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!"#$ &' !$($ )*"+ ," ,-$ .

By: Ban Nacaulay

2$('$ 3
}oy to the woilu, the Loiu is come
Let Eaith ie-ceive hei King
Let eveiy heait pie-paie Bim ioom

Beaven anu natuie singing
Be is oui new beginning
Can you heai.
Bope is heie
}oy in a baby's biith
Beaven is floouing Eaith
uou is neai
Bope is heie

2$('$ 6
}oy to the woilu, the Savioui ieigns
Let men theii songs employ
Be comes to make Bis blessings flow


Anu the wonueis of Bis love aie on uisplay
(}oy to the woilu)
That the King woulu come foi us
This changes eveiything


}oy to the woilu (x2)