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8 Premises

1. A red humanoid and blue humanoid look at each other with disdain based on the color of their skin until an event occurs that puts both their lives in danger, and they can only survive by working together. 2. Two cavemen with the first discovery of fire both enjoy lighting things on fire until it starts to get too personal. The conflict starts when one of the cavemen lights the others bedding on fire. The cavemen eventually burn down everything that is flammable of each others until they are both out of things, and they decide to end their fight with a truce as to stop the damage on both sides. 3. Two boys are in an inaccessible tree house having fun playing with action figures while a girl at ground level (who feels left out) tries daring attempts to get in the tree house so she can have fun too. The boys in the tree house try to prevent her from getting in but fail and end up having fun as a group of three in the end. 4. In the center of the scene there is a large speaker that plays music. Two characters fight over the speaker and want to play their favorite kind of music. The first character likes party music and living it up by dancing, the second one wants to listen to classical music while he reads his book. 5. At a beach, two guys, one big and muscular and one small and nerdy, fight over a girl to win her approval. 6. A fight scene with a scared young boy and his father fending off a zombie using creative means. 7. An underwater scene where a starfish develops a territorial conflict with a nearby seashell. 8. Guy proposes to girl, she looks at tiny diamond on the ring with a very unimpressed look and the guy uses other means to try and impress the girl.