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Live Islam Every Day

Live Islam Every Day


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Published by: Haamid on Sep 29, 2009
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Have each player pick a partner from among the members of
the household. For the rest of the day it is your duty to
respect, help, and give support to your partner. See if you can
do it for a day without fighting or complaining. Be grateful that
Allah blessed you with one another and this opportunity to do
good deeds all day for this person.

Narrated Sahl ( May Allah be pleased with him) the
prophet{May peace and blessing of Allah be upon
him) said,” There is a gate in Paradise called Al-
Raiyan, and those who observe saum will enter
through it on the day of resurrection and none
except them will enter through it after their entry
the gate will be closed and nobody will enter
through it.” {Al-Bukhari}


Age: 5-up

Activity 131-132

Live Islam Every Day
Easy Activities to Show you the Way

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