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I remember I sit alone by the fire waiting for her, I am nothing to the world now, just another stranger.

I sit alone and I remember her footsteps on the floor, Which fell down like hammers as she headed for the door. I sit alone by the fire and I endlessly hope, She comes back from the darkness and frees me from my rope. I still remember those sparkling nights of June, When we would lie down and try and grasp the moon I still remember those foggy days of May , When we would search for each other, for shelter from the rain. I still remember that month of December, When we had promised each other to be together fore er . !er scent still lingers on my clothes, in my mind, !er presence will haunt me until the end of my time. Memories still cling to the walls, memories now broken, "y words and thoughts better left unspoken. !er face will fade after a while will pass, "ut I shall remain in its unforgi ing grasp.