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Stepheasn Wallace Fiction Narrative Mrs.

Johnson 11/7/13

New Leaf of Baseball

Bzzzzt! Went the alarm. Griffin bolted out of bed and flew down stairs to get his gear for tryouts. The baseball field was dry with the infield made of clay. The park is called Lake Field. The only people there were parents, kids trying out, and coaches. The outfield walls were short but the walls leading out to them were very tall. A door led to the dugout and the bullpen was a cage in foul territory. IT was the nicest field he had ever seen. This is it Griffin thought. Try outs were starting. First out fielding Griffin caught 3 out of 5 balls. Coach shouted infield base of your choice! Griffin played 3rd base. then pitching all strikes . it was time to hit he hit 1 home run and the rest hit the wall . The announcement came on for who made team . IT boomed Griffin Nixon You have made the gryphons please go to the rec department for your jerseys he got his jersey and thought about the first practice. At practice the biggest kid on the team kept picking on him his name was Rob the bully from school . he was always picking on the younger kids and mostly on me . Griffin was hitting and Rob was pitching he was purposely trying to hit Griffin dogged and dogged and then he got hit in the neck Rob started to crack up . Griffin just lay there cringing then the coach brought him into the dugout and gave griffin some ice

and called the league officials and told them what happened . griffin thought he would be leaving the team but it was rob who was leaving . Griffin was relived, Rob was leaving and hoped the new player was better. Griffin Got to lake field early, all fired up .It was time for the game to start . Gryphons v.s. the flares .Flares first to bat. first hit solo shot home run ! Flares are winning 1-0 .Ryan the left fielder just missed the catch . then a ground ball to the short stop thrown out at first . then a pop fly to center field out number 2 and 1 strike 2 strikes 3strikes he is 0-U-T OUT! 3 outs . Gryphons turn to bat. First batter singled off Then it was Griffins turn to hit he stepped up to the plate gripped the bat tight fast ball right down the middle Griffin swung he did not even feel the ball hit the bat he saw the ball go deep so he ran as fast as he could and by the time he made it to second base he saw the ball go over the wall home run! Griffin trotted home with a huge smile on his face. When he entered the dugout Griffin almost fainted in happiness. The game went on strike out after strike out. The game ended with the score of 2-1 Gryphons win after 6 innings of play . Thats the game! The ump shouted. Gryphons WIN! Every one lifted Griffin in the air The Gryphons win .Griffin happily muttered under his breath we won. For winning the game every one went to burger madness restaurant. Griffin ate the monster burger oh man griffin loved the burger. Griffin threw a party the next morning. The next morning at the party there were grills, soda, and sports balls everywhere and griffin felt different in a wired way.

The way griffin felt well he could not describe he wasnt scared of his team any more he liked chis team. But Griffin got some news . when griffin heard the news he screamed his head off, WHAT I MIGHT GET TRADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was furious at the other coaches wanted to trade their worst player for griffin they were just envy and wanted to win the champion ship. griffin was steaming mad at the other coaches ,yet afraid of what would happen.