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bus Fall Semester 2013 Intern Name: CHRISTOPHER HARVEY 1. Name of Organization (printed materials, etc.) a. Manor Independent School District b. Salado Independent School District 2. Location: Include city, state, and estimated miles from UMHB a. Manor, Texas 56 miles b. Salado, Texas 14.2 miles 3. Primary Purpose of Organization: Provide purpose statement of the sponsoring organization. a. MANOR ISD 1) Vision: Manor ISD strives for excellence through strong partnerships and a culture of continuous improvement resulting in innovative, proficient, empowered, forward-looking students. 2) Mission: The mission of the Manor Independent School District is to provide a positive and academically challenging environment with high standards and measurable goals. Manor ISD, in partnership with parents and our community is committed to closing the achievement gap by implementing exceptional curriculum with excellent instruction. b. SALADO ISD 1) The Salado Independent School District empowers todays youth to be leaders in a global society through educational excellence. We are committed to success, innovation, self-reliance, and determination. 4. Description of Internship Setting: Provide substantive narrative description of the internship setting including the locations of the sponsoring organization, the work or interning conditions, and the people who will be involved. a. Salado ISD 1) Salado ISD is located in Salado, Texas, which is between Jarrell, Texas and Belton, Texas on Interstate Highway 35. It is a small town with 4 schools in the school district. There is Thomas Arnold Elementary, Salado Intermediate, Salado Jr. High, and Salado High School. 2) My internship involves the Superintendent, Dr. Michael Novotny and the four school principals. 3) The goal of my internship is to complete a facilities assessment to be used as a supporting document for a school bond election. b. Manor ISD 1) Manor ISD is located in Manor, Texas between Austin, Texas and Elgin, Texas on US Highway 290 East. Manor has 2-3 thousand residents and a school district of about 7500 students. There are thirteen schools in

UNIVERSITY OF MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR EDUCATION FOR LIFEEXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME College of Education Doctorate Program EDAD 7308 Internship Syllabus Fall Semester 2013 Manor ISD: 8 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools and 3 High Schools. Manor is home of the famous Manor New Tech High School. This is the school President Obama visited in 2013. 2) My internship involves the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Robert Peters. 3) The goal of my internship is to identify funding opportunities for Manor ISD for staff personnel and/or Career and Technology Education (CTE) Programs. Another goal is to help expand the Radio/TV program for the CTE department. 5. Role/Position of On-Site Mentor: Provide the role of the mentor who will direct the internship. Provide a resume of the on-site mentor and an information sheet on the on-site mentors responsibilities in the organization. See answer 6 and attachments 6. Student Relationship to the On-Site Mentor: Describe the relationship with the onsite mentor (i.e., Do you know the person on a personal and/or professional level? Have you worked with the person before, if so, in what capacity?). I have two site mentors. Both mentors and I have professional relationships as describe below. Dr. Robert Peters Assistant Superintendent @ Manor ISD o Former supervisor at Decker MS & Manor Excel Academy I was his Assistant Principal at DMS Dr. Peters was my Principal mentor Dr. Michael Novotny Superintendent @ Salado ISD o Former Professor at University of Mary Hardin Baylor 7. Internship Purpose: Prepare a concise purpose statement for the internship that explicitly reflects the potential for scholar-practitioner, leadership development within the setting of the sponsoring organization and in relation to the mentor The purpose of this internship is to: Complete the requirements for Superintendent Certification Observe some of the roles of a Superintendent Expand my skills sets and knowledge Serve a learning institution by helping to solve an existing problem Gaining more experience for my consulting experience Leveraging the internship to increase my professional network 8. Relationship to Career Goals: Describe the relationship of the internship experience with career goals applying to the doctoral program.

UNIVERSITY OF MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR EDUCATION FOR LIFEEXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME College of Education Doctorate Program EDAD 7308 Internship Syllabus Fall Semester 2013

Ultimately, I hope to share my internship experiences during job interviews for central office positions as well as to secure consulting opportunities. I believe the more successful professional experiences I have; the more marketable I am for fulltime and contractual employment opportunities. The doctoral program focuses on mixing theory and practice, authentic leadership, and becoming a change agent through Christian Leadership. I can practice the theory and my leadership skills through the internship with sound mentorship. 9. Internship Goals: List the specific goals of the internship. Number each goal and use the respective number when referencing (i.e., Goal 1). The goals should be realistic to the time frame and opportunities presented by the sponsoring organization. The research and literature should be aligned with the individual goals. Goal 1: Complete Superintendent Requirements Goal 2: Master new knowledge and skills Goal 3: Expand professional network Goal 4: Increase resume for consultant opportunities Goal 5: Meet the need of a school district/community

10. Internship Outcomes: Identify the expected outcomes to be accomplished in the relationship with the on-site mentor and the sponsoring organization in relation to the specific goal. The outcomes should be realistic and aligned with the purpose of the internship. Complete a facilities assessment that will encourage the school board to proceed with a needed school bond; and eventual passing of a school bond Build new professional relationships for references and future program connections Establish creditability as an innovative educational leader Support each site through successful completion or progress on internship goals.