Mommy dearest, daddy too, for all the things you two do, From me Stacy, sister Lauren also, we lo e you Raising children is a hard thing to do, !ut " thin# you would agree, You !oth did a great $o!, after daddy died, now there $ust us three

%ut we will sur i e and &ros&er' we two girls will !e $ust fine, Of course you will see all that, $ust gi e it time You two taught the two of us what life is all a!out, So listen world, to what " ha e to shout

For Stacy and Lauren, there is nothing to sto& us from succeeding Dad taught us determination, we will follow his teachings Dad said there is nothing you can(t do in life )ust remem!er to &low right through, no matter how much strife And when you ha e children that you will lo e with all your might, Remem!er in life, to !e successful means &utting u& a good fight From your mom and ", you !oth li e the !est life you can, And remem!er, to achie e you must ha e a good &lan

*a e a great life, a life li#e no other, you !oth deser e that, *a e faith in +od, he will lead you down the right trac# And if you stray, lose your way' "(ll !e there to remind you, You and Lauren ha e each other, you !oth together reason out &ro!lems too

!y Tim Thayer

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