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James Riddle Hoffa

James Riddle Hoffa

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Published by: AJ Weberman on Jan 30, 2014
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0 ......__"' __ .
• • • • • ,.,. .. _, ((.4- UC(l iJ I ll Of)y """""" ,..,]
Hoffa Was Crushe

Car Ill
On Orders of CIA,! Mob l{iller Says
Herald Wa$hl nglon •1•nu
WASHINGTON - a horrifying
new version of what appened to
Jimmy Hoffa is cont ined In a
for thcoming book by . an under-
world ki ller.
Hoffa was murdered and his
body dumped into a junkyard car,
which was crushed and smelted,
according to Charles (Chuckle) Cri-
maldi, a onetime Chfcago "hit
man" who now is cooperati ng with
federal authori ti es.
Crimaldi claims that the former
Teamster boss and ex-convict was
ki lled on orders of the CI A, but of-
fers no proof. His book. describes
Hoffa as the agency's ori ginal liai-
son with the mob in plot to as-
Cuban premier Fi del Cas-
t ro in the early ' 60s, a version that
does not square with official ac-
coun,ts of that episode.
vera glasar
IN THE BOOK, Crimaldi de-
scribes a meeting in Chicago in the
'60s with Giancana, during which
he asked the late Sam DeStefano, a
loan shark who was
boss, lo make the "hit" on Castro.
"I was tapped by some guys
from the CIA," Glancana ex-
plained. "I was promised special
government consideration for a lot
of aggravalion that was coming
my way."
The mobsters were thrown into
confusion and consternation by the
source of the request. If DeStefano
"THE SAME MAN that ki lled took the job, he said, he would
Momo (gangster Sam Giancana) wanl Crimaldi to accompany him
took care of Hoffa for the same to Cuba.
rea$on: He knew about tpe Castro ,Ciancana outlined what he said
plots," Crimaldi states. ' \ifas the CIA plan:
Giancana was mysteriously gun- l
ned down last year before "WHAT YOU guys will do is J
he was schedule<.! to testify before jump bai I. It'll be in all the papers
a Senate committee how l wo gangsters skipped the
a ll eged Cl A assassination plots. country ... so there won't be any-
Within weeks, Hoffa tlisap- thing phony aboul your
peared. After you're situated in Sout h
Last August the body of Jot1 n America, you'll be contacted.
Rossell i, also t o be involved in. "You' ll be picked up there and
t he Castro plot, was found ·floating eventually yotr ll be .dropped

i n an oil drum in Dumfoundling
__,......,, ___ .... _ _ ._.;;;;;;;;;;:
Bay in Dade County. , · .
CRIMALDI HAS a new, secret
identity provided by drug-enforce-
ment authori ties. He works as a
·plumber, a trade learned in prison,
and mai ntains contact with a few
old mobster pals. , •
Gangland enemi es are said to
.. put a $50,000 price on
the Cuban coast. They'll set every-
thing up. They' ll pick the time and
place to do the hit. After you
whack him, you come 011 back
home and everything will be taken
care of. OK?"
DeStefano asked for lime to
think it over. Eventually, he re-
fused the job on the advice of Paul
(The Waiter) Ricca, a sort of
grandfather to the mob bosses.
Last year, when Giancana was
murdered, I<ictner senL word that
he wanted to see Cri maldi.
"WORD CAME back that he
need proof. The CIA ... used one
of our guys. An import. Nobody'U
ever pin this on anybody.' " ·
Kidner was not enlirclv con-
vinced, he said, but finds it diffi cult
to doubt Crimaldi's underworld
Parts of Crimaldi's Story
would be in touch," Kidner said. . .
"About t hree weeks later, as r was wanted to write the au-
such as Giancana's involvement
wi th the CIA plot - are substan-
tiated by widely publicized ac-
counts. But no independent docu-
mentation exists for the involve-
ment of Hoffa, nor the allegations
that the CIA was responsible for
the deaths of Giancana and Hoffa. 11
!having lunch at the Chez camille tobwgraphy, Kidner said, in the
!restaurant i.n downtown Washing- of a financial cush-
on, Chuck1e strolled in and sat ion for w1fe .and children,
!own beside me. to him.
"lie came straight to the poi nt :  
Momo was hit by the CIA.' f' ·
"I told him t hat would take
'==' "r-J,'f'l<""
orne proving. rcolied, 'I dor't.
......,.., ,.,.,.,. ., ......

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