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Technical Data Sheet

MatraX Heavy Classic 40

Monograde mineral oil whose use is recommended for all types of

Performance Features and Benefits

>> Its detergent and dispersant additives can neutralize acids formed during the combustion of sulfur that the diesel contains. Due to its alkaline reserve (TBN). >> Contains effective corrosion inhibitors, oxidation, antirust and additives to control foaming. >> Maintain proper pressure in all conditions.

diesel engines, even turbocharged. It is specially suitable for

engines that remain standing for long periods in corrosive

environments. For example, industrial machinery, dumpers,

mining equipment and heavy equipment of earthwork and public

works. It is manufactured in various viscosities, whose use

depends on the time of the year.

Specifications & Approvals

ACEA E2-07 API CF/CF-2/SG MB 228.0 MAN 270 MTU Type 1

Typical characteristics
Viscosity at 40C Viscosity at 100C Viscosity Index
ASTM D 445 ASTM D 445 ASTM D 2270

148,5 cSt 14,9 cSt 100

Flash point Pour point Density at 15C

ASTM D 92 ASTM D 97 ASTM D 1298

230C -18C 0,894 g/cc

Health & Safety

MatraX Heavy Classic 40 The product is not classified as hazardous. For more information refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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