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Visa Integrated Circuit Card Specification

Visa Integrated Circuit Card Specification

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Appendix A, Card and Issuer Data Element Tables, contains detailed
descriptions of the card data elements and their usage.

The data element described in Table 5–1 was previously sent from the card to
the terminal during Initiate Application Processing and is used during Read
Application Data.

Read Application Data reads records from the card’s Application Elementary
Files described in Table 5–2.

Table 5–1:

Read Application Data—Card Data

Data Element


Application File Locator (AFL)

During the Initiate Application Processing function, the card sends the terminal
the AFL which contains an entry for group of records to be read. Each entry


The Short File Identifier (SFI) of the file


The record numbers of the first record and last record to read from the file


The number of records beginning with the first record read in the file to be used
for authentication during Static Data Authentication (SDA) and Dynamic Data
Authentication (DDA).

Table 5–2:

Read Application Data—Card Files

Data Element


Application Elementary Files

Card data files containing data used for application processing. An AEF consists
of a sequence of records which are addressed by record number. Each AEF is
identified by a unique Short File Identifier (SFI). The terminal reads these records
using the READ RECORD command containing a designation of the SFI and
record number to be read.

Short File Identifier (SFI)

The SFI is a number used to uniquely identify application data files. It is listed in
the AFL and used by the terminal to identify the files to be read.

Draft 12/18/00

Visa Integrated Circuit Card
Card Specification, Version 1.4.0

5.2 Terminal Data


31 Oct 2001

Visa Public

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