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Painless Reashing

$1599 $1099
The easiest to use reashing system on the market, with some kick-ass features for advanced users! More on page 126.



p.4 -55

p.56 -83




SC1, SC4, KW1, KW11, SE1, WR5, Y1, Y11, M1

1 Mortise Cylinder
Available in SC1/KW1 silver, brass, duronic


Precision Measuring Digital Caliper



p.84 -123

p.124 -137




p.131 HRT BMW EWS Programmer

BMW keys made easy

On-Board Programming Motorcycle Key Info Transponder Vehicles Cut-Out Cards Helpful Contact Info Finishes Door Handing

p.138 -147

Locksmith Logo T-Shirts & Polos

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Our Most Popular Set for Car Door Unlockings

One-Hand Jack Set

Our Best Seller, this set includes the patentpending One Hand Jack for gently creating a small opening in the door jamb. Then insert the Air Jack air wedge, insert the Shielded Quick Max long reach tool,(featuring a protective coating) and unlock the vehicle. Also comes with the strap tool for vehicles with an exposed A vertical button. Ju

Part #AT-OHJS4



Super One-Hand Jack Set


Similar to the One Hand Jack Set but comes with the larger air wedge, the Super Air Jack, and larger pry tool. This set is particularly useful when dealing with bigger cars. The system provides a fast and reliable opening at an amazingly low price. This set is one of the best selling car opening tools sets in the lock-out industry. A kit like no other. The big Kahuna Kit is a star kit in many ways. First of all, as the name implies, it's the only kit that carries the Big Kahuna. At 58 inches long, the longest long reach tool ever made is able to reach places no other tool can go. This tool gives you the ability to open cars that require that extra reach to get into. Non-scratching material. The solution to night openings and dark tinted windows. This kit features our Lightning Rod Shielded Quick Max long reach tool which allows for use at night without having to hold a ashlight, often an impossible task while trying to complete this type of opening. The light is self-contained in the tip. Extra battery and extra clear rubber tips are included. Our Second Best Seller, this set includes the patent-pending One Hand Jack and Super One Hand Jack that is the main component in this system. No longer do you have to jam a wedge into the door frame.

Big Kahuna Kit

Item #AT-BKK

Lightening Rod Kit


Super Mega Jack Set

Item #AT-SMJS4


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TOOLS: Car Door Unlocking

Power Jack Kit

Item #AT-PJK

This kit really gives you what you need to open most cars on the road today. The kit features the tools necessary to open the vast majority of both framed and frameless window vehicles.



The BMW kit was designed specically for mastering the opening of BMW's like the 3-series, 5-series, 1-series, etc. The BMW long reach tool in this kit was developed for dealing with BMW's complex opening mechanism. The included manual will walk you through the proper technique for opening these. Designed by rst responders, the Emergency Response Kit has all the tools that you need to get into any vehicle on the road in an emergency situation. This kit is small enough to t in almost any vehicle.

Emergency Response Kit

Item #AT-ERK

Master Locksmith Super Set


51-piece kit is the most complete lockout set from Access Tools designed for locksmith pros. Using the included manual, all basic car opening procedures are detailed to make lockouts quick and easy. All of the in-the-door tools feature our unique Tool-ID system that aids in locating the right tool for the job. 47-piece kit is the most popular lockout set from Access Tools. Using the included manual, all basic car opening procedures are outlined in detail to make lockouts quick and easy. All of the high quality in-the-door tools feature our unique Tool-ID system that aids in locating the correct tool for the job. Offers an affordable basic entry system that allows you to get into the majority of automobiles on the road today. With the included car opening manual, all basic openings are clearly outlined so you can get into and out of cars easily.

Super Combo Complete Set


High Tech Value Set

Item #AT-AM10VS

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The Best Air Wedges in the Industry Air Jack Wedges

Item # A AT-SAW B AT-AW C AT-MAW Size Super (XL) Standard Mini Price $34.41 $29.27 $25.08

The Air Jacks from High Tech Tools are the industry's best. Made of ballistic nylon for easier insertion. Built-in stiffener prevents bending.

D Shielded Quick Max Long Reach Tool

52 in length, this is our most popular long reach tool.

E Shielded Big Kahuna ExtraLong Reach Tool

TWIN Air Jack Wedge

The newest kid on the block, the twin is a natural evolution from traditional single-bladder wedges.

58 long, one of our longest reach tools. Especially helpful with BMW.


Item #AT-TAW

$24.95 $34.95

Green S.Steel

Item #AT-SQM Item #AT-SMSS

$29.95 $39.95

Blue S.Steel


Snap-N-Lock Multi-Piece Tool Set

Includes handle base, pre-bent extension piece, and all 6 interchangeable tips. Just snap & lock.

Remote Control Button Master

Specialty tool for pulling up vertical buttons. Loop and pull!

Access Smart Light

The best lock-out light ever made. 24 LED bulbs enhanced by mirrored surface creates extreme brightness.



$31.61 Green $34.95 S.Steel



Item #AT-ASL

Standard One-Hand Jack Tool

Use to create enough space to easily insert the air wedge without damage to the vehicle.

Super One-Hand Jack Tool

A larger version of the One-Hand Jack Tool. Be careful though! Lots of leverage on this one.

Glassman Tool for Frameless Windows

Essential accessory for any car door unlocking professional. Ensure your work is damage free!


Item #AT-OHJ




Item #AT-GM2

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TOOLS: Car Door Unlocking

The Wedgee
Patented design allows the wedge to bypass many obstacles in the door such as window regulators.

2-Pack of Strip Savers

Slippery hard plastic to help you insert a wedge more easily in tight situations.

Wedgee with Strip Savers

Stop misplacing your Strip Savers. Or dont... and just keep buying more from us over & over.




Item #AT-SS



Wedge Pack
Variety of wedges for many uses. Be prepared with an in-the-door wedge for almost any situation.

Replacement Tips for Reach Tool


Car Opening Instructional DVD

Great for both novices and pros. Multiple camera angles covering a huge variety of openings.


Item #AT-WP

$0.50 ea.

Item #AT-TIP



G Vulcan Button Grabber

Unique rubber loop grabs & pulls buttons, even the straight ones! Easily enters through the door jamb. Use strings for alignment.

Car Opening Manual

2011-2012 edition, over 800 pages of step-by-step directions, pictures, and diagrams.

Car Opening Manual on CD

2011-2012 edition, put the entire book onto your laptop for easy, convenient access.


Item #AT-MS


Item #AT-CD

Item #A1-CO2

2-in-1 Wedge Tool
Convenient wedge tool with handle. Helps remove door panels and a great way to safely create a gap for your in-the-door car door unlockings.

Car Opening Manual Set

2011-2012 editions, buy them together and save in this car opening manual set.




Item #WC-1000

Owl Long Probe Light w/ White LED

Item #DIN-RGN218

L Car opening light with a very high intensity light provides a great view inside tight, dark areas. Inspect and work inside of car doors. 15.8 long wand, suction cup to attach to glass of car, up to 72 hours continuous usage with the 2 included standard AA batteries.

Compare Our Prices. Youll Be Surprised What You Find!


A OFFSET Precision Ace Tubular Pick

Open left & right offset and 8-pin center. Includes tubular key decoder.

Precision Ace Tubular Pick

The industry standard for tubular picks. Super easy to work in the lock. Includes tubular key decoder.

Precision Ace Tubular Pick SET

Includes A-Pick Center, A-Pick Offset, and the plastic decoder. Save $ with the set.


Item #A1-20


Item #A1-20X


Item #A1-20SET

Premiere Edition 8-Piece Pick Set

12-Piece Pick Set

Tension Wrench Set

Two tension wrenches: one of each for medium or heavy tension.

Unique chrome plating makes these Includes 9 picks (7 with stainless durable picks more rigid. Priced steel handles), 2 tension wrenches, similarly to lower-quality picksets. spiral extractor, and leather case.


Item #A1-48


Item #A1-45


Item #A1-32

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TOOLS: Car Door Unlocking

Tubular Lock Saw

Cuts away the shoulder over the F-Line Pick Set pins, allowing removal so lock Give yourself as many options will open. Pins remain intact for as possible! Use to quickly decoding. Supports ball bearings. bypass any F-Line knob or lever.

25-Pc Indestructible Pick Set w/ Case

The perfect set of picks at the right price. Very hard to bend with normal use. Try them, youll love em.


Item #A1-14




Item #AKS-PICK25

Mortise Cylinder Force Tool

Applies over 150 foot lbs of torque to overcome set screws on most mortise cyl.

Mortise Cylinder Removal Tool

Heavy-duty cam-action tool allows you to remove even the most stubborn mortise cylinders.

Spinnakur Plug Spinner

Left or right rotation and a pushbutton release. New, durable spring mechanism. Fits in shirt pocket.


Item #A1-61


Item #A1-16


Item #A1-SP1

A Goodie With Almost Every Shipment


Item #


Premium Pick Tools

Desc. Price

A DIN-RGN207-4 Rake B DIN-RGN207-3 Long Rake C DIN-RGN207-1 Diamond $3.00 D DIN-RGN207-2 Small Hook E F DIN-RGN207-9 Medium Hook DIN-RGN201-15 Large Hook
Stylish, streamlined handle is easy to hold. Very light, aluminum alloy handle gives a classy appearance. High exibility and quality stainless steel blade. Polished.

8-Pc Blue Stainless Pick Set

Contains 4 pick blade instruments & 3 different tension tools.

15-Pc Blue Stainless Pick Set

Contains 9 pick blade instruments & 5 different tension tools.

8-Pc Green Stainless Pick Set

Specialized pick tools for automotive locksmiths.


Item #DIN-RGN207


Item #DIN-RGN206


Item #DIN-RGN200

22-Pc Green Stainless Pick Set

Specially designed, unique pick instruments to help locksmiths work through difcult situations.

33-Pc Green & Blue Stainless Pick Set

Provides versatile selections to help locksmiths open all kinds of pin or disc tumbler locks. THE ULTIMATE!

Smart Commander Engineer Pen Pick Set

Carry your pick tools safely and discreetly. Contains 9 picks and 1 tension wrench (the clip).


Item #DIN-RGN199


Item #DIN-RGN201


Item #DIN-RGN212

Strong-Man Pick Gun

Nut-less design allows for easy blade swapping without 3 hands. Lacquer coated resists stain & rust.

Strong-Man Pick Gun DOWNWARD

A convenient tool to have when working on locks that have been installed upside down.

Item #DIN-RGN225


Item #DIN-RGN205


Order Online at

TOOLS: Lock Picks

6-Pack Latch Shim Strong Mica Paper

This magic material will open virtually any susceptible latch lock.

7-Pc Stainless Extractor Set

Different angle than similar products on the market make these easier and faster!

Pick Gun Holster

Conveniently mount your pick gun on your belt or toolbox with this durable holster. Velcro holds gun in securely.


Item #DIN-RGN202


Item #DIN-RGN193


Item #DIN-RGN226

Clear Tubular Practice Locks

Set of 2, one with and one w/out spool pins. Perfect for learning & practicing before hitting the eld.

Bend-Soft Tulip Tension Wrench

Made of hardened steel with good exibility. Shaped perfectly for locks with an inset face.

Pick Gun Tension Wrench

Made of hardened steel. No exibility. Wide tip on one end, narrow on the other.


Item #DIN-RGN213


Item #DIN-RGN232


Item #DIN-RGN225C

Brass Round Tension Tool w/ Dial

Perfect your lock picking by visually seeing how much tension youre putting on the lock.

Straight Pick Gun Pick

Replacement pick for your pick gun.

Angled Pick Gun Pick

Replacement pick for your pick gun. Especially useful in a tight space.


Item #DIN-RGN221


Item #DIN-RGN225


Item #DIN-RGN225B

J Navigator 3-in-1 LED Scope

Specically designed for auto lock openings. Can be used on all wafer locks. View into, magnify, and illuminate keyway. Pick wafer locks. Read wafers and decode keyway. Includes 6 hard depressors, 1 uniquely designed 1.48 long tube speculum, 2 AA batteries, 2 spare screws, & zipper carrying case.

Item #DIN-RGN211

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Just $26.00 ea.

Item # A LSH-PIC-HU661 B LSH-PIC-HU662 C LSH-PIC-HU58 D LSH-PIC-HU92 E F Make(s) Audi / VW Audi / VW BMW BMW Key HU66 (2003 and Newer) HU66 (2002 and Older) HU58 (4-Track) HU92 (2-Track) 1, 5, and 7-Series 2010+ HU101 HU100 HON66 / HO01 (4-Track) HY22 (LXP90) LXP90 (Long) / TOY40 1-4000 10001-11500 Z0001-Z6314 K/L/M/N G1-2500 0001-5000 Code Series 1-6000 HAA001-2000 1-6000 HAA001-2000 BH010001-241009 0001-8000

LSH-PIC-HU100R BMW LSH-PIC-HU101 Ford GM Honda Hyundai Lexus



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TOOLS: Lock Picks

Item #


Key LXP90 (Short) / TOY48 MAZ24 / MZ31 HU39 (4-Track) HU64 (2-Track) DA34 / SUB1 / NSN14 (10-Cut) YM30 / S32YS-P (2-Track) TR47 8-Cut or 10-Cut LXP90 80K Series HU56 / S60HF-P (2-Track) NE66 / S66NN-P (4-Track)

Code Series 40000-49999 10100-12283 HS/NS2001-3500 700000-703000 0001-0355 100/3501-6700 1-22185 40001-41518 BC1-2865 2S1-2675 10000-15000 50000-69999 80000-89999 0/DH0001-4000 DH6001-8000 1V00001-12295

A LSH-PIC-TOY48 Lexus B LSH-PIC-MAZ24 Mazda C LSH-PIC-HU39 D LSH-PIC-HU64 E F LSH-PIC-YM30 LSH-PIC-YM30 Mercedes Mercedes Nissan Saab

G LSH-PIC-TOY43 Toyota H LSH-PIC-TOY2 I J LSH-PIC-HU56 LSH-PIC-NE66 Toyota / Lexus Volvo Volvo

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Domestic Killer Pickset

Specically designed for the serious automotive technician. Everything you need to pick, decode and repair ignitions for General Motors (column mount & in-dash models), Chrysler and Ford 8-cut. Ignitions remain intact and can be re-used. This professional set is also a more economical alternative to purchasing the four individual pick sets. Comes with a sturdy case and easy-to-understand instructions.

Item #A1-PS100


Order Online at

TOOLS: Lock Picks

Complete Service Kit for GM: 10-Cut Column Mount

The pros favorite for picking & decoding 10-cut in-column GM ignitions. Get it done in 3-5 min!

Complete Service Kit for GM: 10-Cut In-Dash

Pull the ignition in just 5-7 min! Incl. bezel and face cap tool, tension tools, rocker picks, ...

Complete Service Kit for General Motors Double-Sided In-Dash & Column Mount


Item #A1-PS2


Item #A1-PS3


Item #A1-PS10

Pickset for Ford

Safely remove bezel, drill .070 pilot hole, insert tension tool & pick and replace bezel.

Pickset for Chrysler Set of Rocker Picks

Use hook to remove faceplate. Use bit to drill sidebar pilot. Insert tension tool & pick. Cap. 4 double-sided and 4 single-sided rocker picks. Great for picking both foreign & domestic autos.


Item #A1-PS4


Item #A1-PS5


Item #A1-47

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Set of 4 Key Decoders


Decode the cuts on popular cars. Great for use on any application when code-cutting requires a decoded key. All markings are permanently stamped. Incl PK3-050, PK3-051, PK3-052, & PK3-053. Item #A1-PK3-054

Item #


Vehicles / Keys / Codes HD103, HD90, HD91, HD80, HD70, B83 73VB, V33, RV4, LF17, NE48, VL8, VL6 Y149, Y152, Y153, Y154, Y155, Y157, Y159, B88

Price $12.41

B A1-PK3-084 Acura, Honda, Isuzu H01, H02, H03 C A1-PK3-085 Audi, VW, Porsche, Ford, Kenworth, Rover, Peterbuilt, Sterling, Volvo V01, V02, LR1, VL1 D A1-PK3-052 Chrysler, Saturn, Kenworth C01, C02, C03, C05, G11 E A1-PK3-051 Ford 5-Cut & 10-Cut F01, F14, F15 A1-PK3-082 Ford, Mazda MZ1, F06, MZ2



H50, H51, H52, H53, H54, H55, H56, $12.41 H60, H62, H66, H67, H71, H78, DA32, MZ25, 1185T, 1188LN, S1186TS H59, H65, H76, MZ13, MZ16, MZ20

G A1-PK3-055 Ford, Pontiac, Nissan, Mitsubishi F02, F03, G03, N04, MT1 H A1-PK3-086 Freightliner, I/H, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbuilt, White, VW A01, A03, V03 I

H70, H75, B61, DA34, MIT6


1098DB, 1098X, 1595


A1-PK3-053 GM, Chrysler, Eagle, Geo, Isuzu, Toyota B53, B57, B65, B68, B84, MIT4, G02, G04, G05, T02 TR40 A1-PK3-050 GM, AMC, Jeep, Renault, Hvy Trucks G01, G14, A02


B15, B44-B51, B62, B63, B64, B67, $12.41 B77, B78, B479, B82, B85, B86, B89, B91, B92, B93, B96, B102, RA4 HY2, HY3, HY4, HY5, HY12, HY13, HY14, KK1, KK2

K A1-PK3-083 Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi HY1, HY2, HY3, HY4, HY5, KA1 L A1-PK3-081 Nissan, Subaru, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Dodge, Honda, Hyundai,... G06, N01, N02, N03, C04, T03, T04

B55, B74, DA23, DA24, DA25, DA28, $12.41 DA30, DA31, DC3, MIT3, MIT4, TR33, TR37, 62DT, 62DU B80, TR39, TR46, TR47

M A1-PK3-080 Toyota, Geo T01, T05 N A1-4 Small-Format I/Core

A2, A3, A4



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TOOLS: Decoders

Item #EEZ-Y154

Item #EEZ-Y157

Item #EEZ-H54

Some of the simplest automotive decoders in the industry, EEZ Readers make your job easy and fast. Make your keys and get on to the next job quick!

Chrysler 1990+ 7-Cut (Y154/Y155)

All Chrysler 1990-94, Spirit & Acclaim 1989.

Chrysler 1994+ 8-Cut (Y157/Y159)

All Chrysler 1995+, codes L1-3580 & M0001-2816.

Ford 1984-96 10-Cut (H54/H60/H67)

Use this in door for cuts 1-6 & try-outs in ign for 5-10.

$60.25 ea.
Item #EEZ-H62


Item #EEZ-H75

Item #EEZ-GM10

Ford Escort Explorer 91-95 (H62/H66/MZ25)

Escort, Explorer, Tracer, Villager, Navajo, Quest

Ford Focus Escape 00+ (H75 HUF)

Also found on 2000+ Mazda Tribute.

Ford 1996+ 8-Cut (H75/H78)

Gives 6-7 of possible 8 spaces. 0001X-1706X.

GM 1994+ 10-Cut (B86/B89/B102)

All GM 10-cut, excluding Z-keyway. Card CF215.

Item #EEZ-GM-Z

Item #EEZ-MITS99

Item #EEZ-SAT98

Item #EEZ-B76

GM 2005+ Z-Keyway (B106)

All non-warded, codes G001-3631. Card CX263

Mitsubishi/ Chrysler (MIT6/X263)

All locks. Codes F00011571. Card CF306.

Saturn 19982005 HUF (B96)

All Saturns 1997-1/2 and later using B96 keyway.

Saturn All Up To 1997-1/2 (B76/B88)

Codes R000-999, T000-394. Card X59.

L GM 6-Cut Decoder (the Bullet)

Ace Tubular Key Decoder

Decodes tubular keys quickly & accurately.

GM 10-Cut Decoder
Decode GM 10-cut ignitions without complete disassembly.

Decode GM 6-cut sidebar without complete disassembly.


Item #A1-52


Item #A1-6


Item #A1-31

We Know What We Sell!


Make a Key in Just Minutes!

$59.95 ea.
Item # A LT-X234 B LT-HD68 C LT-HD74 D LT-HD109 E F LT-KM10 LT-KW14 Name Harley X234 Honda HD68/68R Honda HD74/75 Honda HD109 Kawasaki KM10 Kawasaki KW14 Kawasaki KW14R Kawasaki KW15 Kawasaki KW16 Suzuki SUZ18/12 Yamaha YM63 Yamaha YM63R Zadi X270 Useful For Harley Davidson Sportster Honda Metropolitan scooters Honda 1977 thru 1990s most models Honda 1997+ most models KM10 ignitions (ie. 2008+ Ninja 250/300) Many Kawasaki, Ducati, Victory, Suzuki Many Kawasaki after 1987 Many Kawasaki after 1993 Many Kawasaki after 1999 Most Suzuki after 06 & scooters after 03 Most Yamaha after 1993 Many Yamaha after 2001 Aprilia, BMW, Buell, Honda, KTM, Triumph



M LT-X270


Order Online at

TOOLS: Decoders



Name Chrysler 8-Cut Ford 8-Cut

Useful For Chrysler Y157 / Y159 Ford H75 Ford H54 / H60 GM 10-cut locks (ie. B86, B102) GM B106 (warded & non-warded) DTS, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, 97-X

C LT-FORD10 Ford 10-Cut D LT-GM10 E F LT-GMZ LT-ORTEC GM 10-Cut GM Z-Keyway GM Z Ortec

Set of 13 Moto Accu-Readers

MagPick Decoder
Pick and decoder set for magnetic style shutter locks commonly found on scooters.

Item #LT-MOTO13

HU100-IRT Ignition Removal Tool

Remove ignition in the OFF position in GM vehicles using HU100 keyway. Also some B106.

Set of 6 Auto Accu-Readers


Item #LT-AUTO6

Complete Set of K 19 Accu-Readers




Item #LT-HU100IRT


Item #LT-ALL15

Packaging That Helps You Do Your Job


Ford/Jaguar 6-Cut Tibbe Decoder
Pick & decode 6-cut tibbe locks. These locks have been in use since the early 1990s and still used in new models today. Very easy to learn and use.

VW/Audi HU66 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Twin lever design can now be used on Gen 1, 2 and 3.

BMW HU58 (4-Track) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder
Code series BH010001 -241009


BMW HU92 (2-Track) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Single-lever design. Use for gen 1, 2, & 3

BMW HU92 (2-Track) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Twin-lever design. Use for gen 1, 2, & 3



Chrysler 8-Cut CY24 (Y157) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for M1-2618 code series

Fiat SIP22 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for Fiat 500, code series DE1-11210

Ford 8-Cut FO38 (H75) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Code series 1-1706X




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TOOLS: Decoders

MIT9 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder

VW/Audi HU66 Direct Read Decoder

Now decode w/out picking rst works on all gens!

VW/Audi HU49 (V35/V37) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older models, AN, AH HV, NV, VB




BMW HU92 2nd Gen (2-Track) Direct Read Decoder

Now decode w/out picking!

BMW HU100(R) (2010+) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for 2010+ 1, 5, & 7 series




Ford/Jaguar/ Landrover HU101 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

GM CH1 (DWO5AP) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder






Most Shipments are FREE & Reach Our Customers in Just 1-2 Days



GM DWO4RAP (DWO4R) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

GM GM45 (Pontiac G8) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for 2008-2009 Pontiac G8, 60000-62113 code series

GM HU100 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for newer GMs using the Z0001-6314 code series




GM GM39 (10-Cut) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder


Use for GMs using keys such as B86, B89, B91, B92, B96, B102

GM GM37 Non-Warded (Z-Keyway) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

If a Ford H75 goes into the keyway, its nonwarded, else warded

GM GM37W Warded (Z-Keyway) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

If a Ford H75 goes into the keyway, its nonwarded, else warded





GM TOY43R (B108/B110) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for GMs using the 0000-5928 or 7000075928 code series

Honda/Acura HD103 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder


Honda/Acura HON66 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder


Use for older Hondas & Acuras using the 50018442 code series.


Use for newer Honda K/L/M/N code series




Hyundai/Kia HYN7R (HY12) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older Hyundais and Kias using the S1-1000 code series. Decode without picking the lock rst!

Hyundai/Kia HYN11 (HY14) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older Hyundais and Kias using the T1-1000 code series
HY N1 1

Hyundai HY15 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for Hyundais using the MN1-2500 code series





Hyundai HY16 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for Hyundais using the V001-1200 code series. Decode without picking the lock rst!

Hyundai HY17 Direct Read Decoder

Use for Hyundais using the T1-2500 code series. Decode without picking the lock rst!

Hyundai HY20 (HY18-P) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for newer Hyundais using the T1001-3500 code series




Hyundai/Kia HY22 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for newer Hyundais using the G1-2500 code series

Lexus TOY40 (Long) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older Lexus using the 0001-5000 code series

Lexus TOY48 (Short) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older Lexus using the 4000049999 code series





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TOOLS: Decoders

Lexus TOY48 (Short) Direct Read Decoder

Decode without picking the lock rst!

Lexus/Toyota TOY2 (80K Series) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for new Toyotas and Lexus that use the 80000-89000 code series

Mazda MAZ24 (MZ31) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for Mazdas that use the 10100-12283 code series




Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for any vehicle that uses the MB17 key & HM6001-7110 code series.
YM 15

Mercedes HU64 (2-Track) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for newer Mercedes using the HU64 keyway

Mitsubishi MIT8 (MIT1) Direct Read Decoder

Use for Mitsubishis using the E5001-7679 code series. No picking needed!




Mitsubishi MIT11 (MIT3) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Decode without picking the lock rst!

Nissan 8-Cut NSN11 (DA25/DA31) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older Nissans using the X1-8000 code series

Nissan/Subaru 10-Cut NSN14 (DA34/SUB1) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for the 1-22185 or 40001-41518 code series




Nissan/Subaru 10-Cut NSN14 (DA34/SUB1) Direct Read Decoder

Decode without picking the lock rst!

Subaru DAT17 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for newer, highsecurity Subarus using the T001-3000 code series

Toyota TOY38R (TR40) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder


Use for older Toyotas using the TR40 keyway, code series P1-2390






Toyota 8-Cut TOY43S (TR47) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older Toyotas using split wafers, code series 10001-15000

Toyota 8-Cut TOY47 (TR47) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for older Toyotas that DONT have split wafers, code series 10001-15000

Toyota 10-Cut TOY43AT (TR47) 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder

Use for newer Toyotas using the 50000-69999 code series




Lishi Wallet
Finally, a better way to organize your collection of Lishi tools! Flexible plastic with snap (zipper for 4). Designed for 2-in-1 tools but works well for picks & decoders also.

Holds 4

$4.45 $5.45 $9.45


Holds 8

Holds 20

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Use Try-Out Keys to Get the Job Done Fast & Easy!
Ford 10-Cut Ignition Locks (102 keys, H54/H60, TO-3)

OUR MOST POPULAR KIT! This is a must-have set for any automotive locksmith. Use this set for IGNITION LOCK on those 1996 and older Fords that use the H54/H60 key blank.

Fastec FIC1 / FIC3 Camper Locks (TO-106A)

Ford 5-Cut Ignition Locks (TO-1)

70 Keys, H51 Keys

Ford 5-Cut Door/Trunk /Glove Locks (TO-2)

70 Keys, H50 Keys

Chicago CG1 Double-Sided Wafer Locks (TO-123)
Works on locks that use the CG1 key. Set of 50 keys loose in a box. Try one at a time until you find one that works!

Yakima/Thule/... X132 Ski Rack Locks (TO-126)

TriMark AP5 Locks (TO-124)
Works on locks that use the X132 key and code series A,E,N 001-200, 2801-2900. Set of 63 keys loose in a box. Works on locks that use the AP5 key and code series TM 51-100, 151-200, 500-650, 901-950. Set of 42 keys loose in a box. Try one at a time until you find one that works!





Item # TO-20 TO-44 TO-47 TO-64 TO-65 TO-93 TO-40 TO-110 TO-111 TO-55 TO-39A TO-77 TO-90 TO-91



Same as the TO-106 (FIC1) set but using the updated FIC3 keyway. Set of 25 keys loose in a box.

Item # TO-103 TO-105 TO-11 TO-115 TO-101 TO-33 TO-12 TO-37 TO-33A TO-41A TO-102 TO-113 TO-99 TO-116 Price $300 $637 $30 $45 $300 $75 $75 $99 $85 $300 $300 $85 $300 $85

Other Popular Try-Out Keys

Description CHRYSLER 1969+ CHRYSLER 1988-1992 Door CHRYSLER 1988-1992 Door/Ign CHRYSLER Y155 Door/Trunk CHRYSLER Y155 All Locks CHRYSLER 8-Cut All Locks FORD 10-Cut Door Locks FORD 8-Cut Door Locks FORD 8-Cut Ignition Locks GM Alpha-Tech Ignition Locks GM 1967+ 6-Cut All Locks GM 10-Cut All Locks GM 10-Cut Door (Spaces 3-9) GM 10-Cut Door (Spaces 4-10) Keys (#) Y149/Y151/152 (160) Y154 (32) Y154 (32) Y155 (32) Y155 (128) Y157/Y159 (256) H54/H60 (102) H75 (213) H75 (416) B68 (225) B15/B44-B51 (225) B86 (512) B86 (128) B86 (128) Price $175 $50 $86 $50 $150 $300 $140 $250 $500 $250 $250 $550 $150 $150 Description GM B65 All Locks GM Z-Keyway Door Locks HONDA Motorcycle HD74 HONDA Motorcycle HD75 HYUNDAI HY6/HY14 All Locks KAWASAKI Motorcycle KA14 KAWASAKI Motorcycle KW14 KAWASAKI Motorcycle KW15 KAWASAKI Motorcycle KW16 NISSAN 8-Cut All Locks NISSAN 10-Cut Door Locks SUZUKI Motorcycle SUZ18 TOYOTA 8-Cut All Locks YAMAHA Motorcycle YM63 Keys (#) B65 (256) B106 (585) HD74 (32) HD75 (32) HY6/HY14 (256) KA14 (32) KW14 (32) KW15 (32) KW16 (64) DA25/DA31 (256) DA34 (256) SUZ18 (64) TR47 (256) YM63 (63)



Used for generating sidewinder keys to a specific combination or by cutting by code. This simple process uses your existing sidewinder duplicating machine instead of buying an expensive high security code machine. Step-by-step instructions are included on how to use these keys.

Item # AER-BMW5





BMW 4-Track S7BW-P FORD Fiesta 2011+ HU101 GM HU100 Honda HO01 Hyundai/Kia 12-Cut LXP90 Lexus TOY40 (Long) LXP90 Lexus TOY48 (Short) LXP90 Mercedes 2-Track S50HF-P

$35.00 $45.00 AER-FD1 $45.00 AER-GM1 AER-HO01-SD $55.00 AER-HK1 $45.00 AER-LEX1 $45.00 AER-LEX2 $45.00 AER-MER3 $35.00

Mercedes 2-Track S34YS-P Mercedes 4-Track S48HF-P Mercedes 2-Track HU64 Saab 2-Track S32YS-P Subaru 4-Track SUB-2.P VW/Audi 2-Track HU66 Volvo 2-Track S60HF-P/HU56 Volvo 4-Track S66NN-P/NE66

$35.00 $35.00 $35.00 $55.00 $45.00 $35.00 $45.00 $45.00


Need Help by Phone? Call Us at 1-800-692-1898

TOOLS: Try-Ou t/ pace &A Dep th K K EYS, REMO TES &SCHI PS: utomo teys ive Keys

Say Goodbye to Space & Depth Keys




BMW/Mini HU92 (2-Track) BRK-BAK-HU92 BMW 2010+ Extra-Long BRK-BAK-HU100R Ford HU101 (H94) BRK-BAK-HU101 GM/Saab HU100 BRK-BAK-HU100 Honda/Acura HO01/HO03 BRK-BAK-HON66 Hyundai/Kia HY22 (LXP90) BRK-BAK-HY22 Lexus TOY48BT4 (Short) BRK-BAK-TOY48 Mercedes HU64 (2-Track) BRK-BAK-HU64 VW/Audi HU66 BRK-BAK-HU66

HOW IT WORKS #1 Obtain cuts of your key

This can be done by decoding the lock with a tool such as the Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/ Decoder (p.100) or by purchasing a key code when available (p.146) & converting code to cuts using software such as Blackhawk Codes Online (p.144).

#2 Build Your Key

Use the provided tools to insert pins into the key mold.

#3 Duplicate onto Key

Use a high security duplicator such as the Jet HS2000 (p.134) to copy your cuts onto the nal key.

#4 Disassemble
Your Build-A-Key can be used again and again. Just use the included Pin Ejector and force the pins out and store away for your next use.

Included with each Kit:

Key Mold w/ Light



Pin Ejector

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TOOLS: Interchangea bP le CA ore K EYS, REMO TES & CHI S: utomotive Keys

Save Substantia lly when you Buy Togeth er

Decoding Block
A fool proof solution for determining Control Key Codes for I/Core systems. Drive the pin stack into the Decoding Block where a pin tray keeps them separated and in order. Superior to shimming or disassembly since all stacks stay in their original array. Includes ejector tool.


Item #A1-TB1

Multi-Use Capping Block

Like having 2 Capping Blocks in 1. Now cap standard Best style cores & Falcon style with spring covers. Includes capping tool.


Item #A1-TB2

I/Core (SFIC) Tool Kit

Now you can purchase The Block (TB1), Capping Block (TB2), and Dumping Block (TB3) as a set at a substantial savings. Perfect for the mobile locksmith.

Dumping Block
A big timesaver when re-keying, this tool allows you to dump and store the contents of dozens of cores. Includes ejector tool.


Item #A1-ICKT


Item #A1-TB3


Duo Block
Cap .140 & .150 spacing with a single, reversible block. Ideal for Best and high security peaks.

Single Ejector Pin $10.98 F Item #A1-TBIP

Key Decoder for I/Core

Now decode keys for 3 systems


Item #A1-TB4

4-Prong Ejector Pin with just 1 tool: A2, A3, and A4. $18.14 G Item #A1-TBMP $17.66 Item #A1-4 J K

I/Core Pak-A-Punch
Super-convenient and accurate key cutting for systems A2, A3, and A4. Includes key decoder.

Capping Press Plus

Caps and dumps i/cores. A MUST HAVE for high volume operations.
Item #A1-CAP-1

CapSaver Press
Eliminates the need for caps! Now caps are formed from one brass strip seated into the core.

$465.46 Item #A1-PAK-1C $465.82


Item #A1-CAP-5

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