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SEL Winding Compensation Settings Program Revision 1.

This EXCEL spreadsheet was developed by: Dean Hardister Field Application Engineer (Retired) Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (704) 504-4105

Disclaimer: This program is provided at no cost to SEL customers. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES (INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE) APPLY FOR THIS PR SEL Customers are entirely responsible for their use of and reliance on this program and any data contained therein, including without limitation any algorithms.


Then click START. click END to close the message box.Phase Shift buttons for help. Click the Transformer Connections or Connection . and start over. an error message pops up. See disclaimer on Sheet 1 (ReadMe tab of this workbook).SEL Transformer Differential Winding Compensation Settings Calculator Winding 1 Winding 2 Winding 3 Winding 4 CT 1 CT 2 CT3 CT4 Reference Winding A c b a B C 330 Degrees b a b a 150 Degrees c 300 Degrees c 270 Degrees START Transformer Phase Transformer + CT Phase W1CTC = 0 W2CTC = 6 W3CTC = 0 W4CTC = 10 HELP Transformer Connections HELP Connection Phase Shift Instructions: Click the appropriate Winding connections. Click the UP (clockwise) or DOWN (counterclockwise) arrows to change the diagrams to match the transformer configuration. press CTRL-r. and Reference Winding settings. CT connections. Phase Rotation. If during running of the program. .

DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING ON THIS SHEET!!! W1Conn = W2Conn = W3Conn = W4Conn = CT1Conn = CT2Conn = CT3Conn = CT4Conn = PhRot = RefWind = D Y Y Y Y Y DAC Y ABC 1 .