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Market Analysis
Market Analysis

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Published by: Mega_Imran on Jan 31, 2014
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Which is the best economic system for Bangladesh?

Jedar Hossain ID: 11108301 BB! "ro#ram Sub$e%t: Introdu%tion to Business Se%tion: N Date: &'.&.&00( UNITED INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (UIU) .Submitted To: Nasrin Shah Naaz (Course Instructor) Submitted By: Md.

threat of physical force. "ree market economics is closely associated with laissez-faire economic philosophy. A free market is not to be confused with a perfect market where individuals have perfect information and there is perfect competition. force is not a determinant of price. in the sense that they obtain each other's property without the use of physical force. !here is not one single definition for a mixed economy. in which governments directly or indirectly regulate prices or supplies. nor is the coerced by a third party (such as by government via transfer payments .Free market A free market is a market that is free of government intervention and regulation. In a free market property rights are voluntarily exchanged at a price arranged solely by the mutual consent of sellers and buyers. or fraud. but rather price is the effect of buying and selling decisions en masse as described by the law of supply and demand. besides the minimal function of maintaining the legal system and protecting property rights. but relevant aspects include# a degree of private economic freedom (including privately owned industry intermingled with centrali$ed . In addition. By definition. !herefore. in a free market. "ree markets contrast sharply with controlled markets or regulated markets. force is not used to prevent competition among buyers or among sellers (called free competition . Mixed economy A mixed economy is an economic system that incorporates a mixture of private and government ownership or control. and is also free of private force and fraud. or a mixture of capitalism and socialism. buyers and sellers do not coerce each other.

followed by services. and transportation and communication. !he points are given below#  I believe that a mixed economy is essential economy to work efficiently and effectively. or state ownership and management of some of the means of production for national or social ob%ectives . In my view there are some points that state mixed economics is best for our country Bangladesh.economic planning and government regulation (which may include regulation of the market for environmental concerns and social welfare.-th largest economy in the #orld in . .//0$ )ltho gh the economy has gro#n at the rate of 1203 !$a$ o(er the !ast fe# years Bangladesh remains an o(er2!o! lated and inefficiently2go(erned nation #ith high le(el of !o(erty$ Bangladesh has a developing mixed economy that is heavily based upon agriculture. Almost two&fifths of the gross domestic product ('() originates from agriculture. Communism Comm nism is a socioeconomic str ct re and !olitical ideology that !romotes the establishment of an egalitarian" classless" stateless society based on common o#nershi! and control of the means of !rod ction and !ro!erty in general$ %arl &ar' !osited that comm nism #o ld be the final stage in h man society" #hich #o ld be achie(ed thro gh a !roletarian re(ol tion$ Which one is the best economic system for Bangladesh? )ccording to the I&* gradation" Bangladesh ran+ed as the .

!he private sector will be stronger and new companies will be established.conomic is the best way to make our market broaden.  Bangladesh has a developing mixed economy that is heavily based upon agriculture. .  By using mixed economic Bangladesh government still play important roles.  *ixed economy is theoretically co existence of capitalism and socialism.  In Bangladesh both private&owned and state&owned enterprises will be improved. At the end of this perception I believe *ixed . It helps to maximi$e the profit and also increase the private sector.  +eeps significant loss and gain to a minimum as the economy tends to adapt to change. !he balance between the two is needed.

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