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For Endorsement of Visa to Saudi Arabia

Sample of letter of indemnity

(Letter of Indemnity should be typed under company letterhead)

Date: The Executive Director The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce "th #loor$ %isma Chinese Chamber$ &'($ )alan Ampan*$ '+,'+ -uala Lumpur.

industry of !alaysia

RM 10.00 Revenue Stamp Dear /ir$

In consideration of your endorsin* the visa application to /audi Arabia and all documents 0hatsoever re1uired of you by us$ 0e hereby underta2e and a*ree to indemnity you in full a*ainst all conse1uences$ liabilities of any 2ind 0hatsoever directly arisin* from or relatin* to the said endorsement.

3ours faithfully$

44444444444444444444444444444 Full name of authorised signature (must be signed by Director of the Company) Designation of authorised signatory Company Rubber Stamp