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Land Preparation

Land preparation is the process of preparing the rice field to provide a soil condition favorable for plant growth. This facilitates water, nutrient, and pest management.

Dry land tillage In May to June and November to December, plow and harrow the field once immediately after harvest or when the soil has dried using a 4-wheel wheel tractor mounted with a rotary or multiple trailing disc plow or harrow. This is to aerate the soil, reduce weeds and other pests, and incorporate crop residues into the soil.
A 4-wheel wheel tractor mounted with disc plow for dry land tillage

Wet land tillage When water is released by NIA in June and December, flood the field for one to two days. At 21 days before transplanting (DBT) or direct wet-seeding seeding (DBS), plow the field once using a hand tractor or rotavate with 20-40 hp four-wheel wheel tractor. A week after plowing, harrow the field. Using a hand tractor, r repeat harrowing one week after. . Do the final harrowing and leveling one or two DBT/DBS using a tractor-drawn drawn wooden plank.

(Source: Field Operations Manual, PhilRice, 2007)

Wetland tillage using a hand tractor mounted with disc plow

Reviewed by: Dr. Caesar Joventino M. Tado