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Create Your Own Civilization Project

Purpose: To create a new civilization using the 5 traits of a civilization.

Part 1: Part 2:

Create a title sheet with your name (first and last), period, and the name of your civilization (this should be stapled to the top of your paragraphs) (2 points) escribe your civilization! ("# points total) 1 paragraph: $ntroduce your civilization! %ive them a name. Tell me about their natural boundaries/geography. Your paragraph should answer these uestions: 1! &hat is the name of your civilization' 2! $f you were to describe your civilization to the world, what would you say' (! &hich features of the land ma)e your culture easy to attac)' "! &hat defenses does the land provide naturally' !1" points# "nd paragraph: $escribe the organized government of your civilization. Your paragraph should answer these uestions: 1! &hat form of government does your culture have' 2! *ow are the leaders selected' (! &hat are the titles of those in power' (+,! President, )ing, ruler, all mighty one) "! &hat are the responsibilities of those in power' -! &hat ma.or laws have been made and why' (at least two) /! &hat punishments e,ist for law brea)ers' !1" points# %rd paragraph& $escribe the society/culture of the people in your civilization. 1! &hat types of people are in your civilization' 2! &hat time of wor) is available' 0pecialization' (! &hat are the gender roles' "! &hat are the societal norms' 1raditions' -! escribe the hierarchy2 dynamics! !1" points# 'th paragraph: $escribe the contributions of your civilization !things your civilization created for the world#. (or e)ample: The *hinese created paper that we still use today. Your paragraph should answer these uestions: 1! &hat is the name of the language your civilization spea)s' 2! &hat are the ma.or inventions your civilization created' (3ou need at least four inventions) (! &hat was one ma.or discovery made by your civilization' !1" points# 5th paragraph: $escribe the religion of your civilization. Your paragraph should answer these uestions: 1! &hat god(s) is2are worshipped by the people in this civilization' 2! $s your civilization polytheistic or monotheistic'

(! *ow do the people show respect for their god(s)' "! &ho are the 4holy people5 of your civilization' -! &hat are the most important teachings, rules, or ideas that your civilization6s religion teaches' /! escribe the most important religious holiday in your culture! 1ell what it is and how people in your civilization celebrate it! !+,T-. *-+$/T& 10 points# Part (: $llustrations (-7 points total) 8ap: (17 points) $raw a colorful map with a 1ey that shows what your civilization2s geography loo1s li1e. 3n your map be sure to include: (resh water source!s# 4ain cities 5 including a capital !a total of four cities# 9rtifacts: (27 points total) 1st .rtifact: *hoose something that an archaeologist might discover from your civilization and illustrate it. Your choices might include a ma6or building7 a religious figure7 coo1ing materials7 or flag7 etc8 "nd .rtifact: *reate a writing sample that your civilization has created. 0ocial Class Pyramid: (17 points) *reate a pyramid that shows the class divisions in your society. 9abel the levels of the pyramid. +)ample:

9rt of your Civilization: (17 points) /llustrate or a design a creative model of art used in your civilization. +)amples include7 but are not limited to: 6ewelry7 games7 dance7 musical instruments7 weapons7 architecture7 clothing7 or sports.

$8P:;19<1: Your paper must be written neatly in pen. Your illustrations should be on white paper or construction paper. o not use noteboo) paper for your illustrations! 1he illustrations must be in color! %;9 +: This pro6ect is worth 100 points. T:/; *3<=T; .; . ></? @-.$+.

*reate your 3wn *ivilization @rade @uide =ames: @rading @uide& .ttach to the bac1

;e=uirement Title !" points# /ntroduction !1" points# @overnment !1" points# *ulture !1" points# Technology !1" points# -eligion !+*&10 points# 4ap !10 points# .rtifacts !"0 points# Pyramid !10 points# .rt !10 points#



Points:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> +,tra Credit:>>>>>>>>>> 1otal: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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