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Live Islam Every Day

Live Islam Every Day


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Published by: Haamid on Sep 29, 2009
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This is an exiting challenge to see what designs everyone comes
up with and which one will work. Now you can either choose the
nature option or the man made option.
Everyone has to build a container to put their egg in. The
container will be dropped off the roof by an adult and then you
must check to see if your egg is still in tact. If it is then you
came up with a very brilliant design and if not you can try again
and take the challenge.
Nature option. You must build your container completely out of
nature such as rocks, sticks, grass, leaves, dirt, flower pedals,
etc. Whatever you can find in nature.
Man made option. This container must be built entirely from
man made products, not from nature as described above. This
means objects such as plastic, paper, rubber, metal, etc.

The first command Allah gave to the prophet Mohamed was
that we must seek to learn knowledge. This project is a great
way for you to learn how gravity and physics work and to come
to understand the basic laws of nature Allah has set upon this

Allah the exalted says.” Verily, this is my way leading
straight: follow it: follow not other paths: they will
scatter you about from his path: thus doth he command
you that you may be righteous.:{6:153}


Age: 6-up

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