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Chapter 11 1. What was the most important economic development in the South of the mid-19c? 2.

Identif the different a!ricultural re!ions in the "nte#ellum South as well as the shiftin! patterns of a!ricultural production there. $. %ow did cotton #ecome &in! in the South? '. Wh did short-staple cotton #ecome such a popular crop? (. What role did )ames *. +. +e*ow and his ma!a,ine pla in supportin! the idea that the "nte#ellum South had a colonial econom ? -. Wh did the South do so little to develop a lar!er industrial and commercial econom of its own in the 19C? .. What was the Cavalier ima!e created # Southerners? /. %ow did Southerners view 0orthern industrialists? 9. %ow was the aristocratic ideal more a m th in the "nte#ellum South than a realit ? 11. %ow did the idea of honor affect southern life in the ears prior to the Civil War? 11.%ow was the role that was pla ed # affluent southern white women li&e that of their northern counterparts? %ow was it different? 12. What accounted for the differences #etween southern and northern women? 1$. What additional #urdens did white southern women have to deal with that their northern counterparts did not? 1'. What was life li&e for southern plain fol& or eomen? Wh were their opportunities for economic and social advancement limited? 1(. %ow did the people livin! in the hill countr differ from their white counterparts in the rest of the South? 1-. What was life li&e for the crac&ers or poor white trash of the ante#ellum era? 1.. Wh were the so despised # all white southerners? 1/. %ow did slaves view these poor whites? 19. Wh did so few non-slaveholdin! whites oppose the slaveholdin! oli!arch ? 21. Where did these opponents live? 21. What were the views of %inton 2. %elper and what was his #oo& called? 22. What were te most widel reco!ni,ed slave revolts? What did the accomplish? 2$. What was the role of white slave patriots? 2'. +escri#e the events in3 a4 5rosser6s 2e#ellion #4 7he 8ese Conspirac 92e#ellion c4 0at 7urner6s 2evolt