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Outline of Seminar

Seminar Goals
• Improve children's behavior.
• Increase compliance with rules, directions, structure, and expectations.
• Increase instructional and positive relationship time.
• Enhance a positive, supportive, caring, compassionate relationship between parent and

Seminar Objectives
• Increase understanding of the motivation of behavior.
• Increase skills in managing children's misbehavior and promoting children's positive
• Enhance adult child relationships.

Seminar Outline
5 - 10 hours (1 or 2 days)
Seminar Format
Lecture / Discussion
• Housekeeping / Schedule
• Participant Introduction / Needs / Expectations
• Organization of Seminar: How to learn and use program skills
Sociological / Historical Perspective on Children's Behavior
• Mankind's rational genetic / behavioral legacy
• Ecological changes brought by the Neolithic, Industrial, and Electronic revolutions
and their relation to behavior
• Influence of Media / Consumer Culture / Violence / Narcissism
Behavior Management
• Types of Behavior
• Emphasis on Positive Behavior
• Critical Importance of Adult's Self Discipline
Eradicating Negative Behavior
• The two biggest most awful mistakes adults make in trying to stop children's
negative behavior
• Warnings and Consequences
• Testing and Manipulation (six types)
• Consistency
Promoting Positive Behavior
• Teaching kids how to do what you want them to do
• Critical skills necessary for success in parenting and teaching
• Control antecedents of behavior
Your Personal Relationship with your Child
• Enhancing self-esteem via optimistic thinking
• Active Listening
• Resilience
• Ongoing feedback from participants via discussion regarding application of
knowledge and proficiency in the course.
• Optional follow-up support meetings to assess and enhance implementation and
proficiency of the program skills.