIIAIII," Sunny, ':<10 P,M,-WHIO
III IAn. POw a UIIII i"'aD
: T crt
Winton Etz Resigns Position,
,On Harveysburg Village Council
HARVEYSBuRG- Winton Etf,
who was elected to serve on tbe
vl1Jage council at lhe general
electlon last November. resigned
. Tuesday. Mr. Eltz Is forbidden to
serve public orflce by a. law
whloh regulates government em
The ' membeTs of the VllIage
e"" yo. _plete. ....lId.ltl.
locol nows. VOII ....... _ n .
thot Is .01 ... ........ '" R".:
8u, ell". .... III
WORLD ow ........... ,. ..
t'" ".kIII. - .".... .WeII cae
... ,, ' .. .... uo .. ".... .. roll'
1Gb. 'au' '._.. yotI, ....... : F.
ce"atructi.,. ,...... ... .. ....... .
totiona of _II_I aMI I"teree.
tl ... ol ....... ,..,. ,. lie .. bttihlte
EnJoy ............ hi ...
.... , .. fon.M loce .... , : ........ ..,.
"' ...... tIM.I.,......... ,.. lace.
po ....... TIle ' CIwIItIee Sdftce
LISTIN :r ....... ....... __
Ale. .... tfou Ito "-:fte ,a.llllea'M1tw .......
AM, _ . .,.. ' ......
.... " .for, . , ...... , .... $lV"
tftMIlictorr ............. , I ......
o-.M-..It ......... , ....... U:I.A.
......... ,iIi ... (\.t.ljIi .. ..,.
- ........ J .. .........
MM .... ,.:... U ......

Our clJJptua are c0m-
plete .... ranalDl from
very moderate In price
,10 b1,her priced mer-
chandiJe for thOle who
wlah to Invest more.
. .
Funeral Home
. TELEPIlO.NE 2211
b-------- "
Council bave selected the first
Monday ot each month as the
date tobold tbelr meeUngs.
OWlllg to tbe inclement weath-
er Thursday. , the Harveysburg
Schools were closed,
Mrs. Lizzie Hough had aa her
guests Sunday ber son and dau
Mr. and Mrs. J OB
eph Hough of Sabina. and Mr.
nnd Mrs_ Joseph Hosler and 80n
of Sligo. ,
Miss Mary Jane Moore of Day-
ton was 0. house guest during the
week. of her mother, Mrs. M'lUle
Mrs. Lester starr, high school
Instructor, was absent [rom her
clasSes Tuesday afternoon owing
to the tuneral ot Mr. Starr's
aunt, Mra. Anne Smithson ot
Mr. V. E. Oonner and Mr. WaI-
ter Donaldson have departejl for
a brief trip to Florida.
William Doster hiITI be.en reap-
pOinted as president of the Massie
Township Board of Education
and Heber ElUls installed as Vi r
President. Other members of the
Board Include: Lawrenc,e Jacobs,
Freeman, r.UUard, Francis Ply-
mire, and ibe clerk-treasurer.
Mrs. Wilma W. Thornbury SllC- .
ceedlng Mrs, Mary Syferd Pier-
son, who re8lgned. .
Mr. and Mrs. Howard GrahalD
depar'ted Wedllsday (or B,rand-
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McKinney
of near Miamisburg wer guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Bunce on Sat-
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. McCarren
'lett Thursday 1:0 8pend several
Weeki at their home in Fort Lau-
derdale, Florida.
Mrs. Gall Ge>rdon entertained n
croup of frlend8 to a card Darty
at ber home Thursday evenlag.
Iler gIlelte Included: Mrs. Asee
,Harlan, Mrs: Georgtl Wall. Mra.
Ethel Stump, Mrs. Laura Shlda-
ker, Mrs. Olia, Gordon, Mrs. A:
' ....... ...
Sail throUgh life with the
aa.urance l;ha& . your tlnano1al
trouble. will be proteoted by
a renlar in your Bav
1Dp at: '


Prepare' Your , Car
. ALCOHOL - Zerone .'
Klers' Gara8e
Deep eut m lamps

, ,
Fine Group To Seled From
lap. F...-...e I Appliuce' 00
THE MIAMI GAZETTE. WAv ..." ...... ', ...
S. Collell and Mrs. Margaret
Mis. A. S. Collett was hostess
to the members of the W. Co' T. U.
at her home Thurs day arternoon.
M \' S. Fl. S. Tucker was the pro-
gram leader.
A grQuP of pupils from Harveys-
burg School pres nted tbe Drogram
at the Kingman P. T. A. meeting
Tuesday evening. Mra. Hiram
presented hel' , primary-
class In the dramatization ' or,
"LIt-lie mack Sambo, " " and also
featured the R'hythm TImId by
J\ld)' Wlluon.
Margaret Bollinger and Barbara
Bog-nII gIL ve tilelr Interpretatll> n of
a DUlCh Girl Dance.
Music was preS'cnte d by lhe
g anj OI' BOll.d u.nder the direction or
Mrs. Edna C. Bogan.
. Harveysburg
School News
"Come with me In o1Y 'LlttLe Re
Wugon." Is being sung by Junior
classman. Ernest Davis and Sen-
Ior Kenneth 'i Jlson. The two bOYG
were presented a toy, red wagl' lI
by s tudents at the 'Ch.r18tma
party. The reason for !.his was IlL-
everyone arollnd here knows, lhl
two (ellows '/u'e .. able. The
brlng everyone a round them rna.
laugbs by their fun mailing. 't.
wagon ijeewed a. logical thlllg . ,
tbem to have, "so th y c.n carr,
on." LI cense '! Yes, thts was' tak-
en care' of loo. 'i'rafilc oUicere
to be on tbe alert. [or
v.eWcle bearing tbe license plat3,
1234 LQ - -State ' of Inaantt.y.
Two new stu<1ents bave enrolled
on the school. They are Elllza.betl!
Rlttae. grade 6, who came bere
from Musk.ingumCounty and Ev-
elyn Garrison. grade 2. ' who came
from Morrow school district.
Mrs. StalT 'Yj:UI absent {rom
school Tuesday afternoon due to
the funeral of her husband's Aunt,
Mrs. Smithson of Midland.
Belle Bogan was unable
to .attend school TurSday. Mary
Belle's ' bollday vlcatlon wail ,sp,ent
recovering from a den!.al opera:
Uon ..
Phone 2926 .
And good newa if last
y.. suit looks worn and
Bend It to us - we'U re-
lltore that 'trim, amart look,
malt. It look Uke newl
Hunts And Peck. From The Triewiiter Of Jim Jonel
Spartan Basketballers Defeat Lebanon And Car lisle
The Waynesvl11e Spartans de.
feu ted Lebanon 49-43 and th .. n
Jollrned' (0 OurlJ!!le to IIln 0. 52.16
k on the Carlt Rle Indians.
WayneSville" who now occuple9
,seeond pluce In the Warren Co.
Lengue. lakes on the lengue I art-
er, Friday night on lhe
loelli hllrd wood.
';:ho grabbed an tlltrry
lead agllinst Leabnnon werA
never beaded. although the seo'""
lightened as the ga'me reacbed Its
tina! second".
Lending n-7 ilL the end 0( ' the
first quorter, the Spnrtl1DS netted
1.3 mal'kel'lI to 'Lebnnon's 8. to lead
at hair time 24-15,
'Waynesvll e agaIn scored 1;,
polnis In UIP. ' 3rd perIod while
Leblllion netted 10 to malce It 37-
25 Ibe f1n,nl perloll opened.
. The War:rlora came fonrlnR'
dowD tbe home atretch (II! tbey
nelted J 8 po.lnts to the SpartanR
12 but fe ll short 49-42, Dim Slmp-
aon and Jack Tinley and Warrell.
SheeRn pourlld In pOints for Way-
nesville 8j!orlng. 16. 15 alld 10 res-
pectively while Surface kept Leb
anon III the' bl111 game. netted 15
As W:lyneEiville j ourned to Car
lisl e to take On tbo Indians 'man?
fans lhOll ght. 11 decls 'ive victory
dlle to til 1 - 35 Retbark tbe local s
pinned on the ilndians on the
10 ul hlLrdwo,od. but tbe story waH
Quile dl[feren t.
Tile Sparlans were forced to go
Banta 2
Pringle 5
McCormick 0
Ellis 1
Wyatt 0
Harvey 2

l-in:rtso ck 2 '
. 3

Tinney '1 1
Stanley 1 1
Simpson 6 " 4
Sheean 3 4
Barnhart 2 1

ull out to defeat the Indians, 52 ille allored 4 I]Ulck puints and
'16. The battle was It bard fought tOdlc the gam ,
one with the lead going baele Dud JUt;l, 1'i . noy ra Iced tiP 10 mark-
C'l"S (01' I h SpartaDs while Gene
forth ..many times. l"og]r I5cot' It 21 rOt Cm'lisl e.
The tRna continually screRmed Whil e th e Va l' sl ty I'ltGked up 2
and shomed as the game wellt vi lOI'I.os tlie r es J"\" a flll1ed to do
down to tbe clOSing seconds. So IV Il a: they fl ropp d bolll uf
WIt1I the score 4846, WQ.)'lles their gam fl
RAYDEX POINTS .' Like Razor Blades.-
Are Inexpensive And Easy To Replace
f or the Coat of Reaharpening an Old.Style, Con-
ventional .Share -
Buy Oliver
1?/iJ1l? 1111. /A':2/iJ rt'1lfl1l IA'lIl&;W"
Oliver Farm Equipment and Machinery
,. Sales and Service

lEW .... ',nlirel, Ne.

They're berel They're beautifull Four .izes :_:.
four big-value' prke-tags .. four g.reat Dew re-
frigerators, that women ; dreamed . and bome
economists planned lor you/ Come in today ud
. see them. See the big freezer lockers, the SpKiollS
shelves, the elCtra:roomy 'meat trays and vege-
table crispers.
Prices start at
See the new, ,exciting, "sbadowlinc" It)'Jing
- 'DO ledges, no qcyices to catch dust and'make
work: See the Esg:O.'Mat, clever new egg.
dispenser. See the new DiJFus:O-Lite for Ilia.
dowJeu interior;. Don't miss the exclusift,
built:in And let us sbow you bow
"Jlvery Fe:sture Has a Function" in these peat
DeW loternatioDal Harveiter refrigerators: Buy
on convenient tennI.
lit 7:4 cu. It:. Model H-74
0tMr mod ... IA to 9.5 cu. ft.,
$239.95 to .299.95 '
12, 1950
lJ .I Chailr Set Is Filet Crochet
Enhance Appeal of Food, Di'iling
With Proper Tabl'e Appointments
end. . Pattern 1403 has chorl; dire. lions.
By Ertta Haley
Send 20 cent" tll cc,ln. }Iour name, ad
and pnttern number lo ....
HE HOSTESS who is fortunnte
enauglr to have grnclous table
appointments need never worry
about decora tions for her table.
She does not have make a last'
minute hurried trip to her norlst
or to lhe gift sh'op for tha t some
thing to make the table complete.
If she has been wise enough to
Invest In ' good silverware,
, and glass for table use, then the
picture can be completed easily
.wlth a tew well chosen . cloths or
mats. Many 01 these can be made
at home, more of len tban not from
remnants or inexpensive but well
chosell malerials. '
Never make or buy a cloth or
table set tbat looks nice with
thap your own. You
. may have seen a table' setting
somewhere and endeavor to make
an exact copy of it for your ' own
uSe. Have you ever thought it just
mlgh't n01 go with your china, sil
ver or gloss?
Plastic Protection
Lesson for January 15, 1950
have everything we have. but
on lhc other hand they bad one
thing, seldom to be seen nowadays.
rhey did not have the New Testa-
ment. only ttie Old; they were not
surrounded by an even partly Chris
t I a n civilization; .
. they had no cen
turies of Chrlstt'nn
traliitlon; they had
no worid wid e
Christianity, . only
a small knot of
p e 0 pie in one
small ' and out.of
theway city. Jerus
alem . . On the other
h.and, for all they Dr. ForemaD
locked. they ' had one great thing:
740!S '
The eUect at a wellset table Is
perfect balnn.:e and harmony.
True. your lable cloth may pick
up a brijllant color used as a spray
of decoration on your dishes, but
it should never be so ,startling as
to clash willi other table accom-
NeaUiels and cleanliness are :of
importance in setting a table
beoause of the contact with food.
Cloths or doilies should be im-
maculately clean and perfectly
pressed; it does not matter 11 t\ley
are old If they. are weU mended
and neat.
The most determined spoon
wavlD&, aDd splashlne can .be
tolled It the youngster wears
ODe ot tbeSe feedlDg tilbB bum
tbe lines of ,mock of
crease and moi!ltare resistant
. VID),lIte plallUc. Inl'wously cut
to OpeD nat ' for easy oleanine.
the bib fa,tens at ' Deck and
arms wl&h ' metal plppers ID-
stead of ... , All are
etectroDlca117 Bealed IDstead
of sU&ched and .&he well fit- ,
tiDe ... is cut amply
enoal'b &0 protect Ironed
elolheB 'Jbealtlme_
Fellowship. We have it too. but too
allen In Ii week ond watery fash-
ion as compared with what 'they

Family Living
THIS lac:y chair-set is filet cro-
chet combined with spider-web
design. Wor.k both from chart.
Such simple, pickup-w9rk.
Though brilliant colors are ,now
b,eing used with modern wares,
they should never be displeasing
as they may detract from the toad
or upset the' apPetite.
Lace and embroidery on table
linens should be used conser:o'atlve'-
S_ yo",. 0_ ",iUs .",il Hblh" ..
ly IS too mUch JJlay live a
cluttered eUecl. If ehJna and BUvet-
ware are, IntricatelY designed, use
the ,1m plel', quality cloths.
Use Colon &0
Breakfast Tables .
Food for the first meal of the
day Is the slmplest of any of the
three. and so frequently are the
dtahea and sUverware. POllslb1y be-
cause many of UI are just a little
sleep)", we' may use lust a IIi
tle more color In the table IlPpoint
appropriate for the meal DC it ,for
breaktast or a porch supper.
Smllrt homemakers concentrate
on gay c.loths tor breaktast be
cause they add so much cheer to
dining. A good slack at these
cloths Is also an incentive toward
making thls as good BS the
others. too.
You can have a lot 01 fun mnking
a tew breakfast cloths simply by
poking around amon& the ' rem
nants' you now or by ran
sacking the remnant . counlers
which about this time offer good
and bargains.
Breakfast clotbs do not need to
faU over the table sevel:al Inches.
They )nay- be small. as long as
they cover the table comfortably.
Your choice of colors and ma-
tellals Is wide. Cotton. rayon or
linen or combinations. of these may
be' used. They may be white. ' col-
ored solid. prints. plaids or checks.
HE VERY FIRST Christians
lived literally like a big famUy.
This is all the more extraordinary
when you think of the variety at
their backgrounds. (Look up. the
list at places mentioned In Acts
2: 9.10 on a map of Asia, Africe
and ' Europe.) A goo,d family III a
II mile Willie comes
with appendlcUls. his parents
dOD', gel out the family ac-
couDt book and figure out bow
mUllh Wlllic h.B been wortb
to the ramlly. Iii dollars and
cents,' In hIs ell'bt years or I.,e.
Suppose lhey calculated lhat hili
services, such as they are-carry-
ing in thQ; WOOd, feeding the chick-
ens. or what oot- had been wqrth
about $23.75 since the last time he
was sick, they wouldnt send little
WUlie to the hospital with the note
to the doclo,: "Please give our
WlUle $23.75 worth of operation.
That'9 all he has put Into the family
budget and that's aU we're going
to let . him take outl"
'Not by any means. Little WllUe
Is taken to the hospital Ilnd wbat
ever operation hc needs, that i_
the one his parents )Yant him to
bave. even If it costs 20 times
Willie hilS been worth in cash. The
tamlly , give WilUe what be needs.
and they . also expect 'hJm to belp
out in all the he cnn.
Round tables may use round
' clothl. but square ones are more
practical trom a laundel:ing stand-
point alnce they may be folded
after iroruns. rather than rolled
over a cardboar.d. the treatment
usually required for round types,
Simple trimmings may be used. Church Living
Rick rack. braided border!!, fringe ONE T R O'U 8 L E with our
or a facing or bordering with a churches today is that so mnny
contrasting material and color are of them have actually lost 'thIs fom.
proper. but a simple hem wID do Ily.feellng. The eady Christians,
as well. This may t:le sewed by we are told. "were .of one heart
macblne to save time. and soul." Could you say 'of your
Napkins to matcb the cloth are church that all its members are
not at all necessary for tbe break- o( one heart and soul?
fast. ,YOU may have them. of ,The early Chriltians, feeling tbus
cOl.lrse, especially If the cloth Is to . clole to one another. " had nil
double for a bridge doth. but pa things in cotnmon .... < Wh'at do ' the
per ones will do as well for break- members of your church have in
fasl. cqtnmon? meet In one place
Mats or Cloths' . once a week. B\.It Vba' elle? Do
Used for Laucb tbey even speak to ' one another!
Table mat. are frequently used If one member of the congregation
for luncheon becaus,e they give faUs sick. do the' other. find oul
the table a quick and inleresting about It quickly. and when they fuid
change and offer little dlttlculty out, wbat do they do about It7 If
in the, way of laundering. . trouble comes to .a ' member, do
Another reason' for the popularlt,. the o1her members . rlllly around
ot the Is that they are . easily blm? ..
bemmed from less material than Dots tbe chorc!1 ,say to I&a
ments',for breakfast, than is usual. the' CIOUIII themselves. An old members, as tbe Sal"aUon
Iy employed (or luncheon or din- sheet or even a tablecloth can be Army does of . hard-preiaed
nero cut Into four. six ' or more 1I1n x18" . men. "You be down bnt
Another reas'on we can use more rectangles, hemmed and used for you're D eve r, Duty" Some
color to": the breakfast is the In- mats that serve bellutUully ' tor cburches have a paltor's . or
formality of the occasion. A 'brlght- luncheon. Napkins to match ma,. 'nnd, to be used .in
Jy checked cloth or gay plaid . Is. also be made. . oases need.
' P ' u you are using an old sheet, It's Contributors to the fund as
,... ____ ......;..... ______ ;.;0...-" . a ,ood Idea to dye . it first. then allonymous as are those who ani
B. Smartf pres. and measure and cut. To belped by it. The .. idea is far
'-_____________ ...1 make these mats especially aUrac who are blessed with large Income,
tlve. add a contrasting '-border 0'/ or those who ' may Ilave special
another color. Use the second col windfalls, bonuses. extra diVidends.
or lor napkins, or follow' the same big crops, and so on. chip in
motif for napkins as you ' have for for th.e al,d of all who may. Tun' into
the mats. The luncheon size napkin trouble.
fte wondertal , IIGfblen aad
arapablllt, of today'. tweeds,
pi.. their wealth .f color ef-
leota. are ereaUnI' aD Interest.
... DeW development in coat
ruhlODI. That II "dress-ap'!
"'"eel coall, Iulted to far more
thaa the cUlIal wear formerly ,
lor tbl. JICIpalar ',pe
or material, The efteot ,,&en Is
acbiend throneti more Intrt.
ea .. cats, more atteatloD to de-
W1I.DI'. .. ill the Unes or tbe
.,.., akelelled .t Uae rlPt.
Bna &lie tweeds .... t are pre-
........ Uy canal are appear-
... ,..... mere rubloa detail.
.,. .. IeIr ...... ftfJ laqe

is properly the slime size as the
Luncheon cloths have almost as Not All Troubles Are Financial
much variety as brj!aktast cloths. NATURALLY. not aU troubles
although color - Is . played down nre financial. Some 'ot the most
somewhat, even for the Informal serious troubles have liltle or noth
r;neal. Quality Is the keynote. and Ing to do with money. There nre
the finer materials are usually the many other kinds of: needs. For
best choice. The decoration may be example. In .any church there will
in the form' of exqulsjte lace, COil' be lonely people. and you can't cure
servatlve color In. borders. SUbtle lOneliness \vith ' Il cheok. no matter
IIPpllques. well applied, or lovely how big.
embroldel1' carefuUy done. Tho mlDlster Is tbe key man,
Conservative Clotbs he can locate tbe needs, bnt he
Best for Dlaner CaD" supply them all: LODely '
If you crocbet, yOU might find people, tbose wbo bave beeD
lots 01 pleasure' in crocheting some deep sorrow. mea try-
mals far luncheon. again, Ing to find the rlbt jobs, yong
the rectangular shapes al'e better folks In. danger of ICrlous
than round ones. especially for rec. temptation- , . c}lnrch which
tangular tables, Since they give I. like , a family will Dot let
neater Unes. When erocbeted mats tbese people right theJr baltle.
are starched, they give lots at alone,
beautitul service, What ""e all need II' Ihe feeling
The more formal the dinner. the that we belonc. The church can
more conservative the cloth. For make all the difference between
special dinners damask and linen despair ' and happiness limply , by
are preferred with wblte or an off making . every single In It
white &hade considered best and leel thot no matter what happens
pastels becoming popular. to him, he still belongs; he II more
O'thera whlc:b are IrOOd for for- I than among frlends, be Is amon,
mal clIJmers Inc:lucJe r8)'on fabl'ic, 1 brother
or combfDatlo. of Hnen aad Jaee.

Usc as chair or on soarl
The Questions
1. How ' is an eclipse of the sun'
caused? .
2. Why do gasoline trucks have
a chain b.ahging from
3 .. Whalt is the meaning of Rab
4. Nam.e the five best known
tragedies of William Shakespeare.
The Answers
1. The moon comes between the
sun and the earth and shuts off
the sunliglit 4'om tbe .earth.
2. To ground. electricity.
3: Jocular, witty, Indecent. as
the writings of Francois
"The March of Dimes, which
supplies the sinews of war in the
fight against infantile paralysis.
is as close to my own heart as it
Is to that of the American
people. . . With growing public
awarene s that the fight on pallo
has now reached a stage' that
mlgbt bE! described as similar , to
the 'Battle of the Bulge,' I feel
t:hat the Arherlcan people
will ftilly meet that challenge In

J]lwlrbt D. Eisenhower
President, Columbia UDiversity
, ,
.al,,,are (.",hs
Frollil CO..-mOIi Colds
, CreomulsiOa relie"" prompdy because
it sees to .th.e scat of the' trouble
, 10 belp loosfn aJid upel germ laden
,flbJegm and aid oature 10 soothe IDd
liral raw. lender, inOamcd bronchial
mlKou, membranes. Tell your druggist
ro sell you a oorde ot Crenmulsion
""ilb tht: understanding you it)usl Hke
$he -ll il quickly aUa)'s the cough
or )'01.1 .Ire to have )'our p10ney back.
for COlllghs, ChestColds"honchitis .
."......--.... ur. You
May 8. Your 0wI)4ti
Sfowln .. Clre le Nnedler.rat-t ncpl.
P . O. Do .. ", .. 0, Chlea(o 1'0. JII. or
P. O. Bos Old Sl"Uon.
New York 11, N. Y.
Enolose 20 cents (or paUern.
Name .......................... It ..
Address ................... .. ........ .
A, Home-In Spare TIme
No .xp llnc. 0, unuluol ablllt),
n,"dod. JUlt polnl and glo%ll no fl.
Ing noe... ary. Complltl . ,"t conloin,
palnll. bru...... Chlno.Glal.. glol.
thinnor. Irld cant powder, , flgurlnl.
2 plaqu .. ond In.I.uellonl. Shipped
cornpl.t. po.lpold - 'US. Check or
Manor ' Ordor. - Deolor op."nlngl.
PASIEfI, . d5
5 r' At'rl(/C
-..:. ---:--=:
735 CI.. 15. 0
Z .......... I.
SpedaI ..... PrJ V-.1
1"'_ ...... (11150
.. nOOf.) .
l", __ un
I.,. ...............
, .. ltln' .... ..........
...., .......... ..
....... -
..... 11 DlnolYO yean In worm "Ite. (1051 10 \10 P.l In
lor .... mlxln. bowl . ..... 2. Add SUP'. IOh. and un1tcol<n
en. AckI .".dually. Beat .... n ...Ith electric .. Iiot o.
tow or medium speed, or b, bind. willi larlc wooden
'Il00'. Add lhol1Cllln. brlItlnl untll thoroulhl, mllcd.
II ... ,. SIIOOII dou.b Into well areued IIIUmll pa nilin.
about on<-thlrd full . SI ..... Let rll. In warm place (!)O.
to 95' It. I until doulb hi. rise. level ...11/1 tOP ot mullin
Plo. (about :IS 10 30 11110\11.. ). '1 ... ,. nat. In mOder-
atel, bot 0_ (l75- 10 .tOO. F.) 20 mla. llep , . Remove
(rom PlnI .ad acne wo... Yltlclt J8 10 24 rOIIi.
Try this new -II)' 10 fOlter/ ... ller baking. Red Star
bry y ..... fre.h fOr month.-right on th.
pantry aM W. alw..,.. when roil ...... IL
. L' IEF b in &n.(iay. Con-
FOil thoSe twP {amoUi
tains up to 21ft . tunes thyl IaliCl\late and men-
offered rub-insl
' than five other WI e _ .... ..un
. '. . _II ACIES. -
lIM tor :: =::.-:.:;: .
\" -
Thursday, January 12, 1950 THE MIAMI GAZETTE W


ten Klei.

When the inside of an enameled
pot becomes chipped, it's not safe
use because the bare spot may'
rust and further chipping may
cause pieces of enamel-a form ot
glass to contaminate food cooked
in the
' .; e
Make your own fOOd chopper out
of an empty baking powder can.
Punch a couple of holes in the bot
tom, throw t!:le lid away. turn. the
can upside down and start chop-
, ...
ever,. Ilour needed to dry a
blanket on an outdoor line in av-
erage weather. it takes to
4 minutes in an automatic gas
dryer; time s-aved, at least three
Pretty Two-Piecer
In the Junior'Sizes
Applause, Pleaso
A YOUNG two-piecer in a jwlior
size range that rates a round
of applause, Note the pretty neck
line, button trim and pert fiared
peplum. You'll find it easy to sew,

Pattern No, 11121 I. '.""I'ICe, perlor.
ted pattern for Ibu 11, 12. 13, 14. It1 .nd
11. Ske 12, three. quarter aleev., 4 ,.arcla
of 35 or !W-Inch. .
.,,-- -*--*-_ . '
Don't mJ.. th'e n ..... lind Summer
FASHION! It'. rUled with fabric new
lpeelal d&al,n.. falhlon Upl. Fre. pat.
tern prlntecl 1n.lde the book. 25 cente. '
lit ..... w.n. .... GI .... IlL
JIlnelo U Clnte -ID cow. for .ach
patt.rn de.Ir ....
Patterl?- No. Ils
Name ,.
................... ,
Prevent Ice trays from sticking
in tlte freezing compllrtment boy
rubbing oil or grease on the bot..
toms of them, or take a piece of
double-thickness-wax-paper the
same .sizl! as the tray and keep it
under the nay in the compart-

Keep the upper ed,e! of quilts
and comforters clean by sewln,
some washable material alon, the
blitding. It can be taken off and
washed frequently, thus postpon-
ing complete clean1ng of the com-
10rter for a long time.
For Your Future Buy
U.S. Savings Bonds
, 110 0tfIer RIll Ads Faster II,
, ...... ,.--.-.... --
Muaterole Dot olll, briDp fut reIW
but ita 1l8I\ medJeatioa
breaks up conrwtoioD ill hroD-
ehIaI tlI_ !4l11tarole ALL the
beD.f1u. of a piN. "JUIoIrt
the bother of maklD& OD" 1u.t nab
It OD c:h.t, throat aDa blldt.
AS '''6

contalni moglcal TORINOl .
fln_. Qulcke, IOf and 201

fOIl " lImB OlAlla 10
-tte ... toALlO ............
fOlIY'S HONn & TAl
with cold "."'na ............
., AU.COUI .. 1toppId bJ' ...., a coliS drfeIoPDI
a aad .... thrOat. FW IIIIdi a
cold. .. way. _ FoIq'e ""'" It 'hr;
Ita c:oId.. bclrtllII IlIIftIdIaGta combet
IAfecllall.a- --'DC ...
t/nat,. CQUIbiJIc. CGGIulioD, ,
.. rou HAW coueH .. __ .......
claplte teIdac utlhlatmI_ IWItdI
quIcIt to FoleY. to k"P from
becomInc-uu._DoD t ... ,.1
.. IN COlD .Ullla. .... t ...... 1
TIlle P0!e7.. _I A'IOid pQIIIbIy 1IaIf
tnatlDe QJ: -tina WIOIIC bJ'
uaiIlI aDtlhIotam1... Gm
that betler c:haDce to 'abort
cold, 'uk ,.our drupllt fox .1 .....
PQIey.. Haney .. Tv-the ccucb IJ'NP
WWa oiIId-abartlal ,
, Countless tboutandl have p.foved
tbat HADACOL is llenefieia\ to
folks 01 aU 'ages. That ta tbee ..
-lO""IIIlmy purthaBe Uielarge ii,
, .iz. bottle 110 aU the family can ben.. my ... appetite and wu DIOatea,'
fit , from nature'a Vitamins and Mr. Tbompaon, She had tried
Minerals' In HAD A COL. , . several preparation. before
For instanee, MIl,a Guidry, lier hillbarid'. adviee ,on HADAGOL
822 Montgomery St.; Port Necbes, and 3'0w sbe recom-
Texu, only 1'1 year. waa "feel- menol HADACOL to her friends.
ing nervou's, had her She, too, like Misl Guidry and the
face was pate ' others. wall Iuffering from the lack
d I' awn and of the B'Vitamin. anil Minerai. In
lIuffered fro m her 1),lItem" which HADACOL' con.
gall on the stom talna. .
ach!' . A lack of only a ImaD amount of
Her y It. m the B' Vitamin. lind certalh Mineral.
I a eke d the B cause digestive 'dlliturbances
V It a m i'n. and food wll! not ap-ee with you
'Minerals which will have an upset stomach
HADACOL eon- will lIuffer from beart - burns,
tainll and 'this gaa paina,' IUId ' your food w1l1 IOUI'
may cause dig,s. on your lltomach, and you will not
tive diaturbances be able to'eat the thmlrl YOIl like for
.uch al h. art Mias 1ear of being in misery afterwards.
burns, indigestion, ' and often Many peoplll also aufter" from eon-
Min Guidry say. she eould not .tlpation. And,while theae .ymptoml
tbe kind and type of food IIh. wanted may be the reelilt. of other eaUlel,
witbout feeling terrible afterward., they are lJurely and certainly the
Misll Guidry, who reeentl,. p-.du- symptoms an,d Ilma',of the .lack' of
ated from hirh Ichl)Ol, I. already the B Vitamin. and wblc:h
wOl'king in a bank. She said that HADACOL contaw: And if you
"fter taking IIveral bottlea of HAD- .uf1er from Inch ,. dllOrdtr. then ia
ACOL Ihe 'I "f 11 d no known Curl except the admlnla-
il 1 now , Ie ng won er- tratlon of .. L. VI--'-- and
L, and ha. "loti of pep and al hleb WI -....... ..,uu
W 1011l' ay.le. lack ..
MOlt folb take HADACOL be. b BADACqL contain. Jlot on!1 one,
caUM it haa worked .ue. wonders lit 5 of. tha B VI'-mlna. HADAOOL
tor reladves or trienda. Mila Guidry eontaln. lIOt ollly onl, but , of the
took HADACOL beeauae her mother DHUlalT IIlfteraJa. It come. toloU
bad takn 11 boW.. with eueU.nt Uquldb'oodfona, ... U, ... in
ranlt&. ..... ,stream 10 that It CID ,0
. III arb,. to work daht away
Po r tAr t h u Ia. nay to UlJderstand, ,
1I1's. w ,. coUJltl... tilouaancb ha.. al.
read, been 'benefited b, this aDlaz
Iq tonie, BADACOL.
- So, It matters not who 10U are
Dot wbere 1011 II..... _or
h1l1a1lll" I OU laaft triecI ' aU the medleln ..
the IUD, Ii,.. WI wonderful
Preparatioa trIaL DOn't to OD auf.
falql Don't eontlnue to lead a
1If.. 1IaJl1 . ..110
-20" I1Iffencl and 10 to
... w



HURS . FRi. BANK NIGHrr, $20 'JAN. '12
RATES: One cent per word,
mInImum chal:ge, 215 cent..
Three Insertion. for the price
of two. Form. clo.e Wedner
day noon.
Tfrt1RSDA. Y, JANt ARY 12. 191>:1
P. B. W. CLUB MEETS ,We know Ihe IIDBwen to yafl
The Fa.r Hili II Party Htlllae tardllY's problemll but today's an
was tile Bcene of the JumHJ.ry buflllng.
of Ihe Progr '!!s lvl' . AlwaYB do l'igllti you will grato
nelll! Chlh un We dllI'K' Iry BOlUe people a.nd ' lI stonl llJI tbo
lIay evening. A. 11. le:tt.- MII Ik TWILln.
pi'CBldc\1 ovet' lhe H6SB
"'om!'n dnro t o be lalo Cor uny
Ipn' filld M, 'tI. Hnlptl Drmv II'n.'i rn- lhlng except un nppolnlntBnt wltb
Jeanne Crai n - George Sanders - Madeleine Cnrroll

. 5
00 ',. T CALL
for in urance. AlI types of
IIlsuranCe at :t savings, Call
Francis Gene Brow.n, phone
Waynesvi fI e 2472 or calI col-
lect. Wilmington 2 t 11_
gil til . IIPElIIlIQI:. ' ,'the hnh' dreBser .
Mrs. Drew, one or thl! "01'11)1 1.11' -------:.....-
dleiJ" the Vcle rlLuR H(l 8111Inl .
Dnyton. tl)l,' of Il el' wOI 'k u'lIll
s nlllong lhe. pll 1 lent'\
thel'e, \vhldl wns of gl' C!lt Intel' "
est to voryone.
Liquid Sl' ''P
Try dlssolvinK the soap in boiling
water before adding It to the walb
Ing machine; the liquid soap doe.
better job.
Predon F o.ter EllEn Drew Andy Devine
SUN., JAN. 15
ANG BUSTER and MGM Cartoon ::
FOR SALE- White enamel Maj-
estic nange stove. George Hen .
derson. Phone Waynes. 29 2.
adjollrnment In meet.
Wi Lli lL dlnniw Itt tho Pi! rty IlGIUIt!
III F ebJ'ullry. n tl" UCI " UB deRBal't
I:Ollrae Willi ser ved f.Jm It lovely
Lell tublG in Lbe dining I'oonl.
Of All TypeS '
, ===
('Cont. From _: Q P.M.)
=== E:3
. :::=::s
7. REG ' N' TRAIL (Johll1:J Mack Brown)
!!III!11111111!illllllllllllllllllll!IIIIII!II!IIIIIII!!li!I!lllllllllll!I!II!IIII!IIIIIIIIII!11111111111111111111111111111 1
. FOR ' SALE- '36 Chevrolet ii).
FOR SAltE- Rous , {) rooms &. t on punel trUCk. a .ood COT)dltlon.
batb. Cenal', hot wnt r beat, Make an offer. W. H.
large garag:e, lot lOO' :x ]20,-M. pllone Waynesville 2114.
Do Baird, Waynesvl11e.l-123t FOR SALE--- Large mllu bOL
. According to si,ze and cMdition.
All rem()ved
Horses, $2:60 Cows,' U .60
. Hogs - 26c Der cwt.
Phone' Collect
Xeaia, :0. 1712 of
\ViJminctOn, O. 2362
Heating stove ('Progress
OBI(). Inquire M'laml Gazette.
FOn. SALE- Deep treeze bottle
,gas cooker. 011 heater, ' kltcJleo
cabinet, IJl0tbeB cloriet, . :writing
desk and book case combination
drop leaf t a ble and 2 chairs. AU
hi' condltlon. SUSie Evans
cor;,er Fourth and Cbapman ste.:
Waynesville. 1229-8t
I ' ."
WANTED- Lady to do o;;;;al
House Work and Laundry in my
bome. Inquire Ilt the Miami
Ottlce. 1-63t
Genlng u d'.qulpment back
Is :on. of our .
p.elaltl .... W. 'ean rv.
be., becau we're fully
, .quipped 10 .handl. your ....
p'ol, lobi. Our m.chanlca
, a.", .kliled-fully trained to
rflto,. all typei of
,to ltandard condition.
" you have any h;'pl.,...nt
that'. run beyond, III tim.,
brbItt It '0 UI. Enloy' oneo
again tho 1lI0od-as-naw per-
formance. W.'II mak. your
trador purr like the day you
bout'" It make 'It pull
th. sam. load. at . the .. _
Our Ollv.r
par,s or. the hlgh i In
quality. And our ampl .
.Iock OIICIblo. us 10 provld.
you pro;"p,tly with almost
..,)Nut you _y ....... For
ov.rhaullng, repairing, re-
building-lie .........
, . Oliver Farm Equipment ' and MachiDery
Sale. and Service
. 1.12:!1
HA Y FOR SALE- 60 tons, mixell
olover. II.l!alfu. Har ld Whitnkli l'
Lytl e, Ohio, Phone Way. 2968, '
LAmmE-RING- DOile In my
home. QUick s ervice. Phone WilY.
nesvllle 2986. ; -St
Top SOil, Hauling. Sand, Gravel
Excl\vatlng Wltb Back
DraglIne and :Blllldozer
WaYneavllle, Oblo
Phone: Wayn... 2191 or, 2240
Nex1 t41 a siack or ,0ldeD .raID
In the BeMa or a tree, loadecl with
fruit. . , proud e." poIIeB-
alon 18 a&ack of 11. 8.
Bllnda. Th'a8e Bonds enable him &0
011 up hi, ftDanclal maoblnery aDd
inalntaln :1 reserve whlcb ware.
his bome. laJ1!l. livestock anel .,.111.,.. \
meDt. Bil [nrue II secare. The wile
farmer baUds hI. flnanolsl retlflrie I
In Savin,. Dol1d. from proDb wheD I
hill crops. are cood. IJ'hat 'reserve I.
lbe wlDdb.relll ... alast stormy pe.
rlod. ADd U rrOWl, ,. for every P
Invested I!n ten yean. .
U:S. r, ..... rp D.p.nm .. '
ClvWaD Labor
. Largest employer ot olvllIan
labor tn the eovernment I, the
post office depsrtment. The next ,I.
the veterans' administration.
Estll.te of Milry Hmith,

Notice Is hereby given that Nino
E. St. John' whose Post Ottlce
Addresl'! is Wuyneavl11e . OhIo has
been duly Ilppolnted ' nil Admlnls
' RE ' trntrlx of the Es'tnte or Mury E .
NT - FlI.rm near Way- WIN TU' RKEY' FOR NEW YEAR8 .. Smith lale of Wanon OUUlY,
nesvllle. J B)lare nnd Mrs. C. Lee Hawke was .Oblo, decenaed . .
salliry .b
. Middle aged couple ,vIUlleJ' oj', the New Year's turk. D t /I th 7 1 I '[' J
with sm3)) Cuml1y preferred. ReC. II. e . Is 1 I Cay 0 IlJII\lUY.
erences necessary. Cull Wllbllr cy. presen ted by the Twin Tbeatre , ]91)0, .
Tullis, Opekasl t Parm Mnnuge nnd .tbe Waynesville Locker Plunt.
ment. Lebanon 450, tr allier wi nners we r e: CIlI.ude
FOR SALE - The follow.ln;
'house mold go ds ; desK" 2 801l rl
wailnut hand tables, 5101 -
day bed, . . burrel.
Instrum.,nt case, 2 dining 1' 00111
.cba.irs. RIce Snnpp, 3rd street, ' Iil
at Dnvls J'urnas Pit. 60 cent.
cubic yard. We aleo deliver. ARM-
ITAGE & SON. ;Pbone 2091. tf
WANTED- Ride to WrlgJlt Field
Area B. 8: 00 to 4: 30 shUt. Pick
up near Third and Miami. Walter
Behrens, .
garage space near ' Tblrd and Mi-
ami lI.treats In Waynesville, Wai-
ter Bebrens. 1-6-3t
Dead' Stock
Horses, .$2.50 eo"", $1.60
Hop - 250 CWl.
A,ccording to Size
Thompson. chicken, and l.-uclUe
Combs, bacon. Ove:r 1.400 tlcltete
were' ulied In tbe contest, the
largest of its type in WnynesvJUe
to elate. 1i1u(ure plnns ca1t for sim
lIul' , oyen:ts In tbe nenr (uture.
-:- 0
Weicht or Hllu"l' Hees
Honey-bees weigh about 5,000 tn-
divldllals to the po.und. The average
wei ght ()f a honl'Y'bee Is less than
1-300 01 an ounce:
.!\n o'll tlmlst 18 a guy who Bits
In t lle lSlst JOW ot the gallery find
winKS at the cborllB glrll,
and Progres8lvll. An.
organlzaUon seconti to
Strictly sellera on the ,all-
around, market 11l the country, .
Judge of the l'rnbl\te .. <lurt
Warren pounty. Olll"
c, Donnld DlIllI\lsh, Attorney
Publlt.1,leil Jan. 12. 19,

Cub 49c lb.
.. Dlabetl!) C.nned Fruit.
254.1 A
I nsulll.ted and asbes
lOB Sldlllg. Sheet metal work
of all klndll. ' Locat Heferan-
ces. All work
Route 3 Waynesville, O.
Phone Waynuville 2898
T ..... II IA, .....,.
oa.. ............... ..
lief ... ..., ........ ..,
I. IMI!e ."Ii .11.1 fire
, ....... w ...... ... "
o ..... tI8ecI ............. o
fill ....,... sf ,.. .. _ft',
dayl.,..,.... ......
Karl D. Dakin
. Xenia 454
Revene Oharges ,
Xenia Fertilizer
For Chilly MarRot Report.:
WHIO DlI1ton, li;60 ' E.B.T. DW
1800; WLW Olaclnnatl. 1240. DIal t
700. (-
As your nl!ighborhood servicema{l, you wi11 find
us not only . ' .iendly interested in see- ""
iog, that ydur car) s given the bestpqssible service so
it'll last I
EDjoy A' Fri.., ' ..
COST YOU' $10,000
time and agaiD read In tile
newspapers 01 costly lcmrsuits
against fCD'llieua when GU'tomobiles col- ,
lided with their U98Btoc:k 011 the highway.
Suppose this happened to YOUI Pro-
. teet yourseU agcDbat I'UCh fCll'lll ac:cidents
with Fcmn LiabilitY as written
by,the FCDIII Bur&cru Automobile '
. Jnsurcmce Co. of Ohio. It'. a .
.. ceuity for 1aIl ..
R. W.
Armitage & Son
TAR, and ROAD OIl:, J
LEBANON Office . 473K
RES . 128L
No. S
. RE:ADY MlX CONtR['ff
- ---- -- - -...._-- -
.We "Invite You
. '. .
. ,
Friday, January 13; 1950
'Morning Program at Our Store" 10 A.M .
. .
Free Lunch at Noon
Afternoon Program at Town ,Hall
Theatre at 1:00 . '!' Free, Shows
Come, Bring The'

Lebanon, Ohio PhoneSBB

Natural Gas For
aynesville ... ?-
Civic Club Plans
To ' Investigate
Po ssibffities
The Civic Club la prepared to
do all It can to secure natural gall
lemce for thlll qommunlty, But
first, it Is necellsary to determine
if th!!re Is enol)gb need for sucb
service to war,tant approaching tbe
Dayton and Company.
If you would be Intereated 1n Ie.
CUring natur al gaa. either for cook
iDS or 'heating, yoU wlll be doing
the community a service by inform
log tbe Miami Gaette or Francis
Gene Brown. chairman or the Clv
iC Club Publlc . Allalrs Committee
, 1'he Civic Club will, If lDtlre Is
,.uttlclent Indication, Investlga.te
all the poaslhll1t1es or BoCumg na.
tural gila for Waynelvllle .How-
ever. It doei not fBtl) juatUled III
ialtlng action unless tbere fa en-
. ./)up iaeed gas to attract con-
IIlderaUbn on tbe of IUPPJy'
Earl Hockett entertained
on Sunduy and had oa her dinner
guests. the HOarlty Club.
who enjoyed tl1ls , lovely
day togi!lther were:
Mr , . &nil ,MrII . Oharles
ald and famUy or Olnclnnatl, I1Ilr.
and Mra . lIoward McDonald and
,family of 8sblna. Mrt . 'Morrlll .
Snyder and daushtera of 'Wflm'
il1ltoD, Mlal Ethel ),lannon of
WUmingtonr Mr. and MI'I', Sab-
In McDonald, VOltz. Mr
and Mra. Cbarlea GordDn and
Mra. Laura Shldaker ' of Harvey,
aburg, Mr, and Mn. Frank Swar-
tiel. Mr, and Mn. ,J'Obn Keraey
aDd Bon, Mr. and Mrs. C, E, Ed-
gtnlton and aon, Mr. . Sadie
Beason, Mr " and' Mra . Rhode,
Bunnell and d,aushters.
. I

e amI az
Se:rving W 1850
Civic Cluh Pouders . Council Committees.
Prohlems . . '
Tbe recurrent blgh, water whiCh For' 1950 Nam" ed
makes Route 73 impassible bet-
ween Gorwin and Wayne8VUJe WllS '
the main tl1Plc ot discussion fo'r
the W!a.ynesv1lle Civic Club at Us
The club mel: Monday
tbe hlgb scb'ool 'ror a
bURln'ess, session , .
. :Entertainment was provided by
local' "barbElr shop quartet'"
I.J.Il,embelrs of which Include : Don
FilII Tressler Har-
and Olenn liimith', .
the Route 7S siLu-
Francia Gene Browu, chah',
of tbe cllllb's public affalra
reported that he and
local school board met With
..blIRblV9.V In'
Ma.yor liany Shlll'':I'ood IUInoun-
t ecl the vurlou,a commlt,tells ot
tll e vUl.1lge counoll this ' week. The
council bUB beon reorgllnlZtt!,\ for
Its ru,nCItOlls tOI' the comlng year
with- Lloyd l;)llids appolnted q
president and Percy RealOn. a
holdover frclm last year, terVln,
1n place of RllY KI 1'.
HIe. eXllected tbat Kler wlll be
udmltted to council ' In tile
lIear futuro. He wns elected fol
luwlng a wrlte' ln c4mpalK,R In
'November and tUe legality or hill
election bas QUllstloned . . AI
soon !LS Kler's status Is determ-
Ined he wiU be sworri In .as t\
, highway oUlclals reported'
woullli conduot a lIurvey
the amount or traffie carried
Oil Route 7S to detenD.lne If It ill
heavy enough to yarrent action,
A previoue survey reveOed that councilman 01" pel'malleoUy re-
lIurlng the period, 19U-19U thot! lected.
, battlc on .the ,highway has In. The Bryan Green As It DOW stands tbe ,council
. reased 100 per cent. The Rev. Bryan Green. Rector for. 1960 Include: Homer
.r Th Id ed h .Carey. Max Hartsook. Lloyd DavlB.
Shown above, left to rlgbt, are Harold C, Rliinger Harry Z._ Gray a group ccons er t e poss - of . Birmingham England. and Howard Brown. Frnnc1m ".Gene
, " lbnty of 'ereettllg "Welcone" signs Ie E I dId .. ..
an(l JOBepb R. 'Gray. attoTt:leys of lhe new law fIrm or Grar, Rlsl.nae1', Jlt th tt limit U S as Dg an s es Ing evan- BrO'Wn and Ray Kler or Percy
and . 4Jray: BW::Ch bad gellst, will be leader ,of a Mission Reaaon.
to be beld In Ohurch'. Dar- Tbe following are tbe council
H ld
'" R'-I n preVIouSly aBslgned the.' 10b ton, January 25-29, It bas , been cu." , committees',
The formation of the law form aro u. .. nger was .wo I of Inv8&tl"'&tlng ' the subject. had
. la 9'] >. ., noune.ed by the Rev. Raymolld K.
jlf Gray, Risinger aad Oray, at Le' lu us an attorne), at . w In 1 ,. -.. . .. re""rt to (lffer.
1 ..- . Rleb8, general Ch!lItman [or lhe
Fire and Finance:
Kler, and
ballon. was announced thla: week but entered Army diu ' It "a reported that the e\'ent.
Harry Z. 'Gray, Harold 0, RIs- not commence to pr-acUee 1aw uno, counCil and otber bad St. Mary' s Church
Tl1e Woman's AIU1l1ar7 ,of thAI Inpr aDd .Josepb R. Gray, attor- til 1946, He 1.& the grandson at been QueaHoned concernJng Ibe vUle :\\'1\1 pi\l<Ucipate
of Waynes
In' the Mis:
Helmer Carey, Ray
Ma.x Hartsock.
, ,
' Street, AI'ley, Sidewalk, llf,lrD and
til ' neYI at law. " ,- ,. painting of a line on the sion.
St. ., Church met at e T .... - , ne-, "rm -:-'11 .... e the of, the late O,leaby. prom1iW11t .. .. t aide or Main atreet lI.8alllt
U' at B 11 ..... n ' - ._l_ -- Widely know, In England for bis
d aw e on flc88 or Mr! In Building row,DS
b.lp farDl
In a.volding the upon BBC. broadcaata ,and L.ewapaper
Gutters: , ,
Howard Brown: Lloyd Davis,
and Homer Carey. '
Building and Sa"ltatio,,:
J ' and Loan Bids 1(; etlutb lJroad gel' operatel arma n a . e .. l' when. parldng. The reJlOrt art\cleB 14r Green III flying to
..... ' waY,. LebaIIon':' ". , " , s"le TownaI11PIi . 1 8!l ..... ofllclals, been Enl1an4 ,'or
_. -....- . BUory Z. Gray .haa J[ra'C"llCW; in beeaUW.IiI '.. n aD:d4'a1kQ;::-WDr
Max traUC\8 .Oene
.;Q . n. t
com .. leted Witb Hawke re- law, at Lebanon alnce he was ad- years. . ,. ; r,alnlng. duct Mlllsions' in Clnclnllati an '
Viewing the. chapter. ""U mltted tD tlie. ba, r ' In 1926. He III ,Joseph R. Oray rrolll Columbull while In Ibis . COUlltI'Y.
for Christ," and Miss Kathryn th C II ge of University ot E.VERYONE INVITED
Prendergast the chapter . "Enter. well .know In Wayne 1!owuabIP. as e 0 e " H J t" ' . Arrangements tor his visit were
, he Is a past commander of Clne;lnnatl June. e en erec TO WOMAN LESS WEDDING made by tbe Rev. Henry
.. to with P. Snook Post of ibe American ':e": Come one, come an, to tbe Hobson, Bishop of Soutbern Ohio.
' Mra. Charles Starr In Lelion. and served eev.eral years. in Gra,.. was D.,p big "WomanJess Weddl njt" to In previous visits to tbls
after which a pleasant social III Trellsurer of the Warren 00, an . 9 1 H - be held at Ule Grange Hall on country, . Mr. Orecn has attracted
hour was with dainty re- Red Croea Chapter. Mr, Gray " uty County Recorder In 1 e Saturday, Jan, 21. A big cast. record audiences' to his 1\118slonll.
. " .
Ray Howard Brown.
cis Gene Brown.
freshments served by hOllt88a. preJlident of the Warren COllnty, In thll 'eoualstlng of: Therle Jones, During hiS last visit. to New YOI'll.
Bar Aalloclatlon. ,ry n e, . Ed Ollliland. Herb be attracted 42.000 ' people to the h 'y bome.
i=RANCES IRANNOCK ' Ed Surfaee. Dr. J.. 11. Stout, Catbedrlll of St. John the 'DI'fIDe: l\. deliclolls baked bam dinner
The Farmers' Club held thllir
l'eg\llar . meellng on Thurlday,
willI MI'. and Mra. 'Roscoe Furnas
'as .host nnd hostess al their coun-
,'E8 8U"''''ENLv ' Dho'des Earl Hubble, On another occ8alon, In 'tbe Nat,
f .,,,,, '. ". . . was sel'vecl to a large group of
MI'B, Frances Brannouk,' 72, died ITEM. OF ABOUT, FOLK8YOU KNOW Dr: Har lan Dye. Harold Whlt- lone,l Cathedral In Was bing ton. D. memberB. , ao'd Dr.. Samuel Marble
nt' 6 A,M. Tuesday at tbe Miami alier. Lowelll Tbomas. ' Robert en b'e appeared before tboueandB president of Wilmington college. '
hOSPital. ' :r Wilson. . ,K'ennetb Retalllck: every night of his MIIslon, H\a ltirs. Harry Smitb and Rev.:, and '
SUrvivora Inalude tbree daUlh'. I ,' B. 0' U' T T. 0 w. N . Donald' '''lis on, David Brown. success during visits to this cou- Mrs . R. D. Coleman, WDlI .rere
terl, Mra. Thelmr. Elley of Ore- tl . 'I . ," Ernest Cook, OIenn Smith aDd ntry. as weil I1S tbe Im()or.tan;:3 guests or the day.
Sonia; ),Ira, Lorratne Steger ' nl I Earl' Earnhart. ' be has achieved In England, pro- Following tlie dinner bour, tlie
,:t>aJtOn; Junlta Woollard ot A big time Is for mpted TIme MagaziDe to call blm preSident, MI' . Furna8,
Dayton; thi'ee lonll, Jamea of everyone, tbat country's top evangelist, guve his a.ddress COl' the new yeal'
S th lAb ';"'111 be lira. ErneBt Harlan WBe a Cln- All ladles are to wear glllg Mr. Green's Mission in Dayton
Dayton; 'f omas ou , - Mlal Ruth Cbandler n will bave 8S its 'generul theme. and everyone thOI'oughly .enjoye'l
' and Albert of WayueavWe C Cl b clnnatl vilitor on Thureday. bam or dreBB and tbe this tiDe tnlk, Mnny Quotations
, . . hoatels ' t the NeW' u "F,alth Tbat Can- C bange 'l'he - M
FuDaral ilervices will b. held 0 at men everydlay clothing, ",,,y.' and remarks were from some, 100
2 P .,... . Friday at the Cburc ' . day aflJlrnooD, Jan. 2'lw'Itll --Mrl. LucUe Armttage fB en one ' co,mlng ".Tn
... P H j In I d ' tl In I Rec"or . ot St', Episcopal yeaI' (JIll IlCCOUI1L boolm belong n&
of Christ
. Wa"nelvll1e, with Rev,: ,' tlie Far Hm,. ..rty . ou,ee. 0)' "severa !iYS . vaca on will be 'Eyeryime
, DORIA and Mn C. Florida, ' . Church In Oakwood, Nlght.lY tOplC3 t9 Jlls .'
II , . H , CoUey y fflClatlns. Burial Mr. . .. ' . t the " pro' In the whether a will be "Ia America Ooln.g Comm- Dr. Marb'le WOB then intruducll!1
:will be malle In Mllml T. ElIlt In cbar,. 0 Dr. and Mrs . A. E . Stout and ' ,member cfthe Grange or DO unlst or 'Christian?". 'IJs Jesus fiS, the gUt' . t sJleaker. Hla topic,
.... lends may 4)alI at the !3tubbs . &ram,. dauahter were' Saturday evenlDr; J8 Invited. Jranuary 21" Ilt 8 God?". "Has tbe ' Cross Any Mean- "Freedom" lold of hIs WOI'II: with
tUneral home uuUl the time 'of Mr. Ilnd Mr. . Ernsllt Butter- dinner cueata of lIr. and ' Mrs, P.X.. lug for Today?". "Maklnl Marrl- the Frienda' Servtce In the dltt
.. mce. worth bad aa Bunclay . dbmer. oeorce' W, elti In Dayton. age A Succesa". and Can lntelll- ferent countrle.s ot Europo. Clnd 'lo
p_t.. IIr . and Mra. Burnet .... gent PersOn Believe 'In tbe ReBu, conclusion be r emarke . on 0
' WCTU MEETS AT HOME Butterwortb '-"'11 Ion of. Lebanon. Mr. and Mr . J , Carl Conrad LUB Idea that If we use our freedom
, .... of Eldorado were recent weekend TO FRIENDSHIP C .
OF MRS. ROGER BROWN and' ),Ir.. al1d Mrs , Frye . Sponsored the EplaqoP!Ll properly. no fear deed tie for the
The W
.,mU' meet at the home p .. te, of Mr. au . d Mra, Roy E. llla, 'Ura , R. B. Coleman WtlS, host- . I UtUTD
'" A'. . . aDd 10DS. .. a , Ohurches of the Dllyton L
of ),Irs, Roger' Brown Fl'ldaJ after- Mra., H. L . Rye In 'vacatlonlng eBB to the F'rlendsblp Club on meetlngll will lie beld In christ . Club adjourned to meet In
noon, .Jan . 18, The meeting 'Wua Mr. and Mrs, ' E. F . Earnbart. ID ' I'iorlcla. Wedneaday af:ternoOD. with an ot- church 8ta.rting at 8:00 P.M. , nl- Februllry with Mr . . and MI'II.
opened by ),Irs .. H. Mre. ' J , P. II'romm, . Mr , Roger Mlal Kartha Deatheralle was a tendance ot' 2:5 'members and one ghtly. January 25.28 . The MIssi4m ROIlJ!.ld as bast and
reading the ihlrd cbapter of St; Brown and 'lira. Bertie Mills weekel1d peit of , Mr, and !II 1'1 , 'cuest: lIrs. Oram Shoup, will conclude with a. 'clo8lng 1'ba.' ess lit tbe Frlr HlIIs Party Houae.
James and offering prayer, . were gueat. at Victory Ohlll'ter aoe ... H. Hartaoct. 1lhe reguJalr buainesa " 8esslon
St I Dayton " 1 nksglvtng at a P.M. , Jan. lilt,
After the regular ulloelll ,es- . Qrder of Eutefn ur, n . Mr. and ),11'1. Harold Whltaker was beld andl R,uBBe Wllal>n MeetingB will be open 10 peorle
elon, Mfa. Walter Whltaltel' read , on Monday ' evaDIng. imd daughter were 'Sunday after- waa In charg:e of the cl.,.,Uonll. of all falths .
, all Intereatlng arUcle em "Wby 1100n aueats of Dr. and Mrs. H Misa Tobe Ba.ll favored the auestol
Sh'ould the Bible be Read In MI'a"L. C, St. John, Mr. and E. Batha.way. with two lovely vocal aolos: nIter
PubUo S
chools" and Mra. Roger Mrs. John SetUeDlyre and chlld- Mr. alld Mrs, 080' r"e Btro,U"', wbloh av. ery(lIle enjoyed an old- EVERE:rT EARLY'S HOSTS
.... St h Low Is .. u to ADVISOR.' Y COUNCIL
BroWU'1 article on "Our Liquor ren, en _rl. ep en e v - and Mr. and Mrs. ClaJlence Brad- fashioned' spelling match. wllh
Spaked MovlleS" was .8l'1 good, Ited ,the Lyona prolram 10 dock of Dayton < were Sundal Mrs. Howard 1UI11 Mra. :Mr:. and Mrs. Everett Early
meeting wa, wIth : Cillcinnati on guesta or the Clau411 Stroud tam- 'rbblan La",a.()D spelllng tbe . most . were hoata to the Weat Wayne
the Union Mr. and Mra. Fred l1y. . . worde correctly. . , Advlaory Council on .FrIday eve'-
,and daughter aDd Ml-. tulcl Mrs . ' MI". Marllyn Durske ' bad [IS The Olub 81djourned to meet In at the Far Hills Party Houae.
WILLIAM. O. GuaTIN !;IlEa, Lawrence Cook aDA! Ion have re- peets 00: Sunday evenillg. a February wltlb Mrs. J,. D, Rich as Mr. Ed OllIlland, president c(ln-'
WA6 LOCAL BU8INllae".AN turned from . ' delightful vncatkln poup of forme .. classmllteB aud the hOBtess Il8allited by 'Mrs . hi , ducted the buslnes, aes810n, o.nlJ
WWlam O. GUltin. 81, died lut tour of Florld.a. . ' from CincInnati, D. Baird, M:ra. ,Callie Clal'k and Mrs , E.tneilt Harlnn was made
Thl1ra4ar morniDg. Be wu . the : Mr. Im4 Mra . Paul "Savags of' Mrs. O. ' R, Uqleabee. s'ecretary to replace Mrl\. Stanley
tormer owner or GulUn Botel in Da7toll were Sunday evening Ba.lley. who reBlgned,
Wa1DenUle. ""d Wall a trainer P .. t. of Mr. and Mra . WJlllam LEBANON NFl,A Mr , Harold Whitaker. discuR-
for sb!lw horaes. DIVIDEND OF SIX PER CEN alol1 leader, conducted the dis
swrnvora Include: twa chlld- We wlsb to eltllreis our deep , Tbe annual dividend Wall eUIslon on the "The Bran-
reno a daughter, Mrl. MOdren E. apprecla.tlon to the friends, ... 1- CARD OF THANK8 announced bl' the ' Lebanon Nat- non Plan," .'
ThomlllOll of D&Jton; eon, Paul aUveB, and neS.hbore for their We want . ot 'the W&),ne lonal Flj,r1D It.oan ASBoclatioll af- FoUowlng adjournment tc, meet
of WaynesvUle; two pandohUd- 'kindneBs and Iympathy to ue dur- Townlhtp I'1re Department and ter the meetlDg Jan. 9. with Mr. and lin. Harold Whit-
Ten aDd two In, tbe death .lId llIneea or , my daelr \'olunteeJ'll for their QUiCK The ' sil payable fa d:er In February. a c)alDt)' and
one brothel', Baney or .naJ1oD. dear Motb,e" 'anti In the daYB fol- .... lJOllH &114 daelr l'9C)ord I'WI stockholderll of record Nov, 80. deliclouB desllert course waS lIer-
ISerYIcel were held al lOwing OUT 10", The nowera anc1 from Wa7D_VOle. to Lytle , tbe 1'" located the countlea or ftd.
3 P;M. at the McClure hDeral cards w*e beautl!ul and \'rJrf n!pt of IBD. 10. 1860. BroWli. Ham1lton and
home 1If1th Bev. B. B. muell appreclatecl. . W ..... reall7 cratefUl for We -Watten,- wUl be read)"
1D cJw'p. . I protecUp. aIaoul4 we ever Ileed at the .ADDU&l
BarltJ wu tn KlUId lin. BarlT Bauerthwalte, It. . to be allJlouacecl
Iaubad .... f.-. JIIVJDUIT'l'mARLY, INO.
Mlea Ruth BurDett lias .ceept-
ad a padIon 1D the offlctt or
Dr. IIWa of Xftta.
Mr. and Mru. Rhodes BUnnell
entertalned to dinner and an eV-
ening o( bridge on Saturday, wIth
Mrs. Carr, Mrs : Charles Doster,
Mr . Haines, Mr . Wall ona L14rl .
Edglngto'n reoelving tbe IIrl2ea
from tbe games .
Tholle who were guests of the
day ",ere: M,re .. LUlian Carr ?f
Lebanon. 'Mr'. a.lld Mrs . BerliarJ.
Balnee of Wilmington, Mr . and
Mn . George Wall. Mr . 1UI!l Mrs ,
William Doster, Mr. and ,Mrl ,
ChatleB Doaler. Mr, aDd lIrs . B .
I. Hlll ot Harveysburg and Mr,
and lin. C. E, Edgington ,
Miss Judith Ann Conner of
Wajnesvllle Is one o.f ten atudentl
lrom Warren OountY enrolled to:-
the fall aeliion at Ohlo Univer-
Sity, a. of reglatratiOD r&-
corda l'O\'8818. .
Milia Conner. a fre.hmaD. ill
one of 6,86B Itudents at the uDl\,-
U.S. Formosa,n' Intervention Urged;,
Drive Is Launched 'to Trim Budget
Group to Press for Child , Welfare;
Appeal to Reason
II \Vas Imposs ible at the moment
to evoluote its eiIect. but the fact
that Scn, Tom Connally 0 .,1 Tex,)
Chair-man of the senate foreign re-
lat ions commit tee was urging a
reduction in fOI'eign-ald spending
was Certa in to carry some weight
In congress. .
. Salety Precautions
Urged in Cleaning
Dlanger of Fire, Vapor
hahalations Are Cited
(EDITOR'S NOTE' w ..... ,,In''lIB an ' pr 4, ln tbue colamns. Ih. y nrc Ihowe 01
.tara NaWIPape, V.lan. aewa 1' .... and not neoe rarUy at ahl. DfwIDAPer)
CONNAI:.L Y forecast a "sue-
able" In (wlds tor the third
ye[\r ot the European r ecovery pro-
gram. and explained that be meant
"allytllJng up to a bUllon fORMOSA:
Sholl We Intervene?'
As the agitation for U.S. Inter
Yeniion In Formosa groWl!, many
. Aml)rican& will have a sharp flash-
back of memory to the dayS whe.n
Anthony Eden and others were
w:ging' boycotts against Mussollnl
and the Japs as campaigns of coo-
Quest were .getting underway ...
Now, there are many: important
U.S. officials and eX-lenders
argue tllat the United States must
ete)? in to keep . Communist China
from s\VsUowihg up' Use
of armed force, if' necessary. is
ll'ecommended to stop that move
LATEST TO JOIN with those ad-
yocating lnterventlqn in Formosa
'W&I fferbert Hoover; former pres-
. ident of the United States. He I::on-
. tended that such a policy was nec- .
.. sery to lIafegUard this country'.
.. own 8ecurlty.
' Hoover lHguec:l the ihould
ase its naval power to not
the bIg Island Itrongh0ld' of
Formola but allo lessel" Islands
wblch Chlan, Kat-,hek's .forcoa
were seeking to defend 810lll the
IIOUth China coaat.
He declared BUch a ,tap
e wall agalhSt communism
In the and offer a "con
tlnued hope of. lome time turning
China, lnto We IIltbs of freedom
HOWEVER. ,the decision. wal!
further eompUcated , b)" a Brltt,1i
mnd that ' American ChIna poUey
would ,train Anglo-American ,rela .
. tiona. IOdiclitiona were that
.... JUlt about ready to r.eco8ni%e
the Chinese CommunIst regime.
the 'PractIcal realist. Brit-
aIn 'moves wherever her 0109D be.t
Interests dictate, or wl!ere .be
think. the,. dictate. Henee, for
tile U.S, to lash out at the
Beds jUllt when tile BritIsh wel'e
tbing to woo the' busi
Iless app!lrentb' . ,Joing to
at' weD with Grea' Britain. .
Atomic 'Advances'
David E. LlUentbal: atomic
elIergy commission chlef, lold
Dew. conference that Illere
have been "several 'seeret ad-
vlncaa" la the developmenl Clf
atomic ener&,),. Be 1.ld
are eomparable to the "breed-
er c1eslp" ,Ill 1949.
Congress voted more than 3.75 ' bil
lion tor tbeprogra,ril in M49.
The most rabid supporter of ,tile
a id-to-Europe program would have
to concede thai there has been nli
lltUe visionary t.reat.ment of tne
problem. with the top-drawer do-
gooders finding It ,hard to restrain
tbemse.ives when it came to giving
Ilway the American taxpayers'
money ..
There had 'bee.n p,lenty wllrnlng
and admonitions trom men In gov-
emmtlnt qualified to t alk about the
sltuaUon. but tor the most part
their authority wasn't , sufficient to
permit their interfering. Howeve.r,
with Senator ' Connally on the lide
of' a reduction in the pr!lgram, the
situation took on a new aspect.
servers who, felt tllat unless tjle
Unltlld States took .a determined
stand in Insistlnit that Europe bll-
gin now to do something' to fe-
habilitate ItSelf, the draln on
ican funds would not only continue
I'lndeflnlt:ely, but might even in
Money & 'Health ' The Texas senator mleht have
The n'eec1a of education in the bad some such idea in mind when
nation apparentl,y were to be well be tl\lked ERP fund reductions:
looked after in Washington, as far It was a little more dWicult,
as interest and stressing of ne'ces- bowever, to understand hi.
sUy were concerned. , tlon with l"!lgard to Spain. Connal-
Housewives In rural areas some-
tIm,es find it inconvenient to send
cjothes out.. to . be . dry cleaned and
thel:efore do the work tbemselves.
For thi s purpose. tlley may go to
a nearby automQblle service sta
tionl and buy gBsollne or to. a hard.
",ne store or general store and'
buy ' :cleanlng fluid."
Gasollne Is Intended to make
mol:ors operate ' and should neller
be employed as a solvent because
of Its great There
are some specially refined petrole-
um proi!ucts available with clean
ing and degreaslng ' properties
somewhat like those 01 gasoline- bill
. Stud eo VlporS wlU be
cnuTled away from ,"au, not
t41lwarda ;Jou; do the work oa'"
... ,
The American Parent.' Commit' ly urged that the United States ex
tee announced a . Dinlt-polnt IIro- change . I7(Ith
,ram in the c:hild . wel:tare field 'and to call c)ff its dip-
10r conalderatl9.D It the c\UTent lomatl!=, boycott ot
congresa .e8sI0n. He .
TIDS COMMrrTEE was organ. "sb;ateglc" spain In the Nortli At witb considerably leslI 'flre hazatcJ,
!zed three Year. ago to work 10r a .lantlc 'pact. ' any petroleum llioduer.
natipnal' program to benefit chil- ECONO!itIC' S.. can burn if it is broueht in contact
dren. wiUJ ... ource of Ignltlon.
LegislatIon the committee will Stability When a 'qlall amount . of lolvent.
"'re for wW b'" . .- 0- be u-_.a the worlu:an-, be done
r -,.. 'In th ' e fleJd of ' U.S. economies, ..... iOCU
Th tl I -'" I h alth Indoors safely enou"b. U 'e fluid
e na ona ...... 00 - e .erv there was pulling and ha.ullnl that
ices "ill for an annual 35 million would hold' 80me mealure of can burn, be careful to use it
dollars for school amusement ' were U. neit for It. WhE!1'e th,ere ue, no nearby ,04J'ces
he81th exall)inallons and treatment basic grimness. With PresideDt of IgnlUon and don't IIm!lke or
for all ilchool children. This mea II- Truman prevIously committed to Ughlt matchea whUe you are hand-
ure has been palsed by the sen ' a tax increase, and sOl1')e" of his lin,: the fluid.
ate_ cabiliet ' members advlsin, aeawt However, when a large Job is
Thursday, January 19, 1950
'Smart Blouses - One Yard Each
House Dress Has Side Closing
Great for Gifts.
AlNTY one-yard blouses I that
are so simple to sew. This
trio win do wO!'lc;1ers to
up a weary wlnter wardrobe. NIce
Idea for a special birthday gift!

Po'Uern No. 1930 II 0 ' lewrUe perrO'
raled pa llorn for sf'es 12. 14. 16J 18 a n d
20. Sizo 1.. I yard of 3 ... 10011 .or eacll

&nd 2S cenIA tadoy fo,your eopy of
the Sprln. and Summer FASHION. 48
pace. of, ea ay to sew iprioC s tyles:
-fotir\" neW_ free pallern prlnled Inside
the boOk.
I \ Fresb lind Crisp
RESH and crisp as a new bill
is this practical dress for your
household' duties. It buttODS down
ODe side, has a handy pocket ' and
gay ruffle trim,

P.ntte,n No. tVilI Is .. lew-rile pert ....
rated pnllorn In s izes 14. 18, 18.... 20; to,
42 nd , Sl.e lB. 4% yordl Of
IISU soai. "'.UI Sl.. Cb ...... 1. Ill.
E".lo. . 23 conb In oohu for eaeh
Pll ltern d lred. ,
Pattern No............ .. Slze ,.
Name , ................ .
Addres.l , ...... .............................. .... .. <II

.. The ,public - Ichool - It. the rio-tax-hike gI:oup found ,1m. to be done, such 811 cleaning ...
t)w. alldna five bUllon to match portant IUpport in 'the Pre.ldenk'il entin' drels or a pair 01 overalla ' Dead Aim' he had done any
atate fwlds for a Dation-wide lur councD of economic advillers. or removing arease hom' a Dum' An American visitor to Engiand "Oh, yes," he replied; "i did
Drive for Balance, vey of needs, and other sums ' for THIS GROUP, reportinl. to the ber of tools may . require hnd just returned to 'his native
tw .1..- --.. I t ed quite a bit of shooting. I was most
' According to bOWIe RepubUcan a c 110 0 1 President on the general economic 0 or Ull'ee qua ... o. ven us , . United States with a sliglit Brlti'3h
LeaderMartln of l'4assachu!lettll, whi.;:h have been. approved b,. the .Itultlon, steered clear of allY o.vel' .a period of ",erhall' haU an accent alld n\lmerous stories of 3uccessful, though, when I shot at
tile United States ' ,ovemment lenate. " de6nlte to; ltand, but did not hold hour. Do the work outdoors, ,Itand travels. He was relatin'g some . of Lord Baddletort's county s'eat."
ahould, be able to Dve within Its TBIl federal aid - for edllcatiClJl an olive branch to bUliness. And "10 that vapors wW be awa7 Ihis experiences to a group of "Didja bit it?" asked another
llicome Without raisinl tIIxas. Tbat bW. which would provide ' 800 mD it hinted that clianees in the hom 19U, not towards you, and friends when one of them asked if
of meant that ,die V.S. OIIabt UOII tor to the atate. preaent 'taX atructure should be allow the cleaned article. to cI17 -:f,;.. ' __ __ ____ ......,..,----, __ .. __ -:-_
tID be 'able to bala.,ee Ita bu4Cet. ' under 'a ' formula whleb "ve. a In 'order to meet It thOroulhlY ,.ou brinl.< them .
MAR. ,Jdlned forces With Sell. lar,er prqpol1Ion of to a 10r ,more indoora. When JOU are finished, if
Bobert 'J;'att; of ' OhiO, who fa Oo aeedler .tates. This 'bm pUled in lovernfuent ,acUonl Ute ' icur band. 'feel dry, wasb With
. reCont '.. ea,-ln. tie beHeves the Mnate but . wa. blocked In naUon'. ecotlomlci wen.belD,.. lukewarm water and rub cream
federal budget could , be ballneed house because of the controversy That worll ... ltabWty" Will the contaiDini lanollD into the Ikin.
III tlJeal 1951. TIle two ,iawmaken over uservices" to parocl1Jal t'ip-ofi. Jt 'meaDt. anyone eouId xea- '.
ere unlted in a drive to attempt to .chooll. .onably asSlime, that thecouncU, B ahm ' C tl M If!
forCe the government to' live with- The national chUd-research bOl, felt U.S: business must. have lome . t an at e ay 'fIe
In Its !neome. rWehl.:abrcahsksin' '1Cbi!5 assurance that It I. nOu
'.?..tnth' to I With'Many Domestic Kine
The project obvioualT had more .. be confronted continua y... an '
merit than chance for BUCeelli. for ments. ever-shifting government tax ' Pol- Clattle imported trom India ma,.
with congre.s predomlnanU,. Dem- The' bW on social secU71ty reo ley. Thill coupled with Commerce lOme dllY compete with established
ocratIc, there would be Uttre llrob ,..Islons, asking increase,d benefltll Secretary Sawyer' I luggf!!stlo,n ijlat cattle breeds in tbe markets
ability of a ... , great tax changes in for dependent children. . excise taxes be repealed, could be of jthe midwest, accorjling to man,.
the . matter of .. ed.uced op,e1'allD, The local public-health.unlts blll, reg.!rded as a definite s,wltch Iii experts. One Nebra'sk,a
. . '. which 'would il?,crease health' safe- hlgll-level. thinking on tax matt,er,s.' f. Irner. "a IiY,brld corn
I, All ' Indicationll that wblle guards tor children. . THE COUNCIL explained It this lIell'es Brahmans will be as popular
there might not , be an,. tax ,In. AN lNCREASl!: . '10 fUnds for the wily; ; , ': \.' ". ..j as breeds next tew
creases, thllre certainly would be Childre.o',s Bureau: . "While we Shoulj1 aim t{I the lOng yes,rs. ,. , .
Uttle of' to reductions. despite ad- In:creased sehool 'lunch run for reasonable s'tablUty In tax I Corn belt farmers scattered 'thin-
ministration claims that the gov- Uon
. . policy. great r changes .In the ly Nebraska to ' Obio are ex-
emment couldn't operate without CO'FFEE.. tax structure over the most recent peI'lmenting with Brahmans and
more 'fax revenue. Wher,e the bal- years and the double reversal of crosses of on regular
Ocingup' will come Is problemat- $11 More economic trends in 1049 may make jJeet hcrds, .
lcal as yet. . " ' It necessary to alter the tax struc- r D Br lmi b 'f ' I I b
TAFT and Martin outlined their ture ' . be(ore .a basis .of 0 ,a Bn ee ea ves we g
vi 8S ' congress in fulllTe years wlilo have .SO ito 100 pounds more by weanll)g
declared they ., bee'n laid." . ." aget and dJ'ess ' two, to, f04r ' I*r
1o:lgorouslr any administration r.e shoppers, ,will a :nis new course la)lllf hed. .the cetl',t higher thilD !lie
quest . for increases eithsr in cor: to I ol!uncil . on a cours\! i'ts , former po they mal,te
ration or hlgh-bracket income .hold 8 coffee biD 1950 chairmaD, EdYl'ln ':' G. Nourse. re- and pasture g.afns ol1d en-
:Xes. ' ., , .,.\ or cUlls . ,are drunk pudiated-:'tbat of malting ' recom- dUl:e hcat , and !nsects thaI!.
, Taft sold he would not object to this says the "family econom- menda'tlorlS directly ,to, congress, on . catUel These 8!1me . lf the
a deficit ,of about lwo bID19n dollars Ic. of Nortpweste'r)l fiatlon' matters of the ddmlnistra.tion's eco-; . qUc!s,Uons whlc}! It Is an-
In 1951 U he were sure the govern- , al Lite company. nomIc policy. . be found woud back Into the black The rettul rise the United studies , and experimeptll bemr
In fisca\ ,1952_ The deficit this year around 22 cents Marg'o,lis Quits " ,\
a_ i d to run about 5,5 bl1lloD a pound from mldsummer to JTilld-
... expec . December, parallels an almost ' ' .;
doUars. , equal climb approximately 21
cents a pound. 'In Latin-American
prices on green cottee, Bc.()ording
. No, Thanks to the bureaU. . .
Miffed becau.e the ' world bank AMOUNTING . to. ovel' 38 _ times .
wanted to mow too much about Its the cost of the cotlee rIse, or
operations. Great Brltain'lI . colon: \' api>roxlmately $425 .per !ear, is
al development' corporation with- the averag!! U.S. famJiy I sllare
drew its application to the Inter-I of the 2?-blllion-doUar increase
bank for 8 loan of five .ince 1939 lD our government'l an-
mOOon dollars. " I Dual non-military the
The 280-million-doUar govern- ." points out. .
meDt corporation, s&t up In 1948 ' A yearly snvine 01 $88, directly
to foster' colonial 8ald and would be the
it wanted the loan to bll1 "1ndispen- age family s share,. In the bll-
.. ble" American-bullt land-eJe..r. Hon dollars Is estimated
InI machinery. ' can be lIavep each year merely by
THE CORPOM'I'ION woUld have rnodernlzin.g streamlining gov-
been requlred to 'sUbl'nlt its ,de- , ernment operations; this laving
.. Ded bud,et to tbe bank for lome pay for the averue
ahead and would have hid bold', entire annual lupply 01, III
to' make lluanerI,- statements I pounds of lltore-bought. coffee,
ebowin' total .... ts. UabiUUes and I even if the price. went to ,1 a pound.
apendlture, of each at Its mut: I and .00 leave, 'for lurar and
Up1e operatlon.. . . ' . cream. the bureau calculates.
Sill, Habib R.VI.lln,
auurman . JArd TrefarllDe . told
l18WIft\en the corporatioil would
_ the ",acondbe.t" machlnery
coaatrueted In Britain and ltalJ, Since prlcticaJI,- a third of one'.
&. declared the ba ... a term. were enUre lifetime II spent aleeplne.
.. too anel'OUl." . this phenomenon properly .enlages
TIle corporation's ' now the attentIon of .clentista.
UDClerwl,. Included: A. \!Illness the cpnclUJlon. by
AIrleultural develoPments III Dar, I Prof. Alfred Adler. Pl1d1olollat.
DaO, Brltilh Hondur , the Lee I that the per.on litho lIleep. on 'his
ward lelanda, and AtrIca; forea"" I blclt, stretched out like a .oldler
.... mlDerai projects III British . It attention. wants to be u poaat
QaIIIu. uti factor, eonlU'llCt1on : " posllble. 'l'be Ileeper ,,110 curls
.. DCII'Ihen BbDdeIla. Ka,a _I up like a heilg." be ..,., probe
hmai... ablJ lellb coar ....
, . WWlam N. MarJoUs (\eft,
above) haa, 'reslcued I. a.
.I.tant to federal labor eonelUa
lion aervlce " c1lrectOr CYI'U
ChIDe (rlebt). &Jareolls plalll!ecI
to opea offices ill WlihIDrtoD
ad New 'York .. a labor reIa-
tloa. lItolll1lHaal.
A Plea to Wait
Bernard Baruch, elder state.mln
Nlth an over-wUlcleney of this
""orId's ,ODd., didn't tlilnk loclal
security ben,flts ' be plld
when the 'recipient become. 85
GUbert Blakeashlp. or
m., ... ae-
iilclul .. a Clab achlevemen&
.t the reeeat latern-..
...... Uv..-ook Show ill CbS- '
, rarmar Bike. Spud Yield
B" Usiag Clover Minure'
red Glover I creeD man-
enabled . Duluth, Mlnn"
to. bea, hi. countY'. potato .
II mucb ai ' 800 bulb.
veara at aae. Hlmlelf a vilorou. Maese, barve.'. ' betw ....
79, Baruch all. the retirement ale 400 busheill of IIOtatoa per
,hould be railed be,.ond"' .. I al compared to a counl1 avar-
Be W'lelted ravlsion at aoctll
at lao bushell. Be doe. It ..,
Mwrll1 lawa to permit _ persona ... 11... "" .. over 011. )'eat', Il'Owth 01.
over 811 to 10 011 worJdD, and ae- WeQ fourtb sa l1li
eumulauq Jar,. JMQIDeIIrt. ' IOta ....
0 ... pin. In 'aookeo .. mah, 1ld _' ....
"""Inll OOIV. "du ... y;ltOf ,Iud.... end
vCtr"lah. Four ounce' in '.n gallon. of p.
or ... you, ",ulpmo"' fhat ,Uol uPPO' Iv.....
preventa Itluy ring. ondv yalvo - prevent.
f".1 Iv.1Im f,"q up., .
U. S. OfEMlCAL & SljPPLY CO.. c., ...
... Zf PrtHiIM' for Bon:, C. N_
\ .
Mr. lInd. Mrs, W. P. Patterson, I uread and milk, ' but .now even eats
503 Dennis Street, ROU!ltOll, frankful'tcl:s and vieilnB sausages.
tnank HADAOOL every week when ' Mr. Patterson was suffering from
Mr. Patterson brings bome his' pay a Jilek of B Vitamins and the Miner-
check. als which HADACOL contains.
Mr. Patterson is a member of HADACOL' comes to you in liquid
, Houston Local 213, Internntionlll fornI, easily assimilated in the blood
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joln- stream so that It clln go to work '
ers, but for more than a yellr "'BS tight away. .
to ' work, desp'ite .frequent A.!nck ,of only a smail amount 0
wonderful . oners frQm contractors. 'I Vltamm,s lind certain MineraI.
. Then last' September, Mr_ Patter- 'Yill cause digestive
son "the 'blessed news" about :orour food will not 'ugl'ee YOII. ,.
and the ' wonde\ful 'relief will h.ave'al1 upset stomllth. _,
It hlld brought to couflbless < ) llU will suffer from heill;tburn, gss
sands. Since then he hilS ttlken more p"i ns and, .your food will sour. on
than 20 bot tles of HADACOL ...nd your stomneh and you will not be
hns worked steady_ ' nb!e t9 ent lhe things, you like for
01 being In mi sery afterwards,
Mal y people also suffer trom con-
I stipstion. And while these symptGms
I' m,a.y be the of othor causes
, they, _re surely. and certainly the
! symptoms aiid signs ' of lack of B
" Vitnmill!,' and M'inerl1ls Which RAD-
, ACOL Ct'lltains. And " if YOII 8uffer
(rpm sueh a . defieielicy disorder,
I there Is no known cure except the
administration of the vitamins and
mineral s, whl eh your 6ys,tllm lacks.
I It is easy to v'lderstand. therefore,
I \Vhy countless tl,ousands have been
henefited by amazinJr tonic,
. So it matters not how old you are '
or who you are . , , it mattera not
where you live or if vou have tried
aU. the medicines under the sun, give
this wqnderlul p'reparl tilln. HADA
a tria). Don't go , ''I
D, on t continua to lead a miserable
IUe. Many pcrsori\ who 'have 8uf-
fered and wa.lle'iJ for 10 to 10 "earl
or ellell longer. are allle no.,. to \lve
W. P. PA'M'ERSON bo\cauBe
'. lupplied the Vitamin.
Hera II Mr. Patterson'. ltatement: and Mineral. which their Iy.t.m.
... hid b!len un.ble to work for needed_ lie fair to Jouneel'. Tempca-
more tban )Oiar when I heard about fU1 relief Is not el)ourl'l for ,0lL
HADACOL' last Since GIve HADACOL a trial!
then I liave taken .bout 20 bottles. I Sold at all laadlne drag ltom.
am dolnc carpenter work .... r, da,. Trial II.. oaly f1.2I5" but eave
I.,.. boubled dll'8ltlft mane,: bur the lerre f.mily ftOn.
ancea, ,.. on the ""mach and bloat.: 01111 .Ize, only fII.SO. II your drut'
IDe. I haft recommendild BADACOL c\at does not handle HADACO
.. about 110 people ami mod or tillII8 order. direct from The IABlanc Cor-
III, ad9lct, .... feelln. pontion, WlietW, La., .nd wh8ft
I am lura lowe Plrt or the po.tman brinll ,our pac"ap
eft17 pa1 ebeele to BADACOL aIId Jut pa, the amount plul the c.o.d.
&ba bJiiIid ... lIef that It brbIp... ancI polta,e. If ,oa remit with the
lira. Pattaraoa. who U.taned -whDe Orclet' we will P87 the !!Olts ...
Mr. Patterson made hl. atatelllent ' Th.... If 'aU don't teel perteetlr
aDd helpa ..... nil' un. .,. IIIlq RADACOL ..
anal QI!.'I or .... __ ted that dlnctiil. jUlt return the erpptJ car.
alDee .. hu been takInIIlADAl.OLlton and ,our mon., Will be , ltefr.
that he fI .. tlaS her out of "M* tuJlJ mana., Notblnr eaulet Iw
... ........ at ... to eat ...., fabiir_Ady .
Thursday, January 19,1950
Equa l parts ot potato ohips and
corn. (lakes mAke a good topping
for casseroJe uishcs and a deli
cious coa ting for croquettes.
-.--. .
Before using your gas space
heater ogaln, check burner ports
for scaling. A wire brush will
clean them so that the flame will
not be obstructed.

Rest your .stirring SPOOD on ab-
sorbent paper towel on the work
surface of your gas range. This
saves cleaning up food stams.

When starcblng curtains, make
enough starch tor all . curtains in
one room so they- have identi-
cal criBpnl!ss. .
. '.
Canned ellor peaebes topped
with mint jelly and broiled four
inches from the flame until bubbly
good 'company for lamb chops.
Grandma'$ Sayin'gs
. . ..
LOTS 0' POLKS 1C0neider knowl
edge a but It aulkes me
that experience and practico are the
only keys tha\'U open the to lL
as DaI4 Co u.,. ClJicIAlllU. Obia-
WHA.T D'YA KNOWI ... Table
Grade" NuMald le'lmproved! Sweet
ta&Un',., amooib IPreadln' NuUaJd Is
better 'n evor. Not onty that, but
got a 'brand' new package, 'epeclally
flxed te J(eep that mild. sweet flavor
sealed In. Yesslrree-NuMald's J.m..
AIN'T IT ' STRANGE how 'both
money and time are useless, unless '
we know how to 'Use 'em?
..... 'ttel ... 1'&1110. 11101, TIraIDla"
SEE FER TOUBSELlI' how much.
better bread 'n spread Is with
better tasUn' NuMaJd. Yes Ma'am!
Nc'w NuMlLld's mllder, sweeter
. easler' Bpr\!&dln' ever! '
. ., wtn be peJd 'upon publica.
Uon to tbe l1rst contributor of eaCh
accepted 8QYing or idea. Address
"Grand.m.a': 109 ElI5t Pead Street,
Cincinnati 2, Ohlb.
a fiNER dye
wI"'.ut _561.,-
wif6ol{t laili .
D)'a Qu!ckly, eulty. evenly, ewertJy.
Contain. rem tatM c1l!11n1ni'lnd peIIetrat-
In, InRmlienb. GUARANTEED to dye aD
fabric..' Dyel them tile I ' .,.rkl\nl
colo, .... 1 .... ,. ,1_ full-deplh color lJ'ft 10
sample. No otbt;r like Ilt If )'Our deale. dOlI
not haw tbiJ PRF.TESTED !be, "rile
on CD.'.
SUNSET .. v .... ,
In the photo at right,
a uniformed policeman .is
giving a $Gfety talk to
an eager group of chil
dren. The childten ,are
using "play street" in
York City, sort '
activity is becoming
more aild more familiar
as officials try to make,
for good traffic a Ii d
so f e t y ,procedures by
training -youngsters in
principles before .
they become vehicle op-
erators , t h 'e m s e I v e s.
below' is a young
boy who was riding his
bike to school, He made
'a turn too fast and too
wid_e' and was killed in-
stantly when struck by a
'trlJck, Through educo
ti6n as widely, di$tributed
as Northwestern
traffic insti-
tute .s e e k s to prevent
. fOgedies such as this,
is anotller
-/v\ASTER/AlX Recipe
This grimly graphic picture '(above) of a little boy lying
crumpled on the street before the wheel of a truck \lIaS given
top award in the 1949 police photography contest conducted
by the Traffic Review, magQxine of the Traffic .Institute of
Northwestern. university. The picture was token by W. P.
Hinkens of Angeles police, department.
Job Wanted
By Rlcbard om Wilkinson
started over the pa ss. The rUling
staUon attendant at J li\ ckson ha?
warned him against It. but Guy
bad only smiled
,..---...... --, crookedly. It was
early 'May and
s now storms of
any consequenoe
'--____ -J didn't happen In
Mill', not even In the high
Besides, the way he felt, lt
wouldn't mail;e much difference, If
anything did happen to him. Not
even 11 he perished in the drifts or
froze to death. Death would
all his problem,s. It. would be a re-
Uef from worry and hopelessness
Bnd bleak despair. .'
Foolish though for a yourig man
26 years old, But young men can
sometimes become pretty wild ond
desptlrate lri their th\lugh\S. Guy
remembered Mr. Moore's cynical
smile. "Sorry, son, we haven!t a
place for you. Fuil up." '
"But not rood repol1ers,
I've had eXllerlenoe, Mr.
Moore. I'm a gOOd writer. ' 1
alwaYII sorape up a new angle
to a story tbat ' makes' lnterest-
Ing' rea.dlng. Besldes-" 'J'bere
was desperation In Guy's tonc,
becanse 1\lr. 1\loore bad belun
shaming' papera ou bill dellk.
"Whell 1 wrote Inquiring about
a job yon said. you'd be rlad t4I
talk to me." .
"PI fUl f il. uaJ*"PON no",
, Claw... GIri a..t1oo row<!..
1_001. ' , '
cop "",...,u ..
Sift flour, boIkJoll powder end .. II togdhe'l' ..
CUi in shorl. nU>I- Store in covem ""...
laID... In mrilloralO1'. NQ.NI try
These Mujllm Ire Idea] tD
for ' breakfast, IUDCheon or BlIpper.
Here II the recipe: '
* ""pi .,NI .... J ffIf. ",til *''''
" pll"" <1&1.., I .. bI.spoM III,..,
.., Ito .-11 'b no" .. 1111 '
Measunt Inlo mbdns
bowl. SUI' In the dates and riut& Mix
egg. sugar and mlIk togelher. Add, aU
II once, 10 the dry mixture. SIIr genlly
DIlly "untll the ftour moistened-the
baUer will look lumpy. Fill greased
pans full. Bake at 425' ...
(bot ,oven) 15 to 18 minutEs, Makea
1 dozen l!-Inch muffin . U plain muffins
are deslJed. use the Date Nul
rec)pe but omIl the dale. and .
A loro/ CIlIbberGI" MtJlUr/lrf/.
In 1M relrigerator belpa quickly .,
balee wallles. ginger- '
breads. CIlilckTolls,
coolties, and other
lnteres1lnll and ex"
ciling home-baked

had driven all the way . up
from Denver-l.OOO miles-because
Mr. Moore bad said he'd talk to
him. It taken nearly his last
dollar to buy enough gas to. maJs.e
the trip. Now he had nothing left
the 5year-old car. Just about ;:==::===::;===::::;;;;:;,
enough to get him back home, from A leo h '0 ,-I C S
which he'd started out six months
ago, bound and determined to land
a man's hlllRds holding two
parts .of the rim of a head
light 'together. One piece
was fcund at the scene of
,a accident, . the
other in a 9!lrage five days
later. The driver's car was
being repaired there, He
was arrested and pleaded
guilty, Talken by Charles Ep.
person of Indiana
police entitled "Hit anel
&itf.rnlce;" the photo..
Clwarded fint
General Polie-
clcnllilitcotM)II of the an-
job on a newspaper.
Toward' noon Guy understood
why the filling station man bad
warned hlm. The anow formed aD
impenetrable walL The wind was
rising and it waa colder. Now be
wall stuck. .
are B1VB; PEOPLB III .'Jut ae.a
.1 prop.r '.eGlIIIIent. II 10 1\ .ay.
1I.I,IWII .. tlaR foU .... a IIF
8 . "eeks or ... ,,1 JII!oe."'''1 toal.,.
pr .... lbe4 bF r Lla...... I'bFal.
elana. No .11.". In Moklo' .r ,d-
&e I.D ltaUla.
.01' Mo ,O . .,. ad .. II,
OIlI_Tel.pllo.o REtl, .. ad I passed. Twice Guy tl!ought
he heard someone call. The t,hIrd ':=::::===========
time he roused up. Through the -
slanting curtain of snow be saw a
figure floundering toward him. He
got out. !!1te man was nearly ex
bausted; hls face frost bitten.
Guy got him inside the car and
t\,\rned' on tne heater full, speeding
up the motor. Presently the man
at him wildeyed. "My wife!
She's sick. We're stuck-Up the
, . ,
roa. ,
Guy !bought .qulckly. There
'. was abe sback. Apparently' tbe
man bad It 'In the
atorm. ia mast be close by. '. At
any, rate, it wall tbelr onl,

FTERWARD, Guy wondered how
he'd found the .shack. or wt)at
It was that kept him going. when
the desire to lie do:wn and sleep
He 'balf carried; half dragged
the' womsn ap ' ,t4I 'tbe .back, .
and her there near the .'
forget everything was 80
strong. 1t was aU like, a .
the way be'd stumbled against the
shack, found the door and fell
Inside. He remembered that the
wind and cold were shut out. Then
he remembered the sick woman.,
The piece he'd found was q road
camp. There 'was. a stove ahd :Wllod
and a few cans of fooi:! on tlie shOllf.'
got a 'fire going and placed
water on to boil. Thcn he lunged
out Into the storm ogaln. fought his
way down the road and found the
stranger's car. He half carried,
halt dragged the woman up to the
shack. and left her there near the
stove while he went for the man.
The storm lasted' two days. It
took another day for a rescue party
to !let tbrougb:. 'They took the three
of them dow.n to Jackson and tQ
hospital. GUY was put into a room
by himself lInd fed. l1hen he went
to sleep.
When he awoke t.1r. Moore was
standing by his bed. ('Feeling bet
ter, son? Good. Row about. story
on your experiences? That man yoU
saved was Senator Ostrand. "
'''n,e lady wasn't bls ""e -.t
a1J. See wbat I meaa' Yo ..
wan' a Job and we want a
at41I'J', because Oalrand la OD
iIIo oppositlOll ticket, Bero'.
,.ar cbance, be,."
QUJ' closed hi. ey... WeD, wh,
not? be thought. After aU. a maD
hal to live, haa 10 look out ror blm
elL Wh, nnt? Why not? The
thouJlbt kept poundln. I,stoat hlI
brain. Then he opened bla oy ...
''Sorrl'.'' he "Sorry, ilia,
lIP" the JdDd of Job rID after,,,
YES, In jud? daya. , In one ,hort weelc "
I croup of people who chanced from IhC!ir
.tel de",lfrlcel to CalOJ: Tooth Powder aver>
aced "'" 'Ill by Identilic lelt.
Wby !lOt chlDp to Caloit Bu,
CaIos today aD)'O\II' e
redia' caa etUt Ioollq
6nlAt" aomomwl
................. Bd ....... C'O"
The. Miami Gazette
. Established 1850
Pu!Jll s h(lrl r.vpry 'rhursday morn
Ing lit W:lyuPs I llIe. \Varren Co
IInty. Oh i o.
Edna IT. Conovet .. .. Publisher
Ted COllm'er .. ... . .... Editor
Enl l' ed liS se ond class m'atter j Hille: $1,;jO pcr yeal
at the Ilostotflce tit \Vayr,osvi lle, III Oillo ]( II lmky. and Incl lnnn.
Ohio. , .2.0() 1!:H' wbl' I'("
__ I.:. I 'our se, 111 tual nttitut.1c it 'llRUUl1y
Dry R'idge
A Farm Diary
By D. J. Frnier
i'I' Ov.u :1 t aud for a few days
Wo Ilu ll b(' lvw 0 IYCo.tiWl'; at nighl,
I tl UIO t hud OUe nicO U'ip l O
1 he lIIolinLu ius, 'l'h lJoy
\I' 1'0 Jm\'iDg a li' in\ Qr <'!LUIII fOI' a
few dll Ys uV ' I' Lh j ' c,,' \" ar w Oil '
Ojlll Ilud ndllY we dl'o\, till to
.... n .... get TJal'l'Y nutl s um lhol' b oy.l3.
. Junuury ]7, 11150-- "I;heL'Q 1 !lfnr(
ed to' \Hila tOI'lY-1l1n\l. HOlv lORn),
of' ou h llVO IJ eu doi ng thllt
Il ame Lrlol('/ Home asaln, aftr ."
)ovely \' !lcuUa n. The 11ool11e (l
Co)orllilo boast of 1 heil' fine
atc, "wh'er\} tho (mn shi Lles .01' e1'Y
Il ay throughout t he nnll
this year it dI d ut 1 ast It
' almollt vcry duy tlllit I was
there. IJ. snowod
wben \Va got the tllll elld or 11l1}
ll t orm whlcb 51 eJlt u r oss Ih 1(' t
of tb . w sl a nd onl' e baforo, It
so'owod ' a littl e but mOsl of t11
time was 1l1'Ight a nel l ear and
wurm, tornperuLUI' s froll! 40 to 60
almos t " ev ry e\ltY tholl gh, 01
lI nd brl II I:( I hem . 'l' he ]3" 7
Scout/:! lul.\'o II (loc (';'tmp 11. :tr
'V'\I'd, ' 01U1 atlo. fl III 00 .or 0
mil O>! JroJll DOll"" ", It belluti
tul 1'1<10 tbrough We mOllutalns
'wHh Lll e >!Il ow-cl ad po Its In ,'aw
alld Lhe S IlOW." 1I' 00 d s uu. O\' l'l'S
sill,' . \ stl'l'l III ]lOH l , eell <l ammed
au tha i they" 1111\' a b ClU tifll I
IItlie 1(11, 0 wil o!'p Lboy were
Illg. rcJ WIl II ' t. nOllgh SlluW
101' any s lll llg ti lDe
L\WI'l' urI:' ill Ul e lU01 tntulnil
wlJ I' e Il Is tbe GI'C\l t " tn ter s port.
Th y bav" s om !Wod bllll \I inll' .
mull e trow. I he 10 'al l'OCI4S .\ltd
pl ent)' or :;PtI 'e fOI' cumJ,ls II JlU
lllu 'IlS to c oole. 'J'b !Jea uty of Pl nl
dr y is t hat t he gTlHllll1
-:;::;:;;::;:;;:;::::;:::::;:;:::;:;:::::::::::::::::::::::;:;;:;:::::;:;::::= I dries off flO 'lui c k I y ")'td wa 1' )]1
woal bel' 110 S 1I0t nt()1\1I mUd as II.
LAND BANK s l p!'n In l
I Slock ' how, the big ev l!t v i' lit
'i"ter, opened I<rlday null w
went to tbo OD nlog rnueo. All l hl)
Long k r ms assure repayment ' WI) 'owltallils a nd tricl I' ldlt '
f rom ull over tllo country wore
there l o coni pete for the loif,
of(er d for brolll'o r ldl nr
calf ropl.llg, bull do"ing as
call throwing and roplog. sreo il.
'rho rider must jump (rolll'
horse onto the steer's ba k,
hlm by the horns and tllrul, hIm
to tbe Til calf "oplng Lit
al ility.
. 4 % will save yo umoney.
NFL A calf nud Lb e rid l' arc lel out 01
. . '1110 clluLo, tbe Iider must
Room:S, Old ' Bank
, , Phone 4.48
Building tile cal f, throw It. Lben jUlDP
tram his hoI'S and' Lie throll 0'
lbe calve's f ee t t Og ther. DI'llhll1l1
. ,
"Cold is On 'The Way!
Our Coal Supply Is
Limited Take Care
Of Y oUI' Needs
: day. "
Waynesville Exchange
Place Your Orders Now
A Strike In . The Mines
Makes 'Diliveries Uncer-
tain In TheC, Futllre.
Waynesville - Ohio
bull l' idlng IH lh" 11Ilwl' grout fl! . ;-' f(l, ' lIant" II 1I111ftd t hI' 1
Krout!. The l' id()r gets on the willi I ,,(' :'Il1'H. (,ll1n.'I1(' l1uglt1l
hump1)lld(.!11 Ilnlma l jUH tiS It Is I!t ' II 1" , III"y "ne"' OOIl. If'!.. U
lot oUl of thn 'llllll' lind Ie I . I\f:,. :t11\1 ill'!'lIe .10IH !; (' (1 (!l. ... urrl. WU1IJt ,', .
on fol' l II 01' In 10 1:<f.COIlII"" 'hrl\Letl Ih. It, 1(11 1110;>11 \I' dllon);' an .. 'P
h , i s In tho l asR. III1' er a:!!'}' lliLh "1I11J1 hO\l <;.' StP" I
orb s gl' eal cI'cuhlrl'l< bUCK 111.11 duy al l 1'1I110 n ancl 1' \'l' n lOg. "h<>v .. ___________ --' ___________
111'k \\,OI'S, any broncho naIl rece ived n 1111mh I' "r Ilflil I METHODI ST CHURCH
It I Il gool l 1' ldf'I' 11UlI va n " 'RY un gl tLI!1. DOSIJIl (' th e \\'c- It D. ' Col emall, Minister
II [l loLlel! l en 'ull llli. .:Ill . :tlh l' LIl NO w re lit' hllUi!I' l1ll nn., 'hurch Sohool, A.M., Mr.
n. 1': . OUI,glln. P or
nWeil S,rvice. 9: 45 a. 01.
imnl s nIl bad l he b s l oC thin,,'l Hllrt,yrtl'o gliestH. Harold IiinrnhnrL, Supt.
this OPOllln g day. wh ether It IVII '! Mr. and M r K. ' 1\omol' !\ , u n O', Wors hip Service, 10:311 A.M.
J.)OI' rlll l!El il . Wll s lue opening flay tllld " I' .11ll1 InJl J1 Ur I) III)IV I Yout h l"elows lll. IP. Sundny, 6:30
171' b C(WS It was Frldl\), lhe J tllh llvluig lit the homo of iiII'. IlUri P.!
Il 1l Ul'd to tell, ' but only f"ur UnrUel t
' 1111111 I N. Keys, fie 'wr
MOr!l lng Worship. 10::.10 A. M.
tor thc bull (JOil I' S got. tliolr Sll'lll ll 11[1'. ant) 'rhoUJ 'tk (lr
tloln and tbelr lime W!lS <tlmotl,. "'nYII li l' ill ('ul l 11 III lh h /))1I'
twlc tbe provious J' OI'US of til l? 0( . (\II'. Hnd JIll' :;. L'st"r
I<lLIll men. 'rll alves H emed t tl Sund.LY nftcl'lloj.m.
Ill1uw that i[ they ot a round boo Mr. and "In' 1)onll l
hind 1bo h orse instetlcl ot I' UII ancl s.m. 0111' 11 , :t lld II l'oll[ll e "r
nlng s tJ'ulg h t down tho arena lba I't'll'mls of IIt'IIH:fI'. Ind. Wl' r " II IJ
t hey ll u.d n b etter cha1Jctl .'no ti ny dinn I ' gu or "the rorm I "
somo of the c.halUl lons fal1t:' u l.> ' IJu r m1s, Mr. ILml Ml's. Will, II'
1'0(19 th'ell' cnl ves. Foulks.
One of lho most inler ostlng e , ' 1\1'1' . and Mrs. Rill' IT1 n 11\1 O,,))OI'1l
II1bl(8 w ore til cutUU!l' hOI'HIlS and Mrs. Jl 91\ Urntttm of Xn)l n,
that i s, t lle horses lbat WQl'e U' In Mrs. E me,rson Dill unll . UNB ( ' 111''''
,11 t o cu t any l\ ul nlll l t)lIt ot til ' . Dtwghtel's ti t Ml. Holly
buucb. oll ce tbe r idor ha d Sl h "Vl1 'ruesduy "Yolling AIIIIB or
t h e m wllleh . steor Jl \Vantol!. 'Ii and Mrs. J . D, Jones.
llYl'on UIlI'ver, Mllllst er .
Ulblo Scllool, .9:30 A.M.
Mol'1lhlJ.; \\' orslllp, )0:30 A.M.
Pmyol' Meeting. 7: 00 P.M:.
Young P ople' s AI e ting, 7:00
I';v 111111; Ser\'lces. 7 ::10 P .M.
M. H. Minlster
WII'I (IL Jl1 Shannon. lIf1nl fl l.or
UIlIIHY chool, 9; 30 A.M . Mt 8.
.luJll s Garri son. SUll t .
PI' u hlng. 1sl. BllIl 31'd. Sur,-
tf ll Ys of act. month, 10:30 A.M.
Ev nlng 7 :30 P.M.
Futh I' n. H. Krumholtz. Pnslor
Mll sses. Sand 10. A.M.
J3lblo ohool, 9: .30 A.M.
Moriltng Worship 10:aO A .M. CAESAR'S ' C)tEEK FRIENDS'
Young Peoples ' Aleellng, 6':45 . eo Partlnglon, MlnlBter
1>. M. . Worship ServIce, 10 A.M.
J,J vllnlng Servloe, 7: SO P .M. Sunday School, 11 A.M. .
Pl'llyer Meeting find Bible Study
. w ednesday, g P.M.
"Imost no sl gn<l l s t ram Ute "lt1qr, ', 1Ifl's. Wilbur , F'ollll(s tlnd flnll g h- MT. HOLLY METHODIST
the horse \l'ould he,ul toe an leI', .. 1:IIlH' l Grov, ". att ell d 'I'. !II. St urf . IInls!er
I III III nll(l kee p it front going 4:1 '1(' d a st Ol' I( 8howe1' for J l JO' i; SUl1dlt)' Scbool, 9: 30 .A.-M., 1iJ.
Day School , 9::10 A. M.
Meeting for Wo.rsIJIP, llJ:30 A.I\{.
. 0---
La Ule bf!'r!l . Tb r "11S a lso " , )lnl l'.s f \1 thr 0/ llfll' molll 1'. ! l\. l!:arnIHIl' L, Sl,Ipt.
Sell that piece or far m m'achln-
ery )Iou no I'onger nted with a Ga-
zette Classified ad.
f wbl1i . Il g.l!)" Mrs . S . H . TI'lI' cll, In PI',III .. ,./1, I orahl!) Service, 10 : aO A.M.
lI11eep tIog elLll uo. Tn Isoay eyening. levell ing S I' vl ec-, 7 :.30 P.M.
1--1 ro(ol'df\ nr t il '.ros '-
ern breed of cattle thoug h thep.,
w l'e 1I lao ' Sl1orthol'n!j antI Angu"
cuttle. Fat st ers aUlI co and
fi ne regiRter d bulls. We naw a
81 n ' up "neauty Parlor" I.\.l1d wb'IJlt
we looked In we BillY a. 11\r;;9 e. o ( II .It! From. La. t Week)
ment fl oored .barn wit h h ll l'Se3" nil ! 'tillers al the hrt h Ul' llQc\(h,?lcl

lSI) nl :o;u oduy with th }t' p;n;tl Jl t:l,I Nit. li nd f rs. 1\ 1111 I h lI t'MLCn
iLll,d j'l;e ,uwtord. I nnd lIaughter. 01'
l\1r. n nc1 Mrs. 1'.l'llest J1:lll'Jlllurl Day-l ll ll nil d on (Ul.J
1\ 1111 "'1.111 , ))uI' III. MI'. !Intl 11'11. G. II orge fJ t'ntl II ,. JllltrdIlY . .
Jl. J{ersal1g(!J' Sil ent I hd' weekend ,MI'. :totl Mrs. Raymolld 0 :; 10 01'11
w It It 1\11'. allll 111" 11. James Wild of Xenia cuJLed On' MI'. 1I11t! M IS.
.1'111111 0 1' JtH kll.OlI. O.
?II r. !lnd !III's. H nry Dorge:; 0 uci
chUd)' II of I1Cn\erll)II' n. M I' ll. Hoy
' hlll\' 01' X lil a. i\! 1'8. . Rob t't
nl' Huyton call II "n 1\11'
IInli M l. u i\f oJ l' g Jl n llllda.y Ill'
om SUlllltlY Iti t 01' 11 01011.
M IS. Emeraon Dill and . M r 9.
lIayn";,,q .csoIHn called qn .M I' .
!llld M 1'6. G argo Dl'lltlen Sunduy.
all)ng tbe slatlnohtons anel U lllllll' llome Sundey woro 'Mr. nnu I\'fr...
b r of fnncy white faced '.rboml\ s Robarts " f n"m' X (' nin,
b lng IVA'slled anll brus)J ,11' ?n;l 1.1 1'. and Ja k RtJbOl: .. ts . ,1'
made beaut1[ul for t.1l judglllg, ] luy ton, .)11'. II nd !'vIr!! . \'Y,ilhmn
The 4-}{ers were" Ul ere tn' ml.n.- Roe:kbohl or llOn1' WIl El hln'II) n
, , tl'lrnooll .
bers anll every,one was OUt tor a H., and Mr. tt,ud l'n!\. P.n l'l David
Fred all
/lnd Mrs. Hlly Gl bsol\ Snturday
good lime. sOn of Palrn ld.
Now It Is h ome alls in :\Dd gPI 1\1'1'. und lIll's. Ellvls 1\l1c/lI:11
ready ror income taxes rotHI ,. t - .wor e dlon I' gu sts SlIuday of Mr.
Ue dO\Vh for tbe rest QC fhe win. tLnd Mrs. Hi l)' Gibson. .
ter. Today Is th kind 0 r I" IIlh r MI'. lind :Mra; Lewis cra\\'l;ord
h v been hav ing Uler& nnd unu daughter, /)onna l. ee, 111111 .
II ell III I a c Crtlwford of n" ll
I hope t at we w 1
mor<e of It here.
MI'. IlIlU 'l\I ra. M rlYn Dantn an,!
of D Il )ton "hilled tbol1'
.molu r, NITS. Mil. Bnnla. SU\lIlI1Y.
Mr. and Mrs, Everett Enrly l ea
llnUny mot ntug COl' t. 10u\l .
F In. ,vhere 'll\ey w11l spenc1 B/ilvei
al 'weeks, '
Mrs. Seth :F'nrnns ' t. js SOllIe
w b at jlll!irov d after being yel'Y
HI for a COu111 e . 01'. weells.
Mr. Ilud Mrs. Guy
' spem Monday wlLh MI'. and Mrs.
Eurl Menden11 lill and Un:tl!;tlLOr
Tlpp City.
I\1I'S. Donald Bald nnd da\lgh
t .. alloy IlU(l Beverly,
Mrs, J . D. Jones attended an p)l II'
meeting; of the Rainbow Girls nl
Le.blLllon MbndlLY evening.
Mr. and I'lrs. Dearth Stl! 11;10
and Mr. and Mts.. Lea)l!!
We are at your . service
\vl th the Ullest or gas a.nd oUs
to k op your car J'Unlling 1n
Up t op shape this winter.

Dayton Phone, Hem.
, .
. by
, .
$5.()O up
Lower 'vall of any room can be lund, refinished
quickl y by my metho I - I cautiifuBly decorated for as litt1!!
as S. on.
Scenery In ,Plaatic or
Very Inestimable, But
Let Me Give You My Low' rl'llDltJlI..
. , ,
1-'(11' Ihe I.i .; 'al Yellr Wl1tll ng December Sl, 1949
J 'oJjulaLi on. 1940 n SU8 ail6
\\ . IYl lllf. ill o, t )h lo, J : l111llry '1. 1950
j Ii I ' ' by I ' Lllo lull uwl ng I'OPOl'l to be correot.
rilJ Fund ", ...... $ 6350-66 ', 60. 0 9215.79 5643 . 67
Auio Lic IH\Q Str t n e plUr Flllld , 264.:13 1371.00 ' t 9.00 1449.aa
'I'IlX Stl' at Repair Fund 1067.21 1753.65
"I\ nII.lIl'Y S we I' .. ... "... ... .. 736.74 1'193.77 588.89 1641.62
l 'vitl l !:! (; n nil VllIage Funds . ' . 41 .94 1461'6.67 '11 746.:m 11288.1'4 '
\Vllter \VoI'kR Fund ' .. . . . .. .. 5003.62 6186.23 9519.39 670.16
DOJltI Re lh' ment 1i'1Jncl 1792.12 1570.50 2164.'1'1
men' a 111d nmlty Fund lHO.23 .00 4.00 l il36.23
GI'and Total All Funds (Cle rk) 16354.91 217'15. 5 22 11.22 15269.5,
011 tscandlng \ an 'ants (Alld.) 2221.26
Treastll'el's C<tsb Bnl nnce . . ..... . 17'1 O. 0
Tola l 'lLs h ]Jalan e, Uec. :iI, 1949 ' 152611.54
PrOllerty 'l'u>xes-Gellol'll l Flilld .. . . . . .. , . ... ... , $ 3747,28
110m! Helfl'emont lind Si nl, lng FundI! ,.,. .. . . . .
:I'o til I Yl'ollor.ty TI1'Xes .. . " .... .. . ... . .. . .... . . ..
(;!gtll' tt& TtlX . .. .. " .. , ... .. .. .... . . .... . ,.
Stale Motor Vehicle ..... .. .... . ,..... .. .. ..
(;nsollno Tax ............ .. . .. . .......... , . ..... .
i l1b.Cl' ltan e 'l'ILx- \?enerul Fund , . , . . . .... .. .
TotAL Itiherltanc 'rIll( ..... . .. . . . ...... .. . .. .
'I 'W( . ... . .. ..... . .. . .. ..
Property 'l'ax .. , , . . . .. ..... .
and ollt f;l . , . . . . . , .
J ent>! and Interest-General VlllllSIl )i'uncl s .
1,.oclll' Lh;ense!j and Permits . . . " ... , . . . , . .
'T'ollll JJlcenses lIud, P i'mlts ., .. ... , .... .. , . . . . .. . .
'l'otul Ronts and l/lLel'est , . . ', . . "." . . ..... . ' . . ,' .
!>'! Ilnlt nl'y S weI' Ronta ls '
G neral Vtllllge an(1 .I'lIuds
Toml MiSt'el.lulleOl1S F es Sal()s nnd. ' 1,11 1'1;(18
l ' uIJlic ::lo rl'l ce ]!;n tel'pl'lR a-Walel' Hent al s. etc.
"'ire ' I:'I' ote<:tIOl1, Wlt)'lIe '{'WI'. ::lhlll'(l
S8 ,2!j .
51, U.2a
:l5fi .66
S5U. uS
To tal P.ubllc Ser Ie IiJ nl rprl es
Tot al Hel'enllO ..
5lil1. !l
211i5 .. Ii
GI:' nel'al. UovorllPlonl = 1 (C.9,un ell) .,. . . . .. 2.t[1.9a
Oen nll EXjlcl.,Uve . . . . .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. . . ' i229.'16
J!)lef,'ljOllll .. , . . .. .. . , ... ,.... In.25
ll lllldings (TowlI Hull. etc.) . . ,: ,... . ... ... .... .\134.44
'I' lui Uenernl <.lov "nment 1,0" '.
i r'olect!On t o' Pel'sull uml Property- Pollco
1"lre . , .. .. . ..... .. , . ..... .. , . . ... . .. . .. . .. . .
llullellng IllsIlllclion ' . . . . . . . . . . . .. '"
Total i:'rot()cti n to lind Property . ... . ., .. .
1I - ''1'olul , .... . . . . . . . . .. . ... . . , . . . . .
Vlllng '}' lInds .':... . , . , .. . . , .
'folll San\l<IUon ', ... . , . ,',. . ... " " ' "
Vil lnge Fnu'tlll " . . , " ... .. . , . .
'fotal .. . . : . ' ,' .. .. , .. . ...... . . . , . . , "
Pnblic Servi ce . EnLerpr l se8-\\ ulel' WOI'I(B ' . , . . . . . .
'Potu ) .Public ' 'erv!ce Entel'prhlOO . " .. .... . .. .. . . .
noral Village Funds .... . . , .. .... .
l"lremen's IndoDln lt y Fund- SerVICe Ghnrg
Totlll Mi a . .. .... .. . .. , .:., . . . , . .... . . . . . . .
blterost- l;lllllil jl-lld Slnltltlg . ... : .
Total Interes t ... . . . , . . . . , . ," . . . .. , . . .. .
'J'otal ,Exp. nU(1 OlltJuy ..... . . ... . . .. ...... . . . , .
Olltlny . . : ..... . . '. , .. ... . ..... . .. .' . .. . . '. .. ., '.' . . .
Uonds' and Loans' l:'ald-
1321 .8
3502. 1


l!Iolld ltetlremenl and Inking Funds' .. ... ..... 1100.00
Totu! Bond a IlPel LoIU1S Paid . . ...... . . .. ,. ... . .. .. . 1100.00
frojll T .. }o'llnus . ... . . 4..09
Total Expe'1dl tul'ell ... ........ .. .... .... . .. .. ,
31, 194'
AS'S'ETS by Gen.eral Taxation)
DEBT STATEMENTS Sewer (Village porUon)$i24ilO.Of)
B"lapce Dond Reliremeot Water Works (Revenue)
IIJld, Funds .. $ 2164.67.
Total Fund I
AssetB ....... ...... . 2364,67
Bal, Operating nnel
ConstJ Funds
Total Assets .. ,14123,81
GeMrl\! and .Utlllty
Bonded Debt .. . . ... '1 8300.0(l
AocollnlS Payable (Un-
pnJd Bllls.) , .. ,. , . 2221.211
Total F1.oaUng_ Debt. . _ 2S2Ud
Grand Total D8bt.
Dec, 81, 1948 ... ,20421.2IJ
. '
. Harveysburg Superintendent
ElJtertains County School Masters
Fres.lieol'n was bost' at tue Janu.
Ilry meeting or Ihe Wal'!' Il Co.
School Mas tel' s' OIub wltlcn met
nt the sCbool bu,\ )dlng IHl r e Thurs.
day everung. Tho dlnnel' was SOl'.
ved In the Home conollll 's
room a t 7 P .M.
Dr. Orllnn of Mlnml l:l burg " Wil S
the guest sllenkol'. Dr. OJ'btm is
aSSOci ated 'VIUI . Ul e ul omic de-
-...".. -....
'1'\: , If lIOI
. " I. ..
tl" " you c!lmpl.t., depenefable
lacol ... w You ,,, ... to bow 011
tl!ot I 01". 01'1 wh.,. you Ii"e.
. But 'OU II". ,.110 In 0
WORLD where bl .... . ".nb .r. in
tho ... a"in. - '''Gllb which can
'""" 10 ' much to you, to you,
lob,. your ho",.. .,ou, fu'-t.. For
co"ltnctl". anef ''"terp,._ .
tatlo... of lIotlonal ." .
tI , IIGWS. ...... '/a "0 nlt .. ltut.
. lillo, th. .....'i.. ., lltelnl ;
.... "' ...... e4-toc.IIy, "atlonolly,
.. olfeftolly._ wit.. .;.u" llocol
..... ' . " TIle an"'.. Sdonco
Monllor. '
LI5TEN Tllot4o, III.... 0"''
AIC ,ltalfeft. ," "The \a.mti_
.... N ....
...... ,' _ _poll
.... .. $ [U '.
tnNfUdorf:.ubKriptloa, J .....
-----------.: --
,.... CltrktIM Sctef.c.
OM, N_., 'St., ao..... IS.Mo&. u.s.A. '
"*--' '!''' t- /- ....... ct."
.............. .. " ..... CINIi .... ScM.c.
1WIItw'-Ul ....... "_,,, ,,.
, ,
11Ultment of . MODsl1nfo
0, Ilt 1\1lnmls burg.
beml.:a l
Inc\ude4 nlijo' oU Ihe program
were vocal by Mis,;
MYI' nn n. .MfrlloJo. 80p1'Un. Blul
Inslrumollt.ul lIumbers by II'U-
m Ilet trIo wi)ich 'f atu res OlJ1y
Settlemcyel'. DOI'b,lrn 1.' , uI'd
SllZa!lUe Eakins. a ll fifth grade
sttld IIts III ,U Han' ysburg
. school. .
Miss Mll'llcle, wbo IR ' a morubel'
of tll i s year ' s g1'lldunUng clnss,
s ang. "The Italian Slr eet SOJlg",
by Vlctol' Herbert and "')'be
Soog III You" f rom 'J erome KernQ
production, "J\fuslc In The AIr."
Tbe pinno npcompllnlmehlS Were
played by' 1\11S. F ..dll e C. Dogan
nlirveyslJill:g School ,music dlr.
Mrs. Oba Welch is confined t o
llet h ume, Il llfCering from a COld.
Rev.: and Mrs. J . P . Thornbnry
ritertalned Wle melnbor8 of tho
B'. y , F . at the parsonage SUTII] ay '
.ev/I!uing, ' '
Tho Communlty Club mel in the
hJgh ' s chool audltol'lII Dl on Well -
nesday Winton E t z, or
"Rose' ouri" pres nl ' d mot ion
Pi t"\lre slides . o[ Japan. which' II
to.ok' whil e stillion d there willi
the Armed forces.
Hostll for: tUe moeUng were
Wnll, Robe!'t Collett and Mr. Etz.
Mrs. Elsie Hockett of \Va:ynil5 .
vUle entertained memlJer s of t he
l;I,llarlty. Club to' 1l . ,Potluclt
lit ' her . howe Sunday afLernoon.
I.Ilrs: ' Charl es Doster was host -
ess 00 t he Welcome DlIjle Class
of Joqllh's Run' Church at' nel
bome, Frday' e, 'oning.
Woodr o\V C'o lIils rB'malna ser -
Iously ill at Miami VaUey Hosp -
tal, Dayton. . .
1111' . and !l1rs. W . 0. 13r own had
liS their gil alB Suturday:
Bro'vn's Sister a lld brotl1el'"in-'v,w,
Mr. and Mrs. lll r llID Georgo 01'
Sligo. ' .
The local chapter of lbe Om,
"...,__ . .;.. ., ngo met for in.stllUat.lon of offl
'c_. '...... cers on Monduy evening.
.. . ,Mr. an!1 Mrs. Dove Slbon and
.thelr .laughter. J?cQue1ine, of' 1\1(, .
. 1'
It Is a personal injustice
to permit oneself tp b.e

perplexed about IIl\y1u-
nero!' matter. We're al. .
. waya willing to furnish ,

. StUbbs
Funeral Home
TELIrnI,lONE 2291
1,-- ---------
Sail through life with the
assurance that your financial
, will protected by
a rogular dt poslt In your sav-
ings. account at:
::> '
I p,repare Y Qut Car I FQr
ALCOHOL - Zerone
, "
. P.opUp Toasters
$21.50, and '

Electric Corn Poppers
$2.1 0, and $3.95
, '
. ,
WayDesYille .Fumil!Jre & ftpp6ance Co.
Trow were guests SaTturdllY eY6-
nlng of MI'. li nd !'Ifls. Bcn Dec:k
1\ 11H. FlorenCe l-Ial'll1l1ll. of Woy
11ell \' III. Lil e thll't! r
at Ht'll(,ol h 1'('. \1 a' fru' n
b('j' cl aS8ml flev 1':11 day!! l ust
week heelUl Sf' of illness.
'o\' ral pcrson s. l'roD! 1'1<' 111-
Uy aUeml d tbe Jan,lary lli" I.l ng
of t.lJ "'llyn Towllahll) ;Fnl'mCI'H
Cluu at tbe bom of Mr. a ud Mis.
Roscoe Furnace in WnynesyIHe.
Dr. awu I Murblel PJ'esi(lerll pl
WlIlllington, coI l g' . the guost
HpellKe r. red t il 'trill h e anrl
lI'hIl'bl e I'(, cent ly mado 'n
1111'". A. S. \\'1l1'1 host
lo . tbe melube1's of the . Iv;c
at. hel' home Saturday
ev Din g. M Ii\ S I:u'k of
Oregonia. ass l!\ t ed t b bOSt.f\RS
wl \b Lhe n tiyltle8 dur -
ing the eveni ng ....
Mrs. Ivy Du.wson. wbo \VIIS
I' ulih d to Plq"ll Memorial Hos-
pital , Lwo \ve ks ago, i s
aUng I\.l tlie 'home of bel' sLJtcl' III
Piqua. '
MI'. ond Mrs. R. S. Tucker
had us thell' house guests dUl'ing
Ule woek. gl'ond(laughlel' s,
Peg{,'Y :l1ld Tel'yl SlIe Park of
Cincinna t i. 011 E! lIndllY lh\lY wore
joined by their plu'cnte, Mr. ,md
l\frs. James Pn.rl{ and r eturn \ld tQ
bomo that cvelilng.
lItr. nnd rs. Carl Jones ot
FfflDll lln wcr during tile
weekend of t bfl lr [)urents . MI'.
und Mrs. Claude ' J ones and Mi'.
and !llrs, Ben necllett.
litre. Li$n Curl . who h as IJl'eu
s taying at the. Orr h ODle
In J.ebanoll. ' for the llallt momb.
J'et ufned to her tn t he
1ago. Saturday. .
Mrs. WI. m. Frol!L was hos:tess
to the WSCS ' at her on
Main street Tlmrsda1 IlCternoo'l.
Assisting Mrs. Frost 1/1 hos pltal
liles w.ere, Mrs. Etbel Stump and
Mrs . Ehrel yn McCarren.
School News
Mrs. ] [elen Wall wl,ls al lbaUtut
t eat' he r Inst. \veek for IrR, Hall'
'lngs of the third grl\.de. Wllo
Tommy Pete:r ljon, 'f; r ado fom.
and tltl:; plster. .Barbnla, gr ade
'bave ' IDIJyed from thl A
school district t.o a (Ilrm neal'
:\' ol1o\'r Bpll ngs. All of t heIr (oi
mer classmates bere ' \VISb tbem
' s uccess In their new school.
rnid-term exams are over, and
no one received a gr ade ' b el ow F.
. The have ' lost a
ci J,n sllmate, Ros Livingston. ' who
ball moved erom am' s 'hool dl s-
trfct: .
The fi[th graders took much de
' light iD- attending the recent at-
t ernOOJl basketball 'game ' betweon '
our school and Oal'lI sle. '
Qladlolu!I Preca.uUoD
G1acUolus . growcrs ' should bUrn
.piles ot fqliage a nd clear shucks
to prevent the: thrips b;om overwln .
terlng In,the trash piles.
.. ,
, .
E. MlcHENut
Phone 2926 '
'\ .
good news if last
suit looks worn and
shabby I
Send it to us - w.e'll
ato,re tbat trim. BJDl't look.
mako .It look Uke newl
From The Typewriter Of Jim Jones
And Mason Tie First Place In League
T he Wlty nel; Ill e grab. , . I
lied a Lie for Ib 1"lI(:.'1Je 1"0(.\ Il l' I .\11'. H.lld:\ll' i<. 1 LllIYull. HARVEYSBURG INFANT
del ota ltlg tlte Mllsll n llolnels '33- Ml' ti . IlJly OIIJ"",n Fl'ji.l uy
all the lo:a l II.:UdIl'O(Jd ( IV. \ 1 i1 h alltl "I I'll. I \31 , ' .
nighL. cy . ,.lJlI'flt O( lc and rl1l1llly, and
'l'lIl s VI tory PilL I he leagup I n . iIIrH. \lIe 'rl'unrrlu 01 J1i' .j el"
to a tI las ut; illid Way . .t\J\\'II.
nesvtllo. Mason bn\'illJ; ile oll ilCHl. li .1:I ie ' l' awI) l'd of 1)0)1 _
n by tbe 10 l.t1 s !tllll lhe SIJ1\I'I,,,,,, lOll l ue W itt nd \\'11 I he t'
l.J y HnrveY,;bulg. IlUl'enls. Mi'. tim] CLul'elll' c
The galDe ' was LllJ'llI J ll'iwll
righl tlOWIl lhe final ,vltl sLl e MJ. tUtu 1\ll' s . Al'lhul' MOl' g ml
" "lI h til 8l'01'O t l ' d ::IL ill a l \\' 11 11 'HId f amily ('altf'll 01\ fr. Rl1 1\
six IlOCUllIh; l lJ i'll. I j J
'" I' :! . Clll'J Ht 'l 'gu. 111111 lIUlllly 0 1
Tlt Spnl-t l1l1S th n l OOI( l ltFl Heavel' I. IJ\\ U' :->alul'da y.
b::lll (l ut !lntl wil lt till' e sO('oll(la
I f
;\II'. IllId M, >j . , \ 1I'!'>.(1 MOI'g"lI:'
e t. Harold Slanley srubbeu Ill e
h 1I1lt! s Oil . [" !,.,,,t. l'etul'nell Il'OlUIi
ero )'ole by :lIltIng thu nCIS f un tl
"1I1'lIl'day III mIliA U(("I ' sl }oll (llng ,
he comer 1.(1 Iho SPill' tails
anotber vlrll'> l'Y. :l Cew dU)' f; with l\hs. il1u,)l1
The fUUl; weI' IV ho I ' (I \I i l e I ! I u t. hel' hUIll til
0 11 t il il' f ' il t A Hfl.
II lhe time wit h I be score l ,j] 0
favor of the 8PIIl'tQIlS at hall'. ' MI'. ami,' 'Irs . ' brmall Kel'>\ tll!;-
U'i kPY , L (I !lln.l'l ln, tw'; nnd a
'1I1\1r' IUOll l h III SOli or MI'. and
J\uz\rood Mnl'ti n ' of Harveys-
burg. 1\ a:; dead In bed last
ThllrRtlay mOI' ning. I
ini'lI nt is s urvived by hls
pal'tllits. IInll olle bl'Of. her. Douglas.
J.' \l lw lal s el'vlcc!l were held Silt
urday at 10 : 00 A. M. at the Stubbs
\'unenll Ilorne nnd bUrial WIIS w'a-
dc. Itl 1\l cmor Klll1lucJey.
1\'111re Pcr l'crson
U. S. ag,lcultui' e Is geared to pro-
vide euch' person in the countr;y
with at least 10 per cent more than
in the 1920's.
TIle scol'lng was fairly well til , 01 or Lu)loJi call d Oll 111 1'. anu LEGAL NOTICE
vldetl among tbe locals wllh Hnr- MI:Il, L I' IL EarnlJurl (jill! A ouuoctlon fee of ' $34.60 for
old ];;a1'nbarl It a\'ing 1.1 . JllIroh.l DHI I I. Ht,l ldny aft t'n(}OI1. new water s pvlce ' nnd apeclfied
Staul y R. SIJ can 'J. and II H. u eol'ge lJl'lltlell. MJ$s (;:.,,'01 f:nllnectl'Jl\ lripe ' of eI ther e oppel',
Jnek '1"lnn y ;und ))
1 :3 DuuglI i' l's. und 1111'S. ElUl 1'., 011 prass. ,or iron, was udop,ted- by
eucb. !JIll 1ll",1 OU 1\11' . l!Uti Mrs. ll N U lbe 13ou\'d or TI'ustees of Public ,
The kague l euciillg ' pnrtll ns J Oli s r Inst' 'l'llesdu)' .even. ArCnll's Ul t heir last regular meet-
will tr.:rvel to w at arrolton FI"i- lug. l og. CHAIlJ..jP:S .TAMElS. Clerk
day to luke << In lhe P i-ral es 011 JI'H. ( !) \J \. l't GJ' ello I" f D:lyl." I. \\' III Obi
1\1 r
' ayne!lv e, 0
til elr oourt, ra. loy l:i ha 'I' 0, I t1 . < it'. allti I J . 19 J950 .
.. nnullTy.
'I'h l'ellerv s di ll llht fm ,. .ui , rl; . Il 0 1 1" .l3orges ,lnd (lirn ily of ' '
)\' 'II >IS l' m'sILy, Il,sl ng tu til lIellverto\\ Il 'all II un Nr. alll l !' NoT-t eE OF APPOINT'MEN,T
MaSOll r eserI'll!!. Thl !; nl n Iwi'! t h" !ill'S. 1.11 .,101 Pian nullu)! al L J 'j Admini st rator
res l, rv\ s' )' ca rd to (I nh), 7 \vins 1I00ll. ' ]':fl l a t Q u [ .Maly El. Smith.
and 6 !oijses. 1111'. I1n, 1 1' . I c' nelh ll"" lt II D
Mm. EmarsCiD Dill II lied tin
MI'. and Mrs. Bern, JOl:l eB ot Lytle
MI'. lind 1\11-8'. Riclta'l'd Ha nes
11 1111 ullughterEI. Donn.a I,illll P!lru-
ln, of neil I' X IlIn spent 'l'hurs-
dllY l' elllDg ",'lth Ml's.
Lewis all d, {lIIn ily.
Adm! nlstr ator
uf l?ICilIl He rryUll.' .
. flti., 1JP.l'eby p il'en
lui1'1 It J . . w hom! ]'091
Off! e ,Acll1" ' S I .. i.pi.( Ilon. OlIlQ.'
llas be'en duly ilpno\utt>d us J\ li
n1lnlstl'II't QI' " ... ;'VA (If lho E alll.lll
1\1111 daU,gIlL' t, ' Ann. ui Noti c", Is h 1'I1! I)y g-il'(' n that Nine
D Il), LOII ' t\,lIeu .. I )\11' . tllltl .\In' . F.. St. John Post Offi<;e
Goorge lIrutlo.n .l:i ay. fa lI. ynesvJlle, Ohio has
Mr. lind i\r'rs.' Lc \ Il ' nl wl'ul'" been. c.hl ly Rpjlol ntl) d as ,' Ad mlnis -
,,,ere s UPl,el' guest!! Sl\turullY uf I of lhe , EJalil,te or Mary E.
ntld Mrs . larence Cl'Ilwlol'd . sWllll lale of.. ' WIlI' I'en County,
. Ohio. d c as d.
MI'. IlnU Mrs . Tbomns I!unyon tllls 7lh day of J
Sil ent evening witil. 1Ilr. anuary;
nnll 1\11'8. Harold Filer of n ell;'
:x: nin.
'Judgo of the .. l'r bate lJourt
1\1.1' , fWd ?II 1' 8, ,L l oyd TOlupson WtIlrren eounty, Ohlo
811 lIt til "eekend l'vt1:!I, C. Donald Attorney
Published Jan. 12, 19. 26 .
Successful farmera know that bigger '
, crop yields mean better crop quality
- bett er. profits at lowe r cost.
'that's why' they want Big M Brond
of lorn l3el'l' )h}lit l,a tt' of Way '
, Fertilh,e1'S; a 1>.on to farmers for
more than a at a century.
Frce-fl,owing BIG M
maximum yield because it is
manufactured up' to standards, never
down to price. Available now in any
quantity, in any of eight BIG ..M
grade . Bettcr buy BIG M.
\VfllTen 0\1111)' . h'IQ,
deueasd. ' ,
' ])uteU Illis ;Ilt.h day
J odge 0 r t\t e, P rbbllle COli jt
Warren OUIlIY,. Ollio
Stnnley ond ftan \!' y . Attorneys I
Publlsh('tl .rall. ]9. 26 . Feb. 2. 1950
{L . 'H .. t;
.#fPte"" .. .. .
. . , .

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Big 7:4 cu. ft., Mod.1 "'74
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'1" '7oaa,l
- ":"-'
p ,
Mll\Ml GAZETTE WAY Thursday, .fanuary 19, 1950
Fabric Choice Hinges on Pattern '
And Use for Which It Is Planned
By EJtta Haley
-So MANY NEW developments
hllve come about In the fabric
, field. It's a little dlHlcult to begin
aelectlng the right types to' use with
patterns. Then: too. many women
who sew, especially begInners. se
lect paltern and fabric without con
alderlng their relatIon to each other.
Materials may be 'perfection and
dream stuff. but unless you show
them off to their best advantage
with the proper style. both pattern
and fabric lose much value.
One of the best ways to learn how
to select fabrics Is. to handle them
before buying. as well as by werking
wltll them. It you feel inept at' this
type of thing. take along someone
who materials or consult the
. salesperso.n who Is' usually expert
at teUlng you about the goods.
Try to avoId buying material be-
fore selecting a pattern. There are
sevel:'ol reasons for this. First of all,
,our pattern gives you a guIde as to
how much' material you'U need. Too
much Is a waste; too may be
impossible to replenish once you get
started In . the actual ' cutting and
. Another rea,son for buying patiern
first Is that patterns give gllide
as to what tYpes. of fabric are ault
able for this . parUcular pattern. In
this way you can avoid' looking at
e lot of malerlals which Would cer
' wlnly be Inappropriate to the style
you have cbosen.
, pallerns need materials
pleats easily; others need
those which drape weU while stlli
qthera Deed a crisp material.
Select which are ap.
proprillte to tht l/se to which you're
puttlrig, them. Articles nee/Ung , fre
quent sho\lld carry the fast
color, preshrunk or sanforized lao
llels. "
\ Trea. M.aerlal. .',
DlrecJed '
U's ' noL as ,common' today as It
was ycatel'day, but lt stJll happensl
'That lovely dress over which some
one put hours of sewing Is ' ruined
with Ita first washing, cleaning or
pressing. Why? Simply, because
there 'was DO label to read or It was
neelected it came tQ cleaning
". th.e garrJ;lent. ' ,
Smart . wome';.l \vhat they
can expect from 'matetlal. before
they ,.use them. fabrics 'are'
not intended to survive hard .oap
and waler tubblngs. -Some :syn.
lIuch as, rayon and nylon
Will not take a hot iroD. You'll
- 'Ioon Qnd this out in the attempt,
8 .
B . S.,..artl
For the mature woman, lace
Clonlloues to be a. favorite for
aD evealnl' dress that III adap&-
able Co ever 80 mall)' occaslooll.
Deslpen often turn 10 ex-
treme slmpllclt)' la order &0
brine aat the fall beaal,. of the
lice, aDd add a day Jackel to
Ha"en " la&o an Informal dl ....
aer drea .. Deeded. One af the
aewe.r touches '10 aacb II Jack-
et II IU.... rated. a 1001' lleeve,
CI1Ik .. , bOlero that flte pur-
Jr- D .... &lined with bl ..
......... tan .... r lO1lIe .Uter
.... l1li& ....... ased for ' the
BlIp. TItHe ".ada
.. ,.,..... ..........
Mafer'nify Fashion .
Dre,sy for ItB and
, adjustable In lis proportions Is
this maternity dreM of, .. ta ....
qilolse ' tissue faille wUb ruby ,
aad COld baHons fasawnr the
bo4lce. The book and eye ad-
Justment wblob allows for'
wafltUae elQlanlloD Is' con-
cealed . by a smart wrapped
end but.toned oummerband.
Lut why melt and ruin the fabric
even In one spot when you could
have read th,e label and found out?
Some materials need steaming
rather than pressing, like velvet.
for example. . Some wlU'
wash but need 8 cool IrOD and no
sprinkling, SO'Pe take to a bleach
whUe others are ruined by them.
Labels will give all this informa-
tion. Save the- label , and put In a
place for safelteeplng for the life
of the fabric.
, IraQ' are- good guides to ' press
. Ing rpan'y fabrics lIeat indica.
tors give you' the ,right tempera-
tureS for different ma terials. Tf
you ue uncertain as to bow any
fabrlc wlU behave, test It 'before
sCVflnlt, and see whether you can
aftord to treat it accordingly.
Fabrics that "handle" well give
much satistacli'on In their wearing
as they wiu feel comfortaQle.
Touch and . hang fabrIc as you se
lect a'nd see If it feels nice in the
han!!s. Npte how it falls or drupes
D.nd you will have 8 , .prcur good
Idea of the final result ..
Observe Sarface of Fabrlo
While CuttlngPattem .
:;;tanding fiber ends' ore called
nap or pile. Velvet, velveteen and
cloth C'Fiu1'!l?les of pUc
fabrics. Wool broadcloth and doe
akin are examples .of flap fabrics
while satin a sheen fabric.
In using any 'of the nap, pile or
sheen fabrics, It's important to
cut alike' al . to tbe' direction at the
or they will , look Hlee 'dif.
ferent co'lOred materilils when put
together. ".
Cut aU pieces with piie. "ap
or slieen running, the same way,
which Is usually down, If you feel
lnadequate to doing thill, study the
placing and cutting di.rectlons or.
YQur which has a guide for
Many or the new fabrics ' have
certaln finishes which affect theh-
cleaning, Iilunderlng .. 'draping anl1
wearing qualities. After weaving.
these lire processed to inorease
their weight or body or to prevent
shrinkage or wrinkling. Some have
gloss added to tlie sUl'face, wllile
others are made of water-repel
tent or moth-proofed.
Inquire Into these d.lfferent as
pects when you buy, as they may
afte,ct your desire to purchase the
material. Fabrics -, which require
'special cleaning may. atter a few
soiiings, become too expensive as
to Upkeep, that you will cease uslng
It. It would have 'been ,better to
know this and to select some easy
materi al to wash.
Glaze"d fabrics may often with
stand washing. but. 0; course.
they will not keep their shine. If
this makes no difference to ' you.
then you can go ahead and Use It.
Study the ravel on the torp' end
of the fabric'. SOlJle materials \flU
be difficult to sew since they ravel
110 much, and then. too, the edges
will bave to be bound for finishing,
Lenrthwile and crosswise threads
.ometlmel let out of line al the
materials are printed and rolled.
These should be Itral,htened- be-
fore cultinl or sewing to ,ive Ii
true l1'aIn, CUp the selvage, catcb
one crollwise. . thread and pull It
lenUy out of the fabric. Cut care
fulI7 on dIIa Unft aDd )'W wID bave
011. ItI'aIJb' ead.
sCflIP'rURI!J: 6 : l -1l:4.
. ..{).
First to Fall
Lesson for ' JanJluy 22, 1950
st art anywhere. Sometimes It
storts .:vlth the woroen. That was
the way the eally church found It.
Thc experiment in fellowship which
they tried ron Into sOags. for not
even the first Chrlstions wele
perfect, The
ehurcbln Jer\Js-
alem was in a
sense inlerracial.
Some were borI:!
and bred in' Pales
tl ne, and tbere
were others Crom
the outside, "i th
Gree.k n' n me.,
speaking Greek as
their native tongue Dr. Foreman
- Helle!)ists tbey were called. Thcre
was argument; 'Were the . Hell enist',
Widows' getting their share of the
church's help? '

Committee Chairman
THE APOSTLES, being caUed on,
, refused to slrllighten the
themselves. Let the church ,.lect a
committee, they said. firs.: on th.eo
list was a man named Ste\;>ben. He
tUrned out to be most famous for
being the first Christian martyr,
but when be uncons(iollS be-
neath that shower of slones, ' there
died no ordinary m!ll).
To begin wltb, he fllled the
bill os cbalrman of t'1". Oom-
mlttee 00 Grievances.
many men. tben or now. could
fill all tliree qaallrlcatlooll tbe
Apostles required: nputation.
splrltullUty, and wisdom.
It takes a very tactful man to
settle a difficulty in wliici} women
are concerned; It takes tact to
handle any _ commlttee.i It taltes
tact to manage an Interradal sit-
ua,tion; I't calls for wisdom to handle
funds. .

OME MEN THINK themselves
bigger than their Jobs. ,
really ore bigger, lind Stephen
was one ' of these. He spilled over.
so tp speak; he had even more en-
erICY and abilIty than the job called
for. We Hear of him debating,
around tile synagogue 'sircillt .par
ticularly in the synagogues which
were use\3 . by Jews from other
'pal,'ts -of the world.
We have '1\0 details of tbose
debates, bnt we know bow they
. always clll'lie out: Stephen g.o'
the decision. We ean guess.
from bill great ,speech In tbe
hour of his deatb, whal bls gen-
eral line must have been.
Many In J erusale,:, "nt
tba t time bad little or no Idea that
Christllmlty. was actually a new re-
liglo\l; even thl1 "arne "Christian"
had ru'll been thqught of. They con
sidered It a 101'11) of the .r e\yish
' ...

SPEECH at his ' trial

(Acts. 7)' may sound dull to
some now. but it was not dull t.c.
the a.udlence. No Illan makes a
dull speech on the brink ot death.
Further, It was that speech thai
got ,him killed. listeners moy'
not ' have liked It. bl,\t they ccrta In
ly did not think it dull! 'l'he beauty
of' , the . speech is that it rev ell Is
Stephen! skeen 11)81ght Into the re-
ligious history ' of hIs pepple.
Speaking wlthoat botes, he
. reviews tbe hl8tory of close til
%,000 years In a to-minute
talk, and. yet brings out the
malo points. Only a ,eal schol-
ar oan do thai. a man wbo Is
botb historian and prop1ret.
The most Import.nt.. peah In
Israel's ' blslol'J were . God'lI
to , b em; and
. Stephen ahowl! lha,t. these revel-
dlons had never bcen tied to a
bouse or a book.
No Institutions and no Is
indls[,>ensoble to God. The same
Ood who had wrought new things
In the past had' now wrought a n<'w
thing In Christ. Ana the religion of
thing In Christ.
, . . .
Martyr . ,
cQnvinced. Seeing murder in
their eyes, Stephen knew time
was short: In II few stinging last
words he r eminded thertl'!ha f mur-
der was an old in that Tern
pie. They had killcd prophets. they
had .killed 'Jesus the "Jul!,t One."
And now-. Now they dr.agged
S ephen out and stoned him till he
Well, you can .top a voice
bUl you canaol st'op .n Idea.
Stephen ' was first .&0 fan, but
Dot the I.... To tbll YstY year
(lbrlst b.. hili martyr.. mea
an4 . women wbo wID 41e rather
than den, blm,
You can silen-e-e a man but yo
cannot 'sllence truth, WheD
lI1orlc:l goes 'against her. the ChUff
.hould remember that no" as thf'
"tile blood of the ma11)r1 la II
seed 01 the Church."
ieces Are Fun to ake
Kitcben Brlgbteners
HE8;E two gay pieces will be
funl to make and to decorate.
The .slIllt box is an authentic copy
of an old time one.
, .
P nl lr-m 251 Illves lIotu31alu cuttln,
Irllides UIIII .tonoll d l lt n. whl.ell ilrt!
done "'111l colored crayons Dnd then the
pleeos POllern I. 25c.
AdtJ reS8 order lu
D,rn\\'er 10
" Redford 11111 ' NIIW ' Waf ..
"Slnee ullng ORA my denture I, al-
way. clean I!l1d sparkling," says Mu
N. Serllek, Portland, Me.
In a survey, an overWhelming major-
ity of dentists praised thi. marveioul
new cleanser. No .harmful brullilng
that efta ruin dentures. Jost In
ORA solution for 15 minutes or avet-
night. Removes' tobllcco atnhia. ORA
II Ituarllntced not to hnnn denturu.
Oet ORA todDY, An druggis ts. '
A Prodact of McKesSon & Robblal,
Syrup, Mixed at
Home for Economy
No Cooki ng, No Wltrk. lIenl. nvlnll.
U(l r(,' Jj 3n old 1",1111' mi't lurc your mother
prnhahly u d, ontl I. >!i11 OM .. I tho no""t
etTllrli ve for ('oul;!ls duc to (!oltl s. Once tried,
you' ll s"'enr by It.
M ako n with 2 r" . pulnte,1
augnr nnd one CUll \l No nucded.
Or you can corn syrup or liquid honey,
(lr sl lgnr syrup.
. Now pul 2 _ ounce. '01 Plno. Into a
bOllle. nnd 011 up wi lh yOU, SYfUP, Thi.,
makes a lull plnl 01 medici ne. and
you aboul rou r times os much (or your
monty. It k p$ -perl""lly and tn.lctI nne.
And you'll y It'5 ror
quic k action. Vou .an 1 1 It take h .. ld
...lIl1y. It I"" ... ns phl"Cm, soolh"" irrlloted
mtmbrlnH. help. de.r Ih. oir \'I........,u.
Thll. II mike, breathinc ... y and leta you
cet resllul ole.p.
Pine. I. a .ptdal 01 pro.en
Ing,edlent.. In lorm. ...ell.
lor its quick Ilclion on throat and
bronchiol'irrii. tion . Money refunded II not
pl l&d In .".ry .... y. .
"The Nationa l Foundatlo.n for
Infantile Paralysis nas earned and
merited national ' gratitude and
commenda tion for its progress in
combatJng one of the mbst dread-
ed of diseases. Yet, in 1949 the
country was stricken with one of
the most deva stating polio epi.
demlc:s ' in history. Thi,s means
that t lhe National Foundation ror
InfanUle P a r alysis needs grell ter
SUPPOI:t thon ever before. I am
sure we aU will give this sup.
, .
port.. ..
-Tbe Bon. Louis Johnson \
Secretary of Defense '
Buy U.S. Savings Bonds!

"Two years alto I 88W YOur adabout
ALL-BRAN aDd took your advice.
Haven't takeo a pill or medicine
since I began enting '. '
ALL-lJRAN regu- .
Mr. Frank J.
BaumQuscll, 681 La-
thrpp' St., Columbus,
O. J ont 0/ 1II4nV
ALc"Bl.lAN user3.lC
you al1'8 troubled with
constJipation due 0 to
lack Clf diet-nry Qulk do liS thls man
does. Eat an oUllce of tasty KellolaC's
for breakCast dairy.
drink plenty of water I If not com-
; ple/elfl satisfied after 10 dRYS,' return
empty CIIrtbn to Battle
.Creek, Mich. Get DOUBL.I!.i YOUR
' S 'OMB farmer!!, pr&;fer Centertiresj II ,t's the Traction Center Tire you
, while demand Tracfion ' cen. there's qnJy one - the patented'
ter. Reglirdlcss, of the type you prefer, Firestone C.hampion. This tire has long '
Firestone' has it. 'No one else offeil you ,been recognized by thousands' of fanners
a choice, t>ecause ' Firestohe pIO- ! the country over as the top performer
vides ' both tread designs. for year-around work. A ten 00 your
If It', Open you want, ' own farm wiU show you. "
see the sensatioaal: DeW Pirestone Cham- So again we say, regardleSs of your
piOD OpeD Center, CUned Bar .Tractor prefen;nce .iD tractor tire tread desigo,
Tire. Try it-for for cleaning, see your Fuestone Dealer, yoUr Impl.,.
for smoothness 00 the, highway, for all ment Dealer, or Firestone Store. There's
around performance. 'Xou'1l6ad it's away DO Deed to Ihop arpuod any more,
aheiId of any OpeD c:eow We ever made. Pir.s'Q". bllS i. t,",or Ii,u.
u"", 10" V ... 0/ PimIoIN"." MrnttU, .... ' DHI' NBC
Thur day, January 19, 1950
t;;-r.....--vo rl outt n ger. . K.
C. reil. pedlgr . Reasoll oble
F e no7 I'o),l\ & liann el
:H. W. IU. :: . J-"' raukILn. Ohio.
Hew 8 1e.1 'A" cabl e , I'denl lor
und b a r rlcn tJ, o.. Ie n It.. QuunUl y.
0-6 With LeTournenu
d; good lllIed; 5t.500 . ' 10)111 U
Stark. Medor a, Ind. ' -hone !l llin . .
= ===:LlVESTO,CK
R.E 01STERF, P Ta mwort h Swt .. Sol e '
Show 10 Ii . M. Sole 1 P. M. Bred
alld Brad Cilts. Rodlo St . hon WPJo'S
Middleto wn . Oh io. b' cb. 9. 19110. For 'CDt ":
. Ohio T .,oworlh A.a.e .. 11111
.'OU SALE ..
On R. 43.3 mi. to Ca r ro ll t on. Ohio. lot
3'15 I. frOllt. New 4 "ooms 26><28 l<t ck ln a
modern lncll lUo8. Has furnace. E lec.
wut,cr n e ar, full busement 8ultabl y Jp.
oot ed fo r ti ny bu.h'.... Owner S4:050
posse lon. Nell r f a rm ne arl y 100
A. on , good r d. good house, Vllcnnt . t'Qn.
52500-1'0 co_h . Quick
.ale only . ,See owne l' 3 rnl. beyond CAr.
OhiO, n 00 45. Itar mond "E.
10. 01\ Ip r $:l00; S200 .Cpch; 1100
down. A sell port. ROYAl P oW-lin, Real
E ol ol<! . , 8o nduokr . Ohio.
B, brld Dluoberr, l'lAnl Plan your ocr e-
a.e now l or aprln" . Buy <\!rect from
,rower . T. I .... j.P nta tioDt Soutb Ha yeot
'Ianning for . the Future?
Buy Savings Bond$!
,DOt at.oD,.
"nab ""11el...
"boa _.s ...
tbe ... Soo'U.
..... loloD"'67
..., I .SeoU. ta
.... Id mlo."
at:"'!."'"' A6D , .
Vltamla. and ...,.,..a",u,n.. ..."' ...
.... BeiPI child .... I'IV" . ...... lop .
. .Quod &.eetb. etro bon ..
H ard off eoille """
10,,10 ,,,Da.1t "aD Vltaml ..
road. ...... , dono ........ lIlm.nd
.. iA",,,,,", I\. 1I\eO_1.t au ...... , ..
_ ....... -
. 0 ............. -
If', powwIuI rtoUrithnJenll
to raU ,mllac;l.ei
.The [)fonne Coluinta have always hila
&he best care. Ever since t hey wllr, '
babies,. t blly've ,uiled' to t
pTomptly ' relieve coughs lind local
eonj(!'stioD' O colds, Be sure lIour lod
dies enlOY Musteroill', rreat henpfi .. I
, .
Order 800te'.
'Quality.Chick$ Now'
Avoid a u ' Ipri nl ', ,usb I T ake ad.
vane_Ie Qt Boole-, oUhtDodloJi chide
C;ho o.e ,our delh,t ot' date.
No. I - heal t by' bro,ler
chir ' .. o nl; .. . ,w" ek li vlbUi{f
Special No. 2-fOO It)troy
ehkk . _u... anteed aU helvv breed"
o nl , SH .95. Qrduo on I peelaiJ ,,il
n'" 20% pal1el; - SPfi ClALS
No. I and No. ".00 POf 100 ';Kt ..
In Ie .. thi n 500 Ion. S .. ned PI'lIer'
.nd e ll i <,k. 2 10 \2 ""It. All
breedl , \1I(,nl" to, .. pl.r. price lill .
. -nl_ DTeHER'IE$, Inc.
, .
WNu_E:..-.,..--_ _ _
i U.SCIr.E.
H t'., P.d Actio.
Glve.;Qulck n.fl
Fret ber, ta.lier- nour
IIbin, tool T ry deli
ciousoven popped Rice
Kris piel . Americo'. ( . ..
.orit . ready. to-eot ric.
cereal. make. a load
,,"aldan - fuD to . atl

. I'SPltS

Howlo Relieve
Creomulsidorelim. prompllybecallie
il gOel rishl 10 the seal of the uouble
10 help loosen and apel germ laden
pbJegm and aid oamre 10 IOOthe and
heal raw. lender, inftamed brooclJitl
mucous membrantl. TeU your droggin
10 sell YOIl . ' bottle of CreomublOil
whll me uod'enlanding you mllil like
the way it qlllcldy allay. Ihe coup
or you are 10 have ,JOUr money back. .
far Co\l&h Chest Colds,Bronchitis
H,w COnstipated'
: People Can Be
Kind to'Themselves \
of people wbo wlrer 'froal
chroulccolllltipatioabawCOWldaD8JIWIo ... y W'Y to be Idad to tbelllll8l_
dOD't wbJp their .y,toma wltll
banb, .,aIDlui caf.haitb. Jaatead.
tum to Nature'. Remedy. For Nature.
tablet., .. compoaecl eDtinly

, moat people take them at m,llt biicau.
&heiraleepia DOt dlaturbld, yet rqularitF
Ie acodm"lialJed th. nat momiDr.
Try Hi at our espCIoae. .tablet. 26c.
Bu)' bqK at any dru .tore aDil
If you oompletely .ati8fled
the boKUd UDuaeiI tablet. to ua. we will
refuDd your money 'p'. poIItap.

..., n ............ of MONTHLY
Are 'JOU Uoubled by c1latreaa ,of fe-
male ' lunat lon" l pedoc\lo dlat urb-
..Dees? Does t ll,15 mnke you sulrer
from f eel .0 .. ..",.,... tlretl-&t
auob times? Then lltart tak ing L ydia
1:. Pinkham'. Vetletabls' Compound
.. bout ten day, bet oN to reUeve
.uch .,mptoliuJ. PlDkhani. bIut a
srand 8OO,tblnl elfect on one 01
_mlllI. moa ImjHlrtGllt orgllNt
Truly \be woman', Inebtl j
When Your
Back Hurts-

; Waynesville, Ohio
== SAT. SHOWS: 6 P.M. SUNDAY: 2:30 P.M.
I MONDAY nmu FRIDAY - 7 P.M. ==
= e;a
= Y FRIDAY 19 20 ==
;= Will. l owell Shelley Winters - James Gleason
$25.00 BANK NlT $25.00

= SA1\JRDAY ONLY 21 ;;
= ' Rod Cameron's First Vi sit In Years! See This Star In: - Ei
. SUNDAY. MONDAY 22.23 53
. The ONLY Bing Crosby In:
Wrn. l3endi;< - Rhoda Fleming. Cedel'ic Harwicke
EiPLUS: Football Revi ew ALSO; Warner News,
, s
== Robert Montgome2 and Ann Blyth In A Mirthful =
:: omedy _Hit: =
CHAPT. 8 - OREGON TRAIL (Johnny M. I3rownfe

ela;66ifieJ .AJtJ
RATES: One' clnt par word,
minimum ch.rge, 25 cent ..
Three I" .. rtlonl for the prici
of two. Forma clolO Wed"e ..
day noon,
, us for insurance, AII of
'Jnsurance at a " savings. Call
Francis Gene Brown, phone
Waynesville ' 2472 or call col-
lect, Wilmington 21 H .
FOR SALE- White enamel Maj-
.astlc Rance stove. George Hen
deraon, _ Phone Waynes. 2982.
, 112at
HAY FOR SAL:E- 60 tonll, Dlllled
clover, aUalfll. "arold Whltaluir,
Lytle, Oblo, Phone, Way. 2968.
LAUNDmING- Done m my
home. QUick Phone Way.
Benille 2986. 1-l2-8t
Top SoU, ' H&UlIq, Sanc!, On .. e}
With Back Boa.
<. J)ra&I-lID8 anc! Bullc!oler
Wa,n88T111e, Oblo
Ph'on,: WI,YII.-" 211,1 ora ...
SAL- House, 5 rooms , &:
bath. CeliaI', bot watqr .
lar,e carace, lot 100' 3: 1Z0',-M.
D: Baird, W",ynellvIUe.l-12-St
According to size, and condition.
All Stock rllmoved promptly.
H.orae '2.50 ' Cow., 'Z.50,
Hop - 26c per cwt. , ,
Phone Collect
0.1712 _
WiImin8tOD, O. 2362
FOR sALE- ' 35 Chevrolet 1
ton panel truck. Oood condition.
Make an offer. W. H.,
,pbone WayBesvllle 2.74.
FOR Llu'Je ' maw boll,
Also Heating stove (Prolress
Oak). Inquire 'Miami Guette.
W ANTEI}- Lady to do General
Houee Work and Laundry lD my
hom4!. Inquire at the Miami
Gazette OUtce. 1-5'Bt '
FOR SALE - TJ1e following
houeemoltl goods : desk" 2
wll\lnut band mBile ' tables. 81m-
mons day bed, walnut burtet.
!natrulW!lnt case, Z' dlniril room
chair.. Rice S.:Japp, 3rd street. In
WIa)'llelvllle. '
at DavIa Furnal PIt. 50 cent.
cubic yard. 'We also deliver. ARK
ITAGlil .t: SON. Phone 2091, ,U
WANTED- Ride. to' Wrlcht Field
A1ea B, 8:00 to 4:80 1Ib1ft: Plck
up Dear Third and MiamI. Walt.r
Behr.ns. IUt
gar.,e' space near Thlr4 aDd lIi-
ami street. In WayDesvUJe. Wal
ter ' loUt
SALE- 'Hioor De
Lux leelan, . A .N$>. 1 condition.
Jr. Whitaker, 3rd lit. :
'Fors - ' H head oC breed
eweB. 1 Jtegillterecl Lanlb, Alao
A1falta and Timothy bay. baD.ed:
Z bottom- 13 incb Oliver plow.
Jack Chapman, on Route 73, ' I 1-2
mUea E. or WaJne.ville I-II-at
venlent locatton, above 8m1H1rs
ReStaurant.. Call any time atter:' 5
111 evening. Mrs. 'Pbeania.. .Wayn-
, .
' LOST- Copper carj)enter'. 'QU-
are 1D Waynesville. D. E. Standi
ford, Main at., WaynesvtWe. Ball
, 191. 119-8t
Frank H. Duke. 84. died at hla
home In Spring Valley Monday
morning. He was u prominent
local aud bee keeper.
Duke was born and ralaed neal"
SUrvlvora two BOnB.
William or Dayton, and Stanley
of Hamilton; three daughtera,
Mary fluke of Da.yton, Mrs. Ellt-
abetb Funk o( ,Dllyton; Mcfa. Anna
Oraham oJ. Los Ange\.es, CaUf. ;\
12 grandcWldren; and six great
Services were held at the Mc-
Clure funeral home Wednesday
at 2 P.M. with Rev. A . B . Hor-
ner or SprIng Yalley In charge .
Burllli wae mnde 'II l\Uaml
Fruit Jars
In Fumigant Sprat
It the larden plot Is small, J , C.
Ford. Auburn Polytechnic Insti.
tute extension sel'Vice garden spe.
ciallst 8ays., the correct amount of
tumigant per row can, best be ap-
plied by uslnll a fruit jar.
A 10-or-20-penny nail hole should
be made near one margin of the
Jsr lid throug\:l which to pour ' the
liquid. A somewhat smaller air
hole ,Is necessary near tbe opposite
.Ide of the Ud.
In looking ' over tbe lovely
cards, flowera' and pre senti,; tbey
bring baCk' lovely memories. We
thank you all from the bottom of
ollr heart.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Smith
FOR SALE - Cbeap: 8eal dyed
Coney Fur Coat, Excellent condit-
Ion. Owner leaving for ' Florida.
Size 3638. Mrs. ' GeOrge Bratten-
Waynesville, Rou,te 1. l-19-3t
FOR SALE- Flablng lake, Hay-
rides, Bam dancell. Veletable and
E,I 2 bll barna, e:sucken
bouse, garage, corn Crib, 6 acr,ea,
beautiful 7 brick, boUle with
an convenlencell. Tenant houle
tile .. rent!! for ,85 per month. On
Ilt. 42. 2 mllel north ot Lebanon.
Phone Lebanon 602-R, '
Of All
Insulated ' Btlcb aDd .. beII-
tolt Sldlnc. Sheet metal work
. . of aU kinde. Local ' Ref ......
ces. AU work lUUuteecl.
f ,,,out. S Wa,naevllli, 0, '
Phone W.ynuvill. 1118
Dead Stock
Nett!e Hard!n Tinney wall
bOI'1I nenl' Cynthlan" . Ky..
23, 1871 . She d/lpartell Ibis "lIfe
:Tan. 9, 1950, at the hOnle of he j
SOn, f:lhermlln.
!:lhll WIlR unltecl In mnrrlll.gtl to
JosePlli 'rlnney Fob. 19, 1802. who
preceledecl hel' In death Feb J I
1940. To thl!! union
eight ct\lldreu .. six boys IIl1d tw.)
girls: Lura Werntz. Waynesvill e ;
LeoU'ard, Mur
rell, und . Sherman of ,vaynesvtlle:
t'1'cnttlce of Los Angelea, Cal. :
WebSIteI' or Middl etown; ancl WH'
bur Miami. Fla.
Mr,B. Tinney hilS been Ii meUI -
bel' (,f lhlll uommUnlty sinCe 1907.
and l ook !tTl ncUve part' In nlllny
' orgar,lz!ltlona. among wbldl weI' ,
tbe lMetbodlst ,Ohul'cll ,
lind I..adles I\ld. ,
Shll WIlS loved by aU ' who
knew' ber, and leaves her . seven'
chlldlren, twenty-two grllndcbtld
r.en, and fourteen great'gTand,
children; four brothers. ThoIIUl8
and Lawrence of
EliZa or . Covington, Ky . and Ed-
wllrd of Monroe. La., and a b08t
or frllenda and neighbors to mOllrll
' ,
Rem\lerence 18 a golden chain,
tries tei brellk, all 111
vain. '
To have, to hold and then to 'pari .
(s tb,e greatellt sorrow or oneil
Wo Wlllh to sincerely tballk 1111
our trlends an,d neighbors for their
kind conSideration during our ' re-
cent bereavement. .
:rbe 9hildren ot
lIfrs. Nettle Tinney
'Chetck Fire Equipment.
Far.ers Are Advised,
are urjted '" by county
IIgents to check fire -exttngui.hers
to bl! certal.n they are approved. .
These wa-rnlngs art' based on reo
partll from Fire Protection Insti.
- a national fire nrety' org\lnl
zatlo'n, that many "unapproved"
extinguishers have been 'made
avaflable during the past few yearl.
It was pointed out that an unde.
pendl able e.xtlilgulsher Is about al
, useful' aa a eounterfell doUa.r.
CbaeM! Slices
Cheele .Ucn more eallb' it !.hI
lmife II heateet alIlbtly before CQt..
tID, the mee.e. .
LIn Wire and Progreillve. .An
OE'santsation Becon'l1 to none.
lellera on the belt. all'
arolllnd 'In the OOUiltry.
Fpr, Ei'aljy Mal;k.t Rep .. tta:
WHIIO ' Dayton, E.S.T. Dial
1800'; WLW CinCinnati, 1240. Dial
700 ' , ".
As . your serv:ic:;etnan, will
us not only (, iendiybut. genuJnely iqterested in see-,
ing .your is given I the be,st possible. so
it'll. last! . , ' ' .
- . ,
Hasting.' ,Guage
" ,
, . .
Pr9tect your propertY investlll1ent I Fire and
.Xltrnded Coverage. written by the Farm
Bureau Mutual F'u. _urane:e Company cd
Columbus. 'Ohio bidudea u.suranae agaiaat
10&3 or ctamage by (Ir4p. windatorm. haiL expIo.
sion. riot. riot attencliDg a atrike. dvU commo
tion. aircraft. v.hid. GIld JIIDCItke. Be lure you
bave complete proteetioa. j
Glass Blocks Offer
Builder Advantages
Ule Features Practical
Feeder Bam Planning
Dry Crib Coin
Thl. practIcal leeder bam, .bown
not only otter. lIood 'venti-
lation, 'freedom ' from draft., and
ubL!l\dGnt day tight, but I. deslrned ) ..
to cut IT\alntenance costs.a well. y; .. __ -
Developed p.rlnclpally tor dslry ,
atack, it bal a laborsavin, floor A' [---:-
arraneement with a room and
1110 to the feeding aUeys. ,., '
Door. at either end provide venti

.. :,:
ore beginning to ,have a f'EW ques
f!J tlons In their minds_ Some of the
___ corn may be quite high in moisture
,ez . _. content and warmer , weather will
IIdd to the ems of handltng the
baro ,aullable ror ' bl, 01' , corn. ,.
medium alae farm operations, ' W. H. Sheldon. agricultural en-
latlon through the Utter aUey to re- glneer at Michigan state college.
move odora. Ample roof venti diB' I saYB that wet corn will keep lnder-
perae lummer heat, . aid ' the clrcu- Inltely while frozen'. The problem Is
latlon of air In winter .. do .louvres whai to do with the wet corn that Is
under the peak: of the lIables. Itlll In tht: ,:rib when warmer
Control over ventilation haa been weather returns, .
carefully planned , to eUmJnate ' One' 8011-ltlon is to feed tt out
draftl. SUdina doou- in. beto!'e the wellther warms up_ How
a ,tight closure and ' the gen. ever. In mahy cases large quantl-
erou. use of ,Ia8s block panela ties may be on hand and cll nnot be
drafts usually, encoun. . used rapidly, _
1ered with window,. E x per I"", e n t 8 In Michigan,
These panels are fitted with hinged 0 h I 0. ' Indiana: Ulnds and
'Bllhes which ' are eastIY awun, for' Iowa. have shown that heated air
ventJlatlon, The 81818 bl,ock. tranl- can be used t,o (;lry wet corn. Blow-
mJt an' abundance of dal'Uaht. Even Ing unheated oir through the crib
on cloudy daY8 the 'bam I. brl,bt' , with a hay drier fan wUl hot take
and cheerful. out very much water" but ' It will
A. a bam material. ila.. block keep the corn al cool al the air and
alter. ' many advantage.. Of honow ereatJy retard growth,
Clonltruetlon With a partial vacuum
Inllde, the block ' has a high In. SHORTS AND MIDDLINGS
.u1atlon fact9r which can lle1p main- When you buy Beell. too, It rot'
. taln heat 01 the bam II! winter. Thl, '
Insulation ' value . mlnUnlzea cold the label ,
' down drafts. Condensation and 01110 turkey lP'0w I'j; " ill meet
frosting Il're practically eilmlnated. at Ohio State UDlverslty. Jan. 81 .
An aUimportant 8ovanta,e 11\ SOWB tbat get Plenty' or exerolse
the.e daya 01 hl8h cost. il the per. 1I' 1Il hnve le,, !i troUDI8 .t farro \' .
manency of gins. block panelJ1. Sat Ing time. .
in mortar, the glul II impervioua
to weather BJld humidity. I. un
harmed by c1lemlcal d1.infectantl
often' required 10 'inalntaln dairy
lanitaUon. An OOcllllonal waahdOWD
"with a boae II all that Ie required
to keep the panel .park
ling clean. PainUn, la never re-
Quired. '
Maintenance la aieo reduced by
the liberal u.e of other lonlwearlng
material.. WalLl are 01 elnder or
concrete block, the floor of poured
concrete" and the rOof of either a
IOOd arad. of ' lalvanlzed .teel.heet
or aluminum.

, 73 cenb lb. . "
.' SIRLOIN 'sTEAk, 'S9c lb.
Barrel Picldes .
Geauine HE}NZ DiU
Dlabltle' Cann.d Fruita
PhGile 2&41
Dre8sed links),. w111 be dis-
played at tile Winter turkey meet
lug .at Coll1mbua on January 81.
I ..................... .
..... ' . ...- ."... ..
............... , ...... .
...... ....,.,.... ... ...,
....... .,.,. I'" fin
...... ..... {I
............. ai; ........ o
.. yef ...... nl
4., ...........
Karl 'D. Dakin
'Insurance 'Agency
Armitage & Son

.RES. 128L.
, .
ExCA"'4TlNG ... d DUMP :rRUel 'E,RV1C1
many additional" utety provlalon ...
Comfortable and
veJitllatlon, sanded walka and ap-
proacbel, winter conditioned CILI' S,
and proper c;:emettry eQ!JIPment..
W"YNIIV.llL ,0
Some Interest
Is Shown .1n
Natural Gas
Se:rving W aynesville Since 1850
, '
soule Interest bas been aho'W11
In the POBsiblll\les of aeo",rlnc ua-
gus for Waynesville, ' but
not i enough to wurrent any aetlo,I},

,. ,
l! you are luhirsaled In. secuT'
'Ing natural , gas for heatiDc or
cooking. please let us or :Ii', G
Brown know' about It. Now that
natural gas 16 being malle ' a vaa-
,Plalls For'-School
Ready' Nelt Month
P. T.A. Learns
Steel, ,Girders Arrive 'In Waynesville
For. SChool Building Addition
bie to cousumers In this vlc1D1ty,
it 1s opportune that WaynellvlUe
The Wayu .. vWe Parent Teach,-
iuvea Ita\e tbe watter. era '.ABloclatlon ' met fiondaY, eve-
\ e have" d 0. fe lY, C Ills the niDe at the Hllb Scbool auditor.
OUllolte ",mell tills .week' frow .061'- ,tUDl.
Pearl of Sllrln!\ Va-
were SunduY evewng g,uesl./l of IIpenl T'butsda'Y wi t h hel'
und J\lrs. Jesse Shank; of NeW:, 'BUI- ufld SI'EIUk- ln- ltl'Y, MI', and
. .
,Mr. and Mrs , A. H,
Harlan Elu'11hart pI'ulI lded for
se9slCH1s or tile i.\ltd Wlul er tusli .
Completion' Plaooed
In About A Month
rlingtoJl , .
SOtlf! w ll.o indlcut ,that lhe:t
'0 d , elcullie the lUol'\! (leonow- The president. Bernard Baughn. Rov' and Mrs. R . D, " "0110;1"'.""
lc.:al aud ledtollB lluturul glls. conducted the whJcll' attended the 'funeraL
A reader tram Lytle ia interell- devoted chiefly to' a business dls - Th
, Mrs, H. S . .
ted too; . be writes : CUBlllon, The organizlltlo"n's lIull- .
, Rev. Coleman,' held at
read your luUclu re- "et for the vear WI18 formUlated "
co , # Ohio lllat Saturday a[ternooll .
ga'rda "natural . gas. tor WayneB- and a work1Ili balance of ,750 '
v.llle?" We look Upon it with 'fav- wa.. approved. (It wUI be remem- Mr . Qnd Mrs. Oney of .&1'.,
or. 'Sholud Wayne-Ille procure canum hay purcbas' ed and are
.,. that the group iIlherited e .
IJlls lIervlce We hOPe they will not I' t h "'f '
" a' bo- ut $2.000 trom tbe' p.OW ,OCCUPR ng e proper .. y
overlook \.1:helr good nelgbboril or ., .
to the west." ' Club). mel'ly .occupied by Mrs ,
, ".As a. property owner here, we ' K. Betalllck was Ilppointed arid owned by Mrs . Elmer
al'e very mucll i.ustered In llllving to represent the PTA In the dlB- 'sheehanl. '
natura.l gas IlVallnble and would cUIIslons civic -groups of
be willing to U!lIIIRt iu obtulning the are bavlng with' Mr. hR, William
1t.'1 state hlgbway offlclalB CDI"'.''-''' .I were among the ,gUests on Sa{ur-
the high walllr problem on route day evening when Mr, ' and Mrs.
n-between Wa),nes'Vlllo and 00)' Xen.ueth Williams et\tertalned
Will. their home In Morrow ..
It was reported that the prchlt.
tlll,\D' 7011 on 21
college campuses, I members of the
Arnold Society ot All' , Oadets. are
m.ourning the deat!)' 01' tho. man
whose honor their sOlliety Is nam-
ect Is 110w working on plans ror
new _rade scbool building'.
He Is , Bcheduied to com- 1, ___ ._'
pieted plans ' next ,month. .
Following the ' business seBsIon,
corfee and cookIes were aerved
and , the fUm, ''By Jupiter" was
Paul 'I'. Jobns. Route 2. War-
son Mrs. Narpret A.
'Johns. Is the national Itudent VETS ENjOY BARBARQUE;
commander of the group. He II Q SEE tIE DETECTOR
aenlor in tlle Unl\rer81t.y Clf Cin- All outltalldlna event for Way-
clnDaU Collele of AppUed ' Arts. nesvU1e area veterall8 waa tbe
Maj. Victor J. SampaoD &ll4 Ca. open hO,\&8 prea'!ntecl . by Massie
pta1n A. 'l' . 'ReId of UDlver- l-to'wtlilbln mambera' of the Amerl-
slty of ' 1Iattona1 bead can lApan' Poet 616 at the Hal"
quarters of the SOciety, laid yel- veY8burc Bleh School.
terd\lY the SOCiety would walt The, eveniDC's propam Ieatur
untIl Ita first national convention. ed a taUt and' demon8tration by
March 4 in ClnclDnatl, t9 1'. E. Merica, Dalton prlyate' In-
declde UPOl). .a way to boJlOr ,the Merica the ulle
,memo1'1 of (leD. B. H. of ,&U lie deieetoJ-" an4 other crl-
'1'b.JOCl1t1 '! CQIDpaH4 01 haD- 4ItecUml aAmot&
01' ill Air 11eIerve Off a.. oW.ilrAlD

Rev . . Samuel ' N" Ke'iI, rectllr
tbe Waynesville's , St, Mal'7' .....
reb, will direct II on
town and ' country work 0' tbe ,CD-
urch at Mt. VerDon, lU. Februarr
7. 8. 9, and 10.
Mr . and Mrs. Jet ..
and Mil. Robert Furnas
the State ' Trustees and
Association In Columbull
the p,ast week':
Mr . and Mrs, David ' T", ... nll!
Mrs Belle Eaer of
recent guests 'of Mt. a.nd.
Paul PickiUg and. Mrs. Baet
malued as .thtlr .guest
a tew
son In Suring
celebrating ttte cirtbday
l}.1vereary of the host ..
M\:. and Mr . P ,: L , Reason bua
as Saturday guests, Mr . and 'M'r/.!..
Wmlam Watrous of Dayton.
Mrs . Earl of ' lIW Youlh Fellowsblp of
the Methodl sl hu rch (D:1Ylon dhl
l "1 gin.! I'S, wl;ifCt.L lUl l' S been
up 'OIlSI rtHltiOl1 ' 01:)" the
trlet) hel\! at Dayton Sutur new \iVuyuesv IIIEl Bigb Scbool '''0-
day. Harlan Is president ot Lbe catlunal agl'lcultul'lll building, ar-
Distl'lct ua well as tti e IlIcnl F 1- r'lyed Lhl ll weplt, S'UI1L K. L Re-
lows l1lllll , LlIlIICk unnounc d touay .
'I'be me dng was held In ths \Vltlt thc steel Qn hand. It is cu
. and Mrs, Elvel'ett Marlatt thnatti d tli ar', \,' Itll gaod weatbel'.
ter. lMta, Stell", Ary. nhd Epworth lethod.1st.' church. Day- , the bulllll!lg 1: 1111 be ompl eted In
and O. n Marlatt at- t!;lll . and Inohld,ed all -day seaslOlls about a monUI. .
U,)e R,Utll land , an eveJung banquet. W!J11 the bl1lltllng is Intepd,od
1n Olnclnnati on f J B ' b -,.
The Collowlllg youths from Way- or . . Cl'O be's ngrlcUltunu
mornil'1g La celebrate the claase/!, It '1"\11 be lI sed i'or 'the
' , r MOB nesvUle attended til e Institute :
,ann versll ry a ra , , pI' sent to h us th(l flr.t h nnd slx-
Mrs. wal! , beard Sandra Judy t h g)'ad s. Th gl'll ll CLaSIlCSB
\'adio nnd was glyen a M,wy CI1.-oll1l0 l:Il'UdJey. Donna wl11 occupy the ij tl'UotUI'O until tho
.bliutltiul \l1'chld corangEl',, Ann ' Lto 'l'hllley. Doruthy new llrnd school Is completell .
aud ll'(am II' OI' U Creech. ' The ug. building will
Veru. Sberwood, fli ll !Jarton. 0111 or ail e I! lassroom. a . cOln-
Fishbncb. Rutb 1I'1Ie1 Ii al' llIll t:lIl'l,I' III te shOJI. 1lrJ oil1eel a soils lab-
hart. Clnl.tol'Y, ,'est room, and sllowers.
'L'h'e llIst.allatioli ,0 Pamoua
oUicere l or 1950 will. be
held lit w.a.fncsville .Hlgb
School gym Saturday. Jail. 28 .
A covered dish dinner will be
sel'vlld at 7P,:M.
Tbe sixth of t he Slate
Grange w111 be beld in Warren Co
his ). ear and un effort Is ' being
made "to bave all many new 1'11'
mona members as possj ble read]
.or the March InltlU:tlon meeting.
The building Is mMe of cemen t
block ' with s teel BUuctUl'e. - It is
being built. by Frank E , Wilson,
contractor. of an(l WIlS ,le,
signed by 0 .' E . LIUldbcl'g Of 0111-
cinnati. .
Friends at Lytle have received
age 61, a.t hJs home in Kil'kwood!
Mo .. all Monday. Jan. 16,
He was tlJe 'soD. of tbe 1.a.te
Mr. Frank Jones and Mrs. JOlles
who were former residents of tbb
commun.ity. I1vlng 011 the 'Old
Burnett farm, east ' at Lytle ....
ISO ESS Robim Is survlve<) , by his .wife
WEPDING at ,Kirkwood and IL daughter. !1riJ.
<i'lumera Grange 13 met in reg- Betty, Gorrell, Washington, D,C.
u1ar on Salu.rclay evening, J. Jlrotber and Wife, Mr. ' and
E4wardti,GWDand, Mr.. Alfred Jones .,ot
Tbe ruUs,' attended '. e . ftUlll ;u ,
;: Was lIe14:.. '
and Mrs . ROBS fl. l-fnrtsoclr.
MrA_ I,.ena Miss J ell!l
Bartso II 81}1;1 . MI' and )f1'S . Cba-
rles 1\1 Ou 10 II attended t he Gol .
den Wedding of Ilnd Mra , H.
C. Harvey In Lebanon Sunday.
Gook. Maater.elect, o( ,the Pamona TIie .,ody wos sent to Washing-
Grange. gaY-e a jljne report on tlle. lon, D.C, 'lind. madE) In 41"-
State Grange. . l.Ington' cemetery. T,he
AboUt' hundred lind lilty wlto lIvell wit h her son, Cummins
: and friends. then ",it- at 1\ tlantu . G-a. ,was uuable
neased,we "Womanless Weddllll;" to attend llle hlIlerat.
TJie proeram; Sa being
by the Department of TOWD pd
Country Churcbes. ProvlDc, of tile
fildwest, of the Episcopal
It 'wDl '. include lecturel. dlilculs,
Ions and reports from matly lead.-
era. in Vie .community churcb tleta.
Mr . anil Don Workman
were the hOlt and hOlteSI to the
.....I!OW Aclv1aoh' on
lIol\4q Disb,. Followillll the UIJ\l'
a1 bl\llnelll ' I slon, Mr. G.
lIiller, dllculal<!n lilader conduct-
ed 'tile dilcuillon on the topSc.
"Farm Pro4uctl an Theil' P,rlce8'!
wblcb was ' vel')' IlI;Id
broVJ!ht forth mllD1 ramaro. )
Peopl'e, Spots In lh,
which was presented by a la1'ge
cast of men. Tbls was very bum-
' O!\{lUS and and was
enjoyed by everyone. Re-
freshments were served to every
the "Wedding ." .
'I'he , Grange will hold their next
regular meeting Felt. 4, Satur<,ay
eveDlng', ;with a ., slrort sesBion, af-
ler ' whlch cards will be enjoyed'
.and other entertainment' will be
provided tor those who do not
play, and ' for the children.
Miami Chapler )07, OES. will be
bostess Ohapter 'io tbe regular
annual meeting of District 21,'
OES. and the o.r ' Instruct-
ion on Feb. 11, at the Waynes-
.H;lglr .School a[lI\itOl'lum.
The auperlntendent aDd teacho
era of tbe chUdren'a department
are plaUn1Dg for ,regulal' meetlnP
for their chll4ren the first Sat-
urday attern90D of each month.
(rom 2 to " oclock.
:, meetings wlll be for .
' iglous ''and ,tor uter-
eating recrao.tion. nefrea1lmel1.u
wUJ be served at each meeUq;-
>The nlBt to be' held Satunla)"
February 4, at 2 o'clock.
. 'Tlie councu, adjourned to meet
with lb. aDd Mn. Alva .- LUdlng-
tOD, aft ... whleh 'a dellcioul aalad
oourae '19" lel'Ved during the de-
IlgbUu1 BOOla! liour. ,
'Mr .. and Mra. :Jobn Kersey Qud
SQIl b'ad' as Sa"-rday evening aup-
per gUeBtt. Mr. anll Mrs. Luther
Hlutaock and Ions, tbe latter re-
mainiDg aa overnight lUeata. Mr.
and lira. Keiley also bad aa S\ln-
WSCS "MEE1'S' AT day. P .. t Mr . and Mrs. WIII-
METHODIST CHURCH ard Keney and dauebters of Le-
Tlie Women's\ ot banon. ud Mr. and . Fran.k
Ion ServiCe met' at tbe church of Orasonia. .
last Thursday. ;Mrs.
program leader gave an' Interelt,
ing talk. ' 'Regular business was
tt,r8ll8acted. Refrellh.mentl', ",ert!
by., s.everal of the members.
The Methodlat Ohurch ' chOir
prepal'llIg tbe Easter cantata. ;VIc-
tory; DiVine, by -J. ClIdltopher'
Marks. < ,
. 'l1he cantata w III be given oD
Sunday evening; April 2. '
ReSwat; practicos are eaoh
rsday ,evening at 7: ,30.
,: and Mrs. Earl Reeder and
firs . ,Lora of ,South Charl-
eston were Sunda), diDner gue8's,
of M;r. and Mrs ; OrvUle Gray and
Hr. and btrt. Wlllia.m Sawyer.
M.i', "and Mrs. John Ludington
Dayton were SuDdaf.; gueltl of
parents, r. and' Mrs. Alva

Mr. and Mr.. Glenll Bordell
were' BUDday. peats Mr: and
loire. Newt Cahanll at West Llb-
I .
n. W. E. Stroud, Mrl. Grace
Vice, and Mn. Irene Vice were
The members of the St. Mary', Tueaday gUeats of Mrs .
Eptaco'pal Churcb held their anu Maude Crane In
ual parllb meeting OD Sunday ev-
ening In their new churcJa .4111- . 111' . an4 Mre , lollD Bunke '9ta-
UOD; wblch ta ,near A Ited relaUna III Sunday,
conrad dtab diDner ", .. , enjoyed .... D.O. 1U4It, Mra'. I. B.
and AlrtD !tanhaw of the Chapman, lin. Btanely R. Ball-
Rolf Trlmty Chl1rcJr of OSfor4 q. lin. B. G. MIDer ,and Mra .
'ria the aueat epeder. BIa lilt- ... B. Bartaoak were OIDclnaatl
ereaUDg topiC w .. OD cburch .... aD ......
work 10 IIlaIDI. OblO 8tate ad ,
Ohio UDlvenlU", tlaell' work IOu KarUyn Bunke returDed
to .... at1I41H. at DowllDc Graft
on the campa.
The buaIDnI .... lon wu i1IO
aD tmportaDt f .. ture or tbe eMIl-
mwenur .. 1hIJt.4Q, afW' tIIree I
".. cd It1UIat t ..... IDIIIl .Le ...
'rhe morning seaston will op'en
at '10 0 ' loc\(, wltb the preSident,
Mrs. Harl'lett ' or Martins-
ville, in cnarge. D1nner will be
served I be noon bOlil'. with
reservatl.911s ill charge of. Miami
Ohapter Wbl'tllY Matr9n. Mrs,
' Barbara Sawyer.
......TIle ,oi:ternoun 89/1819n and
, ;:; ' hool ' oj' Inall' \I \l tloh can
veil aL oIle o'do'k and will be .n
ohn of t be \ ol't hy ,rand M r.
I'un or , til C I'and Cbapter (If
Oblo. Mrs, Kathryn Wyl's. and
MI'!i . Elfzab til 11: . Ctlrey, -Deputy
of 21 . Ne,w Burllngton
ChapteJ' will a ssist . the. ' hostess
Chaple t'.
Mr: Arthur Kesillger aud Bon,
TOlIlmy of , Dayton culled on hIS
parents Sunday, MI'. nnd ,l\frs . {},
KesiDger .
Mr. Eyerett Smith of Spring Va-
lley called on Mr. and MrB. lIlly
Gibson Saturday a(ter'noon.

Mr. and 1011'S. Alfre!1 :Morgan
,family spent even
ing witb' M.r, and MrS. Earl JOllll'
Bon of Xenia .
Mr. aDd Mrs. LeroY Shaw or
near Yellow Springs ' spellt lut;
Thursday with Mr. and 'Mrs. Olal1
ence Crawford.
The ArtlJur Rockhold family has
moved fo Spring Valley. Mr. and
Mrs., a.rg<e Bratten h'llve
In the house vacated by the Rock-
Mrs . . Robelt Greene or Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berges and
family of Bealvertown called on
Mr . ' and Mrs. Lue Morgan Sun-
day afternoon. . ,
fir . Mrs. Edgar Poff of
CentervDle were dinnergUe8ts "f
. Jlnd Mrs. Hlly Gibson on SUn-
Mr. and Mra, ,Lewis Crawlord
ud daugbter. DOnna, Lee of. XenJa
and Misl Minnie) Orawford epent
Sunday with their parents, Mr,
and Clarencel Crawford.
Blr. and Mrs. AUred Morean
.aDd family apeDt lIonda),
1Dg With Ilr. aDII ....... Oharlea'
Ho1P8bolder &lid IOD Of SpriDI
Vaue,. .
Mr. and Mt'R . H , C. Hodson
<>n Thursday evening.
bonor lng the birthdaY' of Mr. Hod,-
son. Cords W01' e the diversion of
the even Ing and at ' a. late hour a
dell claus 'dinner was " served.
'Guests of Mr , Mr8. Hodson
were: Mr. and Mrs. JaDies Jones.
Mr , and M.s. C. 1" . Palmer. and
Mr. and lIfrs , Elwood ' Klhyorlb
and children,
(iF: TWO
British Election. Set February 23;
Seek Anti-Trust Law for' Miners;
Conflicl Seen on Proposed. Budget
(EDITOB'II NOTE: ",1I.n opInion. ar ... " ..... " In tbu e .olumn' i thu .rt th 01
w a"'11 Ne",pa,.", Unfea' w. anabat. OQt nell l! or b 0 thl. ne",,' Dtlprt
eODlr(l1 aIId lIouble two major Items on the a,enda of the current
cournsa ...... HAlea, theae. le,ullitors will play a m.jor p.rt bI
Iaw_aldaC actr"IUee. Tbe, .re, left to rlfM, Cb.lrm.n Brent
8peIlCO (D., KJ.I of the bow baDklJlr commlHee: Chairman
BUI'IIet Ma,baak (D., 8.0.) of the lenate banklDf aDd
8ea. 'ohn 8p.rkmaa (D., Ala.) member ot tbe aeDllte baaklnr
Committee. TIley are 1II0wn .fter oonferrlJl, 'wlth President Tf1Io
maa 08 relit contrGl rederal alII. '
Britain's Choice
In utue less than a month
. Brltabl's votLng populace will
make aD elective decision on th.e
foue of whether to continue with
10claUsm. state 'planning anel na
tlonaUzaUon of Industry under
the present government ' pl
to retum to :tree enterprise with
Winston Churchill' I Conservative
party. " .
In seuu" Febi!lary 23 as the
elite for tbe jeneral election. Ptlme
MJnJster Clement AtUee 'must bave
been aware ,that this wID
be far and .wa, the most bJtterl1
contested and momentO\l8 election
to' modem British hllltory. .
Brltaln's as rnlDlon voters will
eJect a Dew bouae of commons,
with the p&it7 le.tin,1he maJorib
01 ClandJ4.tea ,ettinl the rllht to
form the ,oyemment. . "
SpecUlatiOD w.. blIh .. ' .,
i ,tile
two 1Il0nt(i,a . by the
In both AustraU. and New Zealand
could be' takea a, a straw In. the
wfJJd. tDIofu '.. . the. outeome in
1:I:I,land Is Moat In
formed opinion had it that It would
be dange1"OUl to ,redIct a doWDfall
of AltIce', ,overluDent on the 01 the "down UIIder" e1ec
tiona. '., , '
Chief reason for Ws thiDkins
., wal that " the LabOr "parb' very
recentq had ,al;lle . 'to 8how
.Igna 01 subStantial gabU bI Brit
. ' am's IJpt to oveJ:come poverty.
. everyone from bUSbOY
, to bureaucrat probably has, at one
time or another, dlscusseil the
of whether the tactics
ulled by some of the larger unions
-particular y' John , L. Lewis'
United Mlno Workers-In securing
' benefits for their members dO not
constitute a rponopoiy in restraint
of trade.
ON CAPITOL ' HILL that issue
bad been presented more forceful
Iy . than ever before when 10 sen
ators-seven Democrats and .three
to the senate
judiciary committee a report stat
ing that a bill forJ:!Iclding labor to
monopolize control of
would end the "usurpation arid
abuse of power" I.llch as currently
is belne demonstrated l1y Lewis'
three-dny work Vlee/( 1n the soft
coal mines. . .
The 10 senators members
of the senate banking committee,
whIch hlld been Lnvestiga.Ung the
problem ol the mIners' short work
week bilt which had no power to
take legislative action in that eco.
"nonilc area. ,
THE REPORT pOinted out that,
"11 t.b:is usurpation and abuse of
power to control ' production and
price Is tolerated bJ 'the congren.
Ita use will SPl'ea!l from
union to wuon, Indqltry. W
lndu.strY, . and the coogres. ,wi\1
never a,aIn reeaLn Ita own narrow
b circum.crlbed power to control
&be econolll1 of the Il8til?D con-
'.ut,ently with the, Constitution of
the United states."
SOY let
It has been evident for a long
time that Russia wants to ellml
nllte China's Nationalist ,overn
ment. both from the ChLnese and
InternatJonal scenes, and Is sparLng
no effort to achieve that end.
IN ADDITION to the military
pressure exertea by the Chinese
CommunJsts, the Soviets had turned
on the heat tD the United Nationp
in a contLnulng attempt to get the
Nationallst delegation dlsereqited
Iri . the security council. .
Lateat development alon, those
llJIes , came when 'Russia's Jacob
wratbfUlly stomped out of a
secqrity . council meeUne beCause
the other dele,atel would not kick
out the NationaUlt representation.
And, laid M.lik, be would not
return to the councU . ali ' long
the Natlooallah ilat .t the table.
W!tb' them present .'IVOU14
lie a p/ll'Odi. he asserted. And the
cblef NatiopaUst dele,ate, T. , F.,
TIllIn,. :who w presldin, 81 Jah
ua". cbalrman over tile first eQun
ell meelin, WI "ear, "reprtt.enta
nobOd"," Mallk concluded.
No ,Balance
Mr. federal budeet for
'the fiscal year . tartlng Jul,y 1 was
not ,urprlslnlf. It was unb!llanced.
calling for the ,overnment to live
'more ' than bUllon
beyond Its Income during, the year
-if cODg.ress' doesnt pare fig.
ures. 01' gIve ' the Presldern ' the
"moderate" tax . hikes he has pro-
was 42 biillon. 439 thousimd dollars.
but Mr. Trum.aD declared .the pro
posed spending "vital to our secur-
ity . . . and to the welfare of our
As was to be expected. Mr. TrU'
inslst'ed the budget was one 'of
soundest prudence , 'and restrlant.
He angued that It was a nnan'c1!l1'l
expression the steps the govern
ment ought to now "to .build
toward economic growth and
expansion of human freedom in
our ;own country and In ' the
. National defense continued to be
the biggest expense Ln the budget.
although ' expansively covered In
that Is the money belng spent In
' an, eflort to lnsure Europe against
any further spread of communism,
An' ironical t wist was , the fact
that while the U.S. is po.urlng
money into Great BrttaLn as a part.
ot that general effort. the British
tum' right around and give aid and
eomfort to' communism by formal-
ly recognizln,"tbe
President was, ililent on' speclflc
' recom!Rendatlons. .Be did, bow-
ever, Indicate that. he would like an
earlier date for imposition of an
Increase in social' security taxes
'from one and one-half per cent to
two per cent on employers and
employees, The President apparent.
ly wanted that extra money to aid
a healthin.urance plan. which
congress seems to bave Uttle in
tentlon . of approvinl.
Soviets .Claim U.S. Col'lege Girls Spies
There .ppeared no end to the -anU-Sovlet spy ...Iork. \
abalUdi\1 to Moscow woult\ This spy work, the IIccuaation
10 In screaming to the world about went on, to be performed In
!low it la being Imposed upon b, the CommWlilt'11omlnated COUD.
IowUfed. unprincipled aplea. The triel of Eaat Europe. A larae group
latelt freM1 of the Sovleta In th.1 of Smith girls are at the Hoter de
apbere WI. directed .t the Swill Rua.le. Itl:Idyin, in the center 01
braucb ot Bmfth coUe,e for women international affair,. The, are
at OeDe".. Accordln, to char,et chaperonecl by memb.r or the
tram MOscow, American glrlJ at coneae faculty and haft
... IC!boGl are being tor lmprealled no oat .lIe . . .....
Many Tonks
The ndministr nlion was slandlng
pat on lis against U.S.
military Intervention In Formosa--
destined to be the next area CIt
conIllct In the Communists' drive to
'control the Far Enst.
Official U,S. at ti tude was tha,t
this country could do more to com
bat communism In' the . volotne
Orienl by extending 'economlc aid
to la nds still outside tile Red orbl.t
than it could by direct Intervent lolll
In the struggle.
AT THE SAME TJ ME. however"
the generalized term " economic
aid" was being employed as usual
to cove r a multitude of purposes.
A case In point was the news that
the Chinese Notionallsts had' pur-
cbased nearly 300 U.S. army tanks
ror shipment to Formosa. where
they would be used in the derens,e
against the Communists, ,
The military vehicles il'sted,
as surplus army equipment . and
the price tog was $1,000 per tank.
Similar t anlts, mlnus weapons. cos t
about $511.000 to build duri ng the
ANOTHER element In t he para-
dox was that the Nationalists paid
for the tanks with money from
25mitll on-dollar kitty .which W8:9
provided the aid of Chilla 'by
I; ongr ess Illst year .
U.S. state department' . , stand
on the matter ,vas expressed bl7
Miebael McDermott, department
press officer, who lI ald, 1bat tht!
Chiilese Nationalist govemment
liad been spendIng the ald money
through its own purchasing agentll
and had bought whatever arma-
ments it Vlanted.
"WE STD..L r ecognize the Na
tionallst government of China and
would interpose no obJectlod' to, itll
exporting thili material from ,thin
country," he st!lted.
Altliough the destination of Oil!
tank shipment was not disclosed
officially, it was an open aecrelt
that,the cargo was bound, aboard II
Turklsb ship. 'for Chian, Kalsbek' lI
NaUonaUst government headquar
ters on Formosa.
GOP' Sharpens Knife
Even a. President Truman wall
calling for a 42-billion.plua
budget for the coming fiscal year,.
RepubUcan members of senate and
house were ilha.rpenlng pa .. fun
IaIIves In an. effort"to slash . !):r
the proposed expenditures.
crats, too, exprelSed mlsll".
Ings over the prospect l of
five bUllon 'Ired \nk," or den!!!t,
spendlD" '
lerve!! DOtice that the ."Repub11 .
cans In coner .. 1 bav. nO
.cceptin, thia bud,et
work arut clay, If ' D,.eeslur,
to brin, it within the bOund.
capacity of the peopl,e to .. IlIY."
Slmllarly. the' GOP sen.t. le.d.
er, Wherry of Nebralka, termed
the . budget mellale "purely politi.
cal'" which ".ugar-coated" the red
ink ImpUcatlon .
Representative T.ber (8., 'N. Y.)
the m,ost violent In hIa attack
on the budget proposals. "We can.
not malntaiD our he
charged, "Ii we turn thJ. mone;'
over to the JOresldent and the so:;
cl,lilt who 'I!l'l'ound him.'"
s.aid he to, battI ..
for a balanced , budget. .
that the President might lie Iril
trouble on his, budget, ever
since the congress convened mem-
bers have been talkLng or econ,omy.
Answer Is 'No',
D.ean AcbelOn, U. 8\ aeore-
tal)' of sl.te, .r ... "e. 'or &be ,
WhIte HOUle eoDlereDce ' ..
whlch 1& . ".a decided th , the
Ualled 1!'oalil DOa IDter.
fere ID CldDe;e Commmn.ts
.1In. In Form.o... President
Truman .. Id tbIa ..,,,ernment
.,uj Dot provide IUIJ mUltafJ
defense or ...... ace Ie &be
Rubber which ID
past have b,en anytJUnl but
tractive becaUse of their odor.
now lInell sweet, .t
after 1II0w .. , a. the
of development of new .eriH
odorants. -
Th. l E. du- PODt d.
eomp.II)', IIltroducla, the
.. Id th., rna, be UIIId .inal7
comblaatlcma added
Iso opes
MOle Uniform Toba cco
BOSTON. - Americans sCIon
mll y be smoking ciga rett es of
more uniform QUf1 lity because
a gro'.Ip (} t young sclentl sls here
h ilS developed 8 way ot hn rnes,
sing radlo"aclive ISotopes from
Ol\k Ridge, Tcnn.
The 111\' '11101"5 . tounders of
Tracerlnb, Inc., have perfeoted
II meaSUring known as
the 1Iet o Gauge whIch can de.-
IVlthl n 11\(e miUlonths of an
inch any variati on In, malerial.
In ciga rettes. for example. It'
can mel\sure a tra ctlon ot a
grllin ot toba cco, assuri ng unl-
lormity In pack.
W. S. Barbour. Jr . president
of the company. bel ievcs the
beta gau,ge is only' one sII,lP
toward more extensive use of '
ntomlc energy in precise Inqas-
urement. Coupled with a Brown
eleci ronic recording . Instru ment,
the devi ce cqo be used for mll -
terial conl.1:ol iii' mlinufacturing
paper. aluD:\Inum foil. asphalt
and rubber floor tile. cellophane,
Icot.ber. paper boord, textile
yarn. ti nplate ' and other similar
This method of me,lSurement
in industri al Is said
to be superior to others espe.
clally where It I. Important .
that no phYli icat .. contact be
mode . with Uie material to. be
measured, the I8ld.
America's Kitchens
Of All-White Seem
Losing Out to Color
The aUwhlle ,may soon
join the bUiiY and ,asllght a
relic . of the according to a
J'ecent survey ?f hous.ekeepers
kitchen color tastes in the l\>Iid-
Over 85 per cent of
polled by the color engineer How
ard Ketcham expressed preference
for colors other than wlUte. Gray
W88 most popular. Chosen by 15
per cent. Cream was -second, le-
lected by, 14 per , ceilt. Nine pel'
ceni picked . bluegreen, and' nine
per cent preferred yellow.
The modern housewJte, ,aided
by. psychological (actan 8ul!h 1111
color. of ber own chOesln, ' and'
work savers IUCh. 81 dlsh
washers, .eaay.toclea,.. clay We
walls, and automaUc dryer abolil.d
run her kitchen more efflcfently
and enjoy.bly than her mother and
,randmoth\lr, lay. Ketcham. rioted
de.IIDer ot indulttial producta anel
the new Str.tocniller .IrUner Ln-
. Becenu" develoll'd bouathald
.Ida are bl, help to the
kitChen pllof, bufUfe
.. be works Ln can a180 Improve her
e1f.Iete.nCf. Color playa aD Impor
tant pan. In , cre.tln, that' .tmo.-
,phere, Ketcbam .ay.. Nowaday '
with kitohen equipment and build
ing material. in tUlI
the hoUiewlfe can have a Idtchen
in .111 COlor ,he wanta, For in
ataace. clay' tile, a leadLn, kitchen
WilD and noor coverin,. '11 now
avaOable In more than 200' .
KIH,'''I In H.,tln& .Unlt
Chili Church Coil,ri,atlon
DETROIT.-The Oak Park Chrl
Uan chapel finally got the klttp.n.
out of the heaUne pipes and now'
th. cor,gregatlon assemble. with
certainty of mor'e comfort Iban had
previously been the case.
'For an entire the cQngrega
tlon had been shivering at ilie rilgHt
ly. because t here kit
tens In the pipes of the .heating sys
1em. TheRe ....: Jl!lI)'es B. Shllliow
teared that firing tlie turnll'ce migbt '
suffocate the imd""7well" that '
would De I1!lllleo,sant. ,
He and ' the congregation bad
learned that a -'white Angora cut
bad a litter of kittens in the heat
Ing duct of the newlybuilt church .
No one wos ,sure just bow many.
So when the weather became cold.
the cat and kittens became a real
problem. , '
. The'" mother. cat, ,and
two kittens finally were , lured ?0111,
But meowings from ,the' pipe' Indl
cated there were others, At last all
were out.!\t1)1. ', but one. It
relused . aU blandishments. "
An electiician heard about the
church'l problem and 'offered to
help. Hia te'chnique was 'simple. He
rattled a long wire ill sille the ducts .
The kitten akipped ,bout just
ahead of the wire and'-at i88t-
popped out IImong the pews.
1u.t to make slUe aU kitten. were
for. . t e1ecti:\c:I.n
.checked all the ducta with mirror.
f1la.:hUllht and .. lon, wire.
. J.III,m.t. , ..... TI
Kftlttlnl Wool W,arabl'l
OSHltOSBo WIS.--Harold Ham
Ita Is not on. to Ju.t lit around III
j.U with time hanelD, heavy on
his hand.. He h.n'l y.rn there In- '
.... d.
' 8ervlD' drunken drlvln, term
UDder ... peclal act, H.rnitz bllaU .. . to the Winnebago J.n
.ach Dl'ht to go on with his IIntt-
uu. __ . _
Mrs. Gnce Cooper, the JaU ma
buellt the " 81 1 .... ' old
pttakollb man the of 1cDlt-
purUn, alter be ltariled
Young Tom wa's t he picture of
utter dej ec tion. "My turned
me down." he explained , to a
fri end, "Now 1 have nothmg t o
live for . I may as well cut my
throat ,"
" Now. now, wai t a whil e," said
his friend placatingly, " don' t lose
your h,ead."
Mr. J ones squinted Into t he liv-
Jng r oom whe re his daughter 's
young man was com!ortab ly en
sconced in Uie mos t luxur ious
chair in the house : He frowned and
turned t o his wife .
' ''Ye Gods." ' he ' grunted, "why
doesd.' t' she marry him a nd get"
l1im out' of my easy chair? "
"Now, now, dad," she !'cmlnded
him, "YOU wer e young once your
s elf, you know. "
Thursday, .January 26, '1950
Three yea r s had passed si1'1ce
the honeymooners had descended
from their lolly pedestal a nd ap-
parently lheir puppy Jove had
matur ed,
"You don't love me any more ,"
s he sobbed. You usod to be so nice
to me, now you"re always bar king
and ' growling."
"What do you expect?" he de-
manaed. "You've always got rrie
In the doghouse."
In .h.
Heart of
OHIO ... .
The anat' textile mil1I of real bless In, to IIIL 1 ha.... IlIOn
' Carolina. are boominc .,.In .ppetlte and eat wh.t I want to. J
workin, ' da, and nl,ht feel better than 1 ha" in a lona
tum out the ... tlon'a flnllt mite- time." ,
riala, and HAD",COL ill ita 1Ir. Barnhardt alld JIn.. Poole Wlft
part to keep fo11ta on th. Job. both suIterin, 'from a laek of B
Man textile workere have flo Vitamins the Minerala wblcb
th contains. '
e come. to ,"OU In llquiCl , fprm, eUlly
COL with assimilated Iq the blood etream 10
Impo)'.tant, that It,can 'go to work right .way
< . A, Jack of ollly a Imall aq)ount of
wor en; young B", Vitamins and eertal.. lnineral':
. by the great Cannon
napoli', N. C
and a' will ciause digestive diaturb.ncea .
Inc at 'mill in Your toad ) wlll '
.nearby, Sallibury. not ia g r Ii Ii with
N. C;)., . 'i
ou .. : . You Will
told how an up. e t
CQL had helped stomach .. You
keep them on the will suffer from
heartburn. Ir. I
W. pai'ns 'and, your
hardt, Route 8, food will sour
Box ' 343, Kan- your stomllch
Ii N C I
,you will
nnpo S, . ., ! 'lible to ' eat
ao years' old , and t hings you like .....L .. 1ill.X'O'
the , '
of two chlldrC}n. for fear of'11eing Mr .
l1il in the Oannon Mills edlls in misery altenvardl. Many pCopl,
ror a gi'ent deal of' up al so suIfer. const ipation. And
'.'1 ho"' been ill for severol years," while t hese symptoms b1ay tile
I" rcsults of causes, they
said Mr. Barnhardt as he. explained aurely and certainly the signa of
how cl ose he came to hAving to give lack of B and Minc1'llls
up hi. work. "I sJlffered with a weak which HADACOL contains. And if
s tomach. It became worse and worse suifer from" such a defi elenllY
wit h gasp-ie! dist.ut hances. I thcI'e is no known cure
eQuid not hold foOd and no admin istration of ' t he
witb me. ; 1 eouid not , ins. . "and minerals whiCh y,otir
alid ' I be.c{l:ine, so sick system "
my legs got weak as I \'forked :,I't, is easy to undcrstllllu. th ... e.-
the mill each day,." , fore, why \:ountless thousan'ds b'ave
Mr. B"rnhnrdt; like 80 many BU!- been benefited, by this amozinl!
eren. had, tried many preparat ions tonic, HADACO:L. " ...
. vit hout rel ief, when lie bellrd IIbout SII it matters D<l t Jio", : old yoU are
ADA COL.. '. or who you are . : . it mllfter. not
" Alter ' the eecond bottle' .of where YOII live or if you have trlcld
fl ADACOL, I began to feel bettar all the mcdicines under the Bun, give
.' regain the weight I had lost;" wonderful preparlltion
aid Mr. Barnhardt. ':My digest ion ,a .trial.', Don't go on 8uffering
lJecame not;1lla) agaip alld I .ani continue to leaa . ' miserable '
fl a' well a. ever. H'y legs no longer life. perrona who have IUf . .
. otper .. J eat and !lnjoy lilY folia. tered and waited for 10 to 20 yean
r .leep", well. and m.;"e. ' plent, of or even long!ll', are now to live
'nergy,' .' happy, eomfortable lIvea
M,. Bamhardi"' hal taken HADACOL auppJled tbe ntBmiD,
iottles of HADACOJ,. and Ind mineral. whiol! th",. ' .Y.tems
ha famotl.' vitamIn ' and needed. Ba fair to yourself. Tempa.
reparation to help atay weU.' 'rary relief la not enough for roD
aa had hill wife take it with won. Give IiADACOL a trial!
tlerfal resalta .nd has reeommendad 1nlll,t on tb. cenlline HkDACOL
it to hI. friends bl lb. mill. . Dcn't be mlalecl. AC!CIpt IUbifi.
, lin. MasCia H. Pool., 1&08 Caro- tute. ' ,
line Avenue, in Salf.bul7, N, 0.. had Sold at all leadln, drU, ltorea.
become 10 IU th.t Ihe wU fcireed to . Ite onl, ,1.2&, .. n
rift up her work, but .oon after monel, bllJ th. larre famil, ,aad
hearln, the wonderful ne.. .bout hospital
llze, onl,. $8.&0. 11 lOur
. drugg at doe. Dot hamll. HADACOL.
HADACOI., aha wal baCk Cln the Job order direct trom tb. LeBlanc Cor-
and ha. been doln, m1l ....... IInce. )IOratloll, Lata)'ette. La., and wbaa
"I wal' tired, we.k aDd n."oua," tbe POStman ,OI,W packap
IBid Mrs. PooIL luffend hldl. jUlt paJ the amount plus th. e.o.d
rreltlon .nd rood didn't arret P::-:U tf witlltb.
'ilL I allO bad beadach-. After talC. 11
In, fl batUea ot 1 felt
I(OOd IIId WII bactc 011 the ttif eli
d: 1.
Thuzsday, January 26, 1950
BeeCl'lse of the push.
b' Hem "magic" he ell\-
pbys on the farm" on
AlaJOlllp boy is being
ha:lell as 0 sort of 16-
year-old combination ot
II urbank, Bromfield ', and
He is Johnn)l
. Clyde Williams of Fay-
ette, whose in
put tin g electricity to
work on the form has won
him one ,of . silt Westing.
house 1naticinal awards in
the 4-H better methods
electric contest s p 0 n -
$oreel , by the 'company.
In photo at right, Johnny
is shown with his two
registered Jersey c,o w s
which have won him 19'
ribbons if, district cattl.
shows. .
A c;ritical stqp in the
processing of
bultis (right). is ' handled
neatly here by Johnny's
ingenjqus device. Bulbs
drop down fbe vertical
chute and at ' the sam.
time a r. sprayed with
them from plant pests.
, The bulbs. are counted
automaticeilly as the y
d r 0 p down, then .,are
. tossed onto ,0 conveyor.
Johnny built the machine
at a cost of about $46.
The motor is portable
and has many uses.
Johnny is s h 0 ;w n
above installing' a ,new,
' three-wire electric ser:w ..
ic. entrance as a ,part 0'
installation 0* new cir-
cuits in his hom. to make
' sure the neeCIl of all ;
home appliances would .,
be met. H.e built his own
,electric fan. At right, the
, Alabama y 0 II n 9 s t e r
'builds .a $(al mallei ,
PT 19 pleine.
HIS: moClel workshop. is a
roo", in the barn wb.r. ' '.
" h. repairs electric mo
tors and any other equip-
ment_ '
New -York Fanners
Hit -The Jackpot'
New Device Determines
Good Soil Management
Wh.t a NejN York farmer gets
these days wlien he "hits the jack.
pot" might not be dimes quart-
ers, but it may be increa:sed crop
;yIelds in the years ahead.
Or, as the saying goes Ithaca.
ComeU'1I . two versa tile soil conse.r-
vatlonists have "done it again."
Hugh Wilson and Harry Kerr of
tlie ltate extension staff h:lve come
up with another "gadget" to demo
onstrate the value ' of ftood soU
That's where the jackpot comeS
in. Their latest contribution has
been dubbed .the "one-armed ban-
dit" because it looks like, a cross
between a Slot-machine and a rou
'lette wheel. But ' it has proved an
Bacb WUson, left, amrd ,Bar",
Kerr, orIginators or CorneD'a
"ODe-armed bandit,", stand be-
fore the device,slne im
eHective teaching devf. ce to let
farmers know If their crop prac-
tices Brc robbing the soil.
The "bandit" Is , in 'two parts:
one. a chan which deter mines lanj
' use capabili ty (LUQ) and the other,
an analY2rQr consisti ng CIt [our can
centric circles. It can SEt up a pos
sible 768 combinations o,nd a flasb
ing grecn. yellow or red Ught Indi-
cates wh!lther or 'Dot , ti,l'vorable soil
boJonce is being maintll ined.
But that' s the' last step. First., the
' land use cnpabiJJty must be estab
It is based on these physical
cha1;lIcteristlcs of the land: slope,
length of i nternlll drainage,
texture', erosion and humus. Values
mathematicaUy born
characteristics o,re ass .
to' IIlIdes v';.rying sl2:es which fit
into the LUC chart. The color and
number which the sbc slides reach
IIhoW the land use hlpabiJity for
the ' ,
COWS Infested With Lice
Give POOl Milk Output '.
COWl with lice make lousy per,
formance records. says' T. .H.
Parks, ex1enslon entc.mologlst at
9hlo state university . Since lice
often abundant on cattle dur
the' Winter aDd spring when the
Birds and on Pinafore
wcll !IS pretty. Easy to make.
,Mothe rl
. . ..
Plnu(q,rc Pott er n 11G: lr nns fer ,
C,h J l l. Sif.t!!J 2. , .1, O. Se n d 20 cen ls In
col n
,Y our na me. address nod
nu,,", er 10
BLUEBIRDS and flowers! Such
a happy motif to embroider
on this pinafore I She can wear It
as a 'sundress too, practical as
FIRST 'AID to the
Dividing A Lar,e Room
QUESTION: We have a large
spare b.edroom that we would like
to divide so that we can make
another room out of ii. There are
only two windows.. We have'
thou ght of large Venetian blinds
and also heavy dra pes OD a long
rod. Do you have any other idea?
I want to avoid expense and mess
and dirt.
ANSWER: It all depends on how
much ' privacy you want . ' You
wouid not get muck) privacy with
a Venetian blind or draper Ies . I
beHeve you wouJd find it more
practical to put up studding on
which you can nail up a wallboard.
Fot: ventilation in the summer-
time, you: cou)d have some of the.
panels movable, so that if desired,
they cpn be 'taken out tor better
ciroulation of air. You may need
to put in anotb,er window or two.
p'Janning for .the Futu;e?
Buy U.S. Savi'ngs Bonds!
Sewln&, De".,
", O. n os 1\1 If), Chhul C' . MO, III . or
P. O . . Onx: 102. Old OhC'll sifO\ StattoD.
Ne w York I'. N. Y.
Encloso 20 ce nts for DlIUern.
.......... .
Name ,
Addres .
Good "I';ye Memory"
Australian aborigines, whose
cultural status Is perhaps the
worl\i' s lowest. can draw fairly
reliable sketch map s ' in sand.
Their "eye makes Ulem
good ' geographers.
No cre'amtngl ND egg-beating I J_
olle eMY atJ.rrtng when you make theae
c1eUciouamulfinIJ I
1 cup % f.e!\Spoon sal'
Kellogg'. ... cup suaar
All-Bran 1 egg
cup milk :3 tableepOOIll
1 cup 8lfted . 10ft
, llour ahort.en1IJc
:II % teaspoons 'is cup
Dalting rnla1ha
1. Comb,lne All-Bran and milk ID
mJxlng bowl; ,
2. SlIt flour. baklog powder, salt into
bowl. Add 8UglU'. egg, shorten-
lng.ra.Jsln.s. StlronllluntU c07nblned.
3. PlU creased muJlln p!).ns % full. in preheated moderately hot
oven (40Q"F.) about 25 minutes.
Yield: 9, medium muttlns,2% .
4lcbes across.
J. long, he recommends treat-
Aa _ pt oIdeo, ItnI!II aDd Itraln. on'"
ing the. animals for lice as soon 8S
. urtI ..... el_Iv;, .molda. or .xpoooute to
possible. . '
:014 eomeUmn alO\fll 010_ kldaey fUDt>
'JOD. Thla may had maD3' folks to eom-
Either rotenone or DDT is
r.laln of .DI,eb., backache. J_ of pep aDel.
effecUve' If. rotenone is
lItJV. ... aDd cUDlD-' GetUDC
use'd. two treatments, 15 days
"P nlpta frequeat ... may raulL
' rom mlDor bladel .. Imtatlo ... due to cold.
apart, are necessary. Olily one
or dietary ,illdlaereUo ....
thorough \!:,eatment With DDT Is
If YOIU' dla<!omrorta are due to th_
required. .
<:au-, dOD'C wait, tr)' Dou. P11JlI mUiI
Parka stat-s that cattle with lice
elhlretlc:. UIIOd "",,_fJ!ll7 b, mlmo ... for

over 1i0 yea ... WhO. ,IIetIe IYJDptoma ....,
wJU not make 8atjsl:actory
OrUlD otherwiM oecur. W. lUIlUln, how
in wellht, or If being milked. \\
mani Urn .. DoaD. , pn happy ' .. llof-
not . m,alntaln a ateadv, milk now.
help tbe 15 mil .. of kldnell' .tu,,"- aqel rule ..

ftuab alit waat.e. Get DOaD. PIU. todll7J
Sympt,9m. of lice InclUde rough
and coarse and. sometimes.
. hairless plI, on the
neck and body caused I;ly the ani.
mal rubbing the' lrrUaied area.
Tbe ciba.mploD carload
101 or ,Jill" Ibe Inter-
national Livestock Sbow in Chl-
caro waa owued' bJ u.year old
Stanle), K. 8wln, (OIlmlLD, Iowa.
who .. mown "lib &he winners ..
I, hid 10 be the ;yoan,es"
winner of. Ute cluoloaa cham-
ploDllbip In the blalol7 .. the
tJlr MO". The bora ate pure-
bred Berkllhlre.;
Insects. Insecticides
Team Up on 'Bad' Bugs
According to m.n' Iclentlstl,
certain .inlecta bep,eflclal to man .
. In that the, pre;y harmful bUill,
may be expected to team with
newer .ad In
controlllD. tbue armfuL bup.
'l'b.e)' telf'how inle'1 eldal spraying
Idlled tile "friendb' bup aa weD
II otben m No Dakota. and
that ... tor
lime to pNdatora of
tie up. I
Tfll'RBTlAY, JANUAnr 26, 1950
The Miami Gazette
Eatabllahed 1850
Published eVery ThurlidllY morn
Ing at \Vaynfi8vUle, Wa.rren Co
unty, Ohio. '
Edna H. Conover .. ,', Puhllsher
'red Conover ".,.,' . ," E;dllor
SLI}' lng tbllt \\"0 ought t il gllt ,
do ' tor anti OltO Hotrmfln 8I1yl ll'-:.
" one Is worl'yltl j; nbmll
the POOl' mUle but som one oug ht
to wOrl'y about (be pom' nllit'k::
n n ( wil s SUlliRhE'd IInl1
tiL hood mort! 0 1' less dent cl in
hUl th 1)0 l' Du l l l k sUIl "1111' a 'lId
we found tll o 11001' 1111111' <'o11 !d
s li lt wlllk Il1ld ao We liturled orr
1\1111. I II Ilel' h Oll,le lin" t it '''\' Im )'
ul' l h 1J\llc'k c1l'oVO nff 'Iowanl
lJHytOIl .
iii be,tlilllling 0 'dear ofC II
IIlld 1 hOll we 'In' golll ;; 11)
of the 10\' ' \'
hud l alH "'N'I, , II
. IIl1\1.'unlly nl rl' [ UI ' tids t iD!'
or yenr , warm 11\ Ihe' ,lnY1lm \Jlt l
('olt! Hl niglll n1wos t 1111 811(;11"
l ...
r ed (IS second elMS ma.tter I' ubllcrlpLion Rato: $1.50 p r yeal
at the postorrlce at Waynesville, III Oh io Kenlu ky, and ' fndllmn.
Ohio. 2.00 c lsewh(1r

Dry Ridge
A Farm Diary
By D. J. Frazier
. JllnUary 201, 19GO. n n ln! Mud!
A(or mud! Wa te r (,'I',V
\vhere ex ep,t In the ('ISlei'll . MUll l
be aooth r leak In L!J lll, bccllus it
s as though a n ight of I'ain
like' Inll t sllould put mOl'e
water than It dl<i, ,unl ess I t Is I n
kIng out nimost us fAst as it onleA
in Howevel', it pumps pow, s o
w can SODlB l lac of It b fdl' !)
It ', I s ull gon _
Here it II! U IV ok since 1 got
llome And s uch U W 1:' 1<, jl1st It
typl cai week down on the F ar m ,
Ttl sday about ' IgII !. ,,'
clock s ome one t:alle t'l U8 up to
soy fhat J ellnette, our li tt le oltl
mule, had b en hit by It car Ollt
" got her humll and t l' i , II to
banng liP her 'Ieg but th re
a big f l a,p o( skin bunging dowp
lhat .wouldn't stay In
som t hing olse ba d to b don , II
WIIS ' 1llIe nnd dark. and foggy so
\ t1id ll.{ 0011 Llle doctor bo t. I
li lld sOllie nDO aome
lie dl 8 so we Kewcd it up j ust
like n lenl' in ' nn ol d over all. \\ 0
' t hought fiJI was' probabl y ,,'OlnS
I b die III!Y\\' ny but when rooming
(':1.11';1 thero sbe was still stumlin g
lip eutlug hay llnd she sUll Is out
" '<l Iking around. \\le hall bOll l)r
l UCk tbo" the l hc il'
l)rctty .llhl e I' I<lIng horse WO R bi t
by tl. car out on J ne rQail nOll lli Oll
Hit by a ' drlv r wllo was drlyhl l':
withuut n drlver 's lIeens (!II
10;LSt , so I 11 IIrd) ; ' Til
'\\IbUhl be saJer If S\I 11 peopl fl
r:ould be kept orl tbo un Lil
t hey 'were properly trai ned anti
Imtl th eir licenses. 'J'ber . shad I tl
be Il stilI pellaltr fOI' :lnyone
f ound dri Ving without II. lie nse,
wen t II 1' , 'I'bi s I III th.:!
JlIllllUl'y lll i,w. '\'111' ill th"
lIasf ure l !loki< Ilull (> J:: Hw n . lUlll \h ..
1;" 011 '1\1 is' Ho !' l und lUuddy, I,
IO(lks liS Ih 11gb must of_ lhe (ros l
W UH ou l of lh g rollllll.
" lrnday t \\'e IUI.lI 0111' fl1l1l
1Il ,tiug In st, Mary's new parl s).
b use, I t Isn' l nnti rel y finished yet
bUl we hud 0111' annulil
me lUng wllh a POL luok I>Ul'P l'
and tlucb 1L NUIlpel'! Mal' goorl
things tbal twl 0 as JUauy Jleoph
11 od('d lo eat .. Every thlug frullI a
gr lilL roaster f ull of roast beet,
(t lin Los Lel' Kenrlcks- out oil High.
wa)' 4 bad just butohered) HlIIl
mesLt 101lf und chicken thrOUg h nl!
SOl'ts of casserol es and salaa dulVn
to wonu I'lul big cakes nnd pies,
hU \ ....nsbed down with coffee matl e
on the ne w stove, It Is so pre . I Y
li nd weli thAt 1 am Sill'
it will be .a llopulnl' i:neeLing pLacFl
fol' not only the parish ' but for tbe
peo;ple of t be commllnlty,
A number oC fr l nds fr om 11 I'e
,attended the fUll. r ll. l of FrlLllil
Duke, l al e of Spring Valley, In
' VaynesvUle on sclny
-.Mr . and Mrs, D\lnlOl
vi81ted 011 Wetlnesduy, \.lIe 101'111'
1"6 !lis l el'. Mrs . Mahl u Dln'wl dd le.
i s i I a\ Ill' home In Dayton.
on Ute highway and was up at t.he Then liS It all tbat was no!. n
(lorn r, so I called n helpel' :mll (lugh tbe turnnce grate brok :lnrl
IV went 1(1) t o fl ce what iL \I' ns fell out cold dllY and wh n I
llb(JIII. 1'ltey ha-d llle pOOl' lit 'Went alit to turn my nr oround
t1 olrl mUle tied plLel" or lhe !.av- John Iltl d llle trll ck 011t HI TC ltnll
ern anLl ]11111 a dozen men were he moved, out of the Wjly \ 0 let
looltlng; ]101' over . Til 1' 0 \vas 1\ me I la !!!! and tu rn aronnd II lIil
grelLt gash In her and UHOUlSI' when] was right bnck of lhe
on ber side, The woman whos truck he thought I was out of the Mrs, Ralpb Hammond ent 1"
car had Illt her wlis worrlng nnd and baell erl right Into' me and put taltled the LyU\l /l.r d iub a t bel'
a den t in the hood of .my ar. hOUl al l . venlng.
The IsLern has a leak In Il lIu:l
the 'yel low n gOL stepped on
up ut tbe, barn and killed, .Flv(l
hens died of lImber' neell and j her e
"\\'.18 a fox out b hind the ht.' k n
!luuse yesl rda'y,
\' nnd Mr s ctll F\ll'fIus,
Mi ss !\fary Drown, Imd Mr ' ann
iltr ' Walter K 1II'lck nttendei!'
tbe His toricAl Soc iety moetl ng . Ul
L bano)) . 1,Oll dny oven ing.
It. u, 'ol ... mnn, 1\1 Inl st r
Church Sclloo\' 9:30 A.M" Mr,
lIClroltl Ear nbal't, Supt.
Worahlll Sel'vic, A,M,
'YOlllb FelowsbLlp, Sunrlay. 6:30
DYl'on al'ver, MJnlster
Bible SchOol, 9:Sf,l A,M,
Morning Wors hIp, 10:30 A.M.
Prayer Meeting, 7:00 P.M.
Young People's Meetln.g, 7: 00
EV'lIlng Sf) rvloes, 7 :30 P. M.
AI. It Corfey. Minister
Dible ::lchOOI, 9: 30 A.M.
Mo rning Worship, 10:30 .A,M,
Y OUIlIi' Peopl es' Me tIng, 6: 45
Evening Service, 7 :30 P.M.
J'I'!i.y r !lIeeling nnd Dible Study
Wednesday. 8 P;M.
'I;. !II. scare, Mini s ter
Sunday Sehool, 9 ::1 0 A,M.,
A. Earn\.lIlrt, Supt,
. ol'shlp ervlce, 10 : 30 .A.M.
Evenln'l; Service, 7:30 P.M.
H. I; . lllLlIghn, Pall Lnr
IIUII'Ii Service, 9: a, m.
Sa lllue l N, K y.s, Rector
1\1ot'lllllg Wors hlll: .10: au A,M.
W i\I ltun Sbannon, MlnisLer
SUlLdllY School. 9: ao .\ .M" Mrs.
Gllrrl son, Supt.
PI'eaehlng, 1st. anO ilrd. Sur.'
,dlLYs or enut. montb, 10 : 30 A,M,
EVllll llI g Sllrv]ces, '7 :30 P,M.
Fatber R. }{rumllollz. Pastor
8 und 10 A.M,
,ea Pnrt\ngton; Minister
Worsblp Service. 10 A.M.
Sunday Sohool, 11 A ,M.
First Day Scbool. 9:3U A.M.
Al e ling tor Wors blp, '10:30 A.M.
Sell that plec. of farm , machln.
ery you no longor n'te.d 1/Vlth a Ga
zette cla8alfled ad,
IlUII Vi nton Caltlw(l ll :l ncl har ies 3:30 P.M. on V. tlnel!Oay , Feb, l.
Torde r of Wallon. I{y. \ r a Ilill Al tho hurch .
n I' b'll fi t s Friday of M l' nlL(1 A Sil O 1111 realUl' e on the , l'I'l'
Mrs \\' Illt er K ' nI'l k . .
grllm will be pietul' s s hown on
.Mr lind Mra . Therle Jone the subject ot " Worn n Advun cd
ell\. I' talncd Ihe ' ''M r . lLnl\ Mrs" fOI ' br ili t nnd Hi s hm'oh ," by
class or I he Lytl . Sun hLY bl'huOI MI' II C A , utlel', .,res illent nr
to 1\ dJVel' d .li s h dinner III lhf' iT lhe W C oC tbe OilYton Dlstrlot , ,
hotue undllY evening, Ther wer(, 11's . ,CI11vln Longacre hr pro
a2 p re!!ent. g"um leade r. ' and a IDlsslonnry
g9Jn \\illl be given by Mrs , tJrn
ell t Harllln, Mra. DOllulil Baird
wltl be h sless, assisted by Mrs.
Oliy, Burroughs and Mrs ,
MI' , !\nil Ml's Le'J n Snllsbury
of Wl\shlngton C. n. Il na [ ro
N tUe l;byIl' 1 k dlned :tt ttl Oold .
en Lamb, SundllY and
In the aHemoo" called on thel I'
oQuslna, I' nnll ,M I'S ThoTnILS
While Ilt Belmont ,
1,1' lind Mrs Walt r K.enr} ' I,
visited Mrs Be ll Rnd ch\ \I -
gllter!.l III Onyt on S\mday aft r
I;l!n;ne EVI.I's hilS be n qu ltl!
Iii k the past weeK, n. victim or
t fmS assure nt They nre goillg to IillvO II [0
, drive tll.rough \) r a ' . .
hope they get tb m. JollD sayq
there at Ii Jot or dens over al onE(
tit old track bul .. II '1
Know Js that ' we Jose nW[\ll
lot ot poultry nOll every once lu
a wWle aome Olle SOCS a fos so
MIAS ,lIr n or lnn FUI' llns or noon.
Admi nistrator
bJ. lilt or Mary E, ,' 'mltll,
4% wi ll save yO umon y.
Lebanon N.F .L.A.
5, Old Bank
p,hone '448
Cold Weather Is on The Way!
Qur Coal Supply Is
, 'Limited - Take ,Care
'Waynesville Far.mers Exchange
\01::10' '01::::10
'''CAN I' eu, ,THE COST'
If you' re a select risk driver you can quality for
economi cal protection with Farm Bu;eau
Insura nce Co" Ohio.
'e Select risk company , ,
... . t Automatic.renewals "'r
Owned by policyholders
.Fill out ond mall this coupor. Ther.'. no obligation
. ------------------------------
PI. ale quote rates on mv car.
Mlik ____ Yea, ___ Bodv Tvpo' ___ Mod. LI---
"'v pr ... nt Inl uranc. u pl,., (dat.I __________ _
My Nom.
AddN U ______________________________________

Lakewood ti P nl tbe W okenu \\IiL'!
h I: PIli ' iltS, MI' unci 'th
F\Lr'I1M OJ) Soulll i Row r om.l . .
thnt I bope dr l ye them l ho
right direction 80 Ih'at tbey can
get them and tbat we Won'r
I.ose all ou'" 'yo\lng turkeys Lill
Mr, and Mrs, y
and th 11' guesl, Miss ' arnh 'Bur
net of DaytOn n ltended the Gold
e n W ddlng ' anniver sary or Mr
Bnd 1\11'8 . HIII'I Hal'Vo>, at L blLn-
on Sunday afternoon,
Kenn t h , Caldwl!!ll flnd
cl)lIdrel'!, Tbehlln lulre, r.ferri1l
As your n .ighborh90d serviceman, you will find
, us not .only j' iendly but. genuinely interested in
ing that your car is g;veri the best possible service so
ieu last!
EDjoy A Frieadbr ServIce!
Hasti,nga' Gat age

, , THURSD.a, y . JANU.ARY 26, 1950
'l'om M ocabee Jarge farm Auction. Located 1. mlle south
Deavertow!l. ,Ohio, on Marshall ' Rond, At 10 A.M:.
, SA::r URDAY, JANUAf,I'Y 28, 1950 .
OIl Ie;r and Anderson on Sheehan ltnad; 4- miles. BO'ltbweijt ol'.
CenLervllJe. 14 Mad Reg, Drown ,$WtEIS CO\VS, 10 Illiad Heifers , Cpm-
pl ete farm Alletion. ' .
Webb and 3 ' mUes of Fl!-rmel'sville.. O,hlo on
Farmersville 'noll West Garollton 63 head Reg. 22
gl'llde Guel'llseys, farm ete.
SATURDAY, 4, 1950.
Coml'J.ete Farm AllcUon at 10 A : !'vi . Located 1 mil e W!lsl of
,.,Late 4, 1 pine" easl '0[ . FannelrsvUle, O)tJo.
, F RIDA Y, I7BRUARY 3. 1950
110usoUoltl stll'eet, Miamisburg, Ohio,
, nild Woo.os, 2' mUes south or .Centervllle, nt 11 A,M,
F. T. MARTIN or C . E . Itl ESAN, ' Auctl otleera
CommerCial Bldg., Dayton ' ( AD B6!ii)
Centerville 7021
,. f 1'1' I
, by
$5.00 up
1...0 ver ,vall s of a.ny room can be hand refinished
quickly by method - beautiftJllIy decorated for as little!
as ' $5,oo,
Scenery In Plastic: or ... .1
Very Bat
Let Me Give You My Low
The WSCS of Lyt-I c hur !J'
will hold tbelr ne:ot t 1110 ling d
J.) 'easell.
Noti ce Is lIer liy given that Nino
E, 't, J'ohn ",vllose POl\ t m eo
Addr 'ss Is WaynesvllI, hlo
been duly nlJIJoll1tod 116 Aclminl s
tratrlx or th Eslate IIi Mary E. '
mlt,l lat 01' War I II Coumy,
Obi , II. censed,
Dntot! thi s 7lh dny of Jnnll.I\r ,
J udgf) 'of the t'mbllte lJOU\' t
Warren County, Ohio
Donald DllaLUsh,
Publis hed Jlln. 12, 19, 26
Adminlatrat o ..
restal.e Df Fl OI'll 13errrh Ill, DCI:
Nolie.. Is glvpn
Oharlell J, Wa!{gonf'r Posl
O((l oc Addre!l8 III l.ohllllO", Ohio, '
has been d\lly tll)noillletl HII All ,
mlrlatl'l\l(l!' WWA !Ir t he EJalate
or li'lorn IJe,rl'yhllt latr. of WILY'
nerw ll le, WHITon OUllty, Ohi o
!I'e' IlSlld. '
DnteU .I1l111 11th lillY of JUllUUl'Y,
1950. .
llAL ....H H. CAAI!:Y
of the Probl\tc Court
\Van n Oll II I)" Ohio
Stnnl9Y nnd Stan I y, AUorneYtI
Published ,lUll. H), 26. Feb. 2, '1950
Prepare Your Car ,For-,V\linter-
. ANTIFREEZE - &. Zerone '
. ALCOHOL - Zerone
Kle.r$" .. Gara.e
PHONE WAvi1lE8,234\
Bissell's Reliance Brand'
$4.95 each
Kitchen Stools with Back Rest,
$2.99 each
WaynesviUe_ Furniture & App6uce Co.
'. '
THtmBDAY, JANUARY 26, 1950
Mrs, Ethel Stump dellal't d from
Cincinnati by Ilus Sunday morn-
Ing tor Ft. L'nudel'daye, Il' Lorlda
wbere she will lJ I be 1I0useguest
. or Mr. and Mrs. W. P. ?,1cUar-
r eno
Mrs ., HeleJ! Rundall Rill 1I0ld
many of her h'ouJlehold gooda at
public auction Saturday afternoon,
severe cold, Is mach Improved
and' able to be out agnln. ,
Mr . W, .t' , McCarren hlu reo
turned to the vlllage on a brl r
trip from hi s wInter
home In Ft . Laudcrdule, Fla .
Mrs. Osee M-rs . Luul'a
Shldaller, Mrs , A , S . Collett and
her Bon, M t' . . Robert Collett, were
amollg Hie persons of lhls vacln'
tty Who_ attended open house Sun-
day at the home of Mr. !lnd M,rs.
Harl Hllrvoy In Lebanon wbo
were' their Goldel}.
We'ddlng anniversary. .
She and Mr. Hill haVe sold tbell' Mrs. J. , P. Thornbury enter-
home OIl Main st. to Mr. and
tal ned the Mlsslonnry Circle Itt
Mrs . Ralpb Nil and are moving tbe parsonage Wednesday. 1\lrs .
. to Mt. Healthy . A . S. ' Collett was In charge of
Miss Mary Moore a nd I Mr . the devotions and Mrs . Helen
Wl l\1am Mar:t1: of ]:)lI.yton were ' R. Hilt conduete(! the
guests Satul'd'ay evening or Miss
Mo.ore's mothor, Mrs, M1I11e ' Mo.
-- Mrs . A. IS : Collett was hoste!lij
to t he Adult Bible Class or Jon-
ah's RUn CliUroh ' TU\Ulday even-
ing, Rev . J. P. Thombury con-
ducted iho devotions and MlS.
Howard Collett and Mrs . Thol'D-,
bury were program leaders,
The Community Helpers lleld
their monthly poi luck dinner
Tuesday evenlng which . com pH.
members having bl,thdays
during the month.
W. C. Drown, naymond' Ed-
wards, and Gall Gordan attended
the Masoinc lJispeCtiOn dinner at
Lebanon Thursday evening, .
A Sel'Ie8 or weekly meetlng6 , Tile
sponsored by tbe WSC::. eegnn PTA Wltli
, itorlum Wed eVening
MondllY evening at thl' bome of Rill' r.' p I It' f
.1!< . "I't ng 011, p31ltor 0
MIs . H . , . TU<l;kel. Mrs. Heber lhe Fl'lelld'a Cllurcll lI el'e WUII tile
E lli s reviewed t.he fhs t. charter, guest al.eakel'. Rev. Pllrtlngloa
of "Women In tile Bible." 'rll.. rend 'sevol'al setecUons by Edgu/'
CueRt, and lbe import-
uuce or our Ilublle sehoolR In
Wbl eb hI! ll el.l tl VCH pllre nts as
seconll cl.1l1Jler will be reviewed
nt tile home bf Mrs . Mal'Y Pl ei'-
80n, 'l'UcBday e v nlng.
M 1' , Reuben' Moore
guesl ot relatives In
dUIillg t he weekend.
well " Ii l elwbera a nd
was a Jmve au Iwpo,l'lllnt rol e.
Hllls bol'o I llCI uded anso the prog
A group 01 students nom the
aobool hel'e presented a program
nt the Adams TOWDShlP PTA
meeticg Thursday . evening.
Mrs. Hiram George presented
hel' primary clnss In the Rhythm
Ballll, lind tbe dramatizatlon of
.. Uttle Black Sambo." Til ls ap .
pennn e concludes the series ot
a.way frQID. home appearances
which Mrs . George v.1n mnke thls
Included also on the program
. were selections lly the 'Seplor
Band under the direction o( Mrs.
Edna. C. Bogan, Tbe Dutch . Song
and Dance, wblch teatures Margle
DolIIngerl lOd Barbara Bogan. 2nd
grads students and two muslcsl
tal ' tbe meeling were l wo vocal
sel e ll,oos b,y M 188 Myrua n.
Mlrllc le, accoT.npanled at the plano
by MlS . C. Bogan. Miss
Iiraclc s ang, " The Italian Street
Song" trom ' Vl cWI: Herbert's
"Naughty Ma.rl cn a." and "The
.sollg You'" by Jerome Kerns
from ''102uslc In The AI... "
The locd chapt r ot the Easteru
Star met a t the Masbnlc . 1.' emplc
Q' hursday e veniug. Tbe tw can"
dldates Ini tiated wel' MI' . and'
Rohelt FOl> klet. . .
Mrs. Bownlrd Robrer, J\1r . Slim
Robrer and si an. . Gal'y, aud Mr .
and George Rohrer. all 01
Sayler Park: were guests of Mr .
ancl 1\1 JS. 'fodd Bu Dce , edncsday.
Mr. and M.!s. Claude JO)lOS en-
tertained members of their family
to a birthday dinner . SundBY In
compllIlient to their son. Carl,
and daughter, OIaudlne.
Mrs. Ivy Dawson) w])o bas been
recuperating at ehe hOIll!! or lIer numbers on the bells played by J, J1c .
Shll\ley PJymire. \ I
vatlon and treatmont at Piqua I Pr]ce, who was
Memorial Hospital, has returned confined to her home last week
to ber bome here. .. oWing to llIness, Is Improving. son, Neal, of Lebanon and Mrs.
Earl ,?f Spring Val:d7 cal- 1.0" call ed on his Mls.l Jel'
led un their allot, Mrs. Allee Cl sie GUI'ner Saturday morDl ng
ark this week.
1\1 rs. Lucile retlll'neu
Sutul'uay !!'Om a deli ghtful vaell-
t IOn with l' laUves lieu I' Dayton'::!
Beucb, Florida.
nnd Mrs. lrvln DodB\)o 01
Indlanllpolis were the welcome
callers or thelr aunt, Miss Minnie
Dods on on Sunday morning.
Miss Ruth Chandler spent Wed-
nesday In Dayton . JIi I'll. .IDlizabet b Smlt tr,
Curl and Mrs. Leab
te"ded' the Wowulll ells
at t,le G'l'Illlge SILlurduy
1\1l's. 01-
Mills lLl-
night ..
Dr', Gale Russum and Mr. and
:.:Irs, Robert Kersey lLud two chll
dren visited their Runt. Miss Mar
MI' . Lee Talmage of Wllmlng- garet Edwards on Thursday .
vill e will. fi nd It a good place to
Hve, good SChools and churches,
friendly ne'lgbbors and good bUB-
Iness mell to deal with.
N IV fnmilles . always find a
henlty wolcome. Such Is Way -
neSVil le's reputRUon. for hospital-
.. 110
Mrs. Obs Welch. who has been
sl11'terlng from tho eftects of a
slater In' Piqua following obser . . MI'S"" . t'peILn.lllt,16'illlums an'OdmI 1tl1tJe/

. I.
It Ie a InjUstice
to permit oneself to be
perplexed about allY fu
neral matter. We're ai-
w.ays wJlllng to fum"h
hone" Information.
Stubbs ..
'Funeral Home
(, . ..... .. . . . .... -
S&1l through lite wltb the'
alsurance 'that fiIlaDclal
trouble'l w1l1 be by
a regular dtlloBlt In your 111."-;
Inga account at:
Men have been burning
natural gas and using its ", ,
. heat for centuries but in
the last decade scientists
have opened the doors on
Ii ter\illy thousands of new
uses for t his once unwanted
substance: '
Due to science, a vast new .
plant is now being buil t in
Texas which will ,take natu-
. ral gas and air and " syn the-
size" them into high gra!ie
'gasoline and Diesel fuel.
Dry ice. the necessity of
every ice cream 'Company J is
another product of science
which is' now made from
natural 'ga,s.
NYlOns From Cas
In Ohio a large pain.t com-
pany takes natural gas, proc-
it, an(l uses its " ;nert"
atmosphere to protect i ts.fine
paints and varnishes. from
damage by the outside air
while they are being, ;made . .
Natural gas has become
the raw material {or nylon
stockipgs, for plastics, and
for such startlingly diverse
products as a\lltomobile anti-
freeze and sunt:.anlotion. The
purest alcohol can be made
from natural gas, and the
.. ,
, People used to think the '
"NATIONAl BANK word "synthetic" meant '
1," so.methingpoor,animitation.
. ...
. An4 &Qed' It last
;rear's sult looks and
IhabbJl '
Send It to -iJa - we'll re-
ltore that lDlazi look.
mate It look n, Dewl
But Scientists now"synthe-
size", out of common.
rials, products that are better
than natural and many that,
do not even in nature.
Natural gas is mainly hy-
drogen and carbon .. But these
two simple elements a_reo
the keys'. to new scie'ntifie
frontiers. These front iers
I.we being explored today in
lariy different industries of
r() mtrY.
, ... . /
. ,
for Welco'ming Us
Texas Eastern is three years old In
that short time you hav; welcomed us' aud
made us feel at home. On our part, we have
tried to conduct our Datura! gas blt+. eo 88
. Many.

. -.,ill
.. to OOJ)tribute to yoUll pl'Og:reas. Our aim baa
been to be a good citizen.
. ' .. ...
lor' Undersfandinr/ Us
Like any new company, we've bad severe
growing pains. We've had to tear out old
equipment and put in new, build DeW pipe
and new buildings. Your
has helped us in making Big .lnch and
Little Big Inch pipe linesdo a job
. than was ever thought poBnDle.
Supplying Os' . "
. many things to Qpemte the
lncb lines, and your. help' in supplying our
been apprec;i.ated. It has' been 01lJ' to buy everything we can19C8lly, and
we will continue to do so:
Owner and opera lor ot the Big IneliJ and Utli. BIll Incb pipe ana systMll" I.
,epresef1'.d in community life 0' len e\ .. he. elts employ ... live andwarlc.
, Inme 'offlCe of relttu fodarn i. <If MIlam Sf" Shrrtepotf, louisiana
. Near .. 4f T I' lOS Jalf.,.. i: Ll8ANON
TH f.,' M 1!\ Ml GAZETTE W A ... ., .. LE. omo
Thursday, January 1950

; Ie ; OTH R I
Use 'Pr ctical .Knowl,edge, Vision
To Achieve Room A,tmosphe-re
) ),' tr.r. CLASSIFIED'
A G e net 01 Quh.

, The Questions
IS t he hIghest
ni Uon of SI) l' Ie
2. By whom is
for wha t '! .
3. Whe n was the UnIt ed, States
Army Engi neer Corps organized
and by whom?
4. Wh a t fashion was inspired by
1be Es kimos?
5. Na me the artist Ivho painted
''Washington Crossing the Dela

- By Ertta
By Rlchllrd lUll I S THERE SOMEl tea ture In your I II YU\\, El it -BCU\IIY shijp:-a"bod bual-
P t C t
SCRtPTURE: Acts 8:4-11 118. '. " ""s l ow o\Ocrhcod. Ideol for bPglnner .
AUL SPARROW'S vaudevill e act I home that a nnoys you, s uch as A .Ion en er OE VO'r I ONAL READI NG: Romons n. " ' l HU. Pl Ain __
' . I II good nor was dark lin 11. a jumbled room. a sbab- I 3:21.:10. Opc-rnle Iiomo IIlIltlll
wllsn t e s pec a Y . I by bAd (r ame or ' no space Ot da,: Du" l ne sa qn $5. 00 c
it especls Y p,?or . e . bool!s ? Maybe it Isn't anything e n Met hod. Gnt , 8be rldnn Rd.,
H did a coup e I . .----------------, Send 5l.00 lor Guuro) ,\ cd Prov-
ot trick donce st eps, told Bome . . . ' . Unto' AI'1 Men WIDll e t kn. 111.
I I tu t i s and B l ike .thIS. but somethmg intanl:lble
to r'll ' "nn
s or ;ere were doz- such' as atmospher e or How
coup e a. songs. . d . b t g ttl g It?
ens better than he. Yet Paw alWAYS 0 YOl,l go a ou e n
played the big time. got the Surprising though it may seem.
best money. We who were Iq show many ot these dec.orBtlve problems
business at the time, wondE!Ted. are eas il y solved In many cases.
Lesllon for January 29, 1950
"MARK TIME, Christi an Sol-
The answer was simple when you 1t maf Involve ch.anglog a fUrn!
The Answers ' stopped to think about it. P aw was ture at picture arrangemlmt whJcl-)
enterprising. He - gave hlmseU a reqwres no money, only knowledge.
1. ,The Medal or Honor. build up. For one It may mean taking .the old-fash
diers," is not a Cl)rlstlan
hymn. The word Is "Onward, Chris'
tlan Soldiers I " ' The command was
given by no ' less .a .person than
'\Tesus himself: "Go Rod make dis-
ciples 01' aU na tions,
: By the Congress to 8 ' man r-------, thing be selected trimmings au some ' of the
"",ho di stinguished himself "can 3 . Minute his music with .furn iture and a of reflnlllhing
spicuous]y by ganantry and intre- car e.. H e in which takes. not mbney, but "elbow
them teacbing.
them , ." (Matt.
28: 19, 20) Do you'
know some one In
the church who
says h e
believe in ' mls-
\ Such a ' man
docs not t a k e
Christ seriously. If
I you do believe In
REOl 8TEREU 1' om",O""" Swine Solo :
Show 10 A. M. Su le 1 p , M .. Sow ..
and B ret! Gilts. JU dID' 'WP F B.
Mlddletowl1. Ohio. Feb. 9. lo'Or ClIta-
log writ.. Oblo Ta mworth A. soo.. Ullla-
pidity at the risk of his . life above' Fiction structed the or work:" It may mean constructing
and beyond 'the call of duty." .... chestra what to B shelt over a .studlo couch at very
3. In 1776 by George . Washing- play and how' to play It before he littl e cosL
ton. . came on. He made a stooge of the The fi rst problem Is not one at
4, The parka. drummer. He sold the Idea. general. how to do It, but one of w}Jat yOU
5. Emanuel . Leutze, a German !Y. that he was terrifi c. have to do with. Look over the
brought up In Philadelphia. We aU expected that Paul problem crilically and think about
would be amonc the first go. the possibilit ies. See what the de-
LlI:M over the oounter, oup-
boal'liI space near the range
and .a countertop or lIanJtary
clay &lIe makes a conven.lent
center In tbls Idtch
en. IBot pots and Pllnll oan be
Makes Prize
c' Hot Rolls
, like these!
Ugble" fluffier ,0111,
crisper crusted. fresher keeping,
rlcber :tasting .. yes, Duff's Hot.
Roll Mix gives Prize t;esults. And
home"ba}{ed.rolls are,8() to
make with DuiJ'l . , '
. Everything' . in.
Just add water-that'. am
But he wasn't didn't see him sired eUect sbould be, and then It"s
for almost a year, ttien one rail milch easier to go about geitlne It.
up In San Franclseo, rao Style and atmosphere are a re-
'aorosll hIm acalo. It WI!ll ratber 8ul t of i'll agination. liut they must
a unique experlen'ce, ' becaUSe be based on practical knowledge
the Cae . he pullea that night and certain basic rules. 'lop can-
wall epIc. not 'vlola te the principles of balance
It seems that, despite his enter- or rwes of color h armony and
prising facu.lties. Paul wall due to achieve a result pleasing to the
get the ai r. Be had exhausted his eye. ,
bag of tricks, Managers were get When you focl you lack lmaglna-
ting wise to him. On this nl ght he tion. study good exa mples and sO()n
was tr ying out at the Oly.mpla you'll feel yourself becoming crea-
Theater. Most Qf us thought Uve. In thi s way you achieve
would be his swan soilg, 00 the
other hand. If he 'went ' over big'
with hi s .audlence It would mean
a 4O-week oontraot. There wasn' t I
a chall oe_
We watched blm ' come out tram
the opposite si de 01 the wings. He
was doing a quick I.l ttle da nce step.
There was a smatteri ng of applause
that almost Inst.anUy died away,
P ow hesitated. theo went Into a
rputil'le, It wa.s pitiful. 'because the
step was rot\en and be hod apl'or' l
eMly lost his to
boot. ,
J was startdlng so I oould
Paul's faco. For tlte flr!!t
Ume 'slnce I' d known him I saw
, llel "rom ahe rllnce onto
oouDter' without damagIng It,
Iln.ce, . the tile .11 , unaffected by
. beat and Is also IItaln-proof.
Christ th e n his Dr, Foreman
I commands ate tor you to obey, not
to Ignore. .

When Men Deloy
"uP TO NOW, the chl,11"ch has
--------,,....,.----: been playing nroul\d wltb Jesus'
framed together on a neutral command. Very lew denominations
backgl'oun!i and hung ' above a are ' actually putting any large
couch. This would take care of /:he amount ot money or manpowCr into
odd shapes and styles In which they' obeying Christ's command to go.
so frequently come. ' . I into aU' the wodd. .
Whe:n yqu/re preparing pictures i One tairly typical American de .
tor a ar.rangement, have nominat ion contributed last
them all conform In some way ' or to all benevol\lnces, that is to all
Differ ent types of birds ' causes not in tbeir own looal can
go just DS do prints of . gr egations, the sum of $9, 137,065.
1Iower s. Charcoal sketches might That sounds like a lot; but 'divided'
be u5.ed together as would photo- by the t ot al number ot nfcmbers
graphll , or the family: All of these It boilS down to per member
bave ,something in common WhlCb'
for {he ' yea r, or Jess than fi ve cents
would dict ate th.ei r belonging to a a d ay. .
certa in group. . And 0; not aU thllt
Fr:rmlng sbould sui t the furni sh.. bfg sum of five cents we.ot to
!ng of the room. For modern use miSSions of any sor&. Yet thilt
li ght or bl nclc woods. Qr denomination glvcs more per
white. For period rooms. OAp ' ta to missions tha n most
fra miJ1g that goes pleasantly witb olbers '. do. Wilen. II ' man who
your furniture wood. gll'es Illss t!tau U\'o cent s a c1 n.y
'r ooms may have their to Ctl l'U 11ie . nCW/l of
anger In hi s eyes, a red ' 'lush
l In his oheeks. He stopped' dane-
pi ctur'es fr amed with wallpaper or Chr ist Into tbe ' world
t he style you want. and, at the tape, provided is taken from s lnlrS " Onward, Chris.lIan 'Sol-
s ame li me, have a lot-or fUh. the room in which the 're used.. dlersl " or pra ys " TQy Klng-
"A.II tight." he said. ' "4 U right.
wise guys. I'll show you. II
' The becklers booed at him,
s bouted catcalls. Paill' s face went
IlVld. He suddenly galvaolzed into
Simple pr act 'i cal tricks that you The width li t the [TRme depends dl'm eomel " how mucb ' does
do with pictures or decoration add upon ' \.he picture whi ch' is used . .' I)e mean It? Not a oIc.kel 's
the atmosplJere and indJvi dunl,ty When selecting frames. try sey- worth!
t hnl make' a room 01' a home' yours, eral different ....i dths and woo,d!;
Car ry them out with neatness and a ll lltnsl the -pIcture to make' the Or talte the . question of man,.
powcr, This, same denomina tion
dispalch ancf you will have create c ol ce. , . sends ' out as misslonDr les. every
, sometbihg that gives you and any Fqrnlture -:
d t i
k ' , year , 'as many men \Jnd womeD as
I HAVE SEEN s9me goo r C ODe else pl easure'. . F9r I'Iea81ng EfFe9ts Il re sent by some denominations .
. dancers In dal;'. but I'ye LC' I .Plolllre Arrabgemeats -, - Onli! of basic in-'1l r- l ree times its size. Andyet. !lven
never seen anyttilng to equal ' the 1 Rencel , , a r oom is tnat It should so. 'the total number of ordained
aqtic! of Pa ul tbat night. H's' not necessary to r ush out 'to have a Interest or focal minis ters in that' denomination
Thor,oughly arousecl, he became a buy expensive originals If you lLke point as thiS Is sometimes ex- wbo nre. forei gn missionaries i.
contortionIst. He performed feats pictures in the home. People have pressed. When a room does, not only 4 per cent of thei r total
that were unheard 01 In the art of been known to collect inexpensive ' . have this , Y0y' teel restless 10 It 1 ber of ministers. .
danclng . He threw ' lJlmell around . , aUent lon doea. not become . "Go into nll the world," sard
that IItage 1II-.e a madman. It was drawn to one partIcul arly pleasing Master . "Four per cent of us win.
ma.-velous to watch. Sl.1perbl .. l . at the room and cannot set- we reply, " the rest of us will stay
PaUl. came out for three encores. tie, .. at home." '
He wu a man inspired each time. When the room has a
and each time the audience gave this. gives a natural cent er at 'In-
.. , 01110.
Show ]0 Il.m . Sale 1 p .m,
Dted Sow. e n d Gil bo
Radio St otlon WP F B,
Middle town. Ohio
FEB. 9. 1950
For Cot a log write
UILLSBORO, 01110 .
. Pi on your ncrf"
nlte noW f nt 8prlnl{. Bu)' frolll
Jtr ower. Tn.kto 'Pla nta tion, South Hayen,
. ...-....-..----J..-...._
NE,V. 1' 1'C] f1 tmb lc, lGn,nto . vtl rloUe.tI. R
quest 8"cd cllt nl M, GI .. :
A[ etll morn. 0 111 Tonlnlo Specl oUsl .
Buy U.S. Bonds!
I;lllll AD clapped for terest. ahd arrllngements are bttllt When .Me" .
five bl. last: ap ' aroU)ld .. this with obaJrs to tl.lther AS' A MATTER .. OF FACT, even
pearance. , r, slde of' the ' f1r ephice. and perbaps tlte earllestcburch was , slow
Alt.el' a ' While 1 strolled back tOa- tatile, In the middle. to pay real attenUon to Christ's
dressing room. The manager You don't need R fireplllce, bow- Forward I M e' n are
Wa.1 jus.t leavhlg. IDslcle. Paw wall evai'. An Interestin, arl !lngement strange creatures. And one of tbe
ot fUlmlture which Invit e'! II group strange Uungs about us Is tb'ot we
of pepple to sit down' and talk com \ ollen have to be scared Into doing
fortably c;ouId servl! lust as welt. our duty.
IIGo.dbye to
" Si nce swilehing to
POSTll M. J no longer
BulTor irritability ond
fat igue duo to II C/'VOUII-
noaa-and fif e ', 80
much plnl18&nlAlrl"
COUlif : . tleep/eunu,.
. POSTUM today-dt iuk ilexelusiv.ely(OJ
30 dny_judo. b" r",ultot . . INSTANT
Vicoroul DrlDlt made (rom
Bealthful Wheat BIld Bl'an. A Produot 0 1
Gonerw 10'0001.
Tn ' dens, bobby room and such, It took the p-ersecutlon set oft by
the ,oentel' of mljl:ht be 8 \ the death of Stephen to- m.ove the
hobby . coll ection. . 8 kr.lck-knack ; Christians In J er'usalem out along
ahe-1t'. a W:1\1' \vlth n hlrgll map. or the 'toaels south. \ north, east. any-
prInts or 'greeting, cards that they ' soml! other distinct1ve ' fea-,ure where tQ get away from tbe ' city of
like or which reflect a certain I)ob- w"hlc.h Is Interest catcblng. death. Everi\'where they went.
by of Ui eirs. Group.lpgs of sllveral \v'herc. rooms have 0 lilt 0'- sUP' . told, .the slori\' ot Jesus. .
of the'se over Ii couch, above . , . .
desk, ' 'or some bare ' wall' ,1I/tpt or a of wil1dows, tlIes(, But .. flrat It wali ' .U rather '.
of the owne.r. .mIght he tor '. the foc/J'f breathless lIod 1Df0rmai. "Why
, t hi b t nOinlt. Plants. collections. are yoll bere?'" one 01 thelle
bt ures c go china or miniatures might be used DP's would be alllted, all he
ge . ler m gd e de on althwa l 0"; s lnall slielves on the windows to 'wall passlo. 'brou"h Samaria
near a eep 19m ow w ou \ . i .
frames of their olvil: Colored glue , cent,e!" aUent on. 01' AntIoch or Alexa.ndrla, per-
tape, to match !:ome 00101' in the I Even hallWIIYS can made tn- haps In the bread-Une, per"aplI
.' .;. d i th o r It lt I'd tercl$ting. If And cbeerless. looking for a place to' work and
"Well, ,. crlnned Paal, -; "., rapes or n e oom se WOU d ' 11 ht t th b .
serve to frame each of the pictures. I in uce g mo . . em 'Y meons seUle down. "I'm a refulce
you're !,erfo1;'s, fine .' . FamilY' llodra1ts might all be - of waJl, color . Subsblute pan 'rom. Jerusalem,'" he' wou,d
II my rar took 'to an :old trol> - , ' els ,01' wood. Shallow wooden ('11' lIay. "Bu' why"" "Well, I'm a
er ,Ike 'ou, It bcUer I 'Be ' Sma'rtl I' ttallS shelves on th!', gl ns.s Panels' ChrJs.tlan," {'\Vh",". that?" "
tban thought It bri ght en the . haU cO)'lsideral;lly . 1f So the story wQuia be ' told all
(aiding up a of pape.r . ... , --..,........:.----:-----......-or-' ij1e)" hold plants or colorful ja.r s l over again, the good .news .
tell by the elq)resslon on his on . them., . .. .t Ood's grace in Christ. So the
it wa's ,the col.ltraet. P anels might 'llso be .palnted a . church spreod.' Today,' an
, neutril l. "_"d- YOll could \lse . e normous part at the world' s pop-
feller," grlnned. decllis to the room I ulation is stili umlloo, tbere are
".You Idlled 'e.m. peslI tbe on !loch panel. Christians in so mil'ny lands
w::;a If the na 11 or any room is rath$!r I the Bible- all or parts of
"Why," he said, lurprlsed. "Dill
think I was mad? I wasnt."
"Don',t kid me, Those heckJ ers
bad ybu down 'or the count: ' .
' Well," grinned 'Paul, "It you're
serious that's fJne. I mean, If , my
gag took In an old trooper like
it eyen worked better
than I thOUght It would."
"Walt a minute," I 'lIald, begin
nin, to feel (unny. "What are you
getting at?" 'rhb ill the clallslc dress
"It wa. a ga" 014 horse. I hired IIt)'le or the time!. For the
three beckler. to elo the winter lIea.lIon fOU'O' find . It 111
know. make the audience feel sym aheer wools, drellllWelgbt .. ab.
pathetic toward me by having soath- ardlnea and sImilar rabrlo ' that
remark. hurled .. t me. Then J &ake 10 iaUorlol 1D .a
pulled m)' trick. My neW step. It lOme way. For the .prlnl
reaUy wa.n" much 9f a you IOn 1&'ls beClnolp, 10 appear ..
know. It-onlf leemed that wa,. The falPe _ad
,"udtence w.. aympatbl!tic, They rlcl.r BIlk IlIItI raYOD, aatl
would have 1Ilcecl anythlng I did," bandaome llDeM ". a wender-
He IfllUlecl "You lee, I WII .... Y RaHerlq ..... ' oMiII .it.
GO the alddl. I bid to tblnk of II1Im UDee UI14Ietv.... . ,,. U.
lome1hlnl. -t teO 7ou. "lend. 11 you 1-...... '" llllerlell ............ _
weal to Ita, In "tlde9l11. jbe.. bmtr1ed.r..,..,....
lOb' .. __ 10 be IDterpril 'IIds.&7le......... iii.,.
bare) and you do. not to, buy I. had to be t ranslated illto morethaq
any deeorl1t.lve objects. tor tt, a one thousand dJ'Uerent languages
sceniC. can do the work and dialects. . . .
of" tbese things. . 'I
AvoltJ Clutter
In Unto An. Men
Many rooms offeod simply bt! , ONE 0F THE MOST
cau:se' there's tQo milch In them, and' surprislng llttle
They're so busy they appear rest- years Is "They
less an.d create this fee1lng 1.0 ypl\ ,the Ohurch There," by H.
w};len you ent er. Many Dusen. It is .the elr!lmatie
ella Irs and other furniture' might how the American GI, to hili
be awatv Dnd used to bette\' altonlsbq'lent. foUnd Christians
In a hall that peeds cheer the most unexpected . places.
ing. . ft Is mJstake
Ornateness Is usuaUy to - bl ddok . lIlat the ClarlllttaD ra-
teal:ed more than plainness since If 'laf.,a I. onlJ' for Etalllllh-llpeall.
,df'S'llr01'1I the feeling of unity. High, lit; peoplel, or for Earopellllll,
r" .. "n" .. til" . pieces of furnlturf '. or for wldle people. n bepn
good Unei coul.d be trimmed - .aIIIODC "people wllOf:D Dlolt relUl-
so . as not to distract from . en or ...... cohUnD Woald lie'
basic good Une . appUn dInnI.. "'omlllen."
headboard. on bech, a. Chri.t can be a. mueb at !!,omf'
III. to hi,hly eurvaceoua Jep 11) an 11100 or. a wlpam a. be II
on some fIImlture. In an American fannboule or in aI,
..bave too mUcb pattern I. eWlllenc), apartment lID abe cit)
you mtaht h7 .Up. _ II6Ulevard. He com.. tcr'iu men
"' employinl plain. loUd and al Peter tOUDd out. the Lord .,
with tbe' primary Intere,. DO of per_.
texture 01 die fabl'ilt,
Qua'(ty Chicles
, ,bold nHt .pdnl' ",.,,1 T'ke .d /
. ntale oj BoolO', oPullndlnl cnlck
offe ... Cboote ,ollr deli ry a .. ",
s.ecid No. 1 - "00 h ... lrhy broil
chldu onl)'I2' _ . 3 we.k Ii .. tlilitj
II" .... O C. ... No. 2- 500 ",ud,
cbick,. ,II v, breed'i
o'n" Orden on,.ped, " ,.11
nOI exa. 20% puU ... ,- SPECIALS
NO. 1 Ind No Z ,1: 00 per lOO txtra '
, 10 Ie.. 'ban ,OD I"... S.atted' 1'"lf",. ,
Ipd . chlcll., 2 co lZ ...k old. All
b,.elI., Wriee lOt cOll1plote !>rlce lilt
Bool'ffI UTCHERIES. tpC.

Thursday, January 26, 1950 ,.
I Cut Personalized Sign
Out of Wood or Metal
Jut Out .Any Name and Number
i'HE PATTERN gives actual-
size alphabet and numbers de-
.igned for cutting your personal-
Ized sign from wood ' or met al.

Cuttlnl guides t or ",llractlve rramt's
" rc Included on Ihl. pollern which I.
number 320; Ihe price 10 25 cenlS.
Order should b. sen 1 dl reel to
Drnwer to
, Be dford 11111 Ne .. I'.rlt
Rural Telephones
The burea u of agricultural eco
nomics reports 'that Ii survey in-
dicates 40 per of all
farms In the United States had
tel ephones a's of July I, J949 This
is an inorease from 37 per cent in
w ........ " ............. ..
_lien fIIIIIp-eabr .... ...
lor .. cn.. cut Pri_ AlINI't.
reJiev.tI prompdv because
II gOes fI ght to the seal of the trouble
to help loosen and expel germ laden
phlegm and ai d nature to soothe and
heal . raw, (ender, inOamed broochi"
mucous mcmhrnnnJetJ your druggiJt
[0 sell you a baltic of Creomulsioll
""jlh the understanding you must Ub
the way it quickly all!'y. the cough
or ,.ou are 10 hue your' money back.
for Chest Colds.Bronchitis
"f te11 e\' er ybody about ORA. It'"
amnzing how quickly stains Gnd dirt
come ofT and how whito teeth be-
come." Mrs. A, C. Wheaton, Roch
ester, N. Y. .
BruBhi ng ca n tu in dentures. Use ,
nmnziog newORA Denture Cleanser:
Easy, quick. Denture is .pnr kll ng
clenn in 16 minutes I ORA i . gunrnn-
teed oot to harm denturcs. Removca
tobneco stains: All
A Product of McKesson & Robbins, lac.
H01 '
Are you solDe through the functional
"mlddl e- age" period peeuUar kt
wamen years) 7 Doea thlI mo.
you BUffer from hot Duhea. feel 10
net1lotAa, nlgnatnlDlf, tired? Then do
tl1' Lydia B: P1I1ltbam'. Vegetable
Compound to relleve such .pmptomal
Regular uae of Plnllham'. Compound
Mips build UP asatnat thl8
.nnoylng mldc1le-ase dlatre8ll1
-........ ..,.. ..........
JAl"tT,\R\' 20, l Dii ll
And , Pecka From' The Typewriter. Of Jim JOIte!.
eft /; J Ad,
Spa,rlans Swamp West Carrollton 'By , 54-32 Count
W -II' Ahe minimum charge, ' 2& oenu'
aynesVl e, V 10 Three In.ertlon. for the price
= of two_ Forml 0101. W.dnel-
The Wilynsdvlll e SJlll l'lIlm; jou . Slanl ey a n!! Hurhm EUI'IIhlll'l luul In",btll' o l '
ll llieJ'l.; l 'I'hiIlY Il l-Ill PII
rneyelil 10 Weat a rl' 0Itun last . Ilolllts clI ch. Wll ...en She lUI , 4 t l) :or' nl 1111 1'1 I w"OI1. T it ,:
F r ldllY ni ght nnd cilm bome a 22 nnd Lae O'Bunloll \ 3 Illod e tI " ff Ihe l'an lhpl'8 ilL ::l il l"
MONDAY 'fHRU FRIDAY - ' 7 P',M. . =====
= us for insuranl!e_ AIJ types of
POint Wl l1 l1e l' drlllJiJlng I he Pl rlit ea Cllllt'li Porter 's ha Ve now
5'1-:12. h lll'll \ orl J 2 (,Ul or' J.l ,!;lllll B nnd
all t! b'ull l Il SUhlltunliul lelld In out or Lboll' 9 IElIlgUo ' ('Iley
now huve II. tie 011 tbe langUe leilll
wi th Mas on. , WIlOUI Ihey' WEOL
n Xl wook III Muson. The Slmrl
aos downed 53-31 on, tilll
l ocnl hll l'dwuod enrllel' this yeal .
" '11 0 I' 'sorv '!\ fnil e d t o ' fur') UII
well ngnlmll the 1'I I'0l.e8 10.11", :l li
1 . 1(' 0 Iho 10l' IIhi
II ;: insurance at a savings. Call
E:E;, ' TIlURSDAY _ FRIDAY 26 - 27 Francis Gene Brown, phone
the filrst Quartel' und wel' e
hended .
!! , ILLEGAL ENTRY Waynesville . 2472 or call col-
. The Plratos mlly bay
good per eulngo or sho'ts as tb'3
apartrutls but Wll yneyvill e coull'uL
led th,o ' bank . bOll ld n nll lind I h
bull the bettel' I)al't of t he lime ,
teet, Wi 21 t 1.
= Fon SALE- White e namel l\lnj
THE YOUNGER BROTHERS estle !l ange !ltove. George Hen-
;;; (Technicolor) EEO ll e'rft on Pilon W 298
The lI(\orlri g wlla \Veil ' divided
Sparlrmll with. Jllfllt
:rlun'e,y leading th scorers Willi
] 6 nla,rke\s. S lrllPso n had 1/\
poinls rllJlnel'-u'p while Hllr.oltl
SUNDAY _ ' MONDAY , 29 _ 30 Coney Fur ' Coat; condit-
Ion. Owner leaving for Florida.
BUD ABBOTT and LOU 31w 3638. Mrs. George Bratten-
, '. MEET THE KIL.LER -== WaYlleavllle, R{)ute 1. 1-19-ilt
!! With Boris Knr loH 1&
Hel\' Type
Usable in Fields
, With DICK POWELL ' ;=;;
. .
m1111111111111111111 W111II1111111I111111111111II111111111111IIII IIIIIIIIImllllllllllllll lllllllllll llllllllllllllllllliliImill
Sell that pleco of farm machIn-
ery you no longer nted with a
zetto cl .. llfled acl.
Of All
Insulated Bricks and asbes-
tOft Siding. Sbeet metal wort
of all kinds. Local RerereJl'
cell. AU w'ol'll
Route S Wayneavllle, O.
Phone Waynesville , 2898
According to s ize and condition.
All Stock J;emoved promptly.
Hones, ,2.60 - CoW8, U,60
I!IIP - 26c per c"f!l.
Phone Collect
Xeaiia, 0 : 1712 or
Girl Scout News,
Tile Girl beld tbelr reg-
ul ar meeting on Jan, 19, 1950:
Learning to ti e all dlfteren
kinds ot knOlR wns tb mnln proJ-
ect, ,
The f ruit box for this walil
taken to Mr. W . O. Raper. .
At the cl08e of tbe meetll!g ull
the t roOp8 and leaders. went .IIS l{
body to aee Mrs. Brannock.
New. Reporte., ,
Zana. Mae 'FUlkerson
We wish to sincere]y tbank all
our fr iends alld neighbors for
their kind consl,d!lTatilln during
our recent berevement,
Our t!lanks to Mr. A. H. StublJs
fol' hi s effi Cient serVi ce and Rev.
M. H. Coffey for' bla . cOllsolln,
The Cblldren or
Mrs. Frances Brannock
We ,Wlllb to extend our 81ncere
to our rel_Uves nnd
for tbe many gifts; flowers.
carda ' we received on our Golden
Mr. and Mrs. J . tBert.e Jones
FOR SALI!}- FIBbing hue.. Hay-
rides, Barn dance I, . Vegetable and
Egg stand, 2 big barns, cDlcken
bouse, garage" corn crlb, ' 6 acres,
beautiful 7-room' brick: house with
aU conveniences. Tenan.t house
lbat r entll for $S5 per montb. en
Rt. 42, 2 miles north ot Lebanon,
Lelianon 602-R. ,
I ..A.UNDER.1NG- 'Dohe 1il Ill.>'
bome. ,QUiCk s lir vlce. Phone Way-
nesville 2986. '
Top SOil, Baulln ... ' Sand, . Gravel
El:cavaUnc Wltb Back Hoe,
prag-llne and Bnlldoser
Waynesvllle, Ohio'
Phone: Wayne.. 2111 01' 2248
, , ,
lo' OR SALE- '35 'CbevrOlet 1 'AI
tOll pllI'iel trUCk. Good condition.
Make an offer. W. H.
phone Waynesville 2,174.,
WANT.ED- 'Lady do O;ne;;l
BouBe Work and LaUDdo', ill my
home. fnQuire at the Miami
Gazette OUice. 1' 6-8t
at Davis Furnas Pit, 60 canta
cubic yard. We allIO deliver. :ARM
ITAGE .I: SON, Phone tf
WANTED- Ride to W .... bt Field
Area B. 8:00 to ' 4:S0 abUt. Pick
up near and MiamI. Walter
Bebrens. 1-6-3t
WANTED , TO RENT-.- Single
,&raIe apace near Third aDd W.'
ami streets In ' WaynenWe_ Wal-
BehreDS. 1-5ll
. FoR SALE ,..:. It bead breed
ewes, - I ,Lamb.
AlfalliL and Tlmothy bay, balled!
2 bottom- 12 Inch Oliver plow.
tack Ohapman. on Route 73, S
miles E. of Waynesville 119-U
Will Sharpen Mower
Blade While on Bar
A [lew 'I;ype of hay blade
sharp,ener which makes ,i t posl1ble
to' IIhlupen the .ordlnary
, llon dgM In the field w[thoUt even
it from the cutter, bar.
'thus Blivlng time and labor anet
maklme it possible to cut more hal'
hal been placed on th. IJ!U
ket ilY the New Carbide
Tool ICoJllpany, Inc_ .
Tlbe blaok Up .r Dew '&7Pe
II\01wer blacle eh&:rPeaer I.
.. oarliolci,. cer!llde,
bar<lleat metal oommerolaUy , Il-
ebtl!. Mower bled_ ceD be IbIrp-
eae. qulokl, ... e U)' 'ID ,the
'Oe1i11wt*' &bI. abarpeDer, ;.
, Tbe .barpenel' consist. ,of a .teel
iahanIr one-ball IIIcb Iquare aiuI
about.5" iona. chrllmll pUlted a, alnet
I'UIt Illd having rounded edgel 10
the tool can be carried ' .afely,
in the pocket. 'nIe tip whicb . doel
the actual sbarpenlng I, made , ot
llltJo-nard cemented car-
bide metal" wblch , .. 'attached 'u
c'urel), to the steel shank."
. To sharpen . mower blades with
tbls " cnrblde tipped" tool. the edge.
at the blade to be sharpened are
uncovereq. The sbarpeqer Ia held
LOST- cal'penter's agu- .In the band, palm down. The car
are In WaynesvlUe. D. E. I:nHllW" 1 bolclY tip h" placed on the mower
ford, Main st., WayoesviJte, Box blade at a bout II thirty-degree angle.
On& Way
Round Tr ip $3.5&
One Way R06
Round Trip $1.90
and drawn trom, back to tront on the
. OA:V170N, OHIO '193. 1-19-3t blade 1bree or fOl1f times. This pro
One Way $.95 .. FOR SALEl _ L!lrge oil. beat- ducell an sharp edge,
' Round Trip $1.75 er and white 6namel coal range: An" small burr which many
2 'o'epal:tur,9s Dall)' 3 Departurea DaUy. 3 ne'partures Dally ', 'coll.dltlOn. T . () . Lti':V. Bon 00 the. blade may be rerrloved ',by
. drll.'wlni! the carbide tip acrol. 'the
For Travel
U.S. T:\x ,Extra
Bargaina AllOver America, Call \' out
Friendly Apatt
- Phone Waynesville 3214, . 1t 1l0tltom of tbe blade;' ',"
FOaSALJj: - ' I!JI
eetrlc Aleo Base cabinet &,
hanllllg cupboard. Phone I Way - -
2781. It
Hom. Made Pie." And Ca'kee
Youngsters ' Drink
MOle Milk Them Girls
" h e 10 'Ilhl play b08t to the SPI' -
illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllllllllllllmlllllllllll lllllllllllllt
Compfete ' t1ome C,onltructlon
We will be glad to dIBCU.. your
buildln,g problema and . t:, 11 you
w,hat w,e can do,

Dead Stock, ,11.60 - Cows, ,2:60
Hogs - 260 cwl.
According to Size
and Condi tion.
Xenia 454
Revel'sll Churgtls , ,
Xenia F ettilizer

57c LB. '
49c LB. -,
Bulk and Bar Candy
Of All Kinch ."
Phone 2641
Li ve Wire all il 1:;> l'ogr esa)ve. An
organization seconll to none.
Stri ctly sellers pn tbe best all-
a round mllr ket In t he country.
For Oall)' Market Reportl: ,
WH'l e .oilY ton, 12: 50 Fl.S.'1', Dial
1300; WLW Clllclnnntl , 1240, Dlnl
, ...... ...., ..
...... .,.,.. ..,... .
1I... .......... ,
,... ....... _ .. -Iry
I ............ iI ..... fire
............ n
ot ...... t.u4 .... WI let 0 '-
fill ....,.. ... ywt ..... nl .
clay 1,,___ -"4 ..
Karl D. Dakin
PHqNE '153
Armitage & Son .
LEBANON .Offlce 47SK
' RES, '129L
, . QUc.t-TO'P DRJV U
'T All' aDd 'ROAD
==liii;::lO'\ Made ,on order .only. Way.-
:. 01::10' ,264<t . ft'r'" .-.erbert
FOR ' SALE - Sellers Kitchen
Cabinet. Reasonable. Phone Way.
264. ,it
Eteillll.e of B ,recent study should
be of; Interest to da iry farmers.
"Th,a study revealed tha'l teen.age
bOl'S drink ,nore milk than teerl
agj! glrJs, Eating habits ot school
bO;,11 and glrls. ill ,years ' at aile lind
In both city and high
8cbools studied tcir ' three

BEL 'C' H 'E R ' 'S
FOR SALE. - Ciover
Edwlil McCarrell, Rt. 3, Phone--'
. 3121 ) t
'n w .. Cound that 39 pel' cent at
-ibe boy. and only 22 per cent> of
girls drank I qUa'''I ' B day.
venlent location abl/ve Smith's -Most sincere tbanks an!l appro'
Restaurant. Call ,'any time I\lter lire extend,ed relatives,
6 In the evening. Mrs . PHEANIB, and nelgbbors ,tor their
Wayn'eBvlll e,; , , kln.dness, symtlllt1IY, ' ftoral boo
!)UElts, and cards', received. during
FOR SALE - Dodge 4-door thel paBslng ot Mrs. Johanna'
L'Ui IIlidan In ' No 1 condition. WaI- tin, our Wife and molher. We ex-
lei- H., Wllitaker, Srd tell1\L our appreciation and g"'U-
vlUe. lude nlso to Rev. Correy fOJ: bis
Foa .SA LE :- 4 cu , ft , ; neep
Freeze, like neW. $75.00 Jobn pre-
. ston, Phone ' Waynesville 1929'.
cOll80llng .wortle Ilnit tbe .Oswald
iuiteral I}ome ror their ctmsJe,lllratc '
Gustin and
'Place .. Orders Now
. ,For ,
Makes :E)iliveries
tain in' The Future.

IBml azette

Talking It Over
. .
Serving Waynesville Since 1850
It IS with both pleasue and re- N Ch'
. F N'
... ::.::- 0 ,.' . anc. ,e , or . atu' raJ' . as We regret tbat .we will be
leavlDg WayuesvlUe. but we are,
glad that the Gazetle wUl con-
Unue under the very capable
management of an experienced
and neW8paper man .
Although we bave ' had the 1I1e
asure of ])roduclng your home
Paul Scherer
,Is New Owner
Of. Miami Gazette
Power Company
Says Proposal
Is Impossible '
town newllpaper only a libort time
we have come to regard WaYDtII!.
vlUe 8e bome' and have come to
know lIome 81,)len.dld people who
'I'bere is no possl'bllily or ..
we 8ball mils. '
StarUng next week The Miami
'ral gas tor at tbe
all Ita faults. and what
Gaz,ette will bave a new publisher
presellttltne .
small town Isn't plagued with
owner. (or the sale
Gene Brown, represen
many of tbelI!-. Waynesvl11e, . Wf>
'Of the Gazette by Mr . ' and Mrs .
tlng tbe WaynesvUle Civic CIllb
believe can become a growln!/:
'l' il C
conrerred ,vltli. Robert E Find
and progreaa ..... e cOJl)muoJty.e It
e onOVer t.O lIfr . Scherer. have
1 r ) L
is possessed w'ltb' mallY' natural
been cOll1pleted aid Mr. Scherer
aSBets and Is situated In a dave'
III assume operation o( tlie pub:
uatlon late last week .
loping IndustrIal and urban arell.
lIC4l1on Fell. 6 .
Comvany Informc\l ' MI' .
During the past we have
A neWspaper man and printer or
Brown that ouly lw;; tlompunh.lij
recorded many step's' In the right
long experlen,ee. Mr. Scherer
In ' Ohlo ure . P !'mllLod to Ul.J) til'!
direction. the founding of PTA
abilve III Bill Lu\<enfl be lIew 'I'exlts 'I'mnarulssbm d th I t d comes to the Gazette ' trom the
lllP"s line lit Lh " &'US nt time
an e II ans ot 1', new gra e
H '
Ing crOBS '0 0.1II 1116d by Duyton "
achool. During the (lomlDg
ortsman PrllnUog Compauy oC
U :11;1.\)1'11 Gut< COlllpllny "lid the '
we w1l1 alway. receive with '
I llanon, "Hla p1revtous experience Private DeteCtlvA Merlen with tll,l) OhiO Fuel (Jus omplwy 11.1'6 tap-
erelt news of turthel' dev.elov-
tn and PUblishing uS.e ' of n lit) detector. W.llching ill IllIIg lhe' 1l11)1l, 11)10, Illit .It Is no:
ment ' and ptogreB8 ,
field Includes . alsoclaUon with Sgl . Connelly of. the Dllyton 1'0) - lJl'obnble thnt other Iincs will LI\\l
It 11 our hope tbat tb. Recipients of congratulations from many' friends and
Ice. Thel act was part of a dem- ,IL In the future.
t.lidenta of .tbll comm. uutty will neighbors in this vacinity have been Mr. and urs. J. OahJt 1'leuan't HIU and onl!traUon given b. y Merica at a Tbe. nearest Dayton Light l\uJ
tl t I
... Ir Int.r
.. ... . ",&wD. I.., .
Power gall line Is term.lnated III
con DUe 0 .... - Jenes of Lytle. who celebrate{\ their IMlden wedding ... .. M
t Le'" l d
._ 1 I _ t W b "'6t
ar , anu ra . togeliler recen ... on program presen e Bellbrook nnd the tlOWIJauy
es >u oca aLia. fll. e ope UNO at their home January 1 t. Mr. and rs .:Jones were' born' an Ith t tll t d t
wtl1 , .,
,. l1elr fou.r BODS will estab. by MaSHie Township not believe that demand tor nnLU b m ed
res ence In WaynesvUle In at tbe Harveysburg High School. 1'11.1 gas' In ' Wa"Desvlhe, oulll wu
e vo era ,an , all pl"era . raised in walne 1':0 . wnshlp, they have been residents of Lytle l'-L '1d . ecome ore concern w , ... e for the past 5 years. ... ...
' J
prOblems . ot 10e&1 , CO.,.rDJDeIl

- _8 neal' futuna.
rr.ent extensIon oC thlD line. It
We bope that the mRllY sllortco-
. ,
Conover.. are leaVUIg the
may be possible thllt , nt' on tlnl'"
mID" of ' WaYUI l1Ie:. 1c)ce,1 '0'9-
Quette to pubU.h thl! West' Llb T F H serious consideratiOn will be gl'
ernmt!nt wID be Improvecl by . ITIM.
, Banner, Wett Liberty. Ohl.O' . wo rom ere ven to the eslension of tills lille
th1l lncrellled conc.rn. ___ . ________ .;..._-F-O-L-".l..-y-O-U-K-N-O .... W- ' .. k,ey. wltb their ehU4ren. DaVid
More interest has been shown
FlnaUy. we .. dab to eatend our
aDd Nancy An.n. wl11 leave Way R F 0'6 In natural gas in w,aynesvl1le (1u
deepeet appreclfttlon for tbe fine
tor West LI.berty In lbe DO er II lee ring the past week. evell so.
patronage and cooperation w.
. 1I.-r future.
tbe response baa been very Ught.
have received from W.JD8I"We
' Paul FIsbbaugh. who . joined the
Jnqull'les have been received by
and 'tbe near ' b!
Gazette staff Ilbout two monlbs Two Waynes'l/11le residents will tbls paper from many aC4ttcrct,l
We. hope that lbla patron-.. wlU
'agO. ,wnl' remain to uslst the rUII for oftlce on the Democratic scources locludlDg l.!ytl.e Ilnd
be eSlended to Mr, Paul 8eJaent. "'''''et "n. Rye
ne.w publisher a short time' for Warrl-ln cQunty In t'h,e reBldents of ,long W>\1te 48 : area
:. "ew own.r. W . - -- - ... -
ud then will " join lbe Banner
lIouth of Cente"llIe,
.. -.. --- . t
. next eLection.
tbat . ypu will flnc1 Mr: ScherW Uve bad .. their cue.ta. belr
etatf at WeBt Liberty. ' "
Moat . persona explalDed that
,both a flne crafte, and a .pl- 80l1li. IIr. CIIar_ B,e a'nd Mr ,
Tlulse tnlnancUons were al'J'an- 'Y' Brl,lddock wtU tluIV would welcome la,
endld nelpbor. " Barl a.,e, wbo are stlldenta ' at 0.
pel by 'Bert Elml",. DIlyt.on real. ' tempt til ' secure "election aK .. eo: to t1;le UDlaand, \
-Ted COIlO" S. U. aa4 DOW. , baV8... tlaelr
lOr". ' I. ' , to we Ohlo bottle IU. but of, ex"
p .. 'tIaeb' dalll1lter. JIIu GI&
t, b 1l f th , oAr
B7': . atn halt .... J...G ... i4Ilt. .............. IlillI.:.: ...... lSdWV"" .. .,..j;.4_ .. IiIiI ..... .... _ '. t,.. , . , ' ' e, e , a r ' e USe "'r
e er BoaJt Ia running tor eo- .
NEW CENTURY 'CLUB ote ClDolDakU. . ezaJo,ed aDd, durlnc tbe ple.aant LAG. BEHIND, QUOTA '
" lioue'ehold allpllancea _m'bstI1 .
. IIr : Altoa " JilarDhart ot Pallid- 1IOOtal hour d.lnty refreShments Word bll8 been ' received b)' the unty , commissioner. served h. 'ITbe laylng of natural gas pipe.
MEETa AT "'Lt.1 Sq, Oblo' wu a . w:eU.eDd,a.t wu:. ."enecl: l. , Gazette from Mrs. Nellie K. Bol .thls capacity sevel'a! years ago. would cost a vast amount fit
, The New: Celltlll'Y ClUb ,: oLJlIa pas:enta; IIr . nd liN. A. .' < ' Imer, executlv4! secre'tary of .the
money ' alld .It is doubtful i t the
Ruth Cb.,.. ... 'er u baR ... ; H ..... _ .. __ . . j .. Mr. aDd Mra. Lawrence Cooll: Warren CQUDty .'r.B. nnd Health ' . '. 'company installing the lines woo
........ ...... _..
ASBn . t';al thlls county's Christ- WALTON-HARTSOCK ld e ' liz'" uf"clent i coni
inet for Ita ' JIUlIIIh')' meedJIa at
wm eJltertaln the CGuncll for tho , '1
U ev r . ren ., sf.!' . n e
the Preaton Far Rma party IIr. and lin, WUllam StroUBe February :meetlD. mas aeal drive' Is sll1l lagglnc be- WEDDING to tbe InilllLJ' eltpeDBe
, __ I........ 8 .
hind the Bet Quota,
HoUle. ' eut_ ..... _ to uJUla" cllDMr. Mr.
t . t, In 14 recent ceremony pelfol'm
and I1(n. J. J. Barak. abd lin. lIr. ud lin. 1Iart1D Borrs SO ar . tile association lacA's ,
Ai th.OIl.DIn, of the meetIDI Leah Ift1Ja. laonormc the blrth'clll1 and D,tty Lamb vi. '860 to meet tble Quota set tor the cd al the Ferry Church 'of CJarlst.
the' prelldellt aeked all to' .\aIld or Mr. and Mr . lted lira. Bo.,. family. Mr. and curreDt drive. A J.ast minute ap Miss Ruth Walton of Dayton. Q.
[or a moment of sUence in mem- Eunke.
. lin.\ II.,.. at Jiloorehead. peal Is being made to all tbosfl was ulIJted marriage to ' AIr
' pry of Mrs, Oharlotte SqpP. a
Ky. ov.r the week.nd. who bave not contributed . Jamell S , Hartsock Jr . Bon of
mucb loved memb4!r of .our .. Club .. . uar "'-_,,_'" O D. ' ot
Mr " and Mra . J :' S . Hal'Laock ot Mr. Mllton Sbee-han of Center-
. ... ...... _........
,S. S. ElUs of Waynesville 18
. Twenty-one me.mJlerl aDawered the __ ... ...... on of At.. . . ... ' .____ Mr . anet Mn. J .... - Fromm bad.
near Waynesville . ,Mr . and Mrsl ville called on (rlends ,and , relat
....... _. loll 'f' __ ...... cha! , rman of tbe dl'1ve .
. .. ... d .
tbe roll caU. ' olua at the Hllh' SCboOl. anine'': ai hou.. cueala 4urJn, the paat
Chllrl.el Walton are the parents ives at the nome on mOn af
Atter tbe routioe buslnell t4 a .trht .... lD' tour at tbe Frl- Charles' of MR1r SUSIE [EviNS ot tbe bride. afternoon. '
rlnlahed. the program Plant 'n Dayton on and lin, . lIa,. !lanta
of "HON'OAED . ON alRTHDAY Tbe church. was beautifully and Dr . Emma. , Holloway. Mra.
C. T. Ema anll Mra. D. C. _da,. e'f8DlD, u4, .m0lll tlloe . Lltle . Tbe,. were joined .at Mr. . Anoabelloe entertaln- simply '4ec
ted and Bryon Car- Olive clil'l,' Misses OIlvc WUlIams,
Ridge. was ,glven charge, lira, wbo enjo.,ecI tllia event ,SUD4Q' tUDner b, Mr, and Mra ed at her RJ;lartment In D,ayton ver performed the double ring MargaN) Edwarda and Mary 1I0B'
Ellie introdnced Mta. 'l Mabel IIr . and Mn. Willard Le4lofd M ... RUth, DUII.ctt Tu .. day or laat week in bonor of ceremony. Mrs . B. Jonea oftered' ton were dinner guests (In . Sat
Gowdy of Dayton WhOM aullJe9t or Carllale. Kn. StaDle,. Hunt and Mr. Wlie' of Dayton. Mn. Susie EvIlUl8 86tll a program of wedd"g music anp urday evening ot Mr . and Mi' .
was "Poetry!' Mrs . Gowdy Ia and Mr . . and Mrs. Don' Charltu1). .' Mra. A. 'b .. GrUfy ber The following guesta !.re- .. r Roscoe FUrnas.
Buch a lover of poetry and nature" 'Franklin. Mr. Mra. May- bome oD . Wec1nelll&., attemoon, ., ent: Mnh-Robett,.....$uma.t
b_Belf lbat abe lucceedl a4mir- ri ot
M Love YOIl Truly,." At the' cnmple- Mrs : Lee Mason of 1(ason can
ably in' trans( . erring. her 'en, . anJIaa
?_ with lIra.- Bey.' a, sSe Carrie. 'Lucy Emily, and rs. tlon ot the\r VOW8 the couple lme" ed 'On , bel' sister-In law . Mrs,
.. ... _.__ 110 to ber' oard. clUb. . Three ,J . H. 8ambaulllh . '
lalm .her audience. . Mr . . and Mra . . Do. Wat1tlns. Mr. tabl.e. : w.r. In play. wltb Mrs ____ , eled as Danny Hartsock Bung tbe Alice Clark On ' SlIturdllY atter
Sbe many wvelf aDd Mn. VerDOn SimP'OD and Jake' Mrs . Charles ' JIUD- 80UTH WAVNE "Lord's Prayer'. " JUBt before noon.
{Tom tbe l!'"'ta ud a few, clau,lat.r. Mr. and Mn. K, M . '. Mn. Ev.rett Marlatt. Mra. Ed' . COUNCIL MEET. . mloJater I Introduced tliem ' to the , Mrs . Dr . of Dayton
.from of an b d.te
Reta111ck. aD4 Mn. Ea,uart. ROllklna. ' Mn. . 'l!lUsabeth !Jull" Mr . and 'Mrs'. A. H . I!1tlrnhart audience the groom ,' De ' called MISSels Annie and Mama
Tbe iub .... ect IDJl er 0 er a - IIr. J. B. Crabbe. Boben Wtl. lin. Lon Beckett. Mra. Jennie entertained on ThUraclay evenID,C. C&uae'"
0 . hla Browu on , Monday afternoon.
ecllon.s v!'rled' and for an 8On. Hobert 'or". BeD Bt'e,. .. Mrs. Rant" ' tbe South Wayne Cou- Tbe bride was wve,ly in a
!tour we' were hlgbly entertalned. ' 'WI11Ialn LlJikoua. RalllJr Satter. lira . .K. 0 .. Grift'1. Mra . Frank ncol .. for the recular JaliU(lTY me: ,own of white satin (lnd boquet Miss Gertrude Chal1dler and
At . ter adjournmen\ the CIUD .,.11' ., thwalte. if";"" Davia. Earl , v.o", - C L' Palm ' th .i__ _ C E St nf tb ' of white roses. , Her fatber gava MIISII Mariel Sayre of Norwood
h d
-, Ill. ... _ ... n. . ; er as I) e...... ..ra, . . a or pre'
joyed a social our aD an Audrey Charlel Baucb- pelt, '
her In marrlag.4\. were dinner guests ot Miss ,bau-
tract . l.v. " and . u1 detllleri. _ .... .,. ... D, _ q 'h-.... , ... _ a, ...",np
aldent. pre8lded 'over the buslnell. Her bridesmaid was ber si,ster. dler'!! unt. lIss Rutb 'Chandler
_ ....... _ __ w..
s8l810n 'alli'l Mr . S, M . BaU con
courae wae aerved at amail tablel or bth IchOol Itudenta tb., Mr. Bringman and dueled tbe 0 dlsl:U8,l
o 011 v.arlnwi ;Francea Walton, iW'bo was drepe- on S.unday. :
approprlatel.7 &nil tasterully I1'OUp, .., Mra . HalT7 B&Mon or Upper Sa' .-...... tll. ,U'r . ft.'lmann. ,organl. ed In aqua taUeta and untried S 'MI"" u 11 t . b n
corated for Valenune tlple, ,', . Obi
called on Rev. and.......... ... DiLl boQuet ' or pin\[ r08es. Mr. Virgil S8 1ual'y , - l1g 0 ... e ano
; MfI, D. R. Smith was a . glleat 1Ir.. aDd lin. LJJD&Il Day were llra-B" It! Coleman }nat Thura. AUon director, added some fin" Lontaere w'ali the best Iilan> Gene visited ber former teacher. MIs8 b
SlInd ., e"....... CU .. ta of .lit: -
re.marks. adjournment Wal' ton and "'---e Mark Hart. 4:onle Brown. , on Sunday after
of the Olte.a.
..- meet wltb. Mlr. and M. n . l ,. J. '""'
. , 'BDd' .,ra. Hairy SatteJ1bwatte.
IIOCk. were tbe ushers .
... Bev. aD M.r,l . R. B .. Coleman Bunke io February. a deUcloU, .', h
A waa held In, t e . Miss Rutb Cb,andler wns ' host-
Mr. and' lIra. J. J. Bunke aDd vtltted frtend. ' at Upper Sandul- dellert courae 1,,1,1 served to the h b b ' t l ' d '. ,
c urc alemen par or an was ess to the New Club on
ARTHUR .n. Mr. aa,d ' 1Itj. W .. III1 ....... BU'ou,e Iif Sunda., evenlD. and, Monday. and .ruests; Mr, . and b d
attended y about one huo red Frida v ' afternoo. n at Far
' PENN8VLV"NI'" wen SUDdQ- . .' e:veDlD, 1Il8lta of'
lira. (llarenc
'Sarve)' aDd dall;: ' . wl J
ERIE " "
U'_ ... et Mn GO"- Frve and ' j frlenda antJ . relatives wbo sli- ' Rliis Pa' rty House .
I . IIr. aDet 1In. I'red JJUnkIt in """". -, , . ' .... hter and Mr. Ralpb Ba Imann or
Arthur M. Zell, a rormer. re.....
.oDa .,..,. J!rIc1a, eye.ninS dtnner Lebanon ,'
ed much llapplness to the young ,Dr . &,rid ' Mrs. Gale Russum d
'ent ' of CorWin'. dIed at hla ItOme
peats or IIr.' and ' Ml'S..: Luther
d!tll ' M g at Ru iu . o(
Mr. ud Mrs. Davia I'u . .:.. _ B----.. ."el _...
The church was decorated Vilry ,an 88 8f ar , 8 . m
in lDrle. Pil. J'anuary 26. 1160.
.- -- ............ - , -_. BILL LUKENS
Dayton visited their aunt. Miss
, .... oy ... , a t.w w ....... In l'Io-lela
lovely with green Ine. boqueu'
' wu the lIOn of Mr. and Mn: ... III . .. .. - ". 111', ' and lin . .Jobn Gona .nd . ATTENDI LaO,lON . EISIONS 'of chrYsanthemums and palma. Ma.rg,!-ret Edwards on at-
J'ohn , Zell. . Mill . y.,oo. Stubbe of DowllD. ..Ide... bad u Sundaf dinner !1111 Lukens !'ost C die 11 h d th cb "ch. as the ternoon. t
HaVlD atten e ... Green wu a week.nd cu_ IIr. UI4 lin, AI Schoel ' &16 American I,.4a,ion at t e our- ceremonY ,was ."errormed.
, th Corw'"
h F aD II g te e u, .' Mr. and Mrs. John Hilt and
Icb.:.ol until h ."u i6 ,eara, of. CU8lt , of her ' parellta, IIr. and ... an4' Mr. aDd lira. Wade Fuk t,II Dlatrlct meletlng at Odord Tbe bride Is a regb.tered nurae little son. Jobnny. ot Sprbigtteld
age he. 10 the autumJi Of 19Ot.
II0 1ItW. ' ..,; H. 8tubb' l 111M Stubhl toll of DaJum. Mr. and Mra. Mat Bunda.,. j and. 'll'Ilduate of MIIUDI Valley were of Mis8 Ruth Chand'
Ted tbe vlclnl(y of GraD e, 'WW .,.4 .lb. "bet1r.. ..ID... Uaw TanIII .... aoa. In ce1ebra. There are IJver 10.!)09 Lellon HOlpltal. The groom worka for ler Sunday evening.
Oblo Wbere be enlaNd' prepara.. ter" n.caUoll wltla frSaDda In CI.- ' tIoD of tile bII1JIda7 umlveraarlea In tbe Fourth Dlatrlct tbe .. Rowel! ' Co. Inc . of
tory Ichool that be JDllbt prepare ,"laDet. , .., :' .or IIU1e JaU. CJoDI anc1 Mrs and a IOIJ. or 16,000 members ball ' . t.or DeDlllaon UDl.,...ltY.
8Gboe1er. 111'11. 00l1li. eJiteruWied been .. t.
IN COLUMBU'S' from which be craduated. ODly a lin. .I..... Stoopa ' oJ Van .. poop of little tolU Saturdsy --..,,,, ,,,,--- abort period. after his marn.a. Wen an4 .N. 1I&rJ' '" aItenlOOD. tor .J1IlIee 1I1euure alld TAX TREND baa he Jlvecl III thII commUDltY. Co11U11lbua are aaalaUDC IIr. J'ra- ..... were -.toJecl .... With HIIb'er taxe" are almoat uuanl Bfa ,",k took blm to odl.r. loca' Holm .. , at lbe bailie or .'" the call. an4 iee cream. DlOWII, oppoaedi ID Coqreu. de'
ancJ lin, Loy4 Dan.;
8111&8 the augfStlona pf Preaf.. Abo11t a year aao ... Ilealdl ...
""'1'11 On... 11 wm IDHt 4eat Truman. Ratber thaD r .... laD to .laD, him to .. 1ft TELIlVIlIOH _ ID ....... .nd. OD 8aUlrd&J ...... tax... t'-e apparent lelea 1I UP Ida work.
Wltll aIIoat 1,700,000 televldoll .......... wItIa IIIOl't tu loopbo.... tllbt. lIeelcI .. 1IIII.IlJ fdIIuII. Ide wile. .... . IA ... ..... tuJ'. ..... ..... .... a lirlef pro. ...rorcemeot tbt. uh 1ID1I1o,....ent AaNIIa. two ua4' _ ......... tIIat ,... tollowt4 ., ..s DUtY. of ad4Iu.aa1 .. eDt. an4 to p .. pu4aIdI4rD lilt , ..una to ., ............. will ....... .".... ... will ... .m.J at .. u.e dm'e for 8COII01II1 In GoYel'll-
... laP. ' . . ... .l1li .... ,... .., _ ...... . ___ .... roll
p __ J_
8ponaored By
Home Economl.c Commtttee
Farmera' Gran,e
FBB. 11. 1960
.. to 8 P.II
li"fmone Welcome IOc
Joaeph McCoy was 110 speaker
when tbe Ohio State meeting of
tbe BUals was beld In Col\llllbua
Sunday. 29. at lbe Nell
. Ro1Df). .
Ctuu aU over Oblo were
l'epreaented at tbe meet1D& .
OD W.eclnesday mornlnc at 1:00.
Josef McCoy s])Ok& before cJau.
.. ot AIlttoch Colle,. at Yellow
SprlDp. lit. IIcCor .pok. on the
__ I __ III_. ___ "lIII."b._"' ___ ._ billa faI&il, . .
AHlee Promise.s 'Better' Socialism;
Amvets Supp,rt 01 Bon,us Proposals;
U.s. War Potenlials Oains Reciled
!lDITOll'S NOTE I mi ,Inl ar ........... I. II ...... llmU". Ih.,. are Iho of '."1'. H ,.per tJDJe. aDt DO& D.o rU'. nala p r.)
ThIa Is lJae bbraDCllIeD .... P b's "FlJiDI ())oud" as It left
Ita RobueD pier to I1IIl the (JblDeae NaUoDalIfl blockade fa
Sbaqbat. It II a aliter Uip to &he "FlylDC Arrow" whloh "a.
he&rilT shelled by VhlDese 'lbe move was belnl made
despite 11. S. ltate department wamlDp to 11. 8. Ihlps to .tay
0111 01 lJae bIocakade area. lasel.. VaptalD Nlcbolas DeniD. '
.... pper of tile "F1ylll&' (JIoai!."
'Attlee Stancls Pat
On the surface, least, there
were no qualms over possible reo
IlllIts and certainJy no promises of
, I%etorm as the Labor ,party in Eng
,lmd Iouci1y procJalmed that it
would stand for more and "better"
aoclaIlam II It were , retumed to
power in the February elections.
QBVIOUSLY, the overthrow of
the Soclallats In" AustraUa and.
euller. in ' New Zealand, didn't
mean a thlna to Prime Minister
Clement Attlee and his admlnlstra
Uon. . .
The part)' dn power In Great Brit
ain laid' down Its plaHorm in a
8,OOO,wo.rd . manl(eatp. ne ' plat
form Included:
"Wl.e development" of the ad
ministration of aovernment medi
cal l,Byice.s and other welfare
(ooe of the mOlt hotly
dbputed of : .0clallU Innovations).
MUTuALIZATION of inIurance'
II, ownenhip by polIcy.bold-
efl, '
Jobl for 'aIL
10 SI;o.sucticm.
, costs and IncrelSln, imPorts. _
More aDel dleaper, food. '
A home for every famil,y.
private enter-
prise ''behlrid price rings ' and
rlUed markets."
"realllltic" manner, aDd willlni
lIMa to cooperate with Russia. a.
"with allJ' country that Is
prepared to work for peace and
friendahip. "
Strengthenln, of the auoclaUoil
of the' commonwealths and At-
lanUct pact. .
AD. ambitious program surely
and ooeJ ,which must command
i .ome , measl\1'I! ,of It only.
for Its ,declining to retreat in the'
. face of what ,"Ight seem to be I
danaerous Illtuatlon. ' .
The govemment Ilnnounced It
was aoln, to "give awa,." some
of . the enormous stocks of potatoes '
which it bought to keep prices up
.... but. as tbere was a catcb
to It. ' Not everyone could get the
potatoes, and it wall not as "free"
as it appeared.
THE P!)TATOES, it ' eppeared,
'wouId eo only to the school luneh
prorram, the 'bure,au of Indlan af
fairs, public and private welfare
agencies lD this countrJ and prl.
vate aaencles doin. reUd abroaCt.
However, tbat wai a move whlcb
should elicit no criticlsm, Inas
mucth as It savored more of Intel
Uaent ,overnment JD action than
m,C/St bureaucr.tic actions.
, Here', the catch: . ,
FOR the school lunch; some
private . InsUtutlonll. the ' ",lve-
away" prorram, means they vJlll
have to start something to
,et potatoei they once aot ,vlthPu,t
baviD, to .pa, out a nickel. , The
reasoD for It was explalnedo Is
that for many ' years the '. ,ovem
menl bad a aurplusoC.roP di,polal
proaram, for wbleb 'conlJrels ap-
propriated funds. Tbl. ' meant
moCUtie. be delivered to
.chools tree.
Now,' 'all that'. cban,ed, there
II. nO free-deliver"! fund, 10 schOOl
lunches will have to pa)' transpor-
tation for Ita "free' commodities.
Added SuppOrt
The batOe linel for the fIght to
obtain .. bonus , for., veterans of
World War n has been strengtb
ened by IUpport from the Amvets,
a World 'War n organization .
Meanwhile, the Veterans of For-
elan, Wars rllnewed Ita long-stand
Up & At 'Em!
Appllrently eager to accept every
rebuff as a challenge, Presldent
Truman' let it be known that be
would "light aU summer.': If nec
essary, to obtain Clongressional ap'
proval of his civic rights program.
THE PRESIDENT made It very
.pla./n that he desires every memo
,bel' of congress to be put on rec
ord regardinlil the program. The
highly controversial Issue t 0
which the PreSident Is 8tUl battllna
caused a split In the Demooratic
party ranks durlna the 1948 preal
dentlal campa lan-and promises to
dQ so IIi/pin.
Tlje President Will particularly
Incensed with the coalition of 10Uth
em Democrats and northem Re-
publicans which stands ready to
oppose the program to the last
The measure ovel' which there
has been bitter recrimina-
tions would establish Ii. federllI
commlssion to combat dis crimina
Uon In tbe hiring of Negroes and
other minority groups. '
THE SOUTH. usually roc k
ribbed in its stand fo'll the Demo-
crats, doesn't want the measure,
and Its represl,lntatives ' pre.
pared to resl,t It In ever)' ' way
possible, the usual rec(lUrSe being
parliamentary proceciure anci the
rules of tbe senate. '
Precipitation of the row came
with the effort by opPonents of the
program to do away with a house
rule which would let the hoUQ
take away from committee a' bID
botUed up for a, many al 21 daYI,
UnW last year the bou. rules com
mlUee , coulci &tWe leal&laUoo to a
areat. deeree IJT holdin. up such
billa as It choatl.
opponents that power
Mr. Truman was hopinr
n,taneuver would. b. defeated.

Cash, Please!
In most of the Involved
IItrulile of the coal miners and
thetr leader, Jotm L. Lewis, VI . the
coal , operatorl. the workers were
able 'to c;:redlt at company'
stores 'and thus manage to exist
tbrough long .trlke perlodl.
In the current phase of the ever
recurrent cont!loversy. that wa. the
case until a few week. 8110 wben
rebel miners, ' bucklnl Lewis'
threeday work week order, went on
strike. Sbutdowns occurreci in six
caalproducing .tates as ' rOvin,
bands of pickets flouted Lewu'
rehab declared they were tired or
worjdD, a tbree-day week aDd
wanted a .'abowdown" 1o \heIr;_
pute with, the operators. The,. were
fa!llD1 back on , th8 old 'mine,
Ian: "No contract-IIO worJc:"
But "thla they
a move whicb Would havti arave
ellect on their politlon. MIne owo-
replled with a polley of their
own,: . "No work-no credit." Sev.
eral lar,e compl\niel, .. includin,
tT. S. Ste"l and mo.t opo
eratora, told. the miners 'tbey would
aet credit at cqmpiJl7
.tores whll. the,.- ata:red awa" from
work. .
Hog Resume
Pelletized Feedings
Post-War Availability
. Of Dairy Ptoducts Helps
MilD)' ' hoa breeders . bave re1uc-
1anlly dropped sklm milk and
dairy byproduct. ' from their bog
rations It) the past few years.
Although farmers for generations
have recognized the values of milk
products 'tli' boa feeding, several
have frequently influenced
Ithem to forget or Ignore those val
ues. ' , ,
But now that dairy byproducts
can be adapted to selffeeder 'and
!abor - sllving feedIng programs
through pelleUzlna of the. products,
ItaUoDi which IDDlude peDet-
bet1 ,dalr)'prodaots produce
,DhamploDa nch .. til'- one.
.Thlll RampsJihe, UOWD br
Jamel VolD, lewa,
, '1''' ara. champion oyer an
at the UfdI Iowa state
Fair, .,
, li
tlile)' are ala In retumirla to their
traditional Place in more and more
lilla rations, , '
This Is indicated in a lummary
of 1949 .tate fair resUlts IcrOSI
the wdwest boa belt, which aeem.
to reemphaslze the feedin' value
of ,milk byproducrta and points up
the fact that they can be fitted Into
.elffeeder programs.
, :the Summll'1, prepared by, Kraft
fotocla company, shows a total of 12
Championsblp prizes and. 10 ilrat
pr.lIea won at alx bll state fairs
.D4 &b. l1atloDll barrow lbow b;,
bO,11 fed a pelletized dalr)'
lD thii1r rations. " .
Bilts Blamed for Spread
Of Mesquite JPzODa
Delert rats tbat" ,ather
fee!d. store It in 1ha1l0w cache
anci leave maD)' of ' the.. uneUI . '
are planters of
.eed, TIll. I. one
CIU... of the rapid iJi. .
arall,. rant, laDel. by
mated that ball recelvl!4
60 millon ' doUars ID credit
the ."no-da,.week" and 'the thi"
. day weelt went Into etfect. 0tIiei-a
' said It wall lust bad bUsiness to
,keep, extendinl cndlt
conditions. " I
',rllUI .there appeared to be buUd- 1'le'NI,!!"
In, .uP a situ a tlon rUe with danaer-
OUI jIOsslbllltles. If the strike. con-
Keep Posted on V.lues
IJ Beadlnc the Ads
Switc"ing to Grain Drinlc '
cGII He/p Young 'Cl(tftO/d
"I thought my
shaky llerves
were due tQeet-
tlnlr older. But
my doctor
blamed the cat.
feln in coffee
and " suggested
a switch to
ness is com
pletely gone and r sleep and feel
80 much betterll'
Are "cotYee makIng !IOU un-
comfortableT Jittery by day? '
Sleepless at nlghU M!lny people
-young and old alike-have found
the answer In switching from, colfee
and tea to POBTUM. . ,
SCIJN"FlC FACtS: Botb calfee alld
tea contain co6ein-a drug-a nerve
stlD\ulant I So While mllny people
can drink coffee or tea Without ill
others eulfer
eUarelltion, sleeplela ni,bts. .Hut
P08TUM contains no caem or other
drug-'fIolhin, tllGt CO" po,liblJ/
CGlUe .Z.e>ple'aM8I, indige,titm, or
turtlGttmU, t '
POSTUJI today-drink P08TUM eltclu
ah'ely for 80 day See if POSTU ..
doesn't }le1p you, toot to sleep better,
feel better, enjoy ife more I ..
made from Healthful Wheat and
Bran-100'}6 A Product
ot qeneraJ .
Thursday, 2, 1950

ns. in Just 7 day In one ahort week
a IrouP 01 people '\fbo Chan .. frorn Iheir
old dentifrlcwloC.. tootbPo,wder aver.;
aled '33" IftIl ." IIOImlllio I
Whr DOl c ....... to ywnelft Bu,
" Joar '8
feeth caa IW& Iooltlnl
6rl,,.,,, te-now 1 ,

c ox
.... OWN ... .... ..
R .....
rSHOULD A rol OVER) . .
40 SlOP' _OKING?
Chaui to 1.110-
. ' ",., CipeIfe ..
adViiae. them to' aiva BADACOL
trial. ,
M,_ 'Eamhardt was suf!erinr from
a laek 0' B and the Mine ....
als . whlcb HADAqeL contain ..
HADACOt comes to tou 'tn' Ilqui4
form, .easiLy assimilated in the bloocl
stre,m 10 tllat It 'can IrO to work
riabt> alVay. '
u. S. Gains Cited ;
Ing bonus ,
THUS, two major veterans' or-
. aanlZatlonll Itandina' shoulder to
. shoulder on' the proposition that
tlnued and and their
Ues faced. actual hunger and wal}t.
there could be , troubl. ' aplenty.
b. of , only a IJIl8 I, of
. The to tell on B and certain Mineral.
a\>ollt tbree months' 'iVJl dl!iturbaneea ... ,WbI. tIle .. J llatle!lIti cOllunlttee
for 'aeronautics reported that "it
II ' lo,i!)lil , to alsume" RUSlla,\ I,
,working bard to develop luper-,
speed ,warplanes ,to deUver atomic
weapon.. it alSo ' reported -continuo
in, American gains In the "race
for air leadersblp." The committee
cialled for . to. "con,oUClAte'
lIains and pilsb'. fOrWani."
THE AGENCY reporting Is Ute
,overnment'. chief ,organization
for bulc, aviation ' research and,
copaequenUy. should know what it
II .ta1ldDa , about. ' ,
committee droplfed one
so-cheering note, however, . by
pointing out that aD)' naUon that
wants to make the ellort can biilld
'!ll mllitaIj airplane,," able
to fb' faster than .ound.
'Superlor,peed," ' th. , report
conUnued, "i. ,eneraU.y ackDowl
eclred to be the mOlt important
, '!nate element In' succellrw air
In detenl' a,ainlt at
RaDle alao Is IDlportant. The
aU-IDment of 10Dl ran8'e ,pole. a
' moSt dlfflClilt- problem'"
, AND THEN the reporl. punch
line: ' '
,.. JD lb. cue of abe atomic
bomb, AIiIerica cannot expect to
.-JOT &!1 exe1U1lve advantal ..... t
_ It caD .0Dl7 plan bT vl,oroua
'aDd tlmeb' researcb to .taT ahead
01 potential .... 1111 " ,
. the nation, should rewar,d their war'
services With a bonus. I
Harold Russel. 'Amvets
commander, told tile Vett;r7 '
ana' affairs cO,mmlttee that "\ly
ever)' stan!larci of equity the bonus
Is, justlflable." ' :' " ,
Certa1nly - the "of ConflIct
h!ld a precedence In the case
the Doughboys of Worli! War I
Mel. remembering they
would not be t<lo disappOinted at
early dela7ll, inaamuCh all It toOk
quite' li time for the World 'Will' J
veterans . to, obtain ' paslIge of ' ,"
bonus bill, .
THE AMVETS and " the vFw
were that the rate of com.l'
pensation for veterans should be
$3 a day for s,rvlce in thli coUn
try, and M a day ' for service over
leal.ThII would mean that a max
imum M;500, mill
ad extra bonul for men who were
wounded 10 action. ' ,
.The question of a bonus for men'
who have defended theIr c:ountrJ
In um. of war II on. of the mo.t
'dUflcult with whicb a people may
wreatle. There Is Ibl va.t 'l1'atitude
abd appreCiation of .ervice on the
hand. and ,on the other con-:
of patriotl.m and duty.
,olidWed mOlt aftea bJ , lack of
oece.S&r7 tuDela with whlch to' re-
Ward the warrIOn.
UHle Chance Seen for Major Tax Hike
WIleD a top Democrat In Prell that be would be defeatad. &I1d lila
deDI 'I'rum.', administration calla to ma)' iIlve been 10 the
Ibree-bDllon-cloDar cut 10 fed awmer of a chaUeni. to CODp'eII
.. IDdlcatlciiil are that Mr. SJDce then 1Ir, . Truman appeari
'l"ruDwl. arJtinal plan for a tax have mellowed ID lila tu: ideaL
bib baa heeD abandoned. Th. tax.l1a.h propoIal was DUlcie
WIle tIM! Prealclelll titst pro- bJ lenate flDaIUI' commfttee Cbalz-
poNd &11 Incteu. In tne., be wa, man Gear ... a Gaor ... Democrat.
III a tllbtIDI mood. Be had Just who, at the, .am. time. IlIo oaIIM'
... 10 lila OWD rlPt a. for lOVU'DID8Dt to .... a-_ despite poeral opIDioJ:I lid the lUltIel.,.ted
D....,. Ibort (a;, I,
, a .... ImprealM' aI"
Britain', WlDItoa .ehuolllll, .. '
btl reIIea_ '01' Ilia "'" 1Ii,_
amatear ft4Ie .biw 7 .. ...... .
ftNed In (JouUIaU_ ad' .... .
by I. " '1'IIe' ..... ' ,
, . tor Uae beDefil 01 Uae A........ .
Reart UNOIaUea ... wtIl ide ..
oft IJae ore ....... JIll ....
cam, .....
4Dw'ica', Gr., mllht. be 111 ..
anotber nfIID4 OD '.ervlce Uh lito
Accordin, to an UUlOUDcemBlll
bJ the .. tarau' admlDlatraUaa.
wW take another look at the ....
181'\'e fund nut ,eu aa4. If a ...
plua ,alatI, the ....wen m., ..
another refwad. '
'1'BIl Amf01JKCllllENT
' arid 1M wOndered for a time wbether YOllr'100d will not agree with you
..,qlild bl' able .to, carry on at the You IUpeei
, aame.rllrid B"t that was_before sldfet:,from '
he heard. tHe ble.sed newl about and your food will so\u' on

1:IADAOOL.. your stomach and you ' Will not ' be ', 't
, I to 'eat th!l things ),011 like fDr
being in ..
Many people . allo suffer from
stip,tlon. AI\4 tl'tlile the.e Iymptoma
may be, Fcelulta of other causes,
they are lI'r/y an!\ certainl1 th.
signl 6tlatK of B Vitamins 'and
Minerat. which JlADACOL ..
And if iYOU BUffer. from, lucb a de-
ftclenc},! 'disorder. there is no known
.the ailmintatnt onf of
tbe . -and mineral. which
your sYJl't.em ' lacle'" . ,
It is easy to undliratand, there-, .why countlelll thousands have
beeD b)' this amazine
tonlc/, . J
So it m!ltten not, Jlow olcll you ani
or are I '. J jt matter . not
wheN yoa live Of1,1r Jof! tried
med\'clnei ,the ,Iy.
to .
COL, a trial. Don't 10 on latterlD&' '
Don't 'to )ead a
lile. Manl peraqn. ..110 han fIld-
fend al)d waited .for 10 to' 20 ,..ra
or e .. D loncer, are able -DOW 10 II ..
1". beC!8l11.
HADACOL aappUed the .ttamlna
and mineraI. which their .:ntema
lIHded. fair . younelf. Tempo.
enou,h for 7011.
trial I
_Ilia I . accept _ n1IatI.
OIl tile .... ulDe
, t
.. tile VA ... JDallIq out '-"_(,. ...
W 1Di1UoD. of VIIII.ral1ll

I 1
You can save 'ga8 by turning
. down the flame to center simmer
whenever you're boiling food be-
cause balling is 212 degrees
and tbe center s immer ' gives
enough heal to reach boiler point.

, To blancb almonds: Cover with
cold. water. heat just to boiling
oyer center iburner; d.rain,
'slip off skins,

One 01 the waYI to take
the seeds out of pear ha:lves is to
flick them out with ,the gadg-
et. used to. make melon balls.

Drln., for eurlnr pork (an be
made by combining two pounds
01' salt and abe of saltpeter
with a gBllo{l of .. Test the
solutlQD by dropping a raw potato
intp U. If the' potato , sinks, add
more salt 11lltil it comes to the top
and stays there. ' ,

Sour , eream, j.nstead of the
USI.tBl milk, the flavor of
mashed potatoes. Mash. add sour
cream. sprinkle wit b chopped
or parsley.
AS ,
cOllfaini. mogica' TOII'HOl
Fin" Quick., a.H" laf and 20'
CheSt Colds

paNantAnal .",.v"'''''
InlO U,.'1f II,.". ch.... "'_I
cblillub .. ,,1111 'bIcIi Wrf_ IIIIa
Ipeeliliootlll.. 'IIII . co ..
llildll:lul 1IlIIOII,o fCIItIIII DOIi\tII&.
At bedttme rub throat, ch_
anll back with V1cU V.poRub.
Re11ef.brilllb!s act.ton atarta ;
1nataDtD , UHlJI' .., onctI
, ADd It teeps up tb18 ape'clal
" r.Uet. VANR".
, ,
Winter is always a delight to Canadians, most. of whom
are ardent winter ,sports enthusia.sts. Here (dbove) a mother
and daughter duo are getting a swell as the daugMer
takes her first skiing lesson with Mom de",cmstrating the
"snowplow technique." Tnafs to ,show the no'Vic;e skier how
to stop-and' skiing instructors at the resort soy-it is 0
"must" to be taught even before the skier learns how to stort,
This young miss (albove)
finds you don't h a veto
look for for ' snow in On-
tario. Th9usands of AI!'Ieri .
cans find that out each
year as they visit this mec
co for winter outdoor fans.
At left, t h, is youngster,
barely able to toddle, ' soon'
will be whining along on
skis at this Ontario ski
club. The instructor is spe-
cially-trained by, the Can-
adian traveling ski school.
- SCRI'PTU1tE: KC . ITfJ 9-13: 3.
Where We Came In,
Lelsom fOf FqbufllJ'Y 1950
the other day trom a stranger
who IS. hot and bothered because he
has discovered that Jews and
Negroes can beJ,ong to Christian
churchea along with white Amer
Icans, \ The astonishing thing is not
that that should be
,true, but , that any
man. should get ex
cited over It. What
a s ton Isbed Ule .
<A.posUe Paul wall
not Ulat Jews were.
I n the Christian
church b u i that
anybOdy else could
.bel We must recall
that Jesus was a
Jew; that all the Apostles were
Jews; Ulat ' the first Christian
church at Jerusalem was eomposed
exclusively ,of ' Jews.' ' , ,

of the great commercial citi es
of the Roman ,world, was ' where
we Gentiles came In. The writer
Is Indebted to his former teacher,
,Dr. Cbarles Erdman, for noting,
f.our ways In which ' that cl}urch
In Antioch was' something new.
They had DO Old Testament.
they knew nothinr of the Old
Testament sacrifices, they bad
DO Interest In tbo Temple or In
the of Israel. Like most
Gentues, they had ' usuaUy
, thought of the Jew as a quaint
'but: min I' I t Y
croup. Now tha' these Gentiles
were In the aame cbarch wltb
Jews. there .would ' be ,plenty of
room for trouble.
Savings Bonds!
'F,esher, taitler-noW'-
ishlng too! Try deli.
c!ouaoven.poppodRiC. A,morlca'a fa
vorite' ric.
" maket a 1l00d
breakfut-fUD to eat!

, I'S,,$
BeWGre' Coughs
From CoIn .... Colds
Oeomulsioa rdievupJODlpdybecaua
it goes rigbc 10 the seac of the uoubla
to belp loOse,ll and upel germ Iadell
,phlegm IIld aid oature co soothe and
, bed raw, ceoder, inBamed broachlal
mucous melDbraoes. ,.-el1 your druggilt
to leU )IOU a 'botde ()f
the 'undentanding you Dlwt like
' die _y II aUaV- the cough,
or you ate to have your back.
Could a churCh made up of such 1---------------
dlUerent races become a true
Bl'othe.rhood? So the old mother
church at Jerusalem sent up
Brother Barnl\bas to look around.
Barnabas was not the church's
most brilliant mlrid, he had a
heart :fUll of faith. '

, .
the areateSt lucce.lea ' to the
"big namell." NowadaYII ever'! one
who knOWII hli Bible knowl
and Earnabas; ,but In Antloch both
men were unknown at tiret, and
Wllea God waul a Reform ..
tlOD he calls forib Luther. '
&II obsCure man who DeVel'
nHed 01 tile eJdJiUq prieSt-
I,.' molda. " When GocJ waDW &0
oP,eli up .urloa he 'Called DaYid'
LiriDpteae; when lie wanW
mea for tile far interior of .&ala
he called BIId.oa '1'a:ylor. when
he wantell ",bi &0 lIhIne dOWll
In&o tile Ilums lie caUed William
Booth. '
These aU 'peculiar men by
the standards of their times ; but it
peculiar men to break away
from tradition's hearthfire anc:l
break out new roads for GospeL
., .
SOME TIME Jeruslilem watl
capital , of the Christian
world. All roads led out from there.
110 to apellk. WUh 1he rise of the
AIitIoch ,church. however. ' a new
center took the ,place of tlle old.
Jerusalem wlUlered away. In later
time. Alexandria led. ' and then
other cities.
, J
For a tIIoaaaua
alld 'CoDatallllno,le were tile ao-
....... Ied.ed cenlerS of tile CbrIa
, tllUI _rid. N_ we have &lao
YorJr-OeDeT,& ' ,
,neb center. aye _all
.1IeIbmIDIa. Ja _erlca'. earl,
lap tile elllII'cIa" 01 8cotIaDcJ
lelia er ml ....... f7 etterta..
..... iIIe lIelp of tile .aru .......
UWe eInaroII of Ne" York.
'Irttuture yean, who laIOWI? Some
In ' Yqnnan may be lendln,
mllstonaries to the feeble tolk left
In the war devastated eX - white
A N1'IOCH is , no' longer a city, of
any , importance. Missionaries
go to it, not ,trom it. But old Antioch
left us somethlng still cherished,
a new f),ame for believers: Chris-
tlan. That name itself prove.

't proves that the charch In
wa. aomethln. m,ore '
tIIan an a.,'re.aHon of
' ''ohurchmen.!! 1& wal & fam.
0,. of Cbrlat-men and CbrJd.
wemell. TheSe bel1evera mal'
"1'11 la1lted and Urecl lOme-
tllIDa' baUer &ban mere vacae
.. ...u.s.n..... TbeJ ...... .fII
CUIat, tIIey Ilmltl CirIat IUUI
.. .,. Uved ChrIH, tID eya
, ..., blla)" took ..
If rour cblU'Clh bad DO
aad if aeJabbor. were' to
name , It, aa4aJl tb. ......bIon
Imew 8bout It ",ere ..... t
am. WO'I&Jd tIIQ CII1 In
1$ I16SrI "
-SInce ulnl' ORA denture fa aI-
wap dean 'aDd ajluldlllC." All lias
H. SerIIck, Portlalld, II ..
1ma nrYe)", an oftrWbelmml'
tty of dentlata prabed thl.,ma"" oua
DeW 'No harmful bl'Ulhlnc
that can rIIln dalltlirea. Jut place In
ORA aolutlon for 16 miD11.tu or Oft1'-
nlpt., Remov .. tobaeco.ataIDI. ORA
Ie l'1IaraDteed not to ba.l'III denture&.
Get ORA tod.a7. All druggist.:
rr..IId ., ..,. ..... a ..........
The Miami Gazette
Eatabllahed 1850
Publls bpd every Tbu1'llday morn
uig at Wayn s"lIIe. Warren Co-
unty, OhIo.
Edna H. Conover . . . .. PabUlher
Ted Conover ... .. ,. .. .. . EdItor
oud not In l he
lire ilull
lbe rulln
Ili(.'tl (II&YII WI! \I able lo gilt out
lIull hi)' OUI une of tbe new rell-
ces that we want to buUd . Tbl;u
w b lie \I t! war doing lbat. \\'1'
wen) cpl1slderlng l,be
or COnlolll'l ng 01' lerrllclng thHt
field Wale'blng III I'ellulls o[
lerra lng 1I0llle of the tieldll 011
HlgIIII' llY '" Ilave not ltu'lte sold
tile idea to John , \ e have aLways
Ent r d as 6 cond class matter/ SubHcriptlon Rate: $1.50 per year used gmss waterways and not
at the Ilos torrJee fit In 0[,10. Kentl!cky, and' ]ndlana, IJlowed Ih 10 UII but we b(u:ent
Ohio - - el R wllere. tried the neWel' wu.yll of
n t the 'IIbh(1 It e,:ery
one gUve,; 8S 'mucb 11.8 they l' An
there well be plenty IInrl dOli ',
Corget tbat It might b someone
lit },ollrll I hilt needs U e belp. P 1' -
hap& tbrough research mnde pos-
sible \IY tMse illnds "'e may be
freed from rllture pldemic8, fi o
give to[) the MARCH Oli' DIMliJS.
don't be f,lltl"llcd with just
,III clime It )' 011 cun gl v u dollnl',
,Dry Ridge
A Farm Diary
By D. J, Frazier.
gul ly ",asbillg , E\'ery heav), rllil1
shows tbe neell of c!raatl c metb
ods 011 Iltl1y ground , "
. ,These gray wlnler daYB With-
out. IInow make tbe country look
dingy and not very atUlacUve
lind Ihey are good days to 8tAy ,
In the bouse but 'so tar we bave By JANE FITE
IIOl don many of the things we Mr . nod Mrs . nob It nranden.
wlUlled to do. It liS , burt: nnd Mr . and 1111'S . Wnlter
J nnull'I'Y 31, 1960. Rllln lind to sew' and cook. ' It la, good we McOnT'I'eJl entel'tnlned the memo
sleet . Ycstc.rday urter ;(.I rrurly atber to have and sit II' bers M tbe Crusader'!! C.WSI\ 1,0 II.
pJeasllut. day It Huddenly lIega'n 10 round by the fire . \ e bav young "olluek dinner at theh' home on
rain an d fr ez liS it came down. company right IIOW, Bevarl)' Ann adm,sday evening .
SIc l foJlnyed lhe ' raln and soon aged tWO and a hnlt, no, It Is Mr . 'Woodrow C0111nll wbo h
tile hlttbwI&Y a glare ot Ice. near tbree than tllat' and June,
'rher woa one bad accident on aged ,elghl montbs, so that keeps 0 patient at 1I111\p11 Valley Hosp.
, inll reported 10 be 1mproving
tbe higbway nertr us and 'Proba tbe llOusebold lively. There is [\
Illy til re wero more of tbelD eltie. lItUe helper [or every Job , "I Mr . and Mrs . 13 . I. Hili weI
, 11' her as lhe storm came ' up just help." is the ' l; onstanL cI'Y anot ""rned I h m('robors' of lhelr i)ll'
allo,,!, dark , This rna nlng It Is sometimes she really can . ,Ige .club In tbe vll l.!\ge to a din
not gUll rreezlng btlt !lome of the Cit!! hold down the Quat pan who." I ,,.. und clint pllrty al t heil' new
IIleet anc.l Ie 18 II tlll on tne grou you sweep up dirt . She can even b j near Mt . H\llly Salurday
)u1. My I)<)or IItil e crocuses are sweep wltb ber little broom. Sb'! evellhl,g .
buried In the J e . Tbe red birds Burpr/zed us by laking lIe..- little M r llnd Mrs , Hulph Nil ' IIl1d
nre out in cblrken yard look. , broom and Bweeplng down the family have moved Into t heh' new
Ing for ('orn, but the song' spar ' cellar steps tbe otber' day' and home on Ma In slr ot, whl h 'Ihey
/'Ows are Quiet today . One of We s he gOI t bem clean too . We can't aCQulrl!tl, from Mr , lInd !\Ir's ' n
cold mornIngs 8 veral days ago. a!ways all that she J . Em.
they wer s inging as tbpugb It says but sbe keeps t blngs lively. Mr . lind Mrs . Oharl B Oordan
were spring . We baven't bad he stood- up on a ' cbair and bel departed Sunday (01' nn Indefin
mucb real wimer yet but Blgns ped me chum the butter tbe otber Ite stay In Florida .
of sptlng II re In the air . day '"1 Churn," she said, and IIhe Mr , Ilnd Mrs . CarL Jones of
reall y did most of
the_ tUl'nlng or Franklin ' were .guestK during the
We got a. Dew for the Cur
the bandle . I thought IIbe woul d weekend of 1hel r parentR, MI. a nti
nnce grate yesterday Rud now II , Mrs , ' Olaude J on\ls nllli lIud
i s In aod they came to meDd tb gel tired but when I took a t urn
s be W6 , a quick to say, " I do It," Mrs , lBen Beokett .
bill'll roof and put' new spouting -
'I'bis Is a good time for company Mrs . SUBle Gilliam o( DnYI.olI
on the house so that: was done R d
and vl.stors ' when the' weather is the hous guest of f}V ti ll
the storm, One of the !\Irs ' iames Rllder nnd dllughlel'3,
tUl1lS assure repayment
will save yO umoriey.
S, ' Old Batik
Phone '448
gmy we can mak.e it
cbeerC,,1 insIde . Marsbll ADn ' and Ruthl .
Miss Kathleen Grabllm of nllY
\However, this Isn't the kind of ton wus a houseguest c,\urlll;! th'!
weather ' wben I like t o 'WeBn: II weekend of her Aunt, Mrs A, S.
cai r but there Is a 'Prett)' bel fer Collett.. . "I} ,
can at the barn that Is going Seveml IlerSODS (rom tbls vl<, "
bave to leave, bel' foster mama lnlty tbe Jnnuary rueet.
very lIoon. We bad two I)alves a Ing or' t be Ad,vlsory COlillcll at tile
bollt tbe 111;11011 age 80 we l,l1Jt bome of 1\11' 0 lind MrIJ . Jolin Set-
tbem bot b ontbe same cow but tli meyer Friday evening. The
now It Is time . to wean tbe rJelfer program fOl' tbe 'meeting
ane! let the veal ,calf have more were ,Mrs Artbur Mattingly lind
milk so that he will be (at and I\Irs Lena Clark
bring top ' price . Also r ,do not Mrs. Laura Sbldaker spent sev.
want to let the belter run with eral da.ya last ' week at the .. hODIO
her cow too long beoB1Ille It Is of .bel' daughter, Mrs . Paulin,)
bard t o break tbem of ttucking Villars of XenIa. ,
\\ e have a big thnt sUIl. Mr. W. P . McOarren, accom'
'gets 11.11 mi lk. JIbe Ca,rl get when panied by blsgranddallgbter, Sa-
ever, a cow w,m let ber . 1 ' look at lid... FIBhel', depalted from thl'
hel;' everyday and debate wltb my , ail'port at ,Sllt\lrday e\,.
whelher to Sell her for beef enlng tor tbeir win tel" home III
or walt Ilntit Ft . Lauderdale, Florida :
but when ' that will be I tlo notr The loeat order ot the Grangs
know becaqse . I haVe 'no record . In regular aeasloD at- the Gr'.
That Is tbe ' trouble wUb past ure ange Hall Monolay evenIng. 'fhe
onlY half of tbe problem, that program was in charge ot , Mrs .
breeding, Raising your stock Is A . . S . Collett and Mr . Howar,1
meaps ybether yoti make or lose McGuinn. I
,money Ie knowing when to lIell 1\otr IIl1d Mrll. Todd BunCe nntl
them and dolllg It . ' MnI Bunce'lI motber, MI:s. Mil.
They say the p,ol10 fund drives ; Jle' r.foore, wore guests of rela
are not doing 80 well tMs year lives In Sabina, Sunday.
and after the bad epidemic of lhe ' Ii'lre' of an undeterlllilled orlghr
las t, year :the ' treasurY' is sadl y de ' MuseU slight damage e,luly'
pie ted , They are coll4?Ctlng at boo nll/ming , to the Interior or a
R. B. Coleman, Minister
Gtrul'cb School, 9:30 A.M., Mr.
HOl'ohl FJarnh'arl, Supt.
\'{orab lp Service, 10:311 A.M.
Youtll Felowsbl.lp, Sundny, 6 :30
P. M.
Byron Carver, Mlni llter
Bible School, 9:30 A,M"
Morning Worehlp, 10: 30 A.III ,
Rrayer M-eeUug, 7 :00
Younr: People'. Meeling, 7;00
Even ln li'Iervlcell, '1 :30 P.M.
M, H. Cott y, Mlniater
BIble Scbool. 9: 80 A.M.
Momlng, WOrshiP" 10 :80 A.M.
Young Peoples' Meeting, 6:46
P.M. _
EvenIng ' Service, 7: 30 P.M.
Prayer Meellng on(l Dible ' Study
Wednesday, 8 P.M.
T. M. Soalf, Minister
Sunday School, 9: 30 A,III.,
4, . Earnbart, Bupt.
'Worellip Service, 10::10 A.M.
Evening Service, ,7:80 P.M.
WlorkRboll ollerated- by Pt"
11lllngton In the Riley Ih,'
olflce or Dr FI'OSl
Mr . !tnd Mrs . Johll- \\III1sb ell'
injury early Iu.Jlt
Sunc.\a)' morning -wben their cur
overturned on Lytle Road ,
Mr . a nd Mrs . Frank Pennln\l'
I"n who baVe been residing III
llle 'arT Funn neal' th villog ..
movf'd ill t.. thp, Dro(lk'K p,ro l} r (y
011 Main 8tr:eet Salurday ,
Re ond ' In " of re
views, ,"Women of tbe Blbll',"
w'a8 glyen by Mrs 'Margare( 'fu
ker at the home of Mrs . Mlll'y
S PIerRon 'l'uesdlly nlglit. !l'beso
weekly are ' being
dueled by the ,\ SC!'i nn,1 nnYQ11
IUIlY Il.ltend
Several stude ntll Irqm the Jlln .
U. I'l. Eluuglln, Plistor
il Uleol Sel'\' Ie!!, 9; 4fi a " 10,
SIiUl UIl I N. KaYl! , Rector
Morllln!! WorK!llp, JO : :lO A.M.
WlIlIllm Sbannon, M Inl alt<r
Sunday Scbool , 9 : 30 A,M.,. MI'S,
JlUDea Garrlllon" SuPt.
.preaching, 1IIt. and Sur.'
dllYs ot eact. month, 10 : 110 A.M.
Evening Services, 7 :80 P.M.
Fa1lier R. ' R , Krumholtz, Pastor
l\ttts!les, II Ilnd 10 A.M.
Ale Partington, MIn-liter
Wors blp Service, 10 A.M.
'Sundaf Scbool, 11 A.M.
F Irst Day Scbool, 9:9" A.M.
"1 ling for Worship, 10:30 A.M.
8ell that pl,ga or 'flrm magl}ln.
ery you no longer nted with a all
zette 'c,ullfled ad.
lng oue or Ihelr ni.trl\Ol IVt li fol \i
'I\ui! gild 1(Ilt>d bon 111 (1 hut A?
Suggest - Feno's, till 1<.IuI
ElnsLor pr s .nt f(lr 1110 08 YQU
101' !
Our bleh IIcbool nnnllni Is 11Il1l1'
ing compleUoD- mOllt of the mn
torlal hlU:l been edited and 11I8t
lIJonday M1' . RUllptl), calDe' floOD!
Lebanon 10 take whIch
m"J' to be In(l lmled III ih ' nnll un!.
In . addil ion to Indlvldulll llIri'l\- 1)1
etures, th,ere wlU bl' l' "},I'Rented
olso plclures of , our hUHket ball
t eams and til wltn lIler>'
bers attired Inunltorm.
.The thlrd grade IItudenLs hit
been IllUdylng about t he
Ulling t he kll ow]edce whleh .tbuy
have acquired, tbey made sconell
for theIr dlflil lay tabti, drawn pt
C!tll'f'!;\ "lUI COID" iI d bOQI.8. Th'elr
101' and Senior 11I880S of Harvey t eacllcl', Miss RIl.KtillJ;S, ommen'
Rbu .., Hlgb School UI9 ' t d \lpon [he ir keen 'InlereRt in
motion picture production of '']In Mqull'i ng knowledge ot 11ft) 10 t hll
mlet" ' wblch was playlnS' lit tile Norlblnnd .
Lamnr ' rhllnter In WH,"Ulglon
, Harveysburg
. School News
Tbe members of Lbe Wu.ynos
vllle Oivll) Club and their wlvf'S
will meet In the dlu'tng rO(l Dla of
tb.e MeUiodll}t. cburC1 h on Monda:y
evenIng, Feb. If , '
By JAN'IE FITE The dInner will b sElrverl by

I \'<'Illtb FellQwshlp t till!

BtlL:.LETIN: E Davll-2 mln .- ____________ ...,...
o !'Glnt. . Harveyaburg 3P, CO!!. , NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT
trevllie 26. I Adminlltrator
, Estnt e of F lont 1'erl'),lIl1l, 1)1)110 '
Rita. a member of tile
JUnior Clas8, wu abs('ot I rum
sebool several days Ialt 1I\' eek,
owlllg to J llnells . ,
Oongratulatlons nre In order fo r
!:l\lgene Rennett, WillIs J;lllke, Fl
Clyd Siulders Jr ' , Ernest Wilson
J,r " B,-rbnra Doster, Mlrm,m 'rle
tmey\tr and Huddleston .'
All of t bls nftb grade 'grOup bave
completed tbe flr8' Semellte.r CIt
IIchool with' perl.ct attendanoe
III ' .. l,ty !llIIl
'CharI s J . Wl1ligonl' r w hose PORt
OffiCIo Addl ell t! 18 r.elmnOIl . hl (l,
hilS been \July 1I 11(JQllIl!llt ill! i\ II
mlnlstrl1l'lr W\VA fir t he ' 'F:!l tal
of Fi om llel'I')' h I 1 hI tf' (If \\ ;j y.
nflllyllle, \Vul'1'l'n . COllllty, Ohl fl ,
clerensfld. '
nat d Ihls l ,lLh Ilay or Jnllllal
19r.O. .
THURSDAY, JANUAf\'" 28, 1950
'rom M'ocabee large farm Auction. Located
Beavertown Olllo, on Marshall JlDad. At 10 A.M .
Tbe Junior ClUB needs YOlll'
lfF}AD In lta 8elllng enterprl&e!
milo south or ,Won't you cooperate by ",lu'chl18'
HAl.PH H. CAlllilY
.Tllilge of tile PI'obate Olll't
Worren IltlIllY, OhiO'
Slanll'Y l!IId Stallll' Y, AUIWII )'K
.rall . 19, 211. F b. ' 2, 19r,o

If you're 0 select risk driver you can . qualify .for
econom'icol protection with Farm Mutual
Automobile Insurance Co., Columbus,
"'" Select. risk . .,.
; : renewals '
, . ' Owned by polieyholden
, Fill out and moil Ihi. coupon, Thoro', no obll,otlon.

Plea .. quo Ie ,at.s on my (Orl
Make ____ Veor ___ T,y,", ___ ,. M .. lr___ _
My present , lnsuranc" pl,.. Idal.I _ _______
My Nom.
AddN.. ________________

" '. ' ; 'S'A:rURDAY, 1950 ,
, , Obler and' AnderSOn "on ,Sbeehan Road, f miles smlthwe!lt
Cellterville. 14 h.ead Reg. Brown- SWiSS 10 henet Heltetil , Coll) -
1111'00 (ill' m All lion . '
,WEDNESDAY. FEBRU, .. "V 1, 1950
1I11.. 5;'
gmdo fllrm machine ry. 'etc.
Complete'- }'arm Auction at 10 A. M. Located 1 , mile welt or
ftoll la 4. 4 miles east of 'Fo.rmersvl,lIe, Ohio.
FRIDAY, 3, 195\)
Household Goods; Buekeye' street" Miamilllllrg; Otito.
, , SATURDAY, 1" 1950
Mllck liRd :Woods, 2 mites lof, Centervllle, 11
F. T. MARTIN or C. E . RIESAN" Auctloneera
Commerclnl Bldg., Dayton (AD 31161) Centerville 7021
. , ,by ; " , ,.
$5.00 up
Lower walls of any room Clan be hand refinished
quickly by my method beautifully decorated for as little:
as $5.00.
Scenery In Plastic or ..
_ Very laestin.ble,' Bat At Very Low eo.t
Let Me Give My Law Pricea, Send P-aattl Tal
Prepare Y ouj For
, , t I I I. 1.
PERMANENT t- Pre toOne ' &:'
ALCOHOL - Zerone
KI ' . Gaf!a ,
, .
MAIN, 10 MIAMI ,Ta. '
E W-A YN 8. 234,
F.uily .
$tl. a'od $7.95 Each
Waynesville Furoiture & App6aace Co.
FEBRUARY .2, 1960
eJ' Suntlay eVl'nlng. Mrs. Annn
LUl'a-s. r
Mrij . Roy Shnw of Xenia Bpepl
unday 'villi Mr . and Mrs. LUI!
'People, S!)Ofs In The
. 'rtJ o Bus lnesfI Bdl1clllon Depo r'
t nlent Is pl eaAod t u l'Ollol'L IIlII t
tb'e rn llowiilg students In Bookke
e(lIng I hllve buen awarded SlIl1lor
Achievement CeltH1oa:tos:
'0\\ ' '' ol' k City r"l' s olutions
l llf' nec(1l11bN ('Dntlll:\! i1roblf1111
MI' . "1!.ullijel Morgan oC Lebanon
culled au Mr ' 'and Mrs . Lua Mol'.
.gan Sunday evening.
Mr . nnd Mrs . Kenl1elh HI'aUen
called OIL Mr. nnd Ml8 . Oeorge
131'atl n , SatuI'C1ny afternoon .
MI'. lind MI'a. Lewis J:awfol'c)
tlnd Donna Lee, of Xe
nia, Mls8 MInnie Crawford ot
Dayton WI! weekend
Mr. and Mr8. Chu'onco Crawford .
MI' . aull ' Mrs . 'Dewey Comes
tock and fawny und ,Mrs. Allce
F.urmlln of Deaverbow'n called on
Mrs . Gibson FrIday after'
noon .
MI' . Wilbur Dooll oC Dayton cal
on. Ml', [lUd' Mrs, George.
Dratten Sunday afternoon .
M I'll . Elsie BUlllIell lind child
ren of ' ;Lebanon Thursday
evening ,yltll bol' mOlltor. Mrs
Blly GU)son .
Mts , Roborl: cit Dllyton
IIpent the weelrontl \vith Mt; . lil'lll
Mrs. LUG Morgan .
Mr. CS!'l Rldln!! Or or noar Wit
ynosvUle, cnUed, on' friends here
Saturday, 'Mr. and Mr s , Lue
"Morgan arid Mr . alld Ml'Il . Clnr
once Crawford. ,
Mr . and ' 1I11's , Raymond Lucns
and -family . <m murDo
Morgan. Mt . and Mrs . Henry
Del'gOB lind Bon, Johnnie. of Ben.
vel' t own called In tbe atternoon.
MI' . and Mrs. John Mc'fag.
gert and Bon. Jack, of near Lewis
MI'8 Crnff or Dayfon.
Elva J>ntlen of Troy. Mt. and Mrs.
Ernest Eafi nhal' and .aon, Dnvld.
Clara DaUghter wOI'e' dlnnel
guests Sunday of Mr . nnd Mrs .
G. Kerslnger.
Ml', nnd .Mrs . T.homas RunyoD
spont Sundny WI.lh Mr , lind Mrs .
Walter Oalluban and Camlly of
CinCinnati .
By MR,. \yALT'ER .
MI' . nnd Mr$ . Seth Ftll'OlUI 'Jr.
of Soolal Row Road nro announ
clng tbe of a daughter, .Ruth
Ann, on Salurday. January 2S, at
St. hospital, Dayton. , Ml'.
and Mrs . Seth Furnas Sr. are the
pnternai grand parents allll 141"
and Mrs . Fred Zimmerman of
are the mntemal 'grand
" .
. pnrents.
,Mr : and Mrs. Wllliam Rickey
nnd Mr . /lnd .M'rs. Earl lUokey,
or Waynesville visited relatives
n,t Georgetown Sunday.
Mr . and Mrs.. llidwln NUlt at
nenr (Oentervllle wore ' Sunday
&ue8l8 of Mr . apd 1\lrs. Therle
Jones and SOli. . .
.Mrs . Betty Rickey entertalnell
, at ber ' home Lytle Thursday
I Jan. 26. to n. sho'
weI' .tor Mrs . , Phyllis Grover. the
It 18 a personal Injustice
to permit oneself to be
perplexed about fu-
neral We're al-
ways willing to -fUrn18h
'fELJ,:PHONE 2291
followIng IDvlted gueste: Madams
Betty Tinney, Hazel Gruber, Car
olyn Beard. Ruth Bnll, Bert Bun
nell, Anna Williamson, Hazel Nl
Jane Dunlap. Sarah Grody,
Frances Trollinger.
Junnlta Hay; Wanda Hohila, Cla-
ra Nellie King, '
Bradley. Helen. Heck. Vel'n MaJ!'
sball, Loui se Ri ckey. E!\ther Mo
Frod Hattie ' RIckey.
I '
. ...
.. i _il$
BENEFI1'. BY tins
, ,l
.'- ,.. -, .. ........
.... ..",.. Y .. .... : .. ..." ...
...... .., ... -.... ,,.. .... :
.,.. .a .. ..... III
WOiLD ....... ........ ,. ..
, ..
SoU through
ouuratice thli.t rour fiDjlllclal
troubles be protecitOd by
a regular dtposlt .lD your '
IDgs aocount at:
.... -eIIiiIt - _II .well MIl
-- ' ........ JeW. .. ,..
Ie'. ,... hr.
_ .... ct ............. .........
totIeM .................... .
..... 1 ...... "", Ii ........ .
.. TNI ' CHI.mAN SCllNa
....," ... .. , .. ...
................. .... I ... Ij.
. .
Itw. .
USTIN "....- : .... '..-
Ale ............ . 11. \,CIIIt .......
'Sc..... ... ! ........
.... 5 ... .... ......
. ....,' .. <.'......... __ dWJ .......... . .....
----...... .... ..
'TiIea. ............. ,
...... "-" ......... 1S. U.s.A.
, .............. , ", Iw,
--UIIIIM .. ftiI ' ......
M .. ftW2. I .. ...... ' .... 1
I ..... '
Catbet' lne Thomss. and mI8S8$.
Ann Clirnpllell, ,,Lawson,'
Virginia Schuler, Ah'f1ettll .steinke.
Normn. parbnra and Joan ' Gruber,
Mary 'Jean and Shirley J\.Dn Rick '
and the honol' guest, Mrl!. Ph
Gruber .
Mr . and Mrs . 'Robert Haines,
'and children of' Dayton were Sun '
day evening dinner guests at MI'. ,
and .Mrs. Walter. Kenrick. . .
J M;r. and Mrs: Lowell Thomas
left Wednesday . morning '(or a :2
week8 vacation in Florida anel
well be' tbe guesta of nna
Mrs , Everett Early in st. Cloud.
lolr, and P. N. Cornell
and Mr . and Mrs.. Earl Youllg
vlslte<h Mr . Hallel Evnns' at St .
;'Ellzabeth: H'ollpltal Qayt.on. . BUll-
afternoon, .
Mr. and . 1\1 rll . Lesllo Gr ay and
tamtly were guests at 8. buffet
IUllcheon , nt the , home at ' Mrs.
Gladys In Dayton, on
Saturdny evenIng .
Mr . . and Mrs. L&w.rence Eillotl<
and 8.on, .Tommy. of payton and
Mr . and Mrs. Glenn Hopkins
and da4ghte'r of WaynesvlUe were
Sunday evenIng dinner' guests of .
Mr . and Mrs. EV;erett Kenrick .
ntid children .
Mt' , and l\1rll , Therle Jones, .
Mr . and Mrs. E,rnelt Harlan. Mr/!.
J . B .. Jone.1I lLud Mr . and Mr.8.
Harvey attended the I'n
mona Grange Waynesville a 'Ylll
Saturday evening.
And 'ltoOd n,wI II .1i.It
YeU's IUIt look. worn and .
Ask .About our Price' on , ..
.. ,
Send 'it to UI - "e'U n
stOre that trim. IJIWt loot.
make It 10!,k m. Dew I
Installation and-Gu
Spring ValleyBardware Co.
Phon. 37371
Mrs. Leslie Oray nn.1
chlldren.Wilma n'nd Bobby. were
Sunday dinner glliesis at Mr .
Mrs . ,A . F. Olncln,natl .
. OIFFER No. 1

Uinla . Elnine Bowlo8, Joan
DorlK Oharlton. P. i'IlI'PY
Jill k ' 'l'11I110Y. Ruth ' Wardlow, B( t.
ty. Wlcll.l. Genl ce Wllke lson. Do .
.rothy Wllllon ,
A BUpel'loJ' /\.chlevenloll t cel' U.
flcate IvaI! I' cloverl by Detty Sa I .
These Il\vlt l'dll were Iss li d by
the 'Business EdUcation World 111
"'''111111111111111111IIII1! !lilll""""'1!I'llI IIl1l1llilm l
ESI eciall y F r Farms'
Roy E.
. 48, 5.' mL South of
Centervill e.
PHONE CenterviUe 7056
'rhe Will'" 11 Coun ty MethodJst
Ivlll meet Mbnday
, evenJng. Feb . 12 in Ut e Metho.
dl st Ch\lr<!h ftt Morlow. The ,;,en
til' rellllllsled 10 bring t hel l' Wi '
ves to t hla lOeeting .
\V e a re at. ' your servIce
wilh t ho finest of gas IIInd olla
t.o k e ll your car rUnning in
IIV to.p shape thIs wintor.
f'E X'ACO,
HOME. our r espons lbUli;y beglnS
fronl . the mOJnent we call ed
and continues \,vCry.
detl\ll. . ,. .
Our serVice'. to a ll'oubled f-am,
Ily Is not compl t;lte UNTIL yr
THIS 'N'EWSPAPER, 1 Year', \.th
OFFER No. 3'
3 'tOM
, '
I . GROUP. A, . ' '.
!,' I M",lt. .. "x'" 4,,4 ",t1"' R
" lOX" 6./0'. dc,;rttd d,.,1
I rUI ."" ",4",.
[] AmtrlCllLll Gil'l .... , .......... , ...... .;. .. '- ...- ...;- ..-.. .. .. ...-..., .. r-v;r;';";-t
o ChrUtiaa Heual(l ....... ,.,......... _ ..._ ... ...:..... \.6 Mo.
o (:auo",' Gealleirui'n ..... .....-:-. .:-:. ...... '...... ,,5 Yr.
. 0 Modem Romaoc:ea :,..... ' ............. . 1 Yr.
o OuldoclIr. , ....... ... ................._ .... ", ......... 1 Yr.
o Paralla' MagaziD.e ...... ...:. __ .......... ..., ..f! Mo.
o PaIh6ackr (15 hsuct)..... ' .. , ...... 6
ILl Photoplay ..... ;, ....:,........... .. ... .. 1 Yr,
o .5cftaIbncl. : ............ ::.....: .... ,. _ ........ 1 Yr.
o SUver Sc:rftn ... ....... _ .... '. .... , ....... ,Il'r.
O8pOJu .. , ...... , ......., ..._ .:......... , ..
o 'flue R'l)lllaot'e .:..,: .... ... , .... ;, ._ ...... : ...... .. .... ,I Yr.
o 'flue SIIOI:'J ............... , .. _ ........, .......... : .......... , .. 1 Yr.
, 1/11 .. o,rI". . ,
o Fruit Crower .,"' .....: ...... L .... ......... I Yr.
b . Poultry JourflaL. ..... ;: .. ...: .... .. .... Yr.
o Breeder's Gaulte ......: ....... ,: .........:, .. .." ......... .1 Yr. .
o Fami' Journal &: Famer'. WHe ...: ..: ............. i Yr.
o Howdiold i\lagaaaic .. ...... , .. , ........................ 1 Yr.
o J\folber', BOlDt Life .... ...., ............ , ..............:.2.Yr.
. 0 National U.block ...,;.:....... ; ...... ,.1 Yr. I'
o OpeD ltoad (80ys) .................. : ........, ............6 "fo . .
OPathfindu OS 1ISueJ) ..._ ....... '7.,.... , ........... . 6 ,,10,
. 0 Tr'lbUiIe. ........................... ............... l Yr.
, 'S
80T,H "0.1 THi ' P,RIC. _MOWN.
:\(",11 III "X" I1IIIfIlIzille mdOJr
. lilt with order. ,

GDl. : ..... ........::............ _.,___...$2:SO . 0 PARENTS" MACAZINE : ...- ......... ............. ,.: 5.110 .
BPME ....... , ............ ____ ..._ 5.40 OPATHnNDR. (26 t.uea), ...... _ .............. , ...
1:1 MAGAZINE ............. ............... 4.50 [J PBOTOPLAl' ....,., ....... . : ...................... : .......... ... , ... 2,'111
o . (Ole Complete Man', MIiJUltie) t. 1.00 OPOPtTL.ul MECHANICS ..... , .......... ........._ .... -till
, 0 ..... _ ..... _M ... _ . . ........ : . ... _ .... .............. eM 0 POPULAll SCIENCE MONTHL;f .. , ..... _ ..... a!l11 ,
. 0 ... ........ , ..... ,. ............ : .... ..._ .._ ........ !J..,5 EJ )lEADER'S DIGEST ..... ............... , ...,., ............. ... U5
o ... .. _ .. .. .................... _ ....... 5.00 fJ REDBOOK ....,................... : ............. ' ......... , .......... '.IIO .{
Oq)UNTJI:Y GEN;J'UMAN (5"fI;) .......... ;-.... 2 . 75 0 SCREEN ...., .......... ............................... , 2050
t:J GROWEll .,......................... .;._ : ..... 5.45 0 SPORT ............... ...: ....................................... ,;.... "" 5.!1O .
'D GOOD BOUIEKEEPJNG ................. __ ..... _ .. Q SPORTS Al'JELI,) ....................... , ............... ,;..... iI.!IO ,
OIN$lDE J)ETEGrIvE ................ : ..::..... _ ... _ ... '.10 OIIiKYWAl'S ...,............. ...................... , .................... ... ,
flLOOK. _._ ...... _ ..............I ___ ___ .. _ .: ...... 5.00 TIMES .. ............ _ ............ , ... 2.lI'
[) McCAU.'i MAG.uNE _ ..... __ .. _ ..__ ._ .. 4.. 0 THE WOMAN .., .., ............. _ ..:: ...................... ;. 3.411 .
13 OD&JllIIr '''O!IIANCII ...... _ __ __ ___ ._' 2.75' 0 nVE' ROMANCE _ .. : .... _ ................... ............. 2:!1O
;. OIlODzur ICIUIEN .......... _ .. ___ . ___ 2.75 0 TRUE STORY ......... ..................... , ... ................,.,.2.'15 I
o o.EN llCiIAD ............ _ ...... __ . __ .. _ t:!O D ,"OVR UFE .......... _ ..... , .., ........... :.,' .... _ ........ _ .... '.411 I
OOlJTDO(JIIlJ .....,......_ ......____ .._. ___ .... %.50 0 WOMAN'S ROllE COIIPAIl/lON .................. 4.00
- . N ........ _ ueAZI"' " YIAIo U ..... 111M IIIOWN
AU. aiPl
" , A1t1
. ,
PAGE SIX THE MIAMI GAZETTE W Thursday, February 2, 1950
. Save $2.00 On
I;ET'1' EU S lIuP.nij'tOt;j;inT.JjUt).:
Simplicity of Currenf Fc;Jshions
Encourages' Clothes Remodeling
S y Draped lor
W' ell Styled Shirtwaist Dress
Tbis Home' Mixed
C.oush Syrup
En Ily Mind. Needs No. Cpokint.
Ift e nb.. Wonde rful o ppor ..
tU'l11.)' 'I"., del>lrl"" California . Wrl
Lanter, 6t<1 ' . 8lrrln'f 1 ..0. Anl'ele.,
By .Erlta Haley
... I1>e. aelnn.. VERY WOMAN t ' ' C time
"'1101. 110 E- ha ndllng . andlo. . E ' . a 01,
lIoveltleel suppli es 'ld . und.I.... or another, hos decided that
Ie. she will not accugtul a\e a lot oC
.,h, d". w rehous e nnd moder n t nnwcarnble clothing In her closet.
home. Renaon (or s Ui ng-III hoalth. We ... ?
thi s n8 a lIopd bul'. How's the resoluti on working o!Jt .
, 112,500 aeaU.r Current fashlo!,) s stimulate clothes
1'11000 lIG6 .r l : tf W. remodeling and help you keep the
Celln, . 01110 resolution ii you' d just put a little '
DOGS. CATS, PETS. ETO. thought and eUor'! Into the task.
MAK Elrtr. OA.III [ " I.lna Hr,l\yw.,lll ht
ClllnebUJn Rabbits lor meat .fur. hobby.
Breeders for s n1e {I t l'ea80na blc prices.
Vern' . Own RabbUr:r, Nevada, OhIo.
1R1811 SeU; . p,.p vnrloll. A . K.
C. Excelle nt Reasona ble.
PenD)'ro,al Kennel
N,W. Rt. r, F.anklla. 01.1
New SI.o1 ."hie."'Tciea l for fencinK
a nd ba.rlc'Ides. 1c R It .. onx QUDnllt.y.
MORR,IS Web. ter 8t.,
Daylon, ,
Fer S.,.: '0 AU ... 35 in crops "
pecan . Ow. Ulnlt. b.1fn, waler. electric .
on paved bus ma ll . Ilbool roules; $2.000.
ealY term., t t. B. R.e.rICe, aaker. Florida.
FREE tnfo.mAlion. forms . tour
j,ll t court s , rettrement homes In ' beQutifuJ
OED.U. S .. lll.Clt Co . Un. ' 71, Sp.ln
"al., A.... .
. . SKILLED ' ,
Ama.r.:., new home t .. acbh;,l method u
)leelall,y developed '0. Television. Flnd
hom ... , '. take ndvan'ln,e of u'llmt de
mand tor akUJed Televisloll personnel.
FUU Information wlLbout cost or obItC'"
tlonl Write ,."
AGENTS Wa"te Amazln. repenl 8rol.
ita. NilW Medlaal Olaeo'very-S.f.Te ard
VlIporIZ<lr1 It:lp. 85,. ,errill. vIruses. Send
for d"lal . . Sample 11.75. sells 12.50.
;11 .... 1.' .. S.I .. 0.'1 1111:4 S. Ad. SIoeet,
Q;I ,. to. pI.
IlAPIES-Act now. You "an make uno
, C!ol\'\rnJulon In 1850 In 70ur spa'e time
BeUlD, and tokln, orde. ra .or the lamous
:Malaonetle Froc.k . Complel e linea 1'or
men. WOmen .and children. Sl .... 1 to !l2.
Write " .0 . ' Jkll 1S'-8". D, CI luaU
Just think, it isn' t always that
fa shJons encourage remodeling.
Sometimes changes from one sea
soo to another are so extreme that
old clothes will simply ,not yield
to sligbt alteration. Use tbe oppor
tunlty while It's here.
Clothes which were purchased
during the fall come in for Utelr
share of ,change just about this
time of yel\r,. so they can t ake you
through to the new clothes In
They may ',need only ' a little
sparkle or readluslment to add
lots of style to the wardrobe. }fow
much simpler It is to take an hour
or two for this change Instead of
poking the dress into the recesses
01 the closet to coUect dust,
A 'bit' of decoration or ornamen
tation may be all that the dress
needs to come to life . . How simple
to add' a brand new button trim
to PQckets or sleeves or skirt! How
little work it is to' put a b'raid or
bead trim on your blouse. or how
easy It . is to insert a bow on a
draped skirt I The result is prac
tically a brand new piece of cloth
Ing with just a little time and vir
tually no expense.
Hat and gloves. too. ,may be .re
freshed' bl sewing in new brilliants
Slim Silhouette
The blrresl, news of the sea-
lion . Is the .lIm sllhoueUe
achieved iii thl_ Inexpensive
dress of rreen crell!. T!te back-
sUri Joops wUh a bow
on ODe hlp, but a' very slender,
effect throughout the sldrt. The
dOUble. fold collar frames the
. face- as weU as elvlnc '. IUrhl-
I)' risln" Ihoaider ...
you tirE! of the adjustments
Pleasinr to
E;RE'S A charmipg afternoon
d!resS' designed to please the
slighlLly larger figure. Soft draping
the bodice front. the gored
skirt . is every wQmanls favorite.
Have, short or t h r e e quarter
s leeves.
.. . .
Pntte.n No. 11509 Is n I@wrlte pe.for-
!lIed In slus aB. 38. 40. 42. 44.
46. 4&. 50 ond 52. Sile 38. 4 1' . >,nrd. of

. . . .
Senll todal' for , of
the Sp.lng nnd Summer' rASnION-48
png". of smart new styles. to. make
froek sl, fabric news: free
tern lnslde Ih. tk>olr.
WELL TAILORED and flatter-
ing-the' neat shirtwaist frock
that goes everywhere with col'l!j.
dence. Yoke and sleeves are in
one for comfort-try a color(ul
striped fabric. You'll look your
best! ' .

Patter" . &313 comea In ' 14,
16, 18, 20;" 40. 42, 44 a.nd 46. 16. 4%
,yOrda of :lD-lnch
uo s .. lb w.n. Ill., . Obi 1. DI.
25 tenu 'In' cOlna foo e:acb
pottern .'
Pattern No Slze
Add.ess ....... ' -' ....... , ............. .
Co, jt h medld nos usu.lIy contain. I g.
quan tit y of 1.1.ln syrup-a ;ood
hut one "Ilieh you C8n easily It hom ...
l! of ernnul.ted wllh l eup
of 'e . No 0 . you can USI) torn
or liquid honey. Insltud or 8UI:. r syrup
I:"t Iroll'\ your
of 1'1f1. il into a prnt and fill
up YOllr syrup. This Kl v., you. full
Plnl 01 wand rllli medici ne. lor CQllih duL'
'0 coIU . It mnkes 11 rcal u vlnll becuuse it
ivCl )'011 nbou. lour times Of,much lor your
monry. til e" .. . polls. anil 10-0 It.
,'111. is actu.lly " l urprl, lngly eiTC!CUv...
quiek.QCll nt: cough medidnr, S"!ilUy. you
reel It tpkiJlB hold. llloo. ens phloem.lOoth ....
IrritDted membran , /hake. brealhlng ellSY.
Plnu Is aped al compound 01 p.ovon
InJredlenll. In cori a" ntuted ro. m mpot
reliabio. """thing aeonllo. throat a nd
<hlallr'rihltlon . Money .efunded It It doesn't
pI.... you in e_ery ",ay.
.." ,,"'" tIIItruIaf MONTHLY
Are ,ou UIlUbled bJ dJat ... 01 t eo
male fUDctlolll'1 pet\Ddlo d tatllrb
ancelI? Doell this makfl you auO'er
10. f eel 10 l1,,",OUI,
,uoh unea? 'l'IIen .tatt taltin, LydIA
B. ' kham'a VCIIII..... b1. OompOund
ten day. before to reUevo
auab 8j'mpto!Jl8 .. Pinkham'. Jlr.a a
arand rooptblol eO'ect on 01
woman', mOIl j.mporlane 01g1l1U1
Tnlly: the womt.n'. friend I
One application
for the life of YO,ur 1I1"te5
If rour pia'" _ 100M and .lip o" lIuni .e6.
.llem for penna .... ,comfon "';.0 .ofr
Brimm. PlubUnCl .. rI .... La, au;p Oft uPtRr
Olal.. .
BAII,., .IB. FOR VS. W. pay
13 dos. Detau. free. ... O. ..11 ....
CeI ... Ia l" 0 .....
they need ar.e minor an4 can b.e .. ;;ft;i;;;;;;;.
made quickly while Interest runs I .. P k
high. . '. Wall oc ets
Ol' 101".. . . . bi,e ", ;,ct if molds,perfow,.,
H ... _ rl..,U.,jiI_ .... f." . EYeIl on 01"
nab"- l! "" .. , JIriDinu1>1c.ariUiter Ii"" sooa
_"I .. fcolli I/:&, .. olilhs to a,. ., o. 101l." r.
End. fo............ bo,hCl of I .....
application. rha,luu few ho""o.da,..Slo,,.
aiippia codd pia,.. ... d .ore ......... E
aa1.hinr' Talk fred,) &10, th" COllifoft thou
.... d. 0 _Ie III o .... r die co .... ..,. IID'tf .e, LIVESTOCIl .
PVaEJJBEQ Ole boar. a nd w ......
III, pl , bI::. ar"o
N." .1."..... .." 1 41" ..
.AKIIl ,BAIly .... ro. VII. W. oa"
II \IoL Detallll free. P. O. JkK ...
(leI ..... I" 0..... . '
JOIW, d(J#hn ...... .
or !lequln. to those which
bave Idlt their. luater. or to add
new decor to hat.
rta" ..... r ,.I1 "n; 1500 grID' ,UIe GCIOI1 Teeludlllae
;d 8bIDDed
1M ... D. 'ID '., .
-' .. _ u"... efln{t .,. _V!II. , .... .J
a .,tt _tar .. "'!!O. IOltener. AI .Illa- "JUIt how do I "0 about thll
4alfts lDalllrt .. Invl..... v_ Ower ...... ,
" ... CIIa .... CIII ,JlI. . of. remodeUn,1" asia
M." Y.rli: ClU,. per_a). 1I1U1111.... mllD7 a WODlIlD. be Ibe novice or
-'-ent. ADbOiJIblleI\ta aecund. rt " _..... < "TO
.4\.... "lalecl. Req...,.... at. an expe encea .e ...... '" el..
lOded to. BailtaUlD,. E U'II: .: lleehil ' like I .. et ' starte'" then It'
.,III...n ,. I.. K. Y. . . ., Wi ,
81',,111" , CaW",u_fi.ncb. ,month8 to finJsb. the
Auatria.-fior y. Bel work Dever ,eta done,'" sait an.
alum: Oarmat' BrltllJh Colonte.. Want 'th .
List. Approved Servl , 0 .. BI 511."" 0 er &roup.
La'ela .............. . 1'.. . It, important to map out, the
ol't;:;::, worle anel to laiow 3uat what you
Jl'oldlnc Ht.h Chair. 11.00. . 1101 hope to ac1iieve when you're
... Dr1w D ..... , .... I.wl'.
LADIES: Malt . :rour o"'n Hqu.eJiold
CI.aner,. at a minimum I coat. FOllr POP-'
ular FormWaa ".ller, II" B.oli:
I,.. DI1.,., D ' ...... , 1.... t
GilT Uuo pa .. tlll.ed "God's
Heavell:', and , thje knowledle It un .
101da. AlOO proll ec.& of Sf. ; ;rOM,
Revelalo 25<:, Bolt II', !'f
b.rl. Ifo. . '.:
AIR-GFBIl8H Ae\!l!QUy destroys all
HousehOld' ODD.... In ltv .. minutes, For
delallil write M. E. ' THO.SON, I'. a ......... Ol .... l.a. 11. Obi
'l'bere J. no ' more &let lor the I. .
:roWller a ..e tI,ail e.,.i1ietl. , rwi- OIlIlltiJ.d.
OroWl, lowtnldl"t Idt which conlam, " .
those .... enU" .. II )l'ounl lacb' need. when . . "
s he .tllr'.. to pr1nlp and ,Practice with I changing a citess blouse or otlier.
.'make-tIP . ' . .' an attractilla. bottle 'of co:. . , .' ... ,' ,
, 10",:, bolt ' 011 Jw ... . Cl' piece of clo..,mJ . .. StudY the gar
r: apd upon the simplest
off.DlOUa' 8EVEWX: procedure for a new
Dall,lbt.... ...ter aJId "be.Watc" will ' effect. "
.ppr.Clate thla new jtem not onlY , be- 'm d .... L
ea.... It Ie lleauWuUy wtapped and ba. en you e ..... e too elabor
=- ate remodelfn, lo.e In
m...- banntu;1 110 tender yOulIl .kIU. terest becaWle they may nke more
'1.':" time than you bave avanable. U
,""--aln. "l'ho' l!live to appll', thlfll'it.. clothel are chan,ed 'as lOon as
melEWlI to ap ar Wle f .
, ENTEEN, II ueta. SEV'ln'I'&EN C ,
Start ' with a clean' ,arment. This
. may be at home It it! can In, I;orly American Them,e
be laundered; otherwise. hav& It
cleaned. You ...may be aurprlled
how utUe other than eleanllnels
and good pressLng and perhaps
mend In, is necessary to brln,
clothes ,back ' to their original
beauty. '
Take the ,arment with ' you if
,you want to choose. additional rna-
terlat or 'Cjlme ornamentation tor
it that has to be ' bou,lit. eplor.
trave 'way of being what they
1000k like- when it comes to choos
Ing 'buttons to fJt the' original
lIoles. or. when .. matter of
letting the tliread' to mafch" ..
You can be much more accutate,
In buying the' conect amount
of bralding, beading. sequins, veU.
ln, or' other decor the hat.
or blouse is with you.
After the material III purchased
and the plan is well in mind.
II time when' Jrou'U be uninterrupted
for length. of time It takes to
alter thr;! Tty to. finisli
the job ' in one or two sittings, . RS
, yop'U be enough '.to do the
best work.,,' . ,
Make Worn 'Dresses
Into Separates
oUrl'ent ' trend at
separates is ' still much favored
8{!d lends itself as inspiration' for
ch\nglng many garments. , If you
have .tlred qt the. bodice on a dress
bilt l!ke the skix:t, 'or il the
bas worn. ' but the luxuriousness
the bodice st\'ll delights 'you. then'
separate the fwo and work from
there. . .
dresses wIth , interesting
'collars ", ard lovely sleeves are '
easily the skirt. Choose
for a skirt, and sew 'from
Early AaDericaa ' Wan Pociket.' ,
HERE Is an idea attracti've
gifts to make. PaUern 281
three diHereni aijtliel1tic de-
sigrua for making thelle ,Early
Amerrical) wall pockel/i to' be used
for lcatteI:s, keys, ot trailing
vines. Hang- on waD or stand on
' , . '. ' ..

P ; I(!e of pattern .10 ' isc:.-'
Draw .. ,10
0111.. Ne. l'elll
\Var CrimlDaJs
a pattern ',to make a brand. new -J,,"nIT'"
are Ue,phle. TJ\n .... I '. , , . ' I
fr .. from an... that m1!f:t Il'nUl&lt B. Sml' rtl
tbe .ada and ell' aclvert\llln, aceapted . :
lor pijtillcaUon. ID, tha Joum . of TIle _ ..;
Am.,lca.. lColcIteal AuoelatJcm. ) ,
skirt. U you 'do not 'want to at-
tach It to the old bodice. put, the
. to,ether with a nice cummer.
bund or an Interestin; belt. or wear
'them 'as a skirt and .blouse. In the
i:atter case. finish the bottom
of the With a DarrOW. neat
hem, stitched by liand 'cir machine.
.. lfwW,..r .ift lIflll __
to en,' Jilin Of &It.. cOWl
trl' \ for 110. This Incllldes Jl'ed.reJ.
Ialt.' Send to ""
SIlVENTEBN. , , ri-
D.... W. HilI a .... JlIiW Y.rIr.
......... Liaul" p al : ........ hid.
Send 25. TODAY' for " bar ... ' U" and
Indian PeIlby'. G ......... c.ta C.,. Dept.
C ,. ' Jk)l , G, ..... , Oblo N. nl.
SEEDS, PL.\NTliI, E;rc.
.. ,.rl' Bloi.1o , P iauh. 'Plan your aere-
ae ,.010' tor sprlnll. Buy direct." Irom
.rower. 1'alal . l'la .. lal1o ... ' SO,,1Il Dave
HteL .
For Your: Buy
U. -So ....
WNU-E ' 05-50
O,der 800te's
Quality Chicles Now'
Awold 1Iat. .." .... """I Take .d

... 1IooIa. oulSllUlcIift. chick
Clioo ,000 <leUwerr d., .
S No. I .,.. '00 Ileal ,. IKoO..
0111, .n . , .
,SpedaI No. z-'OO ......
catcIIf. .-rI1 " aU
ool'a" , ( 0.u...,PD - 20'11. .. 1 ... -8
='.!. ...... 0.
dlD '00 lora. .... I", .
Illck. 2 to 12 A1J
\II,.. _coell ...... 1IR.
.1Ictof6 UT..., lit.
"'IISU.I", .... D1A
Perhaps you bave a . nice bout.
fant on a dress that ha' It bodice
, worn at the sle'eves lind collar. The
separation is easy. Choose a can.
trastirig blouse . to go wiih the
skirt. Make tbi.ll from a pattern
,that fits nicely with tbis pa.rUcular
skirt. Materials' wfth met a I'll CI
stripes usually go 'nicely with skirts
of this type,
Use Outworn Clothes
,,"s Material Sour.ce
If. ;you separate bodlce: and
a n!! \lse only t he skirt; the \vaist.
line needs -'1lh' . zipper.
will have to and a
I placket made I tt. The' op' should
be finished with stiff maferial that
folds down behind the fabric. Use
, I with or withol'! belt or a scarf to
i serve as a belt.
If you're tlred of ilre.sses, robell
or. certain pieoes of .lin,erie, . you
have unlimted opportunity fql' col.
lecting materials tbat may be used
tor sewing practicall,y new gar.
Beautlfu] silk' dresses convert
nicelY' IntQ attraell"e blousel. To
make ijlele. separate the dr... at
.U the seams .nd press ol,lt. Fit
the blouse pattem on the IOOdI
and cut al you would from '
"i.1I 8rl1IUIUI PiUd. u.oo. ..
Ia .......... tJaIIf-... ' ..... hw ... ...,
Tu leu, odod .... hannl ... W ,ou .nd rout
....ttl.c."be .. ....,v.d II Derllirecrlon .. Uoen
u,: . "N ." , ... "'" ".,t6;', . .. M .,.. Mit
... fat UflU (or Ollepl ... ;.z,u
eo. bolll Ac' "", dna.
. F' . ' C"I' RELIEF rub"in fscm..Oay. Cofto
FOR . < ;"of those two famqu8
up tc? 21/2 ID til 1 salicjlate and men-
. liriUll agents. me y , b" I "
.." Bely offered 1M '
tho!; thaD five Wi. . c
............ MIIO' ;.
' .......... , ............. .....,., ... "...... . ..,
... S1IIII'L ", '
Thursday, February Z, 1950
Planning for the Future?
Buy U.S. Savings Bonds!
YOu ......
Grandma's Sayin'gs
bI reII ... coiIChs and sort nile'"
You Deed to rub oD atlmuJatlnr, paiJlo
",UeviDa: M uaterole. It Dot ooly brlnp
rut.. 10n.-laatiDr relief but actually
help' ,check the irritation and break up
loeal c:ona:eetion. Muaterolel
"',aln. lere i. Tour .
Oabber Girl MASTER.MIX ' recipe
I "'". ",.ed ell ... ,.". .. /I....
I tab I ..,...... .. GI.I BOJm.I """"'
I nip '''0"",",
Sl!llIour. baltJlIl powder mcloaIt ,toptMt
CUI tA ..... nonjn.. Stor. In ..... Nd _
talne. In Nfri,enlM, Now jor .
Here ,. TOU recipe
' .. bI' __ .. _ .......
\4 ...
" lIlile,_ "".eI ptuapptc, .. ,. ....
, "PO all' ......... iIfIlJ
1\ "', ... ,.. ,
, ........ 01"0" , .,.. _ hIlA I
,_"."_ "' ... - ,
' .\4 ........ "' ... ,,_.-
Molt butl .. or m&rJari"" In an r x Ii" x2'"
eake I*IL Sprinkl. with ... pr, CUI
plMlpple s1icotr tA halVH and ""an on
lop of the lUI"'" MeasUre MamrMIx Into
IIIIx1q bowl SUr In lUlU, ..... 1JlJ<ejr. Com-
bin. q&. mo'- water, Add ,",dually
to dry mil<lwe. stIrr1nl untJI weU b\eacled.
Pour 0...,. fruit in pall and l])I'tad .ally.
Bake al 350' F., (rnodenw ...... ) 35 to 40
m1nuiu Itftnovp frmI own ad cool hfO
or three minutes. Tum oul on .Nina pis ...
, fruit licit up. Serve wann IOPDecl with
' pod cream or hanlaauee, MAlee. Bto a Mrv.
Inp. To male. plain GlnatrbrHd, uoe \he
_ recipe. bul omlt lirat Ihree
.4 ;laro! ClDbbt,Cr,I
In the Mlpa qUlckJy to
bake waffles. clngeJ'o
breads. qul.kralls,
' cookies, and other
lntereitlnll and eX'-
oiling home-baked
nrltJfJ( i. ,1' .
u ,'"
GROWIN' UP Is BUre a lerlous
I>ut we ldo tell the younguns how It
grows easier trom the very day we
have 'our first Ia.ugh-at our own .
$S D&ld MlII.u. Zlmmllmao.:I", 0'1 ..... (&-
TAKE IT FROM ME. a top qual,lty
margarine really shows up In your
cookln' and balUn'. That's wh)l: It
pays to use "Table-Grnde" Nu-Mald.
And what's more new NuMa1d 18
Improved-smoottier spreadln'. bet-
ter t.a8Un' than ever!
THE ONLY. TIME U's safe to give
th" low-down on folks" Is when it's
the foundation fer a build-up.
15 .. Id Kn, a.. n.n.., ClwlGtte: M.c.-
LAND BAKES! I jellt can't keep up
with "Table-Qrade" J)ru-Maldl Now
, It's better 'n ever;Yep. They'Ve lm-
proved my favorite spread made ,
It even better tastln ... more smooth
sprti.dln'. And new 1'fu-Mald'a got
a brand new package to keep that
sweet, ohurnedfresb ftavor 8M1ed
*15 will be ;:d' upon p'ubUca.-
tlen to the 1lrIt oontributor of each
accepted aaylng or Idea. Address
109 East Pearl Street,
Cincinnati 2, Ohio.
'f I
, I
"Now that rm IOIJIl',to pl..,...
".,Ied. mother, I thlDk I ahouJcl
JmoW" where 'Tabl.e-Grade' Nu.
Jl&lcI lJIarprIJte 110'111." __ ero.
Lighter,lluffier rolla, richer go,den.brown, '
fteeber keeping, richer ' tasting.' And you'n
find these taste-teasing, home-baked &Weej;
rolls 80 easy to make. Just follow the Simple .
directions on ,your Dulf'B Hot Roll '
package. Umm-m good! ,
P.S. f.r t elil
. '), .: .
FEmnl' AnY !!. 195'1
I I I 111111II1111111I!(!I:!!llllij!llllilllllllll
From The Typewriter Of Jim Jonel
Trounce Mason ' 56-38" Lead League
TWIN THEATRE' RATE8: JfJn. cent per word.
minimum charge, 21 nt&.
Three InMrtlon. for tho price
of two. Form. clo.e Wedne ..
day noon.
Waynesville, ,Oh'io
'fhe Waynesville Spartans. t\
pl'8)vloUB winner over the Mallbll
3331, Journeyed to Malson !fues'
dny night to pIn a 66 38 defeat all
III Comets ,
1'bhl wns Mason's thll'd loss In
the Warren County Jengue whl(1b
dropped tbem second place
beblnd tbe pnrtims , Wnyno8vll-
It! hav1ng lost two lellgue encou-
nters has only Kings Mills, It!::t In
their VlIlh 10 the chn.mnlol,18bIII
poluts in the Hecond I) \'hlll, UlI'I,'
bIggest Quart el' of lIL IIl1l
IhlK lholll n 19 17 hlllltlI11tJ lmH\
01\(111 1'01'11'1" " Ind", ' Iloullerll
rlghl I.lllcil III, U.. third IIIIII1' tel'
studlng' We SCOl'llIg burrll go which
\Vil li bu' IIIHt 1'01' tbe I'pllln I IIlle I' [.
the evening , F,vel ' Y Rl)nrtan mi '
lied al lenlJt onCe hI the thll'll lior
lad to give WayneSVille II. !l32!J
lend at the end of tlie llllnnei'
SAT. SHOWS: 6 P.M. SUNPAY: 2:30 P.M.
us for in urance. All types 'of
omedy For' Family W]th
Pt)nls and Passes:
Me]\{ lUtA y O'n:ARA
Pete Smi t h
. 4
A SnmeH o.Uver Ourwood
Sl ory. Lllmber' CountJ<Y IInli
f.ogglnj;' Operntlens.
LAW of the 1'IMBER
Monte Blue
1ilfjolle Reynolds
Challt. 7 - Gang BU!lters
. 'l
insurance at a savings. Call LEGAL NOTICE
Francis Brown, phone In lbie Matter of the
Waynesville 2472 ,or call co)- Incurnbrance by Mortgage (If
led. Wilmington 211 t. . cerlllin Real Estate by lbe
Vesu'Y or St. Mary's .PIoteatllnt
FOn SALE- Whit enamel Maj Eplsc!opal Churcb. a Corporlltlon
csUe Range stove. George Hen not t al' ;Profit, or Waynesville.
derson. Phone Wa)nes. 2982. Warr'en lJounty. Ohio.
1-12:lt NoUce. Is hereby given to aU
--------..:---- perso,ris whom It may concerTi thltt
FOR SALE) - Cheap: Seal dyed on the 31s t day at January. 1960.
'I'be Spnl'tllll s uud the Comota
beld even througb the Clret lwo
v)3I'lodtl 'WIth tbe ! leading
:1, 0-7 at tile end of the tint QUllr-
tel', rallied for 12
111111111II1II!lllllIIlIIlIIlIIlIIlIIlIIllllI1lll11ll11l11l1l11l llll11lll11llll11l11l11ll1l l11t
III the' flnal period Juhk , '1' lnn!.! )'
aud Dan Simpson Ilught dIe fl,I' "
Illld Iho loculs 23 m Ill'
IIOI's ' to will I\ally fl uas
Coney l<'l1,r Coat. Excellent the Wardens of St. Mary's Prot , . ,Comprete Home Conltruction
I 0
"a ,k 'CIII1I6Y ltid tbH
on. wner leaving for Florida. eSlant Episcopal Cburoh or Way-
3638. Mrs, George nesvllile. Ohio, flied In Corll' We' will , be glad to discull )'our 8COl'lllg' lSI' mllrl(WII 7 bllcltOl8
Waynesville. Route 1. . 1'-19-3t mon Plelts .CO\ll't 01 COIl - building probleml and t:!11 you Itnll 4 fl' (IG I. hlOIVR vhllo ' J)ILII 81
, . What we can do. oillilon netted Iii IJollltl-l fill Ii L\VIl .
IRF. I..AND! Wonderful Iris h Songs Keep Yom
Sin'ging. Thi s 18 Fnmlly Type.
nty. Ohio, In Calle . No. 1 8li".
LAUNDERING- OODs In my their certain petition: praying the CABINET WORK volnte,l's' unci rne tlLI'OWH
home. QUick servloe. Phone COllrt fql' an order Illlthorlzing Hurold 81'anley played II fill
nesv1lle 2986. 112-il t ba ' kb " lne conllnl 11
them as slIch "Vardens. to locum- n o ld...n III Y '0\11
ber . In the ,prlnolpal sum of WIWS HUNTER uti off wllh ball Whllo lIOl
$7500.0C). and In the manner and IWAVNESVILLE, OHIO markel'S .
form as set forth In sald petition. WIlTI'un Sh .e'. I111 , HflrllLn F.:'l l'll - '
FOR SALE Ullod ,doubl e Kit-
Top ,Soli. HaUling. Sand. Gravel
Excavating W1th Baok Boe,
Drag71lne and BuUdozer
Wa)'JleavDle. Obia' ,
,111 11111111111111i11l11l11llll11mlllllililllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllil1II111illlllllilii
designated, as ",Town") of 6. ' 6. and 3 . (1UI I)' H
',chen Sink Oood condition, $6.00 I '
Inquire at the Ml llmi G,,:zelte. 1t " Horsel Are Dangerous
Pho".e: Wayn ... 21111 or. 224e
BANk RUN 'ORAVEL- Loade').
at Davis Furnas PIt, 60 centl
.cuJllc 'yard. We alao deUvei'. AllII
ITAGE & Phone 2091. tf
WaYlllesvllle, Oblci : Dead Sto,ck
Tract ,) : All tbllt certain p:ll