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Rise and Fall: Former 'American Gladiator' Storm Is Homeless

Video: Will people be clamoring to help her the same way they helped Ted "Golden Voice" Williams?
Posted: Jan. 27 2 !! ":#$ %&

OL News is reporting that former American Gladiator star Debbie "Storm" Clark has been homeless for almost three years. Clark was one of the stars of the hit syndicated television

series that matched amateur athletes against the show s own elite team of "gladiators" with names like "!ap"" "#ower"" "Laser" and "Storm." Clark was on the show for two years" earning $%"&'' a week until she suffered a career(ending in)ury. #he show went off the air in %**+ ,it was relaunched in -''./ but continues to run in syndication" although Clark does not receive residuals. 0fter American Gladiator" Clark moved on to other opportunities" including" she says" a country(music career that didn t pan out" culinary school and various )obs as a personal trainer. She also spent thousands on in vitro fertili1ation to have her son" Crayton" who is %' and lives on the streets with her. Clark says she ended up homeless after fleeing a domestic violence situation and hasn t been able to get back on her feet. She says she has no family to help her because her parents died within months of each other. She says that it has been tough getting help from outside sources because they tell her she is too high(functioning" and shelter rules are not conducive to finding work" which she seeks every day. 2elp may be on the way in the form of 3mbrace" an organi1ation that works to get people from all walks of life" but especially college students" to help the less fortunate. Clark doesn t have a golden voice" but she seems to have the will to get her life back. 4e hope so" for the sake of her child.

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