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Socce r_Girl A random blog You have be e n banne d. 27 7012 2 m inute s ago

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fz0718 Schimelpfenig1's Blog You have be e n banne d. The Mathfights Dilemna (temporary name) The Mathfights Dile m na You have be e n banne d. hdang5104's Blog you have be e n banne d asegesta's Blog You have be e n banne d Schim e lpfe nig1 rm rf 2 5 11 296 3 m inute s ago 4 m inute s ago 5 m inute s ago 5 m inute s ago


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Introduction to Algebra A complete Algebra I course, with many additional topics from Algebra II. Over 1000 problems! Great for MATHC OUNTS and AMC preparation.

ase ge sta Blank You have be e n banne d 118 4819 6 m inute s ago

Im possible C ube Random Randomness Math-orie nte d random ne ss You have be e n banne d. 52 8365 6 m inute s ago

the Art of Problem Solving Volume 2: and Beyond Used for over 16 years! Lots of AMC and AIME problems and topics!

HYP135pe ppe rs O+< <button>te st</button> You have be e n Banne d BLA G C ontrib re que sts will only be acce pte d by pm . You have be e n banne d. 507 dantx 5 40302 7 m inute s ago



7 m inute s ago

flam e fox x 99 Into The World of Night Through shadows falling O ut of m e m ory and tim e .... You have be e n banne d 73 12163 8 m inute s ago

ajoy Bad Toed Bad Toe d You have be e n banne d. 518 12845 9 m inute s ago

lazorpe nguin27143 FFFFFlllllaaaaakkkkkeeeee!!!!! 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716 9399375105820974944592307816133720987234 123467182346896127346967977867896868967867 C re dits to Dojo for the C SS. C re dits to Flak e LC R for the blog. You have be e n Banne d Flak e LC R The wallbash blog 2.0 a solid scre e n of wallbash doom 10 1610 27 m inute s ago 61 11520 23 m inute s ago



a solid scre e n of wallbash doom You have be e n banne d

Blogs Art of Problem Solving


m ik e che n The efang gang R andom stuff you should re ad You have be e n banne d 13 1868 28 m inute s ago

e fang Geography Ge ography You have be e n Banne d ge om an523 Nerds Galore About m y life . C SS code cre dit goe s to Dojo You have be e n banne d 38 6631 31 m inute s ago 7 762 30 m inute s ago

MathBrain2000 Shiny! C re ate d by JFC This are te h m ah blogs. I is lik ing dat you are stay. You have be e n Banne d JFC Cool Math C SS cre dit goe s to PythonNut You have be e n Banne d m athm an523 Darn Idk you have be e n banne d In which I troll Math... A blog of trolls You have be e n Banne d Bad Toed failing you have be e n banne d howie 2000 11 581 39 m inute s ago 42 m inute s ago 42 m inute s ago 42 6131 32 m inute s ago 58 3758 32 m inute s ago

14 zhuangzhuang 30



nsun48 *Blog Title Goes Here* LIST O F PIES, TAR TS, AND FLANS! http://e n.wik ipe i/List_of_pi ... _and_flans C ontributor Form .com /form s/d/18BKgjA ... 0/vie wform Also ple ase m ak e sure you re ad the C ontributor Policie s poste d on m y blog. If you look unde r O ctobe r 2013, and C ontributor Policie s, the n it should pull up. Follow Me on Instagram ! @BEMSParacord C SS by: lightbulb01 O h So De licious Brownie s!! I suck at everything. darn it, I can't se e the board. You have be e n banne d 68 21408 53 m inute s ago pogo_5 188 22995 44 m inute s ago

vince nthuang75025 beldo gl3o .e0d C ountdown to 5 ye ars /* dum by */ aopse r list Goals http://badtoe Endnote : If I e ve r post a re stricte d blog e ntry and you actually want to se e it (which you probably don't), just PM m e . You have be e n banne d Blog Title A place to re cord and share m y thoughts and ide as about life . PM if you want to re ad m y blog! You have be e n banne d r31415 453 23710 Today, 8:24 pm

Lord.of.AMC 346 11332 Today, 8:23 pm


baldo gc3o.d1e I am ove rhauling m y tags syste m and hoping to re instate acce ss to 98% of m y pre vious blog e ntrie s within 2 we e k s.

Blogs Art of Problem Solving

941 78203 Today, 8:16 pm

(Also I am trying to find an e fficie nt way to se t pe rm issions for se le cte d posts and stuff lik e that which re quire d m e to hide the re st of m y blog. Sorry for the confusion. In particular, no one was banne d e x ce pt for nsun48/k sun48's m ultis.) You have be e n banne d the bird bloggggg a bog about birds, program m ing, random ne ss, and m athe (at le ast I hope it goe s in that dire ction) anyways I'm this dude on aops (duhhhh) who I doe s som e othe r stuff lik e m ak ing we ird gam e s (http://scratch.m it.e du/use rs/O rcaC at/) and m usic ( /cosm osys) Ne w Song, Q we rtm aste r The Life of an A verage 8th Grader A blog highlighting e ve rything com pe lling in m y life . How not to do a practice te st

Awe som e Toad



Today, 7:45 pm

Pie sAre Square d



Today, 7:26 pm

nbute To Music and Math![4% loaded] *Blog de scription is re novation* I'm only saying that I'm hosting m afia gam e s he re ! Achie ve m e nt Unlock e d! Hi This is whe re I post 500 Posts! Home of the Cactus Jump Fail THE O NGO ING BATTLE!! VO TE AT: http://www.artofproble m /blog/84177 Do you want to contrib?: http://www.artofproble m /Foru ... 25&b=85313 or http://www.artofproble m /blog/96459 Puzzle s, Puzzle s, and bacon if you win!: https://www.artofproble m /For ... 5&b=87727& C lick he re . Im portant. Just don't Me ntion it whe n you give a good re vie w. Look ing for Je sus on AoPS? 19 1534 Today, 6:04 pm

m usicnm ath 15 1532 Today, 5:57 pm

R oyalre te r1 535 65236 Today, 5:04 pm


Mod points: 2 I now have a soundcloud A Blog A Blog Sim ple but satisfying proble m (W O O T) A re we at A oPS simply a huge flock of parrots? Are we at AoPS sim ply a huge flock of parrots? Be cause e ve ryone 's doing it... C ountdown to 5 ye ars on AoPS! 95% of profe ssing C hristian te e ns won't stand up for Je sus. If you are one of the 5% who will, ple ase copy/paste this into your signature /blog. Did you k now? e _is_cool!!! Achie ve m e nt Unlock e d wu2481632's Blog ok ... Musings My thought of the day. Me ant to have a touch of hum or. Should be tak e n with a grain of salt. Me e t Musings' siste r proje ct, Le sson of the Day, a "note s to se lf" page for coding, which contains unde rlying hum or .
m os t l y of m e be i ng s t upi d

m athm an98



Today, 4:18 pm Today, 2:46 pm



e _is_cool


3 172

80 23103

Today, 1:57 pm Today, 1:36 pm

k nittingfre nzy18

http://m agnus-nova.m ym Toe dforce s 225 The Blog of the one and only math26 Life of m ath26: AoPS, Fantasy Football, Socce r YAY MATHFIGHTS 45 9562 Today, 1:24 pm



Blogs Art of Problem Solving

m ath26 Le Blog de j02 Don't worry, the re st is in English. Inte re ste d in be com ing a contributor? .com /form s/d/1qFm G7D ... Q /vie wform W e e k 5 challe nge proble m s A rt O fte n pe ople think "art" is drawing, painting, and sculpture . But art isn't that narrow! The arts include anything from de signing a we b page to acting in the the ate r! O h... and ye s, m ath is include d in art too! Be lie ve it or not lightbulb01 The Life of a Mathemusician Insights into the daily life of a m athe m usician, with a pe rsonal touch. C SS by asf. http://saturnalis.m ym /ind C ode force s csm ath A n Irish(not)dancer's blog An Irish dance r and violist's blog. Is able to spe ak a little bit of Ge rm an. W hy doe s e ve rybody give pi so m uch cre dit? 6.283185307179586476925286766559005768394338750211.......... My watch 60 3986 Today, 11:04 am 72 7083 Today, 11:39 am 124 6204 Today, 11:48 am j02 3 224 Today, 1:06 pm

irishfe e t123 fdas's bog Fun Fact of the W e e k 69 10681 Today, 6:35 am

fdas Dao Thanh Oai 's Blog Hi daothanhoai I pe rsonally think that you are gre at in ge om e try can you te ll m e from whe re i should study? I'm an e le ctrical e ngine e r, I do not have m uch k nowle dge of ge om e try. It's all about drawing and obse rvation. You should use Ge oge bara sofware . If you want discove re d ne w re sult. Ple ase construct (draw, draw)...m any tim e by Ge oge bra. You always ge ne ralization a prope rty you k now and che ck your ide a. If a prope rty true for square m aybe it true for any quadrilate ral? you che ck it by ge oge bra If prope rty true for e quilate ral triangle , m aybe it true for any triangle ? you che ck it by ge oge bra If a prope rty true for m idpoint, m aybe it true for any ratio point? you che ck it by ge oge bra. And you should start since unique (spe cial) poins, late r you che ck it with any point https://www.face book .com /C utThe KnotMath?fre f=ts Eight circle s the ore m what to say here... stuff Nice R e sult 277 49718 Today, 2:32 am daothanhoai 56 1028 Today, 4:08 am

tc1729 medianpi's Blog zzzzzz 1 45 Today, 2:31 am

m e dianpi A BC123 R andom stuff. C om e he re if you have nothing e lse to do. AMC 10 2 95 Today, 2:12 am


The Life of a Figure Skater... =^.^= I love k ittie s!! I love figure sk ating!!!!!! why m ust a double flip be e asie r than a double salchow...or m aybe not loops = asdfghjk l; click he re !: http://24.m e dia.tum /tum blr_m 9oyh ... o1_250.jpg Stage s of Solving an AIME Proble m Bad Genisis Thinks that we at A oPS are simply a huge flock of parrots Im pove d C SS. Probably re ape r, gre e d control, and m u alphathe ta discussions he re .oh ye ah i forgot gam e s. I gue ss m y blog annoys bad ge nisis with m y C SS code . Gam e s forum m od points:+7 (1 playe r abandone d, 6 finishe d succe ssfully)

Blogs Art of Problem Solving

C alcC runch 120 5778 Today, 1:43 am

Te ddys123 198 20908 Today, 12:26 am

Jigglyk ongisFUM16

contributor te st! Mu Alpha The ta 1st invitational of 2013- Tam pa bay Te ch(January 11th 2013, Saturday) I watch too m uch te nnis A bubakir's Blog Inte rnational Zhautyk ov O lym piad 2014 proble m 4 Depression Infected! Garchom p Abubak ir 1 735 42 26776 Today, 12:06 am Today, 12:03 am

bask e tballstar24

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