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Extended Summary for LinkedIn

Dr. Rodney is committed to a democratic and social approach to technology integration in classrooms and society. As an educational technologist he is concerned with how teachers can enhance their competency in technology, pedagogy and content knowledge (TPCK). His primary focus is the application of mobile, interactive, collaborative and cloud-based technologies in this effort. In his view, the impact of of mobile devices, social media and other cloud based communications technologies is singularly disruptive. As these technologies proliferate throughout society all aspects of teaching, learning and living will undergo seismic shifts. Rodney has worked with teachers, school administrators and students in South Florida as well as in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area. His work involves the design, development and delivery of professional development experiences, traditional campus-based classes as well as distance based offerings. In addition to teaching and writing about technology he also teaches and writes about curriculum improvement. As a faculty member in an international institution Basiyr has been engaged in research, writing and publishing. In 2012-2013 he was awarded a faculty research grant, Using Games to Teach Pedagogy to Teachers. He continues to write and research on his dissertation work surrounding SIVOS a software tool for examining teaching behaviors. The tool relies upon the integration of streaming videos, and a structured observation system within a database application