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1. Which is the largest animal in the world ? Answer: Blue whale 2. Which is the largest animal on land ?

Answer: African elephant 3. Which is the smallest bird ? Answer: Humming Bird 4. Which is the largest fish in the world ? Answer: Whale shark 5. Which is the tallest animal on the earth ? Answer: Giraffe 6. Which is the biggest bird in the world ? Answer: Ostrich 7. Which is the biggest continent in the world ? Answer: Asia 8. Which is the largest country (area) in the world ? Answer: Russia 2nd place > Canada 9. Which is the most spoken language in the world ? Answer: Mandarin (Chinese ) 2nd place > Spanish 10. Which is the largest island in the world ? Answer: Greenland 2nd place > New Guinea 11.Which is the longest river in the world ? Answer: Nile 12. Which is the largest desert in the world ? Answer: Sahara Desert 13. Which is the largest bone in human body ? Answer: Femur (thighbone) 14. What is the smallest bone in the human body ? Answer: Stapes

15. Which is the largest flower in the world ? Answer: Rafflesia 16. Which is the largest ocean in the world ? Answer: Pacific Ocean 17. Which is the largest plateau in the world ? Answer: Tibetan Plateau 18. Which is the tallest waterfall in the world ?

Answer: Angel Falls
Important questions to enhance General awareness knowledge 2013: Q-1.: Name the player of USA who created history by grabbing his 22nd Olympic medal? Ans: Michael Phelps (retires, won 18 gold medals in total). Q-2.: Which company name is based on river name? a) Samsung b) Sony Ericsson c) Nokia d) HTC Ans: c Q-3.: How many medals are won by India in Olympics 2012? a) 3 medals, 1 bronze and 2 silver b) 7 medals, 4 bronze and 2 silver, 1 gold c) 6 medals, 4 bronze and 2 silver d) 8 medals, 1 bronze and 2 silver, 5 gold Ans: c Q-4.: Who is the first Indian male shuttler to reach Olympic quarters? Ans: Parupalli Kashyap. Q-5.: Which famous explorer visited India in the late 13th century? a) Vasco Da Gama b) Marco Polo c) Ferdinand Magellan d) None of the above Ans: b Q-6.: Name the Indian who won Magsaysay award for community initiatives in Tamil Nadu? Ans: Kulandei Francis Q-7.: Where is a tunnel near the Indo-Pak border detected? Ans: In Samba. Q-8.: Compound and Recurve are the types of equipment associated with which sports? a) Archery b) Baseball c) Basketball

d) Ice Hockey Ans: a Q-9.: Bleaching Powder is prepared by passing chlorine through a) Milk of lime b) Dry lime c) Limestone d) Quicklime Ans: d Q-10.: The Election commission of India situated in _______? a) Mumbai b) Chennai c) New Delhi d) Kolkata Ans: c Q-11.: Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence? a) George Washington b) Abraham Lincoln c) Thomas Jefferson d) Jhon F Kennedy Ans: c Q-12.: Latest launched cameras model by Nikon in India on 19th April 2013? Ans: 17 New Cool Pix Cameras Q-13.: In Field Hockey, each team has ____ players on the field at any one time. a) 9 b) 8 c) 11 d) 12 Ans: c Q-14.: MGNREGA provides legal guarantee for employment at minimum wages to adult members of a household in a financial year for at least a) 120 days b) 90 days c) 100 days d) 80 days Ans: c Q-15.: Who became the first Englishman to hits 6 sixes in one over? Ans: Jordan Clark Q-16.: Who has been recently appointed as new Chairperson & Managing Director of United Bank of India? Ans: Archana Bhargava Q-17.: Which country has granted temporary asylum to Edward Joseph Snowden who leaked details of the US program of mass surveillance of electronic data a) Ecuador b) Hong Kong c) China d) Russia Ans: d

Wheeler Island.Q-18. New Zeland d) New York. ANS7. ANS-1888 ई॰ 5. ANS-22 3. ANS6. ANS14.S.: Washing soda is the common name for A) Sodium Carbonate B) Calcium Bicarbonate C) Sodium Bicarbonate D) Calcium Carbonate Ans: A Q-20. ANS8.: Where is the Statue of Liberty located? a) London. Odhisha .792 11. ANS9. Australia c) Auckland. ANS-2. England b) Brisbane. Ans: d Q-19. Which state in India banned jeans/designer tops in Govt offices ? Answer :. 2012) 1. ANS13. U. ANS-21 12.: Who was called Bollywood's first superstar? Ans: Rajesh Khanna ( died on 18th July.Karnataka 2. ANS2. ANS-28 10. Agni 5 recently tested from which place? Answer :. ANS-24 4. ANS? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.

China...115/. Import Duty of Gold and Silver hiked from 8% to __? Answer :. National Media Center is situated at ? Answer :. .Current system followed by appointing of Judges in higher judiciary in India? Answer :.Insurance Repository System. Which Indian Air Force Plane landed in world highest Daulat Beg Oldie airstrip in Ladakh ? Answer :. How many countries in Super-exclusiveICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Club? Answer :. Biggest transport aircraft of Indian Air Force ? Answer :. India's First women Chief Information Officer ? Answer :. Where was India's first marine eco sensitive zone declared? Answer :.. औ ― * ‖ .5.C13OJ Super Hercules 18 . Which Naval submarine caught fired and sunk at Naval Dockyard in Colaba. * * ― ‖ 2013 15 . INS Sindhurakshak is ___ class submarine ? Answer :... France .10% 15.Gulf of Kutch 8.3..INS Sindhurakshak 13. Answer :.Tripura ( Old Tripura Legislative Assembly of Ujjayanta Palace) 10. American C-17 will replace Russian IL-76 as the biggest aircraft in the IAF inventory till now. * ई 2013 -8 15 . Which Museum is the largest one in Northeast India ? Answer :.6 (USA.New Delhi ( inaugrated by Sonia Gandi ) * . Import Duty of flat panel (LCD/LED/Plasma) TV sets? Answer :. The system newly launched by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) to provide policy holders a facility to buy and keep insurance policies in electronic form? Answer :.Kilo Class 14. 7.UK and now India) 5. In which state communal clashes taken place recently? Answer :.35%+3% education cess 16.C-17 Globemaster 3 ( This plane is the part of newly formed 81 Skylord squadron.to ____? Answer :. Agni 5 striking range is .Deepak Sandhu 17. * ई .000 km 4...Uttar Pradesh (Muzaffarnagar) 9.Collegium System 6.Rs 135/12. National floor level Minimum Wage hiked from Rs. Mumbai ? Answer :.km. ) 11.Russia.

: 7. : 8. : ई ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Q-1) What is the permanent memory built into your computer called? (a) RAM (b) ROM (c) CPU (d) CD-ROM (e) None of these. : 10. 2013 1.* * ( . : 2. ‖ 14 * 2013 . . 14 . ई : 3. : 4. : 9. ) ( * 18 ― ) 14 2013 . : 5. : 6.

British Process Laboratory INTEL :. NOVO (New) COMPAQ :.Integrated Electronics CISCO :.Tata Consultancy Services AOL :.General Electronics INFOSYS :.(b) GOOGLE :. .American Online BPL :.Global Organisation of Oriented Group Language of Earth APPLE :. FDI inflows into the Service Sector declined by 47.LE (Legend). Q-5) E-mail addresses separate the user name form the ISP using the ———. ANSWERS: 1. Q-3) All the deleted files go to (a) Recycle Bin (b) Task Bar (c) Tool Bar (d) My computer (e) None of these.Information System TCS :.Advance Micro Devices LENOVO :.Hewlett . RBI allowed third-party payment for Export and Import Transactions.michael DELL SONY :.Q-2) Various applications and documents are represented on the Windows desktop by (a) Symbols (b) Labels (c) Graphs (d) Icons (e) None of these. Q-4) In MICR. 2. 4.Compatibility And Quality .symbol.Western India Product Limited GE :.Packard IBM :...Sound Of New York AMD :.Computer Information System Company DELL :.(b) 2.International Business Machines Corporation HCL :.5 % 3. RBI permitted foreign banks subsidiaries to acquire domestic private sector banks.Asian Passenger Pay Load Experiment HP :.(d) 3. Gross Direct Tax Collections during April-October in 2013-14 up by 11.(a) 4.Hindustan Computer Limited WIPRO :.(d) 5. C stands for (a) Code (b) Color (c) Computer (d) Character (e) None of these.58 Percent. (a) & (b) @ (c) % (d) : (e) None of these.

64 Crore Rupees during April-September 2013.24 Billion US Dollars. SEBI approved Major Reforms to Attract Overseas Investors. Inflation Increased to 6. 6. CCEA increased the Minimum Support Price of Wheat by 50 Rupees per Quintal. 1969 4. Jet-Etihad deal Approved by SEBI.75 % from 7. CCEA approved National Mission on Oil seeds and Oil Palm.12 Billion US Dollars. Who is the winner of the CEAT international cricketer of the year 2011-12 award? Ans. Who is the winner of ATP Chennai Open 2013 title? Ans.50% 9. Total Number of Telecom Subscribers increased to 904. 1.66 Percent to 301250 Crore Rupees. Ans. RBI Allowed Banks to Revise Periodicity of Interest Payments. CCEA approved the launch of the IPDS for Textiles Industry. Highest in Seven Months. 23. 26. IFC Launched 1 Billion Dollar offshore Rupee Bond Programme to Strengthen India‘s Capital Markets. 30.26 Billion US Dollars.00 Million Tonnes of Freight During April–September 2013. India‘s Foreign Exchange Reserves jumped to 281. Government decided to extend the sale of 5 kg LPG cylinders at petrol pumps. India‘s Forex Reserves dropped by 1. 22. 24. 17. 8. 11. 7. is the Chairman of the ----. 16. K. 14. Trade Deficit for April-September. 27. 29. 13.11 Billion US Dollars to 276.5 Percent. RBI reduced the MSF Rate to 9 Percent from 9.Law Commission of India. Haryana? Ans. Justice D. Janko Tipsarevic 2. 12. RBI fixed the Reference Rate of Rupee against US Dollar at 61. CCEA ( Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs ) Approved for Continuation of Integrated Textile Parks Scheme in 12th Five Year Plan.during the erstwhile regime of Chogyal. Pandit Ram Sanehi Shukla died at the age of 98. 10. 2013-14 Estimated at 80126. 25. India Signed Pact with World Bank for Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project. 28.5. Who was he? Ans. Freedom Fighter 3. In which place Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports is located? Ans. 18. 15.4050. Bhupinder Singh Hooda 6.46 Million. Indian Railways Carried 511. Judge.46 percent in September 2013. India‘s Foreign Exchange Reserves touched 279. Direct Tax Collection increased by 10. Who has laid the foundation stone of Unique Identification Authority of India's (UIDAI) Data Centre at Manesar. 19. India and Japan Signed MoU to study Mumbai-Ahmedabad Rail Route. Total Broadband Subscriber Base in India increased to 15. The Temi Tea estate was established in ----. Railway Revenue Earnings were 65354. Jain.24 Million.24 Million US Dollars. China and EU Signed a Bilateral Currency Swap Agreement. 21. Virat Kohli 5. 20. . Bhubaneswar and Imphal airports were Declared as International Airports. Patiala 7. Supreme Court of India. Reserve Bank of India Increased the Repo Rate by 25 Basis Points to 7.

Who was he? Ans. Michael Hussey 38. Who inaugurated the 4th World Telugu Conference in Tirupati? Ans. 2013. Prithvi-II 37. Govindarajanar 40. How many athletes were awarded with the Bhim Award . Prime Minister's Global Advisory Council of Overseas Indians was constituted in ------and meets annually. 125th 21. The -----. Who was he? Ans.phases. 11th July. Tony Greig died in Sydney on 29 December 2012. China 11.Pravasi Bharatiya Divas convention. Who was conferred with the Lokmanya Tilak Rashtriya Patrakarita Award? Ans. Patrick Suckling 34. Padma Bhushan M. Which former Australian cricketer has been inducted into the International Cricket Council's Hall of Fame? Ans. Which Australian Cricketer announced retirement from Test Cricket on 29 December 2012? Ans. 1st September. The ---.S. The Census in India is conducted in ---. Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs inaugurated the exhibition in Kochi as part of the ---. Who has won the Tipperary International Peace Prize for 2012? Ans. Who was the Chief Guest of the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2013? Ans. Gopalakrishnan died at the age of 82. Galaxy 22. Prof. Ans. Who is Rajkeswur Purryag? Ans. Vayalar Ravi. Ans. Mychael Danna 32. Who was conferred Tolkappiyar Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Tamil studies? Ans. 526. Dr. Glenn McGrath 33. The Kochi Refinery was dedicated to the nation by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in -------. Mauritius 20. S. Manmohan Singh 26. 2009 25. China on ------. Who won the Best Original Score Motion Picture Award for 'Life of Pi' at the 70th edition of the prestigious annual Golden Globe awards? Ans. Who has won the FIFA Ballon d'Or Award for fourth time? Ans. IC 2233 is a ------? Ans. Lionel Messi 9. 24th 23. Ans. Ans. Technology and Innovation Policy (STI) 2013 at the inaugural session of the Centenary session of the Indian Science Congress? Ans. Ans. Journalist 24. 2011 27. ---. Kochi 19. Vinod Mehta 16. The 11th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas convention was held from 7th to 9th January.Ans. Chennai. 1966 12. 778.road safety week was observed from 1st January to 7th January 2013. Ans. Ramakrishnan 30. C. Hamid Ansari inaugurated ----.06 crore to Karnataka and Rs. 2012 17. 2008-09 41. a French National received Kural Pitam Award for the year ------.crore to Maharashtra. Who was he? Ans. The first BRICS Health Ministers' Meeting was held at Beijing. Ans. President of Russia 35. Violin Maestro 28. Who had been appointed as Australia's next High Commissioner to India? Ans. President. Who unveiled the Science. President of India Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the -----. Ans.09 31. 20th 8. Who won World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi? Ans. Who has taken over as Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre? Ans. Two 10. 6 29. The 20th Law Commission was constituted through a Government Order with effect from -------. 60th . Madanjeet Singh 13. Malala Yousafzai 15. Ans. Commentator 39.the highest honour of the Haryana Government? Ans. Pranab Mukherjee 42. 11th 14. Ans. Vladimir Putin visited India to attend 13th India-Russia Annual Summit on 24 December 2012.Annual Arts Festival at Kalakshetra.year celebrations of Uttar Pradesh Legislature on January 8. Novak Djokovic 36. The High Level Committee for central assistance to States affected by natural calamity approved assistance of Rs. Ans. Francois Gros. 2013 in -------. Ans. Ans.Who is he? Ans. Prof. Who was the founder of South Asia Foundation (SAF)? Ans.missile is equipped with advanced high accuracy navigation system and guided by an innovative guidance scheme. Vice President of India M. Rajkeswur Purryag 18. Which country has launched construction of world's first fourth generation nuclear reactor? Ans. Christopher Martin-Jenkins has passed away at the age of 67.

Director. a senior IAS officer was appointed as the Secretary of Department of Expenditure in the Union Ministry of Finance on 11 November 2013. South Africa defeated Pakistan 4-1 in the One-Day International series in UAE on 11 November 2013. it is called. Who will be awarded the Tagore Peace Prize in Kolkata on May 6. 7. 2. 10. The honour of Akademi Fellow has been conferred since 1954 and Akademi Award since ------. The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) on 11 November 2013 held a grand felicitation ceremony to honour Sachin Tendulkar. 13. Delhi. 9.. M. 5. 7.43.S. The Vice President of India. Haryana joins hands with Cargill to launch food bank. Hamid Ansari released a book entitled Momentous Times on the 175 years of Times of India at a function in New Delhi on 11 November 2013.. 11. 2013? Ans. Shinzo Abe 50. 1 Bit = Binary Digit 8 Bits = 1 Byte 1024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte 1024 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte 1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte 1024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte 1024 Terabytes = 1 Petabyte 1024 Petabytes = 1 Exabyte 1024 Exabytes = 1 Zettabyte 1024 Zettabytes = 1 Yottabyte 1024Yottabytes = 1 Brontobyte . ANS: (4) dishonor of the cheque Q. Narendra Modi 49.09% versus 9. 1952 48. Kamal Nath 46. Sahoo 44. The Union Government of India. currently India's High Commissioner to Mauritius. Chairman. Who was sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the fourth consecutive term? Ans. 14. Who is Dr. Mann Deshi Mahila Bank and Mann Deshi Foundation.84% in September. on Monday bagged the 2013 India Social Entrepreneur of the Year award . Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and the Embassy of Sweden on 9 November 2013 jointly unveiled a Nobel Memorial Wall at Rajiv Chowk metro station. Who has been appointed as the new ex-officio Member of Planning Commission? Ans. also known as Little Master. President of Nepal Q.Radhakrishnan Q. The Commonwealth Business Forum inaugurated by the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa in Colombo on 12 November 2013. Who is Vinay Mittal? Ans. When a bank returns a Cheque unpaid. Seetharam. Who has been elected as Prime Minister of Japan by Lower House of the Parliament? Ans. 8. Who created the first Portable Computer ? ANS: Adam Osborne Q. M. T. The Union Finance Minister P. To help increase foreign direct investment in Tamil Nadu. Japanese overseas development assistance of $130 million has been granted. The Capital of Australia is? ANS: Canberra Q.What is the Full Form of NEFT? ANS: National Electronic Funds Transfer System -----------------------------------------------------------------> 1. 6. World Pneumonia Day was observed on 12 November 2013 across the world to raise awareness of pneumonia.P.Who authored the book 'Hindu View of Life ? ANS: (A) S. Japan pledged to provide $150 million towards reconstruction efforts in Uttarakhand in the wake of devastating floods that hit the Himalayan state in June this year. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of October rose to 10. Chetna Vijay Sinha. Ratan P Watal. Shihab Ghanem 47. Ans. 4. Who had been appointed Secretary of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India? Ans. 15. the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of Puducherry signed the Financing and Project Agreements for World Bank assistance (IDA assistance) of 236 million US Dollar with the World Bank on 11 November 2013. Ram Baran Yadav? Ans..Chidambaram released a Commemorative Coin of 20 Rupees a circulation coin of 5 Rupees to mark the culmination of the 125th Birth Anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad at New Delhi on 11 November 2013. 3. Railway Board 45. 12. has been appointed as the next ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

: 7. : 2. (K) ( ) ? - . : 8. ? : 10. : (D) ? . : 4. ' (Mars) ? ' (Garden Pea) (Hybridisation) ? : 9.1024 Brontobytes = 1 Geopbyte 1024 Geopbyte=1 Saganbyte 1024 Saganbyte=1 Pijabyte Alphabyte = 1024 Pijabyte Kryatbyte = 1024 Alphabyte Amosbyte = 1024 Kryatbyte Pectrolbyte = 1024 Amosbyte Bolgerbyte = 1024 Pectrolbyte Sambobyte = 1024 Bolgerbyte Quesabyte = 1024 Sambobyte Kinsabyte = 1024 Quesabyte Rutherbyte = 1024 Kinsabyte Dubnibyte = 1024 Rutherbyte Seaborgbyte = 1024 Dubnibyte Bohrbyte = 1024 Seaborgbyte Hassiubyte = 1024 Bohrbyte Meitnerbyte = 1024 Hassiubyte Darmstadbyte = 1024 Meitnerbyte Roentbyte = 1024 Darmstadbyte Coperbyte = 1024 Roentbyt 1. ? : ? 5. ? ? : 3. : 6.

(1952-62) .2013 ****************************************** . 2 " 4:॰ ॰ . ई 25 ई । => => ॰ ॰ => => " => . 1औ )। ( 6:- 2 2+1=3 => 1977-82 . . K Trick " --- ------------------------------------------------------------------" 1:=> 1952-62 ." 5:=> 1969-74 . . " 2:" । => 1962-67 . . " । ). IMPORTANT CURRENT AFFAIRS : 12.11. " । . .2. 5 5 " 3:( । => 1967-69 . .( " . ). । . . । । * => 25 ( 6 13 । 7:8:9:10:11:12:- => 13:॰ ॰ => । => => ( । । ) => । 3. => 1974-77 . .

Ques 4 : These are ATMs which are not owned by banks but by private ATM provider ? Ans : White Label ATM(WLA) Ques 5 : Head quarters of International Court of Justice(ICJ) ? Ans : The Hague. Union Minister of Minority Affairs K Rahman Khan on 11 November 2013 launched a National Portal on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Australia by New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell and Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi. Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Monday signed a roadmap agreement to allow inspectors broader access to nuclear sites. During the 7th India-Republic of Korea Joint Commission Meeting (JCM). 8. Dhyan Chand Awards & Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------Dronacharya Awards :- . On the occasion of the National Education Day of India.1. close to the China border on 10 November 2013. declared military help to Philippines. a bronze plaque and a citation. 9. said the head of schools' association. The Government of Afghanistan on 10 November 2013 signed an agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the development of road network in the country at a cost of 220 million US dollar. 10. Indian men's hockey team finished fifth at the 3rd Asian Champions Trophy at Kakamigahara. The super typhoon destroyed large number of towns across Philippines and killed over 10000 people. Korea discuss ways to boost bilateral ties. 5.C. Mathematics and Environment Exhibition. The United States. This was declared as the deadliest recorded natural disaster of Philippines. the 24-year-old shooter defeated World Champion Zorana Arunovic of Serbia to bag her first Gold. The convention's objective is to link the vast Indian diaspora and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region with India. 4. Ques 1 : India's Mars mission will be launched by vehicle ? Ans : PSLV-C25. Japan on 10 November 2013. 4. India. 3. Ques 3 : Human Rights Day? Ans : December 10. Dronacharya Awards. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal and the ADB Country Director Joji Tokeshi in Kabul. Ques 6 :The rate at which Banks borrow from the RBI? Ans : Repo Rate. 11. 5. The memoir "I am Malala" written by Teen Pakistani activist Malala Yousufzai was banned from all private schools in Pakistan as she represented the West and not her native country. Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Beema Yojna (BPSSBY) Health care scheme for BPL families launched in Punjab. Heena Sidhu became a part of the history by becoming the third Indian pistol shooter to win Gold at the World Cup Final on 10 November 2013 in Munich. Three astronauts returned to Earth today. co-chaired by External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid and his Korean counterpart Yun Byung-se. 14. This academy will train personnel of Rapid Action Force along with selected members of other paramilitary forces and civil police. following a 166-day mission. In the Women's 10-metre Air Pistol event at the ISSF World Cup final.Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Ques 2: Full form of PSLV ? Ans : Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. Uttar Pradesh. The National Education Day of India was celebrated on 11 November 2013 at Gangtok. This portal is an initiative to digitise the heritage of the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Sikkim. the President of India Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate the 40th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science. The theme of the exhibition will be Science and Society. The agreement was signed between Afghan Finance Minister Dr. according to the Philippines‘ authorities. 'Malala's book banned as she represents West. bringing the Olympic torch back from the International Space Station after a historic space walk. 6. Ques 7: How many application does RBI receives for issuing banking licences? Ans : 26. The award carries a cash prize of Rs1 lakh. 7. Regional Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2013 launched in Sydney. and make his life and legacy available online. 13. not Pakistan'. 2. which have been upgraded to a Strategic Partnership and have acquired range and depth over the past few years. which would provide free medical services of up to Rs 30. in the meanwhile. Padmanabhan Memorial Award 2013 for Ecology and Environment Conservation was presented to eminent ecologist and environmental scientist Madhav Gadgil in Thrissur. Typhoon Haiyan made a landfall in northern Vietnam. Anjali Bhagwat (2003) and Gagan Narang (2008) have won Gold at the rifle/pistol event in World Cup finals. the two sides conducted a comprehensive review of bilateral relations. Ministry of Home Affairs on 9 November 2013 inaugurated RAF Academy of Public Order in Meerut. The portal was inaugurated to mark 125th birth anniversary of the great national leader. The V. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today launched a cashless health care scheme for BPL families.000 per annum. 12. The trip completes the most ambitious leg of Russia's unparallelled torch relay in the run-up to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi next February. Prior to her.

2.07. Pix =>> Tokyo (Japan) Kospi =>> Korea Bovespa =>> Brazil Nasdaq. Mahavir Singh (Boxing). 3. 2. K P Thomas (Athletics). 6. Employment of Sportspersons and sports welfare measures (Petroleum Sports Promotion Board). Establishment and Management of Sports Academies of Excellence (Pullela Gopichand Academy of Badminton.843 (31. 5.21. 4. Stock Exchange Index =>> Country : -----------------------------------------Nikkei. Which is the oldest Stock Exchange in Asia ? Answer: Bombay Stock Exchange 2. Founder and President. Dow Jones =>> USA Simex =>> Singapore Hang Seng =>> Hong Kong MDAX =>> Frankfurt (Germany) FTSE =>> London Questions Related to Stock Exchange :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.1. 2.7 .3 . 3. Hyderabad).932 . 15 15 2011 - . Dhyan Chand Awards :1.1. Allahabad). What is the full-form of SENSEX ? Answer: Sensitive Index 3. Raj Singh (Wrestling). Mary D'souza Sequeira (Athletics). Syed Ali (Hockey). Anil Mann (Wrestling). Narinder Singh Saini (Hockey). National Sports Academy. In which street Bombay Stock Exchange is situated ? Answer: Dalal Street 4. 3. Community Sports Identification and Nurturing of Budding Young Talent (Dr UK Mishra.2 (68. When National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) was founded? Answer: 1992 (in 1993 it become stock exchange) 5.share it max - *************************************** . Financial Support for Sports Excellence (Services Sports Control Board). Which one is the World‘s First Electronic Stock Exchange? Answer: NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) 7. 4. 4. When SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) was formed? Answer: 1988 (Officially started in 1992) 6.37. Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar :1. Which Stock Exchange has the nick name "Big Board"? Answer: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) 8.8 ) ) . Which Stock Exchange 7. Poornima Mahato (Archery). Girraj Singh (Para Sports).83. 26.

10. (3) Financial literacy 12.80. (97. c.Budget defecit-interst payment c) Microfinance sector 24. b) Stock market 23. d-Fiscal deficit-interst payment 31. 5-Monetary stimulus package not includes one of the following . (91. b) service Tax 17.14 . 3-The malegam committee was set up by rbi for 21. (65. a-Total receipt-total expenditure 28. 20.Financial inclusion can be achieved by the spread of : 9. . d) NBFC 25.2%) / (18. (91.9 . (1) Mobile Banking 10. 26.8%).384 .6 0 / / / / / / / 2001-2011 / . a) VAT 16. (4) Non banking financial companies 13. (61. c)Income tax 18.43 () ( ) – (1084) (879) (94%). 14.6%) (11320) (17) . 1.0 0.8%). b-Revenue receipt-revenue expenditure 29. 32. d) CENVAT 19.1%) 8.73 0 .3%) (66. a) Mutual fund 22. 2-Tax information network (TIN) is related to 15. (2) Post office network 11.5%) (62.. 4-Primary deficit means 27.

b-Reduction in direct tax rate 47.FII outflow from the country 73. d-Y.M. c-Undertaking repo transaction by rbi 54. c-Recovery of loans 42.Vijay kelkar 58. a. 50.v nayar 64.Buying government bonds from bank by rbi 53. a. b. a-Quantitave easing 34. d-selling government securities to bank 37. b-Investment routed through tax havens 71. 44. 11-Tobin tax is tax on 69. 38.Fiscal stimulus carried out by Indian government does not include one of the 45. b.33. a. b-Quality of assets 41. 74. b-Reduction in repo rate 35. 12-Which of the following is indirect tax following lending was headed by . a. 8-Which of the following does not lead to increase in liquidity 51. 7.v Reddy 67. 62.Reduction in CRR 52. 68. d. a.Rangarajan 60.Parsharthy shome 59. d. c. c-Capital gains made in stock market 72.Higher inftastructural spending by government 49. 56.v nayar 61. d-M. 10-Committee which has recommended expansion of priority sector for bank 63. c. 6-Basel norms not includes one of the following 39. 9-Committee setup for fiscal consolidation was headed by 57.CAR 40. d. d.Undertaking reverse repo transactions by rbi 55. b-M damodran 65. a-FDI 70.Rise in government expenditure 46.M. c-Reduction in indirect tax rate 48.narshimhan 66.Market discipline 43. c-Reduction in CRR 36.

18-Taxes on sale and purchase of newspaper are imposed by 111.Revenue defecit 89.It is inflation proof 84. 92. b. d-Deepak Parikh committee 97.Expenditure tax 77.securities transaction tax 79. 15.75. 14-Which of the following defecit gives true status of government current year 87. A-FDI 100. 86. b.It is beneficial for migrant workers 85.Corporate sector 107. c. 1-Presumpitive basis 106. 116. a. c. 13.It may eliminate mafia elements 83. a. a. b.It is better targeted 82. a-Chelliah committee 94. d. a. 104. d-FII 103. 98. 3-Book profit 108. 80. c-Kelkar committee 96. 17-MAT is a tax imposed on 105.Fiscal defecit 88.None 115. 110. d.Luxury tax 78. 16-The term hot money is related to 99. 2. d. d. 19-Interest rate determination is under demerit finances .Monetised defecit 90.Capital gain tax 76. c. b-stock market 101. c.Point the odd one out in the respect of committees on tax reform 93. b.Centre 112.The cash subsidy model proposed by government has one of the following 81.Priamry defecit 91.Both 114. b-shome committee 95. 4-Net profit 109.state 113. c-Non-resident deposit 102.

Industrial policy 121. 23-Which of the following developments can improve balance of payment(BOP)defecit in India 141. c-Trade policy 120.It requires abolition of CST(central state tax) . in short term which we are facing now 1-Issuing bonds to NRI 2-Encouraging tourism 3-sending Indian student to foreign university for education 4-Allowing FDI in retail 25-Consider the following statement in respect of GST 1-its formation requires constitutional amendments 2-Its requires compensation for states 3-It needed strong technological backup support 4. 4-It is born by equally by buyer and seller 133. d-Bank rate 139.Nationalisation of sbi 125.Fiscal policy 118. b-MSF 137. 155. 1-Rupee devaluation 142. 150. 1-Nationalisation of 14 banks 124.increase in export 144. 21-Consider the following in respect of STT 129. 149. 24-Which of the following step can help India to tackle BOP defecit 147. a. 22-Bank can take loan fron RBI on overnight basis without backing of government securities under 135. c-Call money rate 138. 4-Decrease in import 145. 146. 4. d.117. b. 2-Rupee depreciation 143. 3. 151.Nationalisation of rbi 126. 20-Consider the following 123. 128. a-Repos 136. 3-It is born by seller 132. 2-It is born by buyer 131. 156. 2. 152. 122. 3. 134. 140. 153. 154.Nationalisation of Lic 127.Monetary policy 119. 148. 1-It is tax on sale and purchase of shares 130.

194. 192. 170. 158. 168. 164. 160.54. 183. 171. 26.50 per 1-Depreciation of rupee 2-Devaluation of rupee 3-Appreciation of rupee 4-Revaluation of rupee 31-Which of the following plays some role in determination of exchange rate 1-Exporters and Importers 2-Foreign investors 3-RBI 4-Central Government dollar represents: in India? . 196. 166.National income growth adjusted for depreciation growth d. 54. 167. 195.National income growth adjusted for Population growth c. 172. 193. 182. 173.National income growth adjusted for saving growth 28-Which of the following is an example of expansionary fiscal policy? a-Decrease in CRR b-Decrease in SLR c.157.Consider the following statements: 1-GDP is a better measure of national income than GNP 2-GNP is always higher than GDP Which of the following statements given above is/are correct? a-1 only b-2 only c-Both 1 & 2 d-Neither 1 nor 2 27-Real National income growth refers to a-National income growth adjusted for inflation b. 184. 162. 179. 176. 185.Decrease in income tax rate d-Increase in income tax rate 29-In comparison to the 10th five year plan. 174.75 per dollar to Rs. 178. 159. 165. 191. 190. 175. 187. 163. 180. 161. 186. 177. 181. 189. 169. 188.during the 11 a-Fiscal defecit is higher but current account deficit is lower b-Fiscal deficit is lower but current account deficit is higher c-Both fiscal and current account deficit are lower d-Both fiscal and current account deficit are higher 30-An exchange rate movement from Rs.

c. b-Income Method 222. Which of the following statements given above is/are correct 229.2 only 231. 2-Increase the cost of production can lead to stagflation 228. 225. c-Expenditure method 223.Which of the following methods is used to calculate the contribution of 220.Both 1& 2 only 232.Neither 1 nor 2 218. 209. b. a.Neither 1 nor 2 233.Which of the following categories contributes most to the services sector GDP in India? the services sector to Indian GDP? .Net domestic product +Net factor income from abroad 205.Indian economy could not achieve the targeted GDP growth rate during the 11 five year plan 211.Both 1& 2 217. a. 1. 36-Consider the following statements 226.197. Which of the following statements given above is/are correct? 214. 1-stagflation denotes the coexistence of high inflation along with high unemployment 227. 203. d-None of the above 224. 198. 37-Which of the following factors can leads to stagflation? 32. 213.1 only 230.Banking Insurance 199. 234. b. a. c-Public administration and defence 201. d-Net domestic product-depreciation 208. d.1 only 215.2 only 216. b-Trade 200. a. a-Value added method 221. d-Construction 202. c. 219. 35. c-Net domestic product + depreciation 207. 33-Net National Product refers to204. b-Net domestic product-Net factor income from abroad 206. d. 34-Consider the following statements: 210. 2-Both the investments and saving rates have been below targeted lwvwls during the plan 212.

246. 237. 255. 244. 267. 249. 243. 264. 253. 251. 238. 240. 257.SARFAESI Act 2-Asset reconstruction companies 3-Debt recovery tribunals 4-Restructuring of loans the responsibility of preparing green national account in India?? 40--The process of budget making based on fresh evaluation of expenditure in every financial year is known as: a-Zero based budgeting b-Incremental budgeting c-Outcome budgeting d-Performance budgeting 41-Which of the following are the instruments of fiscal policy: 1-Reduction in tax rates 2-Rationing 3-Grants to states 4. 239. 262. 274. 248. 261. 272. 1. 252. 270. 254. 236.Which of the following policies can be helpful in tackling demandpull inflation? 265. 245. 258.Higher crude oil prices 2-Higher foodgrain prices 3-Depreciation of rupee 4-Higher investment in agriculture 38-An expert group under which of the following peronalites has been given a-Arjun sengupta b-swaminathan c-rangarajan d-partha dasgupta 39-Banks can recover bad loan through: 1. 247. 260. 250. 242.Increase in government expenditure 42.Austerity Measures 266. 269.235. 259. 241. 273. 2-Fiscal stimulus 3-Quantitave easing 4-Deficit Financing 43-Five year plan in India is finally approved by a-Planning commisvion b-Union cabinet c-President on the advice of the prime minister d-National development council . 271. 263. 1. 256. 268.

b-Rupee revaluation 303. c-bank rate 310. c-Cash reserve ratio 298. 44-Which of the following committees played an important role in suggesting financial reforms after 1991? 277. d-statutory liquidity ratio 299. 306. proportion of GDP.during the 12 a-75% b-8% c-9% d-10% 46-Which of the following is/are constituent of non-plan expenditure in India? 1-Defence expenditure 2-subsidies 3-Interst payments 4-salaries of government employees 295. b-Bank rate 297. c-Narasimham committee 280. 312. a-Rangarajan committee 278. b-Chelliah committee 279. 48-Which of the following is the most appropriate solution to tackle the recent balance of payments deficit in India? 301.275. 291. 49-The rate at which rbi provides refinancing facilities to banks is 307. d-Decreasing fuel subsidies. 287. 282. 286. 288.Repo rate 296. 45-What approximately is the proposed investment on infrastructure. 276. 293. 292. 285. 294. 290. 300. d-Abid hussain committee 281. a-slr 308. c-contractionary monetary policy 304. a-Rupee devaluation 302. as a 283. 289. d-crr 311. 305. 50-Interest rate on debantures are 47-Which of the following instruments crucially determine market borrowings by the government of India? . a. b-msf 309. 284.

:ई . . . a-floating b-fixed c-first fixed then floating d-first floating then fixed Read more: http://www. . . .क़ . . . . . . 3. 4. . . . . 2. ? → 25 ?→ ई?→ ई? → 9 1946 1946 ?→9 ई? → 1947 ?→ ?→ ‗ . 11. 315. . 8. 3. . 5. 316. 2. . 9. . 4. . . : : . .com/ECONOMICS-AND-BANKING-AWARENESS-NOTES_39-a. . . 10. . : : : : : . ?→ ?→ ?→ ‗ ‘ ?→ ई . .ibpspoclerk. 12. . 14. 5. . .313. 15. 314. 13. 317. . : . 31 7. 6. . . . 9. 7. 1.html#ixzz2lpXgbDtF 1. ‘ 22 1947 ?→ ?→ ?→ 1946 23 1946 1946 . 8. . 318. . . 6. .

NPCI 20. Tatason tied up with which to promote Indian airlines – Singapore airlines. 20. Credit information agency-Cibil 19. Q2. 17. One question on self help group? 11. One Qs related to CASA RATIO? 24. 1966 40 . 31 19. .7 days 15. 60th national awards best film – Paan Singh Tomar 8. What is NEFT ? Ans. Upto one lakh insurance in banks done by-DICGC Q1. Enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed 25 lakh-micro enterprise 18. .Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay 5. ?→ . Rupay card launched by.MNREGA. What is RTGS ? Ans.no. . National Electronic Fund Transfer. ?→1 ?→ ?→ ? → 545 . Devdas book written by . IFSC Alphanumeric code how many digits-11 digit 17. 6. of days-100days 16. The rate at which bank cannot lend money % of sponserd bank state govt and central govt 12. Real Time Gross Settlement. 14. Banks which are nationalized in second schedule act are known as: Scheduled Commercial Banks' 13. Mc-x chairman: Satyananda Mishra former Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) 10. Indira Gandhi peace prize 2012 – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 4. Central bank of India-RBI 21. Human rights day-10 Dec.16. 18. Which Indian film representing in 2014 in Oscar – The Good Road 7. 40 2. Noble peace prize 2013 -OPCW 25. Best foreign language film at the 86th academy awards-Armour 23. ECS full form – Electronic Clearing System 3. To increase liquidly -Repo rate must be decreased 22. The time limit for resolution of customer complaints in banks has been reduced from 12 days to. Largest coffe exporting state: Karnataka 9.

6 (4 Bronze & 2 Silver) 20. Full form of ROM ? Answer: Read Only Memory 6. PLR replaced -.Bank 16.Barfi 23. Loan can‘t be provided below which rate -.Salman Rushdie 22.CBS(Core Banking Solution) 30. 9 digit code written on Cheque is known as -.Repo Rate 6. IFSC is alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank-branch Q5: How many character does IFSC code have? Ans : 11 character code Q6: What is IMPS ? Ans : IMPS is Immediate Payment Service and it is commonly known as Inter bank Mobile Payment Service.BSBDA 4. Why RBI decreases Bank Rate ? 8. Which Planet is known as Red Planet ? Answer: Mars 2. EFT stands for -. New account name launched by RBI -.MICR code 11. About CTS-2010 -. The RTGS system is primarily meant for large value transactions. Full form of EDC – Electronic Data Capture 26.Gramin vikas mantralay 17. Q4:What is IFSC code? Ans :The Indian Financial System Code.Armenian 25.Tokyo 24.Kisan Credit Card(KCC) 5. Name of the scheme to include every people under banking system -. The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is ` 2 lakh.Financial Inclusion 9. Name of the leader . what happens: Credit Supply increases. Where did Gautama Budha delivered his first sermon ? Answer: Saranath 3. Bancassurance is provided by -. Sachin Tendulkar played last ODI at -. The Rate at which RBI Provide loans to bank is called -. About IFSC Code 3.Banking Ombudsman 21. Is there any minimum / maximum amount for RTGS transactions? Ans.Base Rate 19.Sri Lanka 12. Koli is the Folk dance of ______ State ? Answer: Maharashtra 1.Electronic Fund Transfer 2.Q3. Where is Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary situates ? Answer: Assam 4. who deals with bank complaints of Consumers -. There is no upper ceiling for RTGS transactions. Largest Tea exporter in World -. 1.Polio 15. Swarn Jayanti Rojgar Yojna under which ministry -. Name the wife of the PM of India -. Venue of Olympic 2020 -. whose statue was inaugurated by Manmohan Singh in Gujarat -. If RBI reduces CRR. Author of Satanic Verses -. Name of card for farmer -. Header and Footer is included in which menu (Ms office) ? Answer: Insert 7. What is the Minimum age to participate in Rajya sabha ? Answer: 30 Years 8. India won how many medals in London Olympic Games 2012 -. IIFA 2013 Award for best film -. Bank Braches Connected using -.Sardar Vallabbhai Patel 27. Martha Dodrey works for -. Yerevan is the capital of -. One question related to MSME? .Base rate 14.Gursharan Kaur 18.Finacle 29. Banks Calculate interest on basis of what time and capital? 10. Newton's Second laws equations ? Answer: Force = Mass x Acceleration 5. loans get cheaper. Software used in Banking System -.Cheque Truncation System 28. 7.Dhaka 13.

Is KYC .80-10. etc which in turn helps the banks to manage their risks prudently. source of funds. I want to keep a fixed deposit in a bank. KYC has two components . Who scored most runs in ODI cricket matches ? Answer: Sachin Tendulkar (18.applicable to me? . 3. It involves making reasonable efforts to determine true identity and beneficial ownership of accounts.83 7. intentionally or unintentionally by criminal elements for money laundering. reasonableness of operations in the account in relation to the customer‟s business. Who is the first batsman to score a Double Century in ODI ? Answer: Sachin Tendulkar 4. What is number of Centuries made by Sachin Tendulkar in ODI Cricket ? Answer: 49 8. 2005. 36.9. 2.31. What is the ODI batting average of Sachin Tendulkar ? Answer: 44.Identity and Address. Which Cricketer is known as Master blaster ? Answer: Sachin Tendulkar 3. the Procedure and Manner of Maintaining and Time for Furnishing Information and Verification and Maintenance of Records of the Identity of the Clients of the Banking Companies. 35. 33.426) 1. Any contravention thereof or non-compliance shall attract penalties under Banking Regulation Act. Is there any legal backing for verifying identity of clients? Yes. 1949 and Rule 7 of Prevention of Money-Laundering (Maintenance of Records of the Nature and Value of Transactions. Financial Institutions and Intermediaries) Rules. What is the Top score of Sachin Tendulkar in ODI Cricket ? Answer: 200* 10. Which batsman scored most runs in One day International Cricket ? Answer: Sachin Tendulkar 5.25% 1. What is the number of Wicket taken by Sachin Tendulkar in ODI Cricket ? Answer: 154 11. Who Controls Cobra Post and Tehelka Current Base Rate -. Reserve Bank of India has issued guidelines to banks under Section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act. What is number of Half Centuries made by Sachin Tendulkar in ODI Cricket ? Answer: 96 9. Who played most number of matches in ODI cricket ? Answer: Sachin Tendulkar 12. While identity remains the same. What is KYC? KYC is an acronym for “Know your Customer”. The objective of the KYC guidelines is to prevent banks being used. Personal Loan. the nature of customer‟s business. a term used for customer identification process. About KYC Norms which of following is a public sector bank About Electronic Data Interchange which of the follwing does not not include retail banking – options were Home Loan. 32. Which Cricketer is known as God of Cricket ? Answer: Sachin Tendulkar 2. the address may change and hence the banks are required to periodically update their records. 34. How many ODI matches played by Sachin Tendulkar ? Answer: 463 6. Investment Consultancy etc.

the expected origin of the funds to be used within the relationship and details of occupation/employment. For establishing identity. and any person or entity connected with a financial transaction which can pose significant reputational or other risks to the bank. the beneficial owner). When the transactions in the account are observed not consistent with the profile. 6. I had submitted my driving licence as a proof of identity and address but still the bank asked for telephone / electricity bill.     a person or entity that maintains an account and/or has a business relationship with the bank. the bank may ask for utility bills such as Telephone / Electricity bill etc.e. This is just to confirm that the account is not being used for any Money Laundering/Terrorist/Criminal activities. whether the bank can again ask for KYC compliance from me? Yes. Chartered Accountants. officers or employees to transact business on its behalf (iv) Copy of PAN allotment letter (v) Copy of the telephone bill Accounts of Partnership Firms Legal name Address Names of all partners and their addresses Telephone numbers of the firm and partners (i) Registration certificate. One is establishing identity and the other is establishing present residential address. 4. 5. if registered (ii) Partnership deed (iii) Power of Attorney granted to a partner or an employee of the firm to transact business on its behalf (iv) Any officially valid document identifying the partners and the persons holding the Power of Attorney and their addresses (v) Telephone bill in the name of firm / partners . Features Accounts of Individuals Legal name and any other names used Documents (i) Passport (ii) PAN card (iii) Voter's Identity Card (iv) Driving licence (v) Identity card (subject to the bank's satisfaction) (vi) Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the customer to the satisfaction of bank (i) Telephone bill (ii) Bank account statement (iii) Letter from any recognized public authority (iv) Electricity bill (v) Ration card (vi) Letter from employer (subject to satisfaction of the bank) (any one document which provides customer information to the satisfaction of the bank will suffice) - Correct permanent address Accounts of Companies Name of the company Principal place of business Mailing address of the company Telephone / Fax Number (i) Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association (ii) Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and identification of those who have authority to operate the account (iii) Power of Attorney granted to its managers. Therefore. independent source documents. in order to establish the present address of the customer. Banks create a customer profile based on details about the customer like social/financial status. as permitted under the law. To ensure that the latest details about the customer are available. KYC is applicable to customers of the bank. in addition to passport/ driving licence / voters' card / pan card. sources of wealth or income. nature of business activity . expected monthly withdrawals etc. The detailed list of the documents that the bank can ask is given below. it may not be the present address. carrying out a financial transaction or when the bank has a doubt about the authenticity/veracity or the adequacy of the previously obtained customer identification data. data or information. say. such as Stock Brokers. the purp ose and reason for opening the account. There are two aspects of Customer Identification. For the purpose of KYC following are the „Customers of the bank. one on whose behalf the account is maintained (i. Solicitors etc. information about his clients‟ business and their location. while establishing a banking relationship. beneficiaries of transactions conducted by professional intermediaries. bank may ask for any additional details / documents as required. Is there any procedure specified for Customer Identification? Customer identification means identifying the customer and verifying his/her identity by using reliable. banks have been advised to periodically update the customer identification data based upon the risk category of the customers. Banks have been advised to lay down Customer Identification Procedure to be carried out at different stages i.e. Though these documents carry the residential address of the customer. the bank requires any authentic document carrying photo of the customer such as driving licence/ passport/ pan card/ voters' card etc.Yes. a wire transfer or issue of a high value demand draft as a single transaction. expected monthly remittance. Once KYC requirements are complied with while opening the account.

50. beneficiaries and those holding Power of Attorney. Whether a certificate from my employer is sufficient as identity as well as address proof for opening an account? Banks rely on such certification only from corporate and other entities of repute provided that they are aware of the competent authority designated by the concerned employer to issue such certificate. banks also require at least one of the valid documents indicated above viz. 8. Food and Drug Control Authorities. Can my wife who is not having any address proof in her name. The information collected from the customer for the purpose of opening of account is treated as confidential and details thereof are not divulged for cross selling or any other similar purposes. * Sales and income tax returns * CST / VAT certificate * Certificate / registration document issued by Sales Tax / Service Tax / Professional Tax authorities * Registration / licensing document issued in the name of the proprietary concern by the Central Government or State Government Authority / Department. or any other evidence as to the identity and address of the customer to the satisfaction of the bank. address and activity of the concern * Registration certificate (in the case of a registered concern) * Certificate / licence issued by the Municipal authorities under Shop & Establishment Act. I am a daily wage earner without any document to satisfy the bank about identity and address. If at any point of time. As supplementary evidence bank may ask for a letter received through post for further confirmation.000/-) in a year. etc. wife. In addition. settlers. Voter's Identity Card etc. Whether the information given by me to the bank under KYC is treated as confidential? Yes. can open bank account with an introduction from another account holder who has been subjected to full KYC procedure provided that the balance in all his accounts taken together is not expected to exceed Rupees Fifty Thousand (Rs. 9. what action the bank can take against me? Where the bank is unable to apply appropriate KYC measures due to non-furnishing of information and /or non-cooperation by the customer. settlors. Any two of the above documents would suffice. e. as the case may be) .000/-) and the total credit in all the accounts taken together is not expected to exceed Rupees One Lakh (Rs.00. 1. daughter and daughter and parents etc. 11. Can I open a bank account? A customer belonging to low income group who is not able to produce documents to satisfy the bank about his identity and address. Application of full KYC procedure is necessary before issuing Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Smart Cards and also in respect of add-on/ supplementary cards.Accounts of Trusts & Foundations Names of trustees. Whether KYC is applicable for Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Smart Cards? Yes. In order not to inconvenience the customer. 80. 1. Indian Medical Council. 12. Passport. if registered (ii) Power of Attorney granted to transact business on its behalf (iii) Any officially valid document to identify the trustees. 50. * IEC (Importer Exporter Code) issued to the proprietary concern by the office of DGFT as an identity document for opening of bank account. the managers / directors and the beneficiaries Telephone / fax numbers (i) Certificate of registration. PAN Card. 7. open an account with the bank? Yes.000/-) or the total credit in a year reaches Rupees Eighty thousand (Rs. no further transactions will be permitted until the full KYC procedure is completed.g. * Licence issued by the Registering authority like Certificate of Practice issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. father/mother and son.000/-) that appropriate documents for conducting the KYC must be submitted otherwise operations in the account will be stopped. The introducer‟s account with the bank should be at least six months old and should show satisfactory transactions. or utility bills for KYC purposes for opening bank account of salaried employees of corporate and other entities. Institute of Company Secretaries of India. who live with their husband.000/-) in a year. an identity document and a utility bill of the relative with whom the prospective customer is living along with a declaration from the relative that the said person (prospective customer) wanting to open an account is a relative and is staying with him/her is acceptable.000/-) or total credit in the account exceeds Rupees One Lakh (Rs. beneficiaries and signatories Names and addresses of the founder. 10. In such cases where the utility bills required for address verification are not in the name of the person who wants to open an account ( close relatives. the bank will notify the customer when the balance reaches Rupees Forty Thousand (Rs. Driving Licence. Institute of Cost Accountants of India. . If I refuse to give information on KYC asked for by the bank.00. Photograph of the customer who proposes to open the account and also his address needs to be certified by the introducer. These documents should be in the name of the proprietary concern. 40. son. the balance in all his/her accounts with the bank (taken together) exceeds Rupees Fifty Thousand (Rs. the bank can consider closing the account or terminating the banking/business relationship after issuing due notice to the customer explaining the reasons for taking such a decision. founders / managers / directors and their addresses (iv) Resolution of the managing body of the foundation / association (v) Telephone bill - Accounts of Proprietorship Concerns Proof of the name.

26.5 औ 2 । ? .SSC QUIZ -( -2) ******************** ****** • • • • ? ? । ? । (Solar System) ? . । ************************************** • • • • -60000C • • -15 • • • -5 • -1011 • -13 • -110 • ? 92 ? ? ? ? ? ? । ? ? । ? ? । ? । 71 .

• • • • • • • • • -87 • • • • 10 ? औ ? ? 23 ? ? । ई ? (uranus) ? ई औ ? ? . . . .6 ई । ? ? . . . .-13 • -8 • • • ---***************************************** • . औ । ? ? ? . ? औ ? । (corona) ? ई ? 16.

• • -24 • • • • • • • • • • • (neptune) । ? औ ? ? ? ? (uranus) ? । ई ? ( ) ? ( ) ? । 687 ? ? । औ ? । ? ? । । ? ? ? ? ? -1846 ई.• -12 • • • • . • - .

Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). Sampath: Chief Election Commissioner 10. Mr. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights 18. National Commission on Farmers (NCF). Mr. 27. Lok Sabha. Mr. Lok Sabha. Sheriff : Secretary-General. Urmila Singh: Chairman. Avtar Singh: Director-General. 17. Kurien: Deputy Chairman. P. Justice M. Rajya Sabha 26. Sinha : Director-General. 25. Ms. Mr. S. Mr. 33. NSG. 38. Vinay Mittal: Chairman. CRPF. 16. Meira Kumar: Speaker. CBI. Indian Coast Guard. Planning Commission. Rajiv : Director-General. Viswanathan : Secretary-General. 5. 6. Balakrishnan : Chairperson. Karia Munda: Deputy Speaker. 11. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). A. Arvind Ranjan : Director-General. K. Mr. Rao: Chairman. P. Mr. 20. Rajya Sabha. V. Mr. 2. 28. Mr. Mr. Dr. 24. Arun Chaudhary : Director-General. Justice K. Syed Asif Ibrahim : Director. 7. Nair : Principal Secretary to Prime Minister . Thapliyal : Director-General. Buta Singh: Chairman. Mr. 30. D. Arun Jaitley: Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha). Shashi Kant Sharma : Comptroller and Auditor-Generalof India 13. Ms. Defence Intelligence Agency. Shumsher K. Shiv Shankar Menon: National Security Adviser and Special Adviser to PM (Internal Security). 21. Mr. 36. T. 23. Subhash Joshi : Director-General. Agrawal: Chairman. (RPF) 35. National Human Right Commission (NHRC) 14. Mehta: Director-General. Sashastra Seema Bal. National Commission for Scheduled Castes 19. T. K. 12. Mr. 3. Mr. Mr. Railway Board. Harishankar Brahma : Election Commissioner. National Commission for Scheduled Tribes. Rajya Sabha. UPSC. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). 37. M.1. 29. Swaminathan : Chairman. Dr. S. G. IB. Mr. 4. Mr. Mr. Mr. Shanta Sinha: Chairperson. Syed Nasim Zaidi : Election Commissioner. N. Ms. Railway Protection Force. Lok Sabha. Dilip Trivedi : Director-General. 15. Dr. Sushma Swaraj : Leader of Opposition (Lok Sabha). Mr. Mr. J. Mohammad Hamid Ansari: Chairman. Ranjit Sinha: Director. Mr. Mr. C. Prof. Montek Singh Ahluwalia: Deputy Chairman. K. National Commission for Backward Classes. Ajay Chadha: Director-General. 34. 22. Mr. S. Vice-Admiral Anurag G. Alok Joshi : Director. . Dr. K. National Investigation Agency (NIA). M. Planning Commission. Gen. 9. Lt. Manmohan Singh: Chairman. 8. Mrs. 32. Chandrasekhar: Cabinet Secretary. P. Mr. 31. Border Security Force (BSF).

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