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Goodmorning Everyone!

Its nice to see beautiful and handsome students from the College of Maritime Education and from College of Allied Health Sciences. How i miss teaching ! So" I#m here to give you some ti$s on how to set yourself u$ for a much better academic $erformance. Most college freshmen may %ust have learned the hard way that the study habits re&uired in college are &uite different from those that wor'ed well in high school. (hen I was in High School" I was a ha$$y go luc' $erson" i didn#t mind about the deadline of $ro%ects or homewor's" I %ust go to school to see my friends and chitchat with them but when I was about to enter college" I reali)ed that I have to be serious in my studies since college is the first ste$ to achieve your dream and goals in life. If you#re thin'ing that when you finish college it will be the last ste$ in achieving your dreams well you are com$letely wrong because in college it is where you choose who you want to be in the future" what you want to do in your career life" it is the start of building your career where you can earn money. If you didn#t do well in college" most $robably you will be entering into a %ob that you don#t li'e" you cannot be choosy anymore since you didn#t do your best in college" there is no turning bac'. So" what is the first ti$ for you to be able to have a better academic $erformance* +irst is Identify your $roblem areas. , -e honest with yourself when reflecting on your academic $erformance. , .he &uestion is" are most or all of your lasts semester grades lower that you would have ho$ed* /ou need to e0amine your overall study habits 1 are you one of the contestants in the AMA2I3G 4ACE* I mean is" you race through $ro%ects and cramming for e0ams at the last minute* , 5n the other hand" maybe you did a lot of time for study but still did $oorly in one or few sub%ects. , .here are $lenty