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Cornel Mihaescu Al. Parang, nr.4, ap.

25 400552, Cluj-Napoca, Ro ania

Made at 05.04.2012 in Cluj-Napoca

Com Invest Mr. Mircea !anca Progra s coordinator "or# stud$ a%road Piata &nirii, nr. 10, ap. 14, Cluj-Napoca, Ro ania

Objective' Application (or the )-12 Attached: C+, reco andation letters

onths internship in *en ar#

Mr. !anca, , a a Ro anian student, graduating in jul$ (ro the &ni-ersit$ o( Agricultural .ciences and +eterinar$ Medicine Cluj-Napoca, /acult$ o( Ani al .cience. , a interested in $our progra (or graduates (ro uni-ersities 0ith an agricultural pro(ile and oti-ated to 0or# at an international le-el. *en ar# is 0ell #no0n (or it1s ad-anced agriculture techni2ues, 0hich is 0h$ , 0ould li#e to appl$ (or an internship there. , ha-e alread$ 0or#ed in an agricultural en-iron ent in 3er an$ and /rance, 0hich allo0ed e to a2uire e4perience and a %etter understanding o( the 0a$ a (ar 0or#s. , ha-e also de-eloped $ sens o( responsi%ilit$ and adapted to 0or# a long hour schedule 0hich is necessar$ in this line o( 0or#.

, loo# (or0ard to hearing (ro 5ours sincerel$, Mihaescu Cornel