HOMEWORK DAYANA ALMEIDA 11 Y 30 A 13 Y 30 PHRASAL VERBS PHRASAL VERBS To be ill To be sick To come in To come out of To fill in To go back MEANING

To be unwell or sick. To be unwell. To enter. To exit or leave. To complete a form. To return to a place we have been for. To descend, go lower. To continue. To care of To try to find the information in a reference book or in the internet. To collect someone in a car or vehicle. To wear, to place3 an item of clothing on one´s body. To stop a fire. To take outside a bin or rubbish. To meet by accident. To be something. To discard without EXAMPLE

To go down To go on To look after To look up

To pick up

To put on

To put out

To run into To run out of

To throw away


To turn down To decrease the volume or level. To turn up To go up To To go in To be wrong . Be heard. To reject. To increase the volume or level. Be promoted. Make a career choice To make a mistake. Be built. increase. to be incorrect. To appear. Have an interest in.that is no longer useful.

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