Gila River Diversion Opposition By Henry L. Parra, Sr. 01/27/2014 I ave !

een rea"in# t e arti$les an" ar#%&ents oppose" to Gila River "iversion an" a poll ' i$ in"i$ate" t at ()* o+ ,e' -e.i$an/s are oppose" to "ivertin# t e 'aters +ro& t e s%ppose" last +ree +lo'in# river in ,e' -e.i$o. It appears to &e t at &%$ &isin+or&ation as !een p%t +ort in re#ar"s to t e Gila River. 0irst t ere is a "iversion str%$t%re ri# t %pon t e Gila River. It is sit%ate" at t e So%t east 1%arter o+ Se$tion 21, in 2o'ns ip 13 So%t , an" Ran#e 17 4est. 5$$or"in# to t e 6P elps Do"#e 7orporation Loa$ -inno' an" Spi8e"a$e -ana#e&ent Plan 9pper Gila River, ,e' -e.i$o ' i$ is "es$ri!e" in t e 'e!site PD0 "o$%&ent la!ele" Item 1 !elo', an" I :%ote +ro& it ere 6 ;2 e Gila Diversion Str%$t%re &ini&i<es t e &i#ration o+ non6native +is +ro& t e lo'er rea$ o+ t e Gila River into t e &i""le an" %pper rea$ o+ t e Gila River. ,ota!ly, t e area =%st %pstrea& o+ t e Gila Diversion Str%$t%re $ontains very +e' non6native +is >Rinne et al., 1???@A. 2 e istory ri# t o%t o+ t e $o&pany ' i$ !%ilt t e "iversion ri# t %pon t e river appro.i&ately 1) &iles as t e $ro' +lies +ro& ' ere t e Gila River e.its t e Gila 4il"erness !o%n"ary, ' i$ I la!el Item 2 ;4ater 'as $r%$ial to s%$$ess+%l pro"%$tion at 2yrone. 2 at 'as ' y as early as 1?)), P elps Do"#e arran#e" 'it t e P oeni. la' +ir& Bvans, Cit$ el, an" Den8es an" 'it its o'n Pa$i+i$ Lan" an" 7attle 7o&pany s%!si"iary to p%r$ ase t o%san"s o+ a$res o+ a$res o+ a#ri$%lt%ral an" #ra<in# lan" alon# t e Gila River6an" in t at 'ay #aine" ri# ts to +o%rteen t o%san" a$re6+eet o+ 'ater a year. 2 at 'as a &on%&ental a$ ieve&ent not %nli8e !%il"in# its e.tensive 'ater6 #at erin# syste& in 5ri<ona. P elps Do"#e $o&plete a "iversion pro=e$t t at re"ire$te" its s are o+ Gila river 'ater into !ill Bvans la8e, a si.ty 6+ive6a$re reservoir na&e" +or t e lea" attorney o+ t e P oeni. la' +ir& an" t e 'ater 'i<ar" ' ose vision elpe" &a8e t e &inin# an" &illin# operations at -oren$i an" 2yrone possi!le. 4 en $o&plete" in 1?3( t e !i# reservoir store" 'ater t at 'as p%&pe" &ore t an 12 &iles %p ill to t e 2yrone &ine an" $on$entrator siteA. On t e +ollo'in# pa#e, I provi"e a Goo#le Bart I&a#e o+ t is parti$%lar str%$t%re ' i$ as not !een &entione" in t e petition>s@ &a"e to o%r -ost Honora!le Governor S%sana -artine< nor to t e Interstate Strea& 7o&&ission, ' i$ apparently is or 'as re$eivin# $o&&ents on t e s%!=e$t o+ a possi!le Gila River "iversion. I also provi"e a se$on" i&a#e o+ t e Gila River at a lo$ation =%st over ( &iles +ro& t e 5ri<ona !or"er, an" i+ yo% 'ill e.a&ine t e area o+ Eir"en yo% &ay noti$e at least one ot er per aps s&aller "iversion $loser to t e !or"er, ' i$ +%rt er proves t at "iversions are not ne' to t e Gila River. Item 1 ttpF//'''.+'s.#ov/so%t 'est/es/ari<ona/Do$%&ents/Spe$iesDo$s/SDGL-/PDG&#&tGp lanGGilaG(G22G2003.p"+ Item 2 ;Eision an" Bnterprise6 B.plorin# t e History o+ P elps Do"#e 7orporationA !y 7arlos 5. S$ 'antes

2 e Bill Bvans Diversion %pon t e Gila River is per Goo#le Bart i&a#ery lo$ate" at H2 "e#rees )H/ 4H.77A ,. in latit%"e an" 10( "e#rees H)/ 4(.1) 4. in parallel o+ lon#it%"e.

2 e Eir"en Diversion on t e Gila River is per t e sa&e Goo#le Bart I&a#ery, lo$ate" at H2 "e#rees )H/ 4H.77A , in latit%"e an" 10( "e#rees ))/ 1).)1A 4. in parallel o+ lon#it%"e.

5s a &atter o+ +a$t t e Gila River is not t e last +ree +lo'in# river +or t ere are t'o a""itional rivers ri# t ere in t e so%t 'est $o%ntry, ' i$ are in"ee" a$t%ally +ree +lo'in#. 2 e -i&!res proper on t e east si"e o+ t e $ontinental "ivi"e is +ree +lo'in#, as is t e San 0ran$is$o River ' i$ +lo's +reely +ro& near L%na ,e' -e.i$o !y Glen'oo" ,-, !e+ore ea"in# so%t 'est into 5ri<ona to =oin t e Gila River !eyon" o%r !or"er. Grante" t ere is a "a& on Bear 7ree8 ' i$ +or&s Bear Da&, t at lies a!ove t e +ree +lo'in# -i&!res River an" ' en yo% ave spill6o++, ' i$ is not rare, it +lo's to'ar" t e -i&!res. 2 %s in tr%t yo% ave t'o %n&entione" +ree +lo'in# rivers not e.tre&ely +ar apart, in t e S4 $orner o+ ,e' -e.i$o. Over t e 1H0I year istory o+ t e De&in# area 'ater levels ave "e$line" #ra"%ally over t e &any years 'e ave p%&pe" +ro& o%r a:%i+er, ' i$ is not %nli&ite". 2 e ,e' -e.i$o State Bn#ineer Li!rary a" a report title"F 2 e 0o%rteent an" 0i+teent Biennial Reports o+ t e State Bn#ineer +ro& D%ly 01, 1?H( to D%ne H0, 1?42. It state" t en6 ;Re$or"s o+ t e Geolo#i$al S%rvey in"i$ate" 'ater levels a" "e$line" a!o%t 3 +eet "%rin# t e last ten years o'in# to t e e++e$ts o+ p%&pin# #ro%n" 'ater +or irri#ation in t e valley.A 5$$or"in# to t e Dept. o+ Interiors S%pply an" De&an" 7orrelation ,e' -e.i$o J Gila Basin J 5ri<ona 4ater Settle&ent 5$t, in t e -i&!res Basin ;2 ere as !een ro%# ly a )06+oot "rop in t e 'ater ta!le over t e last )0 years.A 2 e re$ ar#e is neit er tre&en"o%s, nor %nli&ite" an" 'it "ra'al e.$ee"s re$ ar#e, espe$ially !e$a%se o+ a#ri$%lt%re ' i$ is so vitally i&portant to t e $o&&%nities ere. So&e areas ave poorer re$ ar#e or re$overy as 'ater is p%&pe". O%r a#ri$%lt%ral $o&&%nity is a'are o+ t e nee" to $onserve an" in"ee" t ere are very $ons$ientio%s +ar&ers ' o %tili<e "rip irri#ation in t eir +ar&s, s%$ as I ave seen on t e Do nsons +ar&s S4 o+ De&in#. -y &aternal #ran"+at er %se" to +ar& ere ' en +loo" irri#ation 'as t e nor&. Lon# a#o ' ile I 'as an e&ployee o+ t e ,e' -e.i$o State Bn#ineers, t e 4ater -aster tol" &e personally t at it 'as esti&ate" t at it ta8es a!o%t a %n"re" years +or a sin#le "rop o+ 'ater seepin# +ar !elo' t e s%r+a$e to rea$ o%r De&in# area +ro& t e Silver 7ity 4aters e". 2 e -i&!res Ealley re$eives its !asin 'ater re$ ar#e +ro& !ot t e Silver 7ity 4aters e" an" t e %pper -i&!res -o%ntains. De&in# is 'it in t at -i&!res Ealley an" it is a very $ontrolle" or a $lose" !asin an" is so a"=%"i$ate". Lo$ally it is also or 'as "ivi"e" "o'n a!o%t t e &i""le pro i!itin# 'ater to !e trans+erre" a$ross eit er si"e. Sin$e it is a $lose" !asin >"one to prote$t t e li&ite" an" prote$te" s%pply 'e ave an" to prote$t t e e.istin# an" senior 'ater ol"ers/%sers@ one $annot =%st o!tain ne' 'ater, +or it is tr%ly $lose" an" i+ anyone or any or#ani<ation nee" 'ater it &%st pro$%re" or p%r$ ase" +ro& an e.istin# 'ater allot&ent>s@ ol"er an" i+ t ey nee" to !e &ove" or relo$ate" i+ allo'e", t e intent o+ trans+er o+ a 'ell to a "i++erent lo$ation &%st !e poste" +or p%!li$ $o&&ent perio" to allo' t ose ' o &i# t !e a"versely a++e$te" an opport%nity to protest an" i+ it &i# t !e "ee&e" a le#iti&ate #rievan$e or in"ee" ar&+%l to ot er ol"er>s@ it &i# t not !e allo'e". 2 en i+ no le#iti&ate o!=e$tion is +ile", nor anyt in# ot er'ise !ein# !ro%# t %p prevent t e &ove, t e +or&er site>s@ or 'ell>s@ &%st !e a!an"one". De&in# an" s%rro%n"s "o not possess nor ave a$$ess to an %nli&ite" a!%n"an$e o+ #ro%n" 'ater, as it t e -i&!res Basin 'as "es$ri!e" a!o%t one year a#o >Dan, 20, 201H@ in t e Las 7r%$es S%n ,e's, 'it a"=e$tives s%$ as ;pro"i#io%sA an" a ;sea o+ 'aterA in an arti$le re+errin# to o%r lo$al 'ater reso%r$es. 2 e 'ater level as $ontin%ally "roppe" #ra"%ally an" t e $ity o+ De&in# in

or"er to 8eep %p 'it pop%lation #ro't as repeate"ly !o%# t o%t +ar&s +or t eir 'ater allo$ations to position itsel+ to $ontin%e s%pplyin# 'ater to a stea"ily #ro'in# pop%lation. 2 ere are &any +or&er irri#ate" +ar&s ' i$ ave sol" t eir 'ater allo$ations eit er to in"%stry or t e &%ni$ipality. In t e +%t%re 'ells 'ill %n"o%!te"ly ave to !e "%# +%rt er at $onsi"era!le e.pense an" even +%rt er e.pense is a""e" ' en 'ater &%st !e "ra'n +ro& "eeper. B%t yo% are in reality &inin# an" sooner or later a "ay o+ re$8onin# 'aits +or t e reso%r$e is +inite. 2 en, ' en t e 'ater ri# ts ave !een sol" so&eti&es t e lan" as !een sol" or s%!"ivi"e" an" t en in"ivi"%als ave applie" +or "o&esti$ 'ater 'ells as state la' as per&itte", t %s 'ater p%&pin# as $ontin%e" "epen"in# on t e n%&!er o+ "o&esti$ 'ell appli$ations. Ho'ever a state la' 'as propose" to prevent ne' "o&esti$ 'ell to !e "rille" in lan"s avin# lost 'ater allot&ents t o%# sale or trans+er. I a& not s%re i+ t is la' 'as s%$$ess+%lly passe" or not, !%t it 'as a le#iti&ate atte&pt to a""ress a pro!le& ' i$ $an =%st a##ravate t e 'ater li&itations/s orta#es o+ t is ari" lan". Ho'ever, as De&in# as #ro'n in r%ral areas, an in$rease in "o&esti$ 'ells as +ollo'e" an" t is p%&pin# as $a%se" so&e "e$reases in 'ater levels as 'ell. ,onet eless, ,e' -e.i$o is a vi$ti& in t e interstate 'ater $o&pa$ts an" past r%lin#s 'it states s%$ as, 5ri<ona an" 7ali+ornia ' erein 'e are re:%ire" to "eliver $ertain spe$i+ie" a&o%nts to o%r nei# !ors. 4e are at present !ein# s%e" !y t e state o+ +or t ey are !la&in# t e "ry Rio Gran"e on ,e' -e.i$an a#ri$%lt%re "ra'in# 'ater +ro& 'ells to s%pple&ent t e la$8 o+ +lo', an" insist t at t is "ra'in# as !y t eir "e+inition $a%se" t e river to 'ater s orta#e. Ho'ever t e "a&s a!ove +ro& ' ere t e Rio Gran"e 'aters are store" an" release" +lo' are at istori$ lo' levels as t e e.ten"e" "ro%# t in t e so%t 'est an" "e$line" sno' pa$8s +ro& 7olora"o to ,e' -e.i$o are #reatly re"%$e". 4e $an ill a++or" to "is&iss 'ater properly allo$ate" to o%r state !y t e 5ri<ona 4ater Settle&ents 5$t. ,o ot er state 'o%l" !e so 8in" to %s. 4e are in $o%rts repeate"ly involvin# 'ater reso%r$es "elivery. Ironi$ally t e state o+ ,e' -e.i$o is entitle" to t e sa&e a&o%nt o+ 'ater ' i$ P elps Do"#e o!taine" +or its &inin# operations ' i$ ave sin$e $ an#e" o'ners ip. I 'o%l" pre+er to ave t e 'ater !e provi"e" to a#ri$%lt%re relate" enterprise o+ so&e sort, :%ite possi!ly in t e area ' ere it leaves ,e' -e.i$o at its !o%n"ary. I+ t is not !e possi!le t en &ay!e so&e in"%stry $o%l" !e en$o%ra#e" to si&ilarly pro$%re an" avail itsel+ an" p%t to !ene+i$ial %se t is 14,000 a$re +t +or t e !ene+it o+ t e people o+ ,e' -e.i$o, 'it possi!le ne' reven%e an" e&ploy&ent opport%nities. I+ not t e state o+ 5ri<ona, ' i$ is &ost appy to $ontin%e !ein# t e re$ipient o+ o%r entitle&ent, s o%l" e.$ an#e 'ater +ro& t e 7olora"o River t at 'e &i# t $ annel it +ro& t e San D%an River to t e 7 a&a ' ere it 'o%l" initially !e store" !y t e 5r&y 7orp o+ Bn#ineers at Heron La8e an" #ra"%ally !ene+it o%r state o+ t e 14,000 a$re +oot, as &ay !e nee"e", !%t losin# it s o%l" never !e an option. 2 e Rio Gran"e r%ns "ry in its so%t ern rea$ es an" pe$an +ar&ers an" a#ri$%lt%re in t e Dona 5na 7o%nty areas s%++er t e 'orst 'it t e "riest river ever an" &ost %rt+%l "ro%# t, 'e ave ever seen in o%r li+eti&es. 2 en, i+ #lo!al 'ar&in# is in"ee" $a%sin# all t is an" it $ontin%es, ' at are o%r prospe$ts +or t e +%t%reK 4e &%st p%t every "rop t at 'e are entitle" to !ene+i$ial %se ere in t e Lan" o+ Bn$ ant&ent.

2 en as t e Interior Depart&ent S%pply an" De&an" 7orrelation +or t e ,e' -e.i$o J Gila Basin J 5ri<ona 4ater Settle&ent 5$t B.e$%tive S%&&ary o+ 4ater S%pply states ;In li# t o+ "e$linin# #ro%n"'ater levels in i# "e&an" areas an" "e+i$its in t e -i&!res Basin 'ater !%"#et, lon# ter& sol%tions s o%l" !e "evelope", o+ ' i$ 54S5 'ater s%pplies $o%l" play a part.A I a& not oppose" to 'ater $onservation pra$ti$es an" in t e "ry so%t 'est 7 i %a %a Desert +or t is $ertainly is so&et in# t at &%st al'ays !e $onsi"ere", pra$ti$e" an" $ontin%e", !%t a ne' so%r$e +or o%r states i&prove&ent or !etter&ent &%st not !e so easily "is&isse". 2 e &e#a &etropolises o+ t e 'est "ra' &%$ +ro& o%r so%t 'est "ry an" lan"lo$8e" state. 7ali+ornia +or one, 'it its vast $oastline $an loo8 +or'ar" to t e "ay it &ay !ene+it +ro& vast +res 'aters, I ave re$ently rea", lie !eneat t e o$eans. San Die#o p%s es +ort 'it a "esalination plant. 4ill 7ali+ornia $e"e &ore 7olora"o River 'ater to ,e' -e.i$o in t e +%t%reK O+ $o%rse t ere is pro!a!ly no 'ay o+ 8no'in#, i+ 7ali+ornia 'ill even ever $onsi"er tryin# to e.tra$t 'aters %n"er t e Pa$i+i$ O$ean an" i+ in"ee" it 'o%l" even !e s%$$ess+%l. I =%st "esire t at &y $o&&ents !e $onsi"ere" as in+or&ation is #at ere" !y t e Interstate Strea& 7o&&ission, an" t e po'ers t at !e, an" I "o appre$iate t e opport%nity. 5#ri$%lt%re as al'ays !een an inte#ral part o+ o%r so%t 'est. It as !een on t e "e$line +or :%ite so&e ti&e an" I "o not "esire it to #o t e 'ay o+ t e "inosa%r, as t ey say, +or 'it o%t it t ere s all !e no e$ono&y, an" li8ely no $o&&%nityL 2 an8 yo% &ost 8in"ly

PS6 ,o' as to t e &atter o+ $allin# t e Gila a &a=or river J I $an 'a"e t e river in &any pla$es e.$ept +or ' en it is +loo"in#, 'it o%t $o&in# even $lose to 'ettin# &y 8nees. In reality in lots o+ pla$es t e Gila an" so&e o+ o%r s&aller rivers 'o%l" !e pro!a!ly $alle" strea&s. ,o' I a& an avi" o%t"oors&an an" nat%ralist an" =%st li8e t e people ' o live o++ t e lan"6t e +ar&ers an" ran$ ers6'is to see o%r lan", o%r 'ay o+ li+e an" $%lt%re preserve" an" prote$te". I en=oy +ly+is in#, i8in# an" p oto#rap y an" love to #o to t e Re"ro$8 area an" ot er pla$es alon# an" near t e Gila, to e.plore, i"enti+y spe$ies an" p oto#rap !ea%ti+%l 'il"li+e, s%$ as Bal" Ba#le an" even 7ar"inals. 2 e &isin+or&ation !ein# alle#e" is t at t e ealt o+ t e river an" its 'il"li+e an" +is 'ill !e t reatene", is si&ply not tr%e, espe$ially i+ t e "iversion $an !e s&artly "esi#ne" an" pla$e" alon#si"e ot er "iversions, espe$ially =%st !e+ore leavin# ,e' -e.i$o an" all s all re&ain =%st as it e.ists ri# t no'

So&e a""itional in+or&ation $an !e +o%n" at t e +o%n" in t e +ollo'in# 'e!sitesF ttpF//'''.in+o&ine.$o&/&inesite/&inesite.aspKsiteMtyrone ttpF//'''.silver$ity.or#/"estGBillGBvansGLa8e.s t&l

ttpF//'''.'il"li+e.state.n&.%s/re$reation/#ain/"o$%&ents/&aps/BillBvans.p"+ ttpF//'''.<iap%!lis in#.$o&/"o'nloa"s/s$astG0(.p"+ ttpF//'''.n&env.state.n&.%s/':$$/"o$%&ents/Re!%ttalB. i!itBlan"+or"67.p"+