Invention Disclosure For Foldable Headphones

Description of the invention: The present invention relates to foldable headphones. The headphones has a pair of neodymium speakers, fabric cables reinforced with Liquid Crystal Polymer, lightweight, adjustable and flexible titanium headband, aluminum frame and steel hinges. The foldable design allows quick and easy storage, and transportation. 1. Draft 2 broad independent claims for the foldable headphones, assuming there is no prior art. 2. Draft 10 claims, at least 2 independent, assuming that following prior art exists: a. Normal headphones that do not fold or collapse. b. Earphones (as shown in the figure below) that have a pair of foldable (bendy straw like) metal tubes (labeled as 3 and 4 in the figure).

3. Draft a background for the present invention.

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