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I was trying to achieve something that I liked, in this case was graffiti.

I sometimes like to be creative; therefore I selected 3 letters randomly and joined them together. I wanted to achieve something creative and something similar to graffiti. In this t-shirt design I wanted to use different types of color and objects then test how it looks as a design. The inspiration of my design was the graffiti and art in general. I like how the graffiti looks and how creative it is, which made it my inspiration and start to be. I used the program of fireworks and illustrator, which i found very interesting, as well as complicated. I used mainly cutting the image then pasting it in a certain place of the image; I used the alternate color UI, to color in certain spaces. I found difficulties in choosing the different vector images which were available to choose. Im still not sure if its completely ready to get printed, because i feel some more images or colors are missing in the t-shirt. I feel that i need to make also the other side of the t-shirt which is the back part. I found the use of fireworks and illustrator difficult, since i haven't used these programs so often. Also think a way to improve my t-shirt design would be to make the two sides of the t-shirt (back and front part) and add some more color to it. I could also include some more detail on the design itself.