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Sandy Hook Lighthouse

By Billy N.

Used to aid boats and ships with navigation off the coast of NJ Originally called the New York lighthouse because it was funded by a New York Assembly lottery Fully restored in 2000 Managed and maintained by the National Park Service

Built by Issac Conro in 1764 Originally was built 500ft from the tip of Sandy Hook Height is 103ft Light distance was 19 nautical miles

History (Cont.)
Was built out of stone and rubble Originally tended by one person, the lighthouse was eventually assigned to three people Featured a fix white light to avoid confusion with the Navesink Twin Lights built after

History (Cont.)
American soldiers attempted to destroy it during the revolutionary war British soldiers occupied the lighthouse Britain sent loyalists to Sandy Hook to prevent further attack Was completely restored in 2000

Because the lighthouse is maintained by the Nation Parks Service, it is open to the public Free tours are offered from 1:00PM to 4:30PM seven days a week The area surrounding the lighthouse is considered to be a National Park along with the Navesink Twin Lights