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Contact: Brittany Taylor Brittany@ptsgroup.

com Title: Securities Lending Operations Assistant

We are seeking a Securities Lending Operations Assistant who has at least 2 years e!perience in trade support" mainly mark to market" trade pricing" trade input and reconciliation. #nowledge o$ %orporate Actions and Settlements &%ash and securities' would (e (ene$icial. The candidate is e!pected to work a $le!i(le shi$t (etween ):** a.m. and ):** p.m. JOB FUNCTIONS/DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES +roduces and proo$s accounting reconciliation and management control reports. Trade support: mark to market" trade pricing" trade input and reconciliation. ,nteracts with Trading" Systems" and other Operations areas to resol-e pro(lems. ,denti$ies and implements accounting and control enhancements. %alculation and reconciliation o$ recei-a(le and paya(le (alances. .econciles customer $ee statements" and produces -arious customer reports. %ollating" copying" $iling and distri(ution o$ daily reports. /ocuments procedures and work0$lows. %ross0trains in /epartment and per$orm all work as assigned (y manager. REQUIREMENTS Strong +% skills. Bachelor1s degree in (usiness" accounting pre$erred. 2 to 2 years accounting e!perience in (ank operations" securities lending e!perience pre$erred with concentration in trade support" cash reconciliation" proo$ and control. #nowledge o$ Settlements &cash 3 securities' and %orporate Actions is a plus.