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THE KLORAN oF THE WHITE KNIGITS oF ‘THE KU KLUX KLAN REALM OF MISSISSIPPI 3 _xpavern wurper 22-7 KLORAN NUMBER, PROVINCE NuMBER__/ __prsmrc? numper_— "NON SILBA SBD ANTHAR" HONOR~=KHARAC TER=-DUTY PAGE 1 THE KLAN KREED IN THE BEGINING GOD; ETURNAL, INFINITE CREATOR AND HIS SON, JESUS omnes CRIGDRION OF CUARACTER, OUR SAVIOUR, IN THIS WE PLACE ALL We know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people thenselves, and if any think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with wholesome discretion, we believe the renedy is not to take the powers from them, but to inform discretion dy educetion, We believe theré can be no compromise on the matter of the segre- getion of the Races. We believe that for any single American citizen to survive the final battle that will be waged by the International Communist Cons piracy, America and its Christian Constitutionel form of government must survive. We believe with unqualified faith The Holy Bible, Romens 12:1, "I beseech you therefore brethern, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrafice, Holy, ecceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service! We believe that the Holy Bible and The Constitution Of The United States of America are the Greatest Safeguards of true liberty, Justice and the Dignity of man ever devised. We believe that failure to know the enemy, failure to understend him on all fronts, failure to prepare completely to battle him to the ultimate end in defense of this great nation will give him aid end a comfort, To give the enemy aid and comfort according to the Constitu- tion Of The United States Of America is Treason. We believe that our future will not redeem our past, ie will only drift from one terrible fiasco to another in complete legarthy unless we come to realize that there can be no compromise on the battl Las no halfway in the fight for the preservation of our religion and fre don; it must be all or nothing. We now rest our case to your courege, Our aécusers are persons, not Americe, our objective is freedom, not peace, We believe that the croming glory of a Klansman is to serve-~ NON SILBA SED AN THAR-----~ '=-0T FOR SELF, BUT FOR OTHERS. PAGE 2 HS KLAVERS OPP ICZRS ‘THE BXALT|D CYCLOPS~ THE KLALIPY. the president or Officer in charge ‘the vice President or Second officer in cherge. ---the Lecturer, Resder and officer who adainistere the oathe to new menber: {THE KLOKARD OR KLEAGLE- Chaplin or religious officer. ms 2 secretory. greesurer conductor or cerenoniel officer THE KLAROGO-. ‘The Inner Guard, responsible for the ” guarding of the inside of the K.evern. the outer guard, responsible for the guerting of tho’ outside exen of the ‘NE KLEXTER-. ‘The investigator. ‘che board of four investigators which fare private to the Iokens --ivoting delegate responsible for att- ending the sessions of the Klanbureé Sses and representating the Klevern, the officer in charge of the new mon while they avait to be inducted. ‘Tm NIGHT ATK. -a comity officer or voting delezte to sit in the Monvocation md represent The county there.