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Amanda Badgley NURS 324 Evaluating Your Own Current Practice 1.

How do you make sure you are delivering quality are! I ensure that I am delivering quality care by the feedback I receive from patients, families, and other staff !y receiving positive feedback from these sources, I know that the care I am providing to my patients is high quality If I receive any negative feedback, I learn from that e"perience and make improvements based on the information I receive so I can provide high quality care to all of my patients 2. "#at do you to ontinue your edu ation! $u%dated and urrent in your s%e ialty!& #o continue my education I do several things I complete education days at work that my employer requires for all staff I have attended conferences for general nursing affairs and my rehab specialty I also am continuing my education through formal schooling to obtain my !$% and eventually my !$% 3. How do you evaluate w#at you are doing in %ra ti e! I can evaluate what I am doing in practice in several ways Every year I receive a &ob performance review '(P)*, which evaluates how well I am practicing as a nurse based on my employer+s standards I also can evaluate what I am doing in practice by reviewing the quality measures of the unit and seeing if the goals were met based on patient and family feedback 4. "#at do you to #el% ot#ers in your %ro'ession! $do you work and %lay well wit# ot#ers!& #o help others in my profession, I try to be a good resource for staff members If another nurse 'normally a pulled nurse from another unit* has a question, I am available to try and answer the question I have also helped orient a few new nurses to our unit recently and have also had a few nursing students follow me for a day and teach them some techniques I am able to work &ust about anyone I come into contact with regardless of personality clashes (. )ive e*am%le o' #ow you work wit#+as an interdis i%linary team. $ince I am part of an interdisciplinary team on a busy medical rehab unit, I work every day as part of a team I work with physical, occupational, and speech therapy on a daily basis I also coordinate care with a social worker, physician, nurse practitioner, neuropsychologist, and nurse aides daily as well Our unit also has interdisciplinary team meetings weekly to discuss the progress, barriers, and discharge of each patient ,. Review t#e ode o' et#i s. How does your %ra ti e om%are! )ive some e*am%les o' #ow you %ra ti e et#i ally. I believe that my nursing practice mirrors the ,%,+s code of ethics in many aspects ,ccording to the code, the nurse+s primary commitment is to the patient, family, community and whatever population the nurse is serving I feel that I follow this by making my top priority of each day to advocate for my patients and their needs I feel I practice ethically on a daily basis One e"ample, if I am short on time and a patient asks me for something, I will take the time out of my day to do for that patient what they need -. Have you ondu ted resear #! Have you #anged your %ra ti e .e ause o' some resear #! $i' so w#at/ and did you de ide to #ange a'ter reading t#e resear # or 0ust #ange .e ause you were

Amanda Badgley told to!& 1o you t#ink your %ra ti e is .ased on resear #! I believe that every nurse has conducted some type of research before -hether it is looking up a medication for a patient, or learning about a new disease process all nurses perform research I have researched many medications for patients, and looked up material regarding new techniques used for procedures I have changed a few things based on research One e"ample is a bladder training program used on our unit for stroke patients ,fter researching, the unit changed the way bladder training is done I do think that my practice is based on research, because I follow evidence.based practice in my care 2. 1o you routinely re'er %atients to ot#er resour es! Are you ost e''e tive in your are! ,s a patient advocate, I do routinely refer patients to other resources I refer patients to outside resources such as specialty physicians, specialty clinics, community resources, and support groups !y referring patients to other sources, I can care for the patient holistically including physically, emotionally, and spiritually $ince insurances are not paying facilities as much for services anymore, all care must be cost effective /rom supplies to staffing our unit is very fiscally responsible within our facility and has the highest revenue annually in our facility as well 3. Are you a team %layer! 1o you ontri.ute to a #ealt#y work environment! I believe that I am a team player -hen another staff needs help on the unit, I am always willing to lend a hand and help out I am a firm believer that being a team player is an essential part of a healthy work environment !eing able to assist a team member boosts morale on the unit and is essential for ensuring the patients receive high quality patient care