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Cumulative Review Units 1-7

1. List two examples of physical properties.

2. List two examples of chemical properties. 3. Give two examples of chemical indicators. 4. Label each of the following as a physical change or a chemical change. a. Dew evaporating in the heat of the sun b. Hydrangea flowers changing color in limed soil 5. Label each as E, C, M, or S. a. Cheerios b. Water 6. Tell what change of state is involved in each of the following. a. Ice becoming water b. Droplets forming on the outside of your glass of lemonade 7. Convert 15.59 s to s. Write the answer in scientific notation. Round to two sig figs. 8. If a 12.6 mL sample has a density of 3.011 g/mL, calculate the mass. 9. Which type of error in experiments affects the precision? 10. How many protons, electrons, and neutrons are contained in an atom of 235U? 11. List the discovery for each of the following. a. Millikan b. Bohr c. Rutherford d. Dalton e. Planck 12. Convert 4.190 g of Mg to atoms of Mg. 13. Which color of light has the shortest wavelength? 14. How are wavelength and frequency related? 15. What is the name for a higher energy state for an electron? 16. When an electron moves back to the ground state, what happens to the extra energy? 17. What does the Pauli Exclusion Principle state? 18. How many valence electrons does Br have? Draw the dot structure. 19. Which element has a configuration that ends in 4p3? 20. Which has the higher ionization energy- I or Ir? 21. Which element would most likely form +3 ions- Al or As? 22. Write the Lewis structure for SO3-2. 23. Which type of intermolecular forces are found in HCl? 24. Tell whether each of the following is polar or nonpolar. a. H2O b. SF6 25. Tell the molecular geometry of each of the following. a. CO2



28. 29. 30. 31.

b. PCl3 c. AlCl3 Name the following a. SrF2 b. ZnCl2 c. MgS d. NO3 e. SBr6 Write the formula for each. a. Calcium phosphate b. Carbon disulfide c. Barium chloride dehydrate d. Aluminum hyponitrite Find the formula mass of NaF. Use sig figs. What is the percentage of F in that compound? Use sig figs. What is the oxidation state of S in H2SO4? A compound contains 62.5% As and 34.8% O. Write the empirical formula for the compound.