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Module 1 Teaching Foundations

Session 1

Certificate for English Teachers

Audience: Experienced Teachers
Objective: Professional Development / Professionalization


Reflective practice

Duration: 200 curricular hours in 10 modules

Session 1 Objectives
By the end of the first session participants will be able to:
Distinguish the key concepts of behaviorist and cognitive theory and reflect on the practical consequences in their teaching context Log in and update their profile in the VLE

Session 1 Program
Course objectives Icebreaker Video clip - Handout 1 Behaviorist Theory - Handout 2 Feedback session Cognitive Theory Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram Presentations

VLE Access and Profiles

Role Models
Why are we teachers? How did we become teachers?

How did we learn to become teachers?

Will teaching be different in the future?

Transformations in 21st century education Dr. Michael Wesch

Learning Theories

Classical Conditioning

Operant Conditioning


Response by learner

Provided by teacher

Reinforcement Provided by instructor

Reinforcement and Punishment

Consequences drive Behavior

Cognitive Theory
Learning is based on mental processes by which learners take in, interpret, store and retrieve information.

Information Processing
Will you remember?

Cognitive Instructional Strategies

Please take the Teaching Perspective Inventory quiz before the next session: m/drupal/

The RedNova VLE

Module 1 Teaching Foundations